If a Lego dude comprised of nothing but Lego bricks were to mull, "Man, when I get destroyed, my Lego bricks will be all over the place. I will never be built again." then we have the attitude of the atheist. "When I die, that's it, folks!" But here comes the terrible hand of the Creator and creates another Lego dude that is exactly, and exactly, like our Lego dude! How rude! Then, in a flash of yellow Lego bricks, our Lego original dude realizes: "I am immortal!"


"I am immortal, not because there is such a thing as the Creator, not because I will be built again, but because I am, and literally so, all these Lego bricks! Thus no matter what creations will evolve, I will be those creations. I am Lego." (i.e., the Logos)


Alternatively: "I am groot!"



Why it works: Because the Universe is an illusion. Crack the mirror in two and you get two objects.






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