A supplement to Free energy A Final Resolution Thor Fabian Pettersen (2017)

Free energy A Final Resolution

My latest work on free energy.

My Vision of Nothingness

Imagine sitting on a beam of light looking back at the universe. What would you see? You would see everything as frozen in time. However, if things were eternally frozen, then there was no time in which things could freeze. Consequently, then, since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we have no thing. Nothingness. But there is more: since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we also have no time in which anything can ever decay. That is, from the light’s point of view, there was always nothingness and ORDER. This (order) opens up for free energy.


You would see everything as frozen in time: This is just a thought experiment. Try to sit on a beam of light in your mind’s eye and tell me what you see. I see a frozen landscape.


However, if things were eternally frozen, then there was no time in which things could freeze: Why is this so? Because the light has always moved at the speed of light, then the light has always seen the same frozen picture.


Consequently, then, since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we have no thing. Nothingness: Because the light has seen the same frozen picture for all eternity, the picture has had no time to change its look. We reason that the picture has had no time whatsoever because it has always been frozen. If this is so, then the picture is indeed black/blank as the things in the picture have had no time to move and hence no trajectory to be frozen in.


From the light’s point of view, there was always nothingness and ORDER: We get order for the same reason that we get nothingness.


From the light’s point of view, there was always nothingness = We came from nothingness therefore the light is the fundamental thing in Nature.




Free energy:

A Final Resolution


Thor Fabian Pettersen (2017)



















Free energy: A Final Resolution (ebok)

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This work is a summary into my philosophizing on the topic of free energy. If you want more details, then look up my previous work. In this work, I will simply start from scratch and work my way to your fresh, new, free energy powered car. By “scratch,” I mean, from the beginning of time. I want true understanding, which can only come from “taking it all in at once” (Poe). Therefore, we need to begin at the beginning itself. I will try to be concise and not use too many words and write in plain English. This work should be as short as possible because I want you to “take it all in” in one breath. 


Q: But why should we bother with free energy?


A: In the short run, we will get free, clean energy, free food, free clothes; free stuff, no more poverty, and no more pollution (which means no more global warming). Money would be a thing of the past. With all that surplus, we would also be able to evolve into a kinder and more loving animal. Thus, it also may mean the end of suffering; or, at least, the end of war. In short, nothing less than the dawn of the cosmic man.


In the long run, we would be able to travel from galaxy to galaxy in the space of a second! as free energy, not only powers your spacecraft forever, it is also the ultimate warp drive, which you will read about in this work.


And after that, free energy may provide a means to live forever, even after the universe dies. That is, the Buddha is a thing of reality. See my earlier work.


Q: Would not free energy be dangerous?


A: To that I reply, no more than our gazillion bombs! If we want to kill ourselves, then we can do that with or without the aid of free energy. However, to the spacefaring community, if “they” are “up there,” then we would become a major threat. Free energy can totally bend space-time, which means we can totally destroy planets.


Q: And you want to put that device in old grandma’s car?


A: Yes.


Q: Have you thought this through?


A: No.










Proposition 1: Nature is a boneless animal. (I.e., the cuboctahedron is the lack of solidity.)


Due to the lack of evolution (structure) in the cosmic dawn (viz., the beginning of time), we can find no “dam” (structure) that can prevent motion from existing. This lack of structure is, by default, the cuboctahedron (the dual torus). The cuboctahedron = Motion. That is what the cuboctahedron is. The cuboctahedron is the lack of solidity. Thus, motion is inherent in nature. Motion always was.


Proposition 2: Motion always was.


If motion ever was, then the universe is eternal. It follows. No. The universe is not eternal because that would imply infinite regress (e.g., “The atom started over here. No. The atom started over there. No.” ad infinitum), which is a paradox. Nature knows no paradox, therefore, the eternal universe cannot be. That is, there is something else besides the universe that resolves the inherent logic in proposition 2; and that something else is also eternal. And that something must necessarily resolve the issue of the infinite regress. The only player we have is Motion. Therefore, Motion must solve the issue of infinite regress.


Proposition 3: Nature knows no paradox.


Proposition 4: The eternal universe cannot be.


Proposition 5: There is something besides the universe.


Proposition 6: Motion must solve the issue of infinite regress.


Motion, which is really the cuboctahedron, solves the issue by spinning. The cuboctahedron spins so fast that, from the point of view of the fastest spin, there is no universe; there is only blackness or nothingness. In other words, the atom(s) started in a state that knows no extension of space-time and therefore the question, “Did the atom start over here?” falls apart as there is no “here” as “here” requires the extension of space-time. Nothingness is therefore space-time that is curled up into this knot of zero propagation. The knot is being held that way by the fast spin. Nothingness is the fastest spin in existence therefore you cannot exceed the zero propagation of space-time. Alternatively, if you did, you would get “more zero,” which is meaningless.


Proposition 7: We came from nothingness.


Proposition 8: Nothingness is the fastest spin in existence.


Q: How did the spin start to spin?


A: It never started. It was always so. Nevertheless, this is not a paradox when viewed from the point of view of nothingness, as there is no spin in that picture. What the picture does contain, however, is something that is extremely hot, and note, forever. It has been hot forever. In addition, this core cannot become cold. That is, it cannot die. Nature has always been animate. That is, nothingness has real eternal properties.


In this sense, we can see how the nothingness/the Motion can just be/exist when it is, in its core, motionless (due to spinning so fast). This state of motionlessness/timelessness has no spatial extension and therefore it has no clocks running for it, so “just existing” is not a paradox for it. However, it is still puzzling why there is existence rather than nonexistence. The key, I believe, is to understand the nature of motionlessness. That is, if you could make motionlessness with no motion at all, then I imagine that nonexistence would apply and we would be one with oblivion forever. However, I believe that true logic and nature will tell us that that is not possible. It is not possible to create motionlessness/nothingness that way. The only way to create motionlessness is with fast motion (as we have seen). And that answers the Big Question: Why is there anything at all? Or, even deeper: Why is there nothingness?


Q: But why can’t you create motionlessness without motion or with no motion?


A: If you tried that I imagine that you would get something akin to Zeno’s paradoxes, that is, a totally bizarre, illogical, fragmented, dead and paradoxical picture. Nature does not believe in paradoxes and therefore existence is.


The philosophers say that nothingness is nothing at all, period. Well, that is absurd because then you are using your will and words to define what nothingness is. Let nature define what nothingness is just like nature defines what speed limit there is.


Proposition 9: Nothingness has properties.


Q: But is this nothingness real nothingness?


A: It is. Imagine if you strip away all space-time, then even the darkness is gone. This picture truly contains no thing. That is what nothingness is. If the philosophers say otherwise, then that is fine too. For them, nothingness is more akin to nonexistence. However, nonexistence cannot be because we have no fairies that can build a dam to contain the cuboctahedron. (Paradoxically, if you wanted to create nonexistence, then I imagine you would need some sort of a structure therefore no structure = the cuboctahedron.)


Proposition 10: If you truly understand the cuboctahedron, then you know how all things began.


The cuboctahedron has spun since eternity. However, a spin requires a net (body) like a whirlpool. And a cosmic whirlpool is exactly what it is. So you see how the space-time is generated from the nothingness because the space-time is simply motion that cannot keep up with the fast pace in the toroidal center. So the universe (we) exists because of a major traffic jam! That should make you feel special! Like in a whirlpool, the center is fast. The edge is slow. This slower pace makes space-time possible. Alternatively, this slower pace is space-time.


Proposition 11: Space-time exists because of a cosmic traffic jam.


If this picture is correct, then we have a big torus (our universe) in which the center is nothingness. This center gives rise to space-time because the motion competes for a place in the toroidal center. The losers get left out. The losers = space-time, which are the wings of the torus. The space-time returns (competes anew) to the center because of the perpetual spin (motion is inherent in nature) of the nothingness. Then we repeat the cycle for eternity. Therefore, we get a universe that is born, then dies, and then is reborn forever. Nature likes to be nothing. The universe is the big loser!


Q: Why does the motion compete for a place in the toroidal center?


A: Because the body that is Motion continues to move at a constant velocity unless acted upon.


Q: Why does it do that?


A: Imagine if nothingness has spun forever (no dam) and there is no one else. Then, we have nothing or no one else to change the picture with. Therefore, the picture remains as it is. This is the key to free energy.


The body that is Motion continues to move at a constant velocity unless acted upon. This is Newton’s first law of motion. However, there is nothing besides the nothingness/the body of motion, so it spins at a constant velocity all the time and no atom or force in the universe can change that fact as we have just explained. This is also important to keep in mind.


Thus, I believe that the slower moving parts of the body of motion are not actually moving slower, they are like a man on a treadmill: running really fast but not actually going somewhere. Once the traffic jam clears, the slower moving parts pick up speed again; that is, the man gets off the treadmill and keeps on running.


Remember: The constant velocity is so fast that we get nothingness. Therefore, in this new picture of the cosmos, the nothingness is the greatest force there is. I believe it is the source of gravity. Alternatively, the nothingness is gravity.


Proposition 12: Nothingness spins at a constant velocity for all time. (From the point of view of nothingness, all time is now, which is the knot, and it is hot.)


Proposition 13: Nothingness is a force.


The force of nothingness accomplishes free energy.


Q: But how exactly?


A: This is a new picture of the cosmos where the big bang is not a bang at all! The universe expands due to evolutionary mechanisms. In other words, the universe grows (I believe that this is dark energy). This is the whirlpool of nothingness making babies or copies of itself like the whirlpools in our oceans. That is, nature will tell you everything. In other words, the cuboctahedron (the torus) can be scaled. This is why the universe grows, like a baby in a womb. That is, evolution did not start at some odd planet in some odd galaxy billions of years ago. No. Evolution is older. Evolution stems from the beginning of time itself (which makes much more sense).


The Big Bang and the Big Crunch in this work shall refer to the torus-flow flowing out of the torus’ center; this is the big bang. The big crunch is when the torus-flow flows into the center again. Thus, the big bang and the big crunch have nothing to do with the expansion of the universe. Thus, new mini-bangs added to our universe would not rip open our universe and destroy it.


If you pay close attention, then you will also realize that the beginning of time is not far away in some remote past. The beginning of time is with us in the present. And so we can utilize it. The beginning of time is when the torus-flow flows out of the toroidal center. Therefore, there are trillions of beginnings of time as every atom may be a torus. However, our universe also has a beginning that was located far away in the past as our universe is a torus too. Our universe is the torus that contains all the other tori. You will also note that nothingness may birth new atoms that will arrive in our universe after the initial Big Bang. However, this does not mean that our universe is eternal because our universe is a torus and must therefore return to the state of nothingness, that is, the toroidal center; this is the end of time. Thus, there are many endings too.


Proposition 14: The Big Bang is not a bang.


Proposition 15: The “bang” did occur, but the “bang” is dark energy.


Proposition 16: Dark energy = the fact that the cuboctahedron can make copies of itself; then the copies make copies and we get the exponential function that we call a “bang.”


Proposition 17: Dark energy = evolution. This is what evolution is.


Proposition 18: The beginning of time is with us in the present.


Proposition 19: There are many beginnings of time.


Proposition 20: New atoms will arrive in our universe after the initial Big Bang.


So now we have a nothingness that spins forever. Free energy is simply this:


Imagine you place a torus that is the right size into your car. The cuboctahedron (the torus) can be scaled like the octaves on your piano, so the torus comes in all sizes.


Further, imagine that, in order to propel your car, your car ejects, essentially, atoms. These atoms are now the tori. Your car ejects toruses in order to propel forward. These toruses then get blasted into the environment and then picked up by larger tori in the environment and finally our toruses (our fuel) get sucked into the black heart of nothingness from whence they literally came ... once upon a time.  


The tori must take this path because the force of nothingness sucks all things into itself, that is, all motion competes for a place in the toroidal center. This competition is what nature is all about. Nature’s will to nothingness. The by-products of this competition are space-time (the slower parts of the cosmic whirlpool) and dark energy/evolution (the cosmic whirlpool that makes babies or copies of itself).


A grip on reality here. What am I saying? I am saying that in order for the toruses to return to the nothingness, then we need to bend space-time completely. Initially, this would cost you all the energy storages in the universe if it were not for our new picture of the cosmos where the force of nothingness with its perpetual spin does this for us for free. Hence, free energy.


The beginning of time is eternal order/hotness. So our dead (cold) toruses will get revived again (become hot) in the toroidal center. There they are once more spewed out due to the eternal traffic jam. They can then continue to propel our car. Since, and this is the most ingenious thing in the universe, this is so ingenious! the center of any torus is the very center of the nothingness, then our torus in our car may eject from its center the toruses it once used to propel forward. It does not need to use the exact same tori, of course. It just demonstrates how free energy is possible by the eternal ingenious recycling that the universe actually is.


Therefore, the tori you ejected will find their way back to your car, and they will be revitalized, and all for free. So you can use your fuel anew. That is some superfuel!


Therefore, free energy is not about creating energy. Free energy is not about having this infinite source. Free energy has nothing to do with illogical perpetual motion machines (it is sad that I even have to write that down). Free energy is about recycling, reviving the dead and let the heart of nature (the nothingness/cuboctahedron) do the work.


Proposition 21: The torus comes in all sizes.


Proposition 22: Nothingness bends space-time at no cost therefore the body that is Motion (nothingness) continues to move at a constant velocity unless acted upon. Therefore, the force that bends space-time is active all the time and it does not consume energy no more than it costs to move at a constant velocity unless acted upon.


Proposition 23: The center of any torus is the very center of the nothingness. This must be so unless we can envision more than 1 nothingness. That there is only one center in the universe might also explain some quantum phenomenon like David Bohm theorized about. He said something like, “There is only one fish.” (i.e., atom). Well, there might be many fishes (atoms) but only one center, which amounts to the same.


Proposition 24: Free energy is about recycling and reviving.


My definition of free energy:

The ability to drive your car forever without adding an external source of energy.


In this work, the nothingness supplies your car with fuel. I would call this an internal source of energy.


If these propositions are reasonable, then you may see how free energy is plausible.


Also note that the cuboctahedron is actually a dual torus, thus, the secret of free energy might require two toruses.


Proposition 25: If not free energy is true, then the recycling universe would die therefore the creation of energy is impossible.


Proposition 26: We are not special in any way, and therefore we do not live in the first of all universes that eternity has spawned. Hence, we live in a recycling universe.


Proposition 27: The second law of thermodynamics would effectively kill a recycling universe that cannot make new energy. The energy that is there is final and the second law of thermodynamics would kill it. Therefore, the only way we are here is because resurrection/free energy is real. This is how nature is immortal.


A note to proposition 27: The energy is final, and the only way to continue using it, is to revive it. But the problem is, we do not have the energy to revive it! So another force must be operating, which I believe is the black heart of nothingness itself. In addition, this heart will never die as it continues to move at a constant velocity unless acted upon. Moreover, no one or no thing can ever act upon it. Space-time cannot act upon it therefore space-time is a part of it. Thus, the nothingness will remain a nothingness. In other words, the nothingness is immortal. The nothingness did not become space-time. Only a part of the nothingness became and is constantly becoming space-time; at which point the space-time is on its way to become nothingness again. The nothingness is with us right now. It does not lie “outside” the universe. It does not lie “beyond” the universe. In addition, it is not detached from the universe no more than the center of a whirlpool is detached from the other parts of the whirlpool. Therefore, the nothingness is within our universe, in the center of all atoms and black holes.


Proposition 28: The cuboctahedron is immortality in the flesh.


Proposition 29: The nothingness is within our universe.


Proposition 30: Energy is final and it is = to the zero propagation of space-time.


Proposition 31: We cannot change the picture, thus the nothingness is immortal. (Imagine if nothingness has spun forever and there is no one else. Then, we have nothing or no one else to change the picture with. So the picture remains as it is.)


Proposition 32: The nothingness is within our universe.


Proposition 42: Free energy is real.






Q: And you want to put that device in old grandma’s car?


A: Yes.


Q: Have you thought this through?


A: No. I have not thought this through because, honestly, I do not know what I am actually dealing with here, which makes it hard to “think through.” I leave that to Nick Bostrom as he is an expert in the field of existential risks. However, I believe that we can have free energy that is no more dangerous than, say, having a battery that never dies (in the sense that the battery is resurrected each time it dies). But how dangerous is that?













For the abstruse reader:


  • I believe that the octave (e.g., from c to c) is actually a cuboctahedron if you include the black keys and exclude the last c. You get 12 notes which may correspond to the 12 converging lines that make up the cuboctahedron. But this is only a wild guess. (Music is my hobby so I can but notice.)


  • The heart of nature (the cuboctahedron) actually looks a bit like a real heart. Maybe our heart is a copy of it? You know, nature copies what is.


  • Do you want more esoteric stuff: Zorabia.com








A supplement to Free energy:

A Final Resolution


Thor Fabian Pettersen (2017)
















A supplement to Free energy:

A Final Resolution. Ebok.

© Thor Fabian Pettersen (2017)

Layout: Thor Fabian Pettersen

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Some additional things not mentioned in the work directly, but nevertheless are there indirectly.


Free energy does not violate the laws of Nature, or the reason of men.

The heart of nothingness, like a magnet, contains zero energy because the nothingness is a force. The heart does not have an energy output bigger than zero. In fact, ALL is zero. Nothingness is zero. The universe is zero in the last instance. There is no such thing as overunity in that sense. In addition, you can only get out what you put in (and vice versa). This is common sense. One cake went into the oven, and two cakes came out. That is not what happens.


In fusion, this can happen, but that is because the oven already contains many cakes.

In the heart/core of darkness/nothingness: Nature puts in dead energy and Nature can get out that same energy, only now the heart/core has revitalized that dead energy. We spend/kill it again. 

Energy cannot be created. The nothingness simply transforms (at no cost as I have explained) the dead energy into living, available energy.

Thus, free energy was never about gaining new energy from some wood fairies.






An astronaut floating in space is not floating in space. He is falling. They way the astronaut falls is by virtue of speed.


I believe that speed and gravity are the same thing because Motion (i.e., the cuboctahedron) is all there is in my hypothesis.


On earth, you stand under a cosmic waterfall that is the force of nothingness. It is pulling you down like a waterfall. However, the ground stops you from going with the waterfall and you feel the pressure. This pressure you feel as gravity. That is, gravity is speed. If you were to go with the waterfall and have the same speed and no ground to stop you, then you would not feel the pressure and therefore be weightless as weight = the pressure. How can you feel weightlessness if not speed and gravity are the same thing?


The force of nothingness is perpetual motion, and literally so, it is motion that never stops moving; but it has nothing to do with perpetual motion machines. A perpetual motion machine has nothing to do with perpetual motion per se. A perpetual motion machine produces work without the input of energy, which is madness. That is like saying, “I’m going to cook a delicious meal without adding any ingredients.” If you get something tastier than air, let me know. The force of nothingness does not produce work at all. The force of nothingness clumps together the dead energy making it come alive again. Then the energy can once more produce work. Two different realities, in other words.


When the universe dies, one can envision the nothingness bringing it together again. So free energy works on the universe as a whole, which is too bad for us. Therefore, for free energy to work, we need the force of nothingness to resurrect individual atoms while the universe is still operating. However, this would amount to asymmetry, and we can’t have that because Nature is supposed to be symmetrical. The solution is that it looks like asymmetry, but it is not so because every atom/torus is a mini-universe, which can be seen if all atoms/tori (including the universe) is an expression of the cuboctahedron. Thus, when the nothingness acts on a single atom, the nothingness acts as if it was acting on the universe as a whole.


Therefore, the force of nothingness can operate on individual toruses without it being asymmetry. Moreover, we accomplish true free energy.




My greatest idea ever:


If a clump of atoms sits in one corner of the room and then spreads out due to chance, then all we need to do in order to get our atoms in the starting position, is to shrink the room; which the Train to Nowhere does (below).


This shrunken room (i.e., the state of nothingness) is the way the light views reality. In other words, my greatest idea is literally nothing! That is, the shrunken room is always there due to the First Law of Motion. Therefore the shrunken room is always there, it can perpetually fuel existence with available energy because the room is so tight that the dead/unavailable energy that falls into it becomes ordered again. In other words, the beginning of time is an ordered state. We can employ that state to drive our cars and spacecraft forever.


In other words, we do not need an “Organizer.” We only need for the torus to contract (naturally/by the force of nothingness) in order to solve the mystery of the “ordered beginning.”




The Train to Nowhere:


Let us imagine two trains; and let’s call them Train A and Train B. Let Train A locomote as fast as you can imagine. Let Train B locomote at half the velocity. Now, imagine Train A again, but this time, double its speed, and keep doubling until, Train A, from its perspective, looks back at Train B and ... what does Train A see? Train A sees Train B as frozen in time. That is, Train A sees Train B as not moving at all.


But Train B is moving. Or is it?


If Train A covers the distance twice as fast as before, then Train A must see Train B as moving twice as slow as before, therefore, now, Train B has covered half the ground as before. If you keep doubling, then Train A will eventually move so fast relative to Train B that Train B is unable to cover any ground by the time Train A has covered its ground and continually so. You can represent this as a scale that grows and grows in which the distance traveled by Train B gets smaller and smaller until the only meaningful distance traversed by Train B is marked as a dot; or not at all.




Here comes the Key to Understanding:


Let Train A always move that fast. Let Train A have moved that fast since eternity. In this new picture, Train A does not see everything as frozen, rather, and this is the most crucial point of all time: Train A sees nothing at all. How come? Because, from Train A’s point of view, if everything were eternally frozen, then that means that nothing has ever moved, and, if nothing has ever moved, then we cannot have space or “eternally frozen” either. Without space, we have no history/trajectory. Without history, we cannot have frozen things. Thus, from Train A’s point of view, there is only nothingness. That is, from Train A’s point of view, there is no visible space-time. From Train A’s point of view, we can say that we have absolute space-time, that is, space-time that does not follow the ordinances of relativity. That is, if you are small, then someone else must be big. This is relativity. However, if you move so fast that you are completely alone, then you are neither fast nor slow because you have no one to compare yourself with. You are something else. You may be both.


In other words, we take, say, the atom, then we give it to the Thor with the Hammer, and then the thunder god hurls the atom with all the might in the universe. Imagine the atom as it travels faster and faster in space-time, eventually, by the power of Thor, the atom will travel so fast that it ... disappears. Everything arose from nothingness, is my answer. Nothingness is an eternal force that is so fierce, fast and strong that it bends space-time into a knot that has, literally, no extension or propagation—the zeroth dimension.


To solve the paradox of Motion, Nature has found the ultimate solution: speed—that is why she employs the cuboctahedron as it is built for ultimate speed. To solve the paradox of Motion, Nature has found the ultimate solution of spinning so fast that we have no movement or nothingness at the beginning of, well, everything. This intense form of motion must always be there. It has not been created and, it cannot perish.


My hypothesis is: Nature employs the cuboctahedron as it is built for ultimate speed.

Google Richard Buckminster Fuller if you want to know why/how the cuboctahedron is built for speed.




Some clarifications:


Force = the spinning dual torus that make up the body of nothingness. This body spins forever, thus, the force is everlasting due to Newton’s First Law of Motion.


Energy = is when the tori come together into clusters like the sun by virtue of the cosmic traffic jam. When these clusters are spread out due to the second law of thermodynamics, they will not be able to work together because of the distance between them; we thus say they are dead. When they are clustered together, they are alive, ready to do mechanical work. In other words, energy = synergy.


If you need four men to lift a car, then they can do it. However, if one is in China and the other one is in Peru, then you will see what I mean.


The only reason energy dies is because of dimensionality, which is caused, I believe, by the dark energy and the cosmic traffic jam.


Dark energy = the fact that the cuboctahedron can make copies of itself; then the copies make copies and we get the exponential function that we call a “bang.” We thus get an accelerating universe as the copies of the copies make new copies and so on.


If you have a can containing, say, particles, and then you open the can and let the particles fly out, then what is the probability that our particles will fly back into the can? I imagine close to zero and next to impossible. That is, energy is always dying. This is the second law of thermodynamics. That is, the clusters are always on their way to annihilation. However, this is only a fact if we have room or dimensionality. In the toroidal core, there is no room and therefore no death. The beginning of time is always ordered. So, if our dead energy were to find its way to the core of nothingness, then they would be revived/ordered again due to the lack of dimensionality in the core (in actuality, the spin of nothingness will revive them); and, due to the traffic jam, the reborn can once more cluster. Such is Nature immortal and such is free, or, more to the point, immortal energy made. Immortal, not because the energy does not die, but because the force of nothingness revives it again; a force that itself cannot die and is everlasting.


This force is the true Unmoved Mover. That is, nothingness spins so fast that it does not move, yet, due to the cosmic traffic jam, the force births space ... and time. Nothingness itself, knows no time.


The Force is = to zero energy.


The energy that is, will dissipate and become zero over time, that is, the clusters will dissipate.


Then the force can birth new (in actuality: old) energy by reviving the dissipated clusters as explained in the main work.


In other words, the whole picture is = to zero.






Q: The ejected fuel/toruses from your car, which are sucked into the larger tori in the environment, will they not affect the core of nothingness and slow it down over time, thus rendering your theory useless?


A: No. The toroidal core is the fastest thing in existence. Say that book A is the toroidal core. Say that the universe is book B. Say that book A is a million times heavier (in actuality: faster) than book B. Place book A and B on a scale. How can book B tip the scale over and thus affect book A? If the toroidal core was measured to be much more powerful, then we can make a case for free energy.


How can a bit of foam (the universe) rally the ocean (the nothingness)?


Q: But the toroidal core, which would be equal to gravity, is measured to be exactly zero.


Matter, positive - gravity, negative = zero


“[...] For example, you have to add energy to the earth in order to tear it away from the sun. One separated far from the solar system, the earth then has zero gravitational energy. But this means that the original solar system had negative energy. If you do the math, you find out that the sum total of matter in the universe can cancel against the sum total of negative gravitational energy, yielding a universe with zero (or close to zero) net matter/energy. So, in some sense, universes are for free. It does not take net matter and energy to create entire universes. In this way, in the bubble bath, bubbles can collide, create baby bubbles, or simply pop into existence from nothing.”

—Michio Kaku


A: Ok. I think I’ve got this one! If you use 100% energy to get the planet out and the planet now has 0%, then the gravity had to be minus 100% to add up to the 0% of the planet. – 100 + 100 = zero


Nevertheless, how can it pop from zero? The knowhow is missing, as Neil deGrasse Tyson noted. This plays right in the pockets of William Lane Craig! God knows how! Only God can set such a universe going. And Craig has a whole, complicated and awesome philosophy just for that. I have read his philosophy, and you know what, I agree 100%. If that is the picture, then I agree with Craig. However, I do not believe that it is The Picture because I am an atheist. In other words, the physicists are missing something big!


Take a coffee cup sitting on a table. I lift the cup up and spend energy doing it. If my arm contained all the energy in the universe and the gravity forcing my coffee cup down = all the gravity there is, then we also get the state of 0, that is, our coffee cup once more “floats” in space by the virtue of my never-tiring arm. 


But how can this state birth a universe?


I can easily let go of the cup to create a universe, but Nature is not an agent that can do that, lest we envision a Creator. I also envisioned a nothingness that spun so fast that it generated timelessness, thus, if God were to tap a little on the brakes, then the curled up space-time would be visible and we would experience a Big Bang. However, there is no agent that can do this, so I needed to come up with something ingenious: Nothingness spins for all time and generates timelessness and that is it. There is no other process. Nature has a will to nothingness and there is nothing besides. One force. That is it for all time. So whence came the universe? That is the traffic jam, which is a byproduct of timelessness/nothingness-generation. No supernatural creator. We only need to envision a nothingness that is constipated, as I am right now writing this.




The Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner:


The four forces of Nature, which are strong, weak, electro; and gravitation, are all, by unification, a force of attraction, or a single force; that is to say, you don’t need a negative pressure for the expansion of the universe: a force of attraction “outside” the universe would suffice. A black hole placed on the periphery of the universe may explain dark energy. This would allow for an increasing (evolutionary) expansion; the more matter that is sucked into this all-embracing black hole, the easier it will become for this force to suck in more (because there is less matter to suck in). This black hole is not really outside the universe either--it rests on the periphery. If this is so, it would prove difficult to talk about what is outside this black hole, and hence, we will get the answer to the question, “What is outside the universe?” In short: For attraction and repulsion you don’t need two different forces; you just need to place the one you’ve got into the right spot.


This is just a thought experiment, and I do not believe in it. But it nevertheless proves a point. We don’t need two agents. We can make do with one.


In other words: It is better that we have one player to explain the origin of the cosmos than two.


1 player: The force of nothingness.

2 players: Energy – gravity.


If we have only one, then we do not have any enemies, which makes it a lot easier.


It makes much more sense to have only one. The beauty of philosophy and poetry speaks of having only one.


Nevertheless, physicists hate philosophy and poetry!


It is easy to get zero from 100 – 100, but it is impossible to get the 100 – 100 from the zero.


To illustrate: It is easy to get a baby from a father and a mother. It is harder to get a father and a mother from a baby. You need at least one more baby and some patience.


In other words, I do not understand the modern picture of creation. Then again, I am not a physicist. Thus, I might have misconstrued their picture of creation. That is quite possible.


However, I believe that our dear and brave physicists are missing the fundament of all fundaments! And that is that zero is = to fast spin/nothingness.


Fast spin can birth the universe.


You can only achieve 0 with balance, like a gyroscope. What does that mean? It means that, although Nature reaches zero (i.e., nothingness), she does at the same time not! The zero is accomplished by the fluctuations in “empty space,” that is, the zero is accomplished by the cuboctahedron spinning in and out of phase/equilibrium (our zero). This spinning in and out = a torus (dual). Thus, there is never just zero. Nature is a system; therefore, there is never just zero. Nevertheless, there is zero also. And there is fast spin. Both obtain therefore Nature is a system.


That is, if zero is = to our gyroscope not tipping over, then this can only be accomplished with speed. We thus get space-time as a byproduct as the cuboctahedron spins in and out of phase in order to generate the phase. Space-time is “out of phase.” Nothingness is “in phase.” You can imagine a yoyo. When the yoyo is wound back it is in phase, and when the yoyo is, say, out walking the dog, it is out of phase. And since motion is inherent in Nature, then Nature must get out of phase before she can get in phase anew. That is, she wants to be in phase, but since she is on the move, she must get out of phase in order to continually get in phase. If she could just stay in phase, we would not be here as the universe would never have been born. So Nature is like an eternal heart. Maybe that is because our heart is based on the dual torus. So Nature is literally a heart.






Q: When things are clustered due to the traffic jam, then energy is created.


A: No. The energy is not “created.” Clustered or not, the energy is there. The only difference is if it is dead or alive.


The reason why nothing can be created is simple: Nothingness is all there is for all time. Nothingness is like an ocean, a bit of foam (the universe) can rise in it, but the ocean will never grow larger by some magic of wood elves. Then how much water is in the ocean of nothingness? The water = to the zero propagation of space-time. That is, the spin of the cuboctahedron determines how much there can ever be. The spin is final, which means that everything else is too. It is just common sense.









We are the froth of nothing(ness)!




































A personal and angry note:


The most flawed criticism on my free energy thinking I ever got was something like: If you actually went to study physics, you would see how silly you are with your free energy.


Ok. Here is a man, much smarter than I am, and probably much smarter than the person giving me my criticism. His name is Robert W. Koontz (google him: http://www.doctorkoontz.com/), and he is a real experimental nuclear physicist who believes in the reality of free energy. He studied physics for many years, and he was not persuaded by the notion that free energy is silly and not worth one’s time.


Not worth it? Free energy can heal the planet beyond reckoning! It changes everything! Yet, we do not spend one dollar pursuing it! That is MADNESS!


You could at least spend a little, tiny dollar when 20 000 children are dying each and every day. Free energy would solve that problem in seconds!


On the web, free energy is criticized mainly by stupidity in my humble opinion. I will give you the commonest example:


Free energy = a perpetual motion machine. Perpetual motion machines are impossible; therefore, free energy is impossible.


Yes. A perpetual motion machine is stupid. But to say that free energy = a perpetual motion machine is so stupid that one can begin to cry!


I am not a physicist. I am a hobby philosopher. You know, I am a true philosopher and not this “I was not born as a philosopher, but I took this PhD and now I am a philosopher.” That is not a philosopher! School cannot transform you into a philosopher. You are born as a philosopher. I have spent my entire life thinking about the question, “How did it all begin?” I have been obsessed with the question to the brink of madness. When I jumped in, I saw free energy. So I was not interested in free energy to start with, that is, I was asleep like the rest of the world.


(Good thing they got the fusion thing going on or else I would become a suicide bomber!)


Nature is immortal. But there is a question there: How? How is Nature immortal? Free energy seems to be the only viable option. Thus, free energy answers a big philosophical question: Why are we still here after all these aeons of time? However, I do not have a PhD, which makes me a nobody in the world of academia. That is why I dedicate this work to the true god, Dionysus. I will rather sell my soul to the mad god than suck up to the latter. Let them bow down to Apollo while sucking up. I don’t care. In my eyes, they will never find the beginning of time, nor the true Philosopher’s stone, because they are too busy getting their PhDs. I am an autodidact and proud of it.


“I was not born as a physicist, but I took this PhD and now I am a physicist.” That might work for physicists, but it does not work for philosophers because philosophy is something of the heart and not the brain. As if it was Robert Frost’s education that made him into a great poet. Nonsense!


And I am a true philosopher because my philosophy is the philosophy of the philosopher’s stone. A PhD addict cannot say that. So let me give you the stone: The philosopher’s stone is the cuboctahedron. I figured that one out when I decoded the secrets of the alchemists.


This is what Sir. Isaac Newton spent his free time pursuing. He could never find it. Imagine that! The greatest genius of our time could not crack the code. Or, if he cracked it, he didn’t tell the world. To be fair, I had infinite more power in my hands (viz., the internet).


My solution:


  • Heaven (fire) = the triangle. Earth = the square
  • Father and Mother = opposite-sitting tetrahedron-arrays like in the flag of the Mother, the Father and the Child; Is(is) + ra + el.
  • Earth (+ fire) = the cuboctahedron
  • Water = the icosahedron
  • Air = the octahedron
  • Fire = the tetrahedron (e.g., the throne of God)


Leaf 11 (left, bottom): “Through Him who created the Heavens and the Earth I am The Philosopher’s stone, and in my body I carry something the wise seek. If such a charm be extracted from me, it will be a sweet refreshment for you. I am an animal having father and mother, and father and mother were created; and in my body are contained the four elements, and I am before father and mother and I am a poisonous animal.”

—The Secret Teachings of All Ages


The Philosopher’s stone = heaven + earth + four elements. In addition, the stone has a father and a mother, that is, you will find the cuboctahedron within a stack of tetrahedron-arrays (e.g., the 64 tetrahedron array; see the I Ching). The cuboctahedron is composed of triangles (heaven) and squares (earth) and, when you fold the cuboctahedron, you get the four elements.


And note that it is impossible to find another solution than the cuboctahedron for the simple reason that you will not find anything in the universe which consists only of squares and triangles while simultaneously carries the four elements within itself. The cuboctahedron sits on a throne/triangle (I am before father and mother) and it is a poisonous animal when you fold it down, poison meaning fire. You get the throne of God when you fold the cuboctahedron completely.


Jesus Christ is the Philosopher’s stone. Jesus Christ is the center point in the cuboctahedron where the 12 converging lines that make up the cuboctahedron meet. The 12 are of course the 12 disciples.


The flag of Israel also contains the secret. Hell, when you know the secret, you will spot it in Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology, you will spot it in the Kabbalah; the I Ching, the flag of South Korea, in the symbology of the Masons; that is, this secret is everywhere. My personal guess is that this secret is so big and so important that it has been replicated ad infinitum in order to preserve it for the future. What does the Philosopher’s stone even mean? It means that we have been visited therefore the Philosopher’s stone is the ultimate technology in the universe. Our forebears were smart, but they didn’t have the ultimate technology in the universe, hence, E.T. is the safest bet. So now you know how Moses split the Red Sea (I am just kidding, I think?).


When you fold the cuboctahedron you get spin, so now you know the origin of spin. I believe it is a dual torus as you can fold it clockwise and anticlockwise.


Thus, free energy has to do with the dual torus. Eternity/nothingness = the dual torus. Muspelheim and Niflheim. And the Philosopher’s stone does look like a stone. Fitting name.