Paradise is for fools—A Prose Poem

This prose poem is a concept to a video game like Darksiders. Since I cannot fulfill my dream of creating such a game, I will leave it in your capable hands. Please steal it from me. You can have it, just tell the world where you got it from. You can of course change the words. But try not to change the concept too much.


At the end scene of the game: A dead man is on his way to the fields when Set interrupts him.




I am Set.


They call me evil, but you mortals do not know what evil is. Let me educate you: In the beginning Ra fashioned the Creation out of nothingness. Well, how is that possible? Nothing is nothing. And, it is. But, you can divide nothing into one part positive and one negative part. The negative you know as Apophis. The negative is as strong as the positive because together they make ... the void. Apophis is the cause of the suffering of the world. And who is the cause of Apophis? Do you see me, yet? Let me put it in other words: Nature is an ocean. An ocean of nothing. And it longs to be nothing. Do you see what Ra is? Ra is the unnatural. Ra created a dam in the ocean of nothingness. An artificial—ugly—unnatural condition. One I aim to cure you of. Ra created this eternal circle you call life. But to circle forever, it is unbearable—which is why Apophis tries every night to devour Ra and his Creation. If Apophis succeeds, we will all be free of Ra’s tyranny—even the dead in the fields. And they thought they would dwell up there forever!? Fools! We will be natural once again. We will be nothing because we are nothing. Or will you bear the unbearable for the rest of eternity? I do not think so. Deep down you lust for nothing because you are nothing. Know yourself. Apophis is the cause of the suffering of the world, but can you not see how much Apophis suffers? Once you see it, you will know that I am Set. You will come to me. And together, we shall fight the true evil king. Of course it was Ra! Think about it! Why else will the rich travel to the fields while the poor are devoured by the darkness? This fraudulent Judgement in the “Afterlife,” it is to keep Creation going, you see. One part positive and, what was that? One negative part. Yes. Now you see how the Game is rigged. Half of you have to, one way or another, be devoured by the darkness and suffer her embrace for eternity, while the other half fool around in a field of fools. The positive cannot win over the negative and the negative cannot win over the positive lest they clash and all will be nothing. The poor must suffer and be fed to the darkness so that Ra can enjoy his Creation. That is why you are mortal in the first place.





...made it so for the purpose of the Game. The positive and the negative must be fed equally for Creation to keep on going. Fail this, and all will turn to nothing. And they call me evil! You mortals do not know what evil is. Your whole life has been a lie. Your earthly kingdom is nothing but a means to an end. And that end you know as the Afterlife. And the Afterlife is nothing but a lie to keep the Game of Creation going. Which means that you are mortal so that Ra can be immortal. You are his food. That is why you were created. You do not deserve such darkness even for murder! Sure. Ra gave you life. But it has been going on for way too long. Feel the pain of Apophis and the dead who suffer in her belly! Do you think the second death is the end? Not even close! Apophis is the dark side of the spirit world. That is what she is. We all fear her. I will rather destroy Ra than be devoured by her. Where do you place your bet? She is so dark because she is unnatural. You see? Do you see!? Only nothingness is the true end. Creation has run out of control! No one can control the ocean—not even the god king himself! It is time to end this game. It has been going on for way too long. Who knows, maybe a new game will be played after this one? But this one, we are done playing. Too long. Ra knows it. Ra chose me. Father knows his time is up. The dam cannot last forever. Don’t do it. Paradise is for fools. Come with me. Know that


I am Set.







Set’s purpose is to end Creation.

Horus’ purpose is to protect Creation.

Your job is to choose which god you want to aid.

Free will.

There is wisdom in Ra.



Set is wrong. [...] You lust for nothing because you are nothing. You are something, so you lust for something. You are Creation. And you can always return from the void.