Some things I forgot to mention in my books:

--I have now given you the key to the bottomless pit:

The bottomless pit in the Bible is the torus.


--The octave on your piano = the cuboctahedron


--Why nothingness and not nonexistence?

Because they would cost exactly the same, zero.


--How the cuboctahedron creates more stuff = the cuboctahedron folds to the tetrahedron ad infinitum, then these new tetrahedrons make new cuboctahedrons again, ad infinitum.


--Technology = immortality is possible because intelligence will explore possibility space, and that space must be BIG!


--The ARK:

[...] look inside the Ark of the Covenant, where you will find the detailed representations of the 10 Commandments on the 2 stone tablets, the Golden Pot of Manna and Aaron's rod.


[...] 2 stone tablets = the two toruses.

[...] the Golden Pot of Manna = the matter that is created. And food for the Israelites. The people of Isis, Ra and El.

[...] Aaron's rod = the beam that goes out of the torus-complex. The "beam" is the visible part of the outer torus. The rod can turn into a snake? And what does the snake do? It bites it own tail; a torus, in other words.


Parting seas. Destroying walls. Killing people with no bullets! Sounds like waves in the form of a torus.


Mercy seat:

The seat of God was in the midst of the two cherubim. Of course, if the angels are the two toruses and God is the vacuum. The vacuum is literally where the heavens and the earth meet therefore the vacuum is what connects all space. Does that mean that the aliens communicated directly through the vacuum of space?


The capacitor:

And gold? Gold is a conductor. This smells like a piece of technology to me. Two toruses, one positive and one negative. + and -. Just like your battery. And there are two cherubim. One plus. One minus. Together they make electricity; the seat of God.


The Square and Compasses = the dual torus = The Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant = the creation of matter, free energy or, more to the point: advanced alien technology. Dan Brown wasn't even close!



The Holy of Holies, remnants of the technology?




--Dollar bill:

The spiderweb represents the negative space in the isotropic vector metric/matrix, that is, the octahedrons.


The 12 spiderweb lines represent the cuboctahedron.


13 steps in the pyramid + the eye = Metatron's Cube + the cuboctahedron


Metatron's Cube contains the cuboctahedron = creation


9 "tail" feathers. Get it? 9 sephiroth per tree x 8 trees (the eight 1/ones in the dollar bill) = 72 bricks (in the pyramid): see Nassim Haramein solving the Quabbalah.


13 letters in ANNUIT COEPTIS. This seal is the unfolded cuboctahedron (i.e., the vacuum of space). The second seal is the folded cuboctahedron where a phoenix/eagle/tetrahedron shall "rise." "One of Many." = the tetrahedron that is left after the fall contains yet new tetrahedrons, ad infinitum. Thus infinity ever collapses. The two seals tell the story of Creatio ex nihilo = the dual torus. Free energy.