Peter Pan & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

If spacetime is a tool of the animal mind, then I guess my trip took me "inside" the tool. Nevertheless, it was not a physical place. It was a "spiritual" place. It was the yellow matrix of the Matrix movie.


Imagine a forest. Where does this forest lie? It lies "way in there." You cannot point to it. You can overlay in on this physical plane and then point to it. That is not the forest I want you to image. I want you to image a forest that lies "way in there." In addition, that forest lies in another dimension. Now, imagine going there. You are no longer in a physical place.


I have learned to remember my dreams and, one thing you will notice is that, upon awakening, your dreams do not melt away, as it were, rather, your consciousness moves from dreamland and "out," into the normal state. You can feel the transition. Your dream does not vanish but becomes normal thought(s). Basically, to dream means to be consciously inside the thought-bubble. If that makes sense.


Consciousness is not glued to our skull. Consciousness is a projection. This must be so or else the mirror trick wouldn't work: If you rub, say, your (hidden) hand while focusing on the mirror hand, then you will soon feel the sensation on the inside of the mirror. Basically, your consciousness gets projected into the mirror. And it makes evolutionary sense why this should be so. The animal needs to adapt quickly. To map where you are in the environment and, the ability to do so quickly, it is the difference between life and death. Then the phantom limb thing! Nay! Consciousness is nowhere. That is, consciousness is a projection.


Thus, when we dream, our consciousness is projected. And say what you want about that place "way in there;" in any case, it is not a physical place. Now, imagine being fully conscious, as you are now, inside your dream. That is called lucid dreaming. But, I went further.


I broke through: Terence McKenna calls it, "Dreaming awake."


For me, it was more like going to the factory where dreams are made. I was not dreaming at all! I was as I am now writing this stuff.


So when you say I was just dreaming, I get upset.


When you are there, you know! You mind just explodes. And there are mini tvs everywhere. Vertically. Horizontally. In row. Like an infinite chess board. The tvs lie on the top of your iris. Wherever you look, and the tvs come with you. And they are bright. And they are in your face! And they display some sort of kaleidoscopic image. No! That is not what I saw. What they display is formlessness. You would think that formlessness was black or something. You could not draw these. They had no form. Even in the river you will see forms. Even in chaos you will see forms. They had no form. And it was fast. And even if you slowed them down to snail-pace, they would display no form. It was as if the brain could not make forms or shapes out of them. They were all that was. It is just them and you. You are not on earth. You are in another dimension altogether. And it is scary! A thought occurs: I am in hell! Then, like an angel from above, some force explains to me (not in words): This is the beginning of time. Basically, what I was looking at was the stuff that dreams are made of. So I was not "in" a dream. I was on the outside peering in. It was mainly bright and yellow with many colors flickering through it. I was in a room.


You are not on earth. You are in another dimension. You are there. You are in the factory where dreams are being made. Almost as if an Oompa Lompa would come and yell at me: "You are not supposed to be here!" he cried, "this is a restricted area!"


Was I outside the universe?


Almost as if I woke up in my brain that was having a dream, and then I could see how dreams were made. But not really. Because all I saw were these mini tvs. I was looking at the dream-stuff! Like when you watch TV, you are not "in" the TV. Likewise, I was not "in" my dream (like we normally are at night). I was watching it from the outside. That is what I mean by "breaking through."


But you get these tvs on a normal DMT trip also.


Staying here forever would be hell. But, then again, anything with "forever" in it is hell. However, staying here for more than a minute; it is scary! Scary place.


And it lies beyond dreamland.


Was this a lucid dream?


No. I have had lucid dreams in my life. Dreams where you can listen to songs never made. Dreams where you can touch objects. Feel them. Dreams where you can read and then put it away, pick it up again and read some more. And it stays the same. And you can understand it. Read a poem no poet has ever penned.


But this, was something else. It was not a dream.


But then came another thing, another realm.


It was Plato!


It may have started out as a lucid dream. But then you really awoke. You could see all around you. You can certainly do that in a lucid dream too. But not like this. It was amazing. You are there. Looking at it. Touching it. Flying through it.


If a lucid dream is like 1080p... This was 4320p!


You could fly. I know where Peter Pan went! Neverland is real! And when you get there you remember it.


I remember now.


You are just like Peter Pan who forgot. But you will remember someday.


Our trees are 2D and dull. The trees here were 3D. You could peer into them!


You screamed "Yahoo!" when you flew. So much fun! You were a child again. At least at heart. Your consciousness was light. Not heavy like adult-consciousness.


I can fly!


It was a magical land. Your will was instantaneously manifested. You wanted a new castle. No prob.


And then...


The realm turned to like plastic! It was still fun to fly around, but the realness was gone.


Then, I really woke up. The mini tvs come on, strong. You try to go back. But you soon realize that, if you try to control this thing, it will show you hell. So luckily, somewhere, I found the disposition to just kick back and relax. If you do anything else, fear will come. And he is grim!


This disposition existed mainly because I knew I would return soon. And so I could relax more and observe.


But I never went to hell. I never went to a really dark place. And you can certainly sense that these places exist! They are there; just around the corner. Christianity got their notions from the Buddhists and, some of them guys really went to hell! It is not fiction. Lucky for them, they had bodies to return to. When you die and DMT floods your brain, you have no body to return to.


Why do you think they wrote the Book of the Dead? For fun!?


I am an atheist. For me, religion is a cheap copy of the real thing. A very real thing.


But what can we do?


Study the Book of the Dead?


Having visited this mysterious place on the other side of the cosmos, I came to see how reality is composed. What I believe:





Physical reality.

In that order.


I did not see the nothingness (in a spiritual place I suppose you could therefore nothingness has real properties and your brain can interpret that), but it makes sense that formlessness can evolve from nothing as formlessness is a form of nothing.


Can a philosophy support this view?

Robert Lanza merges Kant and Darwin.

It makes sense that the forms that be, become gradually stronger through an evolutionary process. A dual process where mind and matter co-evolve.


Physical reality awakens in man. But the plants sleep. So dreams came before physical manifestation therefore plants came before us. From our eyes, it does not look that way, though.


We can see the plants. They are physical.


From our perspective; yes.


From our perspective, the world is physical. But, from the plants' own perspective, it may be another world.


And where does this "factory" lie?

Like the hero in the book, he can point to "the other side" by pointing toward the sky, but he has no idea what "the other side" really means. Only the reader knows.


So we can talk of "the other side," but it will be in vain. You must experience it for yourself.


Physical reality.


Where I went.



How do you do it without taking drugs?

The body produces DMT naturally and, if the Platonic realms are real, then, it is all about remembering stuff. Thus go to bed every night and tell your brain that you shall remember your dream. When you have become a master of this, you will start to remember something else that you have forgotten: another realm entirely.


How can the Platonic realms be real? Because evolution is really an illusion. Evolution requires time. But there is no time. Reality is timeless. In this realm, evolution happens in the blink of an eye. The Logos? A previous evolved supercomputer? Our subconsciousness? Who knows?


Dreams may have come before physical reality. The "fairies" may have sung this universe into being! "A song is a song."--Terence McKenna


"A song is a song." = Reality is timeless and therefore: the mind-field has always been there.


If the Chocolate factory is dreamland, then I went to the restricted area.