Where would you go?

About my poem:

If you could travel and so, where would you go? The Time Machine is a poem about a time traveler who obeys his wife’s every whim and travels back and forth in time in order to please her. But, alas! there is no pleasing her, so our time traveler finally decides to undo the time machine by traveling back to his friend who invented it and stop him.


About me:

I am just a 31 yr ole fellow from Norway interested in poetry since I began writing it. I was 19. I have a girlfriend and a son (1 yr). I work as an assistant at a primary school in Trysil where we live. My story begins back in 2004(5), in a factory. I worked the night shift; and, one night, my MP3 player had recorded some “noise.” The Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). I heard the voice of my brother. I hear myself speak! Then I heard two voices. “I will kill you.” Repeatedly. “I will kill you.” “I will kill you.” “I WILL KILL YOU!”


I did not sleep that night!


After that night in the factory, I began writing things; I began penning poems like I was possessed. My passion in life is the truth. I am a truth-seeker. I crave a picture of the whole cosmos. I want to know how it started, how it will end and if the end = the beginning. The Buddha said all is a circle. Thus all is a circle, free energy and a Creator of the universe is possible. Thus all is a circle, Adam and Eve are in our future! Maybe they sensed my deep longing for the truth and thus tested me? The goal is to kill the you. The you is an illusion. And when you do, you are back at Nirvana. I have been to Nirvana, but I had an ego(!) The universe is literally a dream because I woke up! I have written a book about it all. You can download my book for free on my website Zorabia.com. I also play the piano and compose music to my poems. See Thor Fabian Pettersen on YouTube. It is not easy to get people to read my free energy book. But then I remember my favorite poet Edgar Allan Poe: I would not have read Poe’s Eureka if it was not for my fascination with the man. If I had not known about his poems, I would never have known about his Eureka. And my book on free energy, which I have dubbed Fairyland (a tribute to Poe), is my Eureka. In other words, if I want people to read my free energy book, then I need a NAME. This is the reason why I am penning poems. This is not my best poem. I have penned over 250 poems.


Also that night my MP3 player played a song by Coldplay: Birds came flying from the underground, if you could see it then you’d understand? Then I knew it all started from the state of nothingness. But I did not understand at the time. But how I was yearning to know the truth! If I could “travel,” I know where I would go!




If you could travel and so,

Where would you go?


Time and time and time again,

I have traveled back and forth. And then,

I have traveled as far as the eye can see.

I have been what all men dream to be.

I have posed as the Pharaoh of long ago.

I have watched the dinosaurs forgo.

I have witnessed the dawn of the human race.

Seen my own birth taken place.

Traversed the future of the earth and space

Is pulling you in out there--I have seen the wall.

I fear, my dearest, I have seen it all.


'Tis not a rhyme, but a crime I pen.

I have seen the beginning--and the end.

I have killed my grandfather, time again!

So now I travel back to thee to free my friend

From e'er inventing this ghastly apparatus!

Rising into a flamboyant pyre,

It can e'er fuel the fire;

Never quench the heart's desire!

In time it will be--

In time you'll see,

It can never save your marital status.


Her demands were never half as mean,

'Fore the invention of the


Time machine.