The Isotropic Vector Matrix

Sir Isaac Newton spent more time trying to unveil the philosopher’s stone than he did physics. And he spent a lot of time doing physics! Then take Nassim Haramein, Nassim’s solution to the Kabbalah is the answer to the riddle that is the philosopher’s stone. The philosopher’s stone is the cuboctahedron. If you’d ask Buckminster Fuller what the cuboctahedron is, then he would reply that it is the very foundation of Nature, viz., the black heart of nothingness. In a nutshell, everything is the philosopher’s stone, every atom. Our earth too may take the shape of the cuboctahedron; and its 12 energy lines may explain such phenomenon as the Bermuda Triangle (the BT is one of the lines), that is, the 12 devil’s graveyards. Well, if the riddle of the philosopher’s stone is thousands of years old! and, its solution is the black heart of nothingness, then how did our forebears know about it? Must be that E.T. landed on terra firma back in the days and imparted their knowledge, which is why you find clues about the great secret hidden in the Bible, the I Ching, the Maya culture; the tale of Osiris and Isis, the Norwegian creation account, the Kabbalah; the 12 Olympians, and so many others. That is, men in the know have found ways to preserve the great secret in many guises. The great secret is of course Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the center point in the cuboctahedron and the 12 energy lines in the cuboctahedron are the 12 disciples of Christ. The Masons know this. The secret is printed on the dollar bill. The cool thing: the cuboctahedron produces the dual torus when you fold it. The dual torus explains why our galaxies are flat as pancakes as they are compressed between the two toruses. Then take the classic ufo: It too has the shape of a galaxy. Well, if E.T. utilizes the heart of Nature in order to get around the cosmos, then their craft has to look that way in order to accommodate the dual torus which power their craft. And Isaac Newton? He did not tell the world about the philosopher’s stone, probably because the Free Masons recruited him. That is, if Newton found the secret, then he didn’t tell the world. He said it would be too powerful a secret to disclose. Why? Because the philosopher’s stone produces immortality in the form of free energy. That is how Nature is immortal. E.T. does not use gas. Nor does Nature. Free energy is the force of nothingness and it is so powerful that it can bend spacetime into a singularity (which is how all things started), which is how E.T. travels from galaxy to galaxy in the blink of an eye, the ultimate warp drive! In the 1990s, Russia had the atomic power to blow the world to bits several times over. Imagine their power today! Free energy is such a secret because it makes atom bombs look like fluffy cupcakes. In the World of Ignorance, Nassim remains a crank.