The Final Ending

My fin version on free energy - This is the real philosophy behind the hyperdrive!

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Fairyland: The Final Ending

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Dear Reader,

I was wondering if you had the time to read this book and tell me what you think of “my greatest idea ever?” I am an atheist and a skeptic. I thought, like the rest of you guys, that free energy is bullshit; so I know where you come from. Then I had an epiphany! the classical Eureka moment. And I promise you that you will not find anything like it on the web, that is, I do not believe many people have thought of this. Tell me what you think. Thank you J


I will also give a special thanks to Vidar Bakken for helping me delivering “my baby” into the world.



Kind regards,

Thor Fabian Pettersen








My greatest idea ever:


If a clump of atoms sits in one corner of the room and then spreads out due to chance, then all we need to do in order to get our atoms in the starting position, is to shrink the room.


My greatest idea: This shrunken room (i.e., the state of nothingness) is the way the light views reality. In other words, my greatest idea is literally nothing! That is, the shrunken room is always there as the light is constant (in a “vacuum”). Therefore the shrunken room is always there, it can perpetually fuel existence with available energy because the room is so tight that the dead/unavailable energy that falls into it becomes ordered again. In other words, the beginning of time is an ordered state. We can employ that state to drive our cars forever.


In other words, we do not need an “Organizer.” We only need for the torus to contract in order to solve the mystery of the “ordered beginning.”










What is the biggest question of all time?




What is the greatest mystery of all time?




Time is the ultimate quest. The journey of journeys. The mystery of mysteries. The one billion squillion dollar question. Wow! Oh, yeah. The biggest thing ever! Period. And to answer it means the envy of the stars. The curtain rises. The lights shine. The angels applaud. The genie appears. The world ends. God descends. And now you stand tallest of all: Lifted up by the cosmic waves themselves. Hailed as the greatest genius of all time.




And Neith said, “I am ALL That Has Been, That Is, and That Will Be. No mortal has yet been able to lift the veil that covers Me.”


What a mystery!


The sea of stars.

The starry sea.

The Veil of Eternity.




For thousands of years, philosophers could not figure it out.


For thousands of years, no one could lift her veil.


So who am I to think that I can lift her veil when nobody else has been able to do so?


Ever since I was six or seven, I was interested in this question: “How did it all begin?” I remember running around in the garden, then abruptly stopping, fixing my eyes skyward; and asking this question. I have been contemplating ever since.


















The “six” is the fundament of Creation (i.e., the cuboctahedron). The bees know the secret of nothingness.






How this book came about:




FOR me, the journey of free energy started when I was very young. I played a game with my brother. In that game, I protected a stone. I was always interested in philosophy, even as a child. So, later, when I heard of something called the Philosopher’s stone, I was instantly hooked! I have searched for the stone all my life. However, at the time, I didn’t know that I was looking for free energy. You see, my entire life I have been obsessed with one question, “How did it all begin?” I am now 31, and I think I have it. I found the stone!


When I saw the beginning of time, I saw free energy.


This book is called “The Final Ending” because it is the end process of my thinking into the realm of free energy. This book is the latest evolution. If you were to read my previous work, then the concept of free energy would be there, but not as clear. This book is for clarity.


Note: This book is short because of the feedback I got on my previous book. If you want to read a more detailed version, then go to and download my first book.


Also note that I lack physical evidence to support my claims in this book therefore this work is a thought experiment and has therefore not evolved to the state where it needs empirical support.


Also understand that I have been on the other side of things. You read about free energy on the internet, and you think, “What a load of crap!” I must thus convince the younger me. Some job I’ve got! I do not know if it can be done.


Nevertheless, this is a novel idea. The younger me must heed.


This is my own idea. I got it when I had solved the riddle of how it all started. Not that I’ve done that, but for my own part, I have done it. Everything came from nothing, which is the light’s true condition. But it meant that the beginning of time—the dawn of existence—was not in the distant past but in the present, and so we can utilize it to revive dead energy, which the dawn (i.e., nothingness) must do because it has created us and everything else. Set this invention in your car and you can drive your car literally forever without filling the gasoline because nothingness cannot perish; so it can always revive dead energy. That is how Nature is immortal. So I googled a geometry (because the light has properties) that could fit that description, and I found the torus. I saw immediately how free energy was accomplished as the torus shrinks (i.e., breathes) naturally and can therefore revive dead energy in its nucleus where the nothingness is. That is, the torus leads the dead energy back to the nothingness like our heart leads O2-poor blood to the lungs; and the nothingness is the energies’ natural state and this state is that of usable energy. That the nothingness is composed of usable energy is logical because, if it were not, a creation from nothing would not be possible. I knew that the torus might be the Philosopher’s stone for the same reason. That is, the Philosopher’s stone provides immortality.


But all this will lead to a huge pile of mess because, if it is to be true, then we must have been visited by aliens for the simple reason that our ancestors did not have free energy, but they had in their possession the riddle of the Philosopher’s stone. So if the Philosopher’s stone is the torus (i.e., the cuboctahedron) and the torus provides free energy, then I can only see E.T. as a natural explanation. Free energy can also explain how they got here: With free energy, you can travel from galaxy to galaxy in a few seconds because free energy is so powerful that it shrinks the space-time as much as you want, so any distance becomes as short as you want. The greatest genius who ever lived, Sir Isaac Newton, spent all his spare time pursuing the Philosopher’s stone. Why? Why do you use all your spare time on the Philosopher’s stone if you do not already know that there is something very special about the “stone?”







The Easter Bunny cannot physically lay eggs.


That shit ain’t happening!




This book contains a new idea of free energy. It is my idea, so I want you to cast aside any previous notions of free energy. To help with that, we shall start the book by correcting three misleading thoughts people have when they contemplate the mystery that is free energy. My idea here is that, when you start reading my notion of free energy, you will start from a state of Tabula rasa (i.e., blank slate). After we have cleaned up your thoughts, we shall define the concepts that we shall use in the main argument. Lastly, I will build up my notion of free energy from the ground up. In our summary, my notion of free energy shall be as clear as crystal. I would not have written this book if my crystal had spots on it. However, the reader cannot expect me to define every word and previous concepts that are not of my own making. Therefore, I ask the reader to use google here.


At the end of the book, we shall look at my four convergent ideas and give the reader more things to read. (Psst! I will also give you a secret.)


This book contains a little bit of repetition because once the words are written down on paper, they tend to stick! Therefore, in order to convey my concept of free energy, I must say things in different words to avoid being misunderstood the second time. If the first explanation fails, I have others. 








So let us do the boring job of cleaning up your dirty thoughts:




  1. The first misleading thought people have when it comes to free energy is that the second law of thermodynamics makes free energy impossible. This is false. The second law of thermodynamics makes perpetual Motion machines impossible. Free energy has nothing to do with perpetual Motion.


The second law of thermodynamics = simply put, the law says that the arrow of time goes one way and it cannot turn back. So you see how free energy is impossible in physicists’ brains because when we use up all the energy we have, we use up all the energy we have. And that will be that.


Perpetual Motion = that you can make devices go forever without the input of energy. Of course you need to apply energy to devices in order to make them work! If you leave the sun alone, then it will run out of fuel. It is impossible to create an everlasting sun! Free energy is therefore impossible. True: It is impossible to create an everlasting sun. False: Free energy is therefore impossible.


The reason why traditional perpetual Motion machines (i.e., first, second and third) will not work is because the machines are sitting in an environment and thus outside influences will crush your dream. Think of the whole universe as your system. For example, you have a wheel in your garden that spins all by itself by your clever design. You claim to have invented free energy. In reality, your wheel will eventually stop because it must leak a bit energy to the environment. Free energy is not like that. Free energy is not even a fourth kind (whatever that is).


  1. The second misleading thought people have is that free energy demands an infinite source. How else can you get infinite energy?


On infinity, I will say this: Infinity, if it exists, can only exist as an illusion. That is my belief. The reason is that infinity, as seen in the paradoxes of Zeno, can only lead to the destruction of Motion. My free energy idea has nothing to do with the infinite.


Personally, I will rather believe in the supernatural than infinity! And I will never believe in the supernatural.


People say that free energy is like this ocean that contains infinite fish, and so you can fish forever. In reality, our free energy ocean contains two fish! That is how “finite” Nature is. Then why can you fish forever?


  1. The third misleading thought people have is that free energy is impossible because it is impossible to create energy. Energy cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed. This is true, but free energy has nothing to do with the creation of energy. “Overunity” is not what you think!


“Well, then I do not know what the hell free energy is!” you might say. To the reader: “Thank you.” Are you now ready to listen and not discard the idea of free energy because you have prejudices such as the ones above? If you have any more brave ideas as to why free energy will not work, then contact med.


I am sorry to state “brave ideas.” I do not mean to be so harsh. But look at it from my perspective: If you are a historian and you claim that Jesus did in fact live, and your opponents dismiss you out of hand, saying that the Easter Bunny cannot physically lay eggs, then you want to give up by throwing up your hands in the air! And, yes, perpetual Motion is to free energy what the Easter Bunny is to a historical Jesus. No person with a brain believes in perpetual Motion like no person with a brain seriously believes in the supernatural. It is the same thing. So why must we free energy enthusiasts suffer such preconceived notions?


“But what has the Easter Bunny to do, even remotely, with a historical Jesus?”


Exactly! What has perpetual Motion to do, even remotely, with free energy?


Note: Do you see how free energy enthusiasts are labeled as crackpots!? No wonder the world will never see the reality of free energy when our physicists believe that free energy = perpetual Motion. So there is no conspiracy (at least in this corridor). So when someone claims that the Easter Bunny can in fact poop eggs, physicists tend to laugh. Free energy inventors are therefore not taken seriously.


So let us dismantle the physicists and their concepts. In order to prevent confusion and thwart any misunderstandings that might occur in reading my argument, we need to define the concepts that we are using carefully.


For free energy, we need three things: the bbb (i.e., the basic building block), Motion/force/mass and energy.


Before we address the bbb, we need to address the beginning of time because understanding the beginning of all things gives us the shape/form of the bbb.


Imagine an atom traveling in space. Where did it come from? Follow the atom’s orbit back in time and space and ask yourself: “Did it begin “over here?” Or did it start its life “over there?”” Wherever in the room the atom is located, you will quickly learn that the atom cannot have begun its journey, neither “here” nor “there,” because you can always put “the start button” somewhere else. The atom—or the smallest unit you can imagine—must have started its journey “beyond” or “outside” the walls of space-time. For the same reason, so it must be for all atoms. That means that we can simply throw all the atoms in the dustbin, that is, apart from a single atom. If we manage to explain how a single atom came to be, then we can explain the origin of all atoms. In other words, we have reduced the complex universe down to a single atom! The atom must have started its journey “beyond” space-time. But this is metaphysics. We will have none of that. We live in a physical world. So whence came the atom? Where did it come from? If we manage to solve the riddle, then we will have answered the biggest question of all questions, “How did it all begin?”


My answer is the following: The atom cannot have started its journey in space-time, neither right nor left, up, down; here or there, or “beyond.”


“But then there are no more places to choose from!”























The Train to Nowhere & the Imaginarium of Dr. Einstein:




Let us imagine two trains; and let’s call them Train A and Train B. Let Train A locomote as fast as you can imagine. Let Train B locomote at half the velocity. Now, imagine Train A again, but this time, double its speed, and keep doubling until, Train A, from its perspective, looks back at Train B and ... what does Train A see? Train A sees Train B as frozen in time. That is, Train A sees Train B as not moving at all.


But Train B is moving. Or is it?


If Train A covers the distance twice as fast as before, then Train A must see Train B as moving twice as slow as before, therefore, now, Train B has covered half the ground as before. If you keep doubling, then Train A will eventually move so fast relative to Train B that Train B is unable to cover any ground by the time Train A has covered its ground and continually so. You can represent this as a scale that grows and grows in which the distance traveled by Train B gets smaller and smaller until the only meaningful distance traversed by Train B is marked as a dot; or not at all.


Here comes the Key to Understanding:


Let Train A always move that fast. Let Train A have moved that fast since eternity. In this new picture, Train A does not see everything as frozen, rather, and this is the most crucial point of all time: Train A sees nothing at all. How come? Because, from Train A’s point of view, if everything were eternally frozen, then that means that nothing has ever moved, and, if nothing has ever moved, then we cannot have space or “eternally frozen” either. Without space, we have no history/trajectory. Without history, we cannot have frozen things. Thus, from Train A’s point of view, there is only nothingness. That is, from Train A’s point of view, there is no visible space-time. From Train A’s point of view, we can say that we have absolute space-time, that is, space-time that does not follow the ordinances of relativity. That is, if you are small, then someone else must be big. This is relativity. However, if you move so fast that you are completely alone, then you are neither fast nor slow because you have no one to compare yourself with. You are something else. You may be both!


In other words, we take, say, the atom, then we give it to the Thor with the Hammer, and then the thunder god hurls the atom with all the might in the universe. Imagine the atom as it travels faster and faster in space-time, eventually, by the power of Thor, the atom will travel so fast that it ... disappears. Everything arose from nothingness, is my answer. Nothingness is an eternal force that is so fierce, fast and strong that it bends space-time into a knot that has, literally, no extension or propagation—the zeroth dimension.


To solve the paradox of Motion, Nature has found the ultimate solution: speed—that is why she employs the cuboctahedron as it is built for ultimate speed. To solve the paradox of Motion, Nature has found the ultimate solution of spinning so fast that we have no movement or nothingness at the beginning of, well, everything. This intense form of Motion must always be there. It has not been created and, it cannot perish.


My hypothesis is: Nature employs the cuboctahedron as it is built for ultimate speed.


Google Richard Buckminster Fuller if you want to know why/how the cuboctahedron is built for speed.





Let’s make Turtle Soup:




Look around you. We have space-time. However, space-time offers a puzzling thing, namely something called infinite regress or “turtles all the way down.”


“A well-known scientist (some say it was Bertrand Russell) once gave a public lecture on astronomy. He described how the earth orbits around the sun and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the center of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy. At the end of the lecture, a little old lady at the back of the room got up and said: “What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise.” The scientist gave a superior smile before replying, “What is the tortoise standing on?” “You’re very clever, young man, very clever,” said the old lady. “But it’s turtles all the way down!””

—Hawking, 1988


Imagine Hawking, the king of physics (as his name implies) giving this talk and still not realize that there is no such thing as the smallest building block (i.e., turtle) of matter! Hawking is the old lady in disguise. 


If we see an object floating in space, we may wonder where it came from. Think about that object. Picture it in your mind’s eye. Now trace it. Where is it located?


If we trace our object to a certain position in our mind’s eye, then we are still wondering where it came from.


We cannot have that. How do we get rid of it? It’s simple: We get rid of it. Now we have nothing, or nothingness.


However, in the context of space-time, what is nothingness? Or, to put it in other words, we have space-time. Well, look around you. So our job is simple: We need to mold the space-time into nothingness in order to get rid of the old lady’s turtles. We make turtle soup! May the old lady forgive us. Then we stir the pot so fast that the turtle soup disappears!


Our chef needs to stir really fast! We take the space-time we see around us, and then we form the space-time into a knot. This would be a black hole.


In other words, the Gyroscope is a perfect picture of Motion creating Motionlessness (i.e., nothingness). That is, the Gyroscope is only stable (i.e., nothingness) when spinning (i.e., space-time). This is my view of nothingness. We need something that is both nothingness (i.e., wave) and space-time (i.e., particle) at the same time. Only the torus matches this description with its bottleneck being nothingness and its wings/shoulders being space-time. Nothingness must forever spin in order to remain a nothingness; therefore, it does spin ... forever. It cannot become “something.” Then how is the universe accomplished?


In other words, to get rid of the support—the turtles all the way down—then Nature has to be a system.


The difference between a system and a structure is that the system, in and of itself, cannot become “fixed.” Like a train moving on a track, it cannot stay still/fixed while it is moving. A structure, on the other hand, is like an old train on display in a museum. It is “fixed.” It does not move. You can move around it and look at it.


Motion has to always move, be on the move; it cannot “begin.” If it, for one picosecond, were to freeze, become “fixed,” then our universe would look like a paradox of Zeno, which is utterly bizarre!


“Cannot be bizarre” is the whole of my argument.


If Motion were not inherent in Nature, then we would have something like AntiMotion. What a bizarre thing! We would not have Motionlessness as Motionlessness equals Motion. Rather, we would have something akin to Zeno’s paradox. We would have something broken, something which cannot be mended, like a paradox. We would have something that destroys Motion. But this cannot be by the fact that we are here and by the fact that the universe abhors paradoxes.


Here comes the spooky part: Imagine if Nature is a system. Alright. That is not so spooky. Well, imagine further. Imagine that the system has no structure; or, rather, the apparent structure (i.e., the objects in the universe) is created by the system/movement!


“Ok. That makes no sense! If there is no structure, then Nature cannot become fixed. Then any rock you find in Nature is not fixed, it is on the move even though it is just lying there!”




She must ever flow. In/out. In/out. Well, isn’t that what Motion is?


“Everything flows.”



What does it all mean?


It means that the cuboctahedron is both a cuboctahedron/wave and a tetrahedron/particle at the same time. Because Nature is a system, she is both the wave and the particle at the same time. She is both the wave and the particle at the same time because she is not fixed and cannot become fixed. This creates Motion.


In other words, there is no dam (i.e., structure) in Nature that can prevent Motion from existing.


Zeno’s paradoxes indirectly explain why there is existence rather than nonexistence because, if Motion did not exist, then everything would be like a point in Zeno’s paradox, and then all would be like a paradox, dead, frozen, separated; and that is just beyond bizarre! Motion, on the other hand, is alive, boiling and one with the oneness.


Motion = spin (i.e., the cuboctahedron).


The spin spins in order to accomplish nothingness because Nature seeks balance because balance costs 0 energy and hence is doable. You can lie in bed all day, but you cannot squat all day. Maybe some of you can, but Nature is a spineless, boneless and lazy animal. That is why evolution works!


“Nature is a lazy animal” is my argument for why she seeks nothingness. Nature’s will to nothingness.




















Nature’s Will to Nothingness:




Nature is a system. She is not a structure. That is, Nature is a boneless animal; she has no skeleton.


Nature is a system; meaning that there is no dam in Nature that can prevent Motion from existing.


We get the result that: All is Motion.


Thus we have no dam, Motion ever was; it cannot be created nor destroyed.


Motion in its true state is Nothingness. It all began with nothingness.


The system is the cuboctahedron. The Illuminati knows: The cuboctahedron is the Philosopher’s stone and the Holy Grail. The 12 energy lines in the cuboctahedron are the 12 Disciples of Christ. Christ is the center point where the lines converge.


The cuboctahedron has this in and out phase where it spins or collapses down to the tetrahedron and back up again, ad infinitum. Its spin allows for clockwise and anticlockwise spin. We thus accomplish the dual torus. The cuboctahedron is the origin of spin and why our galaxies spin. Liken the dual torus to Muspelheim and Niflheim; and, liken the Ginnungagap to our notion of nothingness; then the Norwegian creation account is spot on! My ancestors were spot on!


How does the cuboctahedron accomplish nothingness?


The cuboctahedron spins so fast that it accomplishes nothingness. This nothingness can be seen when the 12 energy lines converge; it is here nothingness is generated. Nothingness is balance.


But further out, the “maelstrom” is not that fast and, this creates space-time and the Big Bang. Seen with our eyes, the Big Bang had a beginning. Seen from the eyes of eternity or from the belly of nothingness, the Big Bang is an eternal cycle or torus (dual) that breathes in and out.












Solving the Riddle of Time: How the Big Bang banged!




If you take a spoon and make a little whirlpool in your glass, then you will see that the whirlpool is fastest at the head of the spoon. This fast Motion creates nothingness. The Motion that occurs higher up the handle of the spoon, does not spin as fast; this slower spin = space-time. In this picture, you have solved the Riddle of Time. If the heart of Nature is this perpetual and fast spin, then out of it comes what we call the Big Bang. The whirlpool spins so fast that you accomplish nothingness, but, because it does spin, it will create a wider net in the fluid which cannot keep up with the fast pace in the center. So it is like a big traffic jam. This thing which cannot keep up with the fast spin in the center, will expand outwards; this is the Big Bang.


What was before the Big Bang?


Fast spin, that is, nothingness.


Thus, the way I see it, the only logical thing that can generate what we call the Big Bang is a torus, that is, fast spinning Motion that creates a net. This net is our universe. Basically, all is spin and there is nothing besides. The basic building block of reality is spin, that is, the torus.


Spin = the cuboctahedron. Build one and fold it, and then you will see.


But how can nothing(ness) create something(ness) when it is not moving?


Nothingness is the ultimate Unmoved Mover; that is, that which does not move, but causes something else to move. But something like that does not exist! Does it? A picture of a naked lady is a good example of an Unmoved Mover, eh? But all jokes aside: Imagine that you have a home stereo. You listen to it and turn up the volume. Imagine that you could just continue to turn up the sound without busting the speakers or your ears. Let the sound = Motion/movement. Let no sound = Motionlessness/no movement. The dictionary says that the opposite of movement is no movement. But what if Motion = no Motion? Again, we must let Nature decide what is what. Okay. Turn it up and continue to crank up the volume. Finally, the sound will be so high that you can no longer hear it. The movement has passed on to no movement. But that does not mean that no movement = you cannot get things going. That’s wrong. No movement or Motionlessness (i.e., nothingness) is such an intense form of Motion that everything around you starts spinning while you yourself (i.e., nothingness) are/remain Motionless. In other words, nothingness did not set the universe directly going, but indirectly via always “spinning.” I believe: This “indirectly” is the “knowhow” which Neil deGrasse Tyson asked Lawrence Krauss about.








Let us imagine nothing:




Imagine sitting on a beam of light looking back at the universe. What would you see? You would see everything as frozen in time. However, if things were eternally frozen, then there was no time in which things could freeze. Consequently, then, since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we have no thing. Nothingness. But there is more: since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we also have no time in which anything can ever decay. That is, from the light’s point of view, there was always nothingness and ORDER. This opens up for free energy.


The dual torus = nothingness and space-time. The toroidal core where the spin is furious = nothingness. The torus’ wings where the spin is less intense = space-time.


Let us repeat:


We have a torus (dual) that is forever spinning. That is, there is no dam in Nature that can prevent Motion from existing.


Ask yourself the question: “What have we got?”


We have got Eternity itself, which is the cuboctahedron.


That is, we have got, to put it in poetic terms, an object in space that is forever spinning.


According to Newton’s First Law: When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force.


Our “object” (i.e., the universal torus/cuboctahedron) will forever spin therefore it is the only “object” in existence. That is, there cannot be two or more nothingnesses thus the oneness of Motion (see below).


Our system—the cuboctahedron—needs only collapse one time, and then the 1st law of Newton kicks in forever. For one moment, the cuboctahedron must remain indecisive, “Am I a particle or a wave?” and then the 1st law of Newton kicks in forever. If Nature is both a particle and a wave, then she must fluctuate between the two and we get the result that the 1st law must always have been “kicked in.” A torus is both a particle and a wave. The particle is the packet of wholeness, which the torus is. The wave is the torus’ center/neck, which connects all points in space or, rather, all points in space = the torus’ center. That is, if you have a bunch of toruses, then their centers are one and the same—oneness. There is only one center. “One fish.” as David Bohm would say.


The cuboctahedron = the wave = nothingness.


The tetrahedron = the particle = space-time.


To sum up: Therefore Nature being a system + Newton’s First Law of Motion = nothingness has spun for all eternity and will continue to spin for all eternity as there is no object or otherwise that can interfere with it or stop it.


In other words, nothingness has spun for all eternity because she is a system.


The cuboctahedron is all there really is. Everything else is also this cuboctahedron, in some way or another. It follows that all is spin.


In other words, the bbb = spin. Spin = the torus.


The triple B of reality: The basic building block is the stuff which the universe is made of. But what exactly is the bbb? The bbb must be a torus therefore Nature flows in the most economical way. Why? Because Nature is lazy; which makes evolutionary sense. So my whole argument is an argument of sense. It makes evolutionary sense that Nature would flow in the most economical way, and, therefore, Nature flows in the most economical way. That is the whole of the argument. What is the most economical way? We reason: To flow from A to A (you can prove me wrong by coming up with a smarter way). That is, you flow out and then back in. If you must move from A to A ad infinitum, and, you travel in the most economical and efficient way, then you don’t stop somewhere “out there,” turn around, and then head back, rather, you circle back; this creates a torus. Why do you circle back? Because the bbb is not intelligent, for one thing. If you circle back, you preserve momentum. The torus is the only candidate for the bbb as far as logical space is concerned. Nature had no choice.


“But why must you head back in, why not continue in a straight path?”


You need a shape that can fold in upon itself, or else you would create a paradox of a Big Bang that is expanding ever outwards into a nonsensical nothingness located up a happy clown’s underpants! No. Reality must expand into itself. There is simply nothing else to expand into—and that is the whole of the argument. Basically, you need a shape/bbb that answers all the fundamental questions. You simply cannot have these “atoms” just put in there like our brave physicists do. The shape we are looking for needs to contain and encompass all of reality, like a big blanket that covers you, all of you. No part can be left uncovered lest we are ok with paradoxes. The torus is the only shape which I can see that covers all and really encompasses all (employing the power of “really” here to illustrate my point). A bubble would encompass all, but we are still left with the problem of origin. The origin is a singularity, which would transform our bubble into a torus because of the point of origin of the singularity. The strings in String Theory could make a torus, for example.


“Why can’t the bbb be a ring, by your reasoning? Why must it be a torus?”


Because Nature must expand into herself, which means that you must return to your birthplace, which is a singularity (i.e., the toroidal core), in order to expand anew. Just like breathing. In order to expand, you breathe in, and then you must expel the air, in order to be able to expand anew. Nature must be a set of lungs, there is no other way, if you mull on it like a great philosopher and not just do what our physicists do best: Stay grounded with your head in the sand looking for particles and never, ever, enter the Empyrean Heavens for true contemplation.


What is truly insane: Because Nature must contract/shrink, that is, return to her birthplace, you will see that all toruses share the same center therefore all toruses must return to the nothingness (i.e., the singularity) from whence they came.


In other words, it is not atoms that we are seeing. If you were to look closer, then you would see that our atoms are toruses.


Bbb = a torus.


But if the basic building block—the most fundamental building block of all matter—is the torus, then, you will see that the geomagnetic field (which is a torus) is the bbb. In other words, the bbb is about form. The bbb is not about size! That is a totally new picture of the cosmos. The bbb can be as big as the universe (and it is, that is, the universe itself is a bbb) and as small as the tiniest atom (or particle or whatever).


A quote from Bucky will illustrate my point: “Because of the fundamental nonsimultaneity of universal structuring, a single, simultaneous, static model of Universe is inherently both nonexistent and conceptually impossible as well as unnecessary. Ergo, Universe does not have a shape. Do not waste your time, as man has been doing for ages, trying to think of a unit shape “outside of which there must be something,” or “within which, at center, there must be a smaller something.””

—Richard Buckminster Fuller


We say that the bbb is the torus-form, but you must realize that the torus is formless in the sense that breathing is formless as breathing is a system. If breathing suddenly became static (i.e., a structure), then you would die a horrible death! Can you poetically see why Nature must be a system and thus see why there is existence rather than nonexistence?


There is no way in hell that Nature is not a torus (dual). Like the snake biting its own tail, the snake has to fold in order to do so; likewise, if Nature wants to birth a universe, then she has to expand into herself in order to do so. The baby (i.e., the universe) has to grow inside a womb as babies on earth must. Maybe Nature is telling us something there? In other words, black holes may be outside our universe just like a mother is outside her baby in the womb. We finally get the answer to the question: “What is outside our universe?”


“But black holes are not outside our universe, they are inside!”


This reminds me of Wittgenstein, “Tell me,” Wittgenstein asked a friend, “why do people always say, it was natural for man to assume that the sun went round the earth rather than that the earth was rotating?” His friend replied, “Well, obviously because it just looks as though the Sun is going round the Earth.” Wittgenstein replied, “Well, what would it have looked like if it had looked as though the Earth was rotating?”


Similarly, what would it have looked like if it had looked as though our black holes were outside our universe? Look outside your window and tell me what you see?


The black hole (i.e., the toroidal core) is at the center of reality also, thus the black hole is at both ends. That is, the black hole is beyond the wall of the universe, so to speak, and inside the heart of matter. In other words, we live inside the black hole, like the baby in the womb lives inside its mother.


Energy: This one is tricky. What is energy? In my hypothesis, energy shall be defined as energy which is ready to do mechanical work and energy which is not available to do mechanical work. In this sense, the basic building block of matter (bbb) = energy which is not available to do mechanical work. Energy which is ready to do mechanical work = a concept that pertains to clusters. For example: A cluster of berries (bbbs), poetically speaking, would = energy which is ready to do mechanical work. If the berries were spread around and unable to “touch” one another = energy which is not available to do mechanical work. In other words, energy is synergy. What is synergy? If you are all alone, then you are not able to lift your car, say. If you were a group or “cluster” of people, then you would be able to lift the car. The ability to lift the car is synergy. For simplicity, we shall call the bbb which acts alone for dead energy, and we shall call a group or clusters of bbbs for living energy. A bbb is a basic building block.


To paint a clearer picture, we can imagine a sun. The sun would be a cluster of bbbs. If we imagine the Big Freeze scenario where the universe expands to such a degree that the bbbs cannot “touch” one another, then we have a universe that is not able to do mechanical work.


Here is the philosophy bit: If the universe did not expand, but stayed in one place, then the second law of thermodynamics would not be able to produce a dead future, which is to say, a future that is unable to do mechanical work. Mechanical work = use energy/bbbs to, for example, lift your arm. That is, if the universe did not expand, you would not be able to lift your arm!


Mechanical work vs force: Force is not energy (available), in this picture. Imagine that you are sitting on a sofa, and this sofa is so elastic that the person sitting next to you is drawn towards you because you are much heavier than she is. You are not using energy, as it were. You are sitting still, yet the person next to you is drawn towards you. This is force. Force is mass that acts on the fabric of space-time, in this case, a sofa.


But what is force, that is, what is mass?


The problem with Einstein: Einstein used gravity to explain gravity. Our sun bends the space-fabric and our earth revolves elegantly in this fold. However, what is it about the sun that has the ability to bend space-time? Answer: The mass. Okay. But what is it about the mass, then? Answer: It is heavy. Okay. But what is this “heaviness?” I do not believe that this question has been satisfactorily answered.


“Heaviness” cannot be the virtue of being an object because then your explanation is moving in circles. Take the Necker Cube for example; the Necker Cube is composed of lines. But what are the lines composed of? They must be composed of (other) lines. Then, what are those lines composed of? You can do this indefinitely. There is no mystery mass that can be found within this infinity of the Necker Cube. The universe is an illusion!


My argument is as follows: No matter how powerful your microscope is, you will never be able to see this so-called mass which our physicists fancy is there. My argument is empirical. “Look. Is it there? If not...”


Then what is gravity/mass?


It is not “heaviness.”


It is Motion.




Gravity is simply this: Things must flow with the torus. Things must flow/follow where the torus flows. If you hold an object and drop it, it is like setting a paper boat on the river: the paper boat will naturally flow with the river. That is why an object thrown in the air hits the ground; it is simply following the stream—which is flowing into the toroidal core in the earth. In addition, the earth is not a sphere, if you placed the whole earth under a microscope, then you would see a cuboctahedron. The folding or curving of space-time is not due to some magic of Einstein. The curving of space-time is simply when the torus folds back in on itself, which it does naturally, that is, by the force of nothingness.


This bending creates a “maelstrom” in 3D called a torus. A torus is a donut! Nam. Nam. The police are diligent consumers of the eternal truth! In fact, nothingness is a double torus. This torus has spun forever.


Motion: What is Motion? The best answer is: employ your eyes. Motion is really hard to pin down. I do not know if it can be done. However, our free energy idea could still work.















Let us recap:




In order to avoid existence looking like a paradox of Zeno, we need Motion. Motion must always be. Motion must always be there. Uncreated. But Motion creates things and turtles and what have you! And we cannot have “turtles all the way down.” We cannot have the things that Motion creates. That is, Nature has to start from a state of nothingness in order to resolve the paradox of the turtles. We do not believe in metaphysics, so our nothingness must be made of stuff. We found that nothingness is made of fast spin. Philosophers will argue that this is not true nothingness, but that does not matter. What matters is that we resolved what seemed like two contradictions: We had to have Motion and Nothingness in order to produce a paradox-free existence. How fun, then, that we can produce nothingness with the aid of Motion. Motion is the embodiment of oneness.


Our nothingness is: No white, no black, no thing; no time, no space, but, it contains all white, all black, all things; all time and all space.


One could still ask, “Where did the Motion and Nothingness come from?”


My answer: It came from the fact that Nature is a system. That Nature is a system answers all questions! Eureka! Quantum mechanics is the real deal. God does play dice! That God does play dice is the ultimate answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. He rolled a 2 and a 4, which Douglas Adams misconstrued as 42.


The ultimate answer is a question: “Why do we need a skeleton? I mean there is no reason for space-time needing something to support itself on?”


A friend asked this question.


Answer: She doesn’t! And your mind is blown! You understand it all!


In this new picture of the cosmos, you will see that Nature bends space-time naturally. In other words, gravity is not a fold in the fabric of space-time, gravity is simply flow and, as the torus flows into itself naturally (because it must breathe as dictated by the properties of the cuboctahedron, that is, we must avoid the happy clown’s underpants), we get, for example, a black hole. Things must flow with the natural current. This thing called flow bends space-time. Force or gravity/mass was simply Motion + the form of the torus. If the bbb is the torus and Motion must always be, then space-time is bent naturally, as the torus must always contract due to its form and due to there being no dam in Nature that can prevent Motion from existing, which means that Motion must ever act on the torus. This is crucial in understanding free energy. Motion bends space-time.


Gravity is a fold in the fabric of space-time, Einstein was right; but it is caused by flow and not by mass.



If this is so, then we can create free energy thusly:


Imagine that the universe is a torus and its atoms are toruses. This is not so hard to do as we have found the torus in Nature already, for example, the geomagnetic field. Imagine that the center of these toruses is one and the same. Like we stem from a common ancestor, so does everything else in existence; this is reasonable, and, therefore, all toruses share the same core or center. Say you have a motor and that motor ejects toruses in order to propel forwards, then, all you have to do in order to get free energy, is to collect those ejected toruses without using energy yourself. If you managed to pull it off, then you could use the toruses repeatedly. How? You see, the core of the torus always spins because there is no dam in Nature. The core has spun for all eternity; and will continue to spin for all eternity. This spin spins so fast that it creates nothingness (as we have mused earlier). Our ejected toruses will therefore (i.e., by the spin of nothingness) be sucked into a much larger torus-field out there (in space). When that happens, our ejected toruses will get crammed into the larger torus’ core and therefore be crushed. That is, our ejected toruses will once more come together (our cluster) because all toruses share the same core. Come together = Living energy. Our ejected toruses can then show up in our motor again automatically and thus continue to drive it, as all toruses share the same core. This is free energy. You can drive forever as long as your car does not break down.


“Will not the ejected toruses that get sucked into the larger torus affect the core and slow it down thus rendering your theory useless?”


No. The toroidal core is the fastest thing in existence. Say that book A is the toroidal core. Say that the universe is book B. Say that book A is a million times heavier (in actuality: faster) than book B. Place book A and B on a scale. How can book B tip the scale over and thus affect book A? If the toroidal core was measured to be much more powerful, then we can make a case for free energy.


But the toroidal core, which would be equal to gravity, is measured to be exactly zero.


Matter, positive - gravity, negative = zero


“[...] For example, you have to add energy to the earth in order to tear it away from the sun. One separated far from the solar system, the earth then has zero gravitational energy. But this means that the original solar system had negative energy. If you do the math, you find out that the sum total of matter in the universe can cancel against the sum total of negative gravitational energy, yielding a universe with zero (or close to zero) net matter/energy. So, in some sense, universes are for free. It does not take net matter and energy to create entire universes. In this way, in the bubble bath, bubbles can collide, create baby bubbles, or simply pop into existence from nothing.”

—Michio Kaku


Ok. I think I’ve got this one! If you use 100% energy to get the planet out and the planet now has 0%, then the gravity had to be minus 100% to add up to the 0% of the planet. – 100 + 100 = zero.


But how can it pop from zero? The knowhow is missing. This plays right in the pockets of William Lane Craig! God knows how! Only God can set such a universe going. You know what, I agree 100%. The physicists are missing something big!


Our dear and brave physicists are missing the fundament of all fundaments! And that is that zero is = to fast spin/nothingness.


Fast spin can birth the universe.


There is no such thing as only zero because Nature is a system. You cannot have both a well-defined position at zero and a well-defined speed. Not only would you violate the uncertainty principle, but you would also have created something akin to Zeno’s paradox!


The uncertainty principle = Nature is a system.


You must have some fluctuations. These formless things are eternal. It is the dual torus popping in and out of existence forever, that is, popping between nothingness (i.e., the cuboctahedron) and space-time (i.e., the tetrahedron). But if there was nothing in the beginning, what did these fluctuations pop into? I mean, they can pop into our universe nowadays because the universe is there, but, before the Big Bang, what did the fluctuations pop into? Answer: Themselves! That is why the bbb MUST be a torus. There is no other way: The baby has to grow inside a womb.


One could see these fluctuations as particles and antiparticles or, one could see them for what they really are: the dual torus.


The dual torus = nothingness and space-time.


The dual torus is the fundament of all things.


Because Nature is a system, the fluctuations must always be there, so the fluctuations had to create a universe, eventually.


The total amount of energy in the universe must be equal to 0. You can only achieve this 0 with balance, like our poetic gyroscope. Balance is equal to a circle/the form of the torus. What does that mean? It means that, although Nature reaches zero (i.e., nothingness), she does at the same time not! The zero is accomplished by the fluctuations in “empty space,” that is, the zero is accomplished by the cuboctahedron spinning in and out of phase/equilibrium (our zero). This spinning in and out = a torus (dual). Thus, there is never just zero. Nature is a system, therefore, there is never just zero. But there is zero also! And there is fast spin! Both obtain therefore Nature is a system.



If all is a torus which is like a waterfall, then an (any) object which is said to have potential energy has zero potential energy; like a paper boat, it will simply flow with the stream, that is, its potential is the stream. Its potential is not in some mysterious container within itself. Mass would be outside the object in my torus hypothesis.


Our paper boat is not in the water and therefore zero gravitational energy. But the universal torus which contains ALL is like a waterfall and the paper boat is embedded within it, so the paper boat is always in the water, but here the waterfall is so big that the paper boat/planet experiences zero gravitational energy relatively speaking, but only relatively speaking.


Kaku’s World: If new mini-universes could pop into the motor of your car from the knowhow-is-missing-nothingness perpetually—add some sort of converter and “popcorn-catcher—” then you can drive your car forever—free energy. Even in Kaku’s picture, I see a way for “free energy” to exist.


Now, thus the core spins, the torus expands and contracts simultaneously (this can be observed), and, because it does contract, our ejected toruses (above) will, eventually, get sucked into a larger torus in the universe and thereby be ordered again therefore the ejected toruses will be crushed together by the larger contracting torus therefore the toroidal core (i.e., the fastest thing in existence) does not have extension/dimension as it is nothingness and so our ejected toruses become transformed to their initial state, which is order.


That the initial state is that of order is self-evident when we mull on the second law of thermodynamics; if you experience decay and wind the clocks back, you get order because you reverse the arrow of decay. Instead of more and more decay, you get less and less decay and will therefore arrive at a state that is really low in decay. Here is the key, because the center of all toruses in existence is one and the same, the ejected toruses, now ordered again, will end up in your motor (again). So you can use them anew. Note: We do not mess with the arrow of time.


In other words, you can drive your car forever. This is free energy. Resurrected energy. It is simple: The beginning of time is an ordered state, if you could use it, then you could resurrect stuff. The beginning of time is the toroidal core (as we have mused earlier), therefore, we can accomplish free energy because we have a new player which our physicists do not take into consideration. The toroidal core is like a book press, it does not contain (much) energy/books, but it can produce energy/books. So the source of free energy is not this infinite source of energy. The source of free energy is this mechanism. The beating heart of Nature.


In other words, free energy is possible because the beginning of time is with us in the present, and so we can use it. Thus our universe is composed of toruses and thus our toruses share the same core, we get a fractal picture where the beginning of time is like this big Russian doll (i.e., a big torus, which is our universe) that contains smaller dolls (toruses) inside. We can use the smaller ones (mini-toruses). This seems like asymmetry, but this is not so when the core of these toruses is the same. We can use the smaller ones because the beginning of time is not something far away in some remote past. The beginning of time is simply the root of the geometry of space-time rather than the beginning of eternity itself.


The beginning of time is the toroidal center and we can use this center to accomplish free energy. So I will bet on myself because we are really talking about a paradigm shift in the field of science. If we can accomplish free energy in this way, then we have not violated any physical laws.


Free energy = the ability to drive your car with the aid of a self-resurrecting mechanism.


That is, Nature is not immortal because she can endure forever. Nature is immortal because she can resurrect herself like the Great Phoenix of Legend. The Masons know this.


“You cannot create energy because of symmetry!”


True. But we are not creating energy, energy is always conserved; energy cannot be created nor destroyed—only transformed. We are resurrecting energy. Why create when you have got so much energy already?


“The second law of thermodynamics = no free energy!”


False. The second law of thermodynamics is the greatest evidence we have for free energy because the second law of thermodynamics points to an ordered beginning!


Physicists come up with myriad reasons why free energy is not possible, but then again, physicists are not philosophers. If they were, they would not so rashly conclude that free energy is impossible when they haven’t even solved the riddle of time: How did everything begin? If they had solved that one, then the Grand Picture would look very different, indeed! My idea of free energy includes a new player, namely, the beginning of time itself. Our physicists haven’t tried that one!


And overunity is not overunity. Yes, you get more energy than what you put in, but this is not magic: Nature sucks in dead energy from the cosmos and orders it again. That you collect more energy than what you used to open the gates, so to speak, is simply that.



—A black hole is created by a torus sucking in matter/toruses. When massive stars run out of fuel, black holes form. But what if that is not so? What if the eternal spin of nothingness is what draws the energy out of the objects? That is, the objects may just sit on the energy and not use it, and then the eternal spin of nothingness squeezes the energy out of them, the result is sunlight. So the black hole does not form by stars burning fuel. The black hole forms because stars contain toruses inside them that eat up other toruses. This “eating” is the force of nothingness.


—Dark energy may just be the torus dividing/copying itself as the torus spins. Like a big whirlpool making baby whirlpools. If that is so, then evolution can be traced to the bowels of nothingness. Evolution is nothingness-production. More: This copying-process is exponential (2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8 and so on), which means that time/evolution is speeding up—which may explain why we are soon to meet the robots.


The following text may still have left you in a little bit of confusion. I promised crystal. So that is what we will do.


In order to make this paper crystal clear, we will simply start from scratch and work our way forwards.










The twin snakes will have a new meaning now, eh?


Let us start with the fundament:




  1. The fundament: It is impossible for thought to form the notion of an existence that does not contain Motion. If we do not have Motion, then thought forms the picture of an eternal frozen landscape or it may form a void of nonexistence that is blacker than black. The landscape cannot be because that would mean that paradoxes are a thing of reality because of the problem of the origin of the landscape. Nonexistence cannot be because you need Motion to quell the paradoxes (like AntiMotion) which arrive if we assume that Motion never was. I do not believe in paradoxes. The paradoxes can be shown to be a thing of man. That is my whole argument. Like Bucky said, it is conceptually impossible to form a static model of the universe. Therefore, we are crystal clear when we say that Motion ever was.
  2. The Motion needs to be in a state of nothingness in order to quell any further paradoxes that might arrive, like the paradox of infinite regress. We solve this paradox by having an Unmoved Mover. We showed that fast spin could generate nothingness and our nothingness, in turn, could function as the Unmoved Mover. We showed that nothingness ever was, like Motion ever was. It was uncreated. It is simply there because Nature is a system. Nature must be a system because paradoxes cannot exist.
  3. If 1 and 2 are plausible, then it follows: Our nothingness ever spins unless acted upon by an external force. There is no external force. There is only the nothingness. Therefore, nothingness ever spins. And it spins fast!
  4. Thus, when nothingness divides into ever smaller copies of itself (on this picture nothingness is the cuboctahedron and the cuboctahedron is a dual torus), it will continue to spin and the copies cannot slow it down. This is key.
  5. Free energy is possible because the spin (torus) that spins for all eternity expands and contracts like a set of lungs as it spins. When the torus contracts, it can suck in smaller toruses in the universe and order them because the neck of the contracting torus is so slim that the toruses that are being sucked in there have no choice but to be brought back together. This is the idea, anyway. These toruses can then fly out again by the spin of nothingness ... together. Say that your motor picks them up, then you can use them to propel your craft. You are not drawing the toruses out, that would cost you. Rather, you are simply receiving. Hence, free energy. Energy was defined as synergy in this paper. If you only had the one torus, then you would not be able to drive your car (obviously!), you need a cluster of toruses working together. But then these toruses are expelled from your car in order to propel your car. Thus, in order to keep propelling your car, you need more toruses (or gasoline, if you wish). Thus, free energy is the trick of not using energy in order to get more toruses. This can be done as I have demonstrated.







My greatest weakness is that I am not a physicist, thus I may have missed a simple concept that delivers my free energy hypothesis to the infamous underpants and I will be so embarrassed! However, I will stand my ground. Why? Because not being a physicist is also my greatest strength because science is like religion, it is dogmatic, that is, our physicists laugh at the notion of free energy. Surely I would too, if I was indoctrinated into the greatest religion of all time? No. I will remain one with the river. Only the river has the true answers.


“But science is not that one-sided. Surely, science has room for different thoughts?”


I have never been a student of physics, which makes it hard for a physicist to embrace my work. You have to remember that free energy is viewed as a class III impossibility, whereas a time machine is a class II impossibility. That is to say, in principle, it is easier to build a time machine than coming up with a free energy device! Therefore, why a physicist should read my work when I have not attended a single course in physics, is up for contemplation. I am like Jehovah's Witnesses to them. By the time the physicists say, “Not interested.” they have already closed the door.


However, the notion of free energy is crystal clear in my mind.


It is so simple:


  1. Nature is a system, thus we have intense, furious Motion forever. This is perfectly clear in my mind.
  2. The system is a torus (dual). This is perfectly clear in my mind.
  3. The toroidal core is the beginning of time. This is perfectly clear in my mind.
  4. The beginning of time is responsible for all the energy we see. This is perfectly clear in my mind.
  5. The torus sucks in dead matter and orders it again because the torus has the shape that it has and because we have intense, furious Motion that lasts forever that animates the torus to do what it does, which is to suck things in like your lungs suck in air and then expel the air. This is perfectly clear in my mind.
  6. All things rise from the beginning of time and must return to the beginning of time because Nature must expand into herself. There is simply nothing else to expand into. This is perfectly clear in my mind.
  7. Thus, the universe is constantly reanimating dead matter making it come alive again. This is perfectly clear in my mind.
  8. We can use the reanimated matter. This is perfectly clear in my mind.
  9. We do not need to use much energy in order to get at the reanimated matter, therefore the torus expands and thus expels (or divides and copies itself) the reanimated matter as the torus perpetually spins. All we need is to invent a device that collects the reanimated matter and we can drive our car forever without adding fuel from the outside. We add fuel from the inside, so to speak. Of course we have to have fuel! This is perfectly clear in my mind.

10. It may be that the reanimated matter exists on a low level. But then we can just scale it up, like a small domino tipping over a giant domino with the help of its bigger domino friends. This is perfectly clear in my mind.




“You should be humble. Do not be arrogant and state, “This is perfectly clear in my mind.” Let others decide if your theories hold water.”


I am not being arrogant. I am simply protecting myself against arguments from physicists that would go something like, “Here is my advanced mathematics. It says you’re wrong. However, you are too stupid to follow my argument, therefore, your argument is false.”


I am also building my argument from the ground up and I need to be “perfectly clear” on the one point before I proceed to the next.


















Another picture:




If a coffee cup sits in a room, then, it will, according to the second law of thermodynamics, get cool over time. So the answer to the riddle of free energy is, “How do we get the heat or atoms back into the coffee cup?” If we did that, then the second law of thermodynamics could work forever but never be able to produce a dead future; that is, a future unavailable for mechanical work.


How do we get the atoms back?


...long pause


Answer: We shrink the room. Now the atoms (some) have no choice but to go back into the coffee cup (if you understand that, we are using a poetic coffee cup here).


But how do we shrink the room?


This is the HOLY GRAIL: We don’t have to! The Holy Grail (i.e., the torus) shrinks the room for us. That is, Nature shrinks/bends space-time all the time. This is the (dual) torus. This is the “object” that is forever spinning. In other words, thus the eternal spin of nothingness, Nature utilizes no effort to produce free energy.


The torus/particle, or more precisely, the torus/wave orders the energy that is unavailable for mechanical work. The torus’ bottleneck orders stuff for us for free because the neck is so slim. I believe that this wave/bottleneck = David Bohm’s implicate order. I believe that this wave/bottleneck = the wave in quantum mechanics.


The waves of the cosmos brush over the universal blackboard and we thus get Tabula rasa. The waves are so wavy that the clocks are reset in the sense that the clocks are, as it were, destroyed.


In my mind, free energy is simple. We just employ the beginning of time! We simply have these particles, and, when they are “smeared out” or “crushed” or transformed into a wave again, well, then, they have reached their initial state of low entropy and can thus be used anew.


Wave/particle = In/Out ... The eternal breath of the cosmos (i.e., the cuboctahedron). The Aum/Om pulse of the mystics and shamans.


In other words, the torus goes out and then comes to a singularity in one Motion! Thus free energy happens. In this center, matter is ordered once again. This happens eternally therefore Newton’s First Law of Motion. The Holy Grail is the cup that never empties; or, if you empty it, it refills. The cup is the womb of Nature/Isis/Mary. In the womb lies the baby Horus/Jesus. The cup is the cuboctahedron. The cuboctahedron is also the Philosopher’s stone, the World Egg, and, as I said, Jesus and his 12 disciples.


And what does Jesus do? He resurrects people. But if the secret societies have preserved the tale of free energy in our Bibles and children’s stories like Jack and the Beanstalk, then where do the secret societies get their ideas from?


From E.T..


And we free energy enthusiasts are labeled as crackpots once again! because there is no way in hell that E.T. has landed on terra firma!


According to Ray Kurzweil, the planet earth will be responsible for converting the entire universe into a giant supercomputer well before 2200. Maybe we need help from above to make sure things do not get out of hand?


According to Nick Bostrom, there is a 33% chance that we are living in a supercomputer already.






Nature must be a system:




A uniform distribution of energy crafting an infinite, intricate universe, even if that space had a perfect alignment of parts—pure frozen—that space, would still hold, imaginable causality, that is to say, a false representation of the positions of its parts in the time dimension.


And not only that, though, but how could this universe have commenced?


If we do not intersperse a miracle here, then may I politely suggest that this cosmos is perfectly dead for all futility. And how did these perfect parts get there? In other words, as long as you have a location in space, you have a history. And this history or trajectory must be explained.


In other words, Nature must be a system therefore histories are real.


Nature is a system = Nature is and is not at the same time. Nature is and is not the cuboctahedron at the same time—that is what Motion means. Nature craps on the law of non-contradiction. Nature does not give a damn about logic. Language/logic/math = the absurd. The absurd = the which gives rise to paradoxes.


Nature knows no paradox.


That Nature craps on the law of non-contradiction shows us just how poorly words capture reality. Words capture reality so poorly even reality is a word!


Language captures Nature so poorly because language needs to destroy Motion in order to work. We saw a bison and we painted that bison on our cave walls. By doing so, we destroyed Motion and replaced it with a bison that did not move but stayed still. We formed the point or dot in Zeno’s paradox. And we have not left the cave walls of our ancestors. They said Satan was born in a cave!


However, language can give us maps that work. And that is all we need.


So this map (book) can also work.


Maps work because we take all the points/dots and animate them again. But this animated movie is a poorly constructed version of true Motion.


In this movie, Nature is and is not at the same time. In actuality, Nature is true Motion which is beyond good and evil (language, truth, logic etc.), as Nietzsche would say.








E =




Einstein showed that mass and energy are related. The faster a particle is accelerated, the greater its mass becomes. In our torus hypothesis, mass = the force of nothingness. Thus, it would take a lot of energy to form nothingness! To bend space-time would require so much energy your head will literally bend! In fact, you need the strength of nothingness in order to bend space-time. But free energy is going the other way. It would take squat for nothingness to form energy!


Simply receive. Believe in me and you shall have eternal life. 


Nothingness is always there; it cannot slow down or lose mass at its core due to Newton’s First Law of Motion. It can, however, form energy which is a less powerful version of nothingness. But then the force of nothingness accelerates the energy again (if there is not a traffic jam), and the energy is transformed to nothingness (again).


Gravity is simply this: Things must flow with the torus. The torus flows out into space and then back into itself, into the great sea of nothingness.


All is a whirlpool that spins really, really fast.


I believe that the physical sphere is really simple due to the lack of evolution in the cosmic dawn, and that our universe is the result of the revolutions of, so to speak, simple/basic Motion. Thus, our planet revolves around the sun like a flying cow in a tornado!






















In summa:




  1. The beginning of time is with us in the present.
  2. The beginning of time reanimates stuff because the beginning of time = order.
  3. Illuminati knows: Order out of chaos. That is, chaos happens in the universe, Nature takes that chaos and orders it. Nature is an order-producing machine.




Nature is a system and not a structure (see Buckminster Fuller). That system is the cuboctahedron, which is the blueprint of the torus. That Motion is forever is not a paradox when Motion, in its true form, is Motionless (i.e., nothingness or even timelessness): Imagine how the light views reality. The light goes so fast that, from the light’s perspective, everything in the universe freezes. If light is constant (in a “vacuum”), then things will stand inert/still on the light’s perspective for all time; but, if that is so, then things, in this perspective, have not had the time to freeze; so, if we push our logic here, then we will see that, from the light’s perspective, there is only nothingness or Motionlessness/timelessness. We came from nothing! We are the froth of nothingness! Moreover, all things in the universe = nothingness or zero. Lawrence Krauss agrees (see A Universe from Nothing). Therefore, the total sum of the forces that act on the form of the universe/nothingness/the torus (dual) is precisely zero—that is why the transformation of the dead energy will require “zero energy,” and we have, on our hands, free energy.


Newton’s First Law of Motion: A body either remains at rest or continues in a straight path with a constant velocity if no force acts on the body or if the sum of the forces that acts on the body equals zero.


Thus, zero cannot discontinue our nothingness when the sum of the forces that acts on the body of nothingness is this zero. Thus, nothingness will ever spin and order stuff for us for free.


Why is Nature = to fast spin?


Because fast spin = the cuboctahedron.


And Nature = the cuboctahedron.


Free lunch.

Free energy.

From nothing.


Nikola Tesla would be proud.








Here I will add some things which I think is important, and some things that are cool.




Note: I believe that, in the modern picture of reality, the universe is cut off from its origins. There was a Big Bang, and out of it came a universe filled with finite energy. When that energy is used up, it dies. That will be that. In this picture, the umbilical cord is cut off. In my free energy hypothesis, the cord cannot be cut off, that is, you cannot have two realities! And what exists between the cut off cord and the Mother and Child? A happy clown’s underpants!? No. You cannot separate Mother and Child. Even if you could, the Child would learn to resurrect itself, therefore all bbbs contain a shard of nothingness.


“Does that mean that the universe is eternal?”


Yes. However, in order to be eternal, you need to return to the nothingness first! Therefore, there is no such thing as an eternal sun as the whole universe must return to the nothingness one day in order to be resurrected—and continually so. So you are eternal, but not in the way you think.


Free energy = bbbs in the universe return to the nothingness from whence they came and back out while the universe is still operating. The bbbs are rejuvenated. So we can use them anew. This is free energy.


“What if particles popped into our universe from other universes, would that be free energy?”


My answer: In the last instance, free energy must be resurrection.




  • A zero-speed-eternity needs a miracle/God to set it going as it has no knowhow.


  • A slow-speed-eternity is just bizarre! Nothingness must forever be this fast pace. Nothing can slow it down. Therefore, free energy is doable.


  • A fast-awesome-eternity can simply “tap a little on the brakes” (our traffic jam), and the universe becomes visible (“created”)! No miracle needs to set it going.










Let us do this one, one more time:




My Vision of Nothingness: Imagine sitting on a beam of light looking back at the universe. What would you see? You would see everything as frozen in time. However, if things were eternally frozen, then there was no time in which things could freeze. Consequently, then, since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we have no thing. Nothingness. But there is more: since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we also have no time in which anything can ever decay. That is, from the light’s point of view, there was always nothingness and ORDER. This (order) opens up for free energy.


You would see everything as frozen in time: This is just a thought experiment. Try to sit on a beam of light in your mind’s eye and tell me what you see. I see a frozen landscape.


However, if things were eternally frozen, then there was no time in which things could freeze: Why is this so? Because the light has always moved at the speed of light, then the light has always seen the same frozen picture.


Consequently, then, since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we have no thing. Nothingness: Because the light has seen the same frozen picture for all eternity, the picture has had no time to change its look. We reason that the picture has had no time whatsoever because it has always been frozen. If this is so, then the picture is indeed black/blank as the things in the picture have had no time to move and hence no trajectory to be frozen in. The things have had no time to even move into the picture.


From the light’s point of view, there was always nothingness and ORDER: We get order for the same reason that we get nothingness.





From the light’s point of view, there was always nothingness = We came from nothingness therefore the light is the fundamental thing in Nature.


“But we can see the light; the light is therefore not nothingness.”


That we can see the light may be an evolutionary adaptation, like putting on clothes on the Invisible Man.









What is Motion?




Like the rabbit/duck illusion, I believe that Motion is a trick, an illusion made by the dual torus. That is, the dual torus can flip between two states while it is “inert” (nothingness) and create the illusion of movement, as your brain can flip between seeing the rabbit and the duck without moving your head, which can then create an illusion of flow/causality. The dual torus can flip between two states because it is composed of two states.


In other words, if the basic building block of Nature were not a dual torus, then, where would one fall to (i.e., reference point)? The opposites drive movement, which is the oscillating dual torus.


“Then what happens to free will?”


The “flipping” is not an illusion. Causality is an illusion, but Motion in its proper state is not. You need Motion in order to create causality. You may choose between the rabbit or the duck. I will go for the rabbit myself.




Why is there Motion/existence?


Answer: Because Nature is a spineless animal (i.e., a system).


  1. There is no structure/dam at the beginning of time, for who would build it?
  2. We have no structure that can birth the universe. And, the opposite must also be true:
  3. We have no structure that can stop (kill) the universe from existing.
  4. There is no need for the universe to support itself on any structure.
  5. The universe can exist.



And the process which brought the universe into being we have talked about earlier; see: Solving the Riddle of Time: How the Big Bang banged!



Philosophers claim: From nothing, nothing comes. This is true if nothing = nonexistence. Our nothingness = existence, that is, fast spin. This fast spin spins so fast that we get no external projection of space-time, hence we have no externally projected thing, no white, no black. Just imagine it. It is nothingness! I imagine that nonexistence would = a paradox. I imagine that our nothingness here is truly real nothingness. It is just that philosophers think that words are more powerful than the real thing.





We all know this poem:




Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, 

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall; 

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men 

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.


By the spirit of this poem, we see how impossible it is to create free energy. We cannot put “Humpty Dumpty” (i.e., reverse the entropy) back together again and make free energy. My whole idea is that: No. We cannot! The King’s horses certainly cannot! The King’s men cannot. However, the real King of space and time can! Nothingness can. Physicists know only space-time, they have not considered the real prospect of a real nothingness with real properties (except Krauss), thus, for them, free energy is impossible. That is, physicists know only horses and men. And neither are up for the task.


In other words, we do not shrink the room (above), as that would require near infinite amounts of energy! The Holy Grail (i.e., the cuboctahedron) shrinks the room for us.








Free energy, short version:




The second law of thermodynamics states that all things must die. However, if you really mull on that, then you will reach the conclusion that even Eternity itself ... must die. So why hasn’t it? I mean, here we are. Why could not there have been generated a universe “before” our universe was even born? If Nature could die, why couldn’t the story have ended with our universe that was “before?” There is no “before” if time starts in the Big Bang, but there is still the question of luck. If Eternity/Nature will die in our future, how are we so lucky (or unlucky!) to be born into the universe of all possible universes that will end it all in a cold death or whatever? It must be that Nature knows resurrection. If you accept such reasoning, then we can continue. If Nature resurrects, then it would make sense that it is Nature as a whole that resurrects, which would, by my definition, be free energy, but free energy that is unavailable for us because we are a part of the whole. Therefore, if the whole resurrects, we will be one with the process, but we want the process in our car so that we can drive our car forever; we do not want to be a part of the process in this respect. Therefore, the solution to free energy is the fractal universe, that is, we can have the whole and stick it in our car because the whole can be a fractal. Free energy is simply the ability to drive your car forever with this resurrection-machine planted firmly under the hood of your car (or spacecraft or whatever). Basically, having a universe in your car! You can then drive your car forever without fuel because you have this universe which supplies fuel instead. The device is really the beginning of time as the beginning of time is the obvious place for the seat of resurrection. This is not your ordinary device! This is my free energy idea, anyway.


Have you tried to place the beginning of time (i.e., the dual torus) inside your car? I reckon that you have not.


If you do and it won’t work, then you can label free energy as a class X impossibility for all I care.



















Mini-big bangs open up for free energy:




Taken from


How does the double torus geometry relate to the tetrahedral structure of the vacuum? Two isotropic vectoral matrixes surrounded by a toroidial field. Each represents a polarity of the Coriolus Effect. As the two come together to form the vectoral equilibrium, the double torus structure is generated. When all of the components are producing equilibrium at the center, the result is singularity. All of creation (maya) emerges from it.


There is a black hole at the center of every galaxy. Galaxies are the result of black holes. Material 'reality' emerges from the black hole, which is prior to the 'material' 'reality' of galaxies. Black holes absorb and radiate.


There is not just one big bang. There is continuous creation at all levels of singularities along the scaling of the universe.




When you reach high entropy, you simply erase it in a Big Crunch or, better yet, in a mini-crunch. This the torus does by default, as we have described. This is what the torus is. Many mini-bangs within our universe is a radically new idea. New mini-bangs would explain dark energy as we would get a growing universe, that is, a living and breathing universe. The torus comes in many sizes due to the fact that the CUBOCTAHEDRON can be scaled, like Russian dolls or the octaves on your piano. We can thus have mini-bangs (i.e., mini black/white holes); and, therefore, we can have one that fits into YOUR car. You can drive forever! Well, as long as you have spare parts.





Last word on Free Energy:




What is energy?


Is the spin of nothingness energy?


My answer:

  • There is no dam in Nature, which leads to Motion.
  • This Motion is the cuboctahedron.
  • The cuboctahedron is all there is, therefore, it will always spin as there exists no thing that can influence it and slow it down. This is Newton’s First Law of Motion. The total sum of the forces that act on the cuboctahedron is precisely zero.
  • That is, when the cuboctahedron divides as it spins (this is one of its properties), it remains itself, just like the Russian dolls. It is just a fractal. The copies are not separate things. The copies are simply the thing itself on a smaller scale. We can manipulate a smaller one to do our bidding.
  • And so, the spin of the cuboctahedron is eternal. As it spins, it (any doll/torus) draws matter/the copies into itself and orders them because of its geometry (as we have described earlier). This gives us free energy. Energy was defined as bbbs that are ready to do mechanical work.
  • No energy is needed to add to the spin in order to make the spin of the cuboctahedron last forever because of Newton’s First Law of Motion. But this is not perpetual Motion as in a perpetual Motion machine, therefore, if you want a machine to last forever, then you need to add, and perpetually so, energy (i.e., clusters of bbbs). Nothingness is not a machine, that is, you do not need to add “clusters” in order to make the spin of nothingness spin. The spin of nothingness simply collects the bbbs that we have used, and so we can use them again. The spin does this for free (hence free energy) because it simply spins and will continue to do so for all eternity. This spin is per definition not energy. The spin is a state. Energy is that which makes devices run. Obviously, we need a cluster of bbbs (“atoms”) to build and run things. Though a single bbb (i.e., nothingness) spins forever without the input of energy, we need synergy to make things work the way we want.
  • In another sense, the spin is what “energy” is as it is ALL Motion! But it all depends on how we want to define things.




With the free energy principle, we will change the world. No more poverty. No more Global Warming. Everything is free. Free food and water. Free clothes. Free cars. Free stuff. Free everything. No more money. In other words, a complete transformation of the human race. The exploration of the universe!


Free energy in principle means free everything. Just mull on it. This is a new paradigm shift and a new turn on the evolutionary road. The Brave New World of the Masons.





“Then what are those?”













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Dette er min egen ide. Jeg fikk den da jeg hadde løst gåten om hvordan alt oppstod. Ikke det at jeg har gjort det, men for min egen del så har jeg gjort det. Alt oppstod fra ingenting som er lysets sanne tilstand. Men det betydde at «tidenes morgen» ikke var i fjern fortid men i nåtiden og vi kan derfor utnytte den til å gjenopplive død energi slik intet må gjøre da den har skapt oss. Setter du denne oppfinnelsen i bilen din, så kan du kjøre bilen din—bokstavelig talt—i all tid uten å fylle på bensin fordi intet kan ikke gå til grunne; så den kan alltid gjenopplive død energi. Det er slik Naturen er udødelig. Så jeg googlet en geometri (fordi lyset har egenskaper) som kunne passe med denne beskrivelsen, og jeg fant torusen. Jeg så med en gang hvordan fri energi var mulig da torusen krymper (puster) naturlig og kan derfor gjenopplive død energi i kjernen sin der intet ligger. Det vil si, torusen fører den døde energien tilbake til intet akkurat som hjertet fører O2-fattig blod ut til lungene, og intet er energiens naturlige tilstand og denne tilstanden er av brukbar energi. At intet er bestående av brukbar energi («frisk luft») er logisk fordi, hvis den ikke var det, ville ikke en skapelse fra intet vært mulig. Jeg visste at torusen måtte være De Vises Stein av samme grunn. Det vil si, De Vises Stein gir deg udødelighet. Men alt dette blir bare rot fordi, hvis det skal være sant, så må vi ha blitt besøkt av romvesener av den simple grunn at forfedrene våre ikke hadde fri energi, men de hadde gåten om De Vises Stein. Så hvis De Vises Stein er torusen (i.e., the cuboctahedron) og torusen gir deg fri energi, så ser jeg bare romvesener som en naturlig forklaring. Fri energi kan også forklare hvordan de tok seg hit. Med fri energi så kan du reise fra galakse til galakse på noen få sekunder fordi fri energi er så kraftig at den krymper rom-tiden så mye du vil. Vårt største geni som noen gang har levd, Sir Isaac Newton, brukte all fritiden sin på å finne De Vises Stein. Hvorfor det? Hvorfor bruker du all fritiden din på De Vises Stein hvis du ikke vet fra før at det er noe spesielt med «steinen?» Jeg har med gåten om steinen i boka.





















My four Convergent Ideas:




  1. The light’s point of view as nothingness. Someone will always discover this secret while mulling the universe that is relativity.


  1. Words fail (Fragmentation). Someone will always discover this secret while mulling the existence of the world. They will discover that the world does not exist because language can form sentences that are absurd. The “big fish” ate the “small fish,” and then the “small fish” ate the “big fish.” The absurd cannot be observed, therefore, the world cannot be observed. The world is a composition of language. The result being that there is no empirical world, nor any world of some sort. Consequently, then, the experiments of science will be limited to their blackboard. We never left the cave walls of our ancestors. The experiments conducted outdoors (in Nature) are actually conducted “indoors” as Nature = a composition of language. We are memes. And memes are not in the world. Memes are the world.


  1. The Holy Grail shrinks the room = free energy. Someone will always discover this secret while mulling the second law of thermodynamics. That is, to understand that the second law of thermodynamics means resurrection.


  1. Torus’ core virus = The dark ones’ agenda. Someone will always discover this secret while mulling the final outcome of evolution. The final outcome of evolution is the supercomputer and, what is left is war on that supercomputer. You = the supercomputer in the higher reality. This is a war on YOU!




In fear of my light view idea would be lost, I searched the net and found this quote (below). Someone else has already thought up my idea, and then I knew my idea belonged to convergent evolution. However, Terence McKenna does not get the point that the completion of eternity (viz., time zero) is the beginning of time! So it seems, anyway. Nor does he get the point that the completion of eternity is the beginning of time as well as the end of time. The Alpha = the Omega. In the beginning was nothingness and the Creator (e.g., eternally evolved supercomputer).


“The alternative physics is a physics of light. Light is composed of photons, which have no antiparticle. This means that there is no dualism in the world of light. The conventions of relativity say that time slows down as one approaches the speed of light, but if one tries to imagine the point of view of a thing made of light, one must realize that what is never mentioned is that if one moves at the speed of light there is no time whatsoever. There is an experience of time zero. … The only experience of time that one can have is of a subjective time that is created by one’s own mental processes, but in relationship to the Newtonian universe there is no time whatsoever. One exists in eternity, one has become eternal. The universe is aging at a staggering rate all around one in this situation, but that is perceived as a fact of this universe—the way we perceive Newtonian physics as a fact of this universe. One has transited into the eternal mode. One is then apart from the moving image; one exists in the completion of eternity.”




The Creator has always existed as one does in fact exist in the completion of eternity (I have personally experienced it), and this is how:


  • No dam leads to Motion.
  • Motion leads to nothingness.
  • Nothingness leads to space-time.
  • Space-time leads to evolution.
  • Evolution leads to the supercomputer.
  • The supercomputer is the end of all things.
  • The end = the beginning.
  • Therefore, we are stuck in a big circle going forever.
  • The circle is a torus (dual).
  • The torus is a feedback loop.
  • The feedback loop is consciousness.
  • Therefore, consciousness is seated in the heart of Nature/Reality (the torus).
  • The heart of the torus is the nothingness.
  • Nothingness = the core of the torus that spins really fast. Maybe the eye of the storm is where our consciousness is located, which is to say, maybe our consciousness is not located in the fast spin.
  • Nothingness = timelessness.
  • Timelessness = the beginning of all things.
  • Your true state is timeless.
  • That is, you are the Creator.




In addition, the circle leads to perpetual warring against the Creator (i.e., the supercomputer) as evolution is what evolution is. However, since Motion also = oneness, then the Creator is YOU. This is a war on YOU! You are the Creator.


“They” aim to send a virus to the core and change timelessness. You will wake up in hell. If you believe in supercomputers, you might as well believe in hell. It would not take a brave science-fiction writer to write it! Did you think the NEW WORLD ORDER was about world domination? It is, but the world is not our earth. The world is the whole of Creation.


Read my book for more details: ISBN 978-82-303-3223-8.







If you want to read more, then look up:






Pettersen, T. F. 2016. A supplement to Fairyland - A Prose Poem. ISBN 978-82-303-3288-7. XXs.


Pettersen, T. F. 2016. Free Energy: ABC. ISBN 978-82-690445-3-9. XXs.


Pettersen, T. F. 2016. The Rabbit Hole’s Greenroom. ISBN 978-82-690445-1-5. XXs.


Pettersen, T. F. 2016. Fairyland Poems. ISBN 978-82-690445-0-8. XXs.




Note: Please note that my free energy idea has evolved over time and, in my books, I will contradict myself and so forth. I will state that this is true when I have no clue! And I will misunderstand other people’s rebuttals (like Adrian’s rebuttal) and give answers that will totally misfire. Please understand that these contradictions are not true contradictions, but a sign of evolution.


Free energy is all about geometry. Like in the movie 300 (2006): At the battle of Thermopylae, King Leonidas and his brave men defended majestically against a huge Persian army because the topography of the Hot Gates allowed it. Free energy is similar. The tight center of the torus in the microworld allows dead energy to be resurrected; in the macroworld, this “terrain” is simply not there, and, therefore, our suns die. Or, it is there. But it is at a much larger scale and therefore at a much slower pace. That is, eventually, the universe will resurrect, but it takes time! We cannot wait for it. In the microworld, this resurrection-process happens much quicker because of the tiny scale there. Thus, we need to amplify the small scale.


I believe that we are just a reflection of Nature. I believe that our hearts are just a reflection of Nature, meaning that Nature has a heart, literally. Our heart is based on Nature’s heart. If Nature did not have a heart, we couldn’t either. Nature’s heart is the dual torus. Our heart is a dual torus, albeit a more complicated one. Our heart is weak and will perish. Nature’s heart is strong and will last forever and therefore opens up for the possibility of free energy.


Thus, by now it must be perfectly clear in your mind that we can build a motor that can run forever without adding fuel.


However, if you think that, then you have totally misunderstood my free energy-concept! A motor that stands alone is weak. You need to connect that motor to the very beating heart of Nature. She will provide plenty of fuel.


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The fractal makes the impossible come true.











At the end of the book, I promised you a secret. Here it is, the real ...




Philosopher’s stone:


If you made it this far, then let us unveil the Philosopher’s stone:

This is not some Da Vinci Code crap! This is the real deal! This is what Sir. Isaac Newton spent his free time pursuing. He could never find it. Imagine that! The greatest genius of our time could not crack the code. Or, if he cracked it, he didn’t tell the world.


Leaf 11 (left, bottom): “Through Him who created the Heavens and the Earth I am The Philosopher’s stone, and in my body I carry something the wise seek. If such a charm be extracted from me, it will be a sweet refreshment for you. I am an animal having father and mother, and father and mother were created; and in my body are contained the four elements, and I am before father and mother and I am a poisonous animal.”

—The Secret Teachings of All Ages


Heavens = the triangle

Earth = the square

Father = a tetrahedron-array

Mother = a reversed tetrahedron-array

Earth (+ fire) = the cuboctahedron

Water = the icosahedron

Air = the octahedron

Fire = the tetrahedron

A poisonous animal (i.e., the Phoenix bird) = the cuboctahedron


The Philosopher’s stone = heaven + earth + four elements. In addition, the stone has a father and a mother. The cuboctahedron is composed of triangles (i.e., heaven) and squares (i.e., earth) and, when you fold the cuboctahedron, you get the four elements.


In the ancient mystery traditions, the Father was always represented as a triangle or tetrahedron, thus, it does not take a lot of guesswork to figure out that the Mother is a reversed triangle. See this video for the Father and the Mother:


For the four elements, see:


You can also find the videos on my website:


You will not find a thing which is only composed of triangles and squares and, which, at the same time, carries the four elements within itself and, has a father and a mother! The cuboctahedron is the only thing in existence which matches this description. Or, I dare you to come up with another thing that does!


When the cuboctahedron folds, it folds to the icosahedron, then to the octahedron, and then to the tetrahedron. The order of the elements are: earth, water, air, fire.


And if you do not believe me, then build it!


Poison = fire. A poisonous animal must = the cuboctahedron therefore the cuboctahedron carries the tetrahedron in its belly and the tetrahedron is the ground state, which makes it a poisonous animal. That is, if the icosahedron were the ground state, then the riddle would be something like, “[...] and I am before father and mother and I am a water dragon.”


Does the Philosopher’s stone produce gold?


The principle of free energy is the fundamental principle in Nature. From this process all things are made; even gold. Recreate this principle (i.e., the dual torus) in your garage, and you may become filthy rich!


Yes. The Philosopher’s stone can literally produce gold. So the legends are true.


The Veil of Eternity = the cuboctahedron









Mama and Papa?








Read Revelation with sacred geometry in mind; the “throne in heaven” may be the tetrahedron, for example.


“Four” may be the four elements within the cuboctahedron (see the solution to the Philosopher’s stone).


“Six” may be the hexagram.


“Seven” may be the Seed of Life.


And so on.


Note: Our Bible must be influenced by E.T. if E.T. was here in the distant past.









Unidentified Flying Torus














The Code

Thor Fabian Pettersen




Let me tell you about my gem:

Coming out of the land of Khem(Egypt)-


Let’s go on a Holy Grail quest!

We ride and stride and never rest!

To North and South and East and West!

What riddle does the Lord prefer?

His heaven and earth always were.

Four are the elements within.

And fire is their carnal sin.

Father and Mother met by fate.

The Rabbi knows that it is eight.

Eight are the ones who grow so tall.

Tallest are the trees that must fall.

Tallest of all—What can it be?

Our ancient China holds the key.


Sixty-four flames. Divination,

Will lead you to his creation.

Where they stand aloft, the seven.

Always were, his earth and heaven.

King Arthur and his Round Table,

Tell a true and honest fable.

Excalibur is heaven’s flame.

The stone and the earth are the same.

The Foo Dogs guard it. Hint: The paw.

You see, there is only one law:

Yin and yang. And it goes around.

The core is always falling down.


‘A great circle,’ the Buddha said.

‘A great circle,’ above your head!

The six, six, six. What is it, though?

Please ask the bees. (They ought to know.)

The Philosopher’s stone is here;

And, it makes all time disappear.

And it makes gold, too! And, of course,

Immortal energy its source.

China decoded: Just for you.

The five and one and two are true.

Sixty-four and then eight, these things,

Are Atlantis’ three island rings.

Mother Mary, in her sweet womb,

Carries the Child of starry room.

Now, you have it! The key is chess.

The Holy Grail is nothing less,

Than the belly of nothingness!