Free energy in 8 steps

  1. Everything is the cuboctahedron.
  2. The cuboctahedron spins for all eternity because there is no dam in Nature that can prevent Motion from existing. This fast spin generates nothingness; and space-time is a byproduct of this nothingness-generation.
  3. As the cuboctahedron spins, it contracts and expands, like your lungs. Unlike you, she breathes forever. If you care to build a model of the cuboctahedron, you will see how it compresses space-time.
  4. As the cuboctahedron contracts, it compresses space-time into a singularity.
  5. This singularity is nothingness itself, which is the fastest spin in existence.
  6. The singularity we all know is living energy because if the singularity were that of dead energy, then the Big Bang would birth a stillborn universe. 
  7. All you need to do is to install the cuboctahedron in your car and then the cuboctahedron will spin for all eternity. As it spins, it will suck in dead energy from the environment and compress it, hence turning that energy into living energy as it was originally in the singularity.
  8. The cuboctahedron will therefore supply fuel to your car forever. Your car can then take that fuel and use it. Once the fuel is used up, it will spread into the environment. The cuboctahedron can then suck in that dead energy and compress it again, forever! The cuboctahedron can do this forever and for free because the cuboctahedron is a force. The cuboctahedron is the force of nothingness. The cuboctahedron is Motion and Motion is inherent in Nature; it cannot stop, it always existed and can never perish. Motion is primal. It is the beginning of time. We can utilize the beginning of time because the beginning of time is with us in the present in the form of the cuboctahedron.



Note: By living energy you understand that we are talking about energy that is ready to do mechanical work.




And the Secret?


The cuboctahedron is the Philosopher’s stone. The Masons know this. And it does look like a stone, doesn’t it!? The 12 lines are the 12 Disciples of Christ, and Christ is the center point where the lines converge and where the universe is created. The riddle of the Philosopher’s stone is thousands of years old. So, how did our ancestors know about free energy?