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«What is free energy?»

Free energy is the ability to drive your car forever without adding fuel, that is, you have access to an infinite source of energy.


«But is not an infinite source of energy impossible?»

That is correct. An infinite source of energy is impossible; that is why our scientists say that free energy is impossible. Imagine a coffee cup brimming with hot coffee sitting on a table. The second law of thermodynamics says that, over time, the heat in the coffee will dissipate. The coffee cup can sit comfortably on your table for all eternity, but the coffee will never return to its hot state. Thus we see that energy is constantly dying, in this picture, it will never again return to life. In other words, time goes one way, it does not reverse and we say that an infinite source of energy is not possible.


«Then how is free energy possible?»

This is my idea: our physicists have not thought about this one: there is 1, and only 1, way of getting that heat back into the coffee cup: We shrink the room. That way, the heat has no choice but to go back into the coffee cup. We have created free energy! If we place this mechanism in your car, then we can drive your car forever as the mechanism sucks in dead energy from the environment and transforms it into energy that we can use. Einstein said that spacetime can bend. What if we have a form in nature that bends spacetime naturally? Such a form exists: the torus. The geomagnetic field is such a torus, so the solution to free energy is hidden away in the heart of the magnet—a magnet that = zero energy = nothingness.


«Nevertheless, the transformation of the dead energies requires energy and therefore free energy is impossible.»

Newton’s first law of motion says that if a thing in space is spinning and nothing touches it, then the thing will spin forever without needing to add energy onto that thing in order to make it spin. In this way, the transformation from dead energy to available energy can happen without the input of energy. All we need is a form in nature that is not in direct contact with our objects in space. In addition, that form is the form of the universe itself, which I proclaim to be a torus. If that form is an hourglass and stuff in nature is the sand, then our hourglass can spin forever without the sand stopping it. Nevertheless, what makes the hourglass turn? What makes our hourglass turn is the fact that nature does not have a skeleton upon which to support itself, the result being that we have no dam in nature to prevent motion from existing. Nature is thus a system and not a structure (see Buckminster Fuller). That system is the cuboctahedron, which is the blueprint of the torus. That motion is forever is not a paradox when motion, in its true form, is motionless: Imagine how the light views reality. The light goes so fast that, from the light’s perspective, everything in the universe freezes. But if light is constant, then things will stand inert/still on the light’s perspective for all time; but, if that is so, then things, in this perspective, have not had the time to freeze; so, if we push our logic here, then we will see that, from the light’s perspective, there is only nothingness or motionlessness/timelessness. We came from nothing! Moreover, all things in the universe = nothingness or zero. Lawrence Krauss agrees (see A Universe from Nothing). Therefore, the total sum of the forces that act on the form of the universe/the hourglass/nothingness/the torus is precisely zero—that is why the transformation of the dead energy will require zero energy and we have, on our hands, free energy.


Newton’s first law of motion: A body either remains at rest or continues in a straight path with a constant velocity if no force acts on the body or if the sum of the forces that acts on the body equals zero. (wiki)


The reason why traditional perpetual motion machines will not work is because the machines are sitting in an environment and thus outside influences will crush your dream. Think of the whole universe as your system. Free energy is not like that. Free energy is bending spacetime into a singularity where we have no outside influences, including the second law of thermodynamics, that can destroy our dream. That is, we shrink the system! The torus makes free energy work because its center is so tight and now our system is too therefore it too is a contracting torus. In the beginning of time there was order. So all we have to do, then, is to return to that state.

The reason why free energy works is that the atoms, which are toruses, can shrink without anyone or anything touching them. They breathe naturally. Free energy is breathing, ordering the dead energies in the toroidal center where the dead energy has no choice but to be crammed together. In other words, nothingness is spinning in and out and ordering energy on the way in. This has always occurred, will continue forever and nothing can stop it. This is immortality in the flesh and the reason why nature cannot die. If nature could die, we would not be here.

If we can bend spacetime in this way, we can also travel to other galaxies in no time at all. Free energy is also the ultimate way to travel. Free energy is omnipresence and omnipotence.

So if perpetual motion machines are the reason why you think free energy is impossible, then you are correct! But that does not mean that free energy has, even remotely, to do with you looking in the wrong place. If the second law of thermodynamics is the reason why you think free energy is impossible when the second law of thermodynamics is the greatest evidence we have for free energy when the second law of thermodynamics directly points to an ordered beginning!


Free energy is bending space.



The cuboctahedron is a system and thus collapses producing the torus + all the energy in the universe amounts to zero = there is no one to stop the torus from spinning for all eternity—and, as the torus spins, it orders energy at its center. Free energy. Simple. Just return to the original state of the cosmos!

On this picture energy is finite, it is not created nor destroyed, we do not violate conservation laws and the second law of thermodynamics is our best friend.


Let us look at it again with different words:


The Seat of Resurrection

Let us make a perfect resolution in our minds: The cuboctahedron is a system (meaning the squares in the cuboctahedron are unstable) and is therefore always in motion. The cuboctahedron is the blueprint of the universal torus. The torus therefore ever spins. The torus spins so fast as to produce nothingness. This happens in the core of the torus. The beginning of time (and therefore us) is the core of the torus. The forces of the cosmos equal zero and can therefore not stop our nothingness from spinning. Nothingness will therefore ever spin according to Newton’s First Law of Motion. That is, we always have energy; it cannot be created nor destroyed. Therefore the energy cannot perish, our problem is «difference;» that is, the difference is between the energy that we can use and the energy that we cannot use. What makes our difference is dimensionality. That is, the energy we cannot use is spread out into the environment, that is to say, if we could clump the atoms/energy back together again, then we could use it as the energy cannot perish; the energy can only diffuse. Nevertheless, this resurrection demands energy, you would say. Our resurrection here does not require energy if we have a form in nature that clumps the energy for us—and that form is the torus. That is, it is all about geometry, dimensionality. So free energy should work when we have the beginning of time with us all the time (literally in our pockets as our pockets are made of atoms/toruses), which is to say that the beginning of time is the toroidal center, the seat of the resurrection. That the beginning of time is with us even now is a new picture of the cosmos. In the beginning was order. This order is the birthplace of all the stars in our observable universe. If the beginning of time is not, as in the modern picture, in a galaxy, far, far away, we will have, in the toroidal center, the conditions that birthed the universe; and we will thus have an inexhaustible source for «fuel» when we understand that the source may be of zero (or very little) energy but can nevertheless provide an infinite amount of «fuel» because of this resurrection process that is possible with the aid of the geometry of the torus, namely its bottleneck and the fact that the torus ever spins to accomplish the resurrection in the neck. One could argue that this resurrection-process is only possible for the universe but not for its atoms and thus free energy is possible but not feasible, but that is false because the beginning of time is as vital/potent in one torus as it is in another. We can say that free energy is possible because of this asymmetry in nature, but you have to realize that the asymmetry here is an illusion in the sense that the toroidal center in any torus is the same, and the exact same, center in all toruses; this can provide insight to the peculiar nature of the quantum world. That is, we are, in actuality, dealing with symmetry. Therefore, free energy does not break that rule. The geometry makes free energy possible, so we are not upsetting any physical law. (In this picture, the universe is a torus and an atom, or any basic building block, is a torus.) Nevertheless, what makes the resurrected or clumped energy spin out of the toroidal center? That is the fact that nothingness ever spins and so everything that spins around this center cannot keep up («pushed out of the crowd») and will therefore spin out of the center/core (and not this «I put a ball in and I get a ball out» on Adrian’s account—read my book first); the thing is, now it is clumped together again and we can use it. That is, the heat in the coffee cup will become spread over time, but the heat or energy is always there, as energy cannot be destroyed, so all I have to do is to bring back the heat or atoms.


That is, without the bottleneck, nature would spread out forever and all would be dead in eternity. However, we are here, so maybe nature cannot die? More: How is consciousness possible if there were no bottleneck? That is, consciousness needs to focus/clump together and resurrect/get feedback from its previous action/rotation. How cool if our consciousness is inextricably linked to the fabric of nothingness itself! Consciousness would then be immortal, as nothingness can never perish.




«If free energy was true, then why are not our bodies running on it, that is, evolution would surely utilize such a concept?»

And she does. Free energy is taking the stuff you need from your environment. It is just that, on a larger scale, we do not accomplish free energy. Free energy is taking stuff from your environment and then cramming it into a «point» in the toroidal center with the aid of the eternal spin (which does not cost energy) of the torus; this works because of the geometry of the torus. Our tummies have a greater volume (geometry) than the toroidal center, but, it is the same idea/concept/principle. It is: as above, so below. So nature is not inconsistent. For example, our heart and lungs and brain = the dual torus. The difference is, our heart can be destroyed, the dual torus that is the fabric of spacetime and nothingness, cannot be destroyed. That is the difference. Our heart follows the principle of free energy, but our heart cannot make free energy as it is not as strong as the great dual torus which we really want.


«Then why is there so much hate towards free energy when free energy is the solution to all our problems like poverty, global warming, etc..? Why are people being ridiculed and killed pursuing free energy?»

1. Money. Free energy would be free and all their money would turn to ash. Free energy is for a higher evolved consciousness, that is, a consciousness that is not interested in money. See Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take? (Always ask: Did the Illuminati make this?)

2. If you make free energy in your garage, then you have also proven the existence of E.T. as the Flower of Life, which is the blueprint of the cuboctahedron, is over 6000 years old! In no way did our ancestors know how to create omnipresence and omnipotence in their garage! This knowledge must stem from the stars.

3. The Illuminati does not want to put omnipresence and omnipotence in the hands of the sheeple. Free energy is the ultimate technology, the power of God!

4. There are probably a myriad reasons ... the greatest one being that Nikola Tesla was right! And they do not want YOU to know that!


Here is something to mull over:

32 (positive) = 32 tetrahedrons, aka The Father

32 (negative) = 32 reversed tetrahedrons, aka The Mother

32 + 32 = 64

64 = Metatron's Cube (the original Pandora's box?) is literally a cube and it is the 64 tetrahedron array, which is the solution to the Kabbalah and the I Ching. But what is it? It is a cuboctahedron embedded within another cuboctahedron, which answers the workings of free energy and time/evolution, that is, time grows exponentially!


Free energy tales?

The Phoenix (64 feathers) resurrects and rises from the ashes. Jesus raises the dead. Jesus (the center point in the cuboctahedron) and his 12 disciples (the 12 vectors in the cuboctahedron). The Holy Grail (the cuboctahedron) has been the cup that never empties. Then you have the goose that lays golden eggs perpetually (which is a masonic tale). The Fountain of Youth. Muspelheim (32) and Niflheim (32). Yin (32) and Yang (32). The Kabbalah (64). The I Ching (64 hexagrams). Countless video games and movies like Tomb Raider and the Infinity Stones in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Cinema is never the same when you know the Illuminati has a hand in Hollywood. The story is told time and again in different clothes. The Zodiac (the 12 vectors in the cuboctahedron). The Tarot. King Arthur, the Round Table (the expanding and contracting torus) and the Sword in the Stone ((sword = fire = triangle) + (stone = earth = square) = the geometry of the cuboctahedron); remove the sword from the stone = the folding cuboctahedron and thus unlimited power. The Mayan Calendar. And the chess board consists of the 64 and Yin (black) & Yang (white). The elements of the flag of South Korea = the Star Tetrahedron. The Star Tetrahedron x 8 = the 64 tetrahedron grid. The Swastika (if Himmler only knew!) is the net of the cuboctahedron. The Philosopher's stone and the World Egg = the cuboctahedron. 64 codons in our DNA. The 64 tantric arts of Kama Sutra! The original card deck (32).

The Infinity Stones aka the 4 + 2 elements: earth/yellow (hexahedron), water/blue (icosahedron), air/green (octahedron); fire/red (tetrahedron), and ether/love/humanoid/5 limbs/purple (dodecahedron) and void (i.e., the «vacuum» of space)

Google «Zelda medallions.» Even the colors match the Infinity Stones! All a coincidence?

But what is it?

It is the Platonic solids + the «vacuum» (nothingness?)

When the cuboctahedron folds to create free energy, it folds thusly:

Cuboctahedron, earth (+ fire)

Icosahedron (water)

Octahedron (air)

Tetrahedron (fire)

The cuboctahedron thus contains the four elements. The cuboctahedron also has this dodecahedral phase, so the cuboctahedron also contains the 5th element, which is love (see the movie The Fifth Element from 1997). This dodecahedral phase is the reason why humans have 5 fingers and why we exist at all and why the humanoid will evolve time and again in the cosmos, that is, convergent evolution.


In short: The Infinity Stones give you unlimited power aka free energy.



Prometheus stole fire (the tetrahedron?) from heaven, Zeus got mad and presented Pandora to Prometheus' brother Epimetheus the afterthinker!


When the Masons walk on their chessboard floors, it is:

1. They really like chess. Or,

2. They are stepping on the truth.


When you open your eyes, you will see the Freemason's machinations everywhere! Right, Sol Om On? (Is Ra El) (Mer Ka Ba) (Hint: The Father, Mother and the Child. The original trinity.)

The tale of FREE ENERGY (64) has been told an infinite number of times. Why? Because, imagine the scenario where E.T. actually landed on terra firma, imparted his knowledge, and then left. What world would we live in? We would live in a world where the tale of FREE ENERGY has been told an infinite number of times.


But who said they left?




«What keeps the universe together?»

I believe it is the dual torus which keeps things from flying apart, that is, the positive and the negative dancing together on the waves of the cosmic sea. «Positive» is a torus which spins one way and «negative» is a torus which spins in the opposite direction of the first. The dual torus is the very foundation of space and time and comes out of the cuboctahedron which is the geometry to all. In other words, in the beginning was the dual torus, Yin & Yang, Niflheim & Muspelheim.

In the beginning was the dual torus, so I strongly believe that you need 2 toruses in order to accomplish free energy.