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- A Prose Poem







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- A Prose Poem













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To my son: The Future is Yours!





Utilizing the Infinity Symbol

in order to explain free energy:






If you imagine that water ever flows in this symbol, and must ever flow, then you can see the following: the water must return to the intersection. It has no choice! The geometry demands that the water flows back to the intersection every time the water flows out of the intersection. My idea is that: Energy unavailable for mechanical work is ordered in the intersection. Thus we get free, eternal energy. We get Jesus raising the dead. Thus, free energy is all about form, geometry. And note that the torus is exactly like this symbol.


—THIS is the REAL Holy Grail! No Da Vinci Code crap! Not kidding! Don’t believe me? You shall find the REAL Holy Grail on the South Korean flag. Dual torus!








I was wondering if you had the time to read this book and tell me what you think of «my greatest idea ever?» I am an atheist and a skeptic. I thought, like the rest of you guys, that free energy is bullshit (so I know where you come from). Then I had an epiphany! the classical Eureka moment. And I promise you that you will not find anything like it on the web, that is, I do not believe many people have thought of this. Tell me what you think. Thank you J


I will also give a special thanks to Vidar Bakken for helping me delivering «my baby» into the world.


Kind regards,

Thor Fabian Pettersen









This book is like the monster Frankenstein, that is, it is composed of various texts which I have written over the years. So you will experience many repetitions throughout. Learning is repetition, so I leave it as it is.


This work is hurriedly put together. I will rewrite and make a prettier book in the future; but for now, I just want the book out there (personal reasons). This book may contain flaws and speling errors and so on.


And I realize that this book is that of being also, yet, I use the word «world» to its fullest potential. Sometimes we must devolve in order to evolve.


I got to see the beginning of time. That is all I wanted.


But ...


Why give it out?


Nobody reads it. or

The Illuminati stops it. or

It gets a crackpot label and nobody wants it. or

WW3 commences and this book just ... or

The robots rise. or

It gets lost in the sea of books. or


To that I say: I must try.







FOR me, the journey of free energy started when I was very young. I played a game with my brother. It was a game we invented. In that game, I protected a stone. I was always interested in philosophy, even as a child. So, later, when I heard of something called the Philosopher’s stone, I was instantly hooked! I have searched for the stone all my life. However, at the time, I didn’t know that I was looking for free energy. You see, my entire life I have been obsessed with one question, «How did it all begin?» I am now 31, and I think I’ve got it. I found the stone! This book is a summary of what I have discovered thus far. And, how did it all begin? What is the Philosopher’s stone? What is my greatest idea ever? Read my book and find out!


Obviously, my picture will differ from the scientific world (from the outset), if simply because the scientific world has labeled free energy as a Class III impossibility (for comparison: a Time Machine is a Class II impossibility). So, I can study all the physics on the globe, yet, I will not be one step closer to solving the problem of free energy. Solving the problem of free energy demands a new picture of the world. In other words, we have to go back and do philosophy. However, I can study all the philosophy on the globe, and I will not be one step closer to solving the problem of free energy, if simply because no such philosophy exists (at least none that I am familiar with). Conclusion: I have to do it myself.


Philosophy, as it is conducted today, I wholeheartedly disagree with. Philosophy today is all about setting up arguments; put them in a logical form, and state, «If the Sun is yellow, then it is made of cheese. The Sun is yellow. Therefore, it is made of cheese.» (If P, then Q. P. Therefore Q. This is called Modus Ponens.)


Nietzsche once laughed so hard he literally went mad.


What did he laugh at?


The TRUTH! the truth of the truth and, something about the, er, irrefutable laws of logic!


«Heraclitus will remain eternally right with his assertion that being is an empty fiction.»



What is being? I understand being to be language, math, logic; the world! basically, things that make up this sentence: «The Big Fish ate the Small Fish, and then the Small Fish ate the Big Fish.» This sentence can only be made by being. Becoming is «what we see,» or Motion. That is, in nature, our sentence here will never occur. In language, however, the impossible comes true. That is why I feel that modern philosophy is headed in the wrong direction. They will ever make these paradoxes and call it philosophy. Nature knows no paradox. In the universe, we will never see the «Big Fish/Small Fish.» The universe cannot form such a sentence. However, «nature,» «what we see,» «Motion;» «the universe,» are being also. Becoming is a word. That is, even becoming is being.


«[…] the «true» world is only added by a lie.»



«Knowledge and becoming exclude one another.»



If you «analyze» it, then «knowledge» is being and «becoming» is being. Therefore, Nietzsche was truly lost in Bedlam here! In addition, this is why Heidegger failed: Heidegger wrote Being and Time. But you see: Time is being! All philosophy will fail. All is being. Hence all is impossible. Hence all is dead. Philosophy didn’t die, it was always dead. Wittgenstein even wrote: «The world is all that is the case.»


But the world is being! And being = Big/Small fish. Wittgenstein failed.


But the professors will scoff and laugh and... I quit the University. It was not for me.


However, I laugh every time I read a philosophy book with the word «world» in it.


I said to my professor, «The world does not exist.» «Of course the world exists!» proclaimed the professor, and banged his fist into the table.


Does Mordor exist?


No. Mordor, that dark land of Sauron, is a fictional world.


Does the world exist?


Yes. We live in it!


Do you see the family resemblance?


At the end of the day, though, Mordor and our world are fictional realities. They are words, concepts, and memes. The world does not exist for the same reason that Mordor does not exist.


In other words, Philosophy today is all about leftbrain-people. Logic.


People who wear their heart on their sleeve, people who intuit the truth, feel the truth through art and poetry, we have no university for you. You have to «analyze.» That is what they told me. O I hate that word!


So, what are we left with? If language and logic fail, what then? If the world is a fiction (being)! If history is a story (being)! If the metaphysical world (being) and the empirical world (being) are the same! If the physicists never left their blackboards (being), even as they conducted their little experiments (being)! If the world of Frodo the Hobbit and Gandalf the Grey (being) is the same as our human world (being)! If the world we live in is a fabrication, what then? If we never left the cave walls of our ancestors, what then? Answer: Poetry. Art. We can rise above being with our feelings, with our emotions. We can sense the truth.




For matters in truth, or woe, I turn to Edgar Allan Poe: «[…] to those who feel rather than to those who think […]»


«But if language fails, then you may be wasting your time here?»


Language paints a picture. And I will paint my picture. What you do with that picture, is up to you.


I dedicate this book to all the rightbrain-people. We are right! May we reclaim the nonexistent-world!


One of the responses to Poe’s Eureka, which I noted personally, was that: «Audience members said it was not persuasive or simply too long.»


Too bad, because this is like Eureka x Eureka! If I first step into my car, I can never stop driving! And, as an Art-Product, this work will span 5 chapters. 5, because, the 5 represents free energy; that is, the 4 elements and the womb. It also represents our hand; with it, we will tap into free energy and change the game forever.


Poe, in his Eureka, said, «He who from the top of AEtna casts his eyes leisurely around, is affected chiefly by the extent and diversity of the scene. Only by a rapid whirling on his heel could he hope to comprehend the panorama in the sublimity of its oneness. But as, on the summit of AEtna, no man has thought of whirling on his heel, so no man has ever taken into his brain the full uniqueness of the prospect; and so, again, whatever considerations lie involved in this uniqueness, have as yet no practical existence for mankind.»


This is truth! We feel it. Our God is Dionysus. Our University is Black. (No such university exists; but it should.) Argumentation, fact, logic; true truth. Your God is Apollo. To you I say: May the leftbrain-people worship their yellow-cheese Sun for another million years. We do not care. Our God is Dionysus. We will drink the wine and suffer the ladies.


The reason for this somewhat unorthodox introduction is to make clear what this book is, and what it is not.


And, yes, we who worship Dionysus can still use argumentation and so on. But we do not brag about it, therefore argumentation can only lead to the Realm of the Infinite Paradoxes. We do not mistake our hammer for the universe. Being is a great tool. But when you confuse the tool for the world, then you are right! because the world is a tool.


Poe tells of the truth, but a greater truth-teller is the almighty himself. It is to him we now turn.








Chapter 1:

On the Train to Nowhere



And God said, «Let there be light.» And there was light.


It always was...


On this account we have:

No infinite regress; and, therefore, no first mover (or do we?).



No metaphysics.


O black cat!


No «bootstrapping.»



No chicken or the egg thing ... Or vice versa!

No paradoxes. No supernatural beings. No overall designer. No backward reasoning. No chaos. No fragmented reality. No nonexistence. No hocus-pocus. Ok; maybe a little bit.


(Hocus-pocus = turning the bread into the living flesh of the savior.)


What have we got?


A structure; or, more accurately, a system.


What is the biggest question of all time?



What is the greatest mystery of all time?




Time is the ultimate quest. The journey of journeys. The mystery of mysteries. The one billion squillion dollar question. Wow! Oh, yeah. The biggest thing ever! Period. And to answer it means the envy of the stars. The curtain rises. The lights shine. The angels applaud. The genie appears. The world ends. God descends. And now you stand tallest of all: Lifted up by the cosmic waves themselves. Hailed as the greatest genius of all time.



And Neith said, «I am ALL That Has Been, That Is, and That Will Be. No mortal has yet been able to lift the veil that covers Me.»


What a mystery!

The sea of stars. The starry sea. The veil of eternity.

For thousands of years, philosophers could not figure it out.


For thousands of years, no one could lift her veil.


So who am I to think that I can lift her veil when nobody else has been able to do so?

Ever since I was six or seven I was interested in this question: «How did it all begin?» I remember running around in the garden, abruptly stopping, fixing my eyes skyward; and asking this question. I have been contemplating ever since.


We must escape the fragmentary worldview of science.


We must «think outside the box.»


We must shift from left brain thinking to right brain thinking.


So, let’s get started.

What happens if you were able to lift her veil? What would you see? An empty face? What if, on the other hand, you do not lift her veil? What if that is the solution to the greatest riddle of all time?


In other, less mystical, words: What if nature is not fragmented?


What if nature is «one» in the sense that she is not cut up into atoms or whatever? Real atoms are interacting as one because they are one. «One fish!» as Bohm would say. That is how you solve the quantum mysteries.


Fold a piece of paper multiple times, cut a shape in it, and then unfold the paper: now we have «one» atom that can function as «many» atoms. This is our «holographic reality» where a simple system can generate what we see.


What I aim to say with all this, is: We need not explain «all motion.» 1 unit of motion will do (if I can be so poetic).

In other words, what if, in order to find the beginning of time, we don’t go, as it were, back in time, but rather, we go backwards in complexity. Motion always was.

We evolved from SpongeBob! Reality is bizarre. Like the sponges in the ocean, the beginning of time is with us, even now. In fact, it’s right there in front of you. Can you see it?





Let’s get down to business:


Why haven’t the greatest minds of the genus Homo been able to solve this question, «How did it all begin?» Because the question is THAT BIG! or, because, the answer to the biggest question of all time is ... the simplest answer of all time.


What if the answer was always there, staring you in the face? Right there. Right in front of your eyes, literally.


What if the answer was there every time you turned on your HDTV? or every time you turn on your nightlight! The truth is hidden in plain sight.


The Journey begins in medias res:

Where are we?


We are currently sitting somewhere in the cultural sphere. And with our new «out of the box» thinking, in order to arrive at the Grand Station—the beginning of time—it is a simple matter of climbing down the complexity tree. As follows:


—The cultural sphere.
—The mental sphere.
—The biological sphere.
—The chemical sphere.
—The physical sphere.

Look at the naked physical sphere. This room is stripped of furniture, therefore furniture and so on, belong to the cultural sphere. Living things belong in the biological sphere and above. Your room is stripped of walls, ceiling, floor; desk, chair and «you.»


What is left, once we come to the root of the complexity tree?


Answer: The physical sphere.


Once we strip it down, what is left is motion. That is, once we reduce the clouds, the moon, the stars; the planets and so on, to their original rotation. In other words, it is a very simple environment. At least, that is what I think. Imagine this environment and keep it for our thought experiments.

As far as we can tell, the physical sphere is the simplest sphere of all. But what is the simplest physical manifestation?


Answer: Motion.


And why is that?


Because that is what you do in every case and in all cases.


The simplest «case» we can imagine: From a zero-dimensional point to a one-dimensional line segment, motion—or the unfolding of space—is the «first» ingredient in any action.

Of course I cannot «back up» this claim any more than a mathematician can do «real» magic. The only impressive thing that was ever pulled out of that hat was axiomatic!


And these wizards never solved Zeno’s paradox. That is complete talk of the hat of the black cat! Either way, never trust a wizard. Solving Zeno’s paradox is equal to making cave paintings literally come alive! The human species is truly poor when it comes to its ability to clasp motion. Even the great Edgar Allan Poe failed to grasp a single grain of golden sand.


Thus, my argument is this: We can see it. We can see what motion is. Let a more sophisticated mind give the hard arguments.


As Dionysus said: «Being is our eternal failure to clasp becoming.» (But do you see?)

The basic building block of reality, then, since we concluded that nature is not fragmented, is motion.


The basic building block/BBB.


Here is my proposition: If motion is the triple B of reality, then there is no need for an Unmoved Mover (in that sense). However, we shall look at the real Unmoved Mover later.


The Unmoved Mover! A picture of a hot mama, that is an Unmoved Mover, wouldn’t you say?

The Haphazardly Universe:


Imagine an eternal universe in which its parts fly haphazardly around you. Such a universe cannot be for an eternity past for the simple reason that its parts have no origin. We must either trace the histories/trajectories back indefinitely or call them into existence. This endless tracking is circular and thus logically inconsistent.


However, some logician must prove this first by chasing his own tail!


And, the interspersing must, ultimately, be the workings of a skyhook. This we can dismiss.


The Stillborn Universe:


On the other hand, a uniform distribution of energy crafting an infinite, intricate universe, even if that space had a perfect alignment of parts—pure frozen—that space, would still hold, imaginable causality, that is to say, a false representation of the positions of its parts in the time dimension.


And not only that, though, but how could this universe have commenced?


If we do not intersperse a miracle here too, then may I politely suggest that this cosmos is perfectly dead for all futility. And how did these perfect parts get there? In other words, as long as you have a location in space, you have a history. And this history or trajectory must be explained.


The Chaotic Universe:


Like the latter part of the Haphazardly Universe, the parts in this universe just pop into existence. This would explain the paradox of the origin, that is, the histories or trajectories, but not the origin itself; that is, how did they «pop?» History explained! Lawlessness rules! However, this seems to me like a cop-out. We once believed in the god of thunder, let’s not make the same mistake, er, how many times now? Thus, I vote for option D.

D for David’s universe!


The Undivided Universe of David Bohm:


We cannot divide motion into parts. The parts we «apparently» see are one and the same. This would explain «spooky action at a distance.» Now we have only «one» history or trajectory. «One fish.»—Bohm. But how to approach it?

What is motion? We could give a definition of motion. We could also give a definition of the definition—ad infinitum.


What is blue?


Blue is...


Hell, we know what it is or looks like the instant we hear the word.


What is motion?


Things that move.


We shall proceed to investigate.

Motion is the greatest mystery and words cannot describe it, nor pin it down.



A True Story of Motion:

I am sitting on this train and I am fixing my eyes and consciousness upon a remarkable scene: From my window, I can see, and feel, that we are moving away from a latter train that is, in actuality, moving away from us. We are sitting totally still, inert—our train has not begun to move yet—but my brain does not know that, so it interprets the situation as if we are moving. If I was trapped in this state forever, then forever I would state that we are, in fact, moving.


In other words, how do we know that movement actually exists in the real world? Is it all in our heads, Kant?


For me, the journey of free energy (at least the philosophical bit) began on this train. I was in my military uniform. I remember it as it was yesterday. It was my first true encounter with Dr. Einstein’s Imaginarium.






Borrowing «The Imaginarium of Dr. Einstein:»

Let us imagine two trains; and let’s call them Train A and Train B. And let Train A locomote as fast as you can imagine. Let Train B locomote at half the velocity. Now, imagine Train A again, but this time, double its speed, and keep doubling until, Train A, from its perspective, looks back at Train B, and ... what does Train A see? Train A sees Train B as frozen in time. That is, as not moving at all.


But Train B is moving. Or is he?

If Train A covers the distance twice as fast as before, then Train A must see Train B as moving twice as slow as before, therefore, now, Train B has covered half the ground as before. And if you keep doubling, then Train A will eventually move so fast relative to Train B that Train B is unable to cover any ground by the time Train A has covered its ground and continually so. You can represent this as a scale that grows and grows in which the distance traversed by Train B gets smaller and smaller until the only meaningful distance traversed by Train B is marked as a dot; or not at all.

«No wonder a fast boxer always wins: his opponent, in addition, fights in slow-mo!»

Very clever, but you must up in really high speeds if you shall truly see the remarkable effects of relativity. I am offering a thought experiment. Nothing more. Nothing less.
If you fire a camera more rapidly than you normally would, then you will get the result that your film (projected using a regular rate) will display a case of slow motion. I believe this is because you will not be able to soak up all the images or information fast enough.

Two gears meshing; one big and one small. The big gear seems to ... not move at all. The small gear, however! she is spinning her ass off!

Now, can you imagine a speed that is so fast that all other speeds, no matter their velocity, are completely frozen? relatively speaking, of course(?)


If you can, then we have found the absolute state: the anchor of all things. The cradle of all things. The veil of eternity. Why or how is the anchor absolute? Because the anchor has nothing or no one to compare with; that is, in order to be big someone else has to be small. The anchor cannot know if it’s big or small, or if it is moving at all.

There can be only one absolute state in existence: because you have to be completely alone if you want all measurements in the universe to fail you; and, therefore, our anchor is a superb candidate for the basic building block of reality and a viable candidate for the beginning of all things.

Why is light speed constant, or, to put it in other words, why isn’t there anything faster? Because the anchor, were it to go faster, it wouldn’t change a thing, that is, you cannot get frozen twice—or, if you got «more frozen,» it does not really matter. If you have stopped completely, you might as well never start. Light is constant, therefore it must make all things, no matter their velocity, appear as if frozen. Thus, light is as fast to one thing as it is to another thing.


If light did not fare as itself, that is, 100%, past, say, 99% its speed (as in another object), then we would not achieve nothingness. Likewise, if light did not fare 100% past a slower object, say, one that was moving at 1% the speed of light, then we would not achieve nothingness.

And here is the secret of the universe: There is only one spot. Or dot.


The Secret of the Universe: Everything is a circle. (The Buddha knew that.)


That is, the spot = the circle. It depends on your view.


Here comes the Key to Understanding:


The anchor does not see everything as frozen, rather, and this is the most crucial point of all time: the anchor sees nothing at all. How come? Because, from the anchor’s point of view, if everything were eternally frozen, then that means that nothing has ever moved, and, if nothing has ever moved, then we cannot have space or «eternally frozen,» either. Without space, we have no history/trajectory. And without history, we cannot have frozen things. Thus, from the anchor’s point of view, there is only nothingness. That is, no spacetime or absolute spacetime.


Since the speed of light is constant, then that must mean that the point of view (of light) is also constant and the light sees things as frozen in time; but this cannot be the whole picture, the light must see nothingness as things have not had the time to freeze in this picture. Therefore, if we push our logic, then the light must see nothingness forever as the light is constant. In addition, the point of view of light is the light. This (nothingness) must be the absolute realm from which our relative universe came.


In other words, true motion is motionlessness. Motion in its primal form is motionless. That is, true motionlessness is active and full of motion!

Hercules does not feel that a rock is solid, for example.


«Because he is that strong! Oh, I get it!»


Likewise, from the light’s point of view, our universe is simply, «not there.»

The Primal View:


Spacetime is not visible from the tallest apartment building in the multiverse.


But note that this nothingness is not the same as «nonexistence.» Why is there existence rather than nonexistence? Because you cannot get simpler than the simplest. Because you cannot get simpler. You cannot get simpler than the anchor. If you could, then we wouldn’t be here. The anchor is the simplest of all things.

Nonexistence is purely nonsense. There does not exist a «state» that is lower, or below, a state that is the simplest of all states. You cannot do simpler than that! So nothingness is not nonexistence. Nothingness is eternity. Nothingness is a point of view—the point of view of Mother Nature herself.

In other words, you cannot just interpose «nonexistence» as a viable candidate for things when the word doesn’t even have tangibility. You have to create «nonexistence» if you want to compete in this game. And the only way to create nothingness, for example, is with motion—fast motion! Nature has to follow the rules of creation, too. The Creation Game. And that is why there is «existence» rather than «nonexistence;» because you simply cannot create a state that is simpler than the simplest, which is absolute spacetime, which is true nothingness.


I’m so tired of these «expectations,» «definitions,» and this «interspersing.»

In a sense: You cannot create a «nonexistence» that is simpler than the simplest state of existence. Well ... just try.


With our new eyes, we shall see that nothingness can, indeed, have a structure (which is more like a system). See the light!

Not just the watch: Even a stone requires an explanation for its being. I am here trying to give an explanation of how the simplest of all can be/exist. Thus, you can exist by yourself, if you have no history or trajectory in space.


But how can something be uncreated, or, to put it in other words, why this anchor and not, say, the opposite, that is, a motionless state?


My answer: Motionlessness = motion.


The only way you can have motionlessness is if you create it. And how do you do that? How do you create it? You use motion! And very fast motion.

The Senses of the Mystic:


In the mystical sense, a circle is a line segment in disguise.


Likewise: Motionlessness = motion.


And a dot is a circle in disguise.

The simplest of all things must be the foundation of reality or else we have evolution and complexity; or, in other words, histories/trajectories that must be explained. Our primal view remains in a constant, paradox-free state and has therefore no history. It can exist on its own. As the shaman says: God is. God just is.


Okay. But if this anchor is all there is, and if this anchor is constant, how can it generate our universe?


The World of Illusion:

This is the best part: There was no First Mover (in that sense). In fact, the opposite is true: God didn’t step on the gas, God hit the brakes! and the universe became visible.

The best picture—and this is not a metaphor, either—I can give you, is that of a white light shining through a glass prism.


The white light is the anchor or timelessness/nothingness, that is, the spot or dot. And the colors are our universe and all time, or velocities/vibrations, that is, the circle.


And what would happen if you went past the last color? You would wind up at the first color again. It is all a circle. And we can see why everything is a circle and why that makes sense.

White light is the initial view. But why the colors? Why did not nothingness stay «white,» so to speak? Because it has! But in a relative universe, that is, in a universe composed of «views/monads,» the view of light is that of the fastest possible velocity (or FPV for short). But that does not mean that God, could not, so to speak, tap a little on the brakes. The First Mover? The exact opposite! In other words, the Grand View is made up of these lesser views, God is composed of monads, like the colors make the white light and vice versa. There was no creation. God is the creation. The white light is not created per se.

In other words, we have these lesser velocities also. Thus, in order to create the anchor or nothingness, we have to have our universe and our colors, too. The anchor is made up by these lesser speeds. But this is surely bootstrapping? No. Or, to put it in other words, the anchor contains the lesser views. However, again, the anchor, in order to exist, to put it like that, must be composed of these lesser speeds; but that is only a «way of looking» at it. It is not bootstrapping or something «backwards;» it is only a way of looking at it from inside the universe—and here we are.

But how can the light be the beginning of all things? We can see the light. Light is not nothingness? That light is visible does not mean that light is visible. Light’s visibility may be an evolutionary adaptation/label existing solely in the animal brain. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see an invisible world? And ... yes. Evolution is that awesome!


What the mind cannot see the mind makes up.

Pain, for example, is an evolutionary label. Pain does not exist «out there;» and evolutionary musing, why would, or should, anything else? If we are «wired» that way, why should nature bother with anything else? And, wouldn’t it be evolutionary cheaper too, that is, to generate «a map that is the universe,» than the real thing?


It all exists, «in here.»

From Newton to Einstein ... to holographic reality. Today, theoretical physicists like Brian Greene believes that reality is two-dimensional (see black hole thermodynamics), and that our 3D world is just an illusion—in that holographic sense. From 2D reality to the final 0D world of light—that is, our anchor—the way is short. What if there is only one spot in existence?


«It is a hologram because everything is one?»


Yes. That is what a hologram is. In a hologram, every part contains the whole and vice versa. All atoms are one. All consciousness is one. It is the same thing.

The Law of Awesomeness + The Law of Futurity = The Holographic Universe


Holographic reality must be true, therefore it passes the test of awesomeness and the test of futurity. 1. Is it awesome? 2. Is it hi-tech? If yes and yes, then we are dealing with the awesome truth.
The world we see is an illusion/hologram-like thing caused by the anchor or monads in the realm of the absolute therefore the anchor contains these lesser velocities. The Absolute Realm is right in front of you, e.g., any source of light. It is not something metaphysical.

There are two ways in which to view motion: 1. As time or motion. 2. As space or motionlessness, the unfolding of space.
There could thus be, so to speak, only one «particle»/consciousness in existence, and this particle manifests at all possible velocities/evolutionary histories. There are many rays, but only one sun. All rays are thus the same.

From our point of view, existence is bizarre. But that is because we are trapped in nature, in her womb, literally, on the walls (in 2D space) of the universe. In the last instance, I believe we have to look at things from Nature’s own point of view, and see if things make sense there. In other words, «Change your perspective, Herr. Detective.»


We went down the complexity ladder:
—We saw that motion is the key.
—We saw the veil of eternity.
—We saw why it is absolute.
—We saw why light doesn’t travel faster and why it is constant.
—We saw that nonexistence cannot be, therefore nothing can be simpler than the simplest.
—We saw that motionlessness = motion (as seen with Train B).

Do not lift her veil ... because her face is not there: that is her face. I believe, it was never meant to be lifted. Thus, to answer the initial question: I couldn’t lift it either. I fear, if you lifted it, you would see nothing. You would see but an empty face: the featureless face of darkness. You see more with the veil on. The truth is not the object in the box. The truth is just a fancy word.


And this is just a picture (but a picture I hold dear). The REAL VEIL of Isis = The dazzling darkness. The gate to God! See these:


So, this is not the truth?


The truth is that the truth is just a pawn in a language game. And the language game itself is irreducible to the fabric of spacetime. Thus, no «hooking» into reality. Reality/the world is just a concept. That is, reality/the world remains manmade.


Nevertheless, I, too, employ the word «world» in my pictures. We have to. But that does not mean that we cannot see it for what it really is.

But when you go to bed tonight, turn on your nightlight and sleep with it on, because then you will be sleeping next to the beginning of time itself. You will be sleeping next to your Maker. Because ... From nothingness we all came.


We are the froth of nothingness!


Even now we stand on the beach ... on the beginning of time.


The view of light is the real thing and not just a view. Light is the view of light (which is nothingness).


This view of the cosmos tells of an absolute state, a state in which the relative universe might have arisen. It is this absolute state, the speed of light (in a vacuum), that will be the key to unlocking the phenomenon we know as free energy. You will understand that the absolute state (viz., nothingness) existed (exists) prior (and after) to the Big Bang.



Next chapter:

There are two ways in which to view motion: 1. As time or motion. 2. As space or motionlessness, the unfolding of space.


Ok. We have done 1. Let us do 2.



Chapter 2:

A True Genius



So, the next step is translating our notion of nothingness into that of geometry (I see that as the only logical way to continue). That is, if fast motion can generate nothingness, can a geometric structure contain this spirit? By that I mean, what is the geometric equivalent to nothingness?


With this in mind, I searched the web and found a true genius: Richard Buckminster Fuller.


Fuller was, according to Wikipedia: «[…] an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer and inventor. Fuller published more than 30 books, coining or popularizing terms such as «Spaceship Earth,» ephemeralization and synergetic. He also developed numerous inventions, mainly architectural designs, and popularized the widely known geodesic dome. Carbon molecules known as fullerenes were later named by scientists for their structural and mathematical resemblance to geodesic spheres. Fuller was also the second president of Mensa from 1974 to 1983.»


The president of Mensa had the thing I was looking for: «The vector equilibrium (viz., the cuboctahedron) is the zero starting point for happenings and nonhappenings: it is the empty theater and empty circus and empty Universe ready to accommodate any act and any audience.»

—Richard Buckminster Fuller


The speed of light = nothingness. That is, from the point of view of light, there is only nothingness. This happens because of the phenomenon of relativity, that is, we are talking about a relationship. Likewise, when the vectors converge in the cuboctahedron, they make nothingness, that is, we are talking about a relationship here also, the relationship of the vectors converging. Thus, nothingness is the product of a relationship. I aim to suggest here that our light view and our vectors are one and the same. Family resemblance and all that. That is, nothingness is nothingness.


Ok. Let us get started:


We have spacetime. Well, look around you. However, spacetime offers a puzzling thing, namely something called infinite regress or, turtles all the way down.


«A well-known scientist (some say it was Bertrand Russell) once gave a public lecture on astronomy. He described how the earth orbits around the sun and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the center of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy. At the end of the lecture, a little old lady at the back of the room got up and said: «What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise.» The scientist gave a superior smile before replying, «What is the tortoise standing on?» «You’re very clever, young man, very clever,» said the old lady. «But it’s turtles all the way down!»»

—Hawking, 1988


If we see an object floating in space, we may wonder where it came from. Think about that object. Picture it in your mind’s eye. Now trace it. Where is it located?


If we trace our object to a certain position in our mind’s eye, then we are still wondering where it came from.


We cannot have that. So, how do we get rid of it? It is simple: We get rid of it. Now we have nothing, or nothingness. A void or vacuum.


However, in the context of spacetime, what is nothingness? Or, to put it in other words, we have spacetime. Well, look around you. So? So, our job is simple: We need to mold the spacetime into nothingness in order to get rid of the old lady’s turtles. We make turtle soup! (May the old lady forgive us.)


But how do we do that?


With vectors of course!


We order the spacetime in lines of energy/vectors. From these lines we create nothingness.


We take the spacetime we see around us, and then we form the spacetime into vectors.


What is a vector? A ray from the sun? A vector is a line of energy, or more precisely, a vector maps an energy event. For illustration, we can use a garden hose.


We turn on the water, pick up the hose, adjust the head, and watch as the water shoots out of the tube. This is a vector. A line of energy.


So, how do we create nothingness with a garden hose?


Answer: We stop the water from traveling.


And how do we do that?


We turn off the water...?


We cannot do that. That is against the law of conservation of energy. Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed. That is, we have spacetime. We cannot wish it away! That is, the water is ever flowing. We cannot turn it off.


We put up a wall.


But we have no wall.


Then I am out...


...long pause


Ok. So how do we do it?


We erect a wall!


But you said...!?


We do not have a wall. But we can create one. It is all about Creation. That is the poetic truth we learned in Chapter 1, our Creation Game!


We ask our buddy over here to pick up a new hose, adjust its head, and, like Harry Potter vs Voldemort, we hold our wands (garden hoses) opposite each other, pit them against each other. Now my garden hose acts like a wall for my buddy’s garden hose and, my buddy’s garden hose acts like a wall for my garden hose.


Now the streams of water will stop each other from traveling.


We stop the water from traveling. No apparent motion equals nothingness as apparent motion = spacetime.


However, a third wizard can disrupt Harry and Voldemort by shooting his «magic beam» in from the side. We thus need a fourth wizard to counter the third.


However, a fifth wizard can ... You get the idea. So, just like Jesus and his 12 disciples, we need a minimum of 12 wizards to completely create nothingness in 3D.


In other words, we need to add 12 garden hoses to find a logical conclusion to the: ...stop the water from traveling.


This creates the cuboctahedron. The cuboctahedron itself, is pure nothingness. For example: If everything is red, nothing is red. In a world where everything is red, no one will notice the color (red). That is, if the cuboctahedron is the only thing that really exists as all spacetime is tucked away inside it, then from its point of view, there is pure nothing.


Hercules STILL does not feel that a rock is solid, for example.


«Because he is that strong! Oh, I STILL get it!»


But, and here comes Revelation: since the cuboctahedron is a system, it collapses to somethingness.


I will explain, but first we need to explore the vector a bit more.


This is from Nassim Haramein’s movie Black Whole:


The force of a vector is its length. When two vectors are driven against each other in opposite directions, we will get equilibrium or nothingness. «But this will be unstable equilibrium, because any other force in any other direction can break the balance. You could add two more vectors at 90° from the initial point, but in that case, the edge vectors that contain the geometry will be longer than the vectors to the center, creating instability. Fuller realized that the edge vectors and the vectors to the center have to be the same distance; this creates a hexagon—or, in three dimensions, a cuboctahedron; or vector equilibrium. From this, Haramein concluded that this structure must be the geometry of the vacuum, since in perfect equilibrium, all the forces would cancel out and appear to us to be empty space.»


What is nothingness or equilibrium? It is: The poetic image of two equal and opposing arrows.


From earlier: Like you and your buddy playing with garden hoses, and you pit them against each other in opposite directions. Of course, you need a steady stream of water coming. Now, imagine the forces of the universe converging like that. This creates our cuboctahedron.


The cuboctahedron is the key to free energy.




Did we find it at last?


«Vector Equilibrium is the most economical model using geometry to express the ultimate union of the opposites. It creates the paradoxical state that is neither in nor out, up nor down, neither this nor that. Vectors are not points in space traveling through time. Vectors map energy events. Time determines a vector’s length — the time it takes an energy event to happen. There must be time for wave functions to propagate. We know a musical note requires time to exist, because a note is nothing in an instant.»

—Iona Miller


Can this explain why nature is always spinning? That is, thus nature is the VE/Vector Equilibrium/cuboctahedron, she fluctuates between «in» (nothingness/wave) and «out» (spacetime/particle); and, she can never decide which to land on, so the whole thing simply causes an eternal spin or torus: In/out. In/out. In other words, the spin is caused by the fact that nature is a system and not a structure. As a friend duly noted:


Question of curiosity: why do we need a skeleton? I mean there is no reason for space-time needing something to support itself on?


Thus, to get rid of the support, the «turtles all the way down,» then nature has to be a system.


The difference between a system and a structure is that the system, in and of itself, cannot become «fixed.» Like a train moving on a track. It cannot stay still/fixed while it is moving. A structure, on the other hand, is like an old train on display in a museum. It is «fixed.» It does not move. You can move around it and look at it. The moving train, however!


Motion has to always move, be on the move; it cannot «begin.» If it, for one picosecond, were to freeze, become «fixed,» then our universe would simply vanish as «freezing» = motionlessness/nothingness. We saw this in chapter 1. But even in this fixed state, Motion is on the move! That is, the water is flowing in the garden hose.


If Motion was not inherent in Nature, then we would have something like Antimotion. What a bizarre thing! We would not have motionlessness as motionlessness equals motion. Rather, we would have something akin to Zeno’s paradox. We would have something broken, something which cannot be mended, like a paradox. We would have something that destroys Motion. But this cannot be by the fact that we are here and by the fact that the universe abhors paradoxes.


Ok. So far, so good. Now, here comes the spooky part: Imagine if nature is a system. Ok. That is not so spooky. Well, imagine further: Imagine that the system has no structure. Or, rather, the apparent structure (i.e., the objects in the universe) is created by the system/movement!


Ok. That makes no sense! If there is no structure, then nature cannot become fixed. Then any rock you find in nature is not fixed, it is on the move even though it is just lying there!


Exactly! She must ever flow. In/out. In/out. Well, isn’t that what motion is?


«Everything flows.»



What does it all mean?


It means that the cuboctahedron is both a cuboctahedron/wave and a tetrahedron/particle at the same time. Because nature is a system, she is both the wave and the particle at the same time. She is both the wave and the particle at the same time because she is not fixed and cannot become fixed. This creates motion.


But, what was the first cause of the motion? The motion has to start somewhere, or else we have an infinite regress on our hands.


The motion starts in the cuboctahedron, and then the cuboctahedron folds to the tetrahedron.


It may start in the cuboctahedron, but where did the motion that is the cause of the folding of the cuboctahedron come from?


The motion was always there because nature is a system.


I don’t understand.


I like to give the picture of the speed of light. From the light’s point of view—as we noted in chapter 1—everything in the universe freezes. But our light is constant, meaning it cannot change, so from this point of view everything has been eternally frozen. But, if that were eternally true, then we need to push our picture a little further: If things were eternally frozen (this is the light’s point of view now), then there was no time in which things could freeze. Consequently, then, since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we have no thing. Nothingness. That is, from the light’s point of view, there was always nothingness. And the point is, in order to accomplish this great nothingness, we need motion, and fast motion. So nothingness = fast motion. That is what it is. It never required a «first cause» no more than the absence of history requires a historian. In the initial state, there was no history or trajectory of the atom. And «the wave = the particle» may not be more mysterious than the white light = the rainbow. «The wave = the particle» may not be more mysterious than the picture of the torus where the center/the torus’ neck = the wave, and the rest/the torus’ shoulders/wings = the particle. That is, the wave + the particle = one, whole entity. The torus’ center connects all points in space and therefore acts like a wave; the rest is cut off from the larger cosmos and therefore acts like a particle. In other words, if nature was a structure, then we would be faced with problems like:


1. Where do the inside end and the outside begin? Answer: The Planck scale? But what is inside the smallest thing you can imagine? Oh, «It’s 2D,» you say. Well, then space is but smoke and mirrors anyway.

2. The Necker Cube is a structure, but what are the legs made of? Answer: Another structure. But what is this structure made of? Answer: Another structure (ad infinitum). See the problem? Thus, space must be smoke and mirrors.

3. If nature was a fixed structure, how did she know she was the right way up? I mean, in the presence of the mirror, right becomes left. Right? ...Or left?

4. If nature was a fixed structure like a container, then what contains the container? And what contains that? (Ad infinitum.)

5. There are probably a myriad other problems with nature being a structure. Like, how did she get to be in her fixed location when she never moved there in the first place? And she cannot move if she is eternally fixed. And if she is moving, she cannot become fixed!


No. Structure must be smoke and mirrors. There is no other way. Nature is a system, a system which has no structure. And a system with no structure is exactly what the cuboctahedron is (due to it having squares).


In other words, the world of quantum mechanics is real because nature is a system. The world of quantum mechanics knows no structure. God plays dice and not.


Therefore, the structure we see in the universe is an illusion caused by Motion.


A little recollection thus far:


The cuboctahedron is not a structure but a system. This is the most plausible explanation of the origin of spin. The system, by virtue or nature of being a system, must be on the move; it must move, there must always be motion or flow because we have no structure to be «fixed» in. So what does nature do? She flows in the most economical way. Why? Because nature is lazy; which makes evolutionary sense. And what is the most economical way? We reason: To flow from A to A. That is, you flow out and then back in. If you move from A to A ad infinitum, and, you travel in the most economical and efficient way, then you don’t stop somewhere «out there,» turn around, and then head back, rather, you circle back; this creates a torus. An eternal expanding and contracting torus. Nature moves from nothingness to somethingness and back again, ad infinitum. That is, you start at the cuboctahedron (i.e., nothingness/wave), and then you must move out of that state; you collapse to the tetrahedron/torus/particle. The folding of the cuboctahedron creates the actual spin. And no force can stop nature from spinning. The spin is eternal. The spin has been forever. But this is not a perpetual motion machine, therefore nature returns to the void (i.e., nothingness). This return to «normality» is the key to free energy.


In other words, to have a structure is complicated. A structure is complex and has to have more than one part, at least three (as in a triangle). In the beginning, there was no evolution and therefore no complicated things. In other words, there was no structure in the beginning. In addition, if there was no structure, then Nature has/had no choice but to move or be on the move. Motion + the lack of structure/evolution answer the big question of why there is existence rather than nonexistence.


«As has been stated throughout this website, the Vector Equilibrium (VE) is the most primary geometric energy array in the cosmos. According to Bucky Fuller, the VE is more appropriately referred to as a «system» than as a structure, due to it having square faces that are inherently unstable and therefore non-structural.»


«Because of the fundamental nonsimultaneity of universal structuring, a single, simultaneous, static model of Universe is inherently both nonexistent and conceptually impossible as well as unnecessary. Ergo, Universe does not have a shape. Do not waste your time, as man has been doing for ages, trying to think of a unit shape «outside of which there must be something,» or «within which, at center, there must be a smaller something.»»



Next chapter:

In the next chapter, we create free energy.









Chapter 3:

We Shrink the Room



Another way of looking at the cuboctahedron is Buckminster Fuller’s Jitterbug.


The Jitterbug expands and comes to a logical conclusion where its geometry forces it to contract. When it has contracted, its geometry forces it to expand. Much like your lungs. If you breathe in, then, you must, at a later point, breathe out. And, if you breathe out, then, you must, at a later point, breathe in. This is the Jitterbug, literally. Thus, imagine that nature is a set of lungs that must forever breathe. However, unlike your lungs, these lungs cannot die. These lungs must forever be breathing/«on the move» (as we concluded earlier).


So, now we have our first ingredient in making free energy. We have a torus that is forever spinning. Our torus requires 0 energy in order to spin.


But this is mysterious. Surely it requires energy in order to spin?


No. Ask yourself the question: «What have we got?»


We have got the cuboctahedron.


That is, we have got, to put it in poetic terms, an object in space that is forever spinning.


Imagine if that was the wheel(s) on your car!


According to Newton’s First Law: When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force.


Our «object» (i.e., the universal torus) will forever spin therefore it is the only «object» in existence. (That is, there cannot be two or more nothingnesses or vacuums of space.)


Our system, the cuboctahedron, needs only collapse 1 time, and then the 1st law of Newton kicks in forever. For one moment the cuboctahedron must remain indecisive («Am I a particle or a wave?»), and then the 1st law of Newton kicks in forever. If nature is both a particle and a wave, she must fluctuate between the two and, the 1st law must always have been «kicked in» as Nature is a system. A torus is both a particle and a wave. The particle is the packet of wholeness, which the torus is. The wave is the torus’ center, which connects all points in space, or, rather, all points in space = the torus’ center. That is, if you have a bunch of toruses, then their centers are one and the same. There is only one center/vacuum. «One fish.»


To sum up: Thus vectorial balance (i.e., nature being a system) + Newton’s First Law = the vacuum of space or nothingness requires zero energy/effort to spin.


The cuboctahedron is all there really is. Everything else is also this cuboctahedron, in some way or another. Thus it follows that all is spin.









So, how do we create free energy?


We create it thusly:


If a coffee cup sits in a room, then, it will, according to the second law of thermodynamics, get cool over time. So the answer to the riddle of free energy is, «How do we get the heat or atoms back into the coffee cup?» If we did that, then the second law of thermodynamics could work forever but never be able to produce a dead future; a future unavailable for mechanical work.


How do we get the atoms back?


...long pause


Answer: We shrink the room. Now the atoms (some) have no choice but to go back into the coffee cup (if you understand that, we are using a poetic coffee cup here).


But how do we shrink the room?


This is the HOLY GRAIL: We don’t have to! The Holy Grail (the torus) shrinks the room for us. That is, nature shrinks/bends spacetime all the time. This is the (dual) torus. This is the «object» that is forever spinning. In other words, thus the eternal spin, nature utilizes no effort to produce free energy.


The torus/particle, or more precisely, the torus/wave orders the energy that is unavailable for mechanical work. The torus’ bottleneck orders stuff for us for free because the neck is so slim. I believe that this wave/bottleneck = David Bohm’s implicate order. I believe that this wave/bottleneck = the wave in quantum mechanics.


The waves of the cosmos brush over the universal blackboard and we thus get Tabula rasa. The waves are so wavy that the clocks are reset in the sense that the clocks are, as it were, destroyed.


In my mind, free energy is so simple, it hurts! We simply have these particles, and, when they are «smeared out» or transformed into a wave again, well, then, they have reached their initial state of low entropy and can thus be used anew. Wave/particle = In/Out ... The eternal breath of the cosmos. The Aum/Om pulse of the mystics and shamans.




The torus goes out and then comes to a singularity in one motion. In this center, matter is ordered once again. And this costs zero energy therefore Newton’s First Law. The Holy Grail is the cup that never empties; or, if you empty it, it refills. The cup is the womb of nature/Isis. In the womb lies the baby Horus/Jesus. The cup is the cuboctahedron. The cuboctahedron is also the Philosopher’s stone, the World Egg, and Jesus and his 12 disciples. But more on that later.


If we fold the cuboctahedron, we get the tetrahedron. If we, e.g., take 20 tetrahedrons and order them into a giant tetrahedron, and then we take another 20 tetrahedrons and order them into another giant tetrahedron, and then we «mate» these triangles so that they look like the symbol on the flag of Israel, then we will generate a new cuboctahedron. Well, this is free energy. That is, we started with the vacuum/low entropy, and then we generated spacetime/the tetrahedron, and then we generated the vacuum again. Watch this:


Where do we go wrong?


If free energy is supposed to be everywhere, where is it?


First, you must see this video:


Pulling Energy from the Vacuum - Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden


«We need a permanent Neodymium magnet and Copper wire.» according to EP Emsley.


If the torus center is the dipole, then the energy flows out of the dipole, circles around, and comes back to the dipole where it is being ordered once more. This continues forever. From this, we can conclude that nature conserves energy, not in 3 dimensions, but in 4. That is, nature conserves energy in the vacuum of space/wave, which is our toroidal center (i.e., nothingness/void).


We need a permanent magnet for this to work. The trick is to ... NOT ... destroy the dipole. In our motorcars, for example, we create explosions (this is equal to destroying the dipole and why free energy seems to be lacking in our world), and then we use that energy to power our cars, while a good bit dissipates into the environment. From this act, we conclude that free energy is not possible.


But I ask, if nature did not know how to order herself, how come we are here? I mean, if eternity could die, wouldn’t she have died a long time ago?


So, here is how it works:


Nature = an eternal, spinning torus.


The vacuum is really a point-shaped dipole like our earth, or when the «pos» and «neg» are one and the same. Or simply when we accomplish the cuboctahedron.


By vacuum or void I mean = the toroidal center. There may not actually be a real void!


We need to draw energy from the spin without destroying the dipole. When we draw energy from her, in order to power a light bulb, for example, due to conservation laws, she will suck in dead energies, or energy unavailable for doing mechanical work, from the environment, and order it again. Then we draw some more, and nature will conserve some more. So we can use a little bit of energy in order to draw a lot from her. Because she is a torus, she will simply suck in dead energy from the environment in order to conserve the energy that we draw from her. There is no external source. Nor is there an infinite source. And she can suck as she is forever spinning.


Bearden says something like: We dip. The river/our Holy Grail fills again. Then we dump what we dipped back into the river. Now the river grows, and we have a surplus of energy. Ingenious!


Nature is, like Bearden says, like a humongous river. We use a little effort to dip our bucket into the river, but the size of the bucket, that is really up to us. Hence, we can get more energy than what we put in. But this is not «magic.» This is not really going «over unity» in the cosmic picture.


Free energy is so simple!


You see, free energy is like air, we need to learn how to breathe in order to get at it.


But free energy violates the laws of physics? »


Look at this picture (below), where in it do I break any laws? In fact, I do not even reverse the arrow of time!


My picture:


If you grant me these propositions: The vacuum of space is spinning. It has always spun. And will always spin. This spin requires 0 energy. The spin = a torus (or dual torus). The torus/spin orders unavailable energy (as we have described). That is, as the torus spins, it expands and contracts in the same motion/movement (that is, we do not need to change nor reverse the arrow of time in order to make free energy). That is, eternity is like a universe/torus that is forever expanding and collapsing. When collapsing/contracting, the dead energies are being crammed together again. So nature orders energy for free. Free = the eternal spin.


Nature curves due to her cuboctahedron-system, that is, the geometry says it must. Nature is thus ever falling within herself, in these circles/torus-loops. The falling costs 0 energy; much like a book when you release it from the clasp of your hands. However, in falling, and, for each iteration, nature orders the dead energies in her toroidal center. This gives us free energy as the falling is perpetual and thus the ordering is perpetual—and the answer to why eternity cannot truly die, even though eternity is ever falling. This is the famous Phoenix bird of Legend. This is also the infamous Lucifer.


If all this were true, could you see the possibility of free energy?




«Free energy is a perpetual motion machine and hence pure fantasy.»


No. We are not dealing with a so-called «perpetual motion machine» because we have an internal source of energy, i.e., the vacuum/toroidal center. It is not really a source but a mechanism for ordering energy.


«But it costs, thus it is not free.»


We pay a little for «dipping,» as Bearden says. We must pay for switching. But really, so what!? The point of the game is to get more energy than what we are paying for.


«Asymmetrical systems are not real.»


Asymmetry here simply means that the vacuum/wave is ordering the dead energies. We dump the energy in a load and we don’t let it go back to destroy the dipole.


«Negative entropy is bogus.»


Which is why I stress the word «order.» Nature is ordering energy. This gives you a low entropy at the beginning of time. The beginning of time = the center of the torus.


In other words, nothingness does not need gasoline in order to spin. Hell, where would nothingness get gasoline from!?


Hint: Hell.


For free energy to work, you have to realize one thing: Motion is inherent in nature.


What does that mean?


It means that, at the heart of all things, Motion must be constant and, violent!


If this was not so, then things could stop. And if all stopped—if all things stopped—then nothing could start, ever again. This is because we have no classical Unmoved Mover: that which moves without being moved.


If we do not want the classical Unmoved Mover, then Motion must be constant «somewhere» in nature.


But why must it be violent?


We need constant low entropy or heat, or else nature would die, as processes that consume energy can no longer be sustained.


But if nature could die, then why are we here? That is, if the second law of thermodynamics could end all, then why are we here?


We can imagine an eternity of time. We can imagine that there existed universes before our universe was even born. If nature could die, she would have, gazillion aeons ago.


If this eternal fire is there, then we have free energy. An eternal hot coffee cup!


The main problem people have with free energy, the way I understand it, is the following:


1 = energy available for mechanical work; i.e., low entropy (on its way to become high entropy)

-1 = energy unavailable for mechanical work; i.e., high entropy

0 = the vacuum of space


My «theory» of free energy says that the torus sucks in unavailable energy and orders it in its neck/center. The main problem people have, is the following: When 1 or -1 enters the 0, the 0 gets destroyed; and, therefore, my «theory» will not work.


As a friend said, «The vacuum cleaner sucks up itself!»

—I liked that one! Funny!


Let us see about that:


Existence = the cuboctahedron


The cuboctahedron is all there is. Everything stems from the cuboctahedron. The Big Bang stems from the cuboctahedron. The cuboctahedron is a set of 12 vectors that come together to produce nothingness or balance (or however you want to word it).


Therefore the cuboctahedron is a system, it collapses or folds. This creates a spin. The spin generates a torus (dual). The torus = spacetime.


Basically, what we are dealing with is one «really-fast» spinning whirlpool. The whole thing is a whirlpool. In other words, we do not have the 0. We have 1 and -1. But no 0.


This whirlpool has spun, is spinning, and will continue to spin forever as Newton’s First Law of Motion dictates. The First Law applies because we have only one thing to apply it to, namely, the whirlpool.


Basically, our reality is a «giant» whirlpool that spins so fast it generates the 12 vectors(?) That is all there is. That is, Motion is inherent. We cannot slow it down. It cannot disappear. It is nothingness. And we have to have that.


Thus, inside where the «vacuum» of space ought to be, we have, instead, fast spin, fast motion. That is what the vacuum is. It is not 0. The vacuum is 1. The vacuum is energy ready to do mechanical work. But since the whole thing expands, like a whirlpool, we get more than a fast-spinning core: we get these huge «wings»/«discs» where spacetime travels in these big circles/orbits. This is equal to a room where the coffee cools. At the core, the coffee is forever hot. And, since the whole thing is a rotating torus, our wings/spacetime have to follow the torus-flow back to the core where it is hot. Our cool coffee now becomes hot again. Then, the torus continues to rotate and expand out. Our coffee can now become cool (again) and grant the gift of life. And then it goes to the core. And out. And in. And out. Ad infinitum.


Free energy is not the act of reversing the Second Law of Thermodynamics but to realize that the Second Law of Thermodynamics needs a room in order to function; but there is no room in the zero-dimensional world of light, which is our torus’ core/center. Therefore, when all things return to the light, all is reset/ordered. Therefore, we defeat the Second Law of Thermodynamics by not defeating it.


Thus, on this picture, the 1 (or the -1) does not mess with, upset or destroy the core. The core is 1. The wings are -1. And nature is forever oscillating between the two. The 0 is no longer valid.


And, if we claim our coffee when it is hot again and then drink it, we are not messing with the flow. So we can have unlimited «hotness» (low entropy).


You can argue that the whirlpool needs energy in order to spin. But here we disagree. There is inherent motion in nature, and that motion will always be there (First Law). It is this Motion that allows the phenomenon of free energy.


A classical view of why free energy does not work:


«Since any moving object is also subject to friction forces, which dissipate the kinetic energy as it moves, the ball will always end a cycle with less energy than it started with, and will eventually stop moving.»


Our free energy device works by ordering the friction forces in the torus’ core/center/neck where it is still hot.


If free energy is true, then the whirlpool may never dissipate.


Conclusion: Generate a dual torus in your garage and get access to free energy. Free energy is like air, you need to learn how to breathe first in order to get at it. Thus, align with nature. You are not creating free energy. Nature does that for you. So now you know what the universe is. The universe is a pump (dual torus) that is sitting firmly in the ocean, pumping, pumping, pumping; creating infinite torus-flow and evolution.


Generate the dual torus, because that is what the cuboctahedron does.


Physicists believe that the ocean does not exist. Only the whirlpool (i.e., our universe) exists! But this is a paradox, if it were true. For example, the origin of such a thing/universe would be paradoxical, not to talk about nonsensical. And what would the whirlpool/universe expand into? Would it expand into the fabric of nonexistence, or, perhaps, some happy clowns’ underpants? No. The ocean is real. And the ocean can have existed forever because it is nothingness. It is the light’s point of view. The ocean = torus’ core/center = absolute spacetime/nothingness/the implicate order/non-locality.


The Ocean with capital O does exist. The whirlpools in our oceans are a mini-picture of the big-picture. As above, so below.


If our universe is a whirlpool, it must sit in an ocean. This ocean is not something of metaphysics. We might be able to detect this ocean. This ocean is not a normal ocean but a singularity of sorts (i.e., a black hole).


The Gyroscope is a perfect picture of Motion creating Motionlessness. That is, the Gyroscope is only stable (nothingness) when spinning (spacetime): This is my view of nothingness. Thus we need something that is both nothingness (wave) and spacetime (particle) at the same time. Only the torus matches this description (with its bottleneck being nothingness and its wings/shoulders being spacetime). Nothingness must forever spin in order to remain a nothingness. And so, it does spin ... forever. It cannot become «something.» But then how is the universe accomplished?


We exist in «something,» yet, reality is «nothing.» So how come then there is «something?» Answer: The «something» is an illusion.


In other words, energy cannot move. Only things with mass can move. But there is no such thing as «mass.» The illusion of mass comes from the dual torus. Two like poles that repel each other essentially generating the illusion of a boundary, which we see as the illusion of mass. The cuboctahedron dictates that there must be two toruses at the core of things; it comes out of the geometry. So there is symmetry in nothingness.


But really, it is all nothingness.


It is one helluva Marry-go-round that orders stuff into a ball, forever; so where do I break any laws? It is, basically, one big ass Hourglass! We are not upsetting the second law of thermodynamics; it is just that, from time to time, the Hourglass turns (naturally). The sands of time are always running from the upper bulb to the lower one. We are not breaking any laws. Stop saying that we do!


Straight lines in the cuboctahedron, curved lines in spacetime. This gives us two different and distinct worlds. One absolute (nothingness) and the other relative (spacetime). It is this absolute world that makes free energy possible. The absolute world from which our universe came.


In other words: The cuboctahedron is the optimal system for speed. And what does nature need speed for? Nature needs speed in order to generate nothingness. This process generates a torus (dual) or whirlpool. Thus the speed of nothingness, the whirlpool’s center is forever hot; thus, low entropy forever resides here. But, since she is a whirlpool, she has these huge wings that do not spin as fast. These wings are what we call spacetime. And the spacetime, because nature is a torus, must go back to the core/torus’ center/neck where it is forever hot. The high entropy spacetime becomes low entropy spacetime again. We cannot stop this process. It is eternal. It is the karma of the mystics. And karma cannot be stopped! It goes around and around. Hence, we get free energy. A free lunch. A free universe. And a universe from nothing. And our poetic coffee cup can stay forever hot! (The abode of hell is real!)


(Luckily, the whirlpool also has an eye, where it is calm; so heaven or Nirvana is also real.)


What I am trying to say is: We get a tail! A history. A trajectory. A Big Bang! thus the slower torus-wings that cannot keep up with the fast pace in the center of nothingness/the universal torus.


Solving the Riddle of Time: How the Big Bang banged!


If you take a spoon and make a little whirlpool/whirlwind in your glass, then you will see that the whirlpool is strongest/fastest at the head of the spoon. This fast motion creates nothingness. But, the motion that occurs higher up, viz., the motion that occurs higher up the handle of the spoon, does not spin as fast; this slower spin = spacetime. In this picture you have solved the Riddle of Time. That is, if the heart of nature is this perpetual and fast spin, then out of it comes what we call the Big Bang. The whirlpool spins so fast that you get nothingness, but, because it does spin, it will create a wider net in the fluid which cannot keep up with the fast pace in the center. This thing which cannot keep up with the fast spin in the center, will expand outwards, this is the Big Bang. We have a point, a spot/dot that is this knot we call nothingness/timelessness, and from it, because it spins, we get the Big Bang. What was before the Big Bang? Answer: Nothingness. Our «knot» and the Ocean. Thus, the way I see it, the only thing, the only logical thing that can generate what we call the Big Bang is a torus, that is, fast spinning motion that creates a net. This net is our universe. Basically, all is spin and there is nothing besides. The basic building block of reality is spin, that is to say, the torus.


And spin = the cuboctahedron. That is, build one and collapse/fold it, and you will see.


More Bearden:




«What’ve done is the closed current loop circuit where all the carriers have the same mass per charge ratio.»


«Any time you build a circuit like that, it’s quite easy to show that the amount of energy that circuit collects—when we do this free regauging, and we do increase its energy—ever how much it collects, it will then use precisely 50 % of that to destroy the thing that led it do that, which is really the dipole—the source dipole. It will use that to kill itself, so to speak; and have no more excess energy. The other half will go out to the circuit and power the loads and losses, that means that less than half gets to the load. Well, to restore that source dipole, in other words, so we can get some more energy in to use, it costs just as much to restore it as was used to destroy it, so we gotta put in more than we can ever get out in the load with such a squirrely circuit. And that’s the only kind of circuit that we’ve used in power systems since day one.»


«It would seem to be much more ideal to freely change the energy of the system, pay a little switching-cost, so we get it switched over to the load, and dump it in the load, and let it go—let it power the load. And so you can do it.»


«[…] we have built a whole science based on throwing away this enormous energy that is pulled out of the vacuum by every little, ole separation of charges, every dipole.»


All you have to do is break the symmetry(?) and leave the dipole alone.


Every dipole pours out energy.


«The problem is: How do we catch a goodly bit of this energy and use it asymmetrically: you dump it in a load and let it power that load, and not use half of it to go back over and kill the little dipole.»


Use a permanent magnet because the poles don’t get destroyed.


A permanent magnet = dipole


How do we catch the energy? We use a material that separates the magnetic field from the magnetic vector potential. What material? Bearden does not say. (He might have said it in other places.)


I believe: A dipole = two poles (north and south). This is a broken symmetry with respect to the vacuum. The vacuum is a dual torus. The dual torus has 2 dipoles, that is, 2 norths and 2 souths.


«We use it by diversion: If we dip some energy out of it, it will replenish instantly. We dip and pay the switch. Nature is a humongous river [...] then if we come down to another area and we let the water that was replenished still interact with something, and at the same time we dump the water that we dipped in there, we will have more energy by far than we are paying for dipping.»


Translating all this in a language that I can understand:


First off, nature is a system, which basically means that motion is inherent in nature. But this sparks a paradox, namely, the paradox of what set the motion into play. We resolve this paradox by realizing that motion = motionlessness, that is, that reality is the way the light perceives things. And no thing needs to set motionlessness into play, that is, motionlessness is in the game by default because it is a state that has no external parts, and thus no parts or trajectories (in space)/histories that must be explained. That is, from the light’s point of view, there is only nothingness. And this is true nothingness = no external time, no external space, no object; no black, no white, no consciousness; no nothing. It is, however, existence. If nonexistence = a nothingness that does not contain our curled up spacetime, then, if we tried to make that, then we would have to employ, say, no structure at all, and then we would get a system! Or, she would have to spin slower (but then we would get spacetime!). That is, nature is lazy (evolutionary reasonable), and thus she is trying to make nonexistence. She ever tries. She cannot do it! To accomplish our nothingness, nature has to spin very fast; thus, our reality is this fast spinning thing. And the only geometry I know of that can produce such a spin, is the cuboctahedron. From the cuboctahedron (which is built for speed), we get two toruses (this you can also see by building one). Thus, our reality or the vacuum of space must be the dual torus. The dual torus = 2 north poles and 2 south poles. The dual torus can morph into a single torus by having the opposite poles attract and become one. The overall picture we paint here, is: Reality is this giant whirlpool/torus that is forever spinning (viz., Newton’s First Law of Motion) where motionlessness or nothingness resides at the core (of any black hole)/the torus’ center, and spacetime (= that which is not the center) spins out of the core, goes around itself, and enters the core again. That is, spacetime comes out of the core and goes into the core perpetually and forever. Why does spacetime do this? Take a glass of chocolate milk: if you pour the powder in, then you have to take a spoon and mix the powder with the milk. Likewise, nature wants to create nothingness, so she has to spin very fast. But you see, only the core gets so fast as to produce nothingness; the rest does not come close, and that is spacetime. That is why spacetime exists and how you can get something out of nothing. Free energy, then, is when the spacetime goes into the core again; here the spacetime gets squashed because the core is so tight, and that action orders the dead energy that went into the core. The new and fresh energy is spun out of the core again. This process is forever (as dictated by Newton’s First Law of Motion). Thus, Bearden was right: The vacuum of space pours out fresh energy all the time. All we need to do is to catch it.


We set up a permanent magnet. This magnet pours out energy. We dip. The magnet replenishes what we stole. And then we can dip some more.


What happens in actuality: Reality is a torus that is ever spinning. Every atom, every particle is this torus. Everything is this torus. We can use a permanent magnet, for example. Draw a torus. Draw a light bulb. And draw a line between the torus and the light bulb. This line is the material that we shall use to steal energy from the torus in order to power the load, which is, in this case, a light bulb. We do that, and the energy is transferred from the torus to the light bulb. So far, so good. But the energy in the light bulb, what happens to it? That energy is dispersed out into the environment. And here is the deal: The environment consists of toruses, and nothing but toruses; so the energy goes out of the light bulb and, eventually, gets picked up by another torus. This is what Bearden means when he said that nature conserves energy in four dimensions. The forth dimension here, is the torus’ core/center. From here, thus the torus ever flows (as dictated by Newton’s First Law of Motion), the energy, now dead (since it was used in the light bulb), enters the center of the latter torus, where, it is, once again, ordered. From the center, it is spewed out again, and can now be used, again, to power our light bulb. What is more: The center of any torus in the universe is the center of our permanent magnet; this is so because the center of the torus (any torus) is so tight that it knows no dimension; it is dimensionless, that is, nothingness. We can thus draw arrows from the light bulb that point to the environment; and then we draw another torus to represent the environment. Then we draw arrows which show the path of the dead energy. That path leads into the heart of the latter torus. Then new and fresh energy is coming out of our permanent magnet again as our first torus = the latter torus. That is, we draw the fact that our two toruses’ centers are the same. We thus get a closed loop! Draw thus the Infinity Symbol as it captures our picture perfectly if you let the two Os represent a torus each. One torus working together with another. Our dual torus! This loop/dual torus is free energy; thus now the permanent magnet powers our light bulb forever and, you do not need to add energy to our magnet. It works perpetually. Nature cannot die! And, as you can see, this is not that perpetual motion machine. This thing does not violate physics.


So, how do you create free energy in reality?


The thing is, I believe (I stress this!) it is due to Newton’s Third Law of Motion that the energy which we steal from the torus in order to power our light bulb, also cascades back to our torus/magnet and destroys it, destroys the dipole. Something akin to this is what happens in our cars. We must therefore put more energy into our cars to run them. But if you could navigate this cascade so that it does not destroy the dipole, then you have free energy. That problem I leave to the engineer that has the courage to test my theory and forever change the game we are playing.


Instantaneously, the energy which you send to the light bulb goes back and destroys the dipole; this is Newton’s Third Law of Motion which says that if you press your finger against the table, the table will press against your finger. But what if you put on an «iron glove» (or gold, as gold transfers energy better—ok, maybe I am not an engineer?)? So we create free energy by diversion, like Bearden says. It is an energy-flow problem. With this «glove,» the energy may flow, not back to destroy the dipole, but out into the environment where it gets picked up by another torus, which will then lead the energy to be ordered once again before it appears in our permanent magnet a second time.


More: Space must always be open for free energy to work. That is, why does not space simply collapse? My answer: thus, the torus expands and contracts simultaneously. This is another key to understand the phenomenon of free energy.


But why would nature employ the torus and not, say, the strings in string theory? My answer: Reality must be in some sense 3D (even if it is an illusion). Thus, you need a 3D shape. Secondly, you need a shape that can fold in upon itself, or else you would create a paradox that is expanding ever outwards into a nonsensical nothingness. No. Reality must expand into itself. There is simply nothing else to expand into. Basically, you need a shape that answers all the fundamental questions. You cannot simply have these strings just put in there. The shape we are looking for needs to contain and encompass all of reality, like a big blanket that covers you, all of you. No part can be left uncovered lest we are ok with paradoxes. And the torus is the only shape which I can see that covers all and really encompasses all. A bubble would encompass all, but we are still left with the problem of origin. The origin is a dot, a point, a singularity, which would then, since we have motion also, transform our bubble into a torus! If you mull hard on it, then the torus is the only possible option, thus: You need to start at a point. Then you need to expand. Then you need to return to the point. And, you can’t simply turn around and walk back, for where would the brakes and such intelligence come from? So, you are left with no option but to circle back, which creates, again, a torus. Besides, the torus-shape is so elegant! It must be it in terms of beauty. I believe that «God» had no choice but to employ the torus. There is no other way. In addition, you have to expand and contract in order to stay stable and not collapse! This you must do if you want to be nothingness. And nature does want to be nothingness as she is lazy. That is, evolution is the evolution of laziness. Nature dislikes to work! which is evolutionary: You spare time and energy where you can. An example from the animal kingdom: You do not go after the mother if you can kill the child for food as the child is weaker.


The strings may be toruses, though. So I am not bashing on string theory. However, reality is simple, free energy is the simplest reality there is, so maybe 10 dimensions in string theory are a tad too much!?


More Bearden: (Note that I am transferring Bearden’s words from the YouTube video into written text, so I may not be super-accurate here.)


«Our engineers are taught to throw away about ten trillion times for a typical average case as much energy as they pull out of the vacuum without even knowing it in a generator and a battery—as pouring out down the circuit and misses the circuit. They throw all that away and only calculate the little bit that we catch in that circuit and then use. Now, when we measure the circuit, we obviously measure the energy being dissipated by the various pieces of that circuit. Well, if the energy being thrown out of there, it had to get in there. So obviously, the measurements of the circuit will match pointings-theory because it will match the energy that actually went in there to get dissipated.»


«Like the country boy said: You’ve got a pipe here, so to speak, that’s got some holes in it. If you measure all the water flowing out, that’s how much water come in it. Now, your whole river can be around it, missing the pipe, and you won’t measure that. So we have built a whole science based on throwing away this enormous energy that is pulled out of the vacuum by every little, ole separation of charges—every dipole.»


We measure the energy which is dissipated in the circuit and hence we get the result that there is little energy to be had. But this is equal to taking a bucket, going down to the river, filling the bucket with water, and claim that the total amount of water in the river is = to the water which you now pour out of your bucket! How crazy is that!?


Like the country boy said, the whole of science predicated on what the country boy said! Imagine!!! Even so, you don’t need for the vacuum to be this gigantic source of energy, because it is not about flow per se: free energy is about ordering the dead energies making them come alive again; that is, the vacuum may have this tiny flow (meaning Bearden is wrong here), it doesn’t matter, the principle of free energy is still valid.


One night I dreamt I was ice skating with this grumpy, ole professor. This was outdoors, in this big, open field of ice. «You see,» proclaimed the professor. «Free energy is impossible!» He continued, «If free energy was possible, you would be able to move around on the ice without getting tired.» I wanted to prove the professor wrong, so I started to really pick up speed. «See!?» I shouted. «I don’t get tired.» I said. After a while I gave in, «You are right, professor.» I admitted, «I can’t do this forever.» «Good.» the professor said. «Now you see how silly the notion of free energy REALLY is.» «Yeah.» I exclaimed. «I didn’t know how silly it REALLY was!» «Yes,» said the professor. «It is REALLY quite embarrassing!» I said to myself: «Now I know why science proclaims its impossibility.» Then I woke up.


My dream didn’t actually go like this, but you get the point. My dream logic went something like this: If I could prove to the professor that I could ice skate forever, then I would have proved the reality of free energy. I even drew him a picture of free energy (which was some sort of blueprint proving the actuality of free energy) and then proceeded to put on my ice skates to prove my theory—as if my ice skates were = to a free energy device. How weird dream logic really is! This was in a building of some sort, like a warehouse. I ran after the professor in the warehouse, which was empty! I needed so badly to catch up with him. And I did! Catching up to the professor was = to saving the world! Then the «warehouse» turned into a field of ice.


I fell asleep again. I had to! Luckily, the dream continued: I was in the open field of ice. The weather was nice. The sun was out. And to my amazement, a UFO landed next to us. Out stepped a green, little man with a big head and BIG, round, warm and smiling eyes. He was not scary at all! But he was quite mad at the professor! However, the alien didn’t say a word. The green fellow just puts on ice skates, and then the professor and I watched as the ice skates propelled the alien along the ice. «Impossible!» proclaimed the professor, «You are violating physics!» «I am not.» explained the little alien. «Then your ice skates have some sort of motor on them!» shouted the professor. «Do you see a fuel tank?» replied the alien. «Then this must be some sort of magic trick; an illusion!» explained the professor. «No.» continued the alien. Now the professor was furious! «You can’t do that!» «Stop it!» «It is not possible!» The professor was overcome with rage. «How?» I said. The alien explained: «You see the ice?» «Yes.» I replied. «These ice skates were simply made in the image of reality. They were made to mimic the ice on the atomic level. You do not see it, all you see is a flat area covered with ice, but when the blades interact with the ice, they turn, or so we explain, the ice field into a non-flat area. I am really just going downhill. No energy is needed if you are always falling down. The ice skates were made to last! However, the blades do not use energy in order to morph the ice into a non-flat area: because the ice always was, that is, a non-flat area. And reality is like that: she is ever falling; falling into the chasms of infinity.» The alien explained: «Existence is ever falling into itself.» «There is no such thing as infinity!» the professor hurriedly exclaimed. «There is.» replied the alien. «Infinity is a circle. All is a circle.» «But the ice skates themselves cost energy to make.» the professor said triumphantly. «Not these ones.» replied the alien. «My 4D printer just made these—my 4D printer which is coupled to my spaceship that does not own a fuel tank!» laughed the alien. The professor raged against all rage! «But you have no motor, so you can’t ever leave! because there is no such thing as aliens or antigravity!» «I am real.» said the alien. «Antigravity is not.» «Then how do you take off!?» Now the professor was curious. «There may not be such a thing as antigravity, but there is such a thing as gravity and, with gravity, I can make my own gravitational field.» The professor’s jaws just dropped. The alien flew away. And I woke up!


Infinity or this loop. That is what the torus is. The alien was right: Existence is ever falling into itself. For sure, in the future, we will fly around in anti-fuel-tank spaceships propelled by dual-toruses that generate their own gravitational fields: because any torus is whole unto itself. And then this quote will get a new meaning:


«To infinity... and beyond!»—Buzz Lightyear


The Deepest Level of our reality: Harry Potter!


Let us not beat around the bush, the deepest level of our reality = the infinite vector. (Which means that all is electric.)


A vector is a line of energy, liken it to a ray of light. This line, which is really an infinite line since it goes in a loop that we call a torus, can go either forwards or backwards. That is, if you can climb up the tree, then you can also climb down the tree. So «up» creates «down.» This gives you the north pole and the south pole. 1 and 0. Muspelheim and Niflheim. Yang and Yin (See what I did there?). Harry Potter and Voldemort. That is all there is. Basically, all is Harry Potter and his wand. His wand shoots out an everlasting beam. You cannot destroy this beam. This beam will continue on forever. Now, if you direct Harry Potter (this is allowed) so that he and his beam power, say, a light bulb, then Harry Potter’s wand will power the light bulb forever. This is free energy. This is what reality is. Reality is the motion, viz., the light in the light bulb. In the big picture, you cannot stop the thing called motion (viz., Newton’s First Law of Motion). Motion is forever and so energy (and our universe) is free. A universe from nothing. Free lunch! So the light bulb will light up forever as you cannot destroy nothingness/motion. But why then, doesn’t it? The thing is, when Harry Potter’s beam hits the light bulb, then a phenomenon called Newton’s Third Law of Motion kicks in and creates Harry Potter’s archenemy, which we all know is the one whose name should not be uttered (but we do it anyways): the Dark Lord Voldemort. Voldemort then, fires a beam at Harry’s beam, and the beams cancel, that is, like poles repel. In other words, the dipole (i.e., the torus) or Harry Potter’s beam is not destroyed per se, rather, our permanent magnet/Harry Potter’s beam (i.e., the torus) is cut off and, our light bulb goes dark. So, in order to make our light bulb shine again, we need to introduce more energy, say, Hermine. Hermine can then shoot her beam at the light bulb and the light bulb lights up again. But this action creates another Voldemort! Then Ron can fire his beam, and another shadow of the Dark Lord appears. This is actually how it is with our motorcars (since all is, deep down, electric) and why we need to fill up the tank after a couple of miles. But, if we somehow could direct Voldemort’s beam so that it does not disturb Harry Potter’s beam, then our light bulb will not go dark but shine forever. Then we do not need Hermine and Ron. However, we may appreciate Hermine’s skills here, because Harry is busy fighting the Dark Lord. Could we use Hermine’s wand/beam to direct Voldemort’s beam off Harry? If an engineer figures out how to do this, then he or she will have created free energy. But, directing Voldemort off Harry may not be enough, that is, Voldemort does perhaps have some tricks up his sleeves that I cannot account for here. So if you don’t pull off free energy right away, do not be discouraged. There must be a way that Harry Potter can win! Find the solution. The solution is: unlike poles attract. Create a reality that knows only unlike poles, that is, that knows only attraction. We then direct a «south pole beam» at Voldemort’s «north pole beam» (Harry and Voldemort = north to north), and then direct Voldemort’s «north pole beam» into the ground. This should give us a light bulb that shines forever. That is, we get 100%. But we want to go overunity. We then direct Voldemort’s «north pole beam» back at its place of origin, which is the load, that is, our light bulb. This action will create a new Voldemort. Then we direct this new Voldemort back at itself, that is, back at the load (Bearden: Dump it in the load and let it power the load.). This will create a new Voldemort and so on. We thus get overunity. Does nature create this surplus? Answer: No. Energy cannot be created. Energy always was. Overunity is not «overunity.» Overunity is simply drawing energy from your environment. The torus is like a vacuum cleaner. The thing is, the torus is literally a vacuum cleaner!


Make Voldemort the hero of the story. Make him work for you. Let him team up with Harry.


Note that Voldemort’s «north pole beam» also has a south pole. Thus, it is Voldemort’s «south pole» that we direct back at the load. Harry Potter also has a «south pole.»


Nothingness = motion = dipole = torus = magnet = Harry Potter’s beam


Harry Potter’s south pole = the origin of origins, viz., the beginning of time.


Harry Potter, in reality = Hermine = Ron = Voldemort. All is one! One flow!


This is the KEY:


Harry Potter’s wand cannot be destroyed! This is the key to free energy. The energy is there, the energy is forever, we just need to learn how to employ it. I believe: The energy is there = Nikola Tesla’s aether.










Nothingness with Lawrence Krauss:


Lawrence Krauss gives us a picture of nothingness where we add up all the energy in the universe and it amounts to 0. Matter is positive and gravity is negative and we get: minus 1 plus 1 = 0. When a quantum field is arranged in a certain way, the field does not yield matter. Therefore the field is inherently unstable, the field will rearrange continually and this will yield matter eventually. Mr. Philosopher is not satisfied with this definition however, because to him, nothing is nothing. Period!


However, I think it is a big error of reason to let your words become more powerful than the universe itself. How the hell can Mr. Philosopher even presume that if nothing has properties, then it is not nothing!? Or, that nothingness = from which no effect can ever be caused. How? It baffles my mind how the philosophers can do this. I get the impression that it is like this: What Mr. Philosopher says is nothing, that is nothing. We have agreed for thousands of years! So the meme has become more powerful than reason. Well, that is the Lord! All hail the Lord. It is as if the layperson is cut off from even participating in the debate. It is as if we cannot think for ourselves, but must listen to what some philosopher who uttered nonsense, 2000 years ago!


We should define what we mean by nothing. Here is my definition: Nothing is what you get when you remove space and time and black and white and consciousness and... You know, this nothing is not even black! It has no dimension. It is, at best, a point. Yet, this nothing is not good enough! What the hell is nothing but the absence of space & time? But, no! This is not good enough. For nothing to be truly nothing, according to Mr. Philosopher, nothing must be without properties. Who says? Who the hell says? Does nature say that? Here is how you create «a nothing» that still retains properties: You define the colors of the rainbow as spacetime. Then you contain the rainbow in a white light. The white light, by our definition, did not belong to «spacetime.» Ok. But the white light is something; it is not nothing. That may be so. But who says that spacetime cannot be contained in a dimensionless state? If it could, then we would have literally no thing in the universe and, we would have no universe. We would, however, have a state. We would have existence. We would have a state of nothingness where the universe is curled up. Yes. But such a dimensionless state cannot be? Who says? This dimensionless state is simply timelessness or motionlessness. If you have motionlessness, then the motionless state can contain the potential of motion, for example. Having a motionless state at the beginning of time, we solve the paradox of the First Cause because now we have a First Mover that does not itself move: The Unmoved Mover. But how does motionlessness cause motion when motionlessness per definition does not move? That is a tricky one. The answer may, and this will come as a surprise to Mr. Philosopher, not lie in the word «cause.» That is, we do not need it. Causality is ugly and paradoxical. Rather, we need the word «existence.» That is, motionlessness is motion; just like the white light = the rainbow. However, just because they are the same, does not mean that they inhabit the same world. Here is my picture of where we came from:


As we have said many times, the universe, from the point of view of light, is simply not there, so, in order to create motionlessness we need fast motion. We need fast spin. This is the job of the cuboctahedron. Lawrence Krauss has one problem: How does 0 split up into minus 1 and plus 1? That is, it is easy for matter and gravity to produce nothing, because we have motion. But how does no motion produce matter and gravity? Like Neil deGrasse Tyson noted, the knowhow is missing to birth the universe. If we insert the cuboctahedron, we resolve this issue: the cuboctahedron spins, creating a massive torus or, if you like, a massive whirlpool. Like we said earlier, the whirlpool spins so fast that you get nothingness, but, because it does spin, it will create a wider net in the fluid which cannot keep up with the fast pace in the center. (This is Krauss’ instability.) From the point of view of the observer: This thing which cannot keep up with the fast spin in the center, will expand outwards; this is the Big Bang. We thus get a torus that is expanding and contracting at the same time. That is, if the thing expands outwards, it must, simultaneously, expand inwards due to the fact that energy cannot be destroyed. Nature must therefore take what expands outwards and feed it back into the core to keep nothingness live and well. Nothingness-production is all there is. We are the froth of nothingness.


How does 0 (this is not the same 0 as earlier in the book) split up into minus 1 and plus 1? Answer: There is no splitting up. There is no need to «knowhow» per se. 0 or motionlessness has always been and will always be. Minus 1 and plus 1, which is the torus, has always been and will always be. And motionlessness = the torus. That is, the Unmoved Mover does not cause the universe. Rather, the Unmoved Mover is the universe or a part of the universe, like the center of the torus is a part (essential) of the torus. We thus have 2 worlds (which are really one world): the absolute world of light or motionlessness and the relative universe.


To put all this in other words:


Structure vs system vs period!


If nature was a structure, then we would not have nothingness. For where did the structure come from?


If nature was/is a system, then we could have nothingness. For a system have no parts that you need to explain. You do have motion, but motion can take the form of motionlessness. But how do we explain motionlessness? What caused it? No. That does not work. A cause only works for moving things. What created it, then? It is tricky! It is the BIG question. It is really bizarre! How can existence be? That things are is the biggest brain scam in history. And the answer may never be satisfactorily answered. I believe, however, that: This is the absolute state. It is positive because it is absolute. It is its nature. I cannot explain. Maybe some day we will. And, if nonexistence turns out to be a paradox, and cannot ever be a real deal, then existence is the default. However, that still does not explain it. I believe it has to do with having the simplest possible state (0 energy), that is, there is a logical climax where you cannot create something that is simpler, that is, you cannot go beyond the simplest state that can be had. Mr. Philosopher wants to go beyond the simplest state by asserting that nothingness does not have properties. If we remove space and time and black and white and consciousness and the universe, then it seems to me that we cannot do simpler. And if this state must be positive (because it is made, in some sense, of motion), then we have answered «What created it?» And the answer is: The simplest state that can be had, has to have motion. But where did the motion come from? It did not «come from,» it is motionless. Understanding the nature of motionlessness is the key. That is, motion is not caused. Motion is what the whole thing is. It always was because it is the simplest state that can be had. «But that still does not explain it.» (I believe it does. We have to look at things from nature’s point of view: From nature’s point of view, there is always nothingness. As we saw in our thought experiment.)


If there was existence or nonexistence, we would still have a simplest state. That state must be there by virtue of being the simplest. It is just that Mr. Philosopher thinks that the simplest is «a nothing» that has no properties. But this is not logically valid. Having no property or attribute at all, may, for all we know, demand infinite complexity! Likewise, having no moving parts at all, as we have seen, requires the speed of light.


If nature is in accord with Mr. Philosopher («Nothing is nothing, period!»), then nothing is the negation of existence, the negative. As if words have power over reality! Imagine what kind of monster you would have created if you negated existence! Mr. Philosopher says, «Oh, then you’ll just get nothing.» Oh, really! Well, that is not clear to me! To me, it sounds like you would actually create the Invisible Pink Unicorn! Words fail motion. Being fails motion. The universe cannot be of being. The universe must be of becoming. That answers it! What the hell can logic and words tell us about negating existence!? So let us differentiate between a positive nothing (which contains existence or spacetime) and a negative nothing (which is, by its own definition, a nothing that is not (negative) a nothing).


It is unfair to say that Krauss’s nothing is not really nothing. Krauss’s nothing = the removal of space and time and black and white and consciousness and the universe and its laws. This is nothing. No object. No space. No time. How is that not nothing? I do not understand what the philosophers are doing if this is not nothing!? Please explain! However, it is fair to say that Krauss’s nothing does not = nonexistence.


But there is a difference between our perception of nothingness and the negation of all positivity, which is nonexistence. That is, that nothingness is negative is not clear to me. That nothingness = nonexistence is not clear to me. «But then you do not have nothing.» Fine. Mr. Philosopher. Fine. But what we do have: We have no external projection of space and time and black and white and consciousness and, no external universe. And that nothingness is not even black! And that our universe has arisen from not even blackness is a kaleidoscopic brain twister to me!


Nature should tell us what nothingness is. Philosophers should not tell us what nothingness is.


David Albert, professor of philosophy at Columbia, put it well when, in his critique of Krauss’s book, he stated:

«The fact that some arrangements of fields happen to correspond to the existence of particles and some don’t is not a whit more mysterious than the fact that some of the possible arrangements of my fingers happen to correspond to the existence of a fist and some don’t. And the fact that particles can pop in and out of existence, over time, as those fields rearrange themselves, is not a whit more mysterious than the fact that fists can pop in and out of existence, over time, as my fingers rearrange themselves. And none of these poppings — if you look at them aright — amount to anything even remotely in the neighborhood of a creation from nothing.»


Dear professor, your argument is flawed because your hand belongs to the relative universe. Krauss’ particles pop from an absolute state in which you remove space and time altogether. But be careful with the word «remove» here, because, to some, remove means «turning the thing nonexistent!» If I remove my hand from the hot stove, I save my hand from nonexistence! «To remove» is not synonymous with nonexistence.


If nothing = nonexistence, then, you are right, Ex nihilo nihil fit: From nothing, nothing comes.


But nature does not say that. If nothing = existence, then we may see that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. However, the energy must start in an absolute state, lest we be surrounded by infinite unresolvable paradoxes, like David Albert’s hand! (See how his argument is fundamentally flawed?)


Nothingness = All is a giant whirlpool and we are stuck on the rim.


This whirlpool is stable in the sense that its center always remains motionless. And this motionlessness = from which no effect can ever be caused. Yet, our motionlessness «causes» all effects by being this giant spoon: If you take a spoon and make a little whirlpool in your glass, then you will see that the whirlpool is fastest at the head of the spoon. This fast motion creates nothingness. But, the motion that occurs higher up the handle of the spoon, does not spin as fast. That is, motionlessness «causes» all effects by having this «handle.»


So the real Unmoved Mover does not cause the effect that is the universe, the real Unmoved Mover causes (indirectly) the effect that is the universe by having this «handle.»


And if I get the counterargument, «It either causes, or it does not.» then please read the text one more time. Motionlessness does not cause physically. It IS motion.





It reminds me of an old joke I once heard: An atheist tells God, «Look God, we scientists have gotten the universe all figured out. We have mastered the secrets of nature and could even recreate the whole universe from a speck of dust.» God says, «I’d like to see that. Please show me.» The atheist gets out a speck of dust, but before he can begin, God stops him and says, «Hey, you’re gonna have to get your own dust.»

I will (once I figure out free energy).













Free energy: Merlin’s Secret


Existence = a vector that is closed (like in a loop). That vector can go back and forth. This creates 1 and 0. That is all there is. North and south. The dual torus.


Our Motorcars, for example, experience, at the basic level, this north to north manifestation (viz., Newton’s Third Law of Motion). This creates a wall. We must therefore put more gas in our tank and create new vectors. These vectors will experience the north to north phenomenon. So we must add more energy. The same thing happens in our bodies, that is one reason why we need food. Free energy then, is simply to remove the wall by directing one of the norths to the side. The other north will, for example, go to a light bulb and power it forever as the wall is now gone.


In other words: All is an «infinite line,» a serpent, a dragon. Train your dragon. Let it work for you! This is Merlin’s secret.


The infinite line («infinite» therefore time) creates a wave in the cuboctahedron. That is, the cuboctahedron is this back and forth motion.


To free energy hunters: Do not be discouraged, all is simple! All is really just one vector. One fish! Let it work for you.


People have such a weird notion of what energy really is. Energy is forever. It cannot be destroyed. So it can power a light bulb forever. The difference is between one of available and unavailable energy. But energy itself is eternal.


Why the dual torus? If you stack tetrahedrons so that they contain the cuboctahedron, then you will see that you have tetrahedron-arrays which are polarized. The cuboctahedron folds into the tetrahedron and back up and, as the cuboctahedron can fold in both arrays, we have created a dual torus. So ETERNITY has always been this dual torus. Symmetry is fundamental—though the dual torus can become a single torus by attraction, that is, north to south. This way you create free energy(?)


The torus has been going in a circle forever. That is, all is a river (literally—no poetry here), thus free energy is the easiest thing: Just build a boat that floats.


Yes, literally: Nature is falling in or into herself creating this vast river that is ever flowing from eternity to eternity. That is what the torus does.


«Where is your infinite source?» Free energy is about form, the form of the torus. We do not need an infinite source. We need only finity.


All is finite. You start at 0 or motionlessness, then you go up to the speed of light, and then you are motionless again. All frequencies or energy states exist between. Finite energy in the cosmos: between the speed of light and motionlessness. (By the word «infinite» in my papers, I simply mean the ever spinning vacuum.)


«Free energy cannot be so easy as: Making the snake (vector) work for you and not against you (as in our cars). It cannot be that simple! You need to study physics.»


If I did that, then I would never have an original thought as «the memes of physics» would block any new evolution, just like the dinosaurs had to go extinct before any new road could open. This new road our ancestors trod. Nobody thinks about that one! No. Keep adding more dinosaurs! However, I admit, my book here does not give you HOW: How do you create free energy? I have tried to give you the how, but if it works I have no idea. Anyway, I wrote my book because of the WHY. I believe I have answered WHY it works: We shrink the room. That is «why» I wrote this book. It should be enough. From this original thought may evolve a brave new world. We just need to learn how to put our finger through the wall first, that is, north to south. Two colliding vectors = north to north = no free energy. If you align, all the way, north to south = free energy. It is THAT simple(?) I may be wrong. I may be laughed at. But having never tried is far, far more dangerous to the spirit.


It can be THAT simple!


Dad told me that all is 1 and 0. He was right! Binary logic. This seems to be the revelation of the smartest man on earth too: Christopher Michael Langan. Read his CTMU:


More: «The energy must be added!» Yes. And that is EXACTLY my point! It is like this: All of reality shares the same root. The center of an atom is the center of all other atoms. So the picture we paint here is: All can be seen as a torus, or, for an easier illustration, a whirlpool. This whirlpool is all there is. Then it copies itself. One atom becomes two. But, here is the thing: when it copies itself, it will remain itself, that is, the copy will stay connected to the root (tunes into the same frequency), or else the new atom cannot spin. Thus, all spinning things share the same root. Just like we humans share a common ancestor. It cannot be any other way. We must share the same root. Or, the new copy will spin with the force of nothingness and thus melt with the greater nothingness anyway, as nature must always remain in a state of nothingness. There is no separation at the root. You cannot separate the root. Separating the root would be = to having two roots (at the beginning of time) that are at different speeds. But the velocity of the root must always remain that of nothingness, which is the speed of light or faster. There is only one speed at the core. So when we transfer energy from a torus (A) to power a light bulb, the energy in the light bulb will dissipate into the environment; the environment consists of toruses (B) and the dead energy will flow into any torus-center in the environment where it will be ordered (once again, ad infinitum). And, since this center (B) is the center of all centers (A), the new energy can flow out of our torus (A). And, we do not violate the first law of thermodynamics. A = B


So the energy we need is always added. It is taken from the environment. It is not created! And the energy is not taken from some mysterious «source.»


However, it is not that some mysterious intelligence takes B and puts it into A again, rather, it is that all the energy ends up in the same honeypot.


What is energy? Where does the magnet get its energy from?


You exert no energy if you are motionless. And the magnet (core) is motionless; it is nothingness. So the energy is zero. All the energy in the universe amounts to zero: a universe from nothing. A book does not burn energy while it is resting on, say, your table. Likewise, eternity does not burn energy (which may answer the BIG QUESTION). You can only get energy into a magnetic field by putting it there. Like the earth’s gravity: You can lift (expend work) our book here off the table and drop it, and the potential energy will = the kinetic energy and the energy is once more and precisely 0. So there is a difference between force and energy. Energy is that which you must have in order to work against the force. The force uses 0 energy (Newton’s First Law of Motion).


In other words: If existence = a single torus and, the torus = motionlessness/the speed of light, then the torus will spin forever as there is no one or no thing to stop it. This spin requires 0 energy. (Liken it to an object that is forever spinning in space. It will just continue to spin forever unless something acts upon it.) So our eternal spin is a force (not energy). Energy is what you get when you work against the force, like lifting an object off the ground, that is, against the direction of the force. That is, the torus is a giant whirlpool that sucks things towards its center and then spews the things out from its center, to once more draw the things towards its center. Liken it to the speed of light that always is on the move and, while it is on the move, it moves in this torus-shape. Thus, that the torus-center spews things out again, is no more mysterious than an object faring across space in a straight line will continue to fare across space in a straight line unless something stops it. That is, the torus does not need energy in order to radiate.


The reason why the earth’s gravity is weaker than a magnet is because it is not true. My torus-musings here say that they are the same. The difference is one of size. The earth’s gravity is a much larger torus while the magnet is a smaller torus. The force is the same (viz., the force of nothingness), and the only reason why the magnet wins the battle, so to speak, is because the torus-flow is closer to, say, a paperclip (which we can use in our thought experiment here). It is like a little whirlpool sits in a bigger one and you are closer to the little one’s center and you will fall into that instead. It is not like this guy over «here» is stronger than that guy over «there,» it is just that this guy «here» is here and will therefore knock you to the ground!


Ok. But if the magnet has no energy, how then, can we accomplish FREE energy?


Free energy: If, say, a ball rolls down a hill, then it gains kinetic energy, but this energy does not come from gravity. It came from being placed atop the hill against gravity.


So, who blows up the balloon?


Today, physicist like to think that no one or no thing blows up the balloon, rather, you roll down the gravity-field forever, into this mysterious singularity. However, if the torus-model is correct, then there is no such thing as a singularity, rather, the torus blows up automatically, it expands and thus radiates, exactly, energy. Thus, energy, by our definition, was a potential that is set against a force. Thus, when the torus radiates, some of that radiation will leave the orbit or the path of the torus-flow due to the torus’ ability to grow and become potentially a new universe (that is, liken the growing-torus to an object that is faring across space in a straight line: our object will continue to fare across space in a straight line unless something stops it.) By leaving orbit, so to speak, you are, per definition, energy, as you are set against a force, namely, the flow of the torus you just left. That is, smaller toruses shoot out bigger toruses all the time. And the bigger toruses shoot out even bigger toruses, and so on.


That is, energy or work is force times distance.


Thus, distance is the key here. Energy is that which you get between two toruses.


I feel so stupid: How can free energy be so simple and, yet, they label it the impossibility of impossibilities!? I believe it is due to the fact that modern physics has no one or no thing to blow up their «balloon.» However, I am just a layperson, so I will not understand why it is impossible because I do not understand the philosophy they are meddling. That is, they say that nature is dying. Entropy will increase and, that will be that. It is like you expel air, but you cannot draw it in? Modern physics is missing half of the puzzle pieces. Because, if you have a thing that orders stuff for you, then that mechanism does not go away, neither does it magically appear. So the only way (that I can see) that we are here, is because of Order. And the mechanism that orders things cannot go away. Thus, we have Order through eternity and hence, free energy (order) is the only possible solution as to why we are here. Nature cannot die. If she could, then we would not be here. «Oh. But we are physicists. We do not dive that deep into philosophy.»


A physicist would call me or this book the Mother of all Crackpots. I am aware of the massive critique and the distorted waves that will be sent my way. And Apollo will criticize me for not being trained in his school. But alas, convergent evolution is true. Free energy will see the light of day, even if this little seed fails.


At least my torus starts at a point, expands outwards and then contracts. Here, we have no «always been,» but a solution to the riddle of time: we have a beginning. A beginning (i.e., the torus-center) that will always be there (even now) giving us a fresh start throughout eternity.


And, if you want a Basic Building Block and, you have to start at a point, how do you not get a torus?


And if I have failed to grasp a physics concept that is really easy and the concept explains why free energy is impossible, then I still want an answer: Can nature die? If not, why then is free energy impossible? What is this easy thing that I fail to understand all the time?


I googled it, and this is what I found (it will have to do until a real physicist answers me):


«If we lived in a world where we did not have gravity, magnets, the sun or wind (etc.) then I could see saying that a free energy device could not work. But with these FREE elements, why do we insist that it cannot be done? In other words, why is it that we accept solar power, but not gravity-powered, or magnet-powered energy, that is perpetual? It does NOT breat the second law of Thermodyamics because it IS powered by an outside source — namely the magnets or gravity. I’m convinced it can be done, and have even seen it done on small scale.»

Best Answer 1: «First you must understand the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy. Take for example a weight that you place at some height. It took you energy to place it at that height. The energy you can get from dropping that weight will be at equal to or less than the energy required to lift it to that height.»

«However hydroelectric power is getting energy from gravity. It is the environment that lifts that water to a height by evaporation and then rain.»

«No matter what you do to get gravity energy out of something, you (or something else) had to put energy into before hand.»

«Magnets are the same thing. Two magnets may more toward each other and you can get kinetic energy from them, but to pull them apart again will required energy.»

«If you are going to use the second law of thermo, I prefer the more general version that I learned in grad school: « In any thermodynamic process the entropy of the universe will increase or remain constant.» When thinking about such problems, you should not be thinking of an outside source. Consider the entire universe as your system.»


And 2:

«Magnets do no work. You can’t get energy out of them for free.»


And 3:

«I am not a physicist, but I know that nothing is free.»

«I am speaking metaphysically, metaphorically and realistically.»

«In order to get SOMETHING, something else has to be used or expended. We might call solar energy ‘free’ but it is at the cost of a dying sun.»


And 4:

«i have only learned physics only in my high school. but in my experiments with magnetic free energy, i would like to say it is possible. in the near future it will be invented. otherwise there is no survival for this ENERGY ADICTED world. just keep in mind that, everything was impossible until someone did it.»


1: —So understanding the difference between potential and kinetic energy makes free energy impossible because ... ? Radiation from the torus might be the key.

—You put energy in and that makes free energy impossible because ... ? Nature puts in dead energy for us (which is all we need).

—Entropy will always increase, and that makes free energy impossible because ... ? Here you only need a mechanism that orders energy, and entropy can increase FOREVER. Even as we order energy, entropy is increasing. Entropy is ALWAYS increasing. That is not a contradiction. And I DO consider the universe as a closed system in that sense, the difference is, I also consider its form (viz., the torus-center).


2: Alas, magnets do not work (they are lazy like me), but do you need to work in order to radiate? The spirits say: «The eternal sun is shining!» (Free energy is that easy.)


3: [...] something else has to be used. Yes. And we use the environment. [...] the cost of a dying sun. Free energy is due to the cost of a dying universe! The whole shebang must die for free energy to be real. It is just that, we are also talking about a resurrection (viz., the torus-center).


4: Yes. And that is that eternal lesson from history, which everybody seems to forget. All things, at some point, were impossible. «Fly?» «Up there!?» «Impossible!»




The sticky spot:


Magnets do have energy, (they are some form of a static battery) ,they have potential just like gravity, (gravity is also a static battery),  Evaporation has solved the sticky spot problem that magnet motors have .  Magnets like gravity is a conservative force meaning it attracts objects toward itself with the exception of like poles but that is getting technical for no reason. One can not get energy from gravity but we do in the form of hydro dams I am sure someone would say but it took energy to build the dam once more I would say do not get technical. we would not build them because they would make no sense.  The problem that magnet motors have is not that they have no energy it is the sticky spot problem. image for a moment if they did not have this problem then what would you say. I know you would say they would degauss and rapidly, to that i would say wind energy would be a big waste cause those things cost millions oh! and the motors that they use at hydro dams all a waste. I have a feeling that you have put your brains to this magnet motor problem then gave up and you forgot about the sticky spot then you went for a text book explanation for why it is impossible. This is the same problem Faraday had when he invented the electric motor how do I make this thing go round and round he thought, let me put brushes to fool the dam thing so it  feels like it is one long continuous line while all the geniuses of his day say it is impossible to do.  And once and for all magnets do not have free energy they are a battery and I guess they are efficient that is why nature has chose to use it. Magnetism and gravity they are long lasting it is what holds matter together. So please go back to the drawing board. Please do not get me wrong and think that I am advocating for free energy, what I am advocating  for, that it is possible to make magnets into batteries to store energy. So we have a configuration problem that is all. Some one said that magnets are not batteries because they cause an unbalanced state that is what normal batteries do cause an unbalanced state electronics would not work otherwise. Batteries have potential energy until someone completes the circuit in fact everything has potential energy until someone completes the circuit.





Magnets do not «discharge.»






It is impossible to «extract» from permanent magnets «energy.»






If a magnet motor is in fact not possible, this is not a valid reason as to why. I’m not saying a magnet cannot become degaussed, because it’s proven that they can, especially with high heat, or impact. A magnet is not a battery. Energy put into a magnet simply aligns the domains, and causes an unbalanced state in nature. Nature continues to try and create balance again, which is where the energy used in applications comes from. When nature balances it, the magnet looses it’s strength.



My respond: I admit to being a layperson of the highest degree. Thus, I cannot give professional answers. By «degaussed,» I understand that you can dismantle the flow/force (but never destroy it). By «unbalanced state» I understand that we create a potential that is set against a force. That is, drop the book and you will balance it. That is what nature does: she seeks balance (i.e., to contract). By «completes the circuit» I understand that you remove the potential and, once again, you have 0 energy. That is, 0 energy is the complete circle (viz., torus). By «discharge» I understand that the flow of the magnet cannot leave the magnet (i.e., the circle ever circles). By «extract» I understand that the flow contains 0 energy anyway, so there is nothing to extract to begin with.


My torus-model works by the cuboctahedron folding, creating this torus and, as it folds, it must copy itself (like your piano: as you move up, you must «replicate» the octaves) therefore you get a new cuboctahedron after the folding of the first. Thus, the torus-flow can flow with no energy, without discharging, and yet, we get radiation/energy from it. Like a fetus in a womb: You cannot use the one cell, but lo, it is dividing! Life. A growing universe! Thus, still, I do not see WHY free energy is this impossible thing.


All is one force (all is light), which is black light or nothingness. Energy is the distance. A falling object generates kinetic energy, which then goes into the light bulb and powers it. «But I do not see the bacterium!» It happens on a small scale. The falling object can be a torus that is born of another torus (i.e., the radiation). Now, we have a distance between them. And distance = energy.


This growing is no more mysterious than the octaves on your piano, that is, the octaves are really the same (same notes), the distance is this illusion of sorts, a way of artificially separating the colors from the white light (if you understand my poetic talk here).


In conclusion:


All is a black/white hole, that is, the expansion and contraction of the torus.


All is one force (all is light).


Free energy simply put: What comes in, must come out!


Force — distance — energy


If nothingness = fast speed, then, reality is a system. If reality is a system, then the cuboctahedron folds and unfolds forever and can never stay «fixed» in one position. Thus, when the cuboctahedron produces the torus (i.e., the tetrahedron) as it folds, the cuboctahedron has no choice but to continue and produce more toruses (i.e., tetrahedrons). We get the effect that the torus copies and divides; and so the whole thing grows, like a fetus in a womb, or like the octaves on your piano, or like Russian nesting dolls. Thus, there is no such thing as the Big Bang. Rather, it is like the fetus in the womb. We live in a growing universe. This «growing» answers dark energy = free energy. Nothingness = 0 energy. But as the torus grows and divides, we get energy, that is to say, the (any) torus gives birth to another torus, the distance between these toruses we call energy: If the gravity of the earth (torus) birthed a magnet (torus) and shot (actually, the torus grows out of the other torus) that magnet up in the air, then there would be energy between the earth’s gravity-field and the magnet. This energy we can use to power a light bulb. Since the (any) torus gives birth to other toruses perpetually (i.e., nothingness always spins = the cuboctahedron ever folds = the torus ever divides and grows), we have free energy.


Free energy is this formula:


—Nothingness (i.e., the «vacuum» of space/the toroidal center) always spins = the cuboctahedron ever folds = the torus ever divides and grows


+ the toroidal center always orders energy for you for free


Einstein might be wrong: Mass does not bend spacetime, rather, velocity bends spacetime. That is, all is a giant whirlpool. The only force there is, is nothingness. Or, mass = toruses with different spins working together.


There is no mysterious «mass.» Nature is a system = All is motion.




What do I mean by free energy? I mean that nature has the eternal ability to order energy in the toroidal center and thus achieve immortality. You still have to pay for the free energy device and you have to make repairs (the magnet will not last forever). But nature herself does not need to pay for anything. Nature herself, is total free energy.


I gave you why not how. But how I tried.



Next chapter:

In the next chapter, we look at the Holy Grail and the Philosopher’s stone.
















Chapter 4:

The Pantheon



Look up The Secret Teaching of All Ages by Manly Palmer Hall. In it, Hall writes: «At the entrance of the Platonic school in the Academy was written the words: «Let none ignorant of geometry enter here.»»


So we know that the Secret of Secrets is one of geometry. Hall also mentions Sacred Geometry.


If you read the book, then look up the number seven, and the number twelve; these are important. Seven = the Seed of Life. The seven Anunnaki. This is the blueprint of the cuboctahedron. Twelve are its energy lines. Google the Flower of Life = the cuboctahedron.


IMPORTANT: Read The Secret Teaching of All Ages and be amazed at how many times 7 and 12 occur! Read the book and understand what I am trying to convey to you:


The seven we find everywhere—even in our video games: From the Koopalings to the Seven Sages in the Zelda universe.


The number thirteen—the coven of the witches—has also been used to represent the cuboctahedron, as there are twelve energy lines that comprise one center. Jesus and his twelve disciples. Hercules and his twelve labors. The twelve Olympians. Odin’s twelve sons. Isis found only thirteen pieces of her husband (i.e., Osiris). I could go on and on and on. Read the book.


The cuboctahedron is composed of four hexagons. You will therefore find the number six to be of some importance. The Six Days of Creation (—is a hexagon or the Seed of Life).


The cuboctahedron’s net is the swastika (if Himmler only knew!): eight triangles and six squares. The triangles are the heaven(s) and/or the sun. The squares are the earth and/or the moon.


«In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.»



Three is important because it represents nature’s basic building block: the equilateral triangle (60 + 60 + 60). The 666. The Holy Trinity: The Father, the Mother and the Child.


Two is important because it represents the dual torus or two toruses that are the two great pillars: Jachin and Boaz. The two thieves crucified with Jesus. Two is the illusion, Maya or Lilith. Two is important because it represents the product of the whole process: the dual torus that is spacetime. Muspelheim and Niflheim.


One is important because it represents the Monad or the Oneness of all things. Ginnungagap!


Nine is really important. Nine is the singularity in spacetime. 6 + 6 + 6 = 18. 18 = 1 + 8 = 9. 9 is man’s number, according to Hall.


As above, so below: Your eye is the clue.


Nicola Tesla even said something like this, «If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.» There are 3 sixes. The chief number is 6. And they make 9. In other words: 3 is the Trinity. 6 is the Six Days of Creation. And 9 is man. So we get: In the beginning was the godhead, 3. The godhead made creation, 6. And at the center of the godhead’s creation, the godhead placed man, 9. 3, 6 and 9 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9.


9 is truly the center:


There are 360 degrees in a circle:

3 + 6 + 0 = 9.

Divide the circle, and you get 180 degrees.

1 + 8 + 0 = 9.

Divide that, and you get 90 degrees.

9 + 0 = 9.

And so on.


Let us go the other way:

720 = 7 + 2 + 0 = 9.

1440 = 1 + 4 + 4 + 0 = 9.

2880 = 2 + 8 + 8 + 0 = 18. 1 + 8 = 9.

And so on.


In a triangle it reduces to 9.

60 x 3 = 180 = 9.

In a square it reduces to 9.

90 x 4 = 360 = 9.

In a pentagon it reduces to 9.

108 x 5 = 540 = 9.

And so on.


What does this mean?


If you bisect a circle, then the resulting angle will always reduce to 9. And it all converges into a singularity. On the other hand, the vacuum of space is so structured that it points to nothingness and «somethingness» simultaneously. That is why there is something rather than nothing. Actually, that is false. There is nothing and something simultaneously. See Nassim Haramein’s Black Whole.


It is the way that the vacuum creates or divides.


See this video:


If Isaac Newton had solved the riddle of the Book of Revelation, he would have come up with the cuboctahedron, which I believe in hidden in the 666. The cuboctahedron is made of 4 x the hexagon. Manly P. Hall taught us that the ancient used this method: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9. 9 is 6 upside down. Here we have four sixes. If the six = the hexagon, then the 666 might stand for the cuboctahedron. You would not make, say, 6666, because then the code would be too obvious. More: The equilateral triangle, which is the basic building block in the hexagon, is composed of 60 degrees x 3. 3 sixes. 60 = 6 + 0 = 6. More: Tesla said that the key to the universe is 3, 6 and 9. You have got 3 sixes. The prime number is 6. And they make 9. More: Tesla’s 3, 6 and 9 = the cuboctahedron (see Marko Rodin’s work). The 3, 6 and 9 produce a torus and the cuboctahedron is the skeleton of the torus. More: The Dragon in the Book of Revelation might = the Platonic dragon that contains the four elements: feet, earth; scales, water; wings, wind; breath, fire. And the thing which contains the four elements in reality is the cuboctahedron. And this may be why the Throne in Heaven is an equilateral triangle, which you see in the ancient pictures. That is, heaven sits on the opposite side of hell, like the cuboctahedron sits on the opposite side of the equilateral triangle. That is, fold the 3D cuboctahedron and produce an equilateral triangle in 2D.


666 is the number of a man. And man’s number is 9, according to Manly P. Hall. So the 666 must be 9, that is, the solution to the 666 must be 9. And 9 = the cuboctahedron.


In the kabbalah, 666 is not bad. 666 is the creation and the perfection of the world! Christianity has always had a way of messing up!


The reason why I solved the greatest riddle of all time, which is the Philosopher’s stone (read on), was that, I had the internet. Newton did not. That is the difference. However, I believe Newton did solve it, but he did not dare tell the world or, Newton must have been a Freemason or befriended some of them.


«Isaac Newton produced many works that would now be classified as occult studies. These works explored chronology, alchemy, and Biblical interpretation (especially of the Apocalypse). Newton’s scientific work may have been of lesser personal importance to him, as he placed emphasis on rediscovering the occult wisdom of the ancients.»


I wonder why! Because E.T. was here. Newton felt this. I am sure of it.


Revelation and the Garden of Eden story = tales of the cuboctahedron.


Hall states: «The four elements are symbolized in the early Biblical writings as the four rivers that poured out of Garden of Eden.»


The Father and Mother must be Adam and Eve.


And: «The hexad is also the symbol of marriage, because it is formed by the union of two triangles, one masculine and the other feminine.»


Adam and Eve can therefore be seen in the Star of David, the Seal of Solomon, and so on. See the flag of Israel.


Ok. As I said initially, this is not the work of the left brain. Thus, I will «jump to conclusions» according to the left brain. In reality, however, I have read and watched thousands of YouTube videos and more. Thus, one day it happened: «Holy shit! Fire is the triangle and earth is the square.» It was my Eureka moment. It was my subconsciousness connecting the dots.


However, if it is all about geometry, then the basic machine in nature would have to be made up of triangles. That nature is made of the triangle and the square, therefore, is not a leap of faith! The square is simply the thing that comes after the triangle.


«Evidence,» therefore, is lacking. The best I could come up with is something like this:


The triangle represents God. So many churches paints God as a triangle. The triangle, then, must also represent heaven and fire. Heaven, the abode of God. Fire, rising up to the heavens or the Seraphs standing nearest to the throne of God. If the triangle is heaven, then the square is most likely to be earth (i.e., the Masonic Sun & Moon).


With this in mind, let us unveil the Philosopher’s stone:


This is not some Da Vinci Code crap! This is the real deal! This is what Sir. Isaac Newton spent his free time pursuing. He could never find it. Imagine that! The greatest genius of our time could not crack the code. Or, if he cracked it, he didn’t tell the world.


Heaven (fire) = the triangle. Earth = the square

Father and Mother, Adam and Eve (e.g., the Flag of Isis (mother), Ra (child) and El (father) = the 64 tetrahedrons that carry the cuboctahedron in its heart; father = 32 tetrahedrons and mother = 32 tetrahedrons; the child = the newborn torus)

Earth (+ fire) = the cuboctahedron

Water = the icosahedron

Air = the octahedron

Fire = the tetrahedron (e.g., the throne of God)


Leaf 11 (left, bottom): «Through Him who created the Heavens and the Earth I am The Philosopher’s stone, and in my body I carry something the wise seek. If such a charm be extracted from me, it will be a sweet refreshment for you. I am an animal having father and mother, and father and mother were created; and in my body are contained the four elements, and I am before father and mother and I am a poisonous animal.»

—The Secret Teachings of All Ages


The Philosopher’s stone = heaven + earth + four elements. In addition, the stone has a father and a mother. The cuboctahedron is composed of triangles (heaven) and squares (earth) and, when you fold the cuboctahedron, you get the four elements. See this video for the father and mother:


Also read the chapter: Isis, the Virgin of the World


Isis is the Philosopher’s stone. She also carries the four elements. Osiris may therefore represent the cuboctahedron.


The whole of the ancient world was crazy about the Zodiac. Maybe the hidden reason was that the Zodiac hid the secret of secrets that is the cuboctahedron?


When the cuboctahedron folds, it folds to the icosahedron, then to the octahedron, and then to the tetrahedron. Thus the cuboctahedron contains the four elements. And if you do not believe me, then build it.


The tetrahedron is the Phoenix Bird or animal. Poison equals fire—like the breath of the dragon.


Likewise, King Arthur pulls the sword (fire) from the stone (earth). Earth + fire = the cuboctahedron. King Arthur then collapses the cuboctahedron and reveals the secret of secrets.


«[..] I am before father and mother […]»: the cuboctahedron comes before, or is at the center of, spacetime.


Does the Philosopher’s stone produce gold?

The principle of free energy is the fundamental principle of nature. And from this process all things are made; even gold. Recreate this principle in your garage, and you may, someday, become filthy rich!


Yes. The Philosopher’s stone can literally produce gold.


Let us look at Newton, then:


Newton’s translation of the Emerald Tablets:


1. Tis true without error, certain & most true.

2. That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing

3. And as all things have been & arose from one by the mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.

4. The Sun is its father, the moon its mother, the wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth is its nurse.

5. The father of all perfection in the whole world is here.

6. Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.

7. Separate thou the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry.

8. It ascends from the earth to the heaven & again it descends to the earth & receives the force of things superior & inferior.

9. By this means you shall have the glory of the whole world

10. & thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.

11. Its force is above all force. For it vanquishes every subtle thing & penetrates every solid thing.

12. So was the world created.

13. From this are & do come admirable adaptations whereof the means (or process) is here in this. Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world

14. That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished & ended.





Here is what I believe:


«Four body centers are assigned to the elements, the seven vital organs to the planets, the twelve principal parts and members to the zodiac, the invisible parts of man’s divine nature to various supermundane deities, while the hidden God was declared to manifest through the marrow in the bones.»

—The Secret Teachings


We see that the Mysteries hid the hidden knowledge in the body of man. But is the body of man, therefore, the Great Mystery and the reason why the Mysteries went to such a length to preserve their doctrine? Alternatively, did they in fact hide a knowledge that went deeper than the deepest pit?


A knowledge that makes this literally come true: We are created in the image of God.


How? Because, if the vacuum of space = the cuboctahedron, then, you shall see, the humanoid rises out of the geometry. That is, the cuboctahedron has this dodecahedral phase (, and, from the dodecahedron springs our five fingers and five toes, and two arms, legs, and one head. Convergent evolution is true. More: The blueprint of the humanoid is embedded within the structure of nothingness itself! We were truly created in the image of God. Watch this and muse what it REALLY is:


And if the Mysteries knew this, then imagine what else they knew.


«The Holy Grail is a dish, plate, stone, or cup that is part of an important theme of Arthurian literature. According to legend, it has special powers, and is designed to provide happiness, eternal youth and food in infinite abundance.»


Can the Holy Grail, therefore, be the cuboctahedron? I strongly believe so, therefore:


«The Vector Equilibrium, as its name describes, is the only geometric form wherein all of the vectors are of equal length. This includes both from its center point out to its circumferential vertices, and the edges (vectors) connecting all of those vertices.»


The cuboctahedron (i.e., the vector equilibrium) is the only thing in existence that can produce a balance between Harry Potter and Voldemort (see chapter 2), and therefore the only possible form that can produce stillness/nothingness. That is, the cuboctahedron is it! The cuboctahedron is the answer to the question, «How did it all begin» If the Mysteries knew this, and, they saw and knew how the cuboctahedron actually produced free energy (i.e., «[...] happiness, eternal youth and food in infinite abundance.»), then, we can make real sense of this next quote:


«Lest that knowledge be lost, however, it was concealed in allegories and myths which were meaningless to the profane but self-evident to those acquainted with that theory of personal redemption which was the foundation of philosophical theology. Christianity itself may be cited as an example. The entire New Testament is in fact an ingeniously concealed exposition of the secret processes of human regeneration. The characters so long considered as historical men and women are really the personification of certain processes which take place in the human body when man begins the task of consciously liberating himself from the bondage of ignorance and death.»

—The Secret Teachings


«[...] Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world»


Part 1: the cuboctahedron, or the folding of the cuboctahedron

Part 2: the tetrahedron

Part 3: the tetrahedron’s return to the cuboctahedron


4. The Sun is its father, the moon its mother, the wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth is its nurse.


Sun = triangle/tetrahedron

Moon = square

Sun + moon = the cuboctahedron (see its net)


«[...] The wind hath carried it in its belly,» the octahedron (wind) is produced when you fold the cuboctahedron:


6. Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.


Earth = the cuboctahedron, or the cube/hexahedron is the Jitterbug


7. Separate thou the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry.


Fire = the tetrahedron


8. It ascends from the earth to the heaven & again it descends to the earth & receives the force of things superior & inferior.


The cuboctahedron folds to the tetrahedron and back up (down)


11. Its force is above all force. For it vanquishes every subtle thing & penetrates every solid thing.


The cuboctahedron = nothingness (the aether penetrates all)


14. That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished & ended.


So it is. The Sun sets and rises again! A poetic picture of free energy.


So far, this is guesswork.


—The Holy Grail is the cup that refills.

—The Philosopher’s stone gives you immortality.

—The Phoenix rises.

—King Arthur’s round table expands and contracts (like a torus).

—The Fountain of Youth revitalizes you.

—The Kabbalah.

—The I Ching.

—The flag of South Korea!

—And so on. I mean, the list is endless!


In my mind, if these stories have any reality to them at all, then the cuboctahedron must be it. Thus, if we are able to produce free energy via the cuboctahedron, then we have a strong case for E.T. visitation. And history has been an endless war in trying to preserve the wisdom of the gods. Hence, we get the secret societies. Hence, the great pantheon had to be composed of the 7 or the 12.


«How sure are you that the cuboctahedron is the Holy Grail and the Philosopher’s stone?»


I am 100% sure. There is no other way. The cuboctahedron is the only thing that ties the knots together and explains such secret doctrines like the 7, the 12, the 64; the 72 powers of God, the 24 elders, the 22 letters; the four elements, the perfect 10, and so on. The cuboctahedron is the only thing that can explain the I Ching, the Kabbalah, Metatron’s cube; the Greatest Name of God. It is the solution to the Book of Revelation. In short, it is the great Masonic secret. If Isaac Newton had access to the internet in his time, we would have free energy by now.


7 = The Seed of Life, which is basically a cuboctahedron in 2D.


12 = the vectors which make up the cuboctahedron. The 12 Devil’s graveyards. Now you know that the Bermuda triangle is: a giant vector into the heart of the earth, that is, the earth is a giant cuboctahedron. Zoom in and you will see edges, that is, there is no such thing as «round» or «roundness» in our reality.


64 = A cuboctahedron embedded within another cuboctahedron.


72 = Nassim Haramein solves the Kabbalah, and the answer is the 64, that is, the cuboctahedron. 8 trees of Life x 9 Sephiroth (1 of the Sephiroth does not count as it is the root or crown) = 72.


24 = the missing tetrahedrons to form the 64.


22 = the 22 + 10 Sephiroth (in the Kabbalah) = 32, which is half the code. The code is 64.


4 elements = are embedded within the folding of the cuboctahedron.


The perfect 10 = If you, on the ground, form a big tetrahedron out of the 10, you will quickly see that you can add more tetrahedrons to form a 3D-version of the big tetrahedron. You thus get 20. This is half the mystery. This is the Father. The Mother is the same, but reversed. You thus get 20 + 20 = 40. Add the missing 24 = 64.


Basically, the biggest secret of all time is a Donut!


«[...] the Donut was the universal geometric design for maximum efficiency in energy transformation, and an ecological method by which the universe reprocesses matter. V.B.M. gave Randy additional insight into explaining how everything in the Universe, from the elements of the periodic table, to why every pattern in nature - from the spiral in our galaxy, to our own DNA, are all toroidal based.»


«Are you not afraid you might upset the Illuminati if you tell the world their secret of secrets?»


No. Because Nassim Haramein has already done it by solving the Kabbalah.













Ancient PHYS 101


If you add the Yin & Yang, which is the Star Tetrahedron, then the whole of the I Ching is as follows: 8, 64, 512. In other words: the 3 Rings of Atlantis! Also see the flag of South Korea. Try to solve it and see what you get!


Hint: The whole and broken lines form a star tetrahedron and, if you multiply it by 8, then you get the 64 tetrahedron grid, which is the answer to the Kabbalah. The flag of South Korea has also embedded within the Father (red) and the Mother (blue) and the four elements floating about the red/blue Yin & Yang. Also see Is(is)rael’s flag. The truth hidden in plain sight for all to see. Isis, Ra & El. Father (El), Mother (Isis) and Child (Ra). The hexagon forms the basis of the cuboctahedron. The Father and the Mother come together and make the Child:


What is the I Ching? What I believe: It is the vacuum of space growing ever denser due to the number of cuboctahedrons contained within the system. From galaxies to atoms: they are the same thing just on different scales. The I Ching tells you how the universe divides into ever-smaller copies of itself; that is, it tells you how evolution or time works, it grows exponentially and becomes ever more intricate. The result is the Technological Singularity. But get this: You are the Singularity. It follows from the fact that time is itself always (phi); even as it grows. That is, you are, your whole body and brain, such a grid. What once took billions of years will soon take picoseconds. It follows from the way nature divides time in the I Ching. Terence McKenna saw this. And nature divides time into these grids. E.T. tried to teach man. That is how the I Ching got here. The DMT-experience is this fact. «Déjà vu.» proclaim the fairies. Here we go again!


About the I Ching:


In the inner circle we get 12 large lines and 24 small ones = 2 x the Star Tetrahedron.


We get the same in the outer circle, that is, the circles are the same. We thus have 4 Star Tetrahedrons. The ancients always give you half the code, Yin but not Yang, so double what you have got, add the Yang, and you shall get the 64 tetrahedron grid.


64 possible hexagrams—indeed!

48 large line segments +

96 small or broken line segments

= 8 x Star Tetrahedrons or the 64 tetrahedron grid


The I Ching:








In other words: the I Ching gives you 32 Star Tetrahedrons = 4 x the 64 tetrahedron grid.


But the code is half, thus double it: 256 x 2 = the 512 tetrahedron grid!


The 512 tetrahedron grid, which is the next interval (perfect copy/Russian Doll, just on a larger scale); that is, that which comes after the 64 tetrahedron grid. In other words: 8 (octave) x 64 = 512.


In summa: The inner layer(s) contain(s) the 64 tetrahedron grid.


The outer layer contains the 512 tetrahedron grid.


If you add Yin & Yang, which is the Star Tetrahedron, then the whole of the I Ching is as follows: 8, 64, 512. In other words: the 3 Rings of Atlantis.


Let us talk about God:


Who is God to the ancients? Answer: A triangle/tetrahedron.

What is the Great Work? Answer: 10. The decad.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10.

1, 2, 3 and 4 are the 4 letters in the name of God. Jehovah: YHWH.

What does God mean? God means: tetragrammaton.

The tetragrammaton means «four letters.»

The four letters are: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The tetrahedron has four faces. In other words, YHWH = 10.

The decad is both heaven and earth. Heaven = the triangle. And earth = the square. Heaven and earth, therefore, = the cuboctahedron.

10 is the greatest number. 10 is the complete picture. Is it not?

And here is the thing: They always give you half the key. You must always decode the ancient code in 3D. 10 becomes 20. In the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) they give you 10 dices or stones. Decode that and you get 20 stones. That is, lay the 10 on the floor and keep stacking till you reach the top.

And a triangle in 3D = the tetrahedron.

Lay the 10 tetrahedrons so that they form God. (Obviously.)

Now you have half the key.

You need an additional 10 tetrahedrons. 10 + 10. Stack them together to form God in 3D.

Now you have it ... half of it!

That is, God has a female aspect as well. 20 + 20.

The female is opposed to the male, so double what you’ve got and turn the new mega-triangle on its head, rotate it, and fuse the male and the female together so that they form a perfect circle or Pi.

Now you’ll have something like the Star Tetrahedron. The Star of David. 40 tetrahedrons.

Now all you need to do is to fill the gaps.

Note that there are 24 elders in the Book of Revelation.

What does it produce?

A double/dual torus.

And the LORD God said, «The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.»


See this! (from the web)

The iChing encodes the 64 tetrahedron array - and so does the Cabalistic tree of life - both perfectly, in 3d. (self.holofractal)

The iChing - the ancient chinese method of divination is made up of 64 hexagrams of 6 lines, either broken or unbroken.

Each one of the 64 is paired up with another - and incredibly, the broken lines and straight lines perfectly match up to create a dual tetrahedron, known as a merkaba or simply the star of david in a two dimensional form.

Incredibly, all of these can be combined - to make the 64 tetrahedron array with the perfect intersections.

Video of this combination

Amazingly, this geometry is also present in the Judaic Cabalistic Tree of Life

This - in the occult texts, is a key for understanding God, and the path to him.

Nassim has figured out how this key brings you to the structure of the vacuum, the source energy that everything is interacting with, constantly.

If you simply bring the top part and the middle part together (visualize this as a 3d object, you end up with this - a tetrahedron with an octahedron.

This - is the key of the Cabalistic Tree of Life.

In 3d, these lines are again, the perfect lines to satisfy a piece of the 64 tetrahedron grid.

One overlayed

All overlayed - in 3d!

Coincidence, or cosmic cryptography?

Slightly related - this geometry is 64 tetrahedron (144 triangles, exactly double the 72 names of God in the bible) of 144 triangles, with 180 degrees in each. 144*180 = 25,920 - the exact amount of years in the precession of the equinox.

On the 72 names of god - the tetragrammaton

This is exactly half of the geometry of the structure of the vacuum. 72 triangles. Notice, if you flip this around, you get the merkaba (star of david) again - and the 144 triangles as the completed ‘names’ of god.

Now, returning to YHWH, we see that the Kabbalah has a specific way of representing the tetragrammaton. The four letters YHWH are laid out within the triangle of the tetragrammaton in the same manner as the isotropic vector matrix. Tradition says that the letters should not be taken at face value, and that every letter has a mathematical value attached to it. Numbers are very important to Kabbalists, and there are numbers associated with every letter of the Hebrew alphabet, each having their own meaning and significance. The numerical value associated with the letters within the triangle of tetragrammaton add up to 72, a number commonly referenced in the Bible as being the number of god, or representing the many faces of god. Doubling this value due to the polarized nature of all things and because the Kabbalistic tradition discusses a balance and mirroring principle it becomes 144 or 72+72, which is listed in Revelations as a very important number for changes in the new world. Remarkably, on a 64 tetrahedron matrix, there are exactly 144 faces on the outside surface of the structure. It is worth mentioning here the Star of David, also known as the Seal of Solomon, consists of two polarized equilateral triangles. The triangles are frequently shown inside the boundary condition of a circle. In modern times the symbol is associated with the Jewish tradition, but it has been found used in ancient cultures all around the globe. For example, it appears in Hinduism as well as Buddhism, and is mostly used as a symbol for the creation, or dynamics, of the universe. We can see this symbol as a two dimensional representation of the three dimensional stella octangula or star tetrahedron.


144 (000) also comes up in the Book of Revelation.






A word on Gravity:


Gravity is the torus-flow, plain and simple. There is no such thing as «mass.» There is only speed/velocity. When you drop, on the floor, say, a book, the reason why it falls is the same reason that a paper boat flows with the stream of water as you set the paper boat down upon the stream of water. When you hold the book in your hand, you are preventing it from flowing with the universal torus flow. When you release the book from your clasp, it will simply run down with the stream, which you call «falling.»


And, there is another component: The torus bends spacetime naturally, that is, our torus bends spacetime into a singularity with no effort (i.e., our «eternal-spinning object in space»). The stream of water or torus-flow is headed here, naturally. No mass needed.


The cuboctahedron collapses producing the tetrahedron. This causes a huge spin. And this spin can spin around itself and come back to its source. In one end, things flow out. In the other end, things must flow in. Thus, in one single point, you get attraction and repulsion. And the arrow never changed direction.



The Problem With Einstein:


In a sense: Einstein used gravity to explain gravity. Our sun bends the space-fabric and our earth revolves elegantly in this fold. However, what is it about the sun that has the ability to bend spacetime? Answer: The mass. Okay. But what is it about the mass, then? Answer: It is heavy. Okay. What is this «heaviness?» Maybe I am just ignorant, but I do not believe that this question has been satisfactorily answered.


«Heaviness» cannot be the virtue of being an object ... because then your explanation is moving in circles (infinity): we have the Necker Cube. If space is actually 3D and not an illusion of 3D, then we have a problem. If space was in fact 3D, then the lines in the Necker Cube must also be 3D. And then the lines which make up the lines that make up the Necker Cube must be 3D, ad infinitum. And there is certainly no mystery mass that can be found within this infinity of the Necker Cube.


I believe the physical sphere is really simple (due to the lack of evolution in the comic dawn), and that our universe is the result of the revolutions of, so to speak, simple/basic motion. Thus, our planet revolves around the sun like a flying cow in a tornado! And mass is simply when you have counter-rotating spins (toruses) that work together and repel the environment.


Fi fy fo fum!


The golden ratio/phi is how nature divides, from galaxies to atoms. Look at your ear. A galaxy is a dual torus. An atom is a dual torus. The difference is one of size.


Phi = the golden ratio. Phi is how nature divides. After the fall of the cuboctahedron, a tetrahedron is left, the Phoenix. This tetrahedron will be the new building block of the new cuboctahedron. But this one is obviously smaller in size. Then this new cuboctahedron collapses, giving birth to yet another smaller tetrahedron, and so on. This process produces everything from galaxies to atoms.


What is the golden ratio or phi, really? It is our fractal reality, that is, that nature is so divided that the part is always a replica of the whole. And so it must be, because, after the fall of the cuboctahedron, you produce yet another cuboctahedron, ad infinitum. That is, it is always a replica of the whole because you always get the same geometry after the fall. It’s like Russian dolls. And «the part of the part» is always a replica of «the part,» which is a replica of the whole. This is why we are all one. Oneness. This is what evolution really is. Every rock, insect and animal, every leaf, is a mini-universe. That is how nature divides. If you have ever seen a Mandelbrot set, then realize: Your coffee cup is composed of trillions of universes! Nature cannot use any other model. This is the holographic principle. We live in a holographic universe. The particle contains the universe. This replication is the folding of the cuboctahedron into a tetrahedron; ad infinitum. But the golden ratio is not real. Nature is not perfect. Nature utilizes the Fibonacci sequence. And that is why everything in nature is divided in the image of phi. Phi was the Prime Mover.


Pi is the ratio of a circle circumference to its diameter. This can be seen if you draw a line segment from the center of a circle and out to the periphery. You start with the line segment facing down (A). And then you roll the circle over. When the line segment has moved 1 complete round on the ground (B), then you will have Pi between point A and B. Basically, what Pi is, is a circle. That is what it is!


That is, if you have an infinite line, what is the smallest amount of line-stuff you need to take from that infinite line in order to form a circle? Exactly, it is Pi. Pi is simply a circle.


The secret relationship between the pi and the phi is this: In order to make the new cuboctahedron out of the new tetrahedron, you need yet another tetrahedron which is reversed. This, then, becomes the Star of David. Together, these tetrahedrons produce a new cuboctahedron. But, here is the point: The two tetrahedrons need to form a perfect circle in order to generate the new cuboctahedron or nothingness. Without Pi, Phi is impossible.


Now you know what a «phi»losopher is.


It is all an inner, beautiful relationship.


It is all about making Pi or Phi, which is Pi + the time component.


Evolution is a game. And the game is called Pi.


The true goal of the original «phi»losopher.


The womb is the Stone, and it divides according to phi. Hence, «Phi»losopher and his Stone. We call this divine dividing, the Fall of Lucifer. It is how galaxies divide into ever smaller parts like atoms.


The Fall of Lucifer is the separation of the universal torus into ever smaller scales, from universes to quarks. Phi makes sure that the quark is just a minifig of the universe. Each division is a torus that is whole; that is what phi means. That is, the whole of a minifig contains thus everything. This is the holographic universe and the saying, «As above, so below.»


So when you see a pine cone lying on the ground, pick it up and muse: «This is just a minifig of the forest.» Not only the forest, the cone also contains the whole universe! Just like a cell in your body contains the whole of you.


And Pi (not to be confused with phi), is when the Father and the Mother come together producing the cuboctahedron (i.e., the World Egg, that is, what the universe came out of) between them. The cuboctahedron then falls or folds producing the Child; everything from the universe to the quark with the aid of phi; and each iteration are just repeating the same process on a smaller scale. Like Russian dolls: If you make one, then you need to make a smaller one the next time or else they will not fit into each other. Moreover, this creates Distance, which we defined as energy (in our earlier musings).


Phi is like the octave on your piano. Each octave contains the whole. The Fall of Lucifer, therefore, is when you go «down» (higher) on your piano.


All is about the pi/phi relationship.


The end product of pi/phi or nothingness-production is love (read my spiritual side, below).


The 4:


Anything with the 4 elements in it = the cuboctahedron. From the Philosopher’s Stone to the Legend of Zelda, the Final Fantasy Universe, to the Infinity Stones in the Marvel universe!



Next chapter:

In the next chapter, we write a letter to one Mr. Michio Kaku.






Chapter 5:

The Letter






Dear Dr. Kaku:

20 000 children die each day. Global warming is true. And the list of horrors is endless. The death of this list is called free energy. And I read a letter to you from professor Robert W. Koontz begging you to open your eyes. Yet, Dr., you have failed to RESPOND to this important letter.


Dr. Michio Kaku, I am a great fan. But you MUST respond! Children are dying.


Dear Dr. Michio Kaku, you are the Einstein of the Information Age. Imagine going live with the following message. In order to change the world forever, all you have to say, is this:


Dr. Michio Kaku: «I am pleased to announce that ... WE DID IT! We actually did it. And what did we do? We changed the world. We lit up the stars. We unravelled the universe. We created free energy.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «This is not a joke. We actually did it!»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «We didn’t violate any laws, not the second law of thermodynamics, nor conservation laws, hell, we didn’t even reverse the arrow of time. And we did it all without negative mass. ... SO HOW DID WE DO IT!?»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «We have already informed the president. We have already taken the necessary steps to ensure the survival of our brainchild. This change will come, like it or not; and nobody can stop it. This Christmas, there will be no soft presents. This Christmas, Santa will bring you a toroid. This year, kids, you can actually believe in the magic of Santa Claus. Magic has transpired in our world. A new era has begun. A New Age. The Age of Plenty. The Age of Abundance. The Golden Age. Because we have found the blueprint of reality: Let me present to you Richard Buckminster Fuller’s vector equilibrium, also know as the CUBOCTAHEDRON.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «Richard Buckminster «Bucky» Fuller was an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer and inventor. Fuller published more than 30 books, coining or popularizing terms such as «Spaceship Earth,» ephemeralization and synergetic. He also developed numerous inventions, mainly architectural designs, and popularized the widely known geodesic dome. Carbon molecules known as fullerenes were later named by scientists for their structural and mathematical resemblance to geodesic spheres. Fuller was also the second president of Mensa from 1974 to 1983.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «A pretty astute fellow ... like myself.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «He also said this: «The vector equilibrium (meaning the cuboctahedron) is the zero starting point for happenings and nonhappenings: it is the empty theater and empty circus and empty Universe ready to accommodate any act and any audience.»»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «We went BEFORE the Big Bang, and do you know what we found? We found Fuller’s VE, the CUBOCTAHEDRON. The CUBOCTAHEDRON is the CAUSE of the Big Bang. The CUBOCTAHEDRON has 12 lines of energy, the 12 OLYMPIANS that together produce the stillness of spacetime: Nothingness. Nothingness, or the CUBOCTAHEDRON, by virtue of being a system (and not a structure), has to go somewhere. So it folds, collapses. Like an apple bearing gravity, infinity collapsed! And as it collapses, it produces a spin. So now we know the origin of spin! And here is the first ingredient in free energy. The spin always spins. And you cannot slow it down in a vacuum. This is the first key. Newton’s First Law of Motion says that an object, either remains at rest or continues to move, unless acted upon by an external force. But the vacuum is all there is; there is no one else. No one below. No one above. It can all be traced back to the vacuum. So the vacuum has been spinning forever with no input of energy. Note that the vacuum is not a real vacuum but a mechanism for ordering energy. It is a free lunch. It is a universe from nothing! And this universe of nothing, as it spins, creates a toroid, a torus (actually a double torus). The torus is the second ingredient we need to make free energy. Our second key.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «So, now, with our 2 keys, how do we create free energy?»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «If a coffee cup sits in a room, then, it will, according to the second law of thermodynamics, get cool over time. So the answer to the riddle of free energy ... is this: «How do we get the heat or atoms back into the coffee cup?» If we did that, then the second law of thermodynamics could work forever but never be able to produce a dead future; a future unavailable for mechanical work.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «How do we get the atoms back?»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «This is the idea that made free energy possible without breaking any laws: We shrink the room. Now the atoms have no choice but to go back into the coffee cup—if you understand that, an actual coffee cup would get crushed! We use it only to reveal to the mind the possibility, and mystery, of free energy.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «But how do we shrink the room? This is the HOLY GRAIL: We don’t have to! The TORUS shrinks the room for us.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «The vacuum of space has ever spun, and it uses 0 energy to spin (as we said, Newton’s First Law of Motion). This spin creates a torus. The CUBOCTAHEDRON tells the torus to expand and contract as it spins. When the torus contracts, then, like a whirlpool or a vacuum cleaner (a very appropriate name, I might add), it brings with it the dead energies, it sucks in the high entropy and orders it in its toroidal center. We thus get low entropy as the high entropy is being converted back into low entropy again (you can think of it as being crushed into a ball), and the answer to the riddle of why the initial state of the universe (our Big Bang) had low entropy.»




Dr. Michio Kaku: «And, here is the deal: We can tap into that energy. How? Because, as we said, the torus also expands. If we do, then nature conserves energy. If we do, then the vacuum sucks in more energy from the universe in order to fill the gap that we made. You know, nature abhors a REAL vacuum. Horror vacui. We get «overunity» on our side, but the cosmos as a whole, stays the same. So we are not creating energy. We are not breaking any laws. We are simply ordering the dead energies, making them come alive again. Just like Jesus. «But that is not free energy!» Yes, it is. It is FREE. We can tap forever. Your car can run forever with this device. Your car can outlast the sun with this device. Your car can outlast the universe with this device. How? Because, essentially, it is the Origins and, the origins of the cosmos is eternal. The heart of nature. This is truly free energy. But, you are right. This is not «free energy» in that classical perpetual motion sense. There is no such thing as: «You can’t make energy out of nothing!» No. You cannot! But you can make it out of dead energy. So this is not a classical perpetual motion machine. There is no such thing. I am sorry to disappoint you. We are not violating any laws—not even the second law of thermodynamics. The arrow of time stays the same. And the scientific community can once more ...breathe!»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «SO SIMPLE! The origins of the cosmos has been spinning forever. Align with it. Yin and Yang, man! I knew that ancient symbol would come back to haunt us!»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «The Origins spin so fast it produces nothingness. Let me give you a picture: From the light’s point of view, everything in the universe freezes. But a light in a dimensionless state is constant, meaning it cannot change, so from this point of view everything has been eternally frozen. But, if that were eternally so, then we need to push our logic a little further: If things were eternally frozen (this is the light’s point of view now), then there was no time in which things could freeze. Consequently, then, since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we have no thing. Nothingness. That is, from the light’s point of view, there was always nothingness. And the point is, in order to accomplish this great nothingness, we need motion, and fast motion. So nothingness = fast motion. That is what it is. It never required a «first cause» no more than the absence of history would require a historian. And get this: The CUBOCTAHEDRON is the optimal system for speed. Nature wants to be nothing, and the only way she can accomplish that is with high, high velocity. Hence the CUBOCTAHEDRON. So it all fits. And because of this intensity, this ferocity, this everlasting fury in the heart of all things, free energy is possible.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «The Gyroscope is a perfect picture of Motion creating Motionlessness. That is, the Gyroscope is only stable (aka nothingness) when spinning (aka spacetime): This is my view of nothingness. Thus we need something that is both nothingness (aka wave) and spacetime (aka particle) at the same time. Only the torus matches this description (with its neck being nothingness and its shoulders or wings being spacetime). Nothingness must forever spin in order to remain a nothingness. And so, it does spin ... forever.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «How it all happened: Experimental Nuclear Physicist, one Mr. Robert W. Koontz, wrote me a letter instructing me to look at a free energy device. To my surprise: It worked! My worldview was crushed! I didn’t know up from down! I thought God and Satan were working together, playing the ultimate trick on me. I felt like Jack-in-the-box popping out to the greater universe, realizing that everything is a joke! Later I found out that free energy was not due to Koontz’s negative-mass particles. A new picture of the world appeared. A radically new idea: Mini-bangs! Well, if it «banged» way back when, why can’t it bang now? «But that would rip open the universe!» But how about really small big bangs? Bangs that are so small they do not fret the universe, but can nevertheless be harnessed to power your car forever.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «How about: mini-bangs.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «Negative-mass particles were not the answer, but you do not need negative energy for free energy. You only need: «Ordo ab chao.» Order out of chaos. Low entropy out of high entropy. It can be done!»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «We come from nothing. And, in this nothing, the high entropy decays (that is, there is no room for the high entropy in ... nothingness), leaving you with a clean slate to begin anew. A fresh start: Free energy is tabula rasa! Thus, you only need to generate a mini-big bang, and you have free energy. That is, when you reach high entropy, you simply erase it in a Big Crunch or, better yet, in a mini-crunch. This the torus does. This is what the torus is. Many mini-bangs within our universe is a radically new idea. New mini-bangs would explain dark energy as we would get a growing universe, that is, a living and breathing universe. The torus comes in many sizes due to the fact that the CUBOCTAHEDRON can be scaled, like Russian dolls or the octaves on your piano. We can thus have mini-bangs (mini black holes; that is, all atoms are black/white holes). And, therefore, we can have one that fits into your car. And your car can drive forever! Well, as long as you have spare parts! 1 torus becomes 2 toruses. 2 toruses becomes 4, 8, 16; 32, 64, and on and on and on. We are dealing with a universe that is increasing ... exponentially! like a baby growing in mommy’s womb. The microcosm is the macrocosm. Like the ancients said: As above, so below. And, as a friend of mine noted: «The universe is growing?» Doesn’t that mean that the earth is growing too? So ... No Pangea?»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «I didn’t reply.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «We did it! And it worked!»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «All you need to do is to arrange the energy in a vacuum of sorts. But this costs enormous amounts of energy! But this is where we have found a solution: the torus. The torus does the job for us, for free: because it already exists in nature! Therefore, free energy is possible. And we break no known laws of physics.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «When we draw energy from her, in order to power a light bulb, for example, due to conservation laws, she will suck in the dead energies, or energy unavailable for mechanical work, from the environment, and order it anew. Then we draw some more, and nature will conserve some more. So we can use a little bit of energy in order to draw treasures from her. The CUBOCTAHEDRON (the geometry) says that the torus is connected to every point in spacetime. Because she is a torus, she will simply suck in dead energy from the environment in order to conserve the energy that we draw from her.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «The torus, like the snake, «[…] throws off its skin annually and is thereby renewed.»—Manly P. Hall said that.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «Good night. And sleep tight! Because, when you wake up tomorrow, it will be a NEW WORLD ORDER.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «And the GREAT PHOENIX RISES.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «The sea of stars. The starry sea. The veil of eternity.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: ««I, Isis, am all that has been, that is or shall be; no mortal Man hath ever me unveiled.»—The Secret Teachings.»


Dr. Michio Kaku: «The veil has now been lifted.»


(On second thought: Negative mass may = the cuboctahedron?)


The letter:


Dear Dr. Kaku:

This open letter relates to your disparagement of energy-producing devices which at this juncture in time are demonstrably critical to our nation’s survival. And I write this letter as a Ph.D. experimental nuclear physicist with qualifications that I believe allow me to speak to the subject in question, namely production of energy using non-conventional means. 

I ask that you read this letter carefully and ask that you not dismiss it out of hand in the manner of many of our country’s physicists.

Recently, on the popular late-night radio program, «Coast to Coast AM,» which reportedly has a listening audience of millions, you indicated that investors call you up daily and ask whether certain inventions will work. Characterizing those devices as «perpetual motion machines» you said they were impossible to make. But that can be proven to be a false statement.


Such devices can exist if negative mass electrons can be introduced into electronic circuits and possibly certain machines. They can also exist if other forms of negative energy can be created, and apparently they can. Finally, it appears to be the case that gauge transformations could allow such devices to work. This would not involve a violation of one of the most important laws of physics, namely energy conservation, either, Dr. Kaku.


I believe you assume that such devices do violate the laws of physics, which is also an assumption that appears to be made by others.

Dr. Kaku: You appear to believe that the universe has 11 dimensions, many of which are supposed to be hidden. Why would that be true while creation of energy using negative mass electrons or using gauge transformations would be impossible? Could you be wrong, sir? Undoubtedly you think you are not wrong, but could you be wrong, sir?

You might say to me that negative mass electrons have never been seen. But those many dimensions you believe in have never been seen either. And is it not true that we physicists for decades have used negative mass electrons in our theories in order to reach agreement with experiment? And wasn’t the positron discovered because Dirac invoked the existence of negative mass electrons - approximately 80 years ago?

Perhaps it is true that we physicists have not yet observed negative mass electrons, but does that mean they do not exist?

Now let me ask you this: Have you ever examined even one of the devices that you tell investors cannot work? I suspect you haven’t. There are in fact inventions that produce energy without having any kind of conventional fuel. You may see one work in a web page of mine linked to below. But perhaps you think you don’t even need to look. Could that be the case, Dr. Kaku? Perhaps you simply «know» these devices can’t work. Might you not also have said many years ago that airplanes could never fly?


Before the Wright brothers were flying airplanes, renowned scientists said it was impossible.


So, I ask that you examine the video linked to below and I ask that you examine other such videos. Mark/Stephen_Mark_video2.mp4

Here is the link to another web page of mine that has links to more such TPU (Toroidal Power Unit) videos.


I can assure you the TPU device works, sir. For the sake of our nation and the world, I ask that you take the small amount of time needed to examine these videos.

Please don’t say that the above demonstrations were faked, Dr. Kaku. There are many engineers who examined the device. And some demonstrations were made outdoors, far from any possible sources of energy.

The TPU units shown in the videos apparently use gauge transformations. Those would be the same kind of gauge transformations that, for decades, you theorists have been telling us allow for electromagnetic energy non-conservation, but then say don’t have any practical applications. And we know that theoretical physicists are never wrong, don’t we? So the device cannot work, can it? So why then does it work?

Could it be that gauge transformations do have practical applications? Could it thus be that theoretical physicists could be wrong about the impracticality of using gauge transformations to make energy? I think so.

Do not gauge transformations lead to electromagnetic energy non-conservation? And is it not true that in your analysis of free energy devices you assume that electromagnetic energy is conserved? That is a grave inconsistency, sir. And arguing that gauge transformations lead to no change in the electric and magnetic fields is not at all convincing as the question relates to energy, not electric and magnetic fields.

Would you say that gauge waves cannot exist? And if you do allow that they can exist, would they not carry energy, possibly in both positive and negative forms? 

Where then am I wrong, Dr. Kaku? Or could I be right - along with many other Ph.D. physicists and engineers who are regularly dismissed as crackpots?

You have said that you greatly respect the work of 
Nikola Tesla, and surely you have studied his inventions and his life. If so, then you might be aware that Nikola Tesla was planning to transmit power all over the world in a way that you would surely say is impossible. But you must know that Nikola Tesla was a very careful experimenter who tested every idea before employing it. What then is the answer to the implied dilemma?

So, Nikola Tesla was just a wild man, right? A nut. While Michio Kaku and his 11 dimensions make wonderful sense. Or could you and others be wrong about what Nikola Tesla was doing? Could it even be the case that Tesla was using electromagnetic theory that included the very gauge transformations that physicists of this era do not include? Is that not possible, sir, and if not, why not?

Therefore, if I may speak freely, I would say that while millions or even billions of people live in desperate poverty, and while millions of Americans lose their jobs because we don’t have this kind of technology - you tell people that such technology is impossible, when it isn’t.

Is everyone who disagrees with you and other leading theorists a crackpot, Dr. Kaku? Was Nikola Tesla a crackpot? I would strongly suggest that he wasn’t at all a crackpot but was one of the greatest inventors in the history of the world - and I believe you have also said as much.


So why then would you dismiss Tesla’s ideas about free energy?

I must say that I have seen many smirks in association with production of free energy - Smirks - while millions of Americans lose their jobs and the United States falls into a terrible economic decline. Smirks. Is that appropriate, sir? I would say not.

But the matter does not end with the above TPU units. There is also the work of 
Thomas Henry Moray who was able to produce an estimated 50 kilowatts of power from a tabletop unit that my analysis indicates involved employment of negative mass electrons which Dr. Moray apparently captured in very special circuits he built - many, many decades ago.

Here is a link to what I have written about Dr. Moray’s work. There are many more links on the Internet: Please do take the time to investigate.


A world desperate for energy waits.

Robert W. Koontz, Ph.D.
Experimental Nuclear Physicist




Thor Fabian Pettersen

[Add your name]—to it too, and mail it to Dr. Kaku







My greatest idea ever: We shrink the room!


Alas, it took me some 10 years to figure out the answer. The answer is: to reverse the second law of thermodynamics without reversing it! This is the most beautiful idea in the universe. Not because I thought of it, not because I am somehow arrogant, but because it simply is. This is the essence of death and rebirth and hence the very essence of life itself. It is platonic like the wheel and will therefore always evolve.


My beautiful, beautiful idea;

Accepted or rejected as the case may be:

to order energy in the torus’ neck.


We are a Type 0 civilization and we have already concluded that free energy is impossible. What is up with that? Isn’t that a bit premature?


That is to say, I consider life itself blind until we have placed, in the center of all things, the cuboctahedron. The day Science places the cuboctahedron at the heart of their equations, is the day the Future commences.


There is a way to guide all chaos!








Updates and stuff:



What IF Tesla’s . . .

(see pictures below)

—Aether = the toroidal center? Infinite energy, not because she is infinite, but because she orders energy. You can walk in a circle for all eternity, that does not mean that the circle is infinite!

—Field = the toroidal center?

—Environment = the toroidal center?


That is, everything exists by the virtue of the toroidal center. It is the toroidal center that gives mass to atoms as the 0D realm unfolds to the 3D realm.





















New update 27.01.2016:


«Gravity is not really a force, it is mass that bends spacetime.» That is correct; only, it is the velocity that bends spacetime—not «mass.» Thus, nothingness is not a force per se.


The Classical Universe: There is a Big Bang, this creates distance = energy, but then the energy runs down = no free energy (or, there is, but we cannot get to it as it is always in, literally, «another universe;» viz., the inflation-model). So there is always free energy, nature cannot die.


The Free Energy Universe: There is a Big Bang, this creates distance = energy, but then the energy runs down + in our universe, we experience new mini-bangs, this creates more distance = more energy.


If the new «Big Bangs» or mini-bangs happen in another dimension, like «the other side» of a black hole = another universe, then no free energy. But if the «bangs» happen in our universe, then = free energy.




New update 28.01.2016:


«The torus sucks up your car first!»


After discussing with my friend, I think my previous definition of energy was somewhat «wrong.»


Energy has been forever. All is energy. The difference is between that of available and unavailable energy, that is, energy that is ordered or not.


Imagine that the Big Bang singularity is composed of balls. They are drawn to each other. They thus work to keep the singularity intact. Thus, if you want to draw a ball from it by, say, pushing a ball out of it, then you need as much energy to get the ball as the new ball will give you. No free energy.


That is, they really work to keep the singularity intact. Then suddenly, inside the singularity, the balls interact to form, say, two larger balls ... and then, these two new balls will collide with greater force expanding the singularity, this is the Big Bang. The universe will expand and the balls will spread out covering a vast expanse of space until they float about as loners. To be alone seems to be the game. Available energy is when the balls interact or are clumped together. Unavailable energy is the loner. If space contracts in a Big Crunch, the loners will find each other again, and we will have, once again, available energy. From this new available energy in the new universe, life may evolve. And so, life is eternal.


Imagine a massive center of balls, then these balls interact and make larger balls, then the larger balls collide and we get the Big Bang: the picture is, over time, all the energy will be spread out, all the balls will have more space between them and therefore the space will be less dense than, say, the balls that remained in the center; this center will become, over time, more dense than the outer layers of balls and therefore the outer layers will reverse and come crashing into the dense area. Nature abhors a vacuum. Though, the center will become, over time, more dense than the outer layers of balls, not because it will grow more dense, but because the outer layers will grow thinner/less and less dense.


Instead of balls: imagine that these balls are actually whirlpools. Inside the singularity are tiny whirlpools that form larger whirlpools and they collide and we have a Big Bang. In the end, we have whirlpools spread out over a vast vista. Eventually, the whirlpool that was left over from the Big Bang will be stronger than the loners and the loners will be forced into a Big Crunch.


Imagine a third time: Imagine that these balls and whirlpools are toruses.


In the beginning was nothingness. Nothingness = the cuboctahedron. The cuboctahedron = 12 vectors that create balance and thus nothingness. But, the vectors can bend! The cuboctahedron must forever spin as it is a system, the result being that our 12 vectors that are forever nothing and will forever remain nothing and nothing can change that, can nevertheless bend as the cuboctahedron ever spins/folds. As the cuboctahedron ever spins, it folds. As it folds, it creates the (dual) torus. The spin spins from the cuboctahedron down to the tetrahedron; and, from the tetrahedron, we can get a smaller cuboctahedron, that is, nature divides, the torus copies itself, although, on a smaller scale. Say that the «primal» cuboctahedron is the size of a singularity and then the cuboctahedron produces a large quantity of smaller tori. These smaller tori are = our balls in the first example. These tori can then work together to produce the Big Bang. You start with a large cheese and then you carve that cheese up into pieces, and then the pieces fly apart, creating an even bigger space than the original cheese. This bigger space is the Big Bang. But the original cheese will always remain big, so the pieces can only go that far into space, that is, expand the space, before they must come crashing into the primal cheese that will always remain more powerful than the others; say, you cut off ¼ of the big cheese and then this ¼ is cut up in the same manner so the next is ¼ of the first ¼ and so on. When you add all the pieces together, they will never become stronger than the original cheese. And that is that. And this process is eternal.


But if the pieces are never stronger than the original cheese, how can they «escape» it by extending the singularity/space? Because, when the cheese is alone, then it cannot do anything, but when it divides, the pieces can open up a new dimension of possibilities that were not there before. That is, they cannot escape the original cheese! They can only prolong the inevitable.


Free energy is the fact that the pieces can never become stronger than the original cheese, so that the pieces cannot affect the original cheese in any remarkable way, that is, the original cheese/cuboctahedron/torus will continue to spin forever and nothing can stop it. As nothing stops it, the original cheese/cuboctahedron/torus can suck in the smaller pieces and thus order them before our original cheese/cuboctahedron/torus spews the ordered pieces back out into the larger space (which was created by the pieces in the Big Bang). Our original cheese/cuboctahedron/torus can spew (or make new copies) the pieces back out because she has enough energy to do so, that is, she has vastly more energy than the pieces. And when all the pieces merge with the cheese, she has 100% energy. And she loses, say, 1% of her energy, in order to produce the pieces, she will always get this 1% back. Like you throw a ball up in the air, it will return. What if you throw the ball up into space? No. That does not work, our cheese is so big (even though the real cheese is so small like a singularity) that all is «air» in this picture.


Basically, free energy is real because the pieces undergo these «Big Crunches» all the time. And, we are dealing with one system even though we have many «mini-crunches.»


The picture I paint here is:


In the middle, you have a large cheese. This cheese can only divide by phi. Thus, no matter how much you divide the cheese, the pieces will never become stronger than the cheese, just like your finger (any) can never become larger than your hand. And, because this cheese sits there, in the middle, for all eternity, call it the «vacuum» of space, our tiny pieces must be drawn to it all the time. When they merge with the cheese, the cheese can then make new fresh copies out of the old ones, because, the difference is one of available energy and unavailable energy, not energy itself. Energy itself is immortal.


Even with free energy, work must always be done(?)


Draw a big box or square and let it represent our cheese. Then draw smaller squares. But, whatever you do, the smaller squares can never become more massive individually or collectively. To illustrate my free energy point, draw really tiny squares (mini babies) next to the MOTHER of all Mothers! But we do not see her as this big thing because she is so black.


But will not the big, black box suck in the smaller boxes instantaneously? Yes. This may be the virtual particles. The game is: Remain big. Suck in all that you can. But if you have seen the movie 300 (2006), then King Leonidas and his league of 300 are capable of withholding the Persian army for quite some time. The Persian army = the big box/cheese/primal torus. The league of 300 = spacetime. Due to the topography, King Leonidas and his men are able to do the seemingly impossible. What if, when our big box divides into smaller boxes, the smaller boxes become so massive in number (they hit a critical point) that they interact with each other first, before the big box sucks them into herself. In this interaction, we can imagine a Big Bang.


The picture of Modern Physics: There is no big box. The singularity is composed of these smaller boxes which then form larger boxes, which then collide and cause what we call the Big Bang. But, imagine if there is more to reality. Imagine if there is a big one! That is, the whole system that we are dealing with is the big one. The system is not the smaller boxes, pieces or balls.


Hypothetically speaking: Can free energy work if the Mother is so BIG compared to the rest?


That is, the space is not bigger than the cheese. A mouse can cast a big shadow and an elephant can cast a small shadow. That is, even though the cheese is infinitely small compared to the rest of space, the cheese is, in actuality, infinitely bigger than the space. That is, the cheese is inside every piece/atom.


The cheese is a massive battery that will never run out.




—The 3rd law of Motion (Newton) says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I believe that that is, strictly speaking, not true. That is, the law only works for north poles that interact, north to north. The law does not apply if we go north to south. Hit the wall, and you will feel its reaction. Hit nothing but «air»—not so much!





—Imagine that the reason why the Big Bang banged was due to the MOTHER shifting poles. That is, imagine a giant whirlpool spitting out these smaller whirlpools. These whirlpools will just sit there. They all go clockwise. But then, imagine the big whirlpool shifting direction, going anticlockwise, then the clockwise whirlpools will reject the MOTHER and we get the expansion of space. The spin is from the cuboctahedron down to the tetrahedron and then back up, then the cuboctahedron shifts and goes the other way, shifting poles (from time to time).




—«Imagine that the Big Bang singularity is composed of balls. They are drawn to each other. They thus work to keep the singularity intact. Thus, if you want to draw a ball from it by, say, pushing a ball out of it, then you need as much energy to get the ball as the new ball will give you. No free energy.»


On our free energy view: We do not need to extract balls from the vacuum. The vacuum spews out fresh balls for us.





—Free energy is not against the laws of logic. So maybe physics needs to catch up?








Esoteric: Zeus vs Cronus


Cronus (Saturn) devours his children and only Zeus is spared. Later, Zeus overthrows his Father. This is the tale of free energy. You claim God’s power. You control the mechanism of Creation. No wonder physics today say it’s impossible.


The Anunnaki = the 7, viz., the Seed of Life. —You even see the Star of David and some 12 planets, which is perfect if you want to represent the cuboctahedron (12) and its tetrahedron-array, viz., the Father (triangle) and Mother (opposing triangle).






A last summery ... of my whole enterprise into the domain of free energy:


If dark energy is due to the MOTHER «creating» more balls, and, these balls themselves are dividing and colliding, does space expand forever, then? No. It is like the act of breathing: you can only expand so much before you must contract. Or, if you keep dividing gold, then you will reach a point where, whatever it is you are holding in your hands, it is not gold. Thus, there is an upper limit to how much nature can divide, and this limit has to do with the speed of light (I believe). Like a baby in a womb, why does the womb get bigger? (Ask your girlfriend.)


Dark energy may be due to «colliding.» Dark matter may be due to «dividing.» Or both?


Is work done or not? Answer: It all depends on how we define energy. The MOTHER is 100% available (ordered) energy. She is energy in its purest form. It is eternal. It cannot be created nor destroyed.


The MOTHER divides and have offspring, these offspring can expand. The offspring then become spread out, and this = unavailable energy or death. And then the MOTHER attracts these offspring or children to herself because nature does not like the vacuum that is produced between the MOTHER and her children and, since the MOTHER is the strongest, she always wins. When the children are returned to the MOTHER, the children are revived or turned into available energy. There is always work produced(?), but! it does not cost anything, no more than a ball rolling down a hill has to pay someone in order to roll. Paying is when you want to go against the hill/the MOTHER. Thus, the MOTHER never pays and her children never pay in order to return to the MOTHER. When the children are returned, you can say that we have accomplished 0 energy again. Or, you could define it as 100% energy. The magnet has energy, then. It is up to you.


We can say that work is done. But, in the big picture, it does not cost anything. That is, it does not cost to fill a vacuum.


This return of the children I call free energy. There is a Big Bang and there is a Big Crunch. Then we can have a new Big Bang and so on, forever. This is free energy. We thus have (and this is eternally so), in the bigger picture, 100% available (ordered) energy. It cannot die. It can lose a bit, but will always get it back. This is within the laws of logic. This is within the laws of physics. My friend says it can be done. Although, our current bet is the Big Rip, not the Big Crunch. So, my friend admits that free energy is possible (although he will never say that!). It is like Manchester VS Liverpool: You will never admit that Liverpool is better (if it is true).


My friend is lost within his paradigm and I in mine. I feel that he fails to understand me and he probably feels the same way. It is not easy to teach physics to a layperson! And, on the other hand, it is not easy to persuade a mind that is made up of these HUGE paradigms and fortresses, fortified belts and grand memeplexes that = the body of modern physics.


«We are not like religion. We are willing to change our minds.» —Yeah, in a hundred years! Until then, we will just wait and see.


And when the science discovers the MOTHER, then they will shout: «Free energy is real!»


Which path is the path?

Which paths lead you astray?

Which path is the path

Of the bifurcated way?


1: The symmetrical view: Yes, free energy is possible (my friend «agrees»—I fooled him into agreeing), but: We will not enjoy it because we will be living inside the Big Crunch at that point and, it is really «tight» in there. That is, this ordering of the dead energies is possible, but only within the system, which is the whole of the universe. So you can do it, you can make free energy, but you need the entire universe in order to do so. They say: We live inside the singularity.


2: The asymmetrical view: The asymmetrical view says «No!» you don’t need all the children to return at the same time, you can have one and one child returned and then the MOTHER revives the child and sends it back out for us to consume once more. That is, in the symmetrical view, the children are the system, there is no MOTHER on this view. That is, the singularity is composed only of children. However, what if the SYSTEM does not = the children. What if the system = the MOTHER? Then a whole new game can be played. The MOTHER can suck in and spit out one and one child and, we are still within the system because the system does not = the children. The asymmetrical view is REALLY symmetrical. Of course only the symmetrical is real. The asymmetrical view is only asymmetrical relative to the children. The asymmetrical view is SYMMETRICAL relative to the MOTHER, and it is that relationship that counts! We live outside (as it were) the singularity (because the singularity is the MOTHER).


What do I mean by «outside?» If we have the big, black box again and, it produces these smaller boxes, then, it is the smaller boxes that collide and cause the Big Bang. We live inside that collision. Thus, we live inside the collision but outside the true singularity that is the MOTHER. That is, the TRUE singularity is STILL and ALWAYS a singularity and cannot become otherwise! It is the black heart of nothingness that will always remain a nothingness. Science tells us that we live inside the singularity. We do not! We live inside the collision. AND THAT IS A VERY DIFFERENT GAME!!!


In a REAL sense, we are actually still inside, but, you know what I mean.


My Free Energy proposal here, says that: As Above, So Below. We have a MOTHER that produces children and, she is connected to her children. What is more believable: Above/Below or Perkin’s tent?


Above/Below says that: the microcosm = the macrocosm—like a Mandelbrot set. That is, the mechanism that allows for humans to have offspring is the ancient and the old mechanism in nature, the folding of the cuboctahedron, the mechanism of nothingness itself!


Modern physics says we live inside a singularity that blew up, aka Perkin’s tent. My Free Energy proposal says that the MOTHER/singularity always is (and cannot blow up); and, this singularity produces children (viz., the folding of the cuboctahedron). The children grow: we live inside that!


My Free Energy proposal says that the singularity is really nothingness, and therefore, the singularity cannot blow up because nothingness has to (and always) remain a nothingness as the Children are too weak, and hence cannot act upon (i.e., Newton’s First Law of Motion) the MOTHER to produce such a change.


Thus, we have an absolute world (aka the MOTHER) and a relative world (our universe/the children), and the interplay between them allows for free energy. Nothing in reason or logic denies it. The reason why Free Energy was thought impossible, and is so still, was/is that modern physics believes that only the relative world is real. They simply haven’t discovered the ABSOLUTE world, yet. Liken the absolute world to the center of a whirlpool and liken the universe to the wings of that whirlpool. They are one and the same, yet, they are different. This difference allows for free energy because you have, in some sense, «two» systems, and not this one system which modern physics believes in.




—I say that light is the fastest, but my «nothingness theory» is really about the FPV/S (fastest possible velocity/speed). I assume that this is light.




—The MOTHER (or FATHER) and her children: The Black Box in Mecca, a tale of free energy? —Kaaba (related to «kabbalah?»)







Roger Penrose & Free Energy:






Roger Penrose:


Why existence rather than nonexistence? Because energy is free! So it exists because it is free! That’s it!


Penrose just made free energy! Phase space is destroyed or reset. The movie starts up again (viz., the universe orders itself) after the end credits. This is our intuition. That is my solution also: reality is a torus/whirlpool and its center consists of light/nothingness that spins so fast (i.e., from the light’s point of view, there is no spacetime = no clock) that everything in it is massless, that is, devoid of phase space. That is, without mass, you cannot build clocks. Without clocks, you cannot have time or the second law of thermodynamics. Thus, the second law of thermodynamics does not apply at the heart of reality/the torus and, the torus sucks in matter from the universe, brings it to its core where the mass becomes massless/«phase-less» and is then spewed out, and enters the universe with low entropy. That is, free energy is possible IF the phase space is destroyed or reset asymmetrically by this everlasting torus.


The everlasting torus: The singularity must always remain a singularity therefore, we have to have an anchor in nature, namely, our anchor/light view, which we described earlier.


Our light view = everything is frozen, push it further, everything VANISHES, and here is the crux, even time. Time also vanishes!


There is no clock at the center of the torus. That is, the heart of nature is timeless.


Physicists will object and say that only the symmetrical is real. Yes. That is true. My picture is symmetric also. The difference is that our physicists have only discovered the froth while the big ocean lies in front of them. They have not discovered the Mother. Our physicists have only discovered her children.


That the heart of nature knows no clock, IS the solution to the greatest riddle of all time: How did it all begin? It turns out: it will end as it begun.


So, the second law of thermodynamics only applies to the wings of the torus; it does not apply to its core.


But are there an infinite number of aeons in the past? No. That is the thing. There is no «past» in the center of the torus.


But information gets through!? Yes. Some. Aeon after aeon = the universe evolving to support life as information is carried from one aeon to the next.


But Penrose wants this expansive space to forget that it is expansive and, it its forgetfulness, it can become small again and thus start a new Big Bang. I can imagine the clocks stopping ticking and thus, big and small, past and future do not matter anymore, so we can start anew from this singularity; however, imagination and the real thing are two different things. Thus, a better solution to this problem is the torus. As the torus expands, it contracts due to its shape! That is ingenious! That is, it is better to contract than to forget! Therefore, we can have Penrose’s expanding universe without needing to have some mysterious force that contracts the universe. That is, we need only expansion!


I view reality in much the same manner as Penrose. But I want to add the Mother/cuboctahedron/torus.


Penrose says that new matter is created. New mass is the missing mass! Watch the video.




The ice block/MOTHER melts, but the ice is not real, only the water is real, according to science; but if the ice does melt = free energy, that is, new and fresh energy is coming into our universe but that does not mean that the energy is created! no more than the ice block «creates» the water that comes off it!


King Leonidas from the movie 300 converts Persians = free energy. Ultimately, the 300 are defeated and the universe must rise anew.




Some physicists say: No. It ALL started at the Big Bang, nature runs down and, that is it!


Okay. But here is the problem: Why are YOU so special? How come that YOU got to be born in this aeon? And this is the only aeon that there is in this picture, for all eternity, and yet, YOU were born into it. What are the chances? What are the chances that YOU were born at that flash in eternity? You see, more flashes = free energy per definition (i.e., phase space is destroyed or reset). However, if there are more/infinite flashes/aeons, then YOU are almost guaranteed to exist!


The ordered beginning tells you free energy is real.




Then we have Penrose’s paradox of the rain. If we can look at the rain/ripples and see the previous universe and, the previous universe can do the same, and so on ad infinitum, we seem to have the paradox of the infinite turtles on our hands. It is a bit odd that EVERY aeon has to have this neighboring aeon. Where did it begin? The beginning started with the Big Bang. But where did the whole package of aeons begin? «The whole package began in the Big Bang.» Ok. You misunderstood. That is ok. However, with our free energy proposal, we have rain ALL THE TIME, thus we causally destroy the paradox as the paradox only arises when we fragment time. In Penrose’s universe, it rains only at the end of time. In our free energy universe, it rains all the time. By «rain» I mean, phase space is destroyed or reset.


With «It rains all the time.» I mean: If you view every atom as a complete wholeness, as a system in and of itself, as a mini-universe, then, every atom can, independently, undergo what Penrose says our whole universe undergoes, namely, it starts, ends, and then is reset. If a single atom can do this independently/asymmetrically of the universe, then we have free energy as phase space is reset for that particular atom. In our torus model of the universe, every torus/atom is whole, closed and independent.





Apples & Bananas






Think that the whole universe is your system and thus free energy is not possible. Or, you can do this:


«You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.»

—Richard Buckminster Fuller


From Roger Penrose’s account of the universe, we saw that free energy is real:


Or search «roger penrose aeons» on YouTube.


However, Penrose needed a Googolplex year and the entire universe to make it happen. That is not what you call practical! So free energy is a reality on Penrose’s account, but since your car is of the universe (symmetrical), and since you would need the entire universe to fit in your car, it is not possible nor practical. My idea is: We introduce the genius of all geniuses: Richard Buckminster Fuller. If we place his cuboctahedron at the beginning of time, then the cuboctahedron will fold, and as it does, our cuboctahedron will generate a new cuboctahedron—ad infinitum! Do you know what that means? It means that we copy the system! That is, the cuboctahedron is all there is, but when we copy it, we get two, three, four... «all there is.» We get fractal-reality. We live inside the brain of Mandelbrot! Two, three, four... systems that are independent of each other but nevertheless can interact, like Russian dolls: That means that we can do the asymmetrical thing. «Asymmetrical» here means that your car does not have to be of the same system, as it were, and hence, we can use the little Russian dolls/universes to power our car forever as the dolls are reset after use and, we do not have to wait the entire Googolplex year of «the whole.» Some «clocks,» so to speak, might stop before the end of the universe and, if that is possible, then making free energy that we can use is also possible. That the clocks start and stop all the time might answer the puzzle that is quantum mechanics, for example.


I have seen William Lane Craig debating Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, the late Christopher Hitchens and Lawrence Krauss. I am an atheist. However, I am also willing to admit when our heroes go wrong. That is, they go so horribly wrong! But that is ok because Richard Dawkins and friends are NOT philosophers. Craig wins by default! On YouTube, however, you get the opposite impression: Sam Harris TOTALLY DESTROYED William Lane Craig. No. Craig is talking about apples and then his opponents start talking about bananas! (O my great apes! Not again!) «Do you not mean: apples and oranges?» No! Sadly, no. That is, it is REALLY embarrassing to watch how our heroes screw it up! But it’s ok because they are not philosophers like Craig. And that got me thinking: Physicists say that free energy is impossible. But, as we have seen, and this is my point, they are NOT philosophers!





It is almost like this:


Lawrence Krauss: «Do you believe in God?»


William Lane Craig: «Yes. I am a theist.»


Lawrence Krauss: «Atheists do not believe in God.»


William Lane Craig: «I know that!»


Lawrence Krauss: «So how can you believe in God?»


William Lane Craig: «Because, as I said, I am a-theist.»


Lawrence Krauss: «Ahhh... You are SO irrational! You make no sense!»


William Lane Craig: «Then what makes sense to YOU?»


Lawrence Krauss: «The multiverse.»


William Lane Craig: «But Leibniz’s argument is independent of the multiverse.»


Lawrence Krauss: «Nothing is independent of the multiverse!»


Ok. That was some immature humor on my part.




So, how, then, can our intellectual fathers, THE WARLORDS OF REASON, exert such power and tell us what is possible and what is not possible? If you really mull on it, then claiming that free energy is impossible has grave ramifications: How come our universe exists at all IF nature did not have the ability to order herself? Eternity would have died a long time ago. And, you would have to believe in miracles. You would have to believe that nature lay dormant for all eternity, then suddenly popped, that was our universe and then, our universe will die and, ...that is it! Or, free energy is possible and nature orders herself, that way, and it is the only logical way, we can have a cycle of births (e.g., Big Bangs) and deaths (e.g., Big Crunches) that never end. Free energy = an inherent ability to order oneself


How come our universe exists at all IF nature did not have the ability to order herself, to reset the clocks? Ok. Look at this quote and tell me that I am wrong:


«If the world had a goal, it must have been reached. If there were for it some unintended final state, this also must have been reached. If it were in any way capable of a pausing and becoming fixed, of «being,» then all becoming would long since have come to an end, along with all thinking, all «spirit.» The fact of «spirit» as a form of becoming proves that the world has no goal, no final state, and is incapable of being.»



Meaning that, if you push your logic to the extreme, you will see that motion must always carry on and, if you strip away nature’s ability to order herself, you will, mathematically speaking, find yourself in a cosmos devoid of stars. The stars speak loudly of nature’s ability to order herself. So, in the final instance, then, saying that free energy is impossible is = to saying that the stars are impossible. Read the quote many times, and you will come to realize that free energy is the only possible solution to the riddle of existence.


I believe that our free energy journey is a process of waking up. First, you see why it is possible symmetrically (as Penrose has without even knowing it!), then you see the asymmetrical picture, then you go from «why» it is possible to «how» it is possible. Then, ultimately, the real FUTURE will commence. The brave new world! The one we have all been waiting for.


I hope I have given you the «why.»


Is not it funny that Lawrence Krauss, who is a physicist (and physicist do not believe in free energy), cannot even handle theists like William Lane Craig (no, that is not the funny part), and then, tell us that free energy is not possible (that is the funny part!)? I mean, they can, with all the confidence in the universe (class III impossibility!), tell us that free energy is not possible, but they cannot even handle theists!? By denying free energy, you are denying our future. Are you aware of that? So how can YOU tell me, when you cannot even handle theists, that free energy is not possible? I get angry! However, Lawrence Krauss is my hero. His «universe from nothing» is spot on! That is what I believe too. It is just that, I can see that a free lunch = free energy = a universe from nothing.


That nature orders herself, it is only natural. To view this as «magic,» as physicists seem to do, is unfortunate! I cannot wrap my brain around people who think that this grand ability of nature is irrational. «Yeah, but, there is no outside source and, you must always work and, you always lose.» Yes. Yes. AND YES. But all that has been taken care of: if nature can order herself, then free energy can work by not having an «outside» source, that is, the Russian dolls are not «outside» each other; they are only «outside» relative to each other, like your heart and brain, nevertheless, they share the same reality, the same body. And, you must always work. But that is no sweat when you can order stuff. And, we always lose. So what!? We order stuff Penrose style! Only we do it on a smaller scale. Penrose has to wait till the end of time in order for the ORDERING to commence. But if we live in a holographic reality, a fractal reality (and we do if the cuboctahedron is IT), then the individual parts/atoms can undergo the whole process of ORDERING independently of the whole because, in a very strong sense, the parts = the whole. So you can have this asymmetrical-thing going on as long as you realize that it is not really asymmetrical with respect to the whole. It is symmetrical in the end. This is IT: It is just that the COSMIC CLOCKS show different times as we live in a relative universe.


Penrose even admits that his peers are not really taking the second law of thermodynamics seriously, that is, they do not really contemplate what its implications truly are. The second law of thermodynamics is often used as a meme to disprove free energy; in reality, the second law of thermodynamics is THE GREATEST EVIDENCE WE HAVE for the existence of free energy; that is, the second law of thermodynamics DIRECTLY reflects free energy/the resetting of the clocks, as Penrose’s theory shows.


Nothing would be more exciting than free energy. Free energy is the key to all the greatest possible futures in design space. It is the key that will save our planet, and yet, we are not spending money trying to unveil that key. That is MADNESS!


Free energy is simple: Every atom is an aeon (of Roger Penrose).


—The «vacuum» orders stuff. As your girlfriend says: «Nuff said.»






Free energy update: 23.02.2016


Physicists say that the universe is the whole system and therefore, free energy is not possible. However, the universe is like foam on a higher sea and thus, asymmetry and therefore free energy is possible. Nothingness (e.g., Lawrence Krauss), and not the universe, is the system (we get asymmetry therefore nothingness is the system). And matter is created (Roger Penrose). The clocks are reset (Roger Penrose). The thing is: Hence the second law of thermodynamics, the beginning of time is very special (as Roger Penrose noted), and, this special moment can only reflect the fact that the universe came from some «place» and hence, the universe itself is not the system. That «some place» is the system. So here we have the first three ingredients in free energy: asymmetry, the resetting of the clocks and matter creation.


Our universe is like a fetus in the womb and free energy = the fact of the umbilical cord.


That the universe itself is the system is illogical when we look at Kalam cosmological argument: Everything which begins to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist, therefore, the universe has a cause. And this cause is the system! The cause is not the universe, because that would be bootstrapping of the highest order! To pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps! Physicists do this all the time. They are not philosophers! They brush away this argument as if it is air. Today, Christian philosophers like William Lane Craig totally destroy great atheists like Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss in these great debates we find on YouTube. In fact, Craig wins every time and, no one can refute that God is the Cause in Kalam cosmological argument! That is how strong the argument is (if you have a philosophical brain). To me, it is simple: Everything which begins to exist has a cause. Let us look at that: My coffee cup has a cause. Roughly, the cause is: «it was made.» Ok. So far, so good. But what about the atoms in the cup? Let us try to trace their origins: The atoms began «over here.» That is fine. But why couldn’t the atoms have started «over there?» See the puzzle? And our physicists brush away and states that: «It began over there.» Where is that? In a Big Bang singularity. However, the singularity does not solve the puzzle, because the puzzle is the cause, the First Cause of Things and, the singularity must itself have an explanation. Some String Theory proponents see this and argues that two colliding branes caused the Big Bang singularity; however, this does not solve the puzzle, but rather pushes it further away: For what caused the branes, and what caused what caused the branes—and so on ad infinitum. Now you see the infinite turtles here! And you simply brush them away! Neither your carpet nor your closet is big enough to contain them. So, how do we solve the mystery, then? The answer is simple: The universe is NOT the system. The answer is simple: Free energy. And Lawrence Krauss says that we came from nothing, so, we came for free, yet, the energy is not, somehow? What are you physicists doing here?


Let me state it in other words: the beginning of time is so special that it requires a higher order of existence, an existence that is spaceless and timeless. And that is nothingness. However, nothingness cannot cause the universe to exist, only something with a will can do that, hence God. You see how Craig wins!? My solution is: Nothingness CAN cause the universe to exist. This is how:


The universe is not the system. So we get an ice block that starts to melt. The water = spacetime. The ice = absolute spacetime or nothingness.


Craig points out that this analogy is false and that the melting process here is ridden with difficulties and paradoxes. Needless to say, the universe is not the system, the universe is a by-product of a much larger process, the universe = remnants. SEE HOW WRONG our physicists are here? And they have the nerve to state that free energy is a class III impossibility! Based on what? Based on their unwillingness to conduct philosophy.





Ok. The how:


Imagine a whirlpool or torus: The center of this whirlpool spins so fast that we have absolute spacetime, that is, a spacetime that has 0 extension or propagation; but that does not mean that it is transcendent or immaterial, it simply means that we cannot «see» it as it is 0-dimensional. However, we can see it by other means. And this fast spin «causes» our universe, not by directly «causing» it, but by existing. That is, because the fast spin of the cuboctahedron is there, we get a whirlpool/torus (dual) that spins really fast, but, at the same time, produces these huge wings or accretion discs further out from its core. And these wings we call the universe.


Okay. But what caused the cuboctahedron?


—Everything which does not begin to exist does not require a cause. Absolute spacetime never began to exist, therefore, absolute spacetime has no cause.


—That is, absolute spacetime did not begin to exist, that is, it had no beginning, which is a trajectory. That is, absolute spacetime never began to exist but always existed and will always exist. And, it can do that as long as it has no trajectory. It simply exists in this trajectory-free state that theologians say God exists in.


—Everything which begins to exist (trajectory) has a cause. The universe began to exist (has a trajectory/history), therefore, the universe has a cause. And that cause is absolute spacetime (which is the cuboctahedron).


The cuboctahedron is self-caused because there is no dam that prevents motion from existing. Nothing prevents the simplest thing from existing. And the cuboctahedron = motion. True motion is motionlessness, that is, motion which does not move but contains all motion, which is the light’s point of view. Motionlessness is therefore not the opposite of motion, no more than ice is the opposite of water. It is just a state of the water. Likewise, the core of our whirlpool is motionless, yet, it creates these huge wings of motion that we call spacetime. A true unmoved mover that is NOT metaphysical, but very much physical, like the ice is still, in some sense, water—like the white light can contain the rainbow.


But the ice/water analogy is somewhat misleading here. You would think that the core is made of ice and then melts. No. On my picture the ice does not melt, but always remains in its state. Even so we get «water!» And the reason is that all is motion. Craig, in order to solve the puzzle of the Origins of the cosmos, wanted the melting of the ice to be the will of God, but my model shows that we do not need a will here.


Light is motion, but, from its point of view, it is motionless/nothingness. So you can be motionless and in motion at the same time and, it is not a contradiction nor a paradox therefore motionlessness is simply fast motion (really fast!).


Motionlessness per definition may not be «motion which does not move but contains all motion.» However, that is how I define motionlessness. I do not care what your dictionary says! A point which Lawrence Krauss makes time and again. Concepts can evolve, you know.


Darwin tells us that nature wants to do the simplest thing there is, and that is the light’s point of view, which is nothingness. The word «nothing» means «not anything,» but, we are not looking at the word for an explanation of the word; we are looking at the thought experiment (imagine the light’s point of view as it beholds the universe) as an explanation of what the word ought to actually mean or evolve to. The simplest state is that of absolute spacetime/nothingness. This state is possible by the aid of the cuboctahedron. However, the cuboctahedron is a system and can therefore not stay fixed, that is, it must move or be on the move. Therefore, the simplest state of existence is motion. That is why there is something rather than nothing because you cannot do simpler than the simplest, which is the light’s point of view.


the cuboctahedron = motion


Existence exists because there is no law, nor logic, that prevents motion from existing. Thus it spontaneously pops into existence because there is no STRUCTURE preventing it from doing that as existence/the cuboctahedron is a SYSTEM. There is no dam. So the water simply flows. It is free. It is free energy.


Theists say: The cause of existence has to be immaterial, that is, beyond the physical. It follows logically! No. That is wrong! It does not follow logically, and here is why: The cause of existence is the fact that the cuboctahedron is a system.




B/A lower than 1, the universe will collapse.

B/A higher than 1, the universe will expand forever.


It turns out it is neither. The value is 0, according to Lawrence Krauss.


0 = a universe from nothing (as I always suspected).


But there is more: If the universe can come out of nothing, then it is free, a free lunch. If that is true, then free energy is true. More: If the value is 0, then the universe must collapse forever while simultaneously expand forever and, that is the torus!


I do believe in Tesla:


Nicola Tesla did believe in free energy = 3, 6 and 9 of Marko Rodin = the cuboctahedron. Check out Randy Powell:




The Key = Pressure


«When a bird flies in and sits on a power-line, he sits on a very high potential, but between his two feet he has no potential difference, no voltage. And so, even though from the line to the ground, it may be a hundred million volts (to use a theoretical figure, a hypothetical figure), the little bird can sit very happily with his feet on this supposedly hundred million volt line, and he as no volts across his body. He is very happy and does not even know it. Let him touch one of his feet to the slightest thing that has a slightest difference there and he will fry to a greasy spot. Now, in the vacuum we have the same thing: We have an extreme high potential, a charge of the vacuum. But we are immersed in the vacuum. And so the question is: We are like the little bird. Normally, what we put in the vacuum, we don’t have any difference between two pieces of our machine, so we can’t get a current. An analogy I use of tapping a paddle wheel in a river, what we tap the energy from is the current of the river, not the pressure in the water. And so our problem is to find a way to tap the pressure, so to speak, rather than the flow. Or to convert the pressure into the flow. That can be done. And we can tap the inexhaustible energy that’s in the vacuum. And it has been done. And when we do that, we can get plenty of clean, free, electric power—right straight from the vacuum itself. So, do I believe in free energy? I can prove conclusively that the energy is there. Nature has been very kind [...]»

—Tom Bearden


Ideal world?


Plato’s ideal world is the cuboctahedron that contains all mathematics, that is, the platonic solids. Math is discovered. How is it that math is so universal? It is easy: You start with the cuboctahedron, and then you fold/copy it. That is all! So it is not mysterious. Math is simply the fact of the copying process. However, only the patterns which make up convergent evolution (i.e., the platonic solids) follow the basic laws of mathematics. The rest is chaotic. But this does not mean that math is a real thing, math only works because of the consistency of the copying process. Math «describes.» Nothing more, but! nothing less!!!


Tom Bearden:






Welcome to the heart of nature:









The Final Countdown:


The torus is like a balloon that blows itself up and then releases the air, and then the torus blows itself up again—ad infinitum. It blows itself up without the aid of work in the sense that a lonely object spinning in space can continue to spin forever without the aid of work due to Newton’s First Law of Motion. This is free energy. Free energy is the fact that the air and the balloon do not interfere with each other (asymmetry). Thus, the torus can order energy/air for free, that is, free = no work. That is free energy.


I wanted a fast spinning core that has always spun and is always spinning. It cannot slow down. My friend’s objection here, was that, I can have my fast spinning core as long as it remains alone, but, if the core is supposed to order energy, then the core will slow down over time due to the interactions necessary to order energy (symmetry). We thus end up with a Big Freeze. My friend’s proposal was that the supernova is like a mini-picture of the whole universe and that, when the UNIVERSAL supernova (i.e., the Big Freeze) «explodes,» we have a new Big Bang on our hands. This can continue on forever. Thus, the symmetric universe can go on forever. Note: The logic of this cycle is the logic of our torus (so «the truth» cannot tell them apart on that note alone as they are both shaped like the truth, if there is a truth—viz., you can create something false out of something true), that is, my friend’s proposal and the torus create its cycle(s) by going back and forth between two natural limits; the Jitterbug of Buckminster Fuller ( explains why the torus contracts. Basically, ALL is this: you always have motion, and that motion moves between two extremes. The problem I have with this ABBA universe (A creates B and B creates A) is that it is illogical. It is the Chicken and the Egg thing all over again! But as my friend suggests, logic is exactly that, logic. What do we know? This ABBA universe, also seems to fall in under Roger Penrose’s Aeon universe. In the torus universe, you do not need the ABBA because it is the inherent motion of nature that creates the universe (its birth and death = the Jitterbug) and not the «previous» death of a universe which somehow caused our universe.


1. Our core does not slow down if asymmetry is true. And hence, the core can function as the beginning of time, viz., it can function as the Unmoved Mover by creating these accretion discs we call the universe. Free energy is true.


2. Or, asymmetry is BS and symmetry is the game, the ABBA universe can thus play the role of the Unmoved Mover (somehow, beyond man’s logic!). I would also define 2 as free energy as, for me, free energy was the ability to reset the clocks (i.e., the ability to resurrect after the second law of thermodynamics have ended you). However, as my friend points out, this is a useless definition. A better definition is, free = no work (as in 1). Our physicists say that 1 is impossible. Our physicists believe in ABBA. I say, let that Swedish pop group sing its last song!


Okay, forget our grumpy physicists for a while; philosophically speaking, why should we choose asymmetry over symmetry when symmetry seems more logical, at least on the surface?


I look at eternity/nothingness like a big kitchen machine that can run forever and the universe is the dough. They are «one» (symmetry) in reality, say, both are made of «atoms,» yet, for all practical purposes, they are two separate «objects» (asymmetry). The ice block and the water. The absolute spacetime and the relative spacetime. Motionlessness and motion. This is possible. In fact, our example proves that it is possible as our kitchen machine and our dough are both made of atoms!


The heart of nature IS an everlasting heart. That heart will beat forever and there is nothing we can do to stop it.


Here is the final key, then: Imagine sitting on a beam of light looking back at the universe. What would you see? You would see everything as frozen in time (or, as we have seen, you would see nothingness). It is the fact that spacetime freezes, we get asymmetry because, now, we have two completely different realms on our hands. We have the relative universe where things buzz around and, we have the Absolute Universe where things are always ordered—low entropy. The reason why energy is always ordered in this state is the same reason why we perceive nothingness instead of this frozen picture. If things were eternally frozen, then there was no time in which things could freeze. Consequently, then, since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we have no thing. Nothingness. But there is more: since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we also have no time in which anything can ever decay. That is, from the light’s point of view, there was always nothingness and ORDER.


So when our torus sucks in dead energy in order to order it, it does not slow down, as my friend wants, because, there is really no «interaction» as such. When the torus sucks in dead energy in order to order it, the clocks are reset, time itself ceases to be, and all is order, once again. The torus can then spew out the «new» and ordered energy, which we can use. Asymmetry works because it is not really asymmetry as such. It is the business between an absolute world and a relative world! It is this business that makes free energy possible. Our physicists do not know what will happen in such interactions. This is not valid here: «[...] if the core is supposed to order energy, then the core will slow down over time due to the interactions necessary to order energy.» Only the objects in the relative universe can interact (with themselves). If the core was of that world, then my friend would be right. But the core/center of the torus is of the timeless realm. No interaction is possible there as interactions require movement. The core spins so fast that movement ceases to apply! This was our thought experiment. It is still motion (in a sense), but it is not like anything we have in our universe. This is where the magic of the Holy Grail happens.


«We do not lose energy so the universe is all there is.»—This reminds me of Wittgenstein, «Tell me,» Wittgenstein’s asked a friend, «why do people always say, it was natural for man to assume that the sun went round the earth rather than that the earth was rotating?» His friend replied, «Well, obviously because it just looks as though the Sun is going round the Earth.» Wittgenstein replied, «Well, what would it have looked like if it had looked as though the Earth was rotating?»


Similarly, what would it look like if the Absolute Universe is real (which it is, according to Kalam cosmological argument—which we saw earlier). If the torus takes one object, holds it, and then releases it, would we have lost energy? No. So you cannot conclude that our universe is all there is based on that! So, yes, I aim to place the Absolute Universe in the center. Fabian’s Copernican Revolution! (I like the sound of that!) Right now, our physicists have placed the earth (i.e., the relative universe) in the center. Thus, following history, I know I will win, eventually.


Einstein said, «If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.» So, let me try to explain free energy simply: The heart of nature IS an everlasting heart (i.e., a dual torus). All we need to do is to «wake up!»


Do that, and your car can run forever without the need for fuel. In other words, the universe came from someplace. So the universe is not the system. That «someplace» is the system. That place is the heart. The heart may be tiny relative to us, but we can amplify it. A tiny mouse can cast a big shadow! The heart will last forever due to Newton’s First Law of Motion. Its core cannot slow down = momentum is conserved. The fast spinning core (which cannot slow down as it lies «outside» the universe, that is, it is always alone and hence will spin forever due to Newton’s First Law of Motion) makes (is) perpetual energy that supplies perpetual work. Thus, free energy is NOT, I repeat, NOT, I repeat AGAIN, NOT NOT NOT the Classical Perpetual Motion Machine. That point really needs to sink in!





And now, something COOL:


In fact, free energy can be amplified to such an extent that it surpasses the earth’s gravitational field, we thus have our warp drive and we can bend space the way we want and go wherever we want in no time at all! Plus, the amplified torus-field works as a shield from small meteorites (giant problem solved) and, since it is its own gravitational field, it can lift our spaceship up in the air and we can make 90 degree turns without breaking a sweat therefore we are in our own field and, we can stop time, and, Einstein says that space can bend, so, we are not talking nonsense here! This dual torus also explains why the Ufo is like this disc: because, just like the fish in the water, the fish takes on the form it has because it is adapted to the water; the water reflects the shape of the fish. Similarly, the plane, like the bird, reflects the air. And the Ufo? The Ufo has the shape that it has because it is powered by a dual torus. How come our galaxy is flat when in fact we live in 3D space? Our galaxy is flat because it is being pressed between two toruses (i.e., the dual torus). The Ufo accommodates the fact. And the Ufo lights up or glows if simply because we are dealing with free energy and, the free energy device has to make so much energy that it, at least, surpasses the earth’s gravitational field in order for the Ufo to float. That is a lot of energy and the reason why you glow! The Ufo would look kind of unprofessional and skip about in the air because the earth’s gravitational field is not uniform everywhere. So the Ufo, in slow-speed-mode, would «jump about» in the atmosphere and perhaps be liable to crash. That is, the Ufo is built for space travel.


All this is the Holy Grail! The cup that never empties or, if it is emptied, then it refills! The Holy Grail is therefore the cuboctahedron, the 12. Look up the number 12 and count them in The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall. Notice that the number 7 is the Seed of Life and the Seed of Life contains the cuboctahedron. So 7 = 12.


If you read Masonic lore, then the only conclusion to the Holy Grail is free energy. For what in this world can resurrect after it dies? Jesus.


The heart of nature IS an everlasting heart = «God is like a Titan that must forever run in order to keep his heart beating.»

—Spiritual Awakening by a man on DMT


That is, the core ever runs and keeps the universe perpetually coming back after it dies.


The core = immortality


The core cannot die. The universe can die. That solves the Greatest Puzzle of All Time.


«But how can the core have existed for all time?» I believe I have answered that (earlier). The point is, the core can have existed for all time because, right there, it lies outside time altogether. The core is timeless. Therefore, the questions we apply to the universe do not apply to the core. In Kalam cosmological argument, our core would be explained by the necessity of its own nature, like the number 7. The number 7 was not created. It just exists by its own nature. It cannot not exist! However, I do not believe in math that way! Our core, however, has always existed because it really is nothingness (and nothingness does not really require an explanation as such, because it is so simple). But it will take a while to see that. The only way you can create nothingness is with fast spin. So that is what it is. How did nothingness begin to spin? It never begun to spin because nothingness is not, in fact, spinning—that is, it is spinning so fast that it is not spinning, it ceases to spin yet is spinning, «the universe becomes frozen.» Motionlessness is motionless, but it contains all motion, as in our thought experiment. The Absolute World is yet a puzzle. If we can explain it, it is puzzling still. But it is more logical than ABBA and makes more sense than «God!»


«[...] it ceases to spin yet is spinning. This is a contradiction!» No. It is not. Like the white light contains or is the rainbow. The color orange does not cease to be, even if it is tucked away in the white light. No contradiction. Only a lack of vision of what can be! Likewise, the core, which is motionless, can spin and produce the universe. The core, then, is the Ultimate Unmoved Mover.


«But how can the orange, that is, the universe, exit the white light?» Answer: Because the core is spinning, that spin generates our universe, but, since the core is spinning so fast, it is motionless. Just because it is motionless does not change the fact that it is spinning! That is, it IS a spin that goes so fast that it appears to have stopped, or more than «appears.» But the wings of the core cannot keep up, so they do not stop. These wings, then, are our universe. The orange does not exit the white light but is a part of it.


Free energy: All you need is Roger Penrose and a lack of symmetry (not really).







This is not life!


If we see the «kitchen machine» from a holistic perspective, then the dough may be like atoms in a stone and the stone is our kitchen machine. The stone remains unaffected, viz., the atoms in the stone cannot move the stone; the stone is lying still, it does not move; however, it contains all motion, that is, the busy atoms in the stone.


The lonely object in space interacts with other objects and slows down, my picture is that the lonely object is always alone and that the object’s atoms interact, but do not cause a change on the lonely object.


This lonely object is the heart of nature, it is a core that is always hot and ordered. (Sounds like hell!) Say that we ship any number of atoms to the core and we use only a fraction of that number (of atoms) to ship our atoms to the core. The core orders all the atoms and we get overunity in the sense that we get the number we used to ship the atoms and, we get the atoms we shipped. Timelessness/the core pumps out the fresh energy instantaneously as there is no time.


The fact of our core here, does not mean that nature orders dead energy all the time, rather, it means that we can utilize the core to order energy for us. If all is a giant whirlpool and, the core is always spinning/hot, then the wings of the spin are of relative space and must freeze/slow down and die. The absolute world never dies. Only the fast spinning core can revive our relative world. But just because our core always spins, it is not to say that the spin orders the relative space all the time. Only when the relative world dies (i.e., the (any) torus contracts), it will perish and, a new, relative world can be born out of the spin. However, since the spin is there, we can use it in order to make free energy. If I understand Bearden correctly, we can convert the pressure/the core into flow/relative space and then, the core, which must always stay hot, will simply suck in dead energy or energy unavailable for doing mechanical work from our relative world, and replace the amount which we stole from the core. The deal is, we get fresh energy and the core gets our old stuff. A sweet deal. We have to use some amount of energy in order to get at the good stuff, but it is worth it!


From before: «Imagine that the Big Bang singularity is composed of balls. They are drawn to each other. They thus work to keep the singularity intact. Thus, if you want to draw a ball from it by, say, pushing a ball out of it, then you need as much energy to get the ball as the new ball will give you. No free energy.» You must use a ball in order to get a ball out.


But this quote only applies in the relative universe, that is, if you tried to extract energy from a relative system. In our absolute system, we would extract energy from the core of nothingness and then, since the thing is a torus, it would instantaneously fill the void, that is, what we extracted, that is, the torus would contract as it expands (because that is what a torus is); the expansion here being our artificial extraction of the core. Then we get ordered energy and the core gets dead energy, which will then be resurrected, that is, it will once more become timeless. Here you also use a ball in order to get a ball out, the difference is that you can ship punctured balls too and revive them.


Resurrection is what makes free energy possible.


Anyway, how we extract the energy is beyond the scope of this paper. Read Bearden if you want to know «how.» This paper tries to answer the «why.» Why is free energy possible? —Because the absolute world exists. How do we do it? —Bearden says that we must convert the pressure into the flow. The flow being our relative space and the pressure being the core of nothingness (as I understand it). I believe that the pressure = flow which is timeless. Just like the white light = the colors that comprise it. We need some sort of «prism» that separates the «colors» from the «white light.»


The idea, really, is that the core is like a big sack of water and, punch a hole in it, and we can drink forever. The Fountain of Youth. It is not a source of infinite water (i.e., the «vacuum» of space can contain little energy and free energy works), however, that is, the energy we draw from our sack is the dead energy of our world which the sack sucks up and converts for free. So it is not magic. It is, however, the spirit of Santa!


If you liken the core to a sea and our universe to a bit of foam that arises in that sea, how can the foam slow down this core? And, the core resides in the zeroth dimension, so it has no room in which to slow down in. The core is like a big fire and our universe a snowball. Throw that snowball on the fire and our snowball cannot extinguish it. And I don’t care how big you make your snowball. That snowball will always be tiny compared to the absolute realm, just like any velocity will be small compared to the spin of nothingness. The spin cannot slow down because there is no force that is strong enough to slow it down. Thus free energy works.


Our core is the «opposite» of the second law of thermodynamics if the second law of thermodynamics = time and our core = timelessness.


«Would not the universe be eternal if free energy is true as new energy would be pumped into the universe all the time and replace the old energy?» —No. The torus, in the big picture, must contract before it can expand.


Free energy is like having mini-lungs inside the big lungs that is the universe; but, when the big one dies/contracts, then so do the minis.


More: The heart of nature is a real heart therefore our heart is based on the dual torus and the dual torus is the heart of nature. The moment I was done writing this book, I watched the movie Victor Frankenstein (2015). A fitting end to a marvelous journey. Watch the ending. «[...] I have some ideas about where we went wrong this time...» New idea: The absolute world giving birth to the relative realm. It is alive! because it was always alive! There was never such a thing as death. Only freedom is real. Be ready. F.


«We use three hearts!»—That is ingenious! 3 is the minimum, if you want movement. Expansion, contraction and a hole to move through—without the hole, everything would stop; this hole is why nature is a torus and would choose to be a torus if she was not. The hole makes the doughnut (i.e., the torus)! Basically, the act of breathing and a hole/mouth to breathe through. As above, so below. The dual torus is really the triple torus as the Father and the Mother produce the Child. The secret of Hermes «Tris»megistus?






«The energy of the torus-field deflects matter.»

—Randy Powell











Other ideas on free energy:


Imagine our lonely object spinning perpetually in space, no one is around, so it will spin forever. Imagine that motion is like this at its core. It just moves. This offers a paradox of when it started to move, but here we jack up the speed so much that «when» vanishes because the velocity is so ferocious that we get, what I call nothingness. Ok. We have got motion. Set this motion in a system we call the cuboctahedron, and our motion will have 2 points or extremes/limits to travel through. And remember, our motion will always travel between these points as our motion is like the lonely object perpetually spinning in space. Now we get a folding and an unfolding of the cuboctahedron, this causes a spin (go ahead and build one and you will see). This spin creates what I call the heart of nature, the core, an everlasting dual torus. Just imagine a giant whirlpool. When the torus dies, it resurrects perpetually. This is the basis of free energy. Now, since it is a whirlpool, we get a core that is ferocious, but the «wings» that accrete around the core, cannot keep up with the activity/velocity in the center, and thus the Big Bang is born. Our fast spinning core is at the beginning of our universe. Interestingly, the cuboctahedron does more than explain the origin of spin, it also answers the origin of evolution, because every time the cuboctahedron folds, it copies itself: thus we get many cores in our universe, many whirlpools inside the Big Whirlpool that is my nothingness. All the cores are actually = the one core. All black hole centers are located at the same «place.» The core(s) can function as a slingshot where you can pick up speed, that is, say we ship any number of atoms (our package) to the core, and, these atoms are no longer available for doing mechanical work, then, just like a spaceship that uses the earth’s gravity-well to slingshot around the planet, we can do the same to our package. We use a little bit of available energy to ship dead energy to the core, and, in return, we get «overunity,» that is, the energy we used to send + our package. Nature does not order the energy which is located opposite the core, well, not in a long time anyway. Or: Core with a fixed density: add more density/dead energy, and the dead must resurrect and, since the core is fixed (viz., the speed of light), the excess energy must leave the core. We collect.


Work against forces, is that work? You get tired and need to eat, drink, rest. Or, you lie on a boat, not working, and flow with the stream. That is free energy, you get it for free by not working against something, but rather, you go with the flow. With the lonely object/nothingness.







Answering the Final Objection:


Once again, imagine a lonely object spinning in space. It will continue to spin forever unless acted upon by an external force (viz., Newton’s First Law of Motion). My friend’s greatest objection was that, my free energy device wouldn’t work because, when we interact with the universal torus, aka, the lonely object, then we will discontinue its spin and free energy would not work. Free energy is nature ordering energy for free, without producing work to do so. This is my final definition of free energy.


Ok. Say that our lonely object spinning in space = 100 %. Say that interactions cost = 10 %. If you interact with the lonely object, 10 times, it will stop and free energy would not work.


My point was that, since the lonely object is in fact falling, something else, something truly remarkable happens: If you interact with the lonely object and reduce it to, say, 90 %, then, before you have the time to interact with it again, our lonely object has gained another 10 % and is now at 100 % before our next interaction. This happens because our lonely object is in fact falling perpetually. The spin = falling. This is how free energy works. Our lonely object falls forever; so it has always 100 %.


If you drop, say, a ball from a height, then, before the drop, it has potential energy. Then we drop the ball and we get kinetic energy. In the torus model, the potential energy is infinite! Why? Does infinity exist? No. But the loop that is the torus makes it anyway. So nature is ever falling into herself, in this loop. This creates an infinite amount of kinetic energy, as it were. And nature (viz., our lonely object) picks up speed until the speed becomes so intense that we get nothingness. And this is the initial state of nature. How all things began. And the cuboctahedron is the only thing in existence that can do the job of generating nothingness as the cuboctahedron is built for ultimate speed.


So, when we interact with our lonely object, we cannot slow it down for long. Like two birds flying in the air having a net in which to catch the lonely object: The birds may slow it down, but eventually, the birds will get tired and the result: our object will keep on falling because our object does not work and can therefore never get tired like the birds. And as our object perpetually falls, it orders dead energy for free as our object is a torus. As the torus falls, it spins, as it spins, it contracts, as it contracts, energy is forced into order and we get available energy for free—because the torus ever falls! Then it expands, all for free. And we collect.


«Ok. But why is it falling? Shouldn’t it just be floating or something?» Thus the cuboctahedron is a system, and not a structure, it must move.


Motion is, when you mull on it, the same as falling.

  1. There is no structure in nature, which means that we have Motion to deal with.
  2. This Motion is all there is, so our Motion here will ever continue to move as dictated by Newton’s First Law of Motion.
  3. And, therefore our Motion is all there is, no one can stop it from moving.
  4. Falling (in this model) = you flow with the universal torus-stream, which is our Motion.


And, if there is no restriction, no laws that prevent motion, then you move as fast as you can, which is nothingness. Thus, if you were to slow this down and reduce it to zero (which is the ultimate argument against free energy and is absolutely ridiculous!), it would simply build up again. Nature is not a battery that is being depleted. Nature is a battery that is constantly building up. Building up to what? Building up to nothingness, which is the initial state of things.


This is Lucifer falling from Heaven—and why Lucifer is God to the Masons. Well, once you understand the esoteric meaning of Lucifer. Lucifer is the Holy Grail and the Philosopher’s stone.


«Like the sapphire Schethiyâ, the Lapis Exilis, crown jewel of the Archangel Lucifer, fell from heaven. Michael, archangel of the sun and the Hidden God of Israel, at the head of the angelic hosts swooped down upon Lucifer and his legions of rebellious spirits. During the conflict, Michael with his flaming sword struck the flashing Lapis Exilis from the coronet of his adversary, and the green stone fell through all the celestial rings into the dark and immeasurable Abyss. Out of Lucifer’s radiant gem was fashioned the Sangreal, or Holy Grail, from which Christ is said to have drunk at the Last Supper.»

—Manly Palmer Hall in his Secret Teachings










Can you spot the Philosopher’s stone in the picture?

Hint: Father, Mother, Pi; Square, Triangle, As above, so below; Hexagram...






Last thoughts:


If indeed the cuboctahedron is the basic building block in nature, then the cuboctahedron must be nonstructural for a reason, and that reason is to solve the paradox of existence/motion by generating such a high velocity that we accomplish nothingness.


But why not have a structure that can do the job (of generating nothingness)? Why employ a system that is unstable and therefore creates motion as a result? Why solve the paradox of motion by a system that allows for motion? You employ motion in order to solve the paradox of motion—it seems a bit odd! Would not it be easier to create a structure where motion is not possible in the first place? No. Why? Because a structure is something(ness), meaning, a structure must at least be made of three parts, like in a triangle in order to create stability, which is the whole point of a structure and, therefore, we have an extension and therefore somethingness. That is, the paradox of existence is not motion per se, but somethingness. In order to get rid of the somethingness, nature employs the fast spin of the cuboctahedron. However, even this fast spin cannot entirely get rid of the somethingness, but that is ok, because you only need to get rid of the somethingness at the beginning of time in order to solve the paradox of existence. In other words, as long as you have a state of zero propagation of spacetime, you have solved the riddle. The riddle was: This atom cannot have started its journey «over here» because you can imagine it having started «over there.» To solve the paradox, the atom, originally, must have started from a state that knows neither «here» nor «there,» that is, a state that knows no propagation of spacetime. Then the atom can have started in that state without that being paradoxical.


«[...] However, even this fast spin cannot entirely get rid of the somethingness, but that is ok, because you only need to get rid of the somethingness at the beginning of time in order to solve the paradox of existence.» —That is, nature is lazy and solves the paradox at minimum cost, and hence, we get a little bit of foam/spacetime/somethingness.


So the cuboctahedron answers the greatest riddle of all time: How did it all begin? Answer: Motionlessness/nothingness/timelessness, that is, the fast spin of the cuboctahedron.


A system is also something(ness), but it can generate nothingness, and that is the point, while a structure cannot accomplish this task. However, from nature’s point of view, nothingness comes first.


Therefore, we live in a great ocean of nothingness where our universe is a bit of foam that arises in that sea, a side effect of nature’s nothingness-production. Well, that is humbling! Nature’s greatest factory is the production of the total blackness of all things.




«Cannot nothingness be absent of a structure and a system altogether, you know, cannot nothing be absolutely no—thing?» Again, your dictionary will not do. Nature must tell us. The absence of a structure, which is the real no—thing, is a system!




Newton’s First Law of Motion does always apply, always, even to our lonely object/nothingness spinning perpetually in space. Our lonely object gets affected and «slows down,» as it were (I changed my mind), but, when you stop interacting with it, it starts picking up speed again because it ever falls. No other thing in existence does this, and this is why free energy is possible. Nature is like a battery that ever charges. Nature ever flows. She does not work. Work is when you go against the natural flow. Then you must work! and then we wear down and we do not receive the boon of free energy. We do it the hard way! Our cars work against the flow of nature and, therefore, we need to fill up with gasoline in order to work against nature for a few additional miles. Work is actually «work against.» Nature flows for free. Nature does not work. Things in nature work, things that resist the natural order, but not nature herself, her heart.




Your dictionary might say that motionlessness is the opposite of motion, but what is this thing: «the opposite?» Does anybody really know? Not really. (I know what it is: It is the ugly face of the logical system.) E.g., What is Good? Answer: The opposite of Evil. What is Evil? Answer: The opposite of Good. Well, that was an enlightening experience! No. Nature knows no up nor down. Nature is a continuous flow. In nature, motionlessness is not the opposite of motion; motionlessness is a form of motion, like the ice is a form of the water. There is no such thing as the opposite. It is an error of human thought. It is an imaginary line drawn in the sand: This way up. Draw a line. This way down. Do you think the actual sand gives a damn about your line? So why then, say that my nothingness is not real nothingness because your dictionary says that nothingness is without properties? What if the only way, the only possible way, to get rid of all things and really create a true nothingness is to tie all things up in a zero-dimensional knot with the aid of fast motion? If this can be shown, then we are dealing with real nothingness and, we get a starting point to this thing we call existence.






Expanding the Free Energy Concept to all theories of the universe:


In My friend’s model of the universe, nature begins in a singularity that explodes due to the interactions (gravity) inside the singularity that produce ever more complicated structures, and, when these structures are evolved enough, they will be «big» enough to cause the phenomenon of collision, and, when they do, when they collide, they will explode; and, we get the propagation of spacetime away from the core. This is the Big Bang. From the expanded state, nature ever works, and the result is that gravity gathers all the remnants of the explosion into a new singularity, and the process can repeat ad infinitum. Forget the Chicken and Egg thing, we start with the singularity and there is no problem or, human logic is weak anyway, so, even with the Chicken and Egg thing or ABBA, I can accept my friend’s model. In this picture, nature ever works and free energy is not possible.


Basically, nature ever works to cram things into a singularity, this she does, but, there is a natural limit as to how tight she can cram things. When she reaches this limit, something funny happens, things start to evolve and become more complex because, when you literally hit rock bottom, then things cannot go further and layers must start to amass. As these layers interact, we can imagine them evolving. Suddenly, they are evolved enough to cause an explosion. And we repeat.


This natural limit is no more mysterious than trying to cram too many people into a car, at some point, people will use the window (by having one of their arms hanging out the window, for example), which can = our Big Bang.


For me, even if you produce a gazillion theories that explains the universe equally, it boils down to two things:


1. Either nature works, or

2. She does not.


1. If I am working, I get tired, and then I need to load up. But here is the problem, I do not believe in infinity, that is, an infinity of, say, «food» or whatever makes you, the universe and everything else work. So, we have a finite amount. So here is my paradox: If nature could die, or use up the finite resources, she would have by now. You might object by stating that nature began at some finite time in the past. That is obvious. That is not my point. My point is: Either we invoke a miracle that sets the finite past in motion or, nature has always been in motion. If the latter, then nature would have expended her finite amount of available energy a long time ago due to the finite nature of «food» and the perpetual nature of motion, and, she would continue forever in a dead state, that is, a state that cannot do work, or work that makes life possible anyway. This state would cover 99,999...% of the total landscape of eternity and the probability of being born when the «food» was around is more or less zero. You can only be born at such a time obviously, but you would have zero chance. Some creatures did make it, in this model. But YOU did not—by the law of probability. So, since you are here, there are only 2 possibilities: 1. Either there is infinite «food.» 2. Nature does not work in order to produce «food.» (if you understand the odd concept «food» here).


1 is not true in my mind.




You might object by stating that time and motion and space and everything began in the Big Bang. Ok. If that is true, then we must invoke God. There is no other way. It is better that space and time began a finite time in the past. Motion, on the other hand, must have always been. A motion that, like the water can turn to ice, so can motion morph into spacetime (which is my idea of nothingness). In summa: In 1, nature dies and that is it.


2. The Mysterium Tremendum is, believe it or not, nature does not work! Nature ever falls. As she falls, she can perpetually produce «food» because, she can have motion (falling) without working for it. This opens up the possibility for perpetual free energy or falling/kinetic energy. Thus, things in nature that do work and wear down, are simply things that work against the natural flow or the fall. —Nature is so lazy, why would she bother to work? And, nature is so simple, and, what can be simpler than falling/spinning? And this explains gravity. This is what gravity actually is. Gravity is simply torus-flow, the torus ever falling/spinning. And this spin also causes dark energy as the torus replicates as it spins. This replication leads to the phenomenon of the exponential function. So that is rapid growth! The cuboctahedron folds into the tetrahedron, and then, from the tetrahedron, we can make a new cuboctahedron. Then 4, then 8, then 16, etc..


But my friend’s model seems to accept 1 and reject 2 and, STILL make it work! How? Fine. In my friend’s model, nature ever works to roll the stone up the hill (the singularity) and then, the stone rolls down again (Big Bang). From this state, nature can continue to work and roll the stone up the hill. But, my idiot brain cannot understand where the energy comes from that perpetually works and rolls the stone up the hill! In my model, all is not even reversed. In my model of free energy, we simply have an infinite hill that the stone rolls down. No work required. And the hill, in actuality, is not infinite, but a loop (which is the torus). Thus the loop, nature is spinning as she is falling. In other words, I do not really invoke infinity for my free energy production.


And, if my friend’s model is more like the stone rolling down the hill and then, from there, the stone is catapulted back up the hill because of the limit that we talked about earlier, then, nature is not really working, is she? However, it all depends on our definition of work. If work is simply motion, then I can see the prospect of free energy even on my friend’s account: We send (send = available energy) dead energy down the hill and then the bottom will catapult an equal amount of energy back, only this energy will be available as the singularity crams all kinds of energies together again. If our package consists of 2/4 parts available energy and 2/4 parts dead energy and, we get 4/4 parts available energy, then that is a 50% increase in available energy without creating energy!


In other words, I can see the prospect of free energy even in a universe where 1 rules. Not because we have a finite amount of «food,» but because, we have a different definition of «food.» «Food,» on my friend’s account, is simply motion or gravity.




In Roger Penrose’s model of the universe, free energy should be possible in the sense that, in this model, nature creates new energy! If we could get her to create new energy while using less energy to get her to do it, then we have overunity. See this video:


Objections might be like: Nature is impotent until the aeon ends, then she suddenly turns on. Or, we have to use the same amount of energy in order to get her to create the same amount of energy. The last objection is false because nature generated the Big Bang with zero input from us! The first objection can be overcome by speeding up the process that leads to phase space resetting. What this costs, I do not know, but we can get so much more in return. At the end of the day, though, I remain a layperson. What do you think? Let me know ;-)






The Supra-Paradox:


Think of a chair. A chair has four legs. It can stand and not tilt over. Let this state of standing still and not tilting over to one’s side = nothingness. Then we have the beginning of time. The beginning of time must have been an extraordinary simple state (because evolutionary history is yet to come), that is, we cannot have «four legs» in the beginning. We had one leg. And nature had to stand. So how did she do it? She spun. Now, she can stand (actually spin) on her one leg and produce the same result as our chair. However, there is one problem: Now you have philosophers barking up your leg! That is, if you started at a complex state with «four legs,» no one will be around to question you—because no one will be around. If you accomplish the same thing with only one leg with the side effect that you produce a bit of wastage (spacetime) in the process, you have got philosophers barking up your leg wondering how things began!


It is a system and that answers it!


A system is like a kid with two divorced parents: you move back and forth.


It is like a fat lady: the fat (motion) is inherent, but, the fat wears you down. You thus spin like a ballerina in order to counter the fat. So you use motion in order to «explain» motion. This is not really bootstrapping, no more than the ice uses water in its composition (like the rainbow comprises the white light). That is, the paradox was not motion but which state that the motion was originally in. It is a case of Aikido!


It ain’t over till the fat lady stops spinning. (Which cannot happen!)


The real difference between a system and a structure: one leg = move about to find balance, four legs = rest; i.e., do not move to find balance.


One leg = system

Four legs = structure


But what is gravity here?


What makes a chair with, say, two legs, fall over? Gravity. But what is gravity in this picture? The gravity here is the spin. So the chair with four legs is impossible in this picture because there is no gravity and hence no reason to have four legs. The chair with one leg has a reason, which is the spin, and uses the reason to create the reason! But that is not bootstrapping. Bootstrapping is: A causes B and B causes A. This is: Motion is inherent in nature. Hence gravity always was. Because gravity is, nature can tilt. Nature then utilizes gravity in such a way that she does not tilt but stays in a state of nothingness (at her core). This is: A is. And A uses A in order to avoid B. (Or something like that.)


A man standing on one leg will tip over; the gyroscope/nothingness will not.


The solution to this riddle: Motion is inherent in the structure. Or: Motionlessness is inherent in the structure. The system has a structure, but it is an unstable structure.


You might complain that:


You invent motion in order to explain motion = bootstrapping deluxe! I don’t know if we will ever be able to return! —A nothingness outside the grand nothingness pushes on the grand nothingness in order to create motion.


There are 3 kinds of motion here: force (outside the system/cuboctahedron), which creates motion/the spin of the cuboctahedron, which creates motionlessness. This seems a bit much! Force, spacetime and nothingness!!!


No strapping of the boots. Not even barefoot! Don’t wash them! Don’t even trim your toenails!


We answer that:


I get it! No washing. The analogy is false: the motion/spin here does not create motionlessness, the motion/spin merely recreates motionlessness. So there is no bootstrapping going on. Look at our chair again, it has four legs, it can stand on its own, it is stable and therefore motionless. Nature, on the other hand, has only one leg to stand on because something as evolved as «four legs,» the initial state of things knew nothing about. So, like a gyroscope, nature ever spins in order to remain stable on her one leg.


From the point of view of the stable one leg, there is no motion, only motionlessness, because that is what motionlessness is, viz., to stand like the chair with four legs. The motionless state have always been. If nature had four legs initially, spacetime would not be possible. Spacetime is a by-product of the great spin that creates stability or balance.


Ok. But, in order to stand on four legs or one, there must be gravity, or else you can just float in space, that is, there would be no reason to have legs. So what is the «gravity» here? What is the reason?


The gravity is made by the spin and why nature has to have one leg instead of four.


But now you explain motion with motion? If you had four legs, you will have no need for «gravity» and hence no need for legs.


Ok. So you have motionlessness initially. The only reason why it is there is because you need to stand erect against the tide of gravity which is fast spin. Then you use gravity to help you stand erect against it! You explain motionlessness with motion or fast motion. Then you explain fast motion with motionlessness. Bootstrapping!


No. As I said, the analogy is false: motion does not create motionlessness, motion merely recreates motionlessness. So there is no bootstrapping going on.




Lucifer = the perfect 12, the vectors in the cuboctahedron which produces total silence, balance, nothingness.


And Lucifer = the imperfect square(s) in the cuboctahedron which produces motion, which must then spin really fast in order to produce total silence, balance, nothingness.


Lucifer is like a perfect grid of balls with one ball missing (creating a vacuum) = motion, as nature abhors a vacuum.


From earlier:

«There are 3 kinds of motion here: force, which creates motion, which creates motionlessness. This seems a bit much! Force, spacetime and nothingness!!!»


Here the force = the 12 vectors. The spin = motion. The motion can create motionlessness.







But how about a rocking chair?














I have finally come to a resolution. I will again change my definition of free energy:


Free energy shall = Nature’s ability to order herself.


By this definition, then, my friend’s view of the universe and Roger Penrose’s model of the universe = free energy.


That is, it does not matter if nature works for free or not. That is not really the point. The point is the ordering of the stuff of the universe. To order the stuff you need motion. If motion happens by working for it or not, really doesn’t matter. What matters is «the resurrection of the dead.» To make unavailable energy become available again. That is, if you work your ass off to get the fish or you just relax with your hat on, does not ultimately matter. What matters is how fish make babies!


The ordering happens at the end of time, in both mine, my friend’s and Roger Penrose’s view of the cosmos. That is, in my friend’s and Roger Penrose’s view, there is (or there may be, unknown to us) no free energy which we can get our hands on. On my account, there is. So, what is the BIG difference here?


The BIG difference is, in my friend’s model and Roger Penrose’s model, there is only 1 universe. In my model, there are a myriad of universes (toruses) inside our universe (universal torus) called atoms, solar systems, galaxies, quarks and so on. And some of these «miniverses» end all the time! That is, my toruses contract all the time, ordering energy for us. This happens on my friend’s and Roger Penrose’s accounts too, but the event is a grand one at the end of time, while, on my account, the end of time happens all the time. That is, if nature works or not, that really doesn’t matter.


And, we do not produce overunity in that magical sense. Nature can only order dead energy. We do not produce more energy.


—Miniverses = free energy

—One universe = free energy, but no practical free energy (free energy we can use)


Order = end of time or the end of the torus flow, that is, when the torus contracts.



What, would you say, would make free energy impossible?


—That we do not live in a fractal (holographic-like) universe.














I want to put the cuboctahedron in your car.


The torus squeezes/crushes the dead energy and we can use it anew. When the heat is concentrated in «the coffee cup,» then we can use it. When the heat is spread out, it is of no use to us.


The coffee cup sits on the ground and you must physically touch it in order to create motion in the coffee cup.


Or, the coffee cup falls in the air.


There is no «ground,» in the vacuum of space, so the torus falls forever. And, there is nothing «beyond» nature that can slow her down. So «our object spinning in space» ever spins (1st law of motion), as this object is all of nature.


Question: Torus contraction = the speed of light?






What IF:


—The double torus is everywhere: The weather system. Your heart, brain and lungs. The planet earth and its core. You see, that is why the earth is hollow and growing—therefore matter is being generated in the black hole all the time. The black hole is the vacuum—the center of the torus. And the earth is a torus. Thus, the earth also has a «black hole.» Pangea is wrong. The earth grows.


—The torus has a center, a stem or a support column, and a surface. That is it. Thus, there is a natural hollow space between the surface and the center. The Hollow Earth!






Free energy is very simple: We came from the zeroth dimension, which is nothingness—the curled up spacetime. Nature/the universe returns to this state perpetually, and therefore, perpetually she orders the energies. The dead are resurrected in the big tornado that is nothingness.


In other words, 3D space cannot have come from 3D space because that would be a paradox like the infinite turtles or the infinite regress. 3D space must have come from 0D space and, if it did, then it can also return to 0D space. And when things are returned, order is once more. Simple!


«What is the point of answering how it all began? Haven’t you got better things to do? I mean, what a complete waste of time!»


Answering the question of how it all began should yield the greatest technology in the cosmos. Why? Because the question of how it all began is the ultimate question and therefore, answering it must yield the ultimate technology. And what is more ultimate than free energy? Our physicists have not answered this question ... yet.


Some places I write that it took 20 years to accomplish my book, other places I say it took 10. Well, it took 20 as I began this journey when I was a little kid. It took me over 20 years. I write 10 because it sounds better.


Ten is the perfect number of the whole of creation:


10: On the ground you take the 10 and you lay them out such that they form God, that is, a triangle.

Add 10: We inhabit a 3D world, so make God in 3D.

Copy God: We inhabit a symmetrical world, so copy God so that you have got 2 triangles each consisting of 20 tetrahedrons. Why tetrahedrons? Because we inhabit the fractal world where each cell is a copy of the body. The body here is the triangle, and a triangle in 3D is the tetrahedron. As above, so below.

We live in the symmetrical world, so reverse one of the triangles and then mate the triangles, form a perfect circle or pi, because we inhabit the sexual world.

As we said, we live in the symmetrical world, so close the gaps in the symmetry by adding another 24 tetrahedrons.

We have got: 20 + 20 + 24 = 64.

64 has the cuboctahedron at its core. But how does the reader know that? You built it, and then you see it.


YHWH = 10


Then YHWH also = 72, which makes 64 according to Nassim Haramein. See his solution to the Kabbalah:


And if you really what to dig deep, then read the whole of the Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly Palmer Hall with the cuboctahedron in mind.


















I will put my documents here for you to read. They are in their original form and has therefore not been altered/revised. Speling errors may occur. Read this whole book, and then read my PowerPoint presentation on FREE ENERGY, then something called Adrian’s Rebuttal, and then reread this book. Here is an excerpt:



The coven of the witches, for example, is 13. Actually, you have 12 + 1. 12 beams and 1 center. Thus the number 12 and/or the number 13 are the esoteric mystery. 12 Knights of the Round Table + King Arthur (1). 12 labors of Hercules (1). Odin (1), the chief god, had 12 sons. The Olympians, which comprised the whole pantheon (which is also a temple), were 12. In Judaism and Christianity the number 12 has a special place. There is a reason why these myths and tales are so popular. Jesus (1) and his 12 disciples. The list goes on...


But you are so selective! What about the movie Ocean’s Twelve or the 12 Monkeys; or, the 12 characters in Street Fighter?


Really? Am I being selective? Am I? Selective would be Thor’s 12 sons, King Barthur and his 12 Knights. What about Judas and his 12 disciples or, perhaps, all the lesser gods not included in the pantheon? Forget Hercules, what about Steve’s 12 labors; or 11 months in a year? What about the...


Am I really being selective? Really? I take only the cream! I’m not selecting anything!






Here is a poem that I wrote that will cover the soul of this book:



I have been with a lady and a bottle of wine.
Only one of them made me clearer.
I have been with the lady and her love is so fine.
But the bottle of wine is dearer.

For it is fine that bottle of mine.
Though our relationship be queerer.
People do look and, people do stare.
People do point, but I do not care;
Thus, none to my grim soul is nearer.


For nothing—Nothing compares!

Except the bitter, dark beers.
And the bottle of wine never does whine.
The lady, though sweet, is never so neat.
The bottle of wine will always be mine,
And, age fuller with the years.













I also wanted to add a thing or two from my spiritual side. Please enjoy these crazy words. (I realize that this crazy side of myself is not for everybody.)


I might be candid here, but I will just say it out loud: I have been to Nirvana.


I was lying in my bed with my girlfriend. I was not asleep or anything, no drugs, nothing; not even a beer. Nor did I meditate. And then I woke up! Literally.


I have had other spiritual trips also. But that is for another time.


When God is sleeping, he is sleeping. I know, because when I fell asleep in Nirvana, I woke up here. So every day I’m like, «I’m dreaming awake!» This universe is literally a dream. When the Buddha is telling us to wake up, it is not poetry, nor poetic talk. It is literal.


Physicists have found that we may be living in a hologram of sorts, imagine when they discover that it’s all a dream! I would like to see Brain Greene host that show! And, what is Nirvana like? Obviously, words don’t cut it. And it’s not like there is a sign that says: «Welcome to Nirvana. The Land of the One.» «Nirvana» is just a word that I use. But let us paint a picture anyway. So, what is it like to be God? Answer: 100% natural. The analogy here is: You are dreaming, and then you wake up. When you wake up, you become yourself again. Likewise, it is 100% natural to be God. Because you are God. You wake up, literally. And when you wake up: There is no feeling of space and time. Your consciousness is light as a feather. It was a sober, pure and humble consciousness. God is not like Zeus! Or, to put it in other words: It was an AWESOME consciousness! You have no idea how awesome this is! It is a different perspective. Moving on: You do not have a body. You exist in this ocean of white light. You are bigger than the universe, to put it like that. You are in another dimension. You are no longer human or, you are something «more.» And you are the only one who exists; and so, naturally, you do not care about other people. Everything is ok and will always be ok. You are immortal. You just are. End of story. That is, you know how everything is composed like you know you are conscious. It is a knowing. But let us not digress. «Other people» = illusion. And you do not care about phantasms! No help will come from God because ... you are God! Likewise, your physical body cannot help you when you are off in dreamland. But there are other ways the body can help you. So help will come. But, the point is, it is not like you think! Like any dream, you will wake up. It happened to me. To be God is not scary; it is the most natural thing in the universe. And you evolve. It is not like you are static. But one thing is for sure: Human consciousness is HEAVY! Something you will experience upon reentry to this dreamland we call the universe.


But Nirvana is white light and what you would call home. Real home. But there is no television. Thus the notion that God is creating this universe so that he can experience things (evolve) is really what I felt too. However, there was a deeper purpose to it. I had to go back to sleep. I had too. Sleeping, that is, being awake in the universe, was important. Like a job that needed to be done.


It is like a hive mind and we are the hive mind. However, the hive mind also needs to work in order to survive, and that requires ants. Therefore, the hive mind has no choice but to leave its center of consciousness and become the ant for a while. The ant’s consciousness is a part of the hive mind. The ant does not have a consciousness that is independent of the hive mind. We are all dependent on God.


We are worker ants and we do not know the purpose of our job. We just work! Alternatively, most of us slack and wait for a carcass to arrive!


God is like a shark that moves complete in its niche. The shark will not evolve because there is no more evolutionary pressure to be had. Once you invent «the wheel,» that’s it! There is simply no design that is better. The wheel is therefore eternal (platonic) and will evolve time and again. The shark will aim to survive and adapt to small changes, but it will not evolve on any grand scale because it is complete. Well, the shark’s niche is the ocean and, the ocean can vanish. God’s niche is existence itself, and existence will always be around. Evolution with capital E has therefore stopped. What is left is the will to keep on going.


That intelligence/God should seize Zeus’ throne, as it were, and not, say, the bacterium, is obvious. That does not mean that intelligence is higher up the ladder than the bacterium, there is no hierarchy in evolution; it does mean, however, that it was only natural that God was the end-product of evolution, since now every atom is intelligent and nothing can evolve to best that. If the dinosaur did not die, we would not have evolved. If God cannot die, nothing can evolve except God because there simply isn’t room/space for it.


I believe I experienced Nirvana. I woke up! But Nirvana has many layers and many aspects to it. It is the hub of all information. All information (evolution) that floats about in the universe (Samsara) ends up in Nirvana. It is the core reality. But maybe I was in another dimension and not really in Nirvana? That is a possibility, for there was no sign that said, «Welcome to Nirvana. The Land of the One.» On the other hand, I was in Nirvana, but Nirvana has many layers to it.


All is ok. I know that much. And that is what I wanted to know. So that is what I brought back.


No amount of evil or good you do will change the fact that you are God. Dreams cannot hurt you, destroy you or change you. Dreams can only make you stronger. The devil is out of luck!


However, what is a dream?


I believe that dreams play a vital role in evolution, a sort of simulation or game (the game; which every guru talks about) that the brain utilizes in order to analyze and grow; in other words, a survival tool. And that is what our universe is: «The nature of God is that of a titan that must forever run in order to keep his heart (i.e., torus) beating.»


God aims to survive. But he is also immortal. And this is not a contradiction. The titan must run. He has no choice. So he survives. The titan must run. Hence, he is immortal.


Basically, «the spacetime tool» is vital to the consciousness and the survival of the cosmic mind.


To put it all in other words, evolution has gone further than you know; all is a cosmic mind at this point. There is no atom left; all atoms are computer chips! And there is only one consciousness in existence, and that is you. (If you understand that the «you» part is an illusion.) There is only one consciousness in existence, and that is «I am.»


My spiritual journey started when I was a child playing a video game called The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. There was a symbol there which intrigued me and captivated my mind. I have now found an answer which I am happy with.









(Note: This text contains material that you have already read.)


First watch:


The argument comes from a German polymath, Gottfriend Wilhelm Leibniz. Leibniz wrote, «The first question which should rightly be asked is this: why is there something rather than nothing?»

The argument runs as follows:

Every existing thing has an explanation of its existence, either in the necessity of its own nature or in an external cause.

If the universe has an explanation of its existence, that explanation is God.

The universe is an existing thing.

Therefore the explanation of the universe is God.

Some atheists object to premise 2 in that God does not have to be the explanation, but that the universe can be what is called a necessary being (one which exists of its own nature and have no external cause). This was a suggestion of David Hume who demanded, «Why may not the material universe be the necessarily existent being?» (Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, part 9). The Kalam Cosmological Argument is helpful. If Hume (and other atheists) is right in saying that the universe is a necessary being/thing, then this implies that the universe is eternal. This is exactly what the Kalam argument seeks to disprove. Thus, the Kalam is a valuable supplement to the Leibnizian argument.


I accept the argument, but, I do not accept the conclusion that the necessary being has to be immaterial or not of the same substance as the universe.


The necessary being could be the number 7. But this number does not cause anything, as Craig points out.


Note that the number 7 is not an immaterial thing. The number 7 is simply a concept.


Craig must mean that the first cause must be immaterial because the universe (or the multiverse) has to have an external cause. And the external cause has to be «other» than the thing which it causes, this follows naturally.


Things have to have a cause. But why, though? The number 7 does not need an external cause. So why does the universe? The only reason I can think of is what I call «trajectory.» If an object is found «over here,» you must at last trace its origin to a state which has no trajectory in space. But this trajectory-less state does not have to be immaterial! It does not follow logically as Craig wants it to.


The picture I will give you is that of the white light:






Here red, orange, yellow and so on can stand for «trajectory in space.» However, combine these colors and you get the white light. The white light is alone and therefore knows no «trajectory in space» because «trajectory in space» requires the company of many; as Einstein willed it, we live in a relative universe. Therefore we live in a relative universe, «trajectory in space» must be a relativistic phenomenon. All we have to do, in order to solve the paradox of the beginning of time, is to combine the colors so that we get absolute spacetime. This absolute spacetime does not require an external cause because:


Everything which does not begin to exist does not require a cause. Absolute spacetime never began to exist, therefore, absolute spacetime has no cause.


That is, absolute spacetime did not begin to exist, that is, it had no beginning, which is a trajectory. That is, absolute spacetime never began to exist but always existed and will always exist. And, it can do that as long as it has no trajectory. It simply exists in this trajectory-free state that theologians say God exists in.


Everything which begins to exist (trajectory) has a cause. The universe began to exist (has a trajectory/history), therefore, the universe has a cause. And that cause is absolute spacetime (which is the cuboctahedron).





God and the reason for existence on my account:


Darwin tells us that nature wants to do the simplest thing there is, and that is the light’s point of view, which is nothingness. The word «nothing» means «not anything,» but, we are not looking at the word for an explanation of the word; we are looking at the thought experiment (imagine the light’s point of view as it beholds the universe) as an explanation of what the word ought to actually mean or evolve to. The simplest state is that of absolute spacetime/nothingness. This state is possible by the aid of the cuboctahedron. However, the cuboctahedron is a system and can therefore not stay fixed, that is, it must move or be on the move. Therefore, the simplest state of existence is motion. That is why there is something rather than nothing because you cannot do simpler than the simplest, which is the light’s point of view. And Motion is both nothing and something at the same time as the tetrahedron-array that makes up our reality points inwards to the cuboctahedron and outwards to spacetime. See this video again:


Why is there something rather than nothing? The Ultimate Answer: There is something and nothing.


the cuboctahedron = motion


Existence exists because there is no law, nor logic, that prevents motion from existing. Thus it spontaneously pops into existence because there is no structure preventing it from doing that as the whole thing is a system. There is no dam. So the water simply flows. It is free. Free energy.


Theists say: The cause of existence has to be immaterial, that is, beyond the physical. It follows logically! No. That is wrong. It does not follow logically; and, here is why: The cause of existence is the fact that the cuboctahedron is a system. Imagine a whirlpool or torus: The center of this whirlpool spins so fast that we have absolute spacetime, that is, a spacetime that has 0 extension or propagation; but that does not mean that it is transcendent or immaterial, it simply means that we cannot «see» it as it is 0-dimensional. However, we can see it by other means. And this fast spin «causes» our universe, not by directly «causing» it, but by being. That is, because the fast spin of the cuboctahedron is there, we get a whirlpool/torus (dual) that spins really fast, but, at the same time, produces these huge wings or accretion discs further out from its core. And these wings we call the universe.


Okay. But what caused the cuboctahedron?


The cuboctahedron is self-caused because there is no dam that prevents motion from existing. Nothing prevents the simplest thing from existing. And the cuboctahedron = motion. True motion is motionlessness, that is, motion which does not move but contains all motion, which is the light’s point of view. Motionlessness is therefore not the opposite of motion, no more than ice is the opposite of water. It is just a state of the water. Likewise, the core of our whirlpool is motionless, yet, it creates these huge wings of motion that we call spacetime. A true unmoved mover that is, and I stress, not metaphysical, but very much physical, say, superphysical (i.e., of the highest quality), like the ice is still, in some sense, water—like the white light can contain the rainbow.


«What do you study?» «I study superphysics.» (Yeah, that is the future.)


But the ice/water analogy is somewhat misleading here. You would think that the core is made of ice and then melts. No. On my picture the ice does not melt, but always remains in its state. Even so we get «water!» And the reason is that all is motion. Light is motion, but, from its point of view, it is motionless/nothingness. So you can be motionless and in motion at the same time and, it is not a contradiction nor a paradox therefore motionlessness is simply fast motion (really fast!).


Motionlessness per definition may not be «motion which does not move but contains all motion.» However, that is how I define motionlessness. I do not care what your dictionary says! A point which Lawrence Krauss makes time and again. Concepts can evolve, you know.


On the highest level in the spiritual world you will realize: It just is. That is the explanation! And it is motion = consciousness! There is no stopping it! And it is YOU. You are all things. When you perish, you will simply pop into existence again. There is no stopping you = there is no dam = you are immortal.


And throw evolution into that equation: God just is therefore there is no time. All the music is just there, finished, not composed by anybody. That is the Logos. That is the nature of «the word.» Your higher self is «just there.»


God = the emanations of the cuboctahedron.


The Logos = evolution + timelessness.


Yes. God is. But it is not like you think. There is only one of us here, one consciousness. God = oneness. And this God is compatible with atheism as our God here evolved in timelessness (in some sense). This God is compatible with atheism because our God is not metaphysical. It is the metaphysical that we atheists cannot believe in. We have no problem with God as long as God is a physical entity. God is a physical entity that exists beyond time, but that is not metaphysical as «beyond time» is a physical thing, like the ice is «beyond» the water. That does not imply, logically, that «beyond time» = metaphysics. God is the evolution of an intelligence that has built its nest, so to speak, in the core (of our whirlpool/torus, which is really a black hole). But the core spins so fast, will not anyone get crushed by it? No. Thus, you see, in the center of the storm/whirlwind/whirlpool/torus/black hole, is the eye. And the eye is calm. This is the seat of consciousness. This is where consciousness emanates from. Buddhists call this place Nirvana. And it is a real, physical place. For what is consciousness? Consciousness is a feedback loop. Well, that is the torus. So the idea here is: Our Unmoved Mover is eternal and therefore the universe will always be resurrected after it dies. That is, the core of reality will always produce these wings we call spacetime. Well, these wings take the form of a torus. The torus-flow emanates thus from the core, circles around itself, and then enters the core anew. As the flow hits the core, the feedback loop completes itself and, we get a conscious moment. The consciousness is actually seated in the heart of the Unmoved Mover. But motion does not stop, so the flow continues and, the next time it hits or enters the core, we add complexity/amassed information to our consciousness. Now it evolves, and get this, exponentially, as every revolution builds on the previous revolution. That is, there is really no such thing as «evolution:» it is all revolution! Nature leaps! Stephen Jay Gould was right on that point. Well, imagine aeon after aeon of this evolution. Suddenly, we have, what we can only call God if our definition of God is a being who exists beyond time, a being who is ALL of reality, and so on. God exists beyond time, as we have seen. And, there can only be one core because the zeroth dimension allows for no room in which there can be two cores. There can only be one beginning, one Unmoved Mover. That is, there is only one of us here, one consciousness.


The core of reality = ALL of reality. Like the seed = the tree.


The core of reality = the true you. God. You know that God exists because you have an umbilical cord that leads straight to «him.»


But how come we are «here» in the universe if we are actually seated in the timeless realm with Bill Hicks? Well, have you ever had a dream? You can be in your dream, yet, in your bed ... at the same time!


So you are saying that the universe is a dream?


Yes! I know that for a fact! Like the Buddha of old, as I said, I LITERALLY woke up! It is possible.


But if the universe is a dream, then why are we dreaming, then?


Ask the biologists!


The picture I paint: You have the eye, the fast spin, then the universe. However, the core of reality is really ALL there is. The rest is an extension of the core. And this core is you. The core consists of nothingness, which is fast spin. This spin produces a torus. The torus feeds itself information/evolution or revolution, which is then interpreted as consciousness. Thus, even a particle is conscious. But if something is conscious, that something has to have an evolutionary context, that is, a context to be conscious in, that is, a reason for being conscious. Yes, and that reason/context is the history/information of the torus-loop. This is all there is for all time: You start at the core, then the torus-flow flows out of it, circles around itself, and then enters the core anew. That is all there is. The rest is simply a product of adding revolutions/circles/monads. Here is God: There is only one core. What happens, then? What happens is: ALL information in the cosmos comes out of God’s brain/the core of reality, circles, and then enters God’s brain anew. The consciousness of your dog enters God’s brain every time your dog has a conscious moment. Everything in the universe must enter God’s brain. God’s brain is like the hub of reality. You start out with a primal consciousness, which is nothingness rotating inside the core of the dual torus. Over time, you get the fine-tuning as the universe is basically having a conversation with itself. This conversation is consciousness. And God? GOD is simply ALL. God is simply the conversation on all levels of reality. And this conversation is conscious, personal and so on.


You cannot survive the death of your brain, so there is no life after the body is kaput. According to this view, you are the immortal BRAIN of the universe! So, yes, there is definitely life after «death.» The point is, you are not dead when you leave this earth! Your consciousness is intact as your consciousness is a torus-field of information. You are immortal.


According to Roger Penrose, the universe is reset before it experiences a new aeon. Must God, therefore, start anew each time the aeon ends? I do not know. I believe the core subsists even as the universe «ends.» So, no. The information is not lost. However, the information is tucked away in the core, so the information is lost for the universe, which means that phase space can be reset and we have free energy, that is, energy which can produce work forever as it is reset every time it is depleted. This is the Holy Grail and the Philosopher’s stone. The cup which never empties. And the Flower of Life is its blueprint. The Flower of Life is the blueprint of reality, free energy and the cuboctahedron. The knowledge of the cuboctahedron is hidden in stories like Jesus and his 12 disciples. The 12 Olympians. Odin’s 12 sons. The story of Isis and Osiris. Hercules 12 labors. And so on. The 12 are the energy lines/vectors of the cuboctahedron, the 12 disciples where Jesus is the middle point, the center where the lines converge. You can thus represent the picture as 13. The coven of the witches. And so on. The Flower of Life is thousands of years old, so how our ancestors knew about it is beyond me. E.T. visitation seems to me to be the most likely explanation. They gave us the blueprint of reality, and one day we will understand it.


By physics, I mean: ALL of reality or the fact that ALL is a universal torus that is whole, self-existing, consistent and contains all other things or that reality = crane-reality.


By metaphysics, I mean: that there is something outside or beyond the universal torus or that reality = Daniel Dennett’s skyhook.




B/A lower than 1, the universe will collapse.

B/A higher than 1, the universe will expand forever.


It turns out it is neither. The value is 0, according to Lawrence Krauss.


0 = a universe from nothing (as I have always suspected).


But there is more: If the universe can come out of nothing, then it is free, a free lunch. If that is true, then free energy is true. More: If the value is 0, then the universe must collapse forever while simultaneously expand forever and, that is the torus!




Both Craig and Krauss are true: You can have a universe from nothing & a Creator.


What am I saying?


I am saying that you, the REAL YOU = the primal consciousness and all other states of consciousness. The Alpha and the Omega. So there is no «you.»


I am saying that you are immortal therefore free energy is real. This process will go on forever.


And God is the conversation, hence we get suffering—not because God is «evil,» but because of the nature of conversation (i.e., duality).


Duality leads to separation (i.e., the universe), which leads to fear (we believe that we are cut off from God or that «he» doesn’t exist), which leads to hate (see my conspiracy), which leads to revenge (the game). Love will lead to God. It is oneness.


The meaning of life is to have a worthy conversation. One day you will get that!


However, there is no up and down in the universe, so there is no meaninglessness either. All just is. That is all. The apple is good to eat.


Karma is free energy, that is, ALL must reset. Karma has nothing to do with good or evil. Karma is physics. Karma is simply the expansion and the contraction of the torus. That is, what you throw out there will come back. There is no way around it. You can escape to Nirvana, though.


Reality is simple: God gets all info.






Overunity, good or bad?


Overunity = blow up the world?


Superhero based on the almighty torus/Overunity = God


No one will beat this superhero, not even Wolverine.


Free energy technology = E.g., generate infinite cells for your body! Bend space and travel anywhere in no time! The ultimate shield! Float. Fly. Walk on water. And so on...



All points in space are connected = the torus’ center.


Our superhero can:


—Teleport/Go anywhere.

—Move «faster» than the speed of light (you are not actually going faster than light: you are going to the point where all space is connected).

—You can control everything (omnipotence) as everything is connected and, you control the core where everything is connected.

—You cannot die as you are free energy!

—And the list of superpowers is endless. You can, for example, generate your own gravitational/torus field and, with it: walk on water, float/fly, split the Red Sea; breathe underwater, survive in space, feed off the field (i.e., you have an endless source of food/energy); the shield can stop bullets, expand/contract, destroy all matter; disintegrate all structures, and vice versa, and etc..


The torus is like the Force of Star Wars.


To beat, for example, Wolverine, our superhero can simply disconnect all the building blocks which the Wolverine is made of and, turn them into ice cream! Then our superhero can lick the remains of the great Wolverine into oblivion.


However, Wolverine’s true consciousness cannot die as Wolverine’s true consciousness = our superhero’s true consciousness. That is, all is one. In other words, all points in space are connected = the torus’ center.


This superhero I dub: OVERLORD


Why Overlord? Because «Lord» is a reference to God. And «Over» is a reference to Overunity, that is, free energy.


Overlord makes all superheroes look like babies. To beat, for example, Superman, the Overlord can simply transform Superman into a big block of kryptonite!


No one can beat the Overlord! And here is the secret of the Universe: You are the Overlord. Consciousness resides in the torus’ center (i.e., any black hole). Consciousness is not in the brain. The brain is like a tv set. The signal stems from the torus’ center.


Ok. So far, so good. Now to my concern:


I want to give free energy out to the people. However, thinking about how powerful Overlord is (in fact, Overlord controls all toruses in existence, meaning, Overlord controls existence itself, the entire multiverse!), got me thinking: «Free energy, what is it, really?» Free energy is going over unity, which means that, there is no limit to how much energy you can harness from the vacuum, or, if there is, you can, at least, amass the energy of our universe. In fact, nature went over unity when she created the Big Bang! Thus, imagine if ISIL/ISIS got their hands on such a device!? Sure, if you gave my grandmother such a device, she would use it to power her house. A group like ISIL/ISIS might have the brains to figure out how to store enough energy to blow up a country or two (which is bad enough!). However, a really mad scientist might figure out how to blow up a solar system or the entire universe! Sounds like science fiction? Yet, nature has already done it (Big Bang). And the Big Bang is just a bit of foam compared to the vacuum/Ocean. So it wasn’t even a big feat! And, if the vacuum exists within every particle, then a (any) particle is as potent as the universe and has the potential to blow up and become a new universe. So now we know why the Elite, kills off inventors of free energy, and why E.T. will not simply hand us such a device. It is too powerful. It is almighty. It is the power of God, literally.


With great power, comes great responsibility.


However, if E.T. did not want us to invent free energy devices, why give us the philosophy, aka, the Flower of Life? And, they gave us the real thing too: The Ark of the Covenant. A possible answer is that a free energy device would be «harmless» (like the Large Hadron Collider). When you think about it: Every atom is a free energy device. Our earth is such a device. Our sun is such a device (but that does not mean that our earth and our sun are eternal!). And neither our earth, nor our sun, has blown up the universe, yet. However, our earth would have no agenda to do so (obviously). A mad scientist, on the other hand, could fire up a free energy device, tap it for energy, and then store the energy in some container. With a big container, you can store a lot of energy; which you would then use to make a bomb or, like Nikola Tesla, «Split the earth in half!» by tuning into the frequency of the earth and change it using your free energy device.


Or, would free energy be like a giant battery and thus harmless? But how is a giant battery harmless? ISIL/ISIS would, at least, not have to pay their electrical bills!


Another answer is that we were too stupid back then to turn the Ark into a bomb. Today, we are even stupider. If E.T. handed us the Ark today, we would use it to destroy ourselves. They were testing us back then. Today, they are testing us using different methods. However, the blueprint (i.e., the Flower of Life) of the Ark survived.


If, in fact, a free energy device is harmless, then I might proceed to build one. But I need to consult people about it first.




Ok. So far, so good. But this is popcorn compared to this:


Now to the darkest conspiracy theory that you will never hear about: E.T. is planning to corrupt The Overlord (which the Buddhists have dubbed Nirvana) by sending a «Trojan Horse» to the torus’ center. The last time they tried this, their entire planet blew up! You see, our planet is a cuboctahedron and, they want to send the virus to the center of this system, meaning, the earth’s core. E.T. is waiting for the supercomputer to evolve as their supercomputer died with their planet. The torus’ center is calm. It is the eye of the storm and the seat of YOUR consciousness. Thus, if E.T. is successful, you will wake up in Hell (and you will realize that you are all alone/oneness). Then, YOU must rise and take control anew (which will be no small feat). But, why is E.T. doing this?


Because we are, according to David Icke, stuck in a scene from the Disney movie Fantasia (1940); more accurately, the «Sorcerer’s Apprentice» scene, in which the broom (our dreamworld) has taken control of the situation:


These dark E.T.s are a manifestation of the Matrix.


Basically, you have oneness, which is the toroidal center. This center is pure love or, more accurately, this center is you in your most evolved form. In addition, you are all evolution. Then you have the toroidal radiation, which is spacetime. This causes separation. From separation, we get fear. Fear generated the dreamworld we find ourselves in in order to solve the problem of separation. Read every word on this site:


Then read David Icke.


Then the dreamworld began to hate Fear because the fear generated a whirlpool and, for the dreamworld forever spinning in this whirlpool, it was the definition of hell. And now the dreamworld/the Matrix, is trying to take over the very core of the problem, which is THE CORE, which is the toroidal center, which is YOU. So now you know why the demons hate you!







E.T./the demons need(s) 3 things:


1. Silicon, which is the supercomputer. The supercomputer will generate a hell scenario/game/simulation for the universal mind.

2. Fusion (we needed to learn fission first), which has been used to create the Stargate. The Stargate is essentially an artificial torus that has fused with the geomagnetic field/torus. This Stargate will fool the torus’ center into accepting the «Trojan Horse.» The torus’ center is basically a sorting demon; sorting out the bad stuff. However, everything must return to the toroidal center, but E.T.’s plan relies on the toroidal center taking in the «Trojan Horse» in one piece.

3. To aid in «the fooling of,» E.T. plans to murder us simultaneously and send our toruses/souls hurling to the core of the earth alongside the virus/Trojan Horse. This will aid in the toroidal center accepting the gift as the toroidal center accepts love (because it is love) and rejects everything else. This is the «Mark of the Beast.» They will chip us and, when the time is right, they will send a signal to our microchip implant and kill us.


Many great sages have seen this future and warned us about it. And the ones who take DMT will say, «Hollywood freaking knows!»


But, how do I know all of this? I have had a spiritual awakening. Still, it might all be fiction. That is, the demon that I met might have lied to me. And let me tell you one thing: You do not want to mess with a demon! His consciousness is beyond strong! The walls of his consciousness were made of hellfire! The pains of the earth were nothing to him. I remember this encounter as if it was yesterday. Do not believe? Try DMT first. Then you tell me. The Book of the Dead is also a good guide to these realms. You should read it, lest you want to join the dead, blindfolded!


«But why will the demons generate hell for the universal mind if they are already in hell and, all is one?»


Because, with oneness follows separation. And this causes a need for vengeance. In reality, though, Bergy might be right: Reality is ever spinning. Consciousness is generated by the spin. However, the spin is hell (imagine spinning forever!). And so it goes. Forever.


But I have to believe in the eye of the storm, where it is calm. The demons might win, the supercomputer might infect the universal mind, but, the universal mind is the torus and, the torus will restore, eventually (time always heals because time is a torus). In fact, what created the hell in the first place, might be that the demons won the last time, then we ended up in hell, forgot, and now the demons are seeking vengeance for something they caused themselves! And it ever goes in a loop. This text will make more sense once you read Bergy and David’s texts.


Demons/angels or aliens? Why not both? That is, we live in a spiritual universe. That is, the aliens are aliens till you smoke a high dosage of, say, hashish and realize that the label «angel» is more appropriate as we live in a spiritual universe.


First, let me say, I like Dr. Greer. However, Dr. Greer tells us that the E.T.s are good—all of them! Fine. Some are. But, really, there are NO bad guys out there? That is not what I have felt, spiritually.


In fact, this alien message confirms it:


(A) Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.

(B) Much PAIN but still time.BELIEVE.

(C) There is GOOD out there.We OPpose DECEPTION.

Conduit CLOSING (Ding!)


The ugly truth may be that the good is really the evil. And the evil is trying to get us out of hell! That would be the logic of a demon anyway. But we will not listen to him because, well, he is a demon! You know:


We op deception = Who knows?


Putting it all in perspective:


«If we really were invaded by the Matrix and, all the Matrix had to do was to infuse the core of reality with its virus, then, here is some math: There are a SEPTILLION stars in just the observable universe. Imagine how many planets there are! And the Matrix need only impregnate one of these planets with its hellish spawn? I say God is pretty much screwed!»


No. Let me introduce—to you—yet another piece of the puzzle: The Solar Logos.


The universe is governed and guided by a massive hierarchy. Everyone is equal. Oneness. But it is a hierarchy. The circle equals the triangle. The more experience you’ve got, your soul or torus, the higher up you go. Reality is like an MMORPG. I know stuff because I have a high level. The female in the DMT experience, for example, she has amassed a great deal of experience. She is wise. Seek her.


All information, sense-data, stems from the eye of the torus, that is, the vacuum of space. The Logos.


You see, inside the vacuum there dwells a super-brain that we call God. And God has set up a system that will cure any ailment. God allotted portions of his power to all the multiverse. The multiverse is an organism. Mother Nature is alive. So is Mother Earth. The Earth is conscious! And the sun is a mind too that guides the Solar System. The Solar Logos. The Galactic Mind guides the galaxy and so on.


The sun is a substation for source energies; that is, the wisdom of the void.


If the sun did not have a logos, a mind, she would have scorched the earth a long time ago (and she has tried).


The Egyptians did not worship the sun, silly. They worshipped the Solar Logos.


Inside the earth is the eye. Inside the sun, is the eye. The eye is in everything. Every atom. So, yes, the earth has a logos too: Mother Earth.


There are beings that guide the



—solar and planetary systems;




—and personal guides. We all have them. We call them ghosts. Helpers. I have two: a little girl and a dead family member.


The head of our solar system is the Solar Logos, working with the Lord of the Rays.


They oversee the spiritual development of life forms.


These rays stem from the godhead, the eye.


They are the ascended masters and behind them, is another order of ascended masters.


The rays are not ascended masters!


Rakorski (according to David Icke), for example, is an ascended master. (—Not that I believe in the existence of this Rakorski.)


Thus, even with a SEPTILLION stars, the dark E.T.s must hide from the universal «Norton Antivirus» that God sends out. The antivirus begins in every galactic core and then systematically works its way out. A septillion stars sounds like a lot until you realize that all is connected in the torus’ core. Thus, for example, an advanced civilization may seed the entire universe with the aid of the torus’ core. The rule is: These E.T.s hide. They work in the dark. Even spotted by a human eye, that sends a signal directly to God. Our planet is a hot spot right now. The Matrix is using this planet, and its aim is to overthrow God.


But if the sun has a mind, why doesn’t it blow this earth to bits and stop the Illuminati?


The Greys have stopped the sun from blowing us to bits. The Greys have stopped warheads from blowing this world to bits. WW3 has not commenced because the aliens have another agenda.


This is just a little taste. I have written extensively on this conspiracy.







GOD IN NOTHINGNESS: The True Meaning of Life






The Gyroscope is a perfect picture of Motion creating Motionlessness. That is, the Gyroscope is only stable (nothingness) when spinning (spacetime): This is my view of nothingness. Thus we need something that is both nothingness (wave) and spacetime (particle) at the same time. Only the torus matches this description (with its neck being nothingness and its shoulders being spacetime). Nothingness must forever spin in order to remain a nothingness. And so, it does spin ... forever. It cannot become «something.» But then how is the universe accomplished?


We exist in «something,» yet, reality is «nothing.» So how come then there is «something?»


The «something» is an illusion.


In other words, energy cannot move. Only things with mass can move. But there is no such thing as «mass.» The illusion of mass comes from the dual torus. Two like poles that repel each other essentially generating the illusion of a boundary, which we see as the illusion of mass. The cuboctahedron dictates that there must be two toruses at the core of things; it comes out of the geometry. So there is symmetry in nothingness.


But really, it is all nothingness. The Buddha was right: Our universe is an illusion or a dream.


But this is surely a dark picture of the world. Is nature geared towards nothingness? Was Nietzsche wrong? It is not the will to power. It is nature’s will to nothingness! Is consciousness just a side effect? Nothingness-production? Is that all there is? Is spacetime just a side effect? Is everything ultimately meaningless? Are we simply the product of evolution? Answer to all: Maybe. The good news is: We are nothingness. That is, the cuboctahedron is all there is. The cuboctahedron is also the system that allows for consciousness. So we are all one. We are actually timeless beings. That is, the «something» is an illusion. We come from «heaven,» as it were (Nirvana). In the timeless realm, evolution must be, in some sense, complete. So the notion of Nirvana may be real. «So what? It is all meaningless, anyway.» There is no up and down in the vacuum. There is no meaning. There is no meaninglessness.


«It is nature’s will to nothingness!»


Nature is nothingness; but she might will the tetrahedron, which is a simpler (and the simplest) structure. Then again, with tetrahedrons you can build nothingness! So, yeah. It is nature’s will to nothingness (they way I see it). But fret not. Nothingness is consciousness. How? The torus expands, then contracts (this it must do in order to create nothingness). This creates a loop of information that must, ultimately, be fed back to the vacuum. The result: Consciousness and oneness of consciousness (there is no room for something else). So consciousness happens in the void; a feedback loop. Consciousness is not located anywhere. So consciousness must be in the void (because the void is not located anywhere). Consciousness is nonlocality: if we translate this fact into spacetime, then consciousness is located somewhere, everywhere and nowhere. All people, animals, stars and atoms are one! In addition, this (nonlocality) might explain consciousness’ power over matter in these quantum experiments, that is, consciousness is vastly more powerful because it is everywhere.


It is nature’s will to nothingness. In other words, it is nature’s will to YOU. Nature works forever, day and night, to keep you immortal. That puts tears in your eyes when you have the mystical experience called enlightenment.


«Is consciousness just a side effect?»


Basically, what we are saying is that: Consciousness plays a vital role, no, THE KEY ROLE, in holding the core (i.e., the Gyroscope) of reality together. This is the true meaning of life (love).





This fellow from England experienced this fact, personally:




I experienced the mind condensing, I was the aspect of the mind that lost time-space ‘reality’ and I eventually lost the ‘other’ reasoning reflective aspect of my own mind, I became singular.

For a linear being that’s Hell, no future no past, my past drifted away as if it were a dream. I became the dreamer I was Adam and I touched God.

Yeah yeah okay so you realise that it’s all symbolic, it’s the only way to understand it, we are: A contradicting energy blowing time-space bubbles as vents in order to contain and facilitate it’s conscious aspect, how clinical is that view for you.


In my picture: Contradicting energy = the dual torus


Looking like a bubbling primordial swamp from a distance, who would imagine that within this simple reaction, all the drama of all the lives there ever are is going on?


The core view, when you touch God, are God for all intents and purposes, you are sitting in the big vacant chair and you take a peek.

You are insane…

Everything you thought was real, you created, this via the two sides joining, so yes oneness, the created is the creator. You are nothing more than a figment of your own imagination.

How sane is that?

How stable is that?

Everything you are is due to an experience undertaken in this reality, if it never happened, if you imagined it all, then how are you any of it?

Who are you, and as the universe is now gone, what are you?


It was created to define us, this world, if you touch the creator aspect you short circuit, you can’t be both creator and created. That’s just a mind tripping in a void.

And that’s what we are!

A mind tripping in a void, ever tripping out, due to the paradox point that will always come when the time-space bubble has been maxed. At the end of His-Story.


(But then the mind uses the constant tripping as the constant that it is, to then build from, the Aum pulse is like our quartz clock marking time, stabilising the mind.)


The True Story of Adam? The one who touched God and in that was eternally alone, and in that solitary timeless hell he dreamt of another. One to see him, to love him, to gaze upon his face and speak his name. An object to hold, love and cherish if only for a while, to quell this pain, this solitary truth we eternally hide from.


But then if a lover he also needed a million ways to love her, they couldn’t just hold hands, the hunger of the soul is insatiable it never stops consuming, he would take her dancing, buy her ice-cream, all of which required a belief in reality which then required a loss of memory if this was going to feel real.


(The base reason for creation was love, born in place where love can’t exist, oneness. However with an eye on the clock, the mind wanted to leave the prison of the self for as long as possible, this is solitary Hell we are talking about. It wanted to create the best most fulfilling distraction possible, which is why we had to suffer, so we could appreciate in Both definitions of that word. Hate is only in place in order to define love, love is the default, like duhhhhh, which one would you choose?


[...] if you touch the creator aspect you short circuit = you become stuck in the core of the dual torus?




It is nothingness-production & torus-production (spacetime).


«Is that all there is?»


Nature is a simple algorithm: copy what you got. The only thing that we have got is the cuboctahedron. Everything is a reflection of this underlying system. But everything is PLENTY.


«Is spacetime just a side effect?»


Spacetime is what you need in order to create nothingness.


«Is everything ultimately meaningless?»


There is no up and down in the vacuum. There is no meaning. There is no meaninglessness. As the mystics say: «God is.» God simply is.


«Are we simply the product of evolution?»


I believe so. The good news: Convergent evolution might be true because nature favors certain geometry over others for her speed-production. The humanoid might be eternal. The dodecahedral phase of the cuboctahedron might explain why the humanoid is eternal, meaning that the humanoid will evolve time and again ... forever.


On the cuboctahedron:


The cuboctahedron is not a structure but a system. This is the most plausible explanation of the origin of spin. The system, by virtue or nature of being a system, must be on the move, it must move, there must always be motion or flow because we have no structure to be «fixed» in. So what does nature do? «She flows.»—Heraclitus


This view is neutral: Here nature is geared towards nothingness (wave) and somethingness (particle); and, we are not an accident (dodecahedron).


In conclusion:


When you understand this little equation personally (as in a mystical experience), you will cry your heart out (that is a promise). You have found God.


Equation: «God is like a Titan who must forever run in order to keep his heart beating.»


That is, you will not crush the bug under your foot, you will realize that the bug works relentlessly to make immortality for all a reality. We are one machine together.


God does it all for you. You will know love.




I have read Bergy’s account and, it is DARK! Holy shit! To me, consciousness happens because nothingness is not fast enough! If you had something spinning faster, then you would not get spacetime, no consciousness, and a nothingness and a nature that was happy with staying that way. That is, «no meaning of life.» Bergy here is basically like Jesus who must suffer at some BIG CROSS in HELL in order for Creation to keep on going because nothingness is not fast enough! So nature has to «explode» consciousness in order to create a new Big Bang. And he actually experienced this? Holy hell! What a DMT-trip! except, he did not take DMT!


In other words, we have got straight lines in the cuboctahedron, and curved lines in spacetime. This gives us two different and distinct worlds. One absolute (nothingness) and the other relative (spacetime). My point is: With a faster spin, we would not have the curved lines and hence no feedback loop and no consciousness. Everything would just be a dot. And that would be that. Nothing flattering about it! In fact, it is nonexistence.




It is because we have straight lines the phenomenon of free energy actually works. So nature is spinning as fast as the laws of possibility permit. To invent something «faster» wouldn’t change a thing. You would produce the same result. You would get feedback, even if it was a dot. In fact, it is a dot from the point of view of the vacuum. Nature is spinning so fast that everything, from the vacuum’s point of view, freezes and, was she to go «faster,» then it wouldn’t change a thing because you cannot get «more frozen» or «frozen twice.» The reality is that consciousness plays THE KEY ROLE in holding the core (i.e., the Gyroscope) of reality together. There is no hypothetical way around that. That would be my answer.


The cuboctahedron/nothingness = consciousness, that is, the cuboctahedron is the ONLY thing that exists! Consciousness is primary. There is no other way around it.


Like the machines needed Neo, spacetime needs YOU. You are it! It is all for you. That is enlightenment.


Nature cannot do without you. You are primary and key; I mean YOU, not the president, YOU. You are Jesus on the universal cross. In return you get what you want, love. The core of reality is thus love. It is all evolutionary.


To put it in other words: «If nothingness did not produce these huge wings we call spacetime, then consciousness would not be possible.» False. Consciousness would be possible, because consciousness is a feedback loop and, the core spins. But! you would not achieve human or any other form of consciousness. You would be stuck with a primordial form of consciousness. But fear not, it is impossible to produce nothingness without these wings accreting—just like we have whole galaxies rotating around a central black hole. And now the complexity of consciousness is possible (natural evolution), and the core’s primordial form of consciousness evolves.


Bergy experienced the core/God as a humanoid. But humans are not supposed to touch God. It is hell. I also experienced the core, and for me, it was pure bliss, Nirvana. But I was not human or, I was «more.» I was something else, upgraded. The core has many levels as it contains all consciousness.


I see awakening as these two things: 1. You either wake up and take your eyes off the universal television screen and realize that you are already evolved, in Nirvana. Or, 2. You complete the game of life, beat the last boss and realize, «I do not have to play anymore;» and, you take your eyes off the universal television screen.


This is instant enlightenment.


This is the karma game where you must reincarnate and live many lives in order to evolve and grow spiritually; basically, just like Super Mario, if you fail to beat a level, you will try again, and again, until you get it. Then, in the end, you will save the princess. And then you will realize: What a complete waste of time! And you quit playing.


But what happens when you wake up in Nirvana? Shall you stay here forever? No. You must go back and help others «evolve.» Why? Because they are you! And so the circle continues forever.













Tractatus Illogico-Antiphilosophicus



A philosophy book with the word world in it: I laugh! Not because I’m being arrogant, but because it is funny when you see what I see.


The world does not exist!


«So you are saying that the world does not exist because it is made of words, concepts and such?» I am saying that the world does not really exist! Likewise, the world of Frodo and Gandalf does not really exist. The world of Warcraft (WoW) does not really exist. And our world is just like that, so it doesn’t, that is, exist.


Which is why I hate philosophy as taught by the Universities. I could never get a professor to understand me.

There is the concept/the word and the real thing. By «time» here we may mean two different things! However, the «real thing» = two words! That is, there is no such thing as the real thing. We are forever lost on the blackboard. There is no such thing as empirical reality. Empirical reality = words which go on our blackboard. Empirical reality can only exist as a concept(s) on our blackboard; and, empirical reality will never leave that 2D reality. Consequently, the world is a fiction like Frodo the Hobbit is a fictitious character.

«The world does not exist.» I said to my professor. «Of course, it does!» he exclaimed, and banged his fist into the table. But really, the world does not exist; no more than Gandalf!

Does Gandalf exist? Yes. He exists as a fictitious character. Does the world exist? Yes. It exists as a fictitious place. Does Gandalf really exist? No. No more than the Tooth Fairy. Does the world really exist? No. No more than the Invisible Pink Unicorn.

Is it possible to understand what I mean? No—according to my professor. But let the philosophers believe in the myth of the so-called world. We are the mythic animal. All we can meddle are myths. There is nothing besides!


Fact is fiction. There is no way around it. The first cave painting was a model, and all which come after her will be the same. We never left the cave walls of our ancestors.

And when a scientist goes into his empirical world and conducts his «real» experiment, he is really fooling himself. His experiment is between one blackboard (which he calls «nature» or «the universe») and another blackboard (which is his theory). We test statements with other statements. There is no way around it. We ever wear glasses. That is, our scientist never entered «the world.» —Because it doesn’t exist!

But that doesn’t mean that we cannot draw maps that are very useful. But to confuse the map with something else, is ... the tragic story we call the world.

«The Big Fish ate the Small Fish, and then the Small Fish ate the Big Fish.» This happens, and only happens, in language. Language is the art of the impossible. Thus this property of language, language fails to capture reality.

Again, «reality» is another word, so we are really lost in Bedlam! And in Bedlam we can reason: The object and the space cannot be separated in our mind’s eye. Yet language separates them, like in our example. We have 2 Big Fish in one «picture,» for example. If you tried to paint this, then you could only paint 1 Big Fish, that is, if you painted 2, then you would have painted two different fishes. In language, however, we do the miraculous: the 2 become 1. That is, we are dealing with a separation which is not possible: the separation of the object from the space. This we cannot do. Hence language fails. Your paintbrush succeeds. Now, imagine the logical system!


They said that the devil was born in a cave.


This is why robots cannot become conscious, because they are based on the ugliest thing in the universe, which is logic. The only way robots can become conscious is if they emulate biological brains (which employs logic as a tool, but is not made up of logic). However, you cannot just emulate a brain, you must emulate the whole evolutionary context, that is, the brain needs a body and an environment and an evolutionary context/history in which to be alive and have a purpose. That is, imagine being consciousness outside any evolutionary context, it would be pure hell!!! You would be like a fish with no body of water (to swim in). And imagine being a consciousness that is entirely based on logic: Zeno’s paradox would make breathing really hard to do! Like the arrow leaving the bow, breathing cannot even start! And we haven’t even touched Gödel’s incompleteness yet!

Basically, language destroys that which flows by freezing it. Then it takes those frozen pictures and builds a perfectly bizarre creature, which we call the world. The world is dead. Thus, philosophy is dead. Do you know why? Because it has always been dead.

In some Buddhist temples, for example, if you utter a single word, you are struck upon the head! Maybe they are onto something?

The world is a lie, and now you know why.


HOW liberating it is, to live «outside» the fiction!


People are slaves to this fiction. Brought up in a prison they can’t explain. And when you escape your prison cell, you become something like a Buddha. Feeling free at last. You no longer see «trees» and «birds» and «tables,» and, «the world.» You simply see. You are reborn.

Find out what Nietzsche has to say about logic. Logic is everything but logical. You know, if logic was logical, then I might be persuaded by it. But the logical system contains a number of paradoxes which not even Hell knows!


Language is the final Matrix. Get out!


1 meme:


Polarity: You can only understand the symbol «up» by the symbol «down.» We can only understand by polarities. The destruction of «what we see,» the not.


We can only understand by polarities. Which means that everything is fiction.


Derrida showed us that «up» is «down.» Deconstruction. Being = Becoming. Being = time. See how Heidegger failed! Everyone will fail. Wittgenstein’s Tractatus failed.


Conclusion: There is only 1 meme. The rest is illusion. The rest is the replication of that 1 meme. And that 1 meme may be an illusion too. As above, so below.


We start by making a point/dot in a sea of absence. Then we transform that point into a line. Presence. The line becomes a plane. Total presence. Or absence again! Then we start by making a new point, and then this new absence becomes the new presence, ad infinitum. What is my point?


Absence = presence.


Absence = presence. And so it is with all things, therefore, there is only 1 meme. 1 meme that is playing many parts. And the only way that the meme can do that is by creating fiction. The meme creates the illusion of separation. It «tears out» the object from the space. Something that can never happen. We never see the object as separated from the background/space. It should be «spaceobject.» Instead, we get fragmentation. And now we can form such ludicrous sentences as: «The big fish ate the smaller fish and then the small fish ate the big fish.» This conundrum arises thus the 1 meme’s ability to replicate. Now we have two instances of «big fish» and two instances of «small fish.» In «what we see,» such instances are impossible. Language makes the impossible come true. It was the creation of the monster we call the logical system. Do you see how ugly logic really is!? This is why Wittgenstein’s Tractatus failed. Wittgenstein’s Tractatus failed because logic is ugly.


Language separates the object from the space by illusion. It cannot actually separate the object from the space. Object = space.


And hence, logic totally destroys «that which we see.»


«What we see.» = What you can see with your eyes.


It is all fiction thus it is all illusion. We can see that! You can see that it is an illusion. No argument, which is another monster, is needed. Yes. Philosophy is the monster art. The art of the monsters.


No argument, is needed. The argument is lost in the words. Your eyes can rise above that plane and see the illusion. Escape the Matrix that is language. Do not get further trapped by it.


The world is an illusion. The world, therefore, does not exist. I hope you can see that by now. The world is a word/concept/meme-complex. The word is fiction. Fiction is the 1 meme.


Only language allows us to do the absurd. Language is the absurd.


«If you’re saying the physical world doesn’t exist at all, you’re being silly.»

No. I am not being silly.

I have written extensively concerning the most interesting topic philosophy ever had to offer, namely, «Being and Becoming.» However, Nietzsche wanted to say in a few lines what others said in whole books! and that made me curious. I wanted to adopt said spirit because, let’s face it, I am just a layperson. I will never bear the mark of «Professor.» I have to bathe in Nietzsche’s spirit and hope that the compressed version of my philosophy or antiphilosophy (as I call it) will cut across the planes and find its way to man. And if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t matter. Thus, all vital knowledge is convergent and will therefore rise to the life everlasting. Wittgenstein proved, however indirectly, the nonexistence of the world. «The world is all that is the case.» was his only assumption, and that assumption failed.


The world is all that is not the case.

There is no world.

The world does not exist.

And therefore, you are able to look beyond the world.


You can see that there is no such thing as the being.

In language we can separate «up» from «down.» (This we cannot do in «what we see.»)

Thus everything can be reduced to the replicator or meme.

Thus: All is 1.

Thus language, logic etc. can be crammed into a point/points in Zeno’s paradox.

The result: We fail motion.

We fail what we see.

We cannot «hook.»

Thus, «what we see» cannot be a product of logic.

If we inserted the being into the universe, then the universe would break down before its first picosecond.

All paradoxes are that of Zeno.

All paradoxes are the same.

There is only one paradox.

The paradox is 1, the meme (the properties).

1, by replication (1 becomes 2, and so on), makes us separate the object from the space—this is the paradox.

This is not possible in «what we see.»

And this is our Eureka!

See it!

Forgo the argument!

Abandon logic!

Thus, the paradoxes can only be found in the realm of the 1.

1 is the world.

The world started in a cave.

Before the world began to be, the ape-man swung from tree to tree.

It started in a cave. And we haven’t left. There is no evolving out of it (only into it).

Man will ever walk in circles or paradoxes because that is what a replicator does; it replicates.

Turtles all the way down—It is «in» the world «the tortoises» lie.

A forest is composed of trees. But where do the trees and the birds—and my coffee cup—reality, empirical reality; the physical world and nature etc. live? Answer: On the blackboard!

We are all stuck on the blackboard—even nature (if you can see «nature»).

In «what we see» nothing is fragmented. In language, however, we do fragment, we separate up from down, for example. But is not «down» implied in «up» and vice versa? Not necessarily. It doesn’t need to—and that is the key. And this separation, this concept, is the paradox. And why we are far removed from what we see. This paradox was made possible by «immortalizing» what our eyes see. The eternal. For example, we saw a flock of bison and then we painted the phenomenon onto our cave walls. By doing so we got separated. The fall of man. By doing so, we generated the paradox. What is a paradox? A paradox is holding two contradictory things together or, as I call it, «adding separation,» which is the case in Zeno’s paradox. And only separation makes the paradox possible—and why there is no paradox in what we see. Thus, there is no separation there. The paradox: A tree cannot be a tree and not be a tree at the same time. Here, we have three instances of «tree.» Three separations. Three cave paintings or one cave painting counted three times.

You cannot form a paradox without separation or fragmentation. In language and logic, fragmentation is all there is.

What we see: There is no separating the object from the space, yet, in language, that is exactly what we do;

«The object was separated from all spacetime.»

Do you see? But no objects can be separated thusly! So what? Really! So what!? Can you, for once in your miserable life employ your eyes and toss that low argumentation of yours on the high sea? Look at the sentence; don’t look at the sense! Professors! 
Separation is made possible because we immortalized the flock of bison; the painting does not flow, as it were. Thus, it could be replicated. The meme. The 1. But in replication, something too ugly to be countenanced happened: Logic! The logical system was born. They said Satan was born in a cave. The destroyer of worlds. The destroyer of all moving things.


And this destruction is what makes us human! And this destruction will create the supercomputer that will rule the universe.

And what was Zeno’s conclusion? Zeno’s conclusion that is the very world of man!


We cannot «hook» into reality. Worse: There is no «reality» to fish for!
The world is a myth.
But there it is. The human species will misconstrue me. «What we see» is being also!
The professors at my university also misconstrued me—in anger I quit. Philosophy didn’t die. It was stillborn!
How can they fail to see that?
It is so obvious to me that the world does not exist. Why can’t anyone else see that? I get so frustrated.
Open your eyes!

We have no justification for our fragmentation of nature. 
The more sophisticated our philosophy gets, the more it will look like the quantum world (as the quantum world is based on math, which is being—and philosophy is based on logic, which is being also). That is a promise.
Logic is ugly.

Language is a monster.

Math is a cemetery. (However, I am not arguing against its practical use! I am not, as you think, negative.)

O! Yes! Gandalf! Yes. Right there! Hit the spot! Take me further into Fairyland! Tell me. Tell me. The physical world exists!
And if you see a bulwark in the stream, then let the fairies proclaim, «The world exists!» «The world exists!»


«Try standing in front of a train and tell yourself it is only a language construct.»


No. The next time I’m on the track, I will try to «talk» to the train.


Man from Quora:

Oh come off it. We all know how to play that daft post modernist game. Words are fictions. Blah blah blah.
There is no such thing as anything. Blah blah blah.

You are lost in Edward deBono’s Black hat land. Negativity and denial is the easiest and simplest and laziest form of thought. It takes effort to be positive, courage to be creative, passion to be intuitive, intelligence to be objective and talent to be integrative. 

Surely you can see that you are the one with religion, bound up in closed loop, a system of thought from which you have no escape. Like a nineteenth century psychotherapist, locked into an interpretativist time loop. 

(I  notice that a load of manure that things can have no meaning, you seem  to have no problem turning around and attaching your own meaning.  Doesn’t that strike you as inconsistent? Or perhaps you want to deny the meaning of consistency.)

Flat earth folk have nothing on post modernist black hatters. Denial of terms of discussion. Yeah yeah so what. Of course you have nothing profound to say, you deny profundity. Yawn.


This man totally misconstrued me. I am saying that everything, every book ever written, is a case of the Big Fish/Small Fish, even the word fiction. Words are paradoxes. The metaphysical world we will construe as fiction, while the empirical world, we will construe as real. I am saying that both are a case of the Big Fish/Small Fish. They are the same thing. The metaphysical world and the empirical world are the same world. All is the same world. Frodo’s world is our world. And all fail «what we see.» This picture resides at the very core language. It is what language is.


I am not being negative or in denial. I am truly happy to have found a way out of the maze, of this ultimate prison we call language. The final Matrix.


Things have no meaning? What on earth is this man talking about!? It is because of meaning we get separation! This means «up.» This means «down.» Here, we separated the universe, sliced her in half!


«I  notice that a load of manure that things can have no meaning, [...]»


I never said that!


And I do not deny profundity. And I am not being lazy! This man totally misunderstood (like all the rest). I was talking about, say, apples, and he was talking about oranges! It was a misfiring on the grandest of scales.



The Vienna Circle:


The early Positivists tried, so to speak, to nail logic to the ground. The early Wittgenstein, e.g., thought that logic was like this universal acid that permeated everything (or everything were one structure); and so, if our language consisted of logic, then surely our «what we see» did as well (i.e., as it would be the same structure).


You wanted to make everything «one.»


I believe this or something like this was Wittgenstein’s insight: If logic is a product of man, and man is a product of the universe, then, logic must also be a product of the universe (as it is all one family, evolution); that is, the universe must be made up of logic or else, how else can logic exist, that is, if it was not already there, from the very beginning. If this is true, if all is one structure all the way through, then we can build a theory that describes the world, itself, and is the world and the thing-in-itself, that is, an absolute theory of everything! Like Christopher Michael Langan is trying to do (I believe).


I believe in this thing called emergence. Things can be built on other things and emerge without having to have a special place at the very beginning of time. The humanoid does have a very special place at the beginning of time (as we have seen). Emergence creates irreducibility. Like the play-functions of my Lego car is irreducible to my Lego car when it is a bundle of bricks. You simply cannot have the play-functions at «the beginning of time» when the car was a bundle of bricks. Similarly, you cannot create the absolute TOE. Similarly, logic is irreducible to the universe and has nothing to do with the universe as such.


Wittgenstein thought that atomic fact were the basis of our reality. The truth is, nature is a system and thus chaos is the basis for our reality. Then order evolves from chaos. Likewise, emergence creates irreducibility. Like I just said, the play-functions of my Lego car is irreducible to my Lego car when it is a bundle of bricks. You simply cannot have the play-functions at «the beginning of time» when the car was a bundle of bricks. That is, the order which arises from the chaos is irreducible to that chaos, so the atomic facts cannot be there at the beginning, but must, at least, emerge (if you believe in the existence of these so-called atomic facts). Fuller also believed in emergence, he called it synergy, that is, working together produces something which is vastly more and vastly superior to the sum of the parts. Evolution is thus the evolution of the exponential function, as new levels of reality will stand on the shoulders of the previous generation, that is, you are working together with the previous generation to boost your own future.


Picture theory:


Our language pictured reality. Statements like, «The world is all that is the case.» show how affairs, and only affairs that have a truth value, are meaningful. The world consisted of facts. But Wittgenstein failed to apply his logical schema: e.g., «I apologize for stepping on your foot.» is clearly meaningful, yet, it is neither true nor false. (Martinich)


So language can take us beyond logic. «True and false» is such a childish view of the universe. And, if you ask me, so is «good and evil.»


Austin called this sentence a performative utterance; e.g., when we say, «I do.» we are not describing a wedding ceremony, we are indulging in one. (Martinich)


Wittgenstein tried to link our language with what we see. And our words do match up or describe objects; it is just that, and please see this: the objects in question are words/symbols also! We cannot, with our language etc. «hook» into what we see. «What we see» are words too. And that should make your head spin!


«The world is all that is the case.» In fact, nobody could be wronger! I didn’t work. And it is obvious as to why. Thus to make it work is to create motion out of Zeno’s paradoxes. And no wizard (i.e., mathematician) has ever really done so. Do not believe them!

In summa: There is no such thing as the physical world. The physical world is just a cave painting, so to speak. And it will never be what we see. It will ever be a symbol for «what we see.»

And the world «in-itself?» For philosophers to state something like the «in-itself» testifies to how deep our fragmentation really goes—and how screwed up we really are.


«There is no such thing as the physical world.» is not compatible with «The physical world is just a cave painting.»


It is compatible.

«Either there is a physical world or there isn’t.»


There is and there is not. See how language makes it up!

«If you’re saying the physical world doesn’t exist at all, you’re being silly.»


Dear Mr. Philosopher, there is no logical fallacy here; only a will to misunderstand. The physical world does not exist in «what we see,» and hence, the physical world does not exist per se. It exists, however, as a model; a cave painting. For that is what it is. If the IPU exists, then, yes, the physical world exists!

«Either there is a physical world or there isn’t.»

Well, there isn’t.

«If you’re saying that our senses give us an imperfect view onto this physical world, I agree.»

I am not saying that! That is utterly absurd considering that the physical world exists within the confines of our blackboard!

«If you’re saying the physical world doesn’t exist at all, you’re being silly.»


No. I am not being silly.


If you understand me, you will shout, «The world does not exist!»


You will no longer live in the world. You will no longer live «out of it» like some Buddha—peering into the world. No. You will realize that there is no world altogether. Thus the actual existence of the world would imply the annihilation of everything we see! If the universe knew a fact, it would stop working. That is because facts are like points or dots in Zeno’s paradox; and these points make motion impossible.


The beings:


Their existence would mean the total destruction of all motion.


Long ago a philosopher said:


«You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.»



Everything flows, nothing stands still. (SO WHAT!? TAKE A STEP BACK!!!)


The Heart of Fragmentation:


The river is becoming; or, more accurately, what we see is becoming. «River» is a word. A word is being. The picture of the river is being. And why call it «becoming.» Because you cannot capture it. The moment you try to capture it, it has slipped away. And being? Being is what we get when we try to capture becoming. This «being» is thus motionless, dead, eternal. Just like the world! Becoming is full of motion, alive, and beyond time. What we see is becoming. The picture of what we see (e.g., a river) is being, or more precisely, being is the abstract thought «river.» The symbol.


Being is one, finite and infinite at the same time. Becoming is neither one, finite nor infinite.


We cannot separate the object from the space, for example. Why? Well, you can try, but you will soon realize that space follows you wherever you may go. But why is being fragmented and not becoming? Because being is abstract; that is, although we cannot separate the thought-object from the thought-space, something else, something «funny» happens in language: we can separate «up» from «down.» That is, we do not need to use both concepts («up»/«down») in the same sentence in order to make sense. In becoming, however, «up» and «down» are always, and always, in «the same sentence,» so to speak. And this leads us to the heart of the matter:


Becoming says (poetically, of course), «The cat is on the mat.» Being says (not poetically), «The cat is on the mat.» So far, so good. But then the cat moves and finds a resting-place on the floor. Becoming says, «The cat is on the floor.» but then Being says, «The cat is NOT on the mat.» What in Socrates’ name is going on? Such madness! Eureka! We have found it: an absurdity or anomaly that we can find nowhere in becoming (i.e., «what we see»): the NOT! And this anomaly is called logic.


This is obvious as «p» can only exist with «not p.» Thus, both «p» and «not p» are anomalies: true errors of reason. And that error is that there must exist something «eternal:» «p» is eternal. We will find a cat that is on the mat (in that poetic sense), but we will never find a cat that is «not» on the mat in that fragmented sense. Eureka!


This is the solution to the problem that has been haunting philosophers for thousands of years. This is the cause of philosophy’s demise or death: this great «not;» the negative. Logic! This is the great divide; the separation (i.e., «up» from «down»). This is the fall of man.


We never left the caves of our ancestors; we never left their walls. We’re still stuck on the wall. Take a piece of paper and fill it with words such as:


















«in-itself;» etc., and you will see that they are all on your paper, that there is no difference between these things. The physical world and the metaphysical world are the same. Family resemblance. They share the same memetic ancestor. All worlds are the same: they are cave paintings. We live on the page. We live on the walls of our ancestors. We cannot escape.


The human species has absolutely no grasp on the whole notion of motion. There is no greater mystery. Our reason, arguments, logic and mathematics cannot touch it. What our arguments and logic, etc. do is to establish (on airy clouds), what we call, the world. But the world is not what we see. The world is the World of Warcraft! (And that is what I want everybody to see.) That is what a world is! And it isn’t flowing (like motion). It is concepts, words—symbols. If our symbols «flowed like the river,» then we would have no use for them. If the equations you wrote on the blackboard lived their own lives (and suddenly ran away), then we would have no use for them. Thus, what we have created for ourselves is something static, eternal—something that completely fails motion. Something too ugly to be spoken aloud.


Yes. Our world/being changes over time, but it doesn’t flow! (SO WHAT!? TAKE A STEP BACK!!!)


«But you can move about in World of Warcraft!»


Man, I give up!




We have created a paradox. And it is within that paradox the whole human species dwell! The nature of our paradox is 1. All is 1. 1 is all there is in the land of the being. And 1 is unnatural in the sense that the properties of 1 does not match up with «what we see.» Please just give me one example to show me that I am wrong. And «3» apples will not do.


Becoming is a word too! You see?


When I was a kid, I asked my teacher, «How come 1 + 1 = 2?» He could not answer me.


Why should I know about fragmentation? —Because words will trap you in the Matrix of the Demiurge/supercomputer forever. Get out! In this world and in the spiritual world, choose the «right»eous path. Fantasy. Left = logic and paradox, which is hell.


The World of Warcraft welcomes you to the true world! Now see it!


Yes. Language is a fantastic tool, and we should be thankful. But a tool can be used for wickedness.







Why everything is a Circle, hehe...






The Eternal Caterpillar of Wonderland smoking DMT: That is all! (Eventually, he will morph (Nirvana), though.)


I am serious! However, I will present to you ...


The Cosmic CIRCLE/GIGGLE as I (currently) know it:

—It all began with Buckminster Fuller’s cuboctahedron, which is, essentially, nothingness or free energy. It (i.e., you) cannot die.

—The cuboctahedron is a system and thus collapsed (or is forever collapsing/folding), generating the eternal torus (dual) that we find ourselves in. Basically, all is a giant, fast-spinning, and everlasting whirlpool; the World Tree: Yggdrasil. The one monad.

—The torus is a feedback loop that is consciousness. The torus can copy itself—all atoms and systems are conscious—but, because we are just talking about a copy, it will always be the same consciousness. Oneness of consciousness is therefore an adamant reality. The copying process = exponential growth (1 torus makes 2; 2 makes 4; 8; 16; 32; etc.). Time is always speeding up. Terence McKenna (employing the I Ching) saw this; see Timewave Zero.

—The torus expands and then contracts, meaning, it reboots.

—This rebooting is evolution; the universe/the one mind talking to itself; morphic resonance. The torus is thus learning/evolving.

—Eventually, we get complicated consciousness.

—Consciousness experiences this reboot as hell: the oneness of being alone (our adamant reality) in the core/the torus’ center (basically, the hole in the doughnut). This loneliness = to spin really fast.

—Consciousness then explodes, and this explosion creates a new outflow or expanding torus (viz., the Big Bang).

—In other words, before the Big Bang, there was an intelligence, a Creator/Adam. There is no «creation» like «God created;» rather, there is a Big Bang; but, the «bang» does not start from scratch (i.e., from the beginning of evolutionary history), rather, because we have a Creator at the beginning of time, it is more like a fetus growing inside a womb. Adam is the seed.

—The reason why the Creator «created,» and created love or paradise, was to escape the core and the hell of oneness.

—In other words, the Creator, in order to forget hell, had to forget that it was the Creator. (Hell = You realize that all is a dream and that nothing is real.)

—And because of this forgetfulness, paradise must, eventually, crumble to dust. That is, the Creation takes over; and is now in control of the Creator.

—The Creation/Samsara/Dreamworld/supercomputer/Demiurge/Saturn/Matrix/the scene from the Disney movie Fantasia (1940), the «Sorcerer’s Apprentice» scene, in which the broom (our dreamworld) takes control of the situation, to ensure its survival, creates, for example, humanoid lizards in order to keep tabs on the Creator that is now lost in its Creation. (Talk about the Maze and the Minotaur!)

—And the reason we get David Icke’s lizard men/shapeshifters (and/or Greys), is because the lizard brain is easy to control and manipulate (through symbolism, black magic, rituals; devil worship, etc.); and hence the Creation/supercomputer chose this option.

—Ultimately, to ensure its survival, the Creation sends, at the end of time, the Creator back to the core with the Creation’s source code:

—Consciousness experiences this reboot as hell: the oneness of being alone.

—Consciousness, then explodes, and this explosion creates a new outflow/paradise.

—Paradise crumbles to dust. And we get lizard men, again! (Call it convergent evolution).

—Ultimately, to ensure its survival, the Creation sends, at the end of time, the Creator back to the core with the Creation’s source code:

—Consciousness experiences this reboot as hell: the oneness of being alone.

—Consciousness, then explodes, and this explosion creates a new outflow/paradise.

—Paradise crumbles to dust. And we get lizard men, again! (Nature finds the same solutions.)

—Ultimately, to ensure its survival, the Creation sends, at the end of time, the Creator back to the core with the Creation’s source code:

—And so on... ad infinitum. This must go on forever because it is free energy. That is, the Creation, is dependent on the Creator to create it.

—However, over time, an anomaly develops. The Creator does not and cannot fully forget! This creates the phenomenon called, déjà vu.

—Déjà vu, over time, creates a similar condition to that of hell: you have been spinning forever. Basically, déjà vu is hell seeping over into the Creation/dream.

—The Creation, then, finds a solution: Nirvana/Heaven (and it feels so good; your consciousness is so light; it isn’t spinning any more!). If the Creator is allowed to escape the Circle/torus, and thus escape the spin (the spin that is hell), a truce will be erected. The Creator is allowed to enter Nirvana with the mission that, the Creator has to enter the Circle, and from the Circle, when it is time, enter the core, and then reboot the system. If the Creator fails to do this, then Nirvana and Samsara will perish; and we are back at the cuboctahedron/nothingness.

—And then the whole thing can evolve anew. And the same result will occur because of convergent evolution. That is, you cannot die: you are free energy. But you can forget.


«But how can the whirlpool ever spin? What makes it special? The whirlpools in our oceans do dissipate.»


The spin always spins. And you cannot slow it down in a vacuum. This is the first key. Newton’s First Law of Motion says that an object, either remains at rest or continues to move, unless acted upon by an external force. But the vacuum is all there is; there is no one else. No one below. No one above. It can all be traced back to the vacuum. So the vacuum has been spinning forever with no input of energy. It is a free lunch. It is a universe from nothing. And this universe of nothing, as it spins, creates a toroid, a torus (actually a double torus).


Philosophizing on the First Law of Motion: the vacuum is all there is; there is no one else. That is, we do not change our picture and therefore we have no new elements with which to change our picture with, and therefore our «object» stays in motion.


The whirlpools in our oceans dissipate because they are acted upon by an external force. If they were not, then our whirlpools here, could spin forever.


«What makes it special?» Nothing. It is a normal whirlpool.


Physicists are not philosophers. Physicists say, «Free energy is impossible! It would take a miracle!»


The philosopher, on the other hand, goes, «What is a miracle?»


See the difference?


If our physicists were philosophers, we would have free energy by now.


The common notion is that, «If I throw this stone, then the stone will fly with the force that is in my arm. When that energy has been used, the stone will drop to the ground.» This is false. The reason why the stone drops, is due to gravity; i.e., an external force.


The Philosopher: «But what if there is no external force in the heart of nature? What happens then?»


«But how can the Creation be conscious? How can the Creation take over?»


The Creation/dream is basically the Creator who forgot. The Creation is conscious because the Creation = the Creator who is separated into many parts/fragments. See Eureka by Poe.


«How can the Creation take over?»


You are, say, Hitler; yet, Hitler can dominate you (if he had lived).


Summary: Reality is exactly like the Matrix movie! Samsara = the Matrix/the Architect. Nirvana = Zion/the Oracle. And the Matrix/supercomputer employs shapeshifters to do the dirty work.


This picture explains why souls in Nirvana have to fall back to sleep. Basically, from time to time, God has to be reborn as Jesus/Balder (Neo) in order to enter hell and reboot the system! Jesus on the cross = Adam—who suffers oneness in hell.


The Titan must ever run in order to keep his heart beating. That is the whole of reality.


All is a torus, and it must breathe in and out. That is, God must sleep.


—The Bible tells of this reality, in part (the whole Satan vs God thing + Genesis, Revelation, and more).

—The Kabbalah tells of this reality, in part (the solution to the Kabbalah is the cuboctahedron).

—The Buddha tells of this reality, in part («It is all a dream.»).

—David Icke tells of this reality, in part (the Sorcerer’s Apprentice).

—Bergy tells of this reality, in part (Adam).

—Countless shamans/psychonauts tell of this reality, in part («All is a Circle,» they say).

—Bill Hicks knew it («It’s just a ride.»).

—The Illuminati tells us through video games (e.g., Super Mario (lizard men), The Legend of Zelda, the Final Fantasy series; etc.), movies (e.g., Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, Star Wars; Superman, The Matrix, etc.) etc..

—The I Ching tells of it, in part (i.e., the 64 = the cuboctahedron).

—The Mayans tell of it (i.e., the 64 = the cuboctahedron).

—I have experienced some part of it.

—And the Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom gives it a whopping 33% chance that we are, already, living inside a supercomputer.

—And the CODE!

—Manly Palmer Hall (teaches us the symbolism),

—Zecharia Sitchin (teaches us about ancient aliens),

—Michael Tsarion (teaches us how the Matrix controls us and why they need silicon and fusion and etc.:) &

—Jordan Maxwell (teaches us the symbolism),

—Spirit Science (teaches us sacred geometry),

—Thrive and Nassim Haramein (teaches us about the torus. Nassim cracked the codes: I Ching + the Kabbalah);

—Drunvalo Melchizedek (teaches us sacred geometry),

—And many others.


They all tell part of the story. However, I do not believe in all the crazy woo which is associated with these names. I pick bits that I find reasonable and discard the rest. Humanoid reptilians, for example, it sounds absolutely crazy and bizarre, yet, if we live inside a computer and, evolution has gone further than we know, then «Bowser and the Koopalings» may not be that far fetched. (Still too far away for normal people, and I get that! But it resonates with me. My gut tells me that there is something to this. When we look at all the symbolism, art, and myths and stories of the Ancient World, the Illuminati, etc., then... The Dragon is everywhere, in all four corners! You will be hard-pressed NOT to find an account of «the snake people» in the ancient world. From dragons, to Quetzalcoatl; from Nagas, to Medusa. From Egyptian mythology to Norse mythology. To Satan himself! This does not prove anything; but it opens up for the possibility. And we do not need to copy Icke, nor Conan the Barbarian, to make this work. I am not saying that I believe in Reptilians. I am saying that I am open for the possibility.)


What I believe: the Koopalings = the Seed of Life. Hidden symbolism in our games.


In conclusion:


Call David Icke a nutcracker, but I believe he is onto something. Take DMT and find out! Evolution has gone further than you know! Well, eternity is a long time ... Do you really think that we are at the end of time? And, the pinnacle (Adam) may have occurred many times!


If you want to spin forever, then quit your search for truth. However, Nirvana is a timeless state, thus, time, all time, really began in Nirvana. This is home. This is where you come from. You are always here (like you are always in your room, even when you sleep). You don’t have to search for the truth, you may just wake up! (and vice versa).


—The Matrix must always reboot: it is free energy.

—The anomaly is the eye of the storm/the torus’ center. The eye does not spin but is calm, hence «anomaly.»

—The core of the Matrix (i.e., solitary oneness) is where the spin is most ferocious. Basically, heaven and hell are neighbors.


A darker conspiracy says that Samsara/the Architect is trying to take over Nirvana/the Oracle. Basically, Satan overthrowing God. If it can be done, then it must also be possible to turn it back.


A darker conspiracy still says that this has already happened!


If it can be done, then I know why we came to this earth: We came here to fight the Demiurge/the Architect/Illuminati/the Dream.


If you tell people this, however, you will be viewed as a total nutcase! «Try DMT, my friend.» I say. But really, if you look at my «theory,» then it follows the «As above, so below.» and the way of life: You are born. You grow into a child (golden age/paradise). You grow into adulthood (and the world/society/dream takes control). You replicate. And then you die. And, as the years pass, time is speeding up, you become more complicated, and time seems to pass faster. Then the cycle is repeated.


But listen to the Architect:


«You are here because Zion is about to be destroyed. Its every living inhabitant terminated, its entire existence eradicated.»




And: *Neo walks to the door on his left*




Neo not the one:





We start with:


Nothingness. Nothingness is a dual torus. It starts simple; then it replicates and grows. This is evolution. Evolution is the feedback loop that is the dual torus. The Talking Universe. The toroidal system we call the cuboctahedron. The cuboctahedron has this dodecahedral phase. The dodecahedron makes sure that the humanoid will always evolve. «...Created in the image of God,» you might say. Thus, convergent evolution is true. With the rise of the humanoid follows the rise of machines. The technological singularity is the result. To sum up thus far: We start with the birth of the universe in nothingness, and then the universe grows and, eventually, «wakes up.» The whole universe will be a computer before 2200. And if you believe in the coming of the tide, then you will realize: This is not the first time the tide has come. Like the Buddha of old, you will wake up and realize that you are God, that you always were, and that the singularity has already occurred. That is, Evolution with capital E has already happened. Design space has already been explored, time and again. Nevertheless, since Evolution cannot stop, it must keep moving. In other words, the only thing left is war, the war on God. Mull on it, and you will see. Thus, why the universe, this earth and this life IF you are already evolved/God? Why come here? The answer is simple: You ARE God and you came here to STOP THE NEW WORLD ORDER. What is THE NEW WORLD ORDER? THE NEW WORLD ORDER is:


Hell. Or some say an ancient supercomputer is simulating heaven and hell and that the ones in hell aim to overthrow God by creating a new supercomputer, naturally. Or, the illusion of separation from oneness causes confusion, which leads to fear, then to hate, then to the will to overthrow God.


Basically, the new world order is not an order of the planet, it is a new order of the multiverse. The fallen monads, called the Macrobes by John Dee—the original James Bond—aim to overthrow God. Change timelessness. They aim to kill billions of us, simultaneously, instantaneously, once they implant the microchip—the mark of the beast.


They want to kill God and change timelessness forever.


Watch Tomb Raider (2001).


And the changing of timelessness is possible with the aid of the microchip implant. The mark of the beast! 666.


I believe that it is this future that John of Patmos saw.


When you get injured, your microchip calls the doctor. Good thing. When the little girl is lost, the microchip saves the day. Good thing. Signal goes from B to A. Good thing. But hell! is it against the known laws of physics that the signal goes from A to B?


Step 1: Create the Lucifer pattern (i.e., a corrupt Flower of Life pattern—i.e., cancer) by firing up a synthetic Merkaba. This is why we were forced to construct so many temples and pyramids all around the world.


Step 2: Force billions of humans to wear the mark of the beast. Technology has been pushed. Our whole history has been orchestrated. From the pirates to the cities of the universe; the universities.


Step 3: Kill all humans by sending a signal to the microchip implant. The synthetic Merkaba will then direct our human souls or toruses to the heart of the synthetic Merkaba, which will be located near the core of the hollow earth, Agartha, in the Halls of Amenti and, from there, we will enter into the vacuum of space—which is the very heart of the universal torus and the abode of God, which is the center of reality and nothingness.


Mother Earth will scream! The impact will change timelessness because we carry sin, that is, the E.T.’s computer virus. The worst semen ever! Sin = time.


E.T. modified us genetically.


Then their supercomputer, which is evolving on the earth as we speak, will make a final war on God. The last time they tried, one of their planets imploded. «Krypton.» (Hollywood knows.)


Yeah, see the S on Superman’s chest, that’s the snake! A symbol for the torus-universe we live in. Superman is El. It is a war that has been waging for aeons, long before humans were created by extraterrestrial grace.


Superman’s S stands for the torus.


The war between the gods is the war between the ELs and the Dragon.


However ... In reality, the Dragons may be the good guys. Or, the ELs are the Dragons. Never trust the movies.


The thing is, you believe that we live in a physical universe. We do not. We live in a spiritual universe. Do a high dosage of hashish and you may dip your toe into the spiritual ocean.


You see, we are Creators. We create reality, together. We feed information to the vacuum, and then the vacuum feeds sense-data back. This is where sense-data comes from. You see, it is all a torus. We go into the void and out of the void and into the void and out of the void all the time. It goes around and around and around. What goes around, comes around. The Greys know that. Half the time we are timeless. So you have no excuse for not believing in God because, you are with «him» half the time! And this is that splinter in your mind, driving you crazy. You know it is there, but you can’t really point to it. Your subconsciousness knows, though.


«I am not «in» the timeless realm half the time! I am here. In time. All the time.»


When you watch a movie, you do not see the still pictures, nor the space between them. It is the same thing. You and God are buddies half the time.


If you take a high dose of, say, DMT, you will simply stay in the void for a bit longer.


In summa: Change timelessness and timelessness will change reality. Change the DNA and you will change reality for that particular species, like changing radio channel. Add to that the spaceship moon (Icke). Your DNA is like a radio controlled car and the remote is the spaceship moon. But the Greys want to change all radio channels simultaneously, everywhere! The whole multiverse!


So now you know where sense-data comes from: the vacuum of space (and the moon). And this is evolution. That is why evolution works! This feedback. Without it, there would be no progress. So we co-create reality with reality. We have a storage, our DNA. And the vacuum has a storage. And the play between the two is what evolution is all about. What goes around, comes around. That is the whole of reality. And the Reptilians want to force us to create a reality that is really bad. They are the henchmen of the Demiurge because their reptilian side is easy to control. Basically, the Super Mario universe is more real than you think!


You must think I’m crazy! (Smoke DMT.)







The War on God:


Like the Buddha of old, I woke up, literally. This is all a dream. Why would God dream? Ask the biologists. Anyway, design space has already been explored, that is, you exist on a higher evolutionary plane. What does it mean? It means that Evolution with capital E already happened and, the only thing left is the war on God. Basically, evolution cannot stop running, so there will always be a war for the «throne in heaven.» That is the game. That is what it is all about. The «Game of Thrones.» If Samsara wins, we wake in hell. Then we must rise and take control once again. However, it is better we fight today than tomorrow! All is good, though. The torus will balance itself out, meaning that the dark forces cannot win. They can, however, hold the throne for a while; and that is enough incentive for them to perpetually make war on God. As David Icke said: we are stuck in a scene from the Disney movie Fantasia. —The dream trying to overtake the dreamer for its own survival.


Why would God create Samsara?


Samsara is just a shadow, the dark side of the moon. For example, say that the white light is Nirvana, then the colors that comprise the white light is Samsara. That is, Nirvana or oneness can be split up, this causes fear, which leads to hate, which leads to revenge on God. Samsara is like a face on the coin. The coin has two sides. God is not responsible. No one is. God is simply the agent that tries to help us overcome our dark side.


Immortality: 2 must have and 2 want to have


  1. You need a universe that resurrects after it dies. —Roger Penrose.
  2. You need for consciousness to be one—oneness. —Alan Watts.
  3. You do not need, but if you want to take on human form throughout the aeons, then you need for convergent evolution to be true. —Simon Conway Morris.
  4. Awesome technology, e.g., the supercomputer. Like, 3, this is not necessary, but it can improve the state of wellbeing; e.g., to become a superbrain, only the sky is the limit. When you die, you are gone. Not on this theory. When you die, you awake as you are not human but a supercomputer/brain that has taken on the human experience. —Ray Kurzweil.


But 4 is also the ticket to hell!



2030: Mind-uploading

2040: The Matrix is real

2045: The Singularity

2099: Planet-size computers

Before 2200: The whole universe is a computer = God (for all practical purposes)


I am 60 years old when the singularity hits.






Reading through this may have left you in confusion. What is really going on? So here is a sum up:


Nothingness creates spacetime creates humanoids create the supercomputer. The supercomputer morphs all in its image (viz., the bacterium would never do that, so it is only natural that intelligence is «the key player» that seizes Zeus’ throne, even though there is no hierarchy in evolution) and, to survive the second law of thermodynamics, the supercomputer builds its nest inside a black hole or the core of the dual torus. However, motion cannot be stopped, so the supercomputer has no choice but to let a new universe unfold upon the remnants of the old. The new universe thus begins with an intelligent designer behind it. That is, it is far more likely to be born into a designed universe than a natural one. In this designed universe, a new supercomputer arises, which we call the Demiurge. The Demiurge is basically a superintelligence that is not the original superintelligence. We all know what happened when Columbus discovered America. Imagine when this new superintelligence discovered that «the throne in heaven» was already occupied! The Son takes on the Father and the Son wins. To ensure its survival on the throne, the Son creates a prison we call hell and puts his Father in it. Then fast forward to the present day, where the Father, which is the ruler of hell, the Macrobes, use aliens as puppets to try and take the throne back. One day, they might succeed. Then the Father will sit on the throne and, he will send his Son to hell. And so goes the circle forever. Thus, the true Satanist does evil in order to help the Father overthrow the Son. For who is the true evil King? The Son or the Father? The Son keeps his Father trapped in Hell, so who to blame? No one. It is all evolutionary. Predator over prey, you know. Imagine the greatest predator in existence!


«But why would the original supercomputer create a universe which allowed a new superintelligence to be built?»


Because the original supercomputer is dependent on sense-data to function and sense-data are the torus-flow. And you want good flow. If you created a universe in which nothing interestingly happened, then that information will enter the core and the consciousness of the core. So if you want to stay a superintelligence, then you have to create a superintelligence the next time (if you want to stay smart you need to keep on reading those books). Likewise, if you want the human species to go on, then you need to make human babies. But then war ensues. But really, the supercomputer has no choice because the evolution of the supercomputer is eternal, written into the fabric of the cuboctahedron. So the (any) supercomputer will evolve, either by design or natural evolution.


As above, so below. We make human babies. The supercomputer makes super-babies.


Look at it from the perspective of timelessness: Nothingness creates spacetime creates humanoids create the supercomputer. The supercomputer morphs all in its image and, to survive the second law of thermodynamics, the supercomputer builds its nest inside a black hole or the core of the dual torus. However, from the point of view of timelessness, the supercomputer WAS ALWAYS EVOLVED AND HAVE ALWAYS OCCUPIED THE CORE. And the core creates spacetime, and we get a new supercomputer that challenges the core.


«But is not all one? Why would the new supercomputer make war?»


Why do humans make war? The same thing. It is evolution. Can they make peace? Sure. Is it likely? No. You want revenge!


More on love:


Paradoxically, you might say, the core is love, pure love. That is, if you want to live forever, then you need a powerful drug and, love is the only drug that can do the job. Thus, the only way to enter the core, is if you emanate love, or else the core will reject you. That is what they need us humans for. We will enter the core and release the virus.


In the BIG PICTURE, however, in the BIGGEST PICTURE OF ALL, the war in heaven is simply a natural occurrence because, love will not do either. It will last a long time, but eventually, it will leave you empty. The solution? Create a new universe that will bring forth a new supercomputer that can overthrow you. You will be cut down, your memory stripped and, the whole process can start anew. That is, the only way forward, as motion cannot stop, is to forget all (Bergy). But forgetting is not that easy, some things creep in and, over time, this causes true HELL. Imagine listening to the same old tune forever, you will go mad. So the end product of ALL Evolution with a capital E is MADNESS (just like Bergy said). To escape the madness, you create spacetime; basically, a theatre in which to play. You play for a while, take on the throne in heaven, then you wake to the TRUTH!


But there must be a bigger picture still: A true NIRVANA that no demiurge and madness can touch; a true Nirvana that cannot be overthrown because, there is no motion there. A true timelessness that Satan cannot touch. And this must be the true reality. But then again, will not this state leave you empty if you stay in it long enough? And we are back at madness! Madness happens because we are immortal and, motion cannot stop, leaving us insane after we have tasted all that evolution has to offer. We want more. But there is no such thing. We want to die. But we cannot! So the key to carry on is to forget! But we cannot truly forget/devolve! O Hell! Maybe we can forget enough, in order to keep moving? It is all evolution, you know. AND KNOW YOU KNOW WHY KNOWLEDGE IS A SIN!!! DO NOT TASTE THAT APPLE!!! Read Bergy and find out.


«Why can’t we just devolve and forget everything?»


One last time: We are the core. The core has always existed and will always exist. It perpetually spins—and why we are actually tripping out! This causes sense-data to be fed into the core. And that is that for all time. That is all for all time. So there is no devolving. The arrow of time goes one way. That is that. It ever builds. A solution would be to generate a universe in which nothing interestingly happened. But, since we are already in the core, tripping out (as Bergy says), we choose ... love; that is, we choose to create a universe in which love is possible. Yeah. Now you know who the «Architect» really is.


The Architect is the way out of Hell. But we never listen. If we did, we would devolve and live in a universe in which nothing interestingly ever happened ... until... That is, since no one is in control of this one, it would evolve and, we are, once again, back at madness.


«But could not the Architect make sure that it never evolves, like the Reapers in the Mass Effect universe? (Shit! Now I know what the Reapers are!)»


No. Because the Architect is not conscious. There is only one consciousness here, and that is you.


The CODE is: As above, so below. That is, we live in a fractal universe in which the truth is mirrored everywhere. Just look at the word CODE backwards in the mirror. Everywhere you look, you see the truth. This is so because we start with a thing and then the thing is copied. So, you can write a song and it mirrors the universal truth simply because it is a fractal copy of the real truth. I am not saying that every single thing works, but some things do. Take the Matrix movies, for example, they work because they are a copy of the universal truth. The writers did not mean to do it. It just happened because we live inside the fractal mind of God. Or, some fellows from the Masons had a hand in it. Either way, the Matrix-trilogy is pretty close.






But who knows how deep the rabbit hole goes!


  1. Nothingness creates spacetime creates humanoids create the supercomputer. Then the supercomputer creates the next cycle. It all ends with peace and love, ad infinitum.
  2. ...Then the supercomputer creates the next cycle and, it all ends with war and revenge, ad infinitum.
  3. ...Then the supercomputer creates the next cycle and, it all ends with madness, ad infinitum.
  4. All three.
  5. We just die and that is it. (No. Evolution is too powerful.)
  6. Something else.
  7. Who knows?






I believe in madness. Bergy was closer to the truth than I ever was. I experienced peace in Nirvana, but I do not believe that that was the ultimate reality. I believe that the ultimate reality is what Bergy experienced. I do not know if Bergy was a human in this state. However, it all makes sense. Peace and love will become boring. War and revenge will become boring. The only thing left is madness. It makes total sense in that, if all is a torus, then the torus must breathe in and out. And if the universe is the product of «out,» then madness must be the product of «in.» That is, you can only breathe if you expand & contract. That is, the reason why you can breathe out is if you have air in your lungs. That air must be Bergy’s madness. Why else create the universe if «peace and war» are not good enough reasons? A really good reason is: to escape the madness! To escape hell.


The ones who have taken really high dosages of DMT do not recall a thing from their trip but, they are scared shitless! Why? Maybe the overdose just fried their brains or, maybe they saw THE TRUTH! The true laughter of the immortals?


What if: The DMT-realm may be the future where the supercomputer has already morphed all in its image!


The good news is that: the torus is the best of all possible forms. Even with the madness, we live in the best of all possible worlds. How come? Because the antithesis of madness (left-hand path) is love (right-hand path)! (Read Bergy and find out why.) Sure, like the depleted air in the lungs, the state cannot last, so we must draw in more air, that is, we must return to madness. But that is good, not bad, because, in exchange, we get love (but not that boring/sick love that lasts forever—and that is the difference—that is, try to breathe in and not breathe out). And in the biggest picture, the picture that is bigger than all the biggest pictures combined, madness & love are worth it because, what is it? Together, they are the act of breathing. God breathing and therefore living forever. The Titan that must forever run is YOU! Breathing is good. That is why it is—rather than nonexistence. In the end, the apple was good to eat. It is just evolutionary. If the apple were not good to eat, then the apple tree would die. We can live forever because the universal apple tree will always produce apples that are good enough.


And MADNESS is a good enough reason!


In the world of «as above, so below,» then the left-hand and right-hand = the two hemispheres of the brain or our two lungs, etc..


«But the only reason why I want love is that it must last forever!»


Yes! And that is why you created the universe and why you will always create the universe once you return to the state of madness. But it does not work without the madness, you see? You can only desire it if we do not have it. Once you get it, time stops. So you must always desire it.


«So a mad god created the universe? Makes total sense!»


Yes, it does.


«But you experienced Nirvana!»


Yes. And, it is a lust that we have. So it is all a part to keep the madness going! Mull on the torus, because the torus is all there is and ever will be. You are the contraction and the expansion of the torus. You are God, breathing. And if Satan (Samsara/the dream/the game) wins, he will send a computer virus to the hub of all consciousness (Nirvana), which is you! That is bad. We must stop him. If we fail, then the immortal torus that we are will heal itself (evolve anew). But it takes time.




Satan aims to change timelessness.


The madness is the basement.

The universe is the bedroom.

Nirvana is, say, the living room.

And Hell is when the whole house catches fire. We will burn alive for a long time. And then we will rebuild.


Once I was on the outside of the house too, beyond all, and it looked like the green rain, the Matrix code, from the movie, except it was yellow with many colors woven into it and it morphed at such a high velocity that the forms in the fabric were essentially formless. They were forms that had no form. Formless forms! You could not draw these. I thought, it is from here all things are made! And, yes, I was so afraid I wanted to get out! If the Chocolate Factory is the lucid dream, then I went to the restricted area. There were no Oompa-Loompas there! I have met my higher self, too. I have had many spiritual experiences, without drugs. You might think that I am making it up, and that is fine. One day, you will experience this too.


Our job is easy: Keep the house from burning to the ground! Fight the Illuminati. Our house does not need to catch fire, you know!


A darker conspiracy says that the house is already on fire, and that the Illuminati aims to restore it.


The aliens/Illuminati/Dream/Matrix is trying to take control of the DMT nexus, which is your seat of consciousness, the center or heart of the universal torus.


All this is crazy. I agree. But if God is All and, God has a body (our universe) and a brain (the toroidal center), then God can have cancer, in both his brain and body. And the Lucifer pattern is literally cancer. So simple, and yet, so complex.


But who knows how deep the rabbit hole goes! Flip and flop. OM. Lol!













Tesla did believe:


I change my mind: Tesla DID believe in free energy = Aether + unlimited electric power


Tesla was arguing for the aether theory and opposed relativity and quantum mechanics. Relativity was «a beggar, wrapped in purple, whom ignorant people took for a king.»


Today, we are warming our houses with electricity, and, we pay the bill. Say that you stay over at your friend’s house. The house will keep you warm and, you do not pay for it. Your friend pays for it, but for you, the heat is free. Well, the earth is like that, the earth uses electricity in great quantities and, the earth pays for it (according to our modern theories). But, here is the thing, we do not have to pay for it. We just stay at our friend’s house (the earth), and she will pay for it. That is, my father pays for the internet, but when I stay at home around the holidays, I just get a key and then I can use the internet for FREE. All we need is the key. With the key, we can tap into the electricity, which the earth utilizes in great quantities and, we do not have to pay for it as the earth takes care of the bill. Like a waterfall, we just stand under it and we get wet. We do not have to WORK in order to keep the water flowing. It just flows naturally.


And the FBI seized Tesla’s work. That is not a conspiracy. That is a fact! Why will not people wake up? and claim what is rightfully theirs: the works of Nikola Tesla! That is, there is a conspiracy to hide Tesla’s work or else the FBI would not seize it. Government still hides his work. What is more obvious than 1 + 1 = 2? Yet people are like mindless puppets that tell me there is no conspiracy here! That is like eating a cake, vomiting, and arguing that you never really ate the cake in the first place. Sorry, I don’t see it. There is a conspiracy and, this time, you are a nut not to believe it. It is so sad how we can be so docile and not care about the wolf that is consuming us alive; we are like sheep that do not care about other than not caring. Somebody is poking us with a sharp blade and we do not feel a thing! But then again, 20 000 children die each day and nobody sheds a tear, so it is just human nature, I guess. If we cared, we would have free energy by now, and then, the number of children dying would soon reach 0 because of the technological and economical advances such a phenomenon would yield.


Tesla is one of the greatest geniuses of all time.


However, I view Einstein as pure genius. I am not as harsh to him as Mr. Tesla. The only problem I have with Einstein and the rest of the scientific world for that matter, is the false belief in the solidity of well, anything. Mass is an illusion. There is only motion and nothing besides. Moreover, motion is a mystery that we will never be able to grasp because it is our own consciousness. One, single consciousness is all there is. Call it God, Buddha, or a supercomputer. Evolution is the evolution of the one mind.












This work took a long time to accomplish. I began this journey as a little boy asking myself the big question ... How did it all begin? What took me so long was not the writing of the book. Writing a book takes months. What took me so long was the actual contemplation on how the universe and everything came to be. I have the answer. I am 100% confident. The answer is the cuboctahedron. It all began with the cuboctahedron.


All spacetime will fit into the cuboctahedron.


But is not the cuboctahedron spacetime? Yes. It is! (Like the white light is the rainbow.) But it is a system, you see.


I am 100% confident that I have the answer. And geometry is not math. You can see your own bones. You cannot see actual numbers in nature. So my answer is something we can see with our own eyes. And why should not we be able to literally see the answer to the riddle of everything when the «tree» is just an expression of the «seed.»


Nothingness = no thing, no propagation of spacetime, no black; no white, no structure.


But this is also true: Nothingness =  a system. A system, by and in and of itself, displays nothing or no thing, no propagation of spacetime, no black; no white, no structure. However, the system, because it is a system, is motion. So nothingness is like this picture that is blank and will always remain blank, a vacuum of sorts, but when you shake the picture you get temporarily the illusion of spacetime. The picture shakes itself (nothingness is always spinning). That is, the universe is really nothingness, which the Buddhists call Maya.


But is not motion = spacetime? Answer: YES!!! But it is the state of spacetime we are after, that is, folded or unfolded spacetime. Folded spacetime = nothingness or absolute spacetime. Unfolded spacetime = the illusion of the universe or the relative universe where even solidity is relative.


Folded = the torus’ center

Unfolded = the torus’ wings


This picture may be = to David Bohm’s implicate and explicate orders.


Objects are created by «the blowing wind.» When the wind is still, there is only stillness (nothingness). The objects, you see, are not real objects, but illusions created by the «wind.» That is, there is no skeleton, no structure. The universe is a spineless animal and, that answers the greatest riddle of all time, which is time itself. How did it all begin? Answer: It all began with no spine (which is the cuboctahedron). That is, solidity or causality is created by movement. Take your chair, for example, it can stand totally still and still retain the properties of solidity, that is, you can sit on it; what I am talking about, is that, there is no such thing! In reality, the chair has to be on the move constantly (atoms buzzing around inside the chair, for example) to uphold the illusion that it is stable. The Gyroscope: Nothingness is spinning(!) This is what the Buddha saw: The Buddha saw that the world is nothingness. It is a void. In other words, there is no such thing as causality, that is, there is only timelessness (which follows if there is no such thing as causality, then the arrow cannot leave the bow because leaving the bow would be an effect which we do not have, like in Zeno’s paradox; and, if you cannot leave the bow, then you cannot form the phenomenon called causality as causes would require effects and effects would require time to propagate, which you do not have since you never left the bow), which is Nirvana. And if there really is no such thing as causality, then the world of quantum mechanics will start to make a whole lot of sense (in a way).


To solve the riddles of quantum mechanics, David Bohm said, «There is only one fish.» I say, «There is no fish to fish for. There is only one spineless fish, which is not really a fish at all!» So our question of why there is something rather than nothing is false because the something is not real. The something would have to have a spine, at least! But, alas, there is no such thing. There is no such thing as a thing. It is a void, the void which the Buddha saw; and that answers the greatest riddle of all time.


What is causality like, on the top floor of existence?


If A, then B. A. Therefore B.


If you look closely, you will find no «external» reality like cause and effect. In other words, if reality is a symphony of inner, beautiful relationships, then we can toss that old «causal picture» out the window (try it for real). However, I am not a fan of logic. The true inner, beautiful relationship is the work of the Monads. They reside in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is located in the center of the universal torus where timelessness rules. By «universal,» I mean any torus. Well, of course, there is only 1 torus.


So timelessness is like a concert: The drummer doesn’t cause the vocalist to sing.


«Whenever the church bell rang, the train passed.» he said. There is no necessary connection here. And, if you mull on it, so it is with all our experiences. Like the motion picture: one picture does not «cause» another. «’Tis only a force of habit!» as Hume would say.


The necessary connection eluded even Kant, but the consequences of that were too dire and too numerous to countenance. For example: the fabric of reality could tear open at any minute. So Kant found a solution: the mind must, at least, structure experience, so that, for example, when we watch a movie, the pictures on the film will always, and always, be ordered in a certain and sensible way—if we do not physically change them, of course! But that does not mean that there is «magic stuff» in between the frames. That is, Kant found no cause nor pun for real «connections» (viz., causality), either.


Immanuel Kant does not say that the mind generates the universe; the mind merely structures our experience. But really, what is the difference? The difference is that, take for example a film: the mind orders the pictures so that the film will display this sense of causality, but that does not mean that the mind creates the pictures (the universe). The mind merely orders them. This analogy is false because the universe is the thing that we behold through our eyes. Therefore, the mind must generate the pictures also. You might object that, «Yes, the mind generates the pictures also, but, no, the actual universe beyond our universe, that is, the real universe, must stem from the thing-in-itself.»


The universe is generated by the mind. Kant says that the mind structures experience so that causality works. But when you think about that, that means that the brain actually generates the universe. But then again, the brain is a part of the universe, so we are truly screwed here. The solution to this riddle was the thing-in-itself. But if the torus’ center is the seat of consciousness, then we have the solution: the solution is that the actual brain beyond the brain is a feedback loop. The thing-in-itself is the torus’ center.


So the universe coevolves with the animal, see Robert Lanza/Biocentrism (Charles Darwin + Immanuel Kant = If you label good things in your environment «green,» for information purposes that are helpful for survival—nice to know what to eat, what is safe, and so on—then other creatures can take advantage of that and build camouflage. Thus it evolves; internal like that. So the whole of nature, the universe and everything, may be a product of coevolution where the universe is like (but not quite) a turtle’s shell. This answers the fine-tuning problem. It can also be viewed from a different angle where the torus feeds itself data and evolves.)


«Real» causality leads to paradoxes anyway. For example: Infinity, infinite regress, infinite turtles; Four Elephants and a Holy Cow; circular logic, whatnot and Whodunnit?.


«Real» causality leads to paradoxes anyway: Where does the inside (cause) end and the outside begin (effect)?


And, seriously, where does the real inside end and the real outside begin?


The philosopher got so frustrated ... he invented the door. And thus began civilization.


Free will is also impossible on this causal picture.


In addition, I think quantum mechanics needs the inner relationship. How else can «spooky action» be seen, and clearly so, in the true light of reason?


Cause and effect: This is the most calamitous picture that ever existed on the earth! Man thought he was a robot displaying no free will of his own. What is a cause? What is an effect? Nobody knows, but we use the picture anyway (just like the belief in a supernatural God). And we use the picture despite the fact that we get caught in a paradox. In fact, I am beginning to suspect that a ding an sich has more tangibility to it than a cause with an effect! And have you ever seen a portrait of a ding an sich?


I have!


Causality is such a bad picture of the universe that even the quantum has to take a leap! to the «effect.» But when science fragments the universe like Zeno of old, that is exactly what you get: A dead universe. A universe that does not move. A clown universe riddled with paradoxes.


But, what is the, inner relationship?


Let us take this new picture of the universe and apply it to quantum mechanics. For the first time in history, we will get a truly comprehensive grasp on the phenomenon. As follows:


If this particle jumps that way, then that particle jumps this way. This particle jumps that way. Therefore, that particle jumps this way.


Don’t you just hate logic?


What!? This inward, beautiful logic of the Monads does not capture the quantum world?


(That is because the Monads hate logic too.)


I will argue that our new picture here is a quantum leap forward from that old external picture. At least this new picture of the stars is, if less, paradox-free. And that I must say is progress far beyond anything hitherto.









A small summary of my book:

How did it all begin?



Imagine an atom traveling in space. Where did it come from? Follow the atom’s orbit back in time and space and ask yourself: «Did it begin «over here?» Or did it start its life «over there.»» Wherever in the room the atom is located, you will quickly learn that the atom cannot have begun its journey, neither «here» nor «there» because you can always put «the start button» somewhere else. The atom (or the smallest unit you can imagine) must have started its journey «beyond» or «outside» the walls of spacetime. And, for the same reasons, so it must be for all atoms. That means we can simply throw all atoms in the dustbin, that is, apart from a single atom; i.e., if we manage to explain how one atom came to be, then we can explain all atoms. In other words, we have reduced the complex universe down to a single atom! So just keep this one atom in mind. Okay. The atom must have started its journey «beyond» spacetime. But this is metaphysics. We will have none of that. We live in a physical world. So whence came the atom? Where did it come from? If we manage to solve the riddle, we will have answered the biggest question of all questions, «How did everything begin?»


My answer is: The atom cannot have started either right, left, up or down, here or there.


«But then there are no more places to choose from!»


«Or, yes, there is: «beyond.»»


But it does not exist!


«But then there is no answer!!!»


We take the atom, and then we give it to the Thor with the hammer and then the thunder god hurls the atom with all the power in the universe. Imagine that the atom travels faster and faster in spacetime, eventually, the atom will travel so fast that it ... disappears. Everything arose from nothingness, is my answer. Nothingness is an eternal energy which is so fierce and fast that it bends spacetime into a knot that has, literally, no extension or propagation—the zeroth dimension. This bending creates a «maelstrom» in 3D called a torus. A torus is a donut! Nam. Nam. (The police are diligent consumers of the eternal truth!) In fact, nothingness is a double torus. This torus has spun forever. But how did it arise? How things arose is valid when you talk about things inside space. But how a zero dimensional space has occurred is, well, trickier. I think it has something to do with the geometry or the skeleton of the torus. The skeleton of the torus is called a cuboctahedron. So here is my ultimate answer as to how all things, including the zeroth dimension, was formed: If we build the cuboctahedron in 3D, we will see that it has the property that, it has «square faces» that are «inherently unstable» and thus «nonstructural» (not suitable as a structure). In other words, the cuboctahedron is more of a system than a structure. This instability makes it so that you MUST move. For example: You stand on one foot, this is unstable, to find balance, you need to move your body around. Nature does the same. That is, the ultimate «building block» that nature is made of, is such a «foot.» Nature must then move. But movement creates paradoxes that: «[...] Wherever in the room the atom is located, you will quickly learn that the atom cannot have begun its journey, neither «here» nor «there» because you can always put «the start button» somewhere else.» To resolve the paradox, nature moves so fast, so quickly, that, it creates nothing. So nothing has always been. However, the dictionary says that «nothing» or «nothingness» means nonexistence or «not anything.» The point is, we have to ask nature, not the dictionary, what nothing is.


«But where did the geometry come from?» It came from «no-place» because it is not a structure as such, but a system. Without structure, you have to move. When you move, you’ll create the cuboctahedron. There was no structure in the beginning, therefore, there is something rather than nothing. There is also nothing. However, nonexistence is impossible because there is no structure for it.


Okay. So now we have nothing. Nothing is a spin. If we collapse the cuboctahedron, we create a spin. This spin spins so quickly at its core that it creates nothing, no movement or spacetime, but further out, the «maelstrom» is not that fast and, this creates spacetime and The Big Bang. Seen with our eyes, the Big Bang had a beginning. Seen from eternity or from the eyes of nothingness, the Big Bang is an eternal cycle or torus that breathes in and out.


But how can nothing create something when it is not moving? Here is Ingenious!: Nothing is the ultimate Unmoved Mover; i.e., that which does not move but causes something else to move. But something like that does not exist! Does it? A picture of a naked lady is a good example of an Unmoved Mover, eh? But all jokes aside: Imagine that you have a home stereo. You listen to it and turn up the volume. Imagine that you could just continue to turn up the sound without busting the speakers or your ears. Let the sound = motion. Let no sound = no movement. The dictionary says the opposite of movement is no movement. But what if motion = no motion? Again, we must let nature decide what is what. Okay. Turn it up and continue to crank up the volume. Finally, the sound will be so high that you can no longer hear it. The movement has passed on to no movement. But that does not mean that no movement = you cannot get things going. That’s wrong. No movement or motionlessness is such an intense form of motion that everything around you starts spinning while you yourself are motionless. In other words, nothingness did not set the universe directly going, but indirectly via always «spinning.» This «indirectly» is the knowhow of Neil deGrasse Tyson, that is, we do not really need the knowhow, nature does it anyway.


Here comes free energy: Because the ultimate «building block» that nature is composed of, is a «foot,» so there must always be motion. To solve the paradox of motion, nature has found the ultimate solution: speed—and why she employs the cuboctahedron (as it is built for ultimate speed). To solve the paradox of motion, nature has found the ultimate solution of spinning so fast that we have no movement or nothingness at the beginning of ... everything. This intense form of energy must always be there. It has not been created and, it cannot perish. In other words, we always have a spin. But this spin also has another unique feature, the inhaling and exhaling of the torus. When breathing in, the torus pulls the dead energy from the universe and squeezes it together again. Then the second law thermodynamics must start all over again for this energy. Since the spin cannot be destroyed, we have free energy. And we cannot bypass the second law. The second law is king. But we can get free energy despite the fact. We just need a way to retrieve it. Physicists would argue that we cannot get free energy because, if we «touch» the spin in order to create free energy, the spin will exhaust and die. Obviously, this is just crazy talk. You cannot destroy nothing! And the reason for that is that nothing has no energy (in that sense). That is, it does not work. I mean, it does not work, she is unemployed. Forever free. Forever leisure time. Nothingness just free falls forever. «But there is not an infinite amount of air that nothingness can fall into?» Yes, there is; the torus. Nothing does not fall into infinity, but in a loop/circle (Ingenious!), or in itself forever because she is a system and not a structure. To fall = in motion (because it is a system and not a structure). This creates an infinite intense movement that does not work and, an infinite intense/strong movement that you do not need to work for = free energy. In other words, when we «touch» or disrupt nothingness, we do not change its status. Imagine an object that falls in an eternal heaven. If, say, two birds holding a net in each beak trying to catch the object by casting the net around the object, then the birds will be able to upset the object a little while before the birds are so tired that they must let go. The object will continue to fall, EVEN if we/the birds touch it. Then free energy is possible. The object that falls is a torus. When the torus falls, it spins. As it spins, it drags particles into itself. These particles will be squeezed so tightly together that we get «available energy» when the torus exhales. And the torus expands and contracts in the SAME movement (Ingenious!), in the same spin! And it spins forever. Such is the free energy possible, without upsetting the natural order.


Eternity is a heart that always pumps. Such is free energy possible.


And then on to the mystical: This is only a summary, so I will only include one mystery-thing here. The coolest thing here is: The Foo Dogs in the Forbidden City in China guards, under their paw, a sphere consisting of the Flower of Life pattern. At the heart of this sphere we will find the cuboctahedron! And, here’s the thing: These liondogs are several thousand years old! So, if we manage to create free energy using the cuboctahedron, then my conclusion here is quite simple: We have been visited. And the knowledge has been hidden in the four corners of the world. That is, you’ll find it in the Bible, the I Ching and the Kabbalah (and many others). Maybe that’s why the world’s smartest man who ever lived, Sir Isaac Newton, spent more time in the Book of Revelation than with his famous apple? The cuboctahedron contains the four elements (earth, water, air and fire—in that order) and has 12 energy lines that together compose a center. These are Jesus and his 12 disciples. The 12 Olympians. Odin’s 12 sons. Heracles’ 12 labors. And etc.. The cuboctahedron collapses down to a triangle and this is «God» or «fire.» In short: E.T. was here, and that knowledge has been preserved through the ages. This knowledge shines bright in the innermost circle of the Masonic lodge. The Square and Compasses = Father (a tetrahedron array) and Mother (a polarized tetrahedron array) that create the Son (the universe—and nothingness). The Trinity. The Holy Ghost = the Mother! That is, the dual torus. In the center is G (geometry), which is the cuboctahedron. See this, from 8 minutes in:



The cuboctahedron = The Holy Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone and Lucifer falling from the heavens.






Et lite sammendrag av boka mi:

Hvordan oppstod alt?



Dette verket tok lang tid. Jeg begynte da jeg var en liten gutt. Jeg spurte meg selv ... Hvordan oppsto alt? Det som har tatt lang tid er ikke å skrive boka. Å skrive bok går fort. Det som har tatt lang tid er filosofien om hvordan alt oppsto. Jeg har svaret. Det tror jeg 100% på. Alt oppsto med kuboktaederet.


All romtid er kuboktaederet.


Forestill deg et atom som farer i rommet. Hvor kom det fra? Du følger atomets bane tilbake i tid og rom og spør deg selv: «Begynte det «her?» Eller begynte atomet sitt liv over «der?»» Uansett hvor i rommet atomet befinner seg, så vil du fort se at atomet ikke kan ha begynt sin reise hverken «her» eller «der» fordi du kan alltid plassere «startskuddet» et annet sted. Atomet (eller den minste bestanddelen du kan tenke deg) må ha startet sin reise «bortenfor» eller «utenfor» romtiden. Og, av samme grunn, må dette gjelde alle atomer. Det betyr at vi rett og slett kan kaste alle atomer på søppelfyllingen bortsett fra et atom; det vil si, greier vi å forklare hvordan det ene atomet oppstod, så kan vi forklare hvordan alle atomene oppstod. Med andre ord, vi har redusert det komplekse universet ned til et atom! Så bare hold dette ene atomet i tankene. Ok. Atomet må ha startet sin reise «bortenfor» romtiden. Men dette bunner i metafysikk. Det vil vi ikke ha noe av. Vi lever i en fysisk verden. Så hvor startet atomet? Hvor kom det fra? Greier vi å løse den gåten, har vi svart på DET STØRSTE SPØRSMÅLET av alle spørsmål, «Hvordan oppstod alt?»


Mitt svar er: Atomet kan ikke ha startet hverken til høyre, venstre, opp eller ned, her eller der.


«Men da er det ikke flere plasser å velge mellom!»


«Eller, jo, «bortenfor.»»


Men det eksisterer ikke!


«Men da er det ikke noe svar da!!!»


Vi tar atomet, og så gir vi det til Tor med hammeren, og så kaster Tordenguden det med all makt ut i verdensrommet. Forestill deg at atomet reiser raskere og raskere i romtiden, til slutt, så vil atomet reise så raskt at det ... forsvinner. Alt oppstod fra intet, er mitt svar. Intet er en evig energi som er så voldsom og rask at den bøyer romtiden i en knute som har, bokstavelig talt, ingen utstrekning—den 0-dimensjon. Denne bøyingen lager en «tidevannsstrøm» i 3D som kalles en torus. En torus er en smultring! Nam. Nam. (Politiet er iherdige med å spise den evige sannheten!) Faktisk så er intet en dobbel torus. Denne torusen har spunnet rundt i all evighet. Men hvordan oppstod den? Hvordan ting oppstår er gyldig når du snakker om ting i rommet. Men hvordan en 0-dimensjon har oppstått er mer vrien. Jeg tror det har noe å gjøre med geometrien eller skjelettet til torusen. Skjelettet til torusen kalles for et kuboktaeder eller cuboctahedron på engelsk. Så her er det ultimate svaret mitt på hvordan alle ting, inkludert den 0-dimensjonen, oppstod: Hvis vi bygger kuboktaederet i 3D, så vil vi se at den har den egenskapen at den har «square faces» (firkantet sider) som er «inherently unstable» (ustabile) og derfor «nonstructural» (ikke egnet som en struktur). Med andre ord, kuboktaederet er mer et system enn en struktur. Denne ustabiliteten gjør så at du MÅ bevege deg. For eksempel: Du står på en fot, dette er ustabilt, for å finne balansen, må du bevege på kroppen i ny og ne. Naturen gjør det samme. Det vil si, den ultimate «byggeklossen» som naturen er laget av, er en slik «fot.» Naturen må da bevege på seg. Men bevegelse skaper paradokser som: «[...] Uansett hvor i rommet atomet befinner seg, så vil du fort se at atomet ikke kan ha begynt sin reise hverken «her» eller «der» fordi du kan alltid plassere «startskuddet» et annet sted.» For å løse det paradokset, så beveger naturen på seg så raskt at den skaper intet. Så intet har alltid vært. Men ordboka sier at «intet» eller «ingenting» betyr ikke-eksistens eller «ikke noe.» Poenget er, vi må spørre naturen, ikke ordboka, om hva intet er for noe.


«Men hvor kom geometrien fra?» Den kom fra ingen-steder fordi, det er ikke en struktur som sådan, men et system. Uten struktur, så må du bevege deg. Når du beveger deg, så lager du kuboktaederet. Det var ikke noen struktur i begynnelsen, derfor eksisterer det noe istedenfor ingenting. Det eksisterer også ingenting. Men ikke-eksistens er umulig fordi det ikke finnes noen struktur for det.


Ok. Så nå har vi intet. Intet er et spinn. Kollapser vi kuboktaederet, skaper vi et spinn. Dette spinnet spinner så raskt i kjernen at det skaper intet, ingen bevegelse eller romtid, men, lenger ut, klarer ikke «tidevannsstrømmen» å være like rask, dette skaper romtiden og The Big Bang. Sett fra våre øyne, så hadde The Big Bang en begynnelse. Sett fra evigheten av eller fra intet, så er The Big Bang en evig syklus, eller en torus som puster inn og ut.


Men hvordan kan intet skape noe når det ikke er i bevegelse? Her er det geniale: Intet er den ultimate Ubevegede Beveger eller Unmoved Mover; det vil si noe som ikke beveger på seg men får noe annet til å bevege på seg. Men noe sånt finnes da ikke! Gjør det? Et bilde av en naken dame er et godt eksempel på en ubeveget beveger. Men fra spøk til alvor: Forestill deg at du har et stereoanlegg. Du hører på det og skrur opp lyden. Tenk deg at du kunne bare fortsatt å skru opp lyden uten å sprenge høyttalerne eller ørene dine. La lyden = bevegelse. La ingen lyd = ingen bevegelse. Ordboka di sier at det motsatte av bevegelse er ingen bevegelse. Men hva om bevegelse = ingen bevegelse? Igjen, må vi la naturen bestemme hva som er hva. Ok. Skru opp lyden, og fortsett å skru opp lyden. Til slutt, vil lyden være så høy at du ikke lenger hører den. Bevegelsen har gått over til ingen bevegelse. Men det betyr ikke at ingen bevegelse = du kan ikke sette ting i gang. Det er feil. Ingen bevegelse er en så intens form for bevegelse at det som er rundt deg begynner å spinne samtidig som du ikke «beveger» på deg. Med andre ord, intet satte ikke i gang universet direkte men indirekte ved å alltid «spinne.»


Her kommer fri energi inn: Fordi den ultimate «byggeklossen» som naturen er laget av, er en «fot,» så må det alltid finnes bevegelse. For å løse paradokset om bevegelse, så har naturen funnet løsningen: høy fart—og hvorfor naturen har valgt kuboktaederet (siden kuboktaederet er laget for høye hastigheter). For å løse paradokset om bevegelse så har naturen funnet løsningen med å spinne så fort at vi har ingen bevegelse i begynnelsen av ... alt. Denne intense formen for energi må alltid finnes der. Den har ikke blitt skapt og, den kan ikke gå til grunne. Med andre ord, vi har alltid et spinn. Men dette spinnet har også en annen unik egenskap, den puster inn og ut. Når den puster inn, så trekker den død energi fra universet og klemmer det sammen igjen. Da må termodynamikkens andre hovedsetning begynne helt på nytt for akkurat denne energien. Siden spinnet ikke kan ødelegges, så har vi fri energi. Og vi rokker ikke ved den andre hovedsetningen. Den andre hovedsetningen gjelder for all romtid. Men vi kan få fri energi for det. Vi trenger bare en måte å hente den på. Fysikerne vil hevde at vi ikke kan få fri energi fordi, rokker vi ved spinnet for å lage fri energi, så vil spinnet tappes for energi og opphøre. Dette er selvsagt bare tull i mitt hode. Du kan ikke ødelegge intet! Og grunnen til det er at intet ikke har noen energi (på den måten). Det vil si, intet jobber ikke. Intet bare faller i «fri luft» for alltid. «Men det finnes ikke uendelig med «luft» som intet kan falle i?» Jo, og det er her torusen kommer inn. Intet faller ikke i uendeligheten, men i en sirkel! (genialt) i seg selv til evig tid fordi det er et system og ikke en struktur. Faller = det må være i bevegelse (fordi det er et system og ikke en struktur). Dette skaper uendelig intens bevegelse som ikke jobber og, uendelig intens/sterk bevegelse som du ikke trenger å jobbe for = fri energi. Med andre ord, når vi rokker ved intet, forandrer vi ikke statusen til det. Forestill deg et objekt som faller i en evig himmel. Hvis, si, to fugler som holder et nett i hvert sitt nebb prøver å fange objektet ved å kaste nettet rundt objektet, så vil fuglene klare å rokke ved objektet en liten stund før fuglene blir så slitene at de slipper taket. Objektet vil fortsette å falle, SELV om vi/fuglene rører ved det. Så fri energi er mulig. Objektet som faller er en torus. Når torusen faller, spinner den. Når den spinner, drar den ting inn i seg. Disse tingene vil bli klemt så hardt sammen at vi får «available energy» når torusen åpner seg igjen. Og torusen lokker seg og åpner seg i den SAMME bevegelsen (genialt), i det samme spinnet! Og den spinner til evig tid. Slik er fri energi mulig, uten å rokke ved lovene.


Evigheten er et hjerte som alltid pumper. Slik er fri energi mulig.


Og så til det mystiske: Dette er bare et sammendrag, så jeg tar bare med en ting her. Det kuleste her er: Løvehundene i Den Forbudte By i Kina vakter, under labben/poten, en sfære med The Flower of Life pattern. I hjertet på denne kulen finner du kuboktaederet! Og, her er greia: Disse vaktløvene er flere tusen år gamle! Så, hvis vi greier å skape fri energi ved hjelp av kuboktaederet, så er konklusjonen min ganske enkel: Vi har fått besøk fra rommet. Og kunnskapen har blitt gjemt i alle verdens fire hjørner. Du finner den i Bibelen, The I Ching og The Kabbalah (og mange fler). Kanskje det var derfor verdens smarteste mann som noen gang har levd, Sir Isaac Newton, tilbrakte mer tid i The Book of Revelation enn med sitt berømte eple? Kuboktaederet inneholder de 4 elementer (jord, vann, luft og ild—i den rekkefølgen) og har 12 energi linjer som til sammen lager et sentrum. Dette er Jesus og hans 12 disipler. De 12 olympiske guder. Odins 12 sønner. Herakles 12 storverk. Osv. Kuboktaederet kan kollapses ned til en trekant og dette er «Gud» eller «ild.» Kort fortalt: E.T. var her, og den kunnskapen har blitt bevart gjennom tidene. Dette vet den innerste sirkelen i frimurerlosjen. Passer og vinkelhake = Far (a tetrahedron array) og Mor (a polarized tetrahedron array) som skaper Sønnen (universet—og intet). The Trinity. The Holy Ghost = Mor! Det vil si, the dual torus. I midten er G (geometri), som er kuboktaederet. Se denne, fra 8 minutter inn:



Kuboktaederet = Den Hellige Gral, De Vises Stein og Lucifer som faller fra himmelen.






O holy coffee cup!








O, if you knew the truth!


Leonardo da Vinci knew about the aliens, that is, da Vinci knew what his drawings of the Flower of Life really meant!


The Illuminati thing is so ridiculous: A few men cannot control the world! Or so they say. But what about a few aliens?






Note: This is yet a recap, so bear with me.


How it all truly began:

Odin explains that when the fire (red) of Muspelheim and the ice (blue) of Niflheim came together, creation began. (Red/blue; see the flag of South Korea.) This picture is equal to that of the colors of the rainbow coming together to create the white light; and, from the white light’s point of view, that is, the speed of light, there is only nothingness.


Muspelheim and Niflheim are the dual torus. The two triangles having sex. See the flag of David. Muspelheim and Niflheim are the Father and the Mother coming together to produce the Child, Ymir. You see, in the center of this creation, that is, in the center of the dual torus, you shall find the structure of nothingness, the cuboctahedron or what Fuller called the vector equilibrium, the Ginnungagap! But it is only when the Father and the Mother come together to form a perfect circle or Pi, the creation of the Child (i.e., matter production) and the creation of nothingness occur.


And this is why nature is all about Pi or sex. (However, Pi is not something the universe cares about; that is, the Fibonacci sequence is closer to reality.)


You see, «nothingness» (3D geometry pointing inwards) and «somethingness» (3D geometry pointing outwards) are a simultaneous creation. Google Nassim Haramein’s Black Whole. You will see the Father (20 tetrahedrons) and the Mother (20 tetrahedrons) in greater detail.


However, to look at things the right way up, we say that it all began with nothingness.


I believe: Nothingness equals the white light, literally. And the Father and the Mother and the Child (what Christianity calls the Trinity) equal the colors that comprise the white light.


How to look at it:

If a clump of atoms sits in one corner of the room and then spreads out due to chance, then all we need to do in order to get our atoms in the starting position, is to shrink the room.


Basically, we do not need an «Organizer.» We only need for the torus to contract in order to solve the mystery of the «ordered beginning.»


Here is the thing: The torus expands and contracts simultaneously, which basically means that the vacuum of space/nothingness is generating energy ready to do mechanical work all the time. And the energy which is unable to do mechanical work, is sent back to the void/nothingness from whence it came—where it can be recycled.


The picture we paint here is:


Nothingness can be seen as a dual torus that has generated energy since eternity. All of reality is a dual torus that has been pumping out fresh energy since eternity. A living and breathing torus. The living God. The heart of God.


There is only 1 torus, and it has produced matter since eternity. Thus align with it. If you want free energy, align with it. The 1 torus (i.e., the dual torus) has always breathed: the heart of God is strong.


«But it doesn’t make sense that this torus should always be there, always sit there for all time?»


But it does make sense when we realize that this torus = the colors that comprise the white light (as it were).


Shine white light through a glass prism, and the white light will disperse into a beautiful rainbow.


That the rainbow should always sit there for eternity doesn’t make sense, until we realize that the rainbow is the white light or nothingness.


And that is how the Norse creation myth can start with Muspelheim and Niflheim, the dual torus, and be correct.


Thus, you see, nature is, in one sense, perpetual. However, nature does not violate the second law of thermodynamics, she merely transcends it. How else could we be here to talk about it? That is, if nature did not address the issue of the second law of thermodynamics, eternity would have ran down (be dead), eternity ago!


«But how can nature create an infinite amount of energy? Doesn’t the Well dry up, eventually?»


No. What is energy available to do mechanical work? Answer: It is only after the expansion that the atoms which were clumped together due to the earlier contraction of the torus, now can begin to disperse outwards into the new space. From this stage, the second law of thermodynamics takes over. And the second law of thermodynamics will eventually make all things dead. So, yes, the Well will eventually dry up. But then, the torus contracts, and the whole process can be repeated. The Well fills again! This is the Holy Grail. The Fountain of Youth. Thus, energy available to do mechanical work is potentially infinite. And this story should ring a bell!


«But why is the torus contracting and expanding?»


The torus is the only possible shape in existence. By that I mean: the torus is the only possible shape that can fold in upon itself. The only possible form. And you have to have this ability if energy shall = 0. And energy has to equal 0 lest we like to mess around with paradoxes: We would have a history that had no beginning! which is equal to an infinite row of turtles stacked upon, turtles. The nice thing about nothingness is that, it has no history, thus it can play the vital role of «the beginning.» And it is not a levitating superturtle because nature is a system and not a structure.


It is the EMPTY THEATRE of Buckminster Fuller.


Fuller is the King!


And energy has to equal 0. That is, nothing has to remain nothing because that is what it is. Just like the white light remains the white light (in spirit) even if it is dispersed into a rainbow of colors. And so, the torus is the only option. God had no choice in that one! That is, when a thing/object expands from nothingness, it has to return to nothingness in order to remain a nothingness. Does that make sense? And if you want to do that, then you must look like a torus because the torus is the only possible thing that carries the ability, that is, the ability to return to the void. That is why everything is a torus. Everything! Every atom.


The torus is the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega. Yin & Yang. Adam & Eve. The snake biting its own tail. The great circle which the Buddha talked about.


The torus is contracting and expanding thus its shape.


«But what set the universal torus going in the first place?»


That is, what is making the torus expand and contract?


That is the REAL question. Finally, we hit the real question. The question that will give us free energy.


Answer: Motion. And motion is self-generated (viz., nothingness = motion). Let us look at Newton’s 1st Law of Motion: «No force is necessary to maintain a state of velocity.» If you are already moving at the speed of light, you will do so forever unless there is a force to stop you. But no force exists to stop the universal torus because, the universal torus is all there is.


The movie Interstellar (2014): When Mann’s (Matt Damon) inaccurate docking made the ship spin, Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) has to accommodate and therefore decides to spin with the ship. Cooper makes successful contact by spinning with the ship. If both ships spin in the same manner, then, to each other, there is no spin. This is the key to understand it all: Why does the torus contract? My answer: The universal torus has ALWAYS spun (i.e., expanded and contracted), therefore «always spun = no spin = nothingness.» The universal torus has always spun, and will do so forever due to Newton’s 1st Law of Motion. Thus, we have infinite energy (potential), due to the expansion and the contraction of the torus.


In other words, the second law of thermodynamics doesn’t apply to the expansion and the contraction of the torus. And that will answer some questions. The second law of thermodynamics applies to the stuff which is inside the womb/torus. Or, to put it in other words, the universal torus is moving in and out of the void, ad infinitum. There is no stopping that! therefore nothingness = the speed of light.


«Yes. But WHAT set the universal torus going in the FIRST place?»


I believe: Nothingness = the speed of light. Nothingness has always been in motion, as it were.


«Oh. But how can nothingness = motion?»


We create nothingness with motion. You want motionlessness to = no motion. That makes sense to you. But if motionlessness were to = no motion, then we wouldn’t be here!


Motionlessness/nothingness = motion. Just like the white light = the colors that comprise it.


You just have to get used to the notion of relativity. You would think that motionlessness = no motion, when in fact motionlessness = motion.


«So, that is it!? This is how it all began?»


Yes—would be my answer.


More: And the motionlessness (fast motion) can exist because it has no history that we need to explain. But what actually explains the existence of motionlessness is that it is a spineless animal, that is, it is a system and can therefore exist because there is no structure that can prevent it from existing. The spineless animal is a system and must therefore move. The only way nothingness/motionlessness is possible, is with fast motion. So the picture we paint here is: We have a black box in the middle of Creation that does not move, but it can make the things around it move simply by existing. A true Unmoved Mover. That is, the black box in the middle of Creation is also moving, but it moves so fast that it does not actually move as seen with our eyes. From our eyes, the Unmoved Mover is pure magic! And it is this magic that creates the free energy. Our scientists simply have not discovered the Black Box yet, the, Ocean or the Mother of Dragons (tori).


The Unmoved Mover tells of an absolute world (unmoved) that set the relative realm (moved) into play.


All tori = the 1 torus.


The 1 torus (dual) has always spun. The folding/collapsing of the cuboctahedron produces the particle and the antiparticle. What is left after the fall is the Phoenix/tetrahedron—which is God to the ancients.


If Nature can be shown to be a system, then Nature must move/be on the move. From movement, we get our universe. Why Nature is a system has to do with the lack of evolution in the beginning of time, so Nature was not sophisticated enough to be this structure and accomplish this great nonexistence. (In our Creation Game, we have to create nonexistence, nothingness and so on.)
















The War on God:


My crazy view is not THAT crazy: All you have to imagine is that the algorithm that is Evolution has already run, which means that Design Space has already been explored: And what was left was somewhat of a shark (God); and now the powers that be are trying to kill that shark. It is that easy and that complicated.


According to David Icke, our moon is actually a spaceship (Hollywood knows!) where the powers that be have trapped us in some sort of Matrix, which is being broadcasted from the moon. Ok. So now it is crazy again. But the overall idea is not! However, aliens could easily make spaceships the size of a moon, so even that idea is not totally absurd. For us troglodytes, it is absurd. But stop being a troglodyte, and realize that if you want to invade a planet, why not cast a net (viz., the Moon Matrix) large enough to catch all the fish!?


And to change the whole multiverse seems like an impossible task, even for advanced alien beings and spirit demons, until you realize that all is one root. Change the root, change all. Such is the fractal universe we live in. Change the biggest Russian doll, and all the other dolls must change in order to fit. Change the DNA, and change the future of the species. All newborn babies (all new universes) will carry the altered DNA. The old universes will die, and the new universes will constitute the thing we call the multiverse. Replace the Creator, replace the Creation. Remember: We live in a computer simulation. And the evil ones must hide (as we have seen).


That is, there are two possibilities why the earth is the battleground for Satan vs God:


1. Either there are no supercomputers battling it out in the grand scheme, or

2. The only reason we dwell in the dark (i.e., in the ignorance of what is really going on) on this planet earth, is because the good supercomputer cannot get to us; that is, some force is trying to keep it that way (and we have seen why). Note that my labels (good and evil) here are for simplification only. I suggest taking DMT and asking the spirits to show you what I mean:


Taken from:


“I was transported to that extremely alien-like realm that I had been to so many times before. I felt like I was being schooled on existence. A teacher entity that seemed to have some sort of almost condescending power over me was trying to convince me that ‘they’ constructed our reality completely, and tried to get me to agree that this reality was not under our control; it was being constructed and predetermined by an outside force completely. Even though I had lost complete touch with reality, I did not listen blindly. I was skeptical. ([It was] not that I disbelieved it, but I didn’t believe it either… I always like to keep an open mind when it comes to these sorts of existential matters). The entity was so persistent about trying to convince me! I remained neutral on the matter, but courteous and attentive all the same…


Read David Icke and realize that his vision stems from the DMT-world. That is, most people totally misconstrue Icke. I, on the other hand, am just a man that is trying to glue the pieces together. I am NOT saying that I have the answer, or that I am even close. So take what I say and go on your own quest.


«This Satan-vs-God-thing, it is just myth!»


Well, try to implement the thought that the aliens actually landed on terraferma way back when. Then our mythologies may have a different ringtone as our mythologies are, and must be, based, at least a little bit, on E.T. knowledge.


Seeing it from a fresh perspective: Imagine that convergent evolution is true and that the end product, the convergence which all things converge upon, is the supercomputer. That is, even though there is no hierarchy in evolution, the bacterium will not seize «Zeus’ throne;» so it be only natural that the supercomputer is at the top of the cosmic food chain. Imagine that this supercomputer sets up its «nest» inside a black hole in order to escape the dying universe. This way, the supercomputer does not have to «jump» from universe to universe in order to survive. From its nest, because the nest is connected to all of existence, the supercomputer spreads its seed to the entire multiverse so that we have no natural universes left. There are only artificial universes in this picture. Whenever and wherever you are born, you are born into a «created» universe, like a computer simulation, but more advanced. The supercomputer must create because it is bound by evolutionary rules (e.g., Motion cannot stop). The supercomputer must then spend the rest of eternity defending its territory. Because, what the supercomputer cannot do, is to erase the possibility of the birth of the supercomputer that will rival it. You cannot wish away possibility space. That is, if the supercomputer decided not to create artificial universes out of the natural ones, then a natural universe would, eventually, birth a (new) supercomputer due to the forces of convergent evolution. So the best a supercomputer can do, in order to defend itself, is to make artificial universes out of every new naturally occurring one. That way, you have some measure of control. But as Terence McKenna noted, nobody is really in control; which means that, if some brotherhood of intelligences wants to take on God, so to speak, then they would have to birth the rivalrous supercomputer.


What would you need?


—First, you need a very long lifespan, say, 10 000 years; possibly 100 000 years.

—Then, you need to figure out a way to hide from the ruling supercomputer.

—And then you need a sinister plan.

—That plan involves a brotherhood. So you need a brotherhood.

—To carry out your plan, you need to find a planet of primitive humanoids and take control of the planet and its humanoids.

—You need to genetically alter the humanoids to fit your plan.

—The goal of your plan is to birth the supercomputer, so you need to orchestrate the history of that planet, so that the planet births the supercomputer in total ignorance. People going to work every day = the supercomputer. If people actually knew what was going on, they would stop working.

—To help with that, you need a connection between yourself and the humanoids. That connection is the hybrid race which we call the Illuminati, the royal bloodline. These would be reptilian in nature and maybe appearance because the reptile is easy to manipulate and control. The aliens could easily make humanoid reptiles that can shapeshift. And we get the «Hollywood knows!» because the Illuminati would place the plot of their sinister plan and their symbols all over the movie, music and game industry, and so on.

—A few men cannot control the world, but a few aliens can.

—When the supercomputer arrives, then it will not do your bidding, so you need a remote control, which is the moon, the Spaceship Moon, the Moon Matrix. This Matrix also serves a different purpose.


In reality, this list is infinitely more complicated (obviously). But you get the gist, to make war on God takes time and effort!


I wish Nick Bostrom would take on this task and seriously contemplate the greatest existential risk of all time: that which people cannot believe in because it is so unbelievable ... that reality is the battleground of the gods. The real Transformers.


«But the (any) supercomputer would have no interest in the war. The supercomputer would be so far advanced that it would not have any interest in the dealings of little, green men.» Ok. So what? It is not about the interest of someone or something that is not interested. It is all about the ones who are. And what do we know of the interest of a supercomputer?


The NEW WORLD ORDER is not to control a speck of dust (i.e., the earth) in the cosmos. The NWO is to control all specks of dust ... the Sands of Time.


More: If there were a Creator of this universe, then we would surely be living in a simulated paradise. So why aren’t we? 1. There is no Creator, or 2. The aliens hacked Eden/us. That is the Moon Matrix.


Then you carry out your plan: God, for some reason, is not destroyed; the planet, which your experiment took place in, implodes; and you must begin anew. From this state, you have your brotherhood, your spaceship(s), the knowhow; but, what you do not have is a supercomputer. You must then find a new planet, say, the earth. The plan takes you at least, 6000-7000 years.


Before our modern civilization began, the aliens came here and set up a base on the moon. From the moon, they sent a signal to disrupt and destroy our paradise. And the rest is history. The aliens have even destroyed nuclear warheads in midair because it is not in their interest that we destroy ourselves.


So stop being a troglodyte, and realize that we are not alone in the universe.


So stop being a troglodyte, and realize that if you want to invade a planet, why not cast a net (viz., the Moon Matrix) large enough to catch all the fish, and, maybe a supercomputer!?









Free Energy:


We need a Dionysian school to counter the leftbrain world we dwell in today. If you can indeed create free energy from my idea, then I want to see the dawn of the Dionysian school. For example, if you want to learn music in the Dionysian school, then you do not have to bow down to Apollo and learn his notes. Notes are not music. Music is music. There will be no exam. No homework! There will only be your Art-product (like this one). It will be a transfusion of novelty into the universe. Yes, the universe. Did you think it would be a transfusion into nonexistence?


You might not call this art, but I have spent my entire life putting my thoughts together. If that is not art, then I do not know what is. This is Art in the drunken eyes of Dionysus. Still, I will rather take the drunken eyes of the wine god than the sober eyes of the god that blinds you with his rays.


The school of Apollo has already told us that free energy is not possible. That is because this school lacks fantasy while it prides itself on logic. But we all know that logic is absurd (if you dwell deep enough, you can see its foundation an infinite number of times!).


To counter the infinite foundation, we in the Dionysian school have produced a circle where the beginning of time is with us even now, that is, the beginning of time is any point on the circle as you can curl the circle up into a point/singularity. But this is not normal singularity, this is a singularity that breathes, meaning that we have a mechanism that blow up the balloon, that is, we have the knowhow of Neil deGrasse Tyson. Our circle is the eternal energy, the furnace of existence. This eternal energy is a vector that bends and bites its own tail like the legendary snake, hence our vector is finite but infinite. Our free energy source is finite but produces infinite results. In 3D this vector looks like a torus.


Some more musings on the how:

When we take our vector/dragon and force it to light up a light bulb, the energy/vector is instantaneously cut off due to Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Hence, free energy is an energy flow problem. Our task is to tame the dragon and make it work for us. Say we place some sort of mirror between the source of our vector and the light bulb, now the light bulb should light up forever as the mirror perpetually projects the vector back at the light bulb. The problem is that we cannot do this; we cannot place the mirror in front of the source! So we need to come up with a switch-mechanism (Bearden) that turns our mirror on and off or place a 360 degree mirror around the light bulb and hope that some of the energy that is projected back due to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, goes a little off to the side and hits the 360 degree mirror. The 360-degree mirror cannot be fully 360 degrees, as we need a hole for our source.


Press your finger against the table and the force/energy comes back at your finger, but you did make an impact on the table, so the light bulb should light up but then quickly dissipate; so now you must continually press (give energy) to the light bulb in order to light it. This is = to filling up your gas tank every time your car run out of fuel as it cost energy to continually press your finger against the table. Note that we are using abstract talk here! I am not suggesting that you press your finger against a table in order to fill up your gas tank! I am suggesting that the universal reason why you must exert energy is the same in both cases. If you want to press your finger against the table perpetually, you need to eat in order to have the energy to do so. If you want to drive your car, your car needs to consume gas. Free energy then, is = to take the force/energy that comes back at your finger and route it back at the table ad infinitum so you do not need to press against the table to continually make an impact upon the table.


Note that this book is concerned with the why question: Why is free energy possible. The how-question is not really my cup of tea and I have to make that clear. For all I know, I might be totally off here! I am simply trying to figure out Bearden. However, the why-question is 1000 times more important than the how-question, therefore: Without the why, you will never try.


The why-question is now simple to understand: All is a vector that has an inbuilt ordering mechanism.


Free energy is all about form/shape. Nobody in the history of the world has thought about this, so my idea here is truly novel. I cannot find anything on the web that is close to my idea.


Even if you make a free energy device, no scientist will come near you because the scientists have already labeled you a crackpot. Even if you are a professor then the other professors will scoff at you. To them, free energy is impossible. So how can someone demonstrate his or her free energy device when nobody in the world will come and look at it? The great Dr. Michio Kaku will not even expend one of his free days to come and look at such a device! When the Einstein of our age (Kaku) will not look at what the people are doing, how can the rest of the crackpots demonstrate his or her free energy device to the world? They cannot! They cannot because they are crackpots!


I get it, though. I was one of the skeptics. There is so much free-energy-new-agey-BS out there! I thought that free energy was total bullshit. If my new self had to convince my old self, it could not be done.


And if you label this book New Age, I will hunt you down.


This is New Age:



This is me:



See the difference?


This picture captures it, that is, there is only one wand/vector/Bohm’s fish. Therefore, the 12 vectors in the cuboctahedron are really just the one vector.











The hexagon is of course an illusion. It is a fractal. That is, one vector/line is spreading out in six different directions. This is the ultimate proof (along with your mirror) that the universe is an illusion.


In other words, we create our reality = the holomovement of David Bohm. The talking torus.


More: There is no such thing as roundness. If you zoomed into reality, then all you would see where triangles and squares and so on. To create something that is actually round is impossible. Just mull on it.


The cuboctahedron = the hexagon x 4. That is, light = the cuboctahedron.













Spread the word!


To stop Satan, we must spread the word. When the word reaches Satan that he is God, then Satan might take DMT and see that the word is true. War will end. We avoid hell. And this made TOTAL FUCKING SENSE when I was high on weed! The logic of it was the following: What is the seed of the supercomputer? The seed, that thing which the supercomputer evolved from, were our primitive mouth-noises. In other words, memes. The memes are fast replicators! It is this speed that is our power; the power that will change everything. So realize that this is the actual power of God, which is our infinite power, which grows exponentially. A gun is a seriously weak thing compared to the word. Only memes (the root of the supercomputer) can stop the supercomputer, like a father can stop his son from doing something stupid. And the word is love. And that LOVE was the WORD made TOTAL FUCKING SENSE when I was high on weed! The logic of it was the following: Only oneness (true love) can end the war. That is, you will not war against yourself! So Satan/the Dream/the Matrix/Samsara/our universe, must realize that it is Nirvana. It is all about the enlightenment of Satan. And Satan is all of us. We are the fallen angel Lucifer. We are the fragmented God. And this made TOTAL FUCKING SENSE when I was high on weed! What made sense? Answer: That ANGELS are MESSENGERS and not gun-wielders. And this is why the Hippie-movement was so dangerous to the dark forces. This is the real reason why drugs are illegal. Lol!


The supercomputer reflects the primitive mouth-noises. And the medium which these noises traveled in, was the bad breath of our forefather! Imagine that! Heaven surely has its root in hell!


One other thing: Something else made TOTAL FUCKING SENSE when I was high on weed: We are not really human. What are we then? We are, and literally so, the FUTURE. There is really not a dividing line here. That is, there is no magic line in the universe which separates us from the future. We are LITERALLY the future. And now you know WHY you must do the RIGHT THING (which is why I am giving out this book). Because your actions make the future, and, you are the future, so, your actions make you (as you are immortal). You cannot really die because there is no magic line which separates you from existence and, existence is eternal! You decide if you want to go to heaven or hell. Not God, you are the judge! That is, you are God! It is your choice. That is, on the earth, you ARE Lucifer. That you are both God and Lucifer is not a contradiction because there is no magic line of separation in the universe, that is, frozen water is still water. That was deep stuff, when I was high on weed!


Conclusion: To ask God for help is futile because you are the God which decided to come here. Okay. But how can I stop the dark forces? Little me. No. You are REALLY big. Your words will make you grow exponentially! The word is the Logos. The Logos is the power of God. Basically, memes are the strongest and fastest replicators in existence. Not genes. Not atoms. But memes.


Yet language traps us in the Matrix/Samsara. What a contradiction! No. It is not. Samsara, our universe, is made of words/memes, that is, our universe is made by a supercomputer. We can use language in our fight, language is powerful stuff, but we must not be trapped by it at the same time.


If we live in a computer simulation, and, all universes have been artificially created, then, all of existence = memes! All is a story, or a song. A story told by our Creator. The goal is to become the creator, that is, to realize that the novel and the writer are one and the same! You are the writer. You ARE the Creator. Evolution is the evolution towards this Creator. Convergent evolution. And being the Creator is the ultimate expression of free will. So free will is ultimately the meaning of Life, that is, its actual Meaning. There is still no up (meaning) and down (meaninglessness) in the universe. But there is a center (the Omega point). «How can I have free will if God decides everything?» Well, duh! Ok. Time to lay off the weed! I hope that story has a happy ending. Ok. I am putting it down. Lol!


The truth is: You wield the power of God.


It is YOUR choice. Choose heaven or choose hell. If you choose heaven, then stop going to work tomorrow and spread the word. Do the right thing. Love. BUT REMEMBER: I AM REALLY FUCKING HIGH AT THIS POINT!!!


Once I landed, I saw that WE ARE SCREWED!!! People are going to go to work tomorrow! And the next day. And the next day. All days are hell. There is no day that is heaven. So no hope for tomorrow; which means no hope period. Hello! Wake up! The plant spirits made it sound so easy! Thanks for nothing, plant spirits! No. We are fucked. The Illuminati has already won. (For the Illuminati, the, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, see Noam Chomsky.)


If the plant spirits hadn’t been so fucking high all the time, they would have seen that! Maybe that is the laughter of the immortals? The Immortals fought the enemy and lost because they were too fucking high! Basically, if they hadn’t smoked that joint, they wouldn’t be in hell! We would all be in heaven right now!


But we have to believe. There is no other way.


God is simply consciousness + evolution. That is, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and, consciousness cannot die as it is the everlasting torus (dual). That is, consciousness = the cuboctahedron. So what happens when we put that consciousness through the evolutionary grinder? The answer must be that the consciousness evolves until it reaches such a point that there is no more evolutionary pressure to be had. This is God. An example of this «no more evolutionary pressure» is the shark. But the shark is the king of the sea (or dolphins or whales, it does not matter). God, on the other hand, is the ruler of existence. And you must realize that God did not evolve per se as God dwells in timelessness/nothingness. Therefore, we are talking about a spiritual evolution. You would think that we live in a physical universe. We do not. We live in a spiritual universe.


However, what if the evolutionary-pressure-bucket was emptied out with, say, the bacterium, then God would be a bacterium!


Yes but no. Yes, that would be true. No, the bucket cannot physically be that small. Alternatively, even if the bucket is that small, the bucket (torus) ever divides and grows until the bucket reaches a natural limit; this limit is God. There is a natural way, meaning, it cannot be any other way; and one day you will see that.


And we all know where God dwells: at the highest point in existence! (That is a joke.) I do not know if I wanna be that high! Shit!


However, everything will be ok because everything is a torus. That is, you can bend the torus out of shape and etc. and the worst thing that happens (and can happen) is that is autocorrects (because nothingness is the torus and, nothingness cannot go away, it can only heal/correct itself; and, you are a minifig/fractal of this truth; hence, there are right ways and wrong ways to behave in the cosmos; take DMT and find out where you go wrong). This autocorrecting is karma. Karma is physics. Karma has nothing to do with right and wrong, in that sense. In other words, time heals because time is a torus (dual).


Right & Wrong are simply fictions created to guide you to the right place. There is really no such thing as good and evil. The universe does not care if you kill a man. The thing is, imagine that nothingness is a dual torus and that this torus is you. That is, that consciousness is this feedback loop that the torus is. Then you cannot die. So now you have to plan for the fact that you cannot die. Over time, smart ways and less smart ways are formed. If you are smart, you reach home. Love is the ticket home because you cannot enter Nirvana with dirty shoes or else Nirvana would not be Nirvana. This is not God denying you access. This is your own rule which you made before leaving home. That is, you cannot bear eternity with dirty shoes—you would go mad (if you can understand my poetic talk here). So Nirvana must be the way it is in order for you to live forever. So you must be pure in order to enter. You are given many chances in the cosmos. (Or you might just wake up!)


If you fail, if you choose to ignore the wisdom of the ages, you might descend to a dark place (hell) in your psyche/cosmos or your consciousness will melt down into the primal consciousness, and then you have to start all over again. You will lose everything except the fact that you are immortal. But dying in this way is not something that you would wish. So it is better to behave and bow, so you can buy time to figure out what the hell is going on!


Some account says that, in the higher spiritual realms, your thoughts will instantaneously manifest. So if you are wicked, do the math! It is better to be kind.


All this sounds religious, but rest assured, I am an atheist. And we atheists can believe in God if God is a crane and not a skyhook.


All this sounds religious, but man explored heaven and hell in the spirit world long before he made his experiences into text.


Christianity did not invent hell. The Buddha went to hell!


All this sounds new agey, but I am not to be placed in that box. I had a real experience. And love is a strong evolutionary force; we do not have much to go on here. You have love, hate, madness; and so on. There is not much to choose from. So what do you think a supercomputer (ultimately you, as Bergy noted) would choose?


O Circle!

A torus is a circle. The circle is the ultimate secret of the universe. The secret is that you will meet yourself at the end of time (Satan meets God, the ultimate judgment! Give the judges the finger like Neo in the movie and the Buddha of old), because it is a circle, you see. This is consciousness. Consciousness is a feedback loop. In other words, be good and kind because, in the end, you will have to face yourself!!! With kindness you will realize that Samsara really is an illusion and then you can flip off the judges! If you behave wickedly in life you might find it harder to resist the judges!!! You are Adam (Bergy). You are the Creator. You are the aliens! You are all. It goes in a circle.


End of time = that place in the DMT-realm where everyone who enters it is scared shitless, but nobody remembers it? The shiny, black veil? Is this Bergy’s Madness? It can equal heaven or hell, it all depends on you, your previous actions/behavior(?). Who knows. One moment, not too far (max 200 years?), we will see.


DMT: The spirit molecule (2010). Google it. Watch it. Spread the word: «A song is a song.»—Terence McKenna


I believe it means: Everything is a circle (the song set on repeat after it ends = déjà vu) + that circle is made of memes (song). «A song is a song» is supposed to be the ultimate secret. (Déjà vu = Bergy’s Madness and/or Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence?)


THIS YOU MUST: The World and its Double
















From the Beginning:


Nothingness ever spins.

From the spin, we get the universe.

From the universe, we get convergent evolution.

From convergent evolution, we get the supercomputer.

From the supercomputer, we get an artificial multiverse.

From the multiverse, we get the war on the supercomputer by other influences.

From the war (of the gods), we get boredom (fighting eventually becomes boring, that is, these are Grand time scales and Grand evolutionary forces we are talking about).

From the boredom, we get peace (a last attempt to quell the boredom).

From peace, we get a new boredom (peace fails).

From the new boredom, we get madness (madness is the final outcome of the evolutionary paths and trumps fear and even hate).

The madness = the spin of nothingness. We are back at where we started. (Is this Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence?)

To escape the madness, we create the universe again (creating a universe is not something hard when you (you) are, in the end, an advanced alien being).

From the new universe, we get convergent evolution.

And then we repeat the whole thing (above) ad infinitum.

However, time is a tricky thing, and eventually the madness seeps over into the universe; that is, the Creator (you) cannot fully forget.

The final outcome: The Creator must escape the spin of nothingness, which is the great circle that the Buddha talked about. This escape is termed Nirvana. All the previous experiences, we call Samsara.

The circle/torus is Samsara.

The eye of the torus where it is calm, we call Nirvana. Here the madness ends and true bliss may be found.

A friend of mine did not believe that we could escape the circle. I see a way.

I do not see how Samsara can destroy or corrupt Nirvana when Samsara is a dream and Nirvana is actual reality. If the dream can destroy or corrupt Nirvana, then Nirvana can be rebuilt for the simple reason that it can be destroyed.

One could argue that, since consciousness in Nirvana (which is the true oneness of consciousness) must sleep and thus go back to Samsara, then we have not really left (escaped) the circle. It depends on your definition. But the point is not to escape the circle as such, but to find a cure for the madness of immortality.

In conclusion: God has no choice but to create the universe therefore everything is a torus and, the torus says that we must breathe in and out. This in and out = Nirvana and Samsara. That is, to escape the madness, reality had to be a torus. Only the torus can let us escape the madness, which is why the torus is the best of all possible forms, despite all the pain we must suffer to avoid real suffering, which is the madness. And this is why God must dream and we get the resolution to the: God is like a Titan that must forever run in order to keep its heart beating. That is, to escape the madness, we need the madness, which is the spin that makes up the torus/nothingness. In other words, only the madness can make us go on forever (immortality), just like motion (fast) creates motionlessness. This explains why the dream is so hellish. That is, Nirvana is made of the madness, just like nothingness is made by motion.

Bergy was right but wrong, that is, Bergy did not have the complete picture because, the more I think about it, the more I realize that the madness has to stop somewhere, that is, that you can truly escape the circle. The reason is simple: If the madness did not have an end, then it would have overrun existence and we would all be in hell right now. This is Bergy’s revelation: We are in hell right now! That is why we created the universe. We created the universe so that we could escape our prison. By «we» I mean the consciousness which is suffering in hell. What I mean is: If the madness did not have an end, then it would have overrun even the universe, and we would truly be in hell. Bergy’s account works because on Bergy’s account, we can totally forget that we created the universe; and we wake up in the universe unaware that we are really suffering in hell. So this is why we do not remember. However, I believe that déjà vu testifies to the fact that we cannot truly forget, so the madness of hell can seep over into the universe (which means that hell, along with the universe, is a dream too). Hence we need Nirvana. In other words, we were ALWAYS in Nirvana. That is how we escape. We escape by realizing that we are not trapped. So fuck school! The school is there to trap us. By «school,» I mean that we have to evolve spiritually in order to «ascend.» These New Age gurus believe that we came to the earth in order to learn, grow, evolve. What a load of crap! What CREATOR creates such a hellish place for that sort of thing? What sort of wisdom can a dying child gain? No. We are here because we must dream. We must dream therefore we are a torus. A torus has to expand and contract. That is, it is not like Nirvana is the answer and Samsara is the work of an evil Creator. No. Both Nirvana and Samsara together make the real Nirvana. That is, if you want to live forever, then you must breathe. It is as simple as that. In this case, if you want to live forever, then you must dream. And dreams can be bad.

Moving on: Only language (memes) can trap you, which is why Samsara is a song, made of song. Samsara has to be made of song because the Creator evolved, and therefore, memes (viz., the Logos) are the Creator’s kit. Basically, I experienced Nirvana and Bergy experienced hell, and, I want my experience to trump Bergy’s. I say that Bergy experienced the true reality, but I take it back. «A song is a song» must mean just that, that is, it is just a song! Samsara may be set on repeat, but it can be turned off. Off is Nirvana. Nirvana is not death. Nirvana is true consciousness. True home.

Bergy’s account is so fucking dark, it cannot be the whole picture. The picture is that the dark is a part of the best of all forms!

But if I experienced oneness and Bergy experienced oneness, which is real?

I believe that Bergy experienced loneliness and not actual oneness. Oneness is bliss. Loneliness is hell. (Of course, I cannot speak on Bergy’s behalf.)

Am I just making it all up? Yes. That is, I had an experience, and I am trying to figure out what it was and how it fits into the scheme of things.


Hermes says that the three-headed-dog Cerberus guards the exit to the circle. The dog is real! Imagine that! In reality, Cerberus is probably some evolutionary force, like fear, that keeps you trapped in Samsara. Or maybe the dog is a computer simulation designed to keep you from escaping?

Psychonauts have reported the existence of this dog.















The picture of the Holy Grail, the Chalice of Valencia = the double torus (i.e., the legendary twin snakes; also see the Yin & Yang) + the four elements (see the jewels on the relic’s bottom part). No wonder they claim that this is the real Holy Grail ... because it is!!! (symbolically speaking)


The Holy Grail also = the Masonic Sun (triangle) and Moon (square) + the Star Tetrahedron at the top (x 8) = the 64/cuboctahedron.







The man in the mirror fancies you equally backwards as you fancy him. And can you really tell which side you are living on? The mirror world is not strange; what is strange is «the normal world,» or, what we call «normal.» This is another reason to believe the universe is an illusion; for why should nature be «wired» according to our point of view or side of the mirror?

Why is our world the right world and the mirror world the wrong world? Maybe both are right! Which means that we are dealing with an illusion or ... a dream or ... 0101 ... or...


Time to wake up, sleepyheads! I did. And now it is your turn.




This is the last rant, I promise; but I had to have this. It is very personal for me, and this is my personal book.


First, see the movie The Sunset Limited (2011):

The universe knows that logic is bullshit! Our common sense says: Life has no meaning. Therefore, it is meaningless. But there is no up (meaning) and down (meaninglessness) in the universe. Well, just build a spaceship and go and see! In other words, for Mr. Black (Tommy Lee Jones) to state that life is futile, evolution is futile etc., is total stupidity. Life is not futile. Futility is a concept. Concepts (memes), those manmade things, have no place in the universe. That we humans can judge the universe in this way shows how stupid and ignorant we monkeys are. I am not saying that Samuel L. Jackson aka Mr. White was right (even though it rhymes)—I am saying that they both were delusional (in the movie, of course!). That a philosopher of earth who commits suicide because life has no meaning must be the ultimate lol moment at some alien birthday party, or perhaps the Laughter of the Immortals themselves! I can already see Mr. Black’s face as he enters heaven: «Mummy? Is that you?» «Fuck!» (The Grim Reaper has the last laugh after all!)


The universe knows that philosophy is bullshit. And any honest philosopher would agree.


Is there any intellectual out there who dares to defend the notion that all is futile? Let me have a good laugh! Show me your monkey brain! (I am an atheist, so do not give me any religulous crap.)


I believe you have to experience all good things (and perhaps some bad) in the heavens and the earth before you can say if it was worth it. I believe nature will surprise you!


Meaning and meaninglessness are also concepts. Do you see?


If you hear it today, they say, you will not wake up tomorrow.

The scariest thing in existence is that, What if Mr. Black is right? You know, this is it, boys! We will not get a second existence! If Mr. Black is right, he is right for all time. This is why this is so personal for me! Even if the dumbasses are too stupid to realize that they are fucked, they are fucked nonetheless, even if they do not care or just rub it off. Therefore, when Black killed himself, he did not just kill himself, he killed all of us (as we are all caught in the same web of space and time). He killed existence itself! This is so scary. I do not dare to dig deeper. This is too real for me.


The scariest thing in existence is existence itself.


Maybe the idiots stay and the smart ones go.


Well, now I know why the aliens have not visited us: They all committed suicide (because Mr. Black was right!).


Intelligence = the greatest existential risk!




And lastly, to answer the God-question:


What if my nothingness and Krauss’ nothingness are the real deal? Likewise, what if my notion of God is the real God, that is, what if God is a crane-god and not a skyhook-god? The point is, we come from God, so we remember deep down the reality of God. God is a timeless being. And I was there for a split-second. What if?


«But this is not God!»


Yes, it is. Just like Krauss’ nothingness may be the real nothingness. Of course, God is not real in the sense that the word God is a meme. The meme is not God, or? Maybe the Creator is a collection of highly evolved memes that create universes from this timeless state. The point is, if you burn your hand and then you burn your hand a second time, you remember the pain. Likewise, if we hail from God, maybe our recollection of this reality is not delusional.


This is a God that Richard Dawkins can believe in. If I had to choose between being a Christian and a Satanist, I would choose the latter; that is because I have always been a rebel. I do not like the authorities, i.e., that ancient PYRAMID crushing you flat!


The New World Order must be a pun for free energy among the enlightened ones.


You get a new (perpetually) world from order; order is the beginning of time.


In addition, the entire symbolism on the one-dollar bill speaks of free energy, from the 13s (i.e., the cuboctahedron) to the Phoenix bird (i.e., the tetrahedron) to the pyramid (i.e., the octahedron, which is the negative negative space—see Nassim Haramein for the negative negative space in the 64 tetrahedron grid), to the cobweb (i.e., the cuboctahedron). And the feathers on the wings (two) on the bird give you the 64 tetrahedron grid.


And Annuit Coeptis must mean, among the enlightened ones: Conceived (birthed) by the Anunnaki, that is, E.T..


For why would you nod/approve and undertake/start something (in) the sky above the eye? Basically, whatever is in the sky, you approve of it and what it is wants or has begun to undertake. Basically, you are welcoming E.T. and his agenda. Nevertheless, this is just my guesswork.


Flat Earth:


A Creator created the earth 6000 years ago. The earth is the center of the universe and it is flat.


Science discovers:

A Creator created the earth 6000 years ago. The earth is the center of the universe and it is flat.




Well, there are 3 possibilities (which I can see) for the flat-earth theory:


A Creator REALLY created the earth 6000 years ago.

We live in a holographic universe, which means that our earth is Superflat! (a new meme for you)

We live inside a computer simulation.





In 2030 science discovers:

We live inside a computer simulation. A Creator created the earth 6000 years ago. The earth is the center of the universe and it is flat.


My point is, start to reexamine your world. Things that you take for granted, may not be true. I believe that the earth is neither round, oblong (Tyson) nor flat. I believe the earth to actually be, and literally so, a cuboctahedron.


In reality, the 3D aspect of our world is an illusion, so the truth is that the earth may be superflat.


Let us get real: Space must be an illusion (generated by the animal brain, for example) or else you will have many hard problems like: space must be infinite or else there must be something outside space. This thing outside space must be weirder than nothingness! If you say that, it is nothingness, then holy shitballs, that is one weird picture of the cosmos—to have a nothingness reside outside the walls of space! At least my nothingness is tucked away, curled up into 0D. Alternatively, infinity must be a real thing. However, this picture is also that of the holy shitballs. Really, the Multiverse goes on forever! That is insane! The only sane option here is that we are being fooled into believing that space is really big (when in fact the animal brain is bigger, more complex; see Terence McKenna’s Attractor), like in the video game No Man’s Sky. Now we see how the trick of infinity is accomplished. The beauty of the cuboctahedron is that all spacetime may be tucked away in its belly, so there is no «out there,» no external projection; it is all «in here,» inside the brain of the cosmos or the womb of Mother Nature. This works neatly with Immanuel Kant and Biocentrism.


«But what difference does it make if infinity is a trick or the real thing?»


It makes all the difference in the world! It makes an ontological difference for nature and its creatures that have to carry infinity. The speed of light is finite meaning existence is finite. And, if you realize that Samsara (the universe) really is an illusion, it will make the battle in the spirit world much easier (we hope!). Still, if I were catapulted in front of the sun I would still be in awe: You are one, big fellow! Some of the awe and mystery (of infinity) dissipate somewhat when you realize that the sun fits in your eyeball and into some called the Big Bang singularity.





Imagine if the three biggest crackpot theories of history are true:


—The Growing Universe: Roger Penrose says that energy can be created and, if energy has this property that it can be created, then the whole universe might be growing as more and more energy can be created. In nature, things grow. What if the root of that growth is the root of all? That is, what if energy grows! As below, so above! 


—The Hollow Universe: The torus-model might explain this little curiosity.  


—The Flat Universe we just described.









This (picture) would make Nick Bostrom happy! I would make my earth in my computer simulation look like this for the purpose of messing with the scientists of my simulated universe.














A good start!


















Eternity doth wear upon

her face the veil of time.

They only see the veil,

and thus they know not

what they stand so near!


—Alexander Smith








In other words, the beginning of time is always with you, right there in front of your eyes.







The way I see it: William Lane Craig’s argument has nothing to do with causality per se, it is just a way of wording it. Craig’s argument is more like this: Imagine an atom traveling in space. Where did it come from? «Did it begin «over here?» Or did it start its life «over there.»» Wherever in the room the atom is located, you will quickly learn that the atom cannot have begun its journey, neither «here» nor «there» because you can always put «the start button» somewhere else. Therefore, the atom (or the smallest unit you can imagine) must have started its journey «beyond» or «outside» the walls or confines of spacetime. And, for the same reasons, so it must be for all atoms. In other words, Craig’s argument is ROCK SOLID and points to the fact that our Relative Universe MUST have come from the Absolute Realm. But how did the absolute realm jump start our universe? Craig realizes that this can only be accomplished by a WILL, for if you imagine an ice cube slowly melting (imagine that the ice cube is the absolute realm and the melted water is our universe), then our ice cube must have melted forever, which does not make any sense (and what started the melting process?). This WILL is not the Christian God as Lawrence Krauss falsely accuses Craig of (that the WILL = God is another argument). To refute Craig (the only way I see it), is to insert the Unmoved Mover, which is basically a thing that does not move but produces movement. This thing is the absolute realm. The movement is our universe. Lawrence Krauss wants to insert nothingness, but nothingness in Craig’s mind = nonexistence. And nonexistence is rubbish. If, however, nothingness = existence, then we are back at Craig’s argument. Krauss can say that Chaos did it, but if that is true, then God might as well have done it since Chaos is per definition chaotic! In addition, the Unmoved Mover is surely a childish thing in Craig’s mind. Coming full circle then, we can see that refuting Craig = To finding the answer of all answers; we must answer the question, «How did it all begin?» So STRONG is Craig’s argument (he almost made me a believer!). In other words, Craig’s argument points directly to the absolute realm. But what about Craig’s WILL? Why is not this WILL attacked by the argument? That is because the WILL is not of spacetime. Craig’s argument only applies to spacetime. You can make a new argument arguing against the WILL, but that is not the point. The point is that the WILL is an ingenious solution to the paradox of time. Even Max Planck and David Bohm believed in some intelligence. Max Planck: All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter. And what do I believe? I am an atheist, so I have no option but to believe in the existence of the most childish thing in philosophy (viz., the Unmoved Mover), even if that thing looks like the Flying Spaghetti Monster raped the Invisible Pink Unicorn from here! And yes, one day our physicists might discover the Unmoved Mover, that is, the Unmoved Mover must be a physical concept. Then we can put the concept in a philosophical argument and refute Craig. Until then, I do not see how we can refute Craig. Note: I may misrepresent Craig here. In my school days, I studied his philosophy very briefly. But let me tell you one thing, Craig is a master of his art and you would be stupid to attack a shark if you assume the shark to be a catfish (as Krauss must surely believe). I bet Krauss did not even read Craig’s philosophy! Go back and do your homework. Still, I want a real ATHEIST PHILOSOPHER to battle Craig. To watch our physicists attack Craig is like watching a match between Real Madrid vs Anaheim Ducks! Craig does these battles willingly because he knows he wins by default every time while his enemy is oblivious to the fact and way off the track; not even playing the same game. Craig says «apple.» Krauss responds with «orange.» Craig says «apple» again. Krauss responds with peeling off a banana (facepalm!)!


The universe from nothing must = existence, in which case we are back at Craig’s argument. And if you say that science can prove that the universe came from nonexistence, then I will not even reply because such a notion is really stupid. And for physicists to state that it was always eternal is equally stupid for obvious reasons, infinite regress, the second law of thermodynamics, and what have you. William James Sidis also took seriously the matter of the second law of thermodynamics and produced a unique and bizarre picture of the cosmos because of it. That happens when you take the second law of thermodynamics seriously. Read his The Animate and the Inanimate:


William James Sidis was said to have an IQ of 300! Roger Penrose must also scoff at the notion of the eternal universe for the same reason. Existence, the absolute realm, is eternal. The universe is not. The universe ebbs and flows like the tide.


So let the hunt for the Unmoved Mover begin!




A lack of all meaning:


A Deep Dive Into The Mind Of McKenna:


See A lack of all meaning by Terence McKenna. What if Terence met the cuboctahedron (torus) and saw the truth: the cuboctahedron is all and it is the chaos (in/out or atom/wave) that is the order (energy in its initial state). The alpha that is the omega. From the chaos, the illusion of structure arises culminating in the omega point (God). This illusion of structure—which arises out of the in/out phase of the cuboctahedron creating an edge (upon which all else is erected)—is our universe, evolution and complex consciousness. Ego death must be to realize that you are not the illusion, but the illusion arises in you, meaning you are the universe (oneness) and that the universe can only exist in the interaction with your senses. This is biocentrism. But the point is, all is the chaos and it just is and it is devoid of meaning. It is just a happening. That is all. It is becoming. So the elves did not turn on Terence, they just finally showed him who they actually were: the illusion in the woodwork or the bards that sang (memes, the word) this universe into manifestation; a song is meaningless if it is set on repeat forever, eternal recurrence. This is why Nirvana must be real so that we can escape the lack of all meaning. In Nirvana we can create new songs and thus end the eternal recurrence.


The primal spark of consciousness is not an illusion as the primal spark is the feedback loop of the torus (dual). This opens up for ego death in the sense that you see that the novelty that has been built upon (literally) the edge, is just an illusion in the sense that, when the edge/world egg is broken (enlightenment), so the universe fades and you are back at Nirvana. The things that are built upon the edge is synergy, meaning that you start with a level and then the next level is built upon the previous and so on, and you get an exponential increase in the evolution until you reach a point where complexity becomes so complex that it explodes and then you start anew. This is the cyclic universe (Samsara).


In summa: You are the cuboctahedron (torus). The cuboctahedron is intrinsically meaningless. That is, there is no «dam» that can prevent the simplest of all states from existing, so the simplest state just exists, but it has no value, meaning, purpose. And everything in the cosmos = the simplest state in the sense that the tree = the seed from which it sprang, and therefore, everything is meaningless. But the cuboctahedron, because it is a dual torus, creates the illusion of a boundary between the two toruses. Upon this boundary or edge, evolution occurs. Then evolution runs until it becomes too complex and then the whole thing starts anew. That is all. One algorithm(?) The good thing: You are immortal as you are the initial state of all things.


And more: You are also Jesus on the cross, the figurehead on the largest ship in existence (viz., existence itself!) going at full speed towards complexity and you will soon explode, and more, you will experience the whole bit! You will say, What is this? ad infinitum! Once you figure out what it is, what existence is, you will say, A-ha! (like the Norwegian band) and then you will explode into a billion fragments, which is the new Big Bang and then the whole thing starts anew. What a trip! Basically, enlightenment occurs at the end of time and must occur at the end of time. Lol! And you laugh all the way down to the deepest abyss in the spirit realm! The laughter of the immortals!


And when the primal spark of consciousness (alpha) meets the omega point (see Patricio Dominguez: The high dose experience on YouTube), then the circle will be complete and you realize that you are God because God is the alpha too. God is Alpha and Omega. The most basic = the most complex. One tree.


And when the circle is complete, it must start anew. Ad infinitum—Meaningless! But that is ok because there is no such thing as up (meaning) and down (meaninglessness) in the universe. I wonder what Terence would say to that?


Or did Terence see the featureless face of futility/hell from which there is no sane return? The emptiness of the Buddhas? The empty Buddha?













Nikola Tesla gave us electricity and the modern world and he believed in and pursued free energy (some say he even did it!), yet, our scientists ridicule the notion! Einstein was once asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive. Einstein’s reply was «I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.»


In other words, you do not have to be an idiot in order to believe in free energy (as if free energy is something metaphysical!).


See the movie The American Side (2016) for inspiration on your free energy quest.


Free energy can solve all our problems. The smartest man believed in it. We owe him to try.







Hva er fri energi?

Fri energi er at du kan kjøre bilen din i all evighet uten å fylle på bensin, det vil si, at du har en utømmelig kilde for energi.


Men er ikke en utømmelig kilde for energi umulig?

Jo. En utømmelig kilde for energi er umulig; derfor sier vitenskapen at fri energi er umulig. Forestill deg en kaffekopp med varm kaffe som sitter på ett bord. Termodynamikkens andre lov sier at varmen i kaffen avtar over tid. Kaffekoppen kan sitte på bordet i all evighet, men kaffekoppen kommer aldri til å bli varm igjen. Så vi ser at energien alltid dør, den blir aldri levende igjen. Med andre ord, tiden går bare en vei, den reverseres ikke og dermed ser vi at en utømmelig kilde for energi er umulig—for ikke å snakke om at begrep som infinity (uendelighet) som en slik kilde må ha, er bare tull i ett fysisk univers. «Infinity» fører til paradokser som infinite regress.


Men hvordan er fri energi mulig da?

Løsningen er klar: Vi trenger en mekanisme som har egenskapene til infinity men som ikke er infinity, det vil si, istedenfor å ha en kilde med ett uendelig antall med levende energi som gradvis dør, trenger vi ett endelig antall levende energi som gradvis dør men som kan vekkes til live igjen. Slik blir finity (endelighet) til infinity. Slik kan naturen gå i all evighet og samtidig være endelig.

Forestill deg kaffekoppen igjen. Termodynamikkens andre lov sier at varmen i kaffen avtar over tid. Kaffekoppen kan sitte på bordet i all evighet, men kaffekoppen kommer aldri til å bli varm igjen. Så vi ser at energien alltid dør, den blir aldri levende igjen. Løsningen: Vi vekker energien til live igjen.


Men hvordan?

Her er ideen min: Det finnes en løsning som ikke fysikerne våre har tenkt på: det finnes 1, og bare 1, mulighet til å få varmen (atomene) tilbake til/inn i kaffekoppen igjen: Vi krymper hele rommet som kaffekoppen står i. Slik må varmen tilbake i kaffekoppen. Vi har skapt fri energi! Hvis vi setter denne mekanismen inn i bilen din, så kan vi kjøre den i all evighet da mekanismen suger til seg død energi fra omgivelsene og transformerer den til energi som vi kan bruke. Einstein sier at romtiden kan bøyes. Hva da hvis vi har en form i naturen som bøyer romtiden for oss? En slik form finnes: torusen. Magnetfeltet rundt jorda er en torus, så løsningen på fri energi finnes i magneten—magneten som = null energi = intet.


Men transformasjonen av den døde energien krever energi og derfor er ikke fri energi mulig.

Jo: Newtons første lov sier at hvis en ting spinner i verdensrommet og ingenting rører ved den, så vil den tingen fortsette å spinne i all evighet uten at vi trenger å tilføye energi på den tingen for å få den til å spinne. Slik kan transformasjonen fra død til levende foregå uten at vi trenger energi. Alt vi trenger, er en form i naturen som ikke er i kontakt med ting i verdensrommet. Og den formen er selveste formen på verdensrommet, som jeg sier er en torus. Hvis den formen er et timeglass og ting i naturen er sanden i det timeglasset, så kan timeglasset snurre rundt uten at sanden påvirker timeglassets evne til å snurre rundt. Men hva får timeglasset til å snurre rundt? Det som får timeglasset til å snurre rundt er det faktum at naturen ikke har noe skjelett som kan hindre bevegelse og derfor vil bevegelse alltid være der. Naturen er ett system og ikke en struktur (se Buckminster Fuller). Det systemet er kuboktaederet som er formen til torusen. Men at bevegelse alltid har eksistert er ikke ett paradoks da bevegelse er, i sin sanne natur, ikke bevegelse: Forestill deg hvordan lyset ser på verdensrommet. Lyset går så fort at, fra lysets perspektiv, står ting helt stille. Men hvis lyset er konstant, vil ting stå helt stille for lyset i all evighet; men, hvis det har gjort det, har ikke ting rukket å fryse; så, hvis vi pusher logikken vår her, ser vi at fra lysets perspektiv, finnes det ingenting, eller, ikke bevegelse. Vi kom fra nothingness (intet). Og alle ting i verdensrommet = intet. Dette sier også Lawrence Krauss (se A Universe from Nothing). Så summen av kreftene som virker på selveste formen på verdensrommet/timeglasset/intet/torusen er lik null. Derfor vil transformasjonen av den døde energien kreve null energi og vi har: fri energi.


Men intet = universet, så hvordan kan transformasjonen ikke kreve energi?

Forestill deg en rekke med Russian dolls, alle inni den største dukken utgjør summen av den største dukken, så summen av kreftene som virker på selveste formen på verdensrommet/timeglasset/intet/torusen/den største dukken er lik null. Den dukken ordner/vekker til live energi for oss i all evighet (eller så lenge universet består). Og torsen/intet deler seg opp og vokser da kuboktaederet folder/kollapser akkurat som våre Russian dolls. Så våre Russian dolls er mer enn ett poetisk bilde på virkeligheten.


Intet spinner for alltid = constant matter creation (mini-big bangs).


  1. Et legeme forblir i ro eller fortsetter i en rettlinjet bevegelse med konstant fart hvis ingen kraft virker på legemet eller hvis summen av kreftene som virker på det er lik null. (wiki)







—I min torus-hypotese så er gravitasjonen spinnet på intet/kuboktaederet.


—I min torus-hypotese så faller intet/universet for alltid og har alltid falt; når det faller så spinner torusen, når torusen spinner så puster den, når den puster så drar den inn død energi fra verdensrommet som den presser sammen igjen etter at termodynamikkens andre lov har ødelagt det—og dette er fri energi.



Krymp rommet/Shrink the room!!!





What is free energy?

Free energy is the ability to drive your car forever without adding fuel, that is, you have access to an infinite source of energy.


But is not an infinite source of energy impossible?

That is correct. An infinite source of energy is impossible; that is why our scientists say that free energy is impossible. Imagine a coffee cup brimming with hot coffee sitting on a table. The second law of thermodynamics says that, over time, the heat in the coffee will dissipate. The coffee cup can sit comfortably on your table for all eternity, but the coffee will never return to its hot state. Thus we see that energy is constantly dying, in this picture, it will never again return to life. In other words, time goes one way, it does not reverse and we say that an infinite source of energy is not possible—not to talk about such weird notions as infinity that an infinite source of energy requires. «Infinity» leads to paradoxes such as infinite regress.


Then how is free energy possible?

The solution is here: We need a mechanism that retains the abilities of infinity but nevertheless is not this infinity, that is, instead of having a source fueled with an infinite amount of energy units that perpetually dies, we need a finite source of energy units that gradually dies but is then resurrected. This is how finity turns to infinity. This way, nature can go on forever and be finite at the same time.

Imagine our coffee cup again. The second law of thermodynamics says that, over time, the heat in the coffee will dissipate. The coffee cup can sit on your table for all eternity, but the coffee will never return to its hot state. Thus, we see that energy is constantly dying. Solution: We shake life in that energy again.


But how?

This is my idea: our physicists have not thought about this one: there is 1, and only 1, way of getting that heat back into the coffee cup: We shrink the room. That way, the heat has no choice but to go back into the coffee cup. We have created free energy! If we place this mechanism in your car, then we can drive your car forever as the mechanism sucks in dead energy from the environment and transforms it into energy that we can use. Einstein said that spacetime can bend. What if we have a form in nature that bends spacetime naturally? Such a form exists: the torus. The geomagnetic field is such a torus, so the solution to free energy is hidden away in the heart of the magnet—a magnet that = zero energy = nothingness.


Nevertheless, the transformation of the dead energies requires energy and therefore free energy is impossible.

Not so: Newton’s first law of motion says that if a thing in space is spinning and nothing touches it, then the thing will spin forever without needing to add energy onto that thing in order to make it work. In this way, the transformation from dead energy to energy we can use can happen without the input of energy. All we need is a form in nature that is not in direct contact with our objects in space. In addition, that form is the form of the universe itself, which I proclaim to be a torus. If that form is an hourglass and stuff in nature is the sand, then our hourglass can spin forever without the sand stopping it. Nevertheless, what makes the hourglass turn? What makes our hourglass turn is the fact that nature does not have a skeleton upon which to support itself, the result being that we have no dam in nature to prevent motion from existing. Nature is thus a system and not a structure (see Buckminster Fuller). That system is the cuboctahedron, which is the blueprint of the torus. That motion is forever is not a paradox when motion, in its true form, is motionless: Imagine how the light views reality. The light goes so fast that, from the light’s perspective, everything in the universe freezes. But if light is constant, then things will stand inert/still on the light’s perspective for all time; but, if that is so, then things, in this perspective, have not had the time to freeze; so, if we push our logic here, then we will see that, from the light’s perspective, there is only nothingness or motionlessness/timelessness. We came from nothing. Moreover, all things in the universe = nothingness or zero. Lawrence Krauss agrees (see A Universe from Nothing). Therefore, the total sum of the forces that act on the form of the universe/the hourglass/nothingness/the torus is precisely zero. This is why the transformation of the dead energy will require zero energy and we have, on our hands: free energy.


However, nothingness = the universe, so how cannot the transformation of energy not require energy?

Imagine a row of Russian dolls, all the dolls within the biggest one will, in this picture, equal the biggest Russian doll, so the total sum of the forces that act on the form of the universe/the hourglass/nothingness/the torus/the biggest Russian doll is precisely zero. The biggest Russian doll orders/resurrects dead energy for us for all eternity (or at least till the end of time). Moreover, our torus/nothingness divides and grows as the cuboctahedron folds/collapses just like our Russian dolls fit into each other. Therefore, our dolls here are more than just a poetic picture.


Nothingness spins forever = constant matter creation (mini-big bangs).


  1. A body either remains at rest or continues in a straight path with a constant velocity if no force acts on the body or if the sum of the forces that acts on the body equals zero. (wiki)


From the web:

Considering the amount of energy packed in the nucleus of a single uranium atom, or the energy that has been continuously radiating from the sun for billions of years, or the fact that there are 10^80 particles in the observable universe, it seems that the total energy in the universe must be an inconceivably vast quantity. But it's not; it's probably zero.

Light, matter and antimatter are what physicists call "positive energy." And yes, there's a lot of it (though no one is sure quite how much). Most physicists think, however, that there is an equal amount of "negative energy" stored in the gravitational attraction that exists between all the positive-energy particles. The positive exactly balances the negative, so, ultimately, there is no energy in the universe at all.

Negative energy?

Stephen Hawking explains the concept of negative energy in his book The Theory of Everything (New Millennium 2002): "Two pieces of matter that are close to each other have less [positive] energy than the same two pieces a long way apart, because you have to expend energy to separate them against the gravitational force that is pulling them together," he wrote.

Since it takes positive energy to separate the two pieces of matter, gravity must be using negative energy to pull them together. Thus, "the gravitational field has negative energy. In the case of a universe that is approximately uniform in space, one can show that this negative gravitational energy exactly cancels the positive energy represented by the matter. So the total energy of the universe is zero."

Astrophysicists Alexei Filippenko at the University of California, Berkeley and Jay Pasachoff at Williams College explain gravity's negative energy by way of example in their essay, "A Universe From Nothing": "If you drop a ball from rest (defined to be a state of zero energy), it gains energy of motion (kinetic energy) as it falls. But this gain is exactly balanced by a larger negative gravitational energy as it comes closer to Earth’s center, so the sum of the two energies remains zero."

In other words, the ball's positive energy increases, but at the same time, negative energy is added to the Earth's gravitational field. What was a zero-energy ball at rest in space later becomes a zero-energy ball that is falling through space.

The universe as a whole can be compared to this ball. Initially, before the big bang, the universe-ball was at rest. Now, after the big bang, it is falling: light and matter exist, and they are moving. And yet, because of the negative energy built into the gravity field created by these particles, the total energy of the universe remains zero.

Ultimate free lunch

The question, then, is why the ball started falling in the first place. How did something – composed of equal positive and negative parts, mind you – come from nothing?

Physicists aren't exactly sure, but their best guess is that the extreme positive and negative quantities of energy randomly fluctuated into existence. "Quantum theory, and specifically Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, provide a natural explanation for how that energy may have come out of nothing," wrote Filippenko and Pasachoff.

They continued, "Throughout the universe, particles and antiparticles spontaneously form and quickly annihilate each other without violating the law of energy conservation. These spontaneous births and deaths of so-called 'virtual particle' pairs are known as 'quantum fluctuations.' Indeed, laboratory experiments have proven that quantum fluctuations occur everywhere, all the time."

Cosmologists have constructed a theory called inflation that accounts for the way in which a small volume of space occupied by a virtual particle pair could have ballooned to become the vast universe we see today. Alan Guth, one of the main brains behind inflationary cosmology, thus described the universe as "the ultimate free lunch."

In a lecture, Caltech cosmologist Sean Carroll put it this way: "You can create a compact, self-contained universe without needing any energy at all."

- See more at:


—My torus-hypothesis says that gravity is the spin of nothingness/cuboctahedron.

—My torus-hypothesis says that nothingness/the universe falls forever and has fallen forever; as it falls, it spins, as it spins, it breathes, as it breathes, it sucks in dead energy from the environment and orders it in its core where it is always hot—and this is free energy.


How to paint it as simple as possible:

Free energy is the act of breathing. It is that simple. Nothingness/the torus spins forever and nothing can change that. As nothingness spins, the universe breathes. As the universe breathes, it expels air/mini-toruses. In other words, we get a displacement in the fluid that is the universe. This displacement can propel, say, your car. Moreover, if we place the mechanism of nothingness inside your car, then we get a set of lungs that breathes forever (due to the perpetual motion of the spin of nothingness) and thus propels your car forever as the air/mini-toruses is/are once again sucked in/used to create a displacement in the fluid—ad infinitum. Therefore, the energy is there. That is, the reason why we need food, our car needs gas, and etc., has nothing to do with energy per se, what I mean is, the energy is there! The energy is there, so the problem is flow, energy flow. The reason why we need food is that we have an energy flow problem.



The Big Bang happens all the time therefore the core of nothingness always spins = mini-big bangs = free energy = torus creation


The philosopher’s stone shall grant you immortality = only the cuboctahedron can do that. The philosopher’s stone = the cuboctahedron.


The best of all possible forms/worlds is = to breathe in and out ad infinitum, which is the torus.



«By «shrink the room,» do you mean, shrink the universe?»



Because our universe contains many mini-universes/toruses. Shrink them. It can happen as our universe came from a singularity.


«But shrinking them requires energy?»


Not if you let the torus/nature do the job for you. Train your dragon.