I have found the Holy Grail. And it is not some The Da Vinci Code (2006) crap! This is the real deal. It is the I Ching, the Kabbalah, Excalibur; the Ark of the Covenant, the Philosopher's stone and etc. They all tell of the same thing: the dual torus and the cuboctahedron. The Father, Mother and the Child. The Trinity. See the flag of South Korea. The cuboctahedron is the key to the universe.




Imagine that the universe is a torus and its atoms are toruses. This is not so hard to do as we have found the torus in nature already; for example, the geomagnetic field. Imagine that the center of these toruses is one and the same. Like we stem from a common ancestor, so does everything else in existence, this is reasonable, therefore, all toruses share the same center or core. Say you have a motor and that motor ejects toruses in order to propel forwards, then, all you have to do in order to get free energy, is to collect those ejected toruses without using energy yourself; if you accomplished this task, then you could use your toruses repeatedly. How? You see, the core of the torus always spins because it remains unaffected by the things which occur in spacetime because it spins much faster than spacetime (this can be measured). Hence, the toroidal core is tucked away where the second law of thermodynamics cannot get to it therefore the second law of thermodynamics can only affect things that have extention or dimension. The fastest thing in existence does not have extention/dimension because extention/dimension is something you get when you cannot keep up with the fastest thing. The fastest thing does not obviously need extention/dimension. That is, extention/dimension is a manifestation of an imperfection of speed. Like a bird flying naturally in the air, she has no use of a device in order to make her fly. But we, with our lack of wings, need a device in order to take off. It is like that. Hence, Newton’s First Law of Motion says that the core will continue to spin. The core has always spun. It has spun for all eternity. And will continue to spin for all eternity. This spin spins so fast it creates nothingness (as we have mused earlier). (We came from nothing!) Will not the ejected toruses that get sucked into the larger torus affect the core and slow it down thus rendering your theory useless? No. The toroidal core is the fastest thing in existence. Say that book A is the toroidal core. Say that the universe is book B. Say that book A is a million times heavier (in actuality: faster) than book B. Place book A and B on a scale. How can book B tip the scale over and thus affect book A? If the toroidal core was measured to be much more powerful, then we can make a case for free energy. Now, thus the core spins, the torus expands and contracts simultaneously (this can be observed), and, because it does contract, our ejected toruses (above) will, eventually, get sucked into a larger torus in the universe and thereby be ordered again therefore the ejected toruses will be crushed together by the larger contracting torus therefore the toroidal core (i.e., the fastest thing in existence) does not have extention/dimension and so our ejected toruses become transformed to their initial state, which is order. That the initial state is that of order is self-evident when we mull on the second law of thermodynamics, so I will not bother arguing for it; if you experience decay and wind the clocks back, you get order because you reverse the arrow of decay. Instead of more and more decay, you get less and less decay and will therefore arrive at a state that is really low in decay. Here is the key, because the center of all toruses in existence is one and the same, the ejected toruses, now ordered again, will end up in your motor (again). So you can use them anew. In other words, you can drive your car forever. This is free energy. Resurrected energy. It is simple: The beginning of time is an ordered state, if you could use it, then you could resurrect stuff. The beginning of time is the toroidal core (as we have mused earlier), therefore, we can accomplish free energy because we have a new player which our physicists do not take into consideration. The toroidal core is like a bookpress, it does not contain (much) energy/books, but it can produce energy/books. So the source of free energy is not this infinite source of energy. The source of free energy is this mechanism. The beating heart of Nature.


I will bet on myself and proclaim I did it: Free energy is possible because the beginning of time is with us in the present, and so we can use it. Thus our universe is composed of toruses and thus our toruses share the same core, we get a fractal picture where the beginning of time is like this big Russian doll (big torus) that contains smaller dolls (toruses) inside. We can use the smaller ones (mini-toruses). This seems like asymmetry, but this is not so when the core of these toruses is the same. We can use the smaller ones because the beginning of time is not something far away in some remote past. The beginning of time is simply the root of the geometry of spacetime rather than the beginning of eternity itself. The beginning of time is the toroidal center and we can use this center to accomplish free energy. So I will bet on myself because we are really talking about a paradigm shift in the field of science. If we can accomplish free energy in this way, then we have not violated any physical laws.


Free energy = the ability to drive your car with the aid of a self-resurrecting mechanism. That is, Nature is not immortal because she can endure forever. Nature is immortal because she can resurrect herself like the Great Phoenix of Legend.


You cannot create energy because of symmetry! True. But we are not creating energy, energy is always conserved; energy cannot be created nor destroyed--only transformed. We are resurrecting energy. Why create when you have got so much energy already?


The second law of thermodynamics = no free energy! False. The second law of thermodynamics is the greatest evidence we have for free energy because the second law of thermodynamics points to an ordered beginning.


Physicists come up with myriad reasons why free energy is not possible, but then again, physicists are not philosophers. If they were, they would not so rashly conclude that free energy is not possible when they haven’t even solved the riddle of time: How did everything begin? If they had solved that one, then the Grand Picture would look very different, indeed! My idea of free energy includes a new player, namely, the beginning of time itself. Our physicists haven’t tried that one!


Read my book for further details: Fairyland - A Prose Poem; THE REAL HOLY GRAIL, THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE, A RADICALLY NEW IDEA EXPLAINING WHY FREE ENERGY IS POSSIBLE—& THE NEW WORLD ORDER; © Thor Fabian Pettersen (2016); ISBN 978-82-303-3223-8


Also look up my supplement: ISBN 978-82-303-3288-7




The Code




Let me tell you about my gem:

Coming out of the land of Khem.


Let's go on a Holy Grail quest!

We ride and stride and never rest!

To North and South and East and West!

What riddle does the Lord prefer?

His heaven and earth always were.

Four are the elements within.

And fire is their carnal sin.

Father and Mother met by fate.

The Rabbi knows that it is eight.

Eight are the ones who grow so tall.

Tallest are the trees that must fall.

Tallest of all--What can it be?

Our ancient China holds the key.


Sixty-four flames. Divination,

Will lead you to his creation.

Where they stand aloft, the seven.

Always were, his earth and heaven.

King Arthur and his Round Table,

Tell a true and honest fable.

Excalibur is heaven's flame.

The stone and the earth are the same.

The Foo Dogs guard it. Hint: The paw.

You see, there is only one law:

Yin and yang. And it goes around.

The core is always falling down.


'A great circle,' the Buddha said.

'A great circle,' above your head!

The six, six, six. What is it, though?

Please ask the bees. (They ought to know.)

The Philosopher's stone is here;

And, it makes all time disappear.

And it makes gold, too! And, of course,

Immortal energy its source.

China decoded: Just for you.

The five and one and two are true.

Sixty-four and then eight, these things,

Are Atlantis' three island rings.

Mother Mary, in her sweet womb,

Carries the Child of starry room.

Now, you have it! The key is chess.

The Holy Grail is nothing less,

Than the belly of nothingness!