There is an awful lot going on behind the scenes that I can’t even begin to explain, call it magic, call it technology, it all comes out the same, serving the same purpose.

You have to open your mind and maybe have a little faith!






This site is not just another bullshit pseudo spiritual site, why do I say that? Because you can actually understand the content for yourself, everything I write, and it has to be said that this is not an easy read. Well okay, I have explained everything using the language and examples of today, so in that sense it's WAY easier to understand than any incomplete thousand odd year old symbolism doc. But then it still takes effort, you will have to do some mental gymnastics, brush up on your science and technology, and read with an open mind.

You see: I once went down to Glastonbury, and in the vein of open-mindedness, I paid some twat £20 to blow a diggery-doo at me for 20 mins. He reckoned it would open my chakras. Well I was curious to see if it was the bullshit I thought it was, and I did have some time to kill but yeah, yes it was bollocks, you have to test your theories though don’t you! There is no ‘quick fix’ in any aspect of life, we are linear beings and we learn in a linear way, (yes in extreme cases this can be surpassed via ‘awakenings/remembrances’ but it’s not an ideal situation, it consumes the journey too fast, long story, of which you will understand as and if you read the texts on this site). And I’m saying this because some guy I know, who calls himself spiritual, (I don’t, I am just a person…), well he reckoned that there was too much text on the site? Which is akin to how people these days get pissed off waiting 5 minutes for their Big Mac dementia burger! It really pisses me off that most people will spend three years at university learning to parrot back random shit in order to pass an exam, yet they want God on a plate? Laziness it is!

Do you really expect to learn about God, the meaning of life, the scientific unification theory in less time than it takes to get a bullshit degree? If you do, you are lost, so, so, lost.

I can explain what God is, finally this is true despite all the bullshit claims thus far that lead to understandable scepticism, and the story of why I can is unlike any you have heard, other than in the bible.

This is not a faddy bullshit belief system for middle age new age warriors, and it’s not a new religion. It’s simply the truth that will empower us all, set us all free. No followers, all will ‘become’! And no book CD’s for sale for £9.99, you can’t sell God, God belongs to everyone, this information is ‘ours’ not mine.

This is real! LOGICAL!!!!!

That’s if you can be arsed to study the pages, and yeah I made it fun. I rant and entertain for effect, and it’s funny in places…so…

Have fun with it, read ALL of the docs and the picture should soon begin to emerge, the penny will drop. Yes improbable, but I promise you this is true, really!

I’ve kept it short handed, I can answer ALL questions but then as I say often in the texts. This really needs to be thrashed out in a question and answer format, face to face. And that is not possible at this time, so this site will have to do for now. It’s a beginning. There is enough to get on with, the basic schematic is there, and there are some shit faced poignant points that have never been addressed before. Some believe that they will never know what God is, well that is bullshit, you’ll see why if you read on.

Enjoy… We are reaching our coming of age!!! Really, I kid you not...yeah, yeah you’ve heard it all before, well, maybe try one more time aye, it will be worth it, I promise you, I swear to God! What else are you gonna do with your time, go shopping, feed your fat face or go to the pub?



Bergy The Iceman… (Steve Berg)







Before I woke I was asleep…

State the obvious why don’t you Bergy boy. Well… sometimes it needs to be stated! Or maybe, reinstated..

I was asleep, I had no idea and with everyone around me in the same boat/situation, it was like any other dream, you simply go along with it don’t you…..


Yes, I’m saying that life is a dream, a more sophisticated and interactive dream obviously, but then a ‘dream’ all the same. And so I think it pays to examine what we know about dreams.


I once had a dream that I was in the local shopping mall in my pyjamas, yeah yeah, okay, ‘What was a shopping mall doing in your pyjamas?’ The old ones are the ……old ones…. And this dream was dumbass from the start because I don’t wear pyjamas.

All I could think to do was to find my car in order to get home, find an end this perplexing situation.

I did manage to get to the car park somehow, dreams are funny aren’t they? I saw a door that lead to the car park but then I didn’t walk through it, I looked at it and the next minute I was in the car park?

So there I now was, looking for a giant orange, that was now my car for some strange dream world reason. (I hope I don’t run out of juice….)

With the point being that unless you realise the dream, become lucid, then you simply go along with what ever reality is presented to you….

When you wake you can see how suppressed your intellect had been during the dream state. How did I end up in the shopping mall? Why was I trying to drive a giant Orange?

Why didn’t I simply find a security guard and tell him that I had lost my memory and now I’ve found myself here dressed in pyjamas? I need help. (You are not able to think that way in a dream.)


(Therefore, if I suggest to you, that the person you think you are is not all of who you really are, you are just a dream version of your greater self, you should be able to understand why I said it. It’s not a ridiculous statement.

Unless of course you are drone, reading this by mistake. In that case yes, what you think you are is exactly what you are, no, let me rephrase that, you are exactly what we can see you are, what you think you are is anyone’s guess, drones don’t leave this level of dreaming, and yes, all experience is a dream in the one mind, there is no physical base reality, only mind.)


Of course if you do become lucid within the dream you DO have access to your intellect, in fact using one dream I had as an example, you can see how that lucidity affected the said dream:


I was driving out of London on the M4 ‘elevated section’, a journey I’d taken many times. But then for some reason I was drawn to look at my car radio, because it wasn’t my radio, it was some kind of branded thing, when my radio was a Ford built in jobby.

I just kept staring at it, this is not my radio, how is this possible?

And then this was all so real, I could see people around me in other cars, I remember seeing kids in the back of a Volvo, probably a subconscious image from a car advert or something who knows?

Becoming lucid now I began to figure it out, where had I been? I had no idea how I’d ended up here, the radio was wrong, I must be dreaming, But! It did feel Very real.

I even wound down the window and could feel the rush of air on my face!

Realising that this could not be real I said to myself, ‘Okay Bergy, put your money where you mouth is…pull the wheel!’ You see this is also quite revealing as to the nature of ‘reality’. I knew deep down that I was dreaming, but the air on my face, my sense of physical self, it still suggested reality and that relates to what should happen if I pull the wheel. So I was scared! So….. With that thought in mind I pulled the steering wheel sending the car crashing over the safety barrier.

My car sailed trough the air (this was an elevated section of the M4), it hit a tower block, which then saw me driving up the said building vertically lol!

Reaching the top my car stalled and slid backwards to street level, where I got out, laughed and then jumped into the air and started to fly…..etc etc. When you become lucid in a dream, it’s time to have some fun, you can do whatever you like, I can walk through walls is my dreams, it’s so cool.

These things are only possible because you realise that the dream is not real, you real-ize the dream, and therefore you can bend it, but then first you have to break it, prove it to be fake, and that’s why lucid dreams often start with a jump out of the window or something.

And no you can’t try that in life, because ‘life’ is a different level of dreaming, it has different rules. Jump out of a window and you die………

Unless you can real-ize this dream, maybe Jesus did, who knows at this point?

I know this place is not real for a fact, but then I still can’t real-ize it, probably due to fear….I’m still spitting out apple…I think we all are.



But then my point is that dreaming is a great example that shows that you may well not be firing on all cylinders in this ‘Life’. You would say that you are, as did I, but no. When you wake from ‘life’, life simply looks dreamlike and absurd, no one even looks up?

How the f**k can we be ‘in’ a universe, in order for that to be true, the universe would have to have a boundary to be with ‘in’?

If there were a boundary then what’s on the other side, none of this makes any kind of sense.

And how did it all get here, Hawking says an explosion from NO THING, and in that for no possible reason. He uses the word spontaneous, and yet nothing spontaneous has ever been seen in this place! Spontaneous combustion is due to heat or via a reaction that again created heat.

You can’t ‘be’ spontaneous, you can be adventurous even irresponsible but spontaneity would mean that you are not aware of your actions until you do them, like a convulsion or something, and even that has a cause.

I suppose you could ‘spontaneously’ shit yourself….a big surprise to you yes…..but there would have been an underlying cause….lol

In true nothingness, no energy, no space, no thing, there can’t be an action, there is no place or possible reason for the action to occur. Ergo, nothing will have to remain nothing. (So what caused the big bang? I will explain later in my ‘explanation of creation’, or, explain earlier if you have already read it lol.)

With my greater point being that in life, unless you wake, you are all metaphorically wandering around the mall in your pyjamas, this place never ever made any sense in strict logical terms. And yet no one even pays much attention, even as I write this you all say shit like, ‘Oh yeahhhhh, lol lol, he’s so right…….what’s on tv tonight oh and I have to get to Tesco, we need some more toilet roll.’

You hear the words but the reality won’t sink in. This is a bit like how when you think you know someone is cheating on you, you may well think you know, but when you see them holding hands, well that’s a different ‘state’ of being.

You just think you know. The seeing them holding hands bit is when you wake!


And I am saying all of this for one reason, your ego will Demand that you are fully aware, fully awake, simply because you can see and touch reality…..Eyes V. Mind!

All you will see with your eyes will be the constructed reality and that is designed to look real. You have to look via the intellect, I.E. matter looks solid but then it is a fact that if you were in a micro space ship, you could fly straight through it.

But you can’t see that with your eyes, only your mind can show you such things.

It’s the intellect that’s asleep, not the eyes, they see what they are supposed to see.

You are ‘third eye blind’, but yes, I can show you how to wake.

And it’s no big mystery, example:


If you can’t read then all of these letters mean nothing to you. They look like a kind of Celtic pattern. Hieroglyphs are even worse, they don’t look like a language at all, they look like how kids draw on walls.

But then someone can teach you how to read, and all of a sudden you see all of this opening up to you!!!

In the same vein I am going to give you a new way of looking at Everything, and when you get it, you will wonder why you never saw it before, but it’s like I said, you are metaphorically wandering around the planet Mall in your pyjamas.

And don’t expect miracles or starbursts etc, the unexpected and obvious thing is that the ‘truth’ will all seem so ‘normal’ to you, ‘Yeah, it has to be that way’!

Finally it will make sense, looking back you see how stupid you’ve been, not seeing it, and then you look at the people in the world all taking themselves so seriously lol it’s a freak show, not to mention a torture chamber and a blood bath. This planet has LOST it lol lol Look at it!!!


Intolerance, war, exploitation, greed, poverty, injustice, lies, corruption and all wrapped up in a civil façade. A piece of shit in a suit and tie.



When you wake, as in waking from a dream post sleep in ‘life’, wake up in the morning. You remember your higher state, you can see how stupid you were in the dream state, and that’s what happened to me, I simply woke from this dream of life and remembered what’s going on. And yet in order for that to make any kind of sense, it takes a very long explanation which I will give but not in this text, this is the story of how I woke, how it happened. (The explanation of existence will make this account seem actually quite logical, a simple eventuality, part of the cycle of creation.)


How I woke.


I suppose the beginning of the ‘strange’ happened when I was working at Windsor Castle, (I’m a roofing Leadworker by trade, I was working on the new lead roof within the round tower back in 1992. And yes I was there when St George’s hall burnt down, kind of symbolic I think. I stood in the flag tower watching the Firemen as they tried to push the fire engine that had got stuck, off of the grass and out of the way. This as it was stopping all the other engines getting in. They didn’t tell you that on the News and what’s the big deal anyhow? Firemen are human they make mistakes, like we all do, do you really want to point the finger. No, just tell it like it is, shit happens, and to everyone. In fact they said that the fire was due to a lady on the restoration team leaving a halogen light trained against a curtain. The Queen to her credit never let this become public, but then why would it be such a big deal? She never meant for it to happen, she must have been devastated, a cue for all of us to rally round her, make her realise we don’t blame her, try to take the sting out of it. It could have happened to anyone! But no, this society blames and so the Queen had to step in.

That’s if it’s even true the story they were telling in the castle at that time?)

Watching the roof of St George’s hall fall in section by section thinking, hmmm this will be a good contract……With regards to the Monarchy, I have the same view as John Lydon, I have nothing against the so called royal family as people, in fact I think that Charles has some good ideas. I simply don’t agree with the whole concept of structured inequality. In a Fairy Tale land yes, where everyone is looked after by the great and good King and Queen, Protectors of the weak, there is peace and prosperity in the land, why not…But no, we don’t need another costly superfluous layer of government, maybe they should go PLC! I’m sure they could make money easy, endorsements events lol.


The Royal Family PLC lol


So, I was sitting in the round tower of Windsor Castle reading the paper during a break, and I noticed an advert, ‘Leadworkers wanted in the Middle East’. Not something you see every day, but then I ‘knew’ we would get that job, and I had no idea how or why I knew. I simply knew and I said as much to my workmates, Les remembers it well!

Don’t get me wrong, I have never been into spiritualism of any kind. I was born a Jew and bar completing my Barmitzva, because my Dad made me, I have never been religious. I grew up in a Christian area and went to a Christian and yet secular school. Well, I say school, but then it was really a place for dysfunctional council estate kids to go during the day (and not every day, only when they could catch you …).

But then this kind of thing is still within the realms of what we call ‘normal’ isn’t it, we all get these ‘feelings’, like when you think of someone you haven’t seen in ages and then they call.




Within a few months, my work mates and I……….me and my work mates……were jetting off to Israel. The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem to be precise.

They were carrying out a complete roof refurbishment and our little gang of four competed nationwide in the UK (under the Roofing Contractor) to win the Leadwork element. In fact the Main Contractor winning the global bid were an Irish firm, who then appointed the oldest Leadwork firm in the UK because this was a very prestigious contract indeed, and then we as subcontractors competed with every subcontract gang who applied in the UK, so, the chances of me, a Jew, ending up working on the site of the Temple were pretty dam slim.

Competed? Yeah we simply completed a roof up Oxford way, and we won via a mix of quality, speed and of course price.



Nothing much happened whilst I was there (the strange), there was slight incident when they found out I was Jew, that didn’t go over too well…..

This happened due to one of the Irish guys who worked for the Main Contractor. He was a bit of a loon, and he though it would be funny to tell them after I’d gone. Well, they decided to add a second phase, cladding the inside of the retaining wall so I had to go back! lol

To put this into context, when our company took down the crescent moon finial from the Dome, and took it apart for gold plating, there was a Hebrew inscription inside it.

It turned out that this particular finial was made in France by Jewish craftsmen. So that finial disappeared real fast, they replace it with another from the museum.

Quite a good example of hypocrisy in fact, they removed the finial because it was easy and cost nothing, they already had spares. But then on that same principle, shouldn’t they have removed the 140 tonne of lead that I had a hand in?

Well yes, but then there’s the ‘massive’ cost. So principles (God) or money? Most choose money.

They even tried to give me a hard time what the f**k, one Palestinian worker spat on the floor as I walked by calling me fucking Jew….I had it out with them.

I was born a Jew but then religion means nothing to me, and anyhow all this shit in the Middle East has got fuck all to do with religion, it’s about money, power, land, period.

So what changed I asked them? I worked along side them, I would share my drinks with them and not wipe the top of the bottle like the condescending others, as if they were dirty or something. We got along fine I even gave a motor racing team jacket to one guy because he liked it so much.

They respected me, I respected them, so what changed?

They did see reason in the end, it all blew over and we were workmates again, post the racist brain fart.


And then the strange?


There was one incident.


I was waking across the Dome area one day, going to take a pee. There’s no toilets in the Dome area itself, as it’s holy, and holy people don’t shit and piss let alone fart???????

So this guy comes running up to me, I actually spotted him about 50 yards away, I don’t know why, he kind of didn’t belong there if you know what I mean.

He came up to me and shook my hand, for a little too long in fact.

He said, ‘You have come to help restore our Father’s house’.

‘Yeah we are doing the lead, around the dome, on the roof.’, I replied, but then he just looked puzzled. He wasn’t interested in the Dome?

And he would let go of my fucking hand?

Eventually I pulled my hand back, I was thinking, what is this guy’s problem/agenda, to be honest I thought he was gay and hitting on me because I’m blond, and you can say what you like, this is not a place for political correctness bullshit. That happens in that part of the world, I have seen it myself. (I am neither anti nor pro gay, I only like decent people and they come in all sorts of shapes colours and sizes.)

So, I pulled back my hand and headed on my way, (I also noted that he didn’t once look at my workmate and we were both wearing company logo T shirts?)

As I walked off he shouted after me telling me his name in what was defiantly not Hebrew, and then it didn’t sound like Arabic either, and he seemed to expect me to know that name?

Well I was out of there, he’s introducing himself now…!

But then he shouted out again, ‘Jesus!.. .. In English that’s Jesus!’


Fuck me I’m not even a Christian, I was thinking that he thought I was because the Main Contractor were an Irish firm.


The whole thing made no sense at the time…


The awakening actually happened months later whilst I was working on another one of God’s houses, Truro Cathedral in Cornwall.

This was after a relationship break up and a short trip to India; it was a time of great change for me, a new direction/path that I had no idea even existed.

Hard for me, I wanted my life as it was, well nearly, I wanted my life and then just a teeny bit more but then don’t we all….


The last teeny bit never arrives, get one teeny bit, and then you need another.


What I’m saying is that there was something missing, so you try the plug the gap, with endless teeny bits…


I came back from India and contacted the companies I usually subcontracted for, this to see if there were any projects on the go. And it was actually the same company I’d worked for in Jerusalem who gave me the contract in Truro.

(Replacing box gutters and ridge cappings to the Cathedral roof.)


I lived in London, you can’t travel to Cornwall daily, so I had to find digs. I found a holiday cottage to rent at a good price, right by the sea, only ten mins from the Cathedral and the name of the cottage was Shiloh! Which meant nothing to me at the time but it does become relevant later.

We travelled down a few days early to ‘acclimatise’ get set up in the cottage etc.

We? Myself, my workmate Gary and Claire, a girl I’d met in India.

We’d had a relationship in India, but then she was about 20 and I was about 30, we never once thought we would stay together, we said that from the off. We were simply out of sync, she wanted to travel more and eventually have kids, I’d already done all of that.

We agreed that this would be our last ‘holiday’, a time together in a nice place before our paths parted. Claire wanted to explore Cornwall; she loved the twisty lanes and little shops.

Sad, we really liked each other, infatuated but no not love, in fact pre-wake I had no idea what love was.


After a relaxing weekend with a barbecue etc, on the Monday morning Gary and I set up site, installed the winches etc. Took delivery of the lead, walked the parapets with the Main Contractor to define the scope of works.

The contract began like any other contract, the first few days were normal.

We actually spent quite a while checking out the roof space. Man it’s like ‘Indiana Jones’ in there, suspended walkways and hidden passages.


The weird shit started one day when me and Gary were sitting on the ridge line about a 100ft up, replacing ridge cappings.

Gary said, ‘It’s funny, you would have thought that the spire would look taller from the ground, and yet you have to be up here in order to see just how big it actually is’.

As I looked up at the tower, it broke a dream I’d had maybe 3 years before, you see this was the exact same imaged I’d seen in the dream, and you had to be 100ft up in order to see it from this perspective.

In the dream there was a noise like a siren, in reality the same noise was coming out of the louvers of the spire, it was someone tuning the organ. Coincidence?

Seeing this image dragged me back to the dream, in the dream the spire split into three which sent up a column of energy that shot into the air and then somehow came back and connected with every other holy site around. Possibly connecting to every holy site on the planet, that was the inference of the dream but I didn’t/couldn’t see that.

It’s hard to explain but looking at this image now changed my entire experience of reality. I was not entirely sure if I was dreaming or awake, and the dream I’d had so many years back, linking to this image seemed to have only just happened?

I was feeling, well, I was unsettled, not in control, I felt strange almost drunk or mildly tripping.

Because of this I decided to get down off the roof, it felt as if I could have jumped down, so yeah, best not test that theory, I knew exactly how I got here on this occasion, all the way back to my rude alarm clock. This was not a dream, but then I was not so sure what it was…

I made an excuse to go and get drinks, tentatively making my way down to street level. In the shop queuing for drinks my mind was racing, but then the spiral deepened as everything I was thinking was being answered by the songs on the radio??? (Synchronicity)

This was making me feel really uncomfortable, I really needed to be out of that shop. When I did get out I decided to go and sit inside the cathedral for a while, calm down, regain my composure.

Great idea and yet on entering the Cathedral I noticed a painting depicting a line of energy coming out of the Cathedral Spire and connecting to all the churches in Cornwall!!!!! The image was like in the dream, how was this possible?

Back in the fenced off works compound now, my mind was reeling, I wanted this to stop, I wanted the world to behave itself.

In the distance I saw a piece of paper dancing on the wind, it seemed to hang there, maybe 30 ft away? Again it didn’t seem to belong, it had presence…

As I looked on, the paper made its way towards me and lodged itself firmly under the toe of my work boot.

I picked it up and read something like, ‘Prepare yourself. God will enter your life’.

It was actually a part of a church flyer of some kind.


The weird didn’t seem to want to leave, and I was aware that Gary was waiting for his drink etc. so I made my way back up to the roof.

After a while everything calmed down and the job in hand distracted me so normality returned more or less. My mind kept returning but the whole thing was fading.


When we got back to the cottage that evening, Claire was cooking, Gary hit the shower, so I parked myself in front of the tv as I waited to wash up myself.

Looking at the plug on the tv started the whole thing off again.

Positive negative and Earth! It made so much sense, this was the key to everything, (I will explain in full in another text.).

When Gary came out of the shower, Claire was also in the room. I tried to explain what I now understood, and yet I must have sounded odd, I had no way of describing it I hadn’t even woken at that point, it was just the tentative beginning.

Well, I am a bit of a joker so they just laughed and I kind of let it go.


I spoke to Claire about all of this later and she said that this might be what has been called acid flashbacks, because I did try a half a tab at a rave in Goa. I also tried to smoke weed at that time but the nicotine made me feel sick. This was not like me, a bit of a U turn, you see at that time I was into physical fitness, had been for most of my life, ‘martial arts’. So I hardly drank and I thought that only hippy nerds took drugs, I was very military minded, I suppose I still am.

But then I had just lost my partner and kid, after trying so hard to ‘do the right thing’ and I ended up with nothing so I thought ‘Sod it’. When some guy offered me half a tab of acid at a rave, I said yeah, fuck it why not!

Claire said that acid can stay in your system for years, as she had heard, which is not true. And then it can re-emerge. Well, they can all debated that, and then when you understand what we actually the whole concept makes NO sense anyhow, nothing is real everything is symbolic, there is WAY more going on than you can imagine in ‘life’.

To me this was simply my sanity. I now had a reason for the loss of reality, okay we both couldn’t figure out how this connected with the dream of three years ago. The songs on the radio, the painting depicting an image from my dream, the paper landing under the toe of my work boot?

But then whatever, this was a tangible reason, and then the bottom line, This Will Pass!

I didn’t want to argue against the reason, it didn’t make sense to me, so I chose denial, because I needed too. This was the reason, it will pass, job done.


I’d been in the army, only did basic, it’s not for me, green is really not my colour…. but they did teach me how to push through pain.

I clung to my reason and that stopped me from thinking about gong to the hospital to see if I had a brain tumour or something, yes I was worried. But then I felt okay, fine other than this external stuff.

This will pass, head down Berg, keep going push through the pain!


Nothing much happened for the rest of the week, it flirted with me and yet never landed, but then when the weekend came all hell broke loose!

Gary went home to his Mrs leaving me and Claire alone and again it was fine at first.

That night I went to bed as usual and I started to have a really strange dream, to the point that I woke in the dream, became lucid yes!

I was well aware that I was asleep, I could imagine my body lying next to Claire in the bed, but there was no way I could wake back there.

There was something scary about the dream but then nothing tangible. The next thing I knew was that the sky opened up and I could hear really great music coming from the crack. Looking up sucked me into the crack, a kind of doorway out of reality into the realm of dreams, and then everything got bent out of shape.

At this point I was trying to will myself to wake, I was even beginning to panic.

You see usually when I become lucid in a dream, I am on the clock. The lucidity seems to wake you fully, so you only have a few minutes to ‘play’.

This time it was going on and on and on and I couldn’t get out, it felt like a ‘silent scream’. Like being buried in a coffin, no one outside could hear me.

I was shown many things relating to my life and was tested many times, with the whole thing simply scaring the crap out of me.

Even in the dream I was clinging to my reason for all of this, the half tab of weak party LSD I’d taken in a field in Goa. Something that simply made me think I could dance really well, so yeah it must have been fairly strong, if you had ever seen me dance you would know why I say that lol.

Food tasted better, the colours were the same, the music was better, it was an interesting experience, but then like I said, I had a kind of military mind back then, I wasn’t really the type of person who would take drugs, or booze for that matter.

(I now don’t drink at all, it kills brain cells keeps you stunted, good if you want to hit your spiritual brakes, when things get too heavy, but no, not for those on a quest. And I have to say here that drugs do not equal a God experience, they may assist with perspective shifts but then the truth always remains the same. In line with Kabbalah I say that God only strikes those who align with it……… Was I Godlike? Well I suppose I was, I hated bullying, any kind of injustice and I would not buy stolen stuff! Man they used to sell stolen tools in our Pub, some poor bastard worked hard to pay for those tools, they were his livelihood! If you are going to steal, then have some fucking balls about it! Rob a bank big style in a daring raid, make it more than just about the money have at least some style in your lack of morals, but to steal a working man’s tools………that’s low, that’s scum.)



Clinging to my reason I tried to wait it out, like an army speed march in full kit, it hurts but it won’t last, you will back at the barracks soon and it will be over. Head down, switch off and move.

Meanwhile, this dream was steadily deconstructing my reality, pointing out to me how and why the image we are presented with as to what reality is, is built on quick sand.

I tried to block it out but the words permeated my understanding, something was unfolding and I really didn’t want to look, I didn’t want see what it was.

This thing was scaring me, and so all I was experiencing was rampant abstract fear! I wanted it to end I didn’t want to see more.

Well, via the information that I will post along with this account, I could no longer deny that this was the truth. It woke me!

I also kept thinking of the word ‘God’, how the torn paper flyer had told me to prepare myself, God would come into my life.

The thing with Jesus back in Jerusalem? It was all swirling around my head, and then something just broke, and I think that something was me….


As I let go and faced the obvious truth, it was as if God smiled at me, I felt it all through me, it was like a kind of ‘Hello good morning yes God is real by the way, you have been sleeping’.

This wasn’t God I was ‘speaking’ to, I somehow knew that, it was a female entity, I still don’t know who or what she is? I have my suspicions but then that’s all they are at this point so no point in trying to close that file like politicians do. Time will tell.

The next part was hellish, I began to remember….yes a sinking feeling, being dragged back to something you wanted to forget and almost did.

I began to remember some of who we really are, which yes explained why this was not God communicating with me. There is no entity called God, it’s not a person, it’s hard to even explain, you could say that we as a collective are God, but then God is more than just the conscious aspect of the One mind, it’s all the non linear subsystems as well, I won’t try to describe it here, that’s a very long story.

You won’t understand this until you have read my account if what ‘God’ is, but I was being taken out of time-space, closer to the infinite where time does not pass. It’s not linear. This is Hell for linear beings, the term fish out of water comes to mind with a vengeance here, along with the image of a beached fish struggling for breath.

Time-space condensed on me, I was only mind I had no form and no external reflective defining reality.

The only time passing now was the element of time, and ensuing pseudo space in my mind that was allowing for the feed back loop of re-cognised thought that is self awareness.

I was stuck on an endless now and with no external time, hope was GONE!

Why, well hope relies on a possible change in the future, that you can change and end this. With no external time there was no next moment so how could anything change? And so that kills hope dead, and when hope goes, you are dammed!


Apart from this other who was communicating with me. External time-space was now gone, it seemed from that perspective as if I‘d dreamt it all in only nano seconds.

All of existence, now reduced to nothing more than a dream.

A brief respite from the more real infinite constant timeless state, (which is actually true in a way, time-space is indeed a construct, and when it condenses in the ‘big crunch’, it seems more like it ‘never happened’ than it was a tangible event that is now over. It doesn’t ‘complete’ it ‘unwinds’. It’s no different to how when you wake from a dream in life, you don’t see that dream as real. It only seems real when you are in it, tied to it Time = Ti-me, Tie me.)


I actually experienced in mind, the big bang to the big crunch, I can’t describe it, how it was, how it felt, there are no words, but then via that experience I can explain in detail the entire cycle of the manifest and more!


How long did this go on for? LOL….. Eternity, which is not a very long time. As with the infinite, it’s not a massive thing, it has no size, size is finite so no, space is not infinite and again I will explain that later. Eternity is all time, and so no time passing, like a static now that never changes. Pause a movie and you are all but there, you exist in the pause, outside of time, but then it’s more like leaving the movie and then holding the dvd in your hand. What was linear and flowing is now complete and static. No life in it…

Yes one with everything like the Buddha kebab joke, but then it is HELL!

However, it’s the only way to understand, isn’t it…….. isn’t it?

You can’t figure it out, you get the gist via my explanation but then the reality is that you can’t even imagine it.

Yes Hell, touching the infinite, touching ‘God’, but it’s the only way to understand some of the non linear.

In fact Hawking states that it’s not possible to understand what happened before the big bang, this as the laws of physics, our format for understanding anything do not apply.

He also noted how time will condense into a singularity which as its timeless can be seen as a static now.

So yes Stephen, I did go past the bang-crunch, so I can and will explain why the universe manifests, over and over in cycles.


After what seemed to be forever, time resumed and man I was like a leper who had been cured!!!!

I have tried to explain this experience many times, the feelings of desperation, the immense love and joy, but then I never really came close.

The ever decreasing circles as time rescinds are like a form of mental crucifixion. It feels like drowning, and as with that analogy the struggling makes it worse.

It was not all horrific, yes I was overcome by love many times, but then I think the following explanation will help people to understand how and why I now understand what I do. Besides, if I explained the whole thing it would get pretty boring, you want me to get to the point don’t you, and you really want to hear about all the impossible things that happened outside of me at that time, things that others witnessed. The pseudo proof. And of course the explanation of what we are!!!!!


When time condenses on you it’s not linear, it’s the condensation of the linear as it passes over into the infinite where all concepts simply ‘are’ and they are complete. Time is a dissection, like the frames of a movie reel when the truth is that the movie is complete and in the can, only by watching it frame by frame does it make sense, can you experience it, experience itself is linear!

You can’t line all the frames up together and try to see the lot, it’s a contradicting blur which kind of nearly describes the infinite, but then the infinite is nothing, just potential un-manifest.

In linear terms you would think that the condensation of the movie would sum total it, and in that reveal it, but it doesn’t it conceals it via not allowing it to be viewed in section. It’s a white out!


As I woke, I began to remember what I now call the core, which is quite fitting really, because it is the biting of Adam’s symbolic apple in order to touch God, the infinite!

The core is the last bastion of time-space before you pass into the infinite, and that time-space is within your mind, there is no external reality at this point.

As if your universe has collapsed in upon you with your mind, your awareness being the very last sphere, when that goes, then so do you.

When time space, our reflective supporting program/programme disappears. You become nothing!

Nothing external ever happened from that perspective and this exposes one of the cruellest cuts of the core. It’s a constant, every time I experience the core, and in this life alone it’s been a few times now already. It’s always the same non time, as if I never left, I remember it, like ‘OH Shit! I woke in hell again, and I was having such a lovely dream that I was real and had purpose Arhggggggggghhhhhherrrrrheeerrr, (that’s the fucking irony of it all, in a few seconds I will be back in that perspective, maybe years from now but when I wake back there, only seconds would seem to have passed.

The world, the dream is all we have, our respite from the chilling truth of eternity, and the children are fucking it all up!!!! They need a taste of God, that will stop them dead in their greedy little tracks, they have no idea!!)


This reminds me a bit of when I had a back problem. The pain got so bad that I had to drink bottles of wine and take a double, triple dose of pain killers just to get some kind of rest. Now and then I would drift and dream and it was great, only to come crashing back to reality, pain pain pain.

That’s how it is in the core, eons of time can seem to have happened from that perspective when you drift, but when you snap back it never happened at all, it just drifts away like any other dream.

It’s so fucking cruel it seems to taunt you.


The crucifixion element of the core is thus: In desperation you keep trying to tell yourself that the world was real. I was arguing with the other ‘female’ entity that there was information in the world that I didn’t know, so there was other than me and then it must have been real.

If it was my delusion then I would have understood all of it as it came from me.

Well, I was shown that we forget as we fall, the stuff you don’t know is simply forgotten and will be remembered. (We don’t learn in a linear way, that’s a illusion, we re-member what is, via the catalyst of life. This is the same reason that evolution seems to be heading somewhere, is not random; it’s a remembrance of God!)

I was even pointing out movies, someone else’s art, not facts, just creativity and I didn’t write those movies so, again this proves that the world must have been real.

But then the other let me remember being in a movie, playing all the parts and even writing it, I was everyone, it was horrific, I was talking to myself, fucking insane.

I was everyone, it felt disgusting, so incestual…

But then aha! There was other than me, there was the female entity that was guiding me, she knew things I didn’t know, she is real, she is other, so the world could be too and so I turned on her.

She told me I didn’t exist, so I laughed and said, ‘Well who the fuck are you talking to’? Pretty pleased with myself I was….

She told me not to ask, not to look any closer, well I wasn’t looking, I never asked to come to this ……non place, this being buried alive, this singular mess.

As she told me not to look, there was a scenario. I was now in a room, there were a few people in there, they looked kind of disinterested. On one wall of the room was a red camera lens, I was fascinated by it. I couldn’t stop looking into it and so one of the people said, ‘Smarter people than you have tried to figure that out and no one has.’ (This is revealing, because I did just this year meet that person in person, and they did say exactly that. It just came up in a conversation but then it’s as if the entity took that image from my future and used it in what could be seen as my past, although in the experience time had no meaning but do you see? It speaks volumes as to the true nature of time. I was mildly freaked when I saw that face saying those words in reality. After seeing the same thing all those years back, and yes I did think it was him when I met him, but then the words confirmed it. Some of his other words were, ‘What’s the matter with yer mouth’, that’s an in joke.)

As I looked at the lens, I got sucked in….

Time-space was condensing still, this woman, this female was the last external thing in my reality and when I looked closely at this primal female, this Eve, I realised that she was nothing more than the other voice in my own mind.

I was symbolically now being sucked up the camera lens, and yes everything is very symbolic in God space,

All that she had been telling me, I now remembered for myself, as if I had invented her character to then speak back to me as if she was real. Once past her, I was one, I was all one, alone, there was no time external differential, she was gone. I was back in ‘the core’ a solitary endless hell, as if I’d never left.

I had always been there, the world, time-space, the linear, it never made any sense, where the fuck is it? It was all in my mind. (Not my mind, my piece of this mind is Steve Berg, I was now looking from the perspective of the one mind, many have done this to varying extents, some simply feel oneness, which is an incredibly wonderful feeling of love and unity. If you have to go further, into the inner workings, it all gets very alien.)

Once I moved past this Eve, well, this was how it seemed as the time-space bubble around me had been condensing, she was the last of what could be considered as an external aspect, she seemed to be standing at the door to the gateway of hell, like that demented bitch Cerberus, three heads signifying the trinity which exists in the depths of the core. And yet past this point the three become the one. The dog becomes God, the infinite, HELL!

Once past her, or once this Eve had passed me the buck, or maybe the apple, I was completely and utterly fucked.

I remembered everything, yes I was God, well no not God, part of God I was a peephole (people) from just one perspective of the one mind, and now I was seeing from the mind itself, I was more or less everyone. (I didn’t see everything, only enough to be able to play my part in what is about to happen, retrieve this knowledge.)

I remembered this non place this ‘core’ well, part of me/us never leaves that place, part of the one mind always exists in that perspective. Every time I return it’s the same time, the same non time, and I sink and feel sick as I remember.


The crucifixion is the clinging at straws before absolute oneness/eternal solitary confinement.

Every time you try to defend reality, you get slapped down and the dashed hope turns on you like a hot blunt knife.

It feels like trying to get comfortable on the cross, shifting your weight from hands to feet alternately.

The information is telling you, you don’t exist it feels like dying, I suppose it is….

Everything you thought you were is being taken from you, slowly bit by bit, yes….. it feels like dying.

You want to let go due to the pain of it all, no hope how can this ever end, there is no next moment to change any of it.

If you could just let go and die it would all be over so you try, and then it hurts as you fade there is so much fear in loss, and so you cling and fucking curse yourself for being such a fucking coward that you had to cling again, try again to defend reality, and then you get cut down even more, you wish you never tried, if only you could let go and pass…

Eventually, the shrinking time-space bubble will breach your mind, yes this is like suffocation, drowning it’s horrific.

But then luckily, when your mind is breached, you do die, well you pass out, death is not possible, we can sleep to the eternal but we are the eternal, we never end!!!

If there is no time-space element within your mind, you can’t feed back re-cognise, so you can’t be self aware, I will explain later in another text.

This is how and why we sleep, existence is the result of a cosmic paradox, that of the finite and infinite. In our infinite state we sleep because there is no time-space to allow for the feed back loop of conscious re-cognition.

Because the paradox of finite and infinite can’t ever be resolved, it creates a constant shift from one state to the other, like Chicken Egg Chicken Egg 0101010101010101010ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz This is the Aum pulse they speak of, you hear it in the core.

There’s no point in chanting Aum, that’s like chanting brummmmm brummm if your car runs out of fuel.

We continually shift from Infinite to Finite, and so it was like I fell asleep or died, same thing, but in real slow motion, so I saw, experienced every little bit of it. Usually you pass really quick, you can’t catch it. But I saw what happens when you fall asleep, when you pass out, when you die, every last bit of it and in detail, and that cycle is a fractal copy of how the Universal mind rotates, do you see?

The big bang to crunch is the universal mind waking and sleeping.



At some point in my experience I was breached and ended up back in reality, I woke back into the room overwhelmed, over awed …...thankful to ‘be’.


I can remember looking at Claire as I woke back into the room… she was me…..we are all one…..and yet we have the gift of individuality, which gives us so many ‘others’ to exist with and NOT be eternally alone, what a wonderful gift. She looked so beautiful as she slept, a real other human being who seemed not to be me, WOW!!!


I speak about this is a matter of fact way now. But then this is nearly 20 years on. At the time it was all very emotional, I cried often.

I lost a stone in weight that week, and had blood flecks in both eyes, it was really quite something… a war and yet beautiful in a very strange way…death is actually a very beautiful thing, you touch truth.


I can never do justice to the account of my awakening, I have left out reams of what happened some of it grotesque. Intellectual, sexual, macabre….this is the part of the mind that horror movies come from I’m sure.


I can’t show you my experience, the above will have to do. When I explain this in metaphysical terms, it sounds like I am describing electrical circuitry. Try to understand that the experience was a bit like getting sucked into an electric circuit, experiencing the effects of simple resisters etc, but in a symbolic and experiential way.

When you get out, you can then look back and explain how the circuitry works, because you experienced for yourself albeit in a symbolic way.



So, now to the proof of my story, the stuff that others saw and I will tell you now. The story in itself means nothing. All the impossible shit happened in order to give credence to my story, give an incentive to learn more about God because the POWER of the experience is not in the story.

It’s in the understanding of the information I brought back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it’s not subjective or dogmatic; it’s as simple as 1 + 1 = 2. I will start you off in the understanding but then you will pretty soon understand for yourself, you will be able to extend the 1 + 1 I pass you into 40928923803928 x 4208093583, eventually, this as the information is extremely logical.

And no, I’m not trying to start another bullshit religion here, I’m just trying to remind people of who they really are.


Back in the room.


I woke Claire and told her that I had seen God….

All the crazy stuff it was God all along…

Okay she was concerned and also tired so she didn’t really take me seriously.


In the morning it was more like, ‘Now, what were you talking about last night?’

There was no need to explain, I ‘knew’ that there was something to see in the cottage and I told Claire as much. So we tipped toed around the place like a couple of frightened kids.

In the bathroom there were bees all over the floor, hundreds of them and as I saw this image the information started to come.

I poked the bees around saying, ‘They look dead right’, Claire agreed.

I asked her what we should do with them and of course this was a bathroom, with a toilet in, so yeah ‘Flush them’.

I’m not saying they were dead, the lesson was that we had to pick them all up and place them outside on the coal bunker, and yes it was colder outside than inside.

But then within minutes they all woke and flew off with the lesson being that if we had seen these beings as nothing, just insects no need to care, they would have all been dead, via that perspective.

They were living beings and they deserved at the very least a chance.

You see there is a danger that when you wake, and see that death is not real, you can treat it all as a joke. Well maybe not a joke, but you do quickly forget how it is to be ‘real’, to be asleep, and then it’s that this illusion of life is all we have so it’s a jewel in need of protection. It’s imperative to protect the innocence of ‘the children’, what a wonderful place this Earth could have been, a place that seems real, so many others to play with!

It’s heaven, it’s heaven as a reaction to our solitary truth, there is only one mind here and NO ONE, needs to see/experience that SHIT!


As you read my explanation of what is, you will see how everything is based on a paradox. The Paradox permeates the whole, and sees that we needed to forget our infinite nature in order to accept this reality, we had to forget God in order to ‘live’, we had to forget who we really are in order to accept and play this game. Isn’t that obvious!

Which then brings ignorance, and in that ignorance of God we suffer. You will also realise that this sufferance was not a mistake, it lends appreciation, it’s just an essential part of the greater cycle, like a long cold winter that sees you appreciate the following summer.






A few things with insects happened in the cottage, all with lessons attached. In fact there was a blackbird who would sit and look at me, it seemed to know, most odd…. but then I had a ‘knowing’ that we had to go to Church the next day. Claire was asking why, and why not the go to the Cathedral, where it all centred upon, but I was ‘told’ to go to the local church, I had no idea why?


When we got there, there was a queue outside. I asked the vicar if there was room for us and he said yes sure, this was a christening party but we were welcome.

The Vicar’s sermon was not appropriate for a christening. You know, a new life embarking upon a Christian road ect. With some associated wise words, no. The vicar never took his eyes off of me as he told of a person in Corinth who had experienced God. He told of Paul’s letter to that man telling him that he had to find a way to tell of the experience in the words of men, not to talk in tongues.

At that time I was babbling like a fool. I had no real education, I’m dyslexic, and I was trying to explain what science sees as the unification theory, and this was NOT working, and yes that’s what taking in tongues actually means!

Those Rednecks in the US who do that thing where they fall on the floor and speak a made up language is probably due to all the hormones in their supersize burgers, it has nothing to do with God!

Children really, one did it and then they all started….lol We can see you!!! lol


I had to educate myself, learn how to use a PC, which is good, due to the God given savour of all dumbass people like me, the holy spellchecker!!!!!!

And the thesaurus! Because in real life I come from London so I speak in a very stunted way, I don’t regularly use the words I need in order to describe the mechanism of God. I don’t talk like this lol, I’m not that articulate in the everyday. I guess I am a lazy talker, busy writer.


There was no need to tell Claire that this was odd… the sermon was obviously aimed at me, it made no sense to a christening party and she saw the vicar singling me out, speaking as if only to me.

I can still remember her face, illumined by sunlight passing through the stain glass as tears gently rolled down her face…..

This was starting to get to her.


The next week things calmed down a bit, a bit….. I was told to tell a priest I had seen in the grounds of the Cathedral that I had seen God and that God told me I had to unite the world, what the fuck!

He would think I’m crazy, yes I know he’s a priest, but okay…………you try it… an experiment…tell your vicar that you have seen God, see how sane you sound.


And I was a cockney Geezer from London, you don’t talk that way, yes I was embarrassed, yes I was too macho, yes egotistical, yes…….but I fucking told him anyway, I had too!!!!! After what I had just seen…


I was shaking as I told him. I have had fights with big guys who look like they can squish you, I have had fights with gangs of thugs, but I had never been this scared.

I suppose in violent situations you don’t get a chance to think about it and the blind aggression covers the fear.


I told him and waited for what seemed like an eternity for his answer. Well, he told me he was busy, like WTF, this was a message from God, his boss, how the hell is he not dropping everything to listen????

He made an appointment for me to see him and he assured me we would talk…

I felt deflated, this didn’t go how I expected, it felt like failure, so I sat down in the cathedral looking like I had just lost something valuable.

Gary, who had been watching all of this, spoke. ‘You think that was hard, well he believes in God, he’s a priest, an easy target. Can you image trying to tell normal people?’


That kind of picked me up a bit, and yeah it was lucky Gary was there at that time because he is a very open minded person, incredibly so…. This thing wasn’t freaking him out like it was me because he’d seen this kind of thing before. Maybe not to this extreme but he had experience of it, he’d seem someone else go through something similar.


I did see the priest, he was the Canon of the Cathedral it turns out….. add your did he get fired jokes here.

He told me that he had also had what he called ‘white light’ experiences, that’s why he became a priest, but then he didn’t want to talk about them, he even got quite tearful, so I didn’t push it. But then it was good to know that I wasn’t the only one, I felt so alone in this, I still do in fact…

And yes, as Gary said, he was an easy target, a practise run for me I suppose, because I have to tell this tale, it needs to be heard, to then give hope, God is real, this place is NOT an accident! No need to act like heartless robots.




Claire went out and bought me a bible.

I laughed.

This may have been using spiritual symbolism in order to show what it was, beginning at the Dome etc. But it’s got nothing to do with religion, religion is a joke, a diversion, a mistake, a nothing much of anything. A confused people in waiting, supposing as they wait.

The only good thing about religion is what lays behind it but all religion WILL become a distorted lens.

For every good they do, they undo more, they simply don’t understand who the people they follow were, what it was they saw! They make assumptions based on the only reality they know, this one, and you can’t really see God from here unless you are shown, it’s different!!!!!!

I took the bible, flipped the pages, slammed my finger down at random and read, something like: The first place I chose for you to worship me is Shiloh.

We were standing in a cottage called Shiloh!

I flipped it again and it read something like: I will take one from each clan and one from each town, return them to Zion and give you teachers who know me.


I had just come back from Jerusalem and I now did know God.



Back in London I told everyone, and yes I lost a lot of friends, only the real ones listened, and as my best mate Dinky said, ‘Bergy, I haven’t got a fucking clue what you are talking about, but you are still the same old Bergy to me.’ We’d been through a lot together, he’d seen my reaction to some Really sticky situations and so he trusted me.

It seems that some are always looking for an excuse to pull you down whereas others just see you as a friend, no real judgement or conditions attached.


My Dad got really pissed off, this was insanity he didn’t want to hear it, he wanted ‘normal’. I was living back with him because my relationship had failed, and so this was creating tension.

I was then shown that he would win the football pools the next week, so I told him, which made him even more pissed off, and then yes he won….

(Funny I told a religious person about this and he said that it was the devil not God, God wouldn’t use money….lol)

My Dad won something like £3.65, not really life changing in the amount. How could I have known, that’s the point!

Even Nostrodumass never got it so right, was so specific.


My Sister’s friend called from Greece after not being in contact for maybe 8 years. Long story short, she had a full on dream that I had woke, how is that possible?

And then she told me that she ‘felt’ I had to visit a spiritual book shop in Richmond Upon Thames. So I went along, yes expecting miracles and yet nothing really happened. The owner ‘Peggy’ spoke mainly about Jesus so I told her I was actually a Jew, not that I am religious. I don’t even understand the Jewish religion, it’s like all the others, based on an absent Messiah, my Dad is bigger than your Dad and he will get you?

But then because he’s not here right now, for some or other reason we often argue about, we will get you instead. How convenient.

They are doing God’s will, even the killing?


When I told Peggy I was a Jew she spoke of Kabbalah but then to tell the truth I actually hated the Jewish religion, why? Well I went to a Christian school, which was not even Christian it was secular, Christian in name only and by default as a UK school.

But then any excuse for bullies and I was the Jewboy, so, you can fill in the gaps, being a Jew got me beat up.

So I passed on this ‘Kabbalah’ and went home empty handed.


That night I was ‘told’ to get a copy of this Kabbalah (which is not a book).

In the morning I asked my Dad if he knew of it and so he looked it up in one of his Jewish reference books.

The coincidence is that the two holy centres for Kabbalah were Zefat and Merom in the Upper Galiliee, Israel. No need to tell me where these places were, when I was about 19, me and a few mates volunteered to work on a Kibbutz called Kibbutz Sasa.

(One of the most beautiful places I have ever lived/stayed and for many reasons.)

One of our mates had been and he was telling us stories of volunteer parties, Swedish girls…say no more.

So we went…

To keep fit I would run either to Merom junction of a few times the longer distance to Zefat and get the bus back.

So, another coincidence!

I called Peggy asking for a Kabbalah, and of course she told me it was not a book, but she could get me a commentary. However, all of the commentaries in her particular catalogue were written by the Rabbi Philip S Berg, and I am S Berg so…..and no Berg is not a common name, even with Jews.


I read the commentary and yes there was some truth but then it’s commercial fluff.

The book wasn’t the point it was more about the coincidence. It was good to see the basics though, agreeing/confirming what I had just experienced.

That particular organisation are into money not God, it’s easy to see, ask Madonna, she gave them a million.


Loads of impossible stuff happened at that time, I can’t even remember it all now, and yes it still happens! More so back then though.

As I understand it, the coincidence was God sticking a flag in my ass, without fully revealing itself.

It’s not possible for those things to have happened and so this should now give jaded people a reason to read my explanation of God. A text that everyone can share in the understanding of, for themselves.

This is not about me standing in a lofty place spewing nonsensical dogma down AT you.

This is about me helping you to remember who you are, helping you to ‘become’.

And yes you do need a reason, due to all the fakes out there, how many Jesus’s have we got now? We even have a Jesus and Mary set in Australia!


You’ve got people like David Icke mixing symbolism with the manifest, the Queen is a reptilian shape shifter, well no, not in the manifest she’s not and that is a very long story in itself.

Like ‘the mark of the beast’, it’s not a physical mark, it’s simply that when the one mind falls, it reverts to it’s base instincts, animal nature. The Alpha male dynamic.

Some people are like that, they may look human but they act like they are part of an Alpha male lead monkey troop. So yes they are ‘beasts’. And no they can’t change any more than a monkey can become a man.

I can see the mark, it’s easy to spot….


It’s a mess out there, and so this knowledge was given to me to give to you so we can wake, evolve, well revolve a bit, get out of this dense mind set and LIVE!

Re-member our divinity, we are NOT accidental meat bags.


You have to remain objective don’t let anyone sucker you, even me. This above could all be lies, I may never have worked at the Dome, the pictures could be fake.

Okay if tested it’s simple, it’s easy to prove I worked there, but then the other stuff, my Dad saying that I predicted the pools win, he could be lying…


Again I have to drive this home, the power of the experience is in the understanding of what was retrieved! So forget the above and try to view the explanatory text in an objective and discerning way. You may want this to be true, but that desire will blind you, not let you see. Test my words, try to smash down what I will show and if you can’t it stands!


You will with some effort be able to understand for yourself just who and what we are. Finally this is all going to make sense, yes it sounds incredible, but it’s true.


But then hang on, incredible? Why?


It seems to me that if we exist as they say, from an impossible bang out of nothing, which makes NO sense. A bang that is expanding into a physical space that was conveniently there before the big bang to allow it to expand, with no mention of how that got there? Well, that’s just nonsense so sure God can be real why not?

And finally!


‘Why’ anything exists will never be answered, but you can know what does exist and how.

You see you can negate when and where, because from the infinite view, nothing happens, it just is. Time-space is a construct within the one mind.

So when is every time it manifests. Every ‘thing’ begins at the big bang and ends at the big crunch, which is the next bang.

From the infinite perspective everything just is…time’s got fuck all to do with it.

Where is nowhere, the physical is an illusion created in the one mind and the one mind is conscious energy, not solid. It’s an abstract so we are nowhere and yet anywhere and everywhere. Where is within the cosmic psyche!


But then this thing that is, could have not been, if you see what I mean. Even outside of time passing, it’s an is, that creates and proves it’s an is, rather than being an isnot, which would have had to remain an isnot.


That’s when you truly run into God, there is no reason for anything and we have a word for that…..




Never forget, we are part way magical! Anything is possible!





















So I will leave it there














(Final update 23-07-15 I have suggested in the text that I may talk about this subject further but then it became apparent to me that there’s absolutely no point. This due to the fact that talk is never going to change anything, why? Because the change I’m talking about is so fundamentally different to the way we view reality that it’s not possible without a revelation of god. Even if 75% of the people on the planet adopted this concept as that which they believe to be true, due to the system, how it works and how we are also dependent upon it for our very survival; bills to pay, kids to look after etc. And in that the rulers of the system really do have us by the bollocks,so we couldn’t implement change even if we want to, any attempt if that were even feasible would simply plunge the world into anarchy. Bottom line I am predicting a fundamental shift, a revelation of our magical God nature and until such time as that happens carry on chomping on big macs and swilling beer. This information can then be seen as for future reference only, without a revelation of God we are pretty much fucked. Bottom line 99% of the people on this planet are scared of death and in that fear they can easily be controlled. Add to that the fact that the logistics of change would be an impossible nightmare, therefore we need Gods ‘magic’in order to save us.)




I suggest you read the account of my experience first, to see where all the info came from and how. But then I don’t like to rely on that story mind, and for the simple reason that you can’t verify it can you? You had to have seen all the impossible stuff happen for yourself, in order to have a reason to believe. We have already seen too many cases of a blown up rumour being stated way down the line as hard fact. And even if you had seen the impossible shit, there’s no point in following anything blindly, you really need to understand this for yourself in order to become a discerning part of it.

I’m a bit concerned about the mass ignorance in the world, how stupid we have become. Yeah me too, I was so dumbass before I woke it’s not even funny. Now that my eyes are part way open I look back in horror, and of course, at that time I thought I was the be all and end all... we all do! In fact it’s only now that I am awake that I can observe how my mind is still slow and buffering ‘What’s that geezer’s name, who was in that film with Lucy Liu ......I can see his face....’ The answer may take a day to surface, talk about a slow download speed, but yeah the mud is clearing...gradually. This was due to ‘The Fall’ we all regressed, and yeah you may be smart in this reality, but from the cosmic sense, we are morons, pale shades of what we once were.

I have trouble explaining what I now see as simple concepts, like what infinity actually is and why it can’t manifest, due to it not being quantifiable in any way. And yet some still think that you can be inside of the infinite, and that it goes on in all directions endlessly around you???? With the truth being that anything defined within the infinite even if that be a conscious view point, which is indeed defined. The presence of that defined entity would try to quantify the theoretically endless from within, this is indeed the mechanics of the big bang! Space will expand exponentially around the fixed point in an attempt to quantify the now observed finite space that it’s ‘within’. Anything entering the infinite will simply flip it over into ever expanding time-space. And so the infinite remains unseen.

So yeah, I do realise that this subject is a tough one to those who haven’t seen, and I say over and over again that the ideal situation is a two way conversation, where I can answer all tangent questions as they appear. Of which there are many!

What’s the answer to the size and shape of the universe? Well imagine as much space as you can...that’s the micro of the macro, nothing is real, we are living in a mindscape. The outer reaches of the universe are in fact blank, they haven’t been imagined, as they would serve no purpose. Of course if we could travel in space at light speed plus, then there would be space as far as we could travel, we would be creating it as we travelled in fact. This is the same as how you can sit for as long as you can be bothered, imagining and imagining more and more space, condensing and expanding, if you have nothing better to do that is. And yet there will always be unimagined ‘void’ ahead of your event horizon.

Indeed, if the universe were physically real, then so many unsolvable problems arise. How big is it, if it has a defined size, then where is it? How did it begin etc. None of which can be explained, because the logical tangible explanation would also need its own explanation (I.E. the big bang happened because of X, then how did X get there etc.), so all you would see is an endless cascade of would be explanations???

We are living in a mindscape that can create an outer reflected reality as easily as our small minds can create the reflected reality of ‘dreaming’.

I have thought long and hard about how to deliver this information, and this over the 20 years since I woke. The conclusion that has come via experience is that it has to be via an ongoing conversation taking place over at least six months, just to get to grips with the basic concept. The 'reality' of it takes a little longer to sink in. But then it’s possible that due to the fast approaching awakening, people will catch on faster now, I hope this is the case. (All that exists is mind, the mind is All, it is no 'where', every 'where' is a construct within the one mine.)


Somehow, this concept will become common knowledge and in that our reflected reality will change. I guess we just have to have faith in the ‘fat controller’.

Bottom line, if I can understand this then so can you....but then sure the experience is indeed a fast track. So...I suggest you read the text’s over and over, every time you read them they will become clearer.

I feel, but I don’t know for a fact, but I feel from what I have seen of how ‘God’ works thus far, that pretty soon more and more people will witness the impossible. Basically because time is running out, I think that this site won’t be understood by most, but there is enough to make a start, this so that when the weird starts, people won’t freak out. And then we can fill in all the gaps at our leisure after the shift.

Bottom line, God IS in control, you just have to have a little faith, trust in the ultimate parent!

So read on and enjoy, and remember. I’m not really so emotionally attached to any of this, I rant for effect, more like a comedy sketch. And then this entire issue is both no big deal and a disgusting abomination in the eyes of God, all depending on who and where you are in the world.

For some the shift simply can’t come soon enough!!!!



God for Dummies…


In 1993/4, I headed a four man team Roofing Leadworkers laying 140 tonne of sheet lead to the lower roof slopes of the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem. Shortly after, whilst working at Truro Cathedral, Cornwall, I ‘woke’. Woke? Some call it Kabbalah (reception) some call it ‘Satori’, instant enlightenment. And yes there were many impossible events that surrounded the experience, ridiculous coincidence and impossible happenings that others also witnessed. But then you didn’t see those happenings so there’s no point in explaining, I could be making it all up, how can you know if you weren’t there?

The power of the awakening comes down via the information I woke to. Just as in the example of 1 + 1 = 2, you can actually read the text below and discern it for yourself. You can test it, 2 + 2 = 6, is that true or am I bull shitting you?

As ever, in God there can be NO followers, only those who ‘become’, God is not a spectators sport, this despite what religion (control) tries to tell you. (Religion is nothing more than the BS fan club of those who have ‘seen’. Small greedy men now bigger than the prophets? Bigger than LOVE? And all so humble, and yet ever on show, fuck off and give a rest why don’t you…)

I’m going to try to explain ‘God’ in just a few short pages…this, when it’s a complex and interwoven subject that obviously amounts to volumes. Therefore this view is going to be somewhat clinical. The text will seem to suggest that we ‘God’ can be likened to some kind of machine, a super-computer? Well, that view is indeed valid as anything manifest can be represented as mathematical data, but then you have to realise that what we are, ‘simply is’, existing outside of the passing of linear time in the manifest. Which means that the digital view exists outside of time along with the manifest itself…so neither is the default. All is in all! Is it nature or the math behind nature? It’s both at the same time! And yes I won’t over explain too much, I making the assumption that anyone reading this text is reasonably familiar with many spiritual concepts, as well as having at least some scientific knowledge. If you haven’t then you best go back down the pub and don’t worry about it…

All that exists is ‘Infinite Conscious Energy’, an infinite mind.

However, that is a paradox in terms, why?

It’s to do with the true nature of the infinite and how consciousness works.

Firstly, if you think we are living ‘in’ infinite space then think again. How can you be ‘inside’ the infinite, you can’t even get your head around it can you? ‘In’ is a relative term, relative to a boundary, which dictates that what you are ‘in’, has to have a boundary? So no the infinite can’t ‘contain’ anything either as that beckons a boundary! Nothing ‘seen’ is either infinite or eternal. Do you see the problem, the infinite can’t be defined, in anyway, therefore the infinite can’t manifest, EVER!

Infinity/eternity is a concept, a truth, as ‘ultimately’ nothing can have a logical tangible ending, but then you can’t make a model of ‘the unending’ in the manifest. This as the manifest realm is a realm of definition. Here we already get a glimpse of the ‘paradox’ that underlies the endless cycles of manifestation, that which can’t be ‘logically’ explained. Also let me state here that what we are is part magical. No I am not coping out by using the word magic, magic is simply something that has no logical root or explanation. Therefore the infinite would be seen as magical, as from it’s time perspective, as opposed to space (Time = eternity, Space = Infinity), it is outside of the passing of time, time has nothing to do with it. So no possible origin, no cause, instantaneous… so ….magic!

And no, eternity is not a very long time, eternity is all possible time, and so no time as like the infinite it also can’t manifest as it can’t be quantified or sized, as in ‘how long?’. Eternity can’t ‘begin’, this as a beginning is nothing more than an ending viewed from the opposite direction, a point beyond which there is nothing. Which is why someone wrote in The Matrix movie, ‘Everything that has a beginning has an end’. That’s the nature of the manifest.

Kabbalists knew centuries ago that the infinite/eternal can’t manifest, it is potentially everything and anything, and yet nothing. Still and unobserved.

Consciousness however is tied to time-space ‘the manifest’, why? Because conscious is achieved via a feed back loop of re-cognised thought ‘I think therefore I am’. The mind is split into three aspects (metaphoric space), the viewer, the viewed, and the neutral zone (the bit between them that is neither, that which stops them joining and being the same thing). Via observing our thoughts and feelings, that seem to be other than the ‘I’, we recognise the observer observing, so yeah, ‘I think therefore I am’. It’s a feed back loop which requires a modicum of time to feed back, the (re) in re-cognise, so consciousness is tied to time-space, the finite realm.

In our infinite state, there are no boundaries, which means that the viewer and the viewed are one in the same, therefore there can be no feed back loop, so no re-cognition, this is when we sleep. In sleep we revert back to our infinite state, and this happens in cycles due to the fact that we are ever paradoxing (chicken egg chicken egg), we can’t settle in one state, the paradox can never be resolved. So sleep wake sleep wake, chicken egg, yin yang. And also sleep and wake as we know them are a micro fractal example of the ‘universe’ that also sleeps and wakes, this from Big Bang, to Big Crunch. So yes the Bouncing Universe theory is part way correct.

Here I am going to explain in a kind of story format, ‘creation’ what happens and why in the face of the ever present paradox of what we are, an ‘infinite mind’.

Consciousness is ever moving, ever feeding back, by nature. To put it simply, when awake, you are always re-cognising, ‘thinking’, because when awake you are always ‘self aware’ and that self awareness is achieved via thought. Your mind is feeding back, which is movement.

Now this concept is circular, obviously, so I will dive in and yet it won’t make sense until we go ‘full circle’. The end of this explanation is actually the beginning, bare with me it will makes sense…

Consciousness gets stuck…why? Wait and see… Consciousness can’t move at the end of the cycle, this as it has consumed all of the manifest (this is the ‘actual’ math of the Bouncing Universe Theory, it’s not gravity that builds and flips the cycle, it’s the ‘pressure’ of conscious momentum, having nothing to re-cognise). The finite manifest has been experienced, this likened to a jig-saw puzzle that has been completed, a valid example as ‘His-story’, unravelling the ‘Miss-story’, is actually a re-memberance of a ‘defined’ experience that approximates what God is. The placing of the puzzle pieces can be seen as movement that is possible only because we have forgotten ‘God’, the free spaces, this to allow the movement, that is re-memberance of what eternally is. We are travelling into a void of our forgotten future, that can from another perspective, be seen as our forgotten past! It’s the only way we can move in the face of the ‘complete’ eternal, to forget what ‘is’, and re-member that. So yes, forgetting really is for-getting.

When consciousness is complete it can’t move, use here the example of a child’s slider puzzle. The puzzle where there is always one free space so that the other tiles can slide. For example’s sake, if we say that the puzzle is mechanical and ever moving, representing consciousness. Then consider what would happen if you put the last tile in place? The unstoppable momentum would explode the puzzle, sending all of the tiles all over the place.

So… when we have completed the cycle, when Miss-story is assimilated into His-Story, male entering female. We have then reached the acute paradox point, the ‘core’ paradox. Here, the finite consciousness seen as a male action ‘1’, or cosmic penis. Tries to re-cognise the only ‘other’ than it that is left. It tries to touch the infinite ‘O’! (This is Adam biting the apple, a finite man trying to be as ‘God’ the infinite, the story is symbolic and the garden scenario comes at the end of the cycle Not the beginning…well…the beginning is the end so…. When Adam touches God he Falls into the Land of Nod. So no, Cain and Able didn’t have to have sex with their Sisters or Mother????)

This is the Big Bang, primal male and female aspects join and as ever it’s creative. Of course this is why our reproductive systems work in the way they do and why our sex organs look like a 1 and O. The line and the circle! 0101010101000100 Digital us!

In order to alleviate the core paradox, and when the finite mind tries to ‘get it’s head around’, view, join with, the infinite. All that is seen is unstoppable expansion. The finite mind is exploded, all connections are severed in order to alleviate the core paradox, which is more or less the same as pushing the jig-saw puzzle off of the table, smashing it so there is something to do. Something for the mind to re-cognise. It creates a void to allow for movement. The universe, the backdrop to history, is reborn! The hour glass flips!


What is history and why is it male?

It’s male because it’s an action, a penis. Everything is made of both male and female, this a fractal copy of the prime elements of what is, yin and yang, infinite and finite.

It the terms of the linear, we have female Miss-story, the unknown future we move into, so it’s receptive, and the male His-story that moves into the female. (And yes language is heavily encrypted, encoded. This because language ‘is’, it only seems like we invent it via experience, it existed even before we ‘seemed’ to add labels to the manifest. The best example is seen in the word CODE. If you look at the word CODE upside-down and in the mirror it still says CODE. This is telling you that everything is back to front. The mind is the prime mover, NOT the body/brain/physical. Other examples are form – from, time – emit. There are many, many clues, you can have fun piecing them all together, I won’t go over them here, it’s just anorak stuff and I need to get to the point.)

History is one defined limited story, not unlike a book. And it plays out over and over, yes always the same way, which explains de ja vous. (Free will or fate? This is complicated, think of it like this. Try to think of history as God’s experiment. All the varied souls were created at the time of the Big Bang/dissection of the one mind into many varied aspects, many eventualities. At that ‘time’ they had free will, they had choice, and by their nature, the part they play, who they are, what eventuality they are. They made decisions. And due to those decisions, all of this happened. The mind fuck here is that there was no first time? And yet this experiment, pseudo first time, happens over and over. So we always have the same choice, and we always make the same decisions, so fate V. free will, it’s actually both. This is the first time…Again! We really are driving this! And yet the outcome is a given, which is why prophecy and premonition is possible. Crazy huh! Not really, as all in truth is ONE, so male is female, yin is yang from the infinite perspective, not that there is a perspective, but you know what I mean…hopefully….lol

History is an approximation of what God is, via a set premise. Our premise is ‘physical man in space’. Which serves as a catalyst for the experience of what is actually nothing as such. Simply consciousness. So history is a game of sorts, a Game Of Death in fact, because it is our feeling of being mortal that makes us act in the way we do. Past this realm, when we see that death is not real, everything changes. Example, motor racing… if you couldn’t crash and burn, then everyone would go pedal to the metal…do you see…our mortality makes us act in a certain way. Which then gives us the comprehensive experience of conscious via so many scenarios.

The laws of physics are not much more than the rules of soccer! The rules that create the game.


What we are in ‘theory’ is not limited.

Limitation comes when we embark upon a game via a set premise, the rules apply and the rules limit the game. So, we are exploring consciousness around a physical premise/theme, and when that theme has been done to death, we reach the paradox from the perspective of boredom. What is left to do other than smash the only jig-saw puzzle we have, so we can do it again.

This can also be seen as that in the face of the relentless infinite/eternal concept. The finite has no choice but to loop back on itself, because as big as the linear story can be made, it will NEVER even put a scratch on the infinite, the infinite in pseudo finite terms, will always be infinitely bigger, so the finite has to loop back in order to keep up, hence the unending cycles of ‘nature’ which itself is our nature manifest. The nature you see, the green stuff, is nothing more than fractal ‘trees’ recycling. We exist ‘along side’ another version of what we are, everything is telling the same story from another perspective.

Why do we live in ignorance of God? Well we don’t do we LOL. Everyone fucking knows! It’s ever within us, look at religions, all begging ‘God’ for the answers, everyone knows that something is very wrong with our model of reality. Even the fact that you can’t actually be ‘in’ the universe, unless it had a boundary to be within in and that would make NO sense! What’s on the other side of the boundary? (What’s the truth of that particular matter? It’s simple, imagine a universe. Job done, the bits at the far reaches you don’t use so they don’t matter so they are left blank. If you go there, then there will be more of the same space, you are ever in the middle, but for now, all we need is a pretty back drop. All is mind, so you could say that we are living in the mind of God. The dream of the impossible ONE! Which can’t manifest as a whole, so it creates a hole. Fragmentation, for interaction and experience.)

So there we have it, all is infinite mind, that’s a paradox and it creates cycles, you can even see this in the fractal example of the electric motor. One static magnet representing the ever present infinite, and one magnet powered by eletrickery, which represents the momentum of thought, which then changes polarity in order to keep turning, yes a fractal example, everything copies ‘what is’.

So what comes next and why is this information allowed to be known at this time?

When then mind exploded in order to alleviate the core paradox, it was taken apart via dissection, not unlike a cell dividing on fertilisation, to then create a whole body. I am going to use an example from film here in order to explain the levels of existence, the levels/plan-ets.

In the film ‘Silent Running’, the computer (HAL) on board the spaceship goes nuts. It tries to kill ‘Dave’ by trapping him outside the ship. Well, Dave gets back into the ship and starts to pull out Hal’s circuits one by one. This is an example of how when the mind geometrically exploded/divided. It gradually lost its memory by increment. It gradually became more and more dumbass until it ‘died’. Play that in reverse and we can see the many levels of re-memberance of God of which we are currently on the bottom level, the re-turn from dumbassedness! We are ever getting smarter as we seem to be learning, but it’s actually re-turning. No one knows the time frame for the shifts, we can’t live in that way, knowing the future messes with the enjoyment of the now, think about it!

We have been getting smarter and smarter, creating technologies that have all been leading to a geometric assemblance point, a discernable shift! The so called age of Aquarius etc, which is happening all the time, but there are discernable markers! I suppose you could see it as an exam/qualification. Which is not a true change, you don’t become good at your job just because you parroted back some shit, but it’s a start! A cut off point or watershed.

We’ve reached a crunch point on the plan-et now where the abstract ignore-ance of God will no longer serve. The ignorance was essential yes, to allow us to develop naturally with out Mum and Dad watching over us, making us self conscious. But now we have reached the point where we can metaphorically ask the question, ‘How does Father Xmas come when we don’t have a chimney, and how does he get to all the houses in just one night?’

Only when we are big enough to ask, does God answer.

This along with the fact that we are destroying our plan-et via such increasing ignorance. Our water table is polluted, when your chakras are spinning feely again, when you return to your ‘senses’, you will be able to taste micro faeces in the water, plus all the chemical pollutants. There is NO unpolluted water on this planet, fact!

Ignorance of God creates fear and greed, it’s a stampede and in the rush for money, which is the god of this world, whether you worship it or not. Every corner is being cut in this plastic age. No need to expound on this issue, we all know, every negative trait on the planet comes down to Godlessness.

Even if you are not a money worshiper, you are still tied to a capital system. You can’t support green issues, you don’t have the time or the money, again due to the system. Who can afford to buy organic these days for example?? Because of our fear fuelled greed system, we can’t afford to save the planet, how fucked up is that!

That food they sell you in the mega marts is all but dead, five a day, fuck off! There is very little ‘life force’ in those pretend fruits and veggies. Take bananas for instance, they sell you one strain because it has a longer shelf life and they dip those in some kind of Potassium product to extend that, but then the way to extend shelf life is always to kill what is making it go bad, and that which makes it go bad is the ‘active’ good stuff you need!!!!!! And all this to make money, the one true saviour as you cling to life in fear of a death that simply does not exist! We come back time and time again, and there is way more than just this plan-et.

Chakras? I don’t want to go over this in this text, I don’t want to write a book. But again it’s fractal. There are seven plan-ets, seven levels, seven colours from white light, seven musical notes etc.

This planet we are on now is the lowest reboot of the mind. It deals with total ignorance, which beckons fear. It was created at the end of the explosion where God was lost to us. In the Silent Running movie example, it was when Dave was pulling the last of HAL’s circuits, and HAL was saying shit like, ‘I’m losing my mind Dave, please stop, I’m afraid..’ This place is a fear manifestation, due to forgetting who we really are, GOD! Fear is always of the unknown, the lostedness.

And so within us we also have copies of ‘what is’ the cycles that are taken in plan-et’s, levels, this is where are emotions come from are formed. This is why the root chakra deals with fear. At the moment we are shut down, pale versions of what we actually are. All of your senses are dull, this is why you may want to eat meat, drink and take drugs. Your food will tend to be heavily spiced, much sugar and salt. You need more, because you have become less. Your taste buds don’t work properly, when they do, you will eat a different diet and enjoy the less more! More subtle flavours. Creativity is suppressed, everyone has music and art in them, not just the stars they sell you.

However, we are now reaching the cosmic spring, likened to a garden post winter. What looked dead will now begin to come to life. Green will burst out all over the place, you will become more creative, intuitive, it really is an awakening! Our cosmic spring! There is nothing you can do to stop it, and there is nothing you can do to speed it up, everything comes right on time. All you have to do is surf the coming wave, so yeah, it is interactive!

This is why you see those adult colouring books that everyone is buying now, many are waking it’s just a sign. They will move on from those books to then paint and create for themselves.

Your spiritual intellect will blossom. You will understand things that were lost to you, you are rebooting, booting up cosmically. People will be surprised at how easy it is to learn to play instruments etc, when it was like wading through mud before. This is the cosmic spring awakening and it’s happening NOW!

The dead heads will try to stop it, they benefit from fear and greed, it’s all about control. They subconsciously don’t want you to wake because you will see straight through their stunted bullshit. We no longer need what they are trying to SELL us! I call this the Wall-E effect, from the movie Wall-E. How the computer tried to suppress the news that the Earth was ready for re-colonisation, in order to hang on to its purpose. The old guard will cling, well sure they will, they own everything and they get their asses licked daily, which is what they NEED, they are getting off on us, fucking perverts...

Movie examples? Yes, these are the green chutes of creativity, screaming at us to wake, movies like Wall-E, and Avatar, The Matrix, it’s surfacing from every orifice. It has been for all time, and yet now it’s increasing, stepping up, all heading for a discernable shift!

There is an entire universe of possibilities ready for you to embark upon, let me explain a few points via allegorical tails.

As I slowly woke I wondered about the future, what would it be like this ‘new age’? I wondered about recreation, and yeah I said shit like, ‘What’s the point in living if you can’t have a drink or a smoke’, it made perfect sense to me at that time. Well, the fact of that particular matter is that alcohol and drugs are rehab crutches for stunted souls. Yes we needed them at the time, and there was fun… There’s always fun no matter how high or low we go. It’s simply that when your chakras start to spin again, you won’t need a drink in order to shine like you don’t even know exists!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are ‘highs’ within us that make drugs and booze look like the baby food or rehab drugs they ac tually are. I can’t even explain, you have to experience it for yourself. Think about it, you get drunk because you are so stunted that you can’t dance in front of people? Fucking light weights! You even can’t chat someone up sober? FEAR! So you hide behind an insulated wall to then peep out and slur at someone you might want to try and fuck? You don’t connect, you don’t feel, you are hiding! Yes we needed to hide at that time, but not now! Things will open up like a flower in bloom it’s all true I fucking swear to you and I ain’t no new age hippy. Everything! Even if you ride Moto-cross, you will begin to understand more about position and balance on the bike. You will ride smarter and faster.

God is real, God is genie-us, we will become if we allow.

(I sometimes speak with what can be misconstrued as irreverence, but then the truth is that I do obey the male ten commandments, as well as embracing the female Earth Mother’s intuitive understanding. But then we don’t have to all become Ned Flanders do we, yes indeedily readerinos lol. Be natural, be kind, be real, and make each other laugh it’s good medicine.)

Some won’t allow and they will see the awakening as a threat, they will call it a cult, or a radical brain wash. Here in the UK they have already subconsciously made laws to stop any such gatherings of like minded people who will be seen to be undermining their bullshit values. You can’t reach these people… There is nothing you can do, there is nothing you can say. In the grand experiment where we were given free will, they chose money pure and simple. When we begin to leave they will get paranoid and attack… This is called, Armageddon, a battle they simply cannot win, they will call us crazy, and I do understand, because I used to be one of them. I used to get quite aggressive also to people I saw as hippy freaks… So yes I ‘get it’, they genuinely believe that they are right. They are driven to survive by their fear of losing out in the short time they have….It all makes perfect sense… Until you remember GOD that is!!!!!!

I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, I don’t know, but everything they are doing is making us sick. I am really sensitive now to all the pollutants. They are putting preservatives in everything, what the fuck is that stuff they are passing off as bread? If you want to taste real bread then go to France. I had a loaf here that stayed ‘fresh’, well for toast, no mould, for nearly two weeks? Fresh baked French bread goes off in a day!

‘They’ say that they have fresh baked bread in the mega stores, bollocks! That ‘bread’ comes in frozen or chilled and it’s packed with crap, I can’t eat it, it makes me feel like I have the flu. I don’t eat meat, I finally evolved past that, but they are putting something in that, I suspect/feel that they are feeding cows on animal products, which explains the increase in dementia in younger people, a form of BSE. Milk is baby food, why are you all still drinking it? If you were cars then you are running on a rich mix which is choking you, holding you back. Our air stinks! The atmosphere is contaminated! Do I really need to go on?

I can actually talk to animals now…lol. Animals use a form of telepathy/empathy, I never heard it before, not when I was shut down. I mean they don’t say much…lol…they don’t go on and on about useless shit like we do but they can tell you how they feel, and or if they are in pain.

All of this opens up when your chakras start to spin, there is a whole other world, another way to behold and it’s so much fucking fun!



Everything is energy oscillating at varying frequencies in order to create what amounts to micro opposing force fields, this in order to create the appearance of matter. Science knows this well, which makes you wonder what the Hadron collider is for? They can’t be that stupid, everything is infinitely divisible, they KNOW that???? They are looking for the base particle? The building block, a finite end to space in the microcosm? The microcosm is the same as the macro, well, what fucking idiot would suggest that there is a tangible large end to space? I suppose they are just sleeping, or just playing and getting paid, or trying to develop a weapon, or something to sell, who knows?

How are these mico oscillating points of energy made? They are copies of the great cycle, all revolving out of sync, long explanation….

BUT! If at base, all is energy, which has no boundary, then at base all is the same thing (one mind dreaming, manifesting), so, your arm is your head is your dog is your car. At infinite base all is one, it has to micro cycle in order to create matter. So…if all is one at base, anything the universe ‘seems to contain’, the universe actually is. Which is a scientific principle in itself! Which means that if the universe seems to contain consciousness…….aye……aye… must itself be conscious! Ergooooooooo!

There is GOD waving at you, from your very own intellect, your third eye. Yes the third eye is the intellect, that which sees more than the physical eye. The third eye is not a hippy concept. You will find God via your mind!


The paradox from another perspective.

In my awakening I experienced the garden scenario. I touched the infinite and was taken apart, deconstructed in extreme slow motion. I do have the memories of ‘Adam’. When I say memories, I don’t mean that I used to live with some chick called Eve and we wore fig leaves… I mean I know what the fall is, I know what happens when a finite being touches the infinite and believe me that is every fucking layer of HELL!!!!!!!!!!

I moved way past death, way past what is seen as enlightenment, I experienced oneness. Now, I have heard baldy monks and hippies speak of oneness as if it’s a wonderful thing… I think they are actually speaking of unity and connectivity. Which yes is quite wonderful, oneness however is something completely different. I became my mind, there was no physical element. I existed as a time-space bubble which remembered the infinite, became infinite. I suppose you could say that I fell, asleep, and yet stayed awake. This because we all touch God every night when we revert to our infinite nature. However it happens so fast that you never catch yourself falling do you. If you ever wondered how we pass from wake to sleep, what happens, I will tell you now. I guess science will see this as something akin to being sucked into a black hole. Time-space condenses, you see history is a massive lesson plan, that eventually leads back to the origin, time reels out, time reels in. When the impossible all is taken apart it happens really fast, no one experiences that, it’s like an explosion. We always experience God in reverse, it’s a bit like exploding something, to then put it back together as if your are building it from scratch, to then see how it works. The mind fuck is that you are returning to nothingness, you are becoming a baby really, a simple conscious observer, with nothing other than yourself to observe. You become one, you become all, and so nothing.

It’s the understanding of God, the cycle of God that deconstructs the character you thought you were in life. The knowledge (no-ledge) shows you that life is a mere construct, a constructed premise to then allow you to be something, it’s a wonderful lie! So no, don’t go looking for God, there’s nothing up there, every ‘thing’ and everyone, is out here on the wheel of time. When you touch the all, then you become the all, which reveals the paradox of self creation. And I’m not going to talk too much about this here, but it reveals what I call the essential remote aspect of God. Basically, when you touch oneness you become your own creator. Now, let me put that in layman’s terms. If and when you reach the core paradox, touch God. The knowledge is that there is no ledge. Nowhere to stand. Life? You dreamt it all, you are the dreamer, and from the timeless aspect it seems as if it didn’t actually happen. It’s like that you dreamt it all, this as a brief respite from the MUCH MORE real truth, that there is only one of us here…wonderful? NOOOOOOOOOO!

Time reels in on you, you exist on a static now, there is no external next moment, so nothing can from that perspective, ever change. You are dammed, I was the A-Dam.

You see there is no hope in that place…hope is reliant on possible redemption, possible change, and change requires a next moment, so yeah, you are eternally fucked…the sound of the construct all sucking back to the stark chilling truth of ones…..fffffffffffffffucKKKKK!

I have had a few core experiences now, and each time I am there, It’s exactly the same non time as if I never left. I doesn’t matter how much time seems to have passed out here on the wheel….

I suppose the best analogy is a story of when I had a bad back. The pain was so bad that I had to crawl to the toilet, and I had to drink bottles of wine along with too many pain killers just to get some sleep. Well, when it was that bad, sometimes my mind would drift. I would be somewhere else for a moment, thinking about something or other, it was a respite. But then you’d catch yourself drifting and then the pain of your reality would come crashing back with a vengeance. Part of me exists in the core always, outside of this gift of time-space, and I know full well that sooner or later, I will be back there as if I never left. All of this stuff going on out here on the wheel, no matter how poignant, will seem like a brief respite to that solitary, demented eternal damnation that never ends.

So, do I want to celebrate life, do I love life, am I appalled at this ridiculous capital fest that sees so many suffer, a complete waste of precious time? Dam straight! We came here in order to escape Hell, not recreate it. (The recreation of hell is via the essential ignorance, but that is over now, we have rebooted…)

My first remembrance of the hell of oneness in this life time (my initial awakening) was downright cruel. There is a crucifixion element, how so? Well as you approach God, the information streams at you and your ego (the character you play) tries to defend itself. I tried to argue that there are indeed others, I was not all one alone, the world was real! I lived with them, they knew things that I didn’t , they taught me. And yet God shows you that it’s more like you waking in your own dream. The others are you reminding yourself rather than teaching you, and more than that it’s simply waking back to oneness, but with faces on… hard to explain. I tried to say that some were different, I used the example of a film I’d seen. But then I remembered writing the movie, even being some of the actors…it was terrible. God showed me why I had been drawn to and could relate so much to such movies and actors, seeing as I was them…that’s the connection, how we relate. (And yes, in a more comprehensive explanation, the ONE comes down in archetypal themes, which is why we all relate heavily to certain people, they are you, closer to your path down, it’s a bit sick but you are getting off on yourself…)

Every time you think you can win, every time you think you have argued ‘reality’ back into existence, it’s cruelly snatched away from you. This to the point that you stop trying to argue, as it hurts too much when your hopes are dashed. But then the pain of solitary is too much to bear, so you grab at threads, only to be cut down again, and you curse yourself for even trying. You try to let go and die, but this is NOT dying, this is hell, limbo, which reminds me of stories of the crucifixion. Where a victim would shift his or her weight from hands to feet, in order to alleviate the pain, as a natural reaction. But then the truth is that death would be a gift, so why try to avoid pain, you curse your own clinging cowardice. Better to let go and die, but we wince from pain don’t we…we are programmed that way! Self preservation.

The paradox of self creation is insanity…you invented yourself, so what does that make you? A figment of your own imagination… you are barking mad in that place…

Many reading this may think that they could ‘hold’, but then I ask, why would that be? Is it because you are strong, strong minded? Well, where did this strength come from? Where did your intelligence come from…do you see…everything you believe yourself to be is totally tied to this place. Yeah, you are strong because you overcame something…what a pathetic piece of garbage you really are. You became a hero in your own delusion…talk about shallow and vain!!!

There is no sex in the core, you are not male, you are male and female, pick one, it makes no difference, you are nothing other than an unanswered question… a sick cosmic joke, eternally.

So yeah, to all of you hippies and those baldly monks who are so humble that they wear robes to show others how conspicuously humble they actually are, this as the rest of us work and suffer the shit world they hide from. You say you touched oneness, no you fucking didn’t…..

Every night you go to sleep and your mind is taken apart as you pass into the infinite. Thank God that you don’t remember it. As we fall asleep we all essentially pass through the ‘core’ paradox.

You can’t stay in the core…sooner or later you will pass on, but that knowledge doesn’t make sense in that place, why, because you learnt it out here…there is NO defence to that place, it beats you into a pathetic snivelling coward, it’s not a place of heroism, you simply crumble, it’s all too much, and it has to be, or we couldn’t renew!!!!! If you could beat it then you would be ‘alive’ for ever, and ever, and ever and that’s an awfully long ‘time’, in a linear mind…..You would be way past insane!!!!!

There is no way up in the core, everything swirls, you tumble and you feel sick. Problem, you don’t have a physical from, your mind feels sick. Indeed, if you could hurl, then the relativity ‘between’ the vomit and your throat would stabilise you. You would have internal relativity.

I can’t describe how bad it is when you reach the core, and I also make the assumption that no one else goes there, that I actually am Adam, so no one else will ever have to, thank God. I wouldn’t wish that on Adolf Hitler, despite the fact that there are worse examples of so called human beings living today. We always say Hitler don’t we?


The understanding of the above will see the more scientifically minded contemplating such concepts as stability in oneness. You see stability is relative, this seen in the example of an ice skater, who focuses on a fixed point as they spin. This to stop from getting dizzy. So then you may understand how and why the ALL hides from the truth of itself, it has to hide from oneness, because oneness just spins. The all, God, call it what you will forgets and separates itself in order to stabilise. In fact the primal stability comes via the endless cycling which creates a pseudo centre, I won’t go too much into detail as for every statement, another six concepts are beckoned. Rocking is important to us, tides and seasons, basically we move from one point, to then create a reason to move back, it’s about creating purpose where there is none. Which is why the mentally ill and perplexed tend to rock, it does indeed soothe us. In the core you are faced with the acute paradox, so it emits a sound, the Aum Pulse, it’s more of a short circuit, the shortest circuit in fact. There is NO POINT in chanting Aum, that will do you as much good as chanting ‘Unleaded’ when you car runs out of fuel!

I assume I am Adam, (not sure), because I didn’t experience the core, the touching of the infinite. It’s part of me, it NEVER leaves, how can it? Any second now, I’ll be back in hell, all of this will have been a respite, all as if I never left…all of you will be gone and I will be alone begging with no one to beg too….HELLLLLL!!!!!

Has anyone else spoken of this? I have scoured the net for 20 years and no, no one has come close. Many preach, and I have had hope, but then they all fall under close scrutiny.

The remote aspect I spoke of? Okay, you know those demented weapons manufacturers, well when they are inventing new ways to kill without collateral cost. They sometimes sub out different parts of a prototype to many different contractors. This so that no one of them can recreate and steal the idea. That’s how God works, all the information is shared between us all so no one catches a flash of white light and paradox’s out. However, the whole thing can’t be orchestrated unless some poor bastard sees the schematic over view, and that lucky fuck is me. Basically, the information has to be stored somewhere, you can’t build something if there is no plan.

But then it’s not the knowing that paradoxes you, it’s be being, and yes right now, I am not being that, I am out here in the cool ignorant construct, trying to tell people to put down their weapons and stop grabbing at material shit because pretty soon all this will be gone and NO Mr Christian, there is no eternal heaven. We are already here in a potential heaven, which is a respite from hell of our truth. A truth that luckily some don’t have to see…

Heaven? Oh please, you lot get bored waiting five minutes for a MacBurger, how the hell can you fill a googleplex, gazillion years, which still won’t scratch the surface of pseudo linear eternity, it won’t even put a mark on it, eternal heaven, my ass!

There are better levels of existence, less limitation, an escape from the physical by degree. Which is much like how they describe heaven, but no, the seasons eternally change. We rise and fall over and over.



The Male and Female view.


Why didn’t Eve fall? Well Adam is logic, Eve is emotion, they are twins. You see you can’t be happy for no reason, you need something tangible to get happy about. I suppose the highest emotion explains this best, Love! Love makes NO sense, no matter how you look at it, it makes zero sense. Why him, why her? There are better looking ones, sexier ones, but when love comes calling, you fall. You may not even like the person? But your heart is smitten, what can you do?

Eve represents emotion, which is not affected by the paradox, as it/she doesn’t understand it. Adam and Eve, Shakti and Shiva, Isis and Osiris, whatever you chose to call them, are not totally male of female. Adam has a heart, Eve has a brain, she has to, how else can she chose shoes to go with her new dress? LOL

It’s just that they are biased, and this is why men can be cold, men can function perfectly well without emotion. Just as women can function perfectly well without logic…logic…am I digging a hole here LOL…let’s face it, I am never going to make love ever again after after this is read am I? LOL And no….. not all men are cold, not all women are over emotional, it’s NEVER that simple, all eventualities play out! But then Adam as the symbolic male, is mostly logic, so he got totalled when he touched God. Eve was also there as they are one being in truth, but she simply lost her logic, she go confused, which in turn made Adam spin as she was making no sense, so she didn’t seem real. And in that Adam lost his final stabilising external reference point (other), so he touched oneness and crashed.

I’m talking symbolically of course. The one mind lost its logic in the face of the paradox, which is why Adam crashed. And then emotion makes no sense if there is no logical frame work to hang it on.

Let me pick on women now, to show the imbalance that was created when Adam fell, and how it affected/created this reality. A kid asks its Mum for toys, she gives because love is giving right? Well no, you spoil the child, rob it of the ability to appreciate, and yes this world is run by a bunch of spoilt greedy bastards.

Only when Adam and Eve hold up their ends, can they see eye to eye, and then balance be restored. This is seen in how the next chakra up from the root that is fear, is the sexy chakra where the two halves meet. It’s a marriage of sorts, a renewing of the vows, where the God of Adam, with his rules and laws, clearly sees the Earth Mother, with Her mysterious Witchy ways that can’t be explained and yet often turn out to be truth! What men think and what women feel must come together in perfect harmony in this time. And I’m not just talking about the external, we all have male and female inside of us, so we too must achieve inner balance. Indeed, if you do not marry your inner Adam and Eve then you have NO CHANCE of marrying and being happy with your outer opposite!!!!

It’s is indeed true to say Alanis, that there is no fundamental difference between the conflict in the bedroom and the conflict in the world! Unbalanced people create imbalance.

Women know shit, they don’t often explain it too well in my experience, but it doesn’t stop them from being right! And again this is not a battle of the sexes, it’s a rebalancing of male and female elements within all aspects of reality, post fall.

Take that German politician for instance, Angela Murkle is it? She is way too male, so no her being a woman politician is not a blow for female rights, it’s a nail in the coffin of all of us.

We have to come together and heal now, men and women have to finally take time to learn each others languages, I’ve been practising look;

‘Oh my god did you see what shoes she was wearing with that dress, what was she thinking, but then have you been round her house…says it all. And then did you see Julie’s new baby, look at his little feet, look at his little feet, look at his little feet (what the fuck did you expect, fucking size nines?)…..little feet?........only joking..

NO….. women are changing too, I see it. There are many examples of the new woman, Alanis obviously stands out, but there are many who are in balance now… Reflectively as many as men, because some men are little more than fucking animals it has to be said.

So that’s enough for now from me, this is where I stand, I see many, many people now all talking sense, finally. I cold talk and talk on each and every facet and issue that affects us, this as I can see where each puzzle piece fits. Hopefully, this schematic view will help others to understand where their truth fits into the bigger picture.

Some are really getting into the health issues, what they are putting into our food and the affects these poisons have on us. Some speak of music and creativity, how we dry up without it. Colour, design, entertainment, every single facet of our lives has an imbalance that someone is addressing at this time. It’s ALL relevant. Science is colliding with spirituality. Politics is ‘how we are and what we want’, not that we have any form of control, the dead heads have played us. Let me give a nod to Mathew Wright of the Wright stuff and ‘most’ of his guests, that show is more relevant than any parliamentary debate.

And no Mathew…Mat…lol You won’t need to drink when we shift. I thought too thought that life would be boring without booze, but NO, there is more, trust me. Everything is about to open up, we will be high on life and that’s not just a cliché. When your chakras open, you feel a rush, better than any drug. In fact drugs stimulate the chakras, that’s where the high emanates from. However, the drugs have a come down, have adverse ramifications and create dependency, they are nothing more than a crutch until you can….walk? NO ….FLY!!!!!!


This is going to be tough this shift, there will be good days and bad days, and no understanding the essential negativity really doesn’t make the bad days any less bad, it’s the nature of the beast I’m afraid, but yes, this is our cosmic spring!!!!



Power to the People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



CODE in language? Real is actually reel, the cycle, we are reeling. The world is actually the whirled. But then it’s not always opposites, sometimes it’s phonetic, or an anagram or a cosmic joke based on the God theme. If you look at a simple nine square ‘magic’ square, join the numbers consecutively then it produces a reverse mirror pattern. If you’ve seen the Big Bang theory on TV, Sheldon’s 73, which is the lucky seven that comes post the three, why? Well three is the first number out of oneness, you can’t have a one, it’s unmanifest, and two have nothing separating them, so the number of consciousness is 3, 3 is free. But then consciousness refracts into seven ‘archetypes’, like how white light splits when it hits a prism. So three for life then 7 for experience, which is ten, completion. Which is why we have ten digits, fingers and toes. But then Sheldon talks about the mirroring of that number that also extends into its digital value. All showing clues as to what we really are.

There is a jelly fish on the planet that lives potentially for ever. If it gets injured or, presumably just gets pissed off being a blob. It descends into its primal form, a group of what is considered to be a cluster of cells, and then the cells join to become the jelly fish over and over. Which is more or less the cycle as I have described it.

There are so many clues out there all staring us in the face, but then there’s no real reason to look, and then even if you do look, you won’t see unless you know what you are looking for, you need the key.

In British funerals we hold a ‘wake’ and the relatives are in ‘mourning’…. Death is an illusion...cosmic sleep is all.

God laughs at us, the writing is on the wall. Take the two slit light experiment for instance, it clearly shows how consciousness has an effect on reality and yet science sweeps it under the rug. I suppose they simply can’t comprehend what they deem to be the unthinkable, design behind evolution. But then how can evolution not be following a path, re-membering? It’s way too clever to be chance, I can think so many examples that blow Durwin out of the water.

Here’s a conundrum for you, something that science sees and yet can’t comprehend. They have recently grown seeds in space. Now, in space there is no ‘up’ and yet the seedlings know which way is up, which only really amounts to the way the space station makers have decided to orientate the space ship. Feasible astronauts could sit either on the floor or on the ceiling. The reason they call the floor the floor is so that they can communicate, but then the plants are aligning themselves with the orientation, so, how does a plant know which is the floor? Come on, it makes no sense.

The list of clues is endless, how do stick insects know what they look like? They don’t have mirrors or brains? Some of those insects are a complete copy of the plant they live on, it’s way past chance. How did an angler fish evolve with a fishing rod on its nose?

There’s a symbiotic relationship between a plant and bee. The bee has to change its wing beat, to emit a prefect middle C in order to get the nectar? Can bees speak to plants? Evolution, my spotty ass!


We fell, some of us reached the pinnacle of existence, which is not a great achievement, more of a one way ticket to boredom. Something happened at that time that seemed to evoke the fall. Someone lied, someone broke the covenant, or so it seemed. However, that’s bollocks, when it’s time to fall, it’s time to fall, it was simply over, and so the storyline twisted. Polarities changed. The story we play out can be seen as the human interplay overlaid upon the perpetual paradox machine, a way of understanding and living the cycle. Well, we all came tumbling down right quick, down hill is always easy. The thing now is a bloody uphill struggle, all that was lost has to be remade, reinvented. Which starts slow as the universe cools to create the basic elements. This is the first murmurs of the fallen mind, gradually solar systems form, planets capable of sustaining life appear, and life begins, rudimentary at first, then more complex animals that exist via basic instinct and emotion. Soon men appear, self aware beings. Soon these beings develop into something that can via heart and mind, remember the vastness of who and what they really are.

What are we? A fucking miracle that’s what. Why does anything exist at all, as opposed to eternal nothingness? NO ONE can answer that question, okay you can be clever and say that time has nothing to do with it, so why is not a valid question. But then existence has always been? How logical is that???? There could have been nothing, indeed logic always says that there is nothing before the ‘beginning’ and yet there is no action in nothingness, so nothing would have to stay nothing. Which means, ergo, there must have always been something, always, how logical is that?

And most think that magic is not real, we are part magical. There can be no logical reason for existence, why? Because the tangible reason would itself need an explanation, so all you would see is an infinite cascade of endless reasons? It’s turtles all the way down? Yes magic, and yet magic is pretty much unusable, it ruins everything, it cheapens everything so we save it for last, the sweet after the savoury, magic is un-top-able!!!

So, what is ‘God’ capable of? The answer to that question is better understood in asking what is God NOT capable of?

Well, God can’t give you the satisfaction of transforming a fucking rubbish dump into an oasis of a garden, yes I’m talking from experience. The joy I get from my garden is TOTALLY connected to the back breaking work I put in!!!!!

Sure you can get the landscapers in, or God can wave its magic wand and the most exotic garden appears, but then it’s empty, it means nothing.

Easy come easy go…it’s true. In order to prolong this journey everything must be earned, hard fought, well at first at least. Once we have lent appreciation, and I say lent, because appreciation is not something you can keep. We in life consume, it’s our nature, in life we are assembling the puzzle, we can’t go backwards. So we dip low and ground hard, to then try to stay appreciative for as long as we possibly can. That’s why we suffer…I ask how high do you want to get? Bearing in mind that the higher you wish to reach, the lower you have to dip! It’s reflective, like a catapult, the harder you pull back the further you are propelled. All these spoilt lazy shits in this world won’t go far at all. They chose to take the £10 now and leave the £1,000,000 jackpot, it’s too hard for them to ‘work’. A flash in the pan they are, and yes, the race is not for the swift.


Everyone is looking for quick fix in this world, but you simply can’t avoid the process can you. You can’t put your trousers on until you have put on your underpants, unless you are superman, or are going commando. Found-a-tion walls and then roof.

Nothing is what it seems! Everything is somehow telling the same story. We have tried to make money via spraying crops with chemicals, which end up in the water table and then kill micro life at the bottom of the food chain…. Because we have to make money and we want it know, why? What’s the fucking hurry, why are to racing to the…grave?

The government speak of growth, they want kick start the fucking rat race all over again. Crash to boom to crash, what the fuck!


Why is the shift coming at this time? The revelation of God is being forced by greed, ironically the greedy wankers are the ones who are driving the shift they don’t want LOL. You see the physical realm runs via rules, all actions have consequences, negative actions have negative consequences, it’s how the game works. So they are killing the fucking planet! It’s way worse than they imagine, the eco system has a very delicate balance, it can ‘cascade fail’ if pushed too far. If they kill the planet, where do we live? Because we have to live somewhere, I’m basically saying that they are pushing God to reveal itself via destroying the illusion. God will be and has been forced to intervene. Which is why I was woken and dragged back to the core, to then be able to pass this message on. I woke, so that we can all wake. Not just me! My tail is key to the story line but it’s just another part to play. Many people are adding their element now, waking to varying degrees and all parts are 100% equal in God’s eyes. Some don’t even realise how important their parts are, they are just playing it how the feel it, but the knock on effect of their positive contributions is surprisingly immense. Everything is connected! The knowledge I was given is important for one reason, it’s the framework on which we can all hang out contributions upon. A true unification theory, not that it’s a theory, it’s actually happening, many of you can see that now. This is why, I a Jew, ended up working at the site of the temple in Jerusalem, restoring our Father’s house! This is why all the crazy shit happens around me. I’m not special, I am just a rallying point for all of us who feel the same. And I already know that I have given many keys and credence to concepts some part way understood. Only now they can see where their puzzle piece fits and why!!

You see there is no ‘power’ in Jerusalem, it’s merely a symbol so that we can all understand what’s going down. This like that a bus stop does not have the power to stop a bus! The bus stops because it’s an understanding, an agreement. The only power we have is love and unity, compassion for each other, and that power is immense, why, because we came here to find love as a reaction to the solitary hell of oneness! Some say that all that exists is love, and that all of this manifest is a way to realise that love. The one split in order to love itself, feel the love that it actually is. Well I agree…that’s about it really, because love is the fruit isn’t it. After all, what is the point of living if you can’t love and be loved? With the only problem being that there is a shit faced mental mechanism of sufferance and appreciation in order to generate and sustain that love.

Not just sexy love, I mean camaraderie, just having people who are pleased to see you when you turn up. Something I haven’t felt for the longest time if ever, I do remember it when I was a kid. We used to knock the door for each other to see if they were coming out to play. No one wanted anything from each other than company, friendship…I miss that. Everyone seems to want something from you these days….not all…but we have lost our way. No one just hangs and ‘plays’ anymore, I miss that…

Cosmic seasons guys, the spring is on the way, we are seeing the signs that Jesus spoke of. It’s time to unite, forget fear, forget greed, your future is not of the strict physical, magic is about to happen!


The paradox?

Up until now the perplexing paradox of infinite and finite, the classic chicken egg scenario, has been seen to be the problem in the way of understanding reality. Now we can see that the paradox actually perpetuates the finite, reboots it. As long as the unsolvable paradox is in place none of this can ever end. And I do have to draw attention to the crazy concept of Christian heaven here. I don’t really know what to say when I speak to mindless Christians, as they tell me that they are going to eternal heaven to sit as Jesus’ table. I ask them what they would do in this eternity? And of course they smile and say will be with Jesus, always fucking Jesus, they don’t seem to mention God much. But then yeah they say that God will provide…provide what. You still have to deal with the days, the hours and minutes………

They seem to be so dull that they can’t conceive what eternity means, even the linear interpretation, the endless, which is not endless as it begins, I have been over that. It’s like a googleplex, googleplex, googleplex years, and that’s just an infinite fraction, infinitely less than a piss in the Atlantic Ocean????

They simply don’t think for themselves, they want their spiritual botties wiped for them? And you can’t talk to them can you, they just smile at you as if you are the dullard?

The True Pyramid

That Masonic pyramid on the dollar bill, not unlike many things in this world, is upside-down. God is that which holds the line so that we may dance. And there is also a true hierarchy of ‘public servants’. Not like the parasites we support at the top of the upside version depicted on the currency. Now I’m not being flash, but when I woke, I was re-tested. I was told by ‘God’, that someone had to hold in the core, see that view, as hellish as it is, this or creation will fall/fail. At this point I had already been to this hell once in my initial awakening in this lifetime/cycle, and ‘God’ was asking me to go back like what the fuck! ‘God’ also told me that I could send someone in my stead, someone who deserved to experience such a painful hell, like Adolf Hitler, it’s always Hitler isn’t it. Why couldn’t it be Garry Glitter? LOL A despicable pervert who probably does like it up the Gary Glitter (cockney rhyming slang for shitter). And whilst we are on the subject of perverse sex. Don’t be so sanctimonious on that particular issue, we all know the school girl fantasy don’t we. It’s taboo, and that makes it seductive, in reality, anyone who had sex young, with other young people at school, well they know that it’s not nice, it’s painful and embarrassing, and also can be emotionally damaging. Every time there is a fancy dress party, the girls can’t seem to wait to get dressed up in the school uniform, pig tales and stockings. I don’t remember the girls wearing stockings at my school? And what about That Britney Spears video? Everyone knows that young girls do look very sexy. But then in this world, we understand that young girls are basically children, despite how they think they grow up quicker these days. They may look more grown up, but they are still children and are in no way ready to cope with a sexual relationship emotionally. We really should let our children remain children for longer… Being a grown up is overrated anyhow, it seems to me that part of the pressure to grow up is via the government who see kids and a potential wok force to make them money via taxes. The same as how they are extending the retirement age and forcing disabled people to work. What the fuck! Disabled people have a shit deal as it is in the grand lottery of life, they should be carried by the stronger of us, it’s the least we can do, they should only work if they choose…

Which brings me back to the true pyramid. When tested I couldn’t let poor old Adolf go to the core in my stead, why? Well it’s more about how I wouldn’t be able to live with myself, having passed that cup, which was my cup, to anyone, let alone Adolf. That place really is that bad, I wouldn’t be able to look poor old Adolf in the eye, knowing that I was the reason for that disgusting HELL! I would feel too ashamed to live!

Some of us are spiritually stronger than others. So it’s up to us to hold the line so that the younger ones can dance free of such responsibility that wouldn’t suit them.

We are the untouchables, the incorruptibles, not like the filth at the top of the upside-down pyramid, who feed off and exploit the poor. Older? Yes! Not all of us go full circle on the cycle. Some don’t even get past this level, you will see this soon! The higher the fewer, why? Because the mind is condensing, returning to oneness where only two are left and they become one, which evokes the paradox. Maybe not in the manifest, but that happens ‘within’ spiritually. It’s NOT a competition, and all cycles are the same length. This because time can’t be traced. All anyone ever experience’s is a time that can be measured in years, and yet it always feels like a ‘while’. The distant past drifts away and all that is left is a sense of an indeterminate ‘while’, where you won some and lost some. And each person’s joy is the same. It’s not a matter of size, giving a hungry person food is the same as giving a Hollywood plastic gal a large diamond. I go full circle, and due to that I have to experience the hell of oneness at the top of the pyramid. Anyone want to swap?

All I ever wanted was a good life with good friends to share it with, and of course I do actually believe in true love, even if that is naive, as in truth there is only one male and female here. So I suppose we are all potential mates, I don’t know. I will keep wishing…call me sentimental, but I do want to meet my other half if she exists (I didn’t see such details when I woke, I assume, but that makes an as of me maybe?). But then I’m like that, I also want to play only one guitar for ever, and I do think I have found that little blue beauty. After so many failed relationships with Strats, and the like…lol. I fucking hate Strats, sorry guys, how do you even make them sound that good? I can’t get on with them…it is what it is.

So yeah, there are higher spiritual souls who return closer to God, and it is their responsibility to ensure that all the ‘spiritual children’ are kept safe. They can then be free to express themselves in any way they choose, as long as no one else gets hurt. And don’t get me wrong here. We are all free to do whatever we like, get as dirty as you want, the key word here is valid consent with an opposite equal. You see it’s a long road ahead, so we do get a bit freaky.

That’s enough, for now and as ever I have said way too much and not nearly enough. You’ll figure it out…










Before we start I must just explain that this is not a linear concept!

It’s not a linear explanation from a tangible physical root finite beginning A, to the ‘end of the line’ B, this is circular, A ‘IS’ B. Very simply as a general example, I’m saying that the Big Bang is the ass end of the previous Big Crunch. The reason for the bang Was the previous crunch, I will explain later on in detail. (And yeah science is already on to this circular concept via the bouncing universe theory and holographic principle that deals with the true nature of matter, which then explains the ‘transition’. Matter can transform because it’s not physical, it’s holographic. But then they don’t know why it would ‘bounce’ yada yada tbc.)

But then it’s not actually that simple, why, because what we are is also multifaceted, I suppose you could say multidimensional.

The appearance and disappearance of the dense manifest universe, that which we call the Big Bang to Crunch is in no way the whole story, but then it is a valid example of the great cycle. The great cycle, which envelopes all facets of manifest existence, dense and less dense, us, the universe and what lays behind it, that also recycles, this will become clearer as we move on.


I’m going to explain many individual concepts but then you have to try and ‘juggle’ them all, keeping them all in the air at once, symbolic of keeping attention in mind on each ball/concept, doing this will reveal a bigger picture, something that is greater than the sum of the parts (If you still think that space is infinite and that infinity is something massive, you will never see the bigger picture).

Because of the above, I say that you have to read this text a few times. Mainly because it’s circular so it sees that every time you come around it will make more and more sense, indeed the first read can’t really make sense because I’m just going to jump in at a point on the cycle and then start to explain something that will end up right back where it started; with that ending being the missing explanation of the rootless beginning…


A circular concept, as what we are is self supporting there is no other than the infinite, no external cause. Any movement is within, there is not ‘other than’ and so yes circular, this cosmic mind is flowing through itself. Nothing was built from something tangible and is heading toward a logical ending, this is perpetual, it simply revolves endlessly.

How hard is that to understand, everything recycles we are surrounded by cycles everywhere we look, didn’t anyone ever wonder why…..I suppose they did..



I will bracket the tangents, this is when I have to veer away from the cycle in order to better explain the individual concepts within, but then that interrupts the flow, so you may want to reread back over some of the plot after I have dealt with a tangent. Like I said, there is no real beginning point, there is no base or origin to any of this so the only way to explain is to dive in, start explaining and then at some point it ties back and makes sense.



Okay let’s get started.



Firstly I’m going to clear the board, deconstruct reality, reiterate what’s so wrong with the image of the manifest as the world sees it. This is the exact same thing that happened to me when I woke. I was firstly shown why the image of reality I believed in, well, never questioned, never made any kind of sense, intellectually.


You can’t be ‘in’ space. ‘In’ is a relative term, in this case the universe would have to have a boundary in order for us to be inside it. You can be in your room, relative to the four walls, the perimeter/boundary of the room. You can be within the boundary of solar system, ‘in’ the galaxy, but the universe?

If it contained a boundary, far far away, like a Massive spherical wall, and make no mistake, that would be a Massive wall. More or less unimaginable, we are saying that there is nothing on the other side of that wall?

Nothing! Not empty space, that’s not nothing, and this makes no sense in terms of the belief of a physical reality.

Your eyes tell you that you are in space; your intellect tells you that it’s not possible.


Later on you will see that the Main problem standing in the way of understanding what we are is via the misunderstanding of the infinite. So I will state here; the infinite is un-manifest. It’s potentially anything and yet because it can’t manifest in any way, it looks like nothing, and of course you can’t see nothing! No not an empty space, that is a quantification.

This will make more sense later, but then what is 1 + 1? 2, simple, too simple, but then what is 129749723947 x 29479409840909……. Not so simple, however, the one thing you do know is that it’s a solvable math problem, but where is the answer now?


And we Do know that there is an answer! Well, in terms of your mind, and I will show that all is mind, in terms of your mind, the answer is sitting in your subconscious awaiting some kind of linear mechanism in order to retrieve it.

Whether that be via your mathematical prowess, however you do that, some kind of imaginary abacus? Of like me if you go get a calculator, which is a copy of your mind that always works if yours doesn’t, it does the same thing as a mind.

So you retrieve the answer and yet you also have to realise that EVERY answer to ever single equation already existed in the moment the number one existed.

The moment that the universe was manifest, math existed as there was definition.

I’m trying to explain that when definition, logic exists, then in theory, all logical conclusions already exist, like that the concept of a car Always existed, and yet it wasn’t until someone imagined a wheel, probably from a rolling log, and then an engine, that the concept was more obvious just waiting for someone to put two and two together.

So………Where is all this stuff now? Where is the future technology before we retrieve it?

In this we may understand that the infinite is likened to the subconscious mind to the manifest universe, and no the universe is not a mind per se, it’s a symbolic representation of a mind, but then it’s also our stage so, it has to look real.

You can never see your subconscious aspect, all you ever see is the images that seem to bubble up from it via the thought process, indeed the thought process is the only way you can drag information from the subconscious, this because you need a linear ‘thought train’ in order to make sense of what is reveal, the mind has linear continuity.

So the infinite is an un-manifest place of potential, it can’t be seen, it’s no thing, and yet potentially anything. And it has to be said here that the Ancient Egyptian’s knew this. They describe how the universe sprang forward from the un-manifest Nun, via Ra, who was born in a defining bubble, which the universe is, as it takes an entire universe in order to define a man! Everything is relative; the concept of a man makes no sense without All of his reflective reality.


As we are on this subject I wanted to shed light on the example of an autistic savant called Daniel Tammet. Daniel is a living example, showing us the truth of who we via how his mind works, how our minds can work.

You can see the tv documentary ‘The boy with the incredible brain’, where Daniel was asked how he retrieves the answers to complex math problems, which he can do faster than a PC. He says, he focus’s on the question and then he sees mist in his mind, the mist the clears and he sees a shape, he then somehow knows what number the shape is and so he reads it off and yes it’s the answer?????

That makes NO sense (in fact it makes perfect sense when you know what we are), but then in terms of a physical reality that builds from a base in accordance with the laws of physics, no.

There’s no linear process going on, and yes the scientists didn’t believe him, and yes they thought they tested him, how so?

Well they made him make coloured plasticine models of the shapes he sees, and then when they had finished filming, unbeknown to him lol, they tested him again, a few weeks later this was.

Point, Daniel can remember what the day it was and what the weather was like on any given date, so why were scientists, the best brains in the UK, testing him on something he created a few weeks back? Duhhhhhhh Phd? They hand them out in jamboree bags it seems, (They were great weren’t they, Jamboree bags, full of nothing but great for kids to wonder about the possibility of something great being in there. Life is the ultimate Jamboree bag! Full of nothing really once it’s achieved, it’s the anticipation that drives us…)

So, Daniel can retrieve data direct from his subconscious mind. No linear process, there’s not even time, he’s pulling it down at light speed, he beats a PC!


So, we know that all logical concepts exist in the moment that logic exists. In the moment the number one existed then so did all possible numbers (endless) and also all the sum and divisions of that one, All math exists!

All caveman had to do in order to drive to ASDA is wait for Fred to invent a wheel, Burt an engine, Bob had to figure out metallurgy and we are off and shopping.

The infinite is un-manifest potential (I will go over this in more detail later).

A child can pick the bones out of the Big Bang theory. It falls down before it even begins as the origin can’t be either traced or explained. Hawking says that the Universe spontaneously exploded into being, and then started expanding? Expanding to where, before the bang there was no time-space?

Or is the manifest expanding into nothing? Yes it is but then the physical view doesn’t have an explainable nothing, it can’t deal with nothingness, has no idea what it is.

Is the universe likened to an expanding and contracting bubble in nothingness? Yes, it’s not physical, it’s a mind, and a mind boundary is not a problem, all minds have boundaries, but that’s going to take some understanding, let’s continue.


Science knows that nothing is solid. The appearance of matter is achieved via energy oscillating, changing polarity, and at varying frequencies.

The relative frequencies create micro polar force fields, resistance, which then creates the appearance of boundaries within the energy mass which itself is one blanket field, you can’t have a boundary in an abstract.


(If you are coming around the second time, how does energy change polarity? The energy always changes polarity, via the paradox of finite-infinite and those two elements can Never join in mind, this needs to be understood. So yes the polarity change that drives creation is also creating the appearance of matter, via micro opposition, but then science already knows this. It’s actually a micro fractal.)


You can’t even have boundary in less tangible semi solids like water can you. (Okay you can pour in orange squash, and watch it slowly blend in, it’s just an example!)

Science then understands that all matter is really the same blanket energy field and yet oscillating at varying frequencies in order to create the appearance of relative mass, matter. And I say oscillating not vibrating, why? Well vibration is movement, and only something with mass can move, the energy doesn’t have mass, so it’s not vibrating, energy can’t vibrate, but it can change polarity, which is an oscillation.

The only way to create a boundary in energy is via a polarity shift as it’s not a physical entity.


(You may begin to understand here that the true opposites at base are that of finite and infinite[. This is something that can’t join in mind, and it’s seen at the biggest problem for science. The concept of infinity exists in any mind as there can’t be any Logical beginnings and endings. If there were nothing before then how can that nothing become something? Ergo, something must always have existed as nothing would have to stay nothing. There is no possible action, no anything, no force in nothing to then flip the nothing into a something.

Which of course as you will realise, what they see as nothing is actually the infinite. And yes this may seem simple, how was it missed? Well science is via ‘observation’, they are much like small boys, taking things apart to see how they work, hence the CERN collider. But then you can’t observe the infinite, only it’s effect, and yet science doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of this ‘dark energy’ despite the fact that even their math says it should be there?)


Think on this: If all at ‘base’, all of the energy in the Universe is the same energy field. Which means that your head is your arm is your car, is those two dogs doing that nasty thing in the park, is your tv, is everything.

This is also supported in the concept of particle entanglement.

The miss-fact that the universe seems to contain anything is a construct achieved via the said oscillation creating relative mass.

(The universe is pixelating itself at the micro level, creating relative resistance within itself level not unlike a 3D TV screen, so yes holographic. Note: Your mind can also create such images, and it is done in Exactly the same way! However, not many people get the opportunity to see a mind taken apart and in that see how it works.

How do you imagine, your mind is able to create images within it???????

How do you imagine you mind, which is energy is able to create the sense of time-space within it, as in how you seem to be other than the images.

In dreaming you can even seem to exist within your own creation, your mind has the ability to create a dreamscape it can exist, in. So if I said that the cosmic mind, of which we are all part, can create a shared dream reality, why is that such an unbelievable concept?

A massive amount of people have said that they knew when something bad happened to a loved one. More or less everyone has had that thing where they think of someone and then they call. We are one mind! The universe, the people in it, we are all the same mind, and you can’t bend the back drop, reality, because no one of us is ‘The dreamer’. It’s hard to explain but everyone believes this place ‘real’ together…)





The energy field pre oscillation is One entity.

Therefore, at base anything the universe seems to contain ‘is’ the universe itself, part of the entity, a manifestation of what the energy field potentially already is.

Ergo, if the universe seems to contain consciousness, which is a discernable energy, then the base energy of the universe must it self be conscious…..




Reality only makes sense if you don’t look too closely, observing the quantum and the cosmic will reveal its true nature, hence science! But they need a few clues, there are some things, yes as Hawking says, that can’t intrinsically be observed.


Okay now I am going to start to explain in earnest, dive in. Empty your cups, keep an open mind.



One of the biggest problems for science is actually the answer staring them in the face!


The Paradox of the finite and infinite! [


Indeed some so called scientists, unbelievably still don’t understand what infinity is! Which is why they say that space is infinite which it clearly isn’t as it’s manifest. When you understand, you realise that anything manifest must be defined, which means sized, quantified, and you simply can’t quantify infinity. You can’t put a size on it, it will always be more, which is why some say ever expanding but then expansion IS also size, fluid, increasing size, and not the whole story, because physical expansion requires a physical space to expand ‘into’. So how did that space get there, and we are back at square one. And make no mistake, science will not even try to answer such questions….because they can’t!

But then you can’t also quantify infinity internally, the next stupid thing to think, well, no, not that stupid because in the same way as the Earth did indeed look flat to those who didn’t have the minds eye’s understanding. It does indeed look as if we are in the universe.

It looks that way, when you use your eyes, but then it makes no sense intellectually, you can’t create a defined image of it within your own mind. You can’t logically imagine yourself to be within the infinite, you simply run into boundary problems.

The best you can do is to create a bubble that can be as big as you like, and yet it will always be floating in the nothingness that exists at the end of your imagination sphere.

And I hate to say this at this point, because it’s way too simplistic, but yes, that’s how it is, space is not physically real, it’s a dreamscape in the one mind and yes in that it’s just a bubble, beyond it is nothing, it hasn’t been imagined yet. We are in a symbolic time-space bubble surrounded by infinite potential.

And no you can’t reach the boundary of space anymore than you can reach the boundary of your own imagination (you can’t stand on your own horizon), anywhere the observer goes there will be the reflective observable. We are living in a mind of sorts!

Yes too simplistic if not too obvious, the funny thing is that scientists are using their minds, in order to figure out how their minds came about, and yet they dismiss the mind itself???????? This is much like using a pair of ‘digital’ weighing scales, how can you tell if they are correct? You ‘calibrate’ them, which is that you zero them before you begin and then weigh a check weight the weight of which is known.

How can you calibrate a mind, how can you be sure the mind can understand what it’s viewing if you don’t know what a mind is?

How do you calibrate a mind? Well that’s not as hard as you think, math is a calibration for the mind, 1+1 is always two, so we have an understanding of logic, and then we can extend that logic, use it in order to figure everything else.

With the interference being that Logic can’t describe the Infinite, why, because the infinite is illogical, the opposite to logic in fact. This is the one element that science is lacking, they are still trying to find a tangible origin, and even in logic that makes No sense. Any logical reason for the big bang would itself, as it is defined and known, it makes sense, that reason itself will need an origin????

All you ever end up with if you look for a logical origin is a cascade of reasons that themselves need explaining.

So logically speaking, there can be no logical reason for the big bang in ‘linear’ terms.

Bare that in mind as we move on.

(With the later solution to the problem of origins being that yes, the manifest by nature, positively demands an origin, all finites have beginnings. But then the infinite, the state before the finite, doesn’t deal in time-space, it’s no time passing, which is why you can’t experience it, as we will see as we move on. The universe is paradoxically driven, it continually shifts from infinite (sleep), waking to the finite manifest, the sleep-peels, and when the mind manifests it tells the story of itself as there is nothing other than it to explore, experience.)


You can’t be physically inside an infinite, as you can’t be contained by it, and then that word, ‘contain’ is revealing. You can only be contained by a ‘container’, try to understand then, that the container is also defined by its contents. As in that if there are contents, manifest defined items, then they suggest containment. As is where are they?

So, anything manifest will beg the question, how big is this space I am contained within, and that then shifts perspective to the would be container, so the inner defines the outer, do you see?

Which throws up the problem:


We seem to be inside of something that can’t logically end?

Einstein said that Infinity is an unknowable state, simply because it can’t be quantified, and so I assume that Einstein also didn’t see the universe as infinite, which would explain why he, being the one who proved the expansion of the universe, didn’t ‘go to’ the natural assumption that it must have began at a singular point. Despite the obvious staring him in the face, he didn’t speak of a singular origin because he also realised that infinity runs both ways, it doesn’t have an end, AND, a beginning IS an ‘end’ viewed in the opposite direction, a point, beyond which, there is nothing.

Infinity can’t have a beginning can it? This in both terms of time and space, so something was not adding up, and so Einstein was continually working on the problem, he couldn’t make a conclusion.

The Big Bang theory came later from some Belgian Priest, Georges Lamaitre. And then Hawking picked it up and is running with it still, Infinity with a beginning?


Now we can really get started.


All that exists is ‘An infinite consciousness’, a singular consciousness, part way defined, part way not. Much like how your own mind seems to be a defined bubble within a mass of non defined darkness, for want of a better description.


However, that is a paradox in terms, why? Well for the really quick of mind you can’t have ‘an’ infinite, ‘an’ is a definition but okay let’s go on a new tangent. The real problem with that statement is that conscious itself is a finite concept, due to how it’s achieved, and yes some so called spiritual people seem to think that mind can do what ever it likes, which is not the case, ‘mind’ also follows rules, so we need to explore here how is consciousness achieved. This explaining why the term ‘Infinite Consciousness’ is a contradiction in terms. And why what we are is based on the base paradox of finite and infinite, how that paradox drives the cycles of creation.



(Consciousness is achieved via, as Descartes pointed out, ‘I think therefore I am’, which is basically saying that you can hear yourself thinking, you are witnessing your thought train and so you must exist. With the term witnessing being key here.

Consciousness is actually achieved via your mind having the ability to separate itself into two aspects, well, three, it’s always three, you can’t have two in separation, because there has to be something ‘other’ between the two or they are still one…

(Pythagoras knew this; he spoke of 3 being the first manifest number from the spiritual perspective.)

So your mind separates itself into what we see as the viewer of the imagination and then the imagination itself, the view screen or mind’s eye. And of course the neutral zone! NO, no need to look out for Romulans, I mean the space between the viewer and view screen which is neither, keeping them apart.

It need not be visual, it can be audible or even sensual, I’m using the visual as an example but this ‘feed back loop’ can be achieved in anyway, and yes in sound in the mind because you don’t need ears to be able to hear… BANG!!! You can ‘imagine’ sound.

As soon as you wake up, you are processing data, we call it thinking. You can’t stop thinking when you are awake, even if it’s just the passive re-cognition of your surroundings.

This movement that is thinking is the mechanism that makes you self aware, if you stop thinking/acknowledging/feeding back; you will have no way of re-cognising your existence. You don’t think when you sleep, and no, dreaming is not deep sleep, it’s REM, the bit between sleep and wake.

You the viewer are looking out at what is seemingly not you, even if it’s your very own imagination, it’s still other than you the viewer aspect.

The mind is then able to stand back and witness this viewing process, it can hear itself thinking and so it must exist.

In visual terms it is seeing other than it, re-cognising the images and then there is something even more revealing here, that in visual terms you see the image with your eye first even if that’s only your mind’s eye, a moment before your mind re-cognises what the image is, a real small moment but it’s there, it has to be, you need time to process the image, match it with your database memory, so there always has to be a delay in consciousness for the match, the re-cognition, the acknowledgment.

The image is presented to you in primary cognition, the image is more or less instantaneous not withstanding the speed of light. But then it takes a ‘moment’, to re-cognise, what it is.

So, in order to be conscious you need space between what is viewed, and the viewer to allow for the re-cognition process, and of course space always come with time they are same thing really, quantifications, just viewed from a different perspective, criteria.

There is a delay that relates to the speed of thought, the processing time, that itself relates to the distance between the minds eye and the viewer, which is as close as you can get without the two being one. So close that the mind seems like one entity.

If the mind becomes one, if the viewer and view screens join, there can be no feed back re-cognition, so the mind can’t be aware of itself.

A crude example is that if you press your face up against a mirror, you won’t be able to see yourself. So, try to understand here that consciousness, via the way it’s achieved, dependant on time-space, is a finite entity, it can’t feed back when it reverts to its infinite state, so we call that sleep.

Note also that science has no idea why we sleep, your body recharges, repairs itself continually, no need to shut down for repair, it’s the mind that can’t keep cohesion, it gets dragged from finite to infinite via the paradox, that cause you to sleep.


In the terms of the infinite there can be no definition, no separation, and so the infinite can never be conscious, and we witness that.

How so?


Well because what we are is based on an unsolvable paradox, that opposites do coexist, both the infinite and the finite, although only the finite is seen the infinite exists as a concept within the finite part of the mind, in that nothing can logically begin or end.


The concept of infinite is apparent and can be understood, but it can’t manifest.


And because this paradox can’t ever be resolved, all you ever see is a ‘contradicting pulse’. Like in the Chicken Egg conundrum, Chicken Egg, where did it begin? It’s unstoppable..


(Note here that because the paradox can’t be resolved, ever! This shifting in both macro and micro, the universe from bang to crunch, the minds sleeping and waking; this can never end! Therefore the paradox is NOT the problem that science sees it as, it’s actually the solution, the paradox ‘perpetuates’ as long as it can’t be resolved, this thing can never arrive, it can never end.)


We soul aspects of the mind, in line with the greater mind, shift from finite and infinite states continuously!

When we are in the finite (time-space), we can separate our minds and re-cognise, but then try to stay here if you like, it won’t work, you will be dragged back to the infinite. You Will sleep…

Your mind will become infinite, all in the same non place, no definition you won’t be able to feed back as long as you are in that mind state. But then you can’t stay asleep either…..


Understand here also that the finite is an entity, and it feeds back in order to be known. If it were to ever stop feeding back, it would not exist, it would become nothing, and nothing can’t become something. So, there is a part of this mind that Never sleeps ever!

We can sleep and wake because we are not the great cycle as souls, we are just fractal copies.

It’s more like that the two states co-exist, finite and infinite, and the mind shifts focus/attention from one to the other, but that does not mean that the finite stops existing when the ‘focus’ shifts to the infinite. Understand here that the finite is a constant, it NEVER ever stops moving, never stops feeding back.

This will be important to fully understand later, because it explains why the universe flips when it crunches. This because, and this will make more sense the next time round, at the ‘paradox point’, the finite is complete, so it can’t move, thought is movement, and there is nothing ‘other’ left to think, the mind has now re-membered, it’s condensed. BUT! It has to move, which creates a mental pressure which eventually explodes the mind to then become a puzzle of itself, which then allows movement again, so yes:



Yes like an hour glass flipping. (In fact some guy wrote on the bouncing universe theory, with the math he used, based on gravity, actually describing this effect, but then the force increasing wasn’t gravity, it was the momentum of consciousness.)

In fact a good way to understand this is via slider puzzles:



Imagine the puzzle representing the mind re-membering, as long as there are spaces in the frame, the tiles can slide. The absolute minimum is one space, and then now also think on that this movement in terms of mind is thought, so it can’t stop ever.

If the last space is blocked, then the momentum of the puzzle needing to slide will explode all of the tiles out if the frame, which created, space to then allow for movement.


So, consciousness may as well be called ‘the finite’, it’s all the defined stuff but then no, the definition is NOT solid, not physical, it’s all happening in mind.

We are sharing a dream with fixed parameters; there are rules, so it feels ‘real’.

Consciousness is the base of the manifest, nothing can manifest unless it can be imagined, if you can’t imagine then how can you build it and also on that note, no!

Not all things that can be imagined can be built, which shows how no, not everything is possible due to the logical element that is a key part of the recognised feed back loop, consciousness.


Look at this picture:



This has been imagined and even drawn, but you can’t build it, no, strike that, you can build it, but you can’t walk around it.

And I say this because some spiritual people say that anything is possible, and yet that’s not true, it has to make some kind of sense, it has to be logical.



Before the last tangent, I was speaking of the nature if reality, but then what is real……Morpheus?


It’s just a set of signals interpreted by your mind, change the signals change the reality….


Okay tangent over).



I now want to speak about the core nature of the paradox and why it creates life in the way we see it.


All that exists is an infinite mind. The infinite part is never seen, it never manifests, it’s abstract, it’s nowhere, every ‘where’ exists within its imagination, there is no physical element. Physical realities are simply fixed shared dreams.

Yes it’s energy, it’s a mind! A mind is energy, it’s creative, but it’s not physical, it can animate, but it can’t truly create anything solid. Only a very convincing facsimile via the interaction and feed back of pain and death etc.


From the infinite perspective, everything just is, time doesn’t pass, nothing manifests, so it seems to be nothing, but it’s not.

The best way to describe it is ‘infinite potential’ and yet with no way of revealing that potential. So yes, a kind of black negative energy, not negative as in bad, I mean a negative like a photo negative.


However, if we look at this as the One entity it is, part of this contradicting ALL is not negative, it’s positively positive!

It’s conscious! And yet it can’t be conscious in its infinite state as it can’t feed back, therefore it kind of intrinsically creates a supporting program to the conscious observer that it is, and that supporting programme is time-space.

Look at your mind; it’s like a room right, a space around ‘you’? It’s a space that you the observer exist in. And this sense of space is created via your awareness, you are illuminating your own mind, this is the same as how the external image of time-space is created.

Just as your mind creates its own space the greater consciousness creates time-space the finite realm, as a supporting program for the fractal minds to interact within, which then allows conscious movement in the universe, which is a symbolic copy of the one mind, do you see?


I suppose the confusion now will come from using your mind as an example and then telling you that the universe is also a mind, but then a shared mind. Minds living in a mind, let me explain.


From the over view, we are only a conscious observer and it’s all that exists and so it can only observe itself.

But then it’s nothing, just an observer; however the observer has the ability to separate itself, the base of the waked states sees it existing as a trinity (The viewer pos, view-screen neg and space between neutral, in mind. The trinity of mind.), the positive, negative, and neutral keeping the pos and neg apart. It becomes three/free, when it splits in two, and it’s always two sided, that never resolves. The one is always self contradicting; it never settles in oneness and is still, ends, because there is an internal paradox. This is what perpetuates!


Because the mind is no thing, only really a conscious mind that wakes and sleeps, it has to try view itself; there is nothing other than it.

In order to understand, experience what it is, it needs a format for the said understanding. Kind of like that we all need a language in order to communicate ideas, if we have no language then are we cut off from each other, trapped in our own minds.

But then in truth, our language is not the words we use, our true language is the things and actions that the words are describing, if there is no manifest reality, there are no things to label and so no possible spoken language. We know this! We describe life on this planet in as many ways as there are languages, and yet they are all describing the same thing, our language, our catalyst to communicate, you know, how two men agree that a rock is a rock, is actually the manifest world around is our format or form@.


Our particular format is ‘Man in Space’; it’s a program/programme that starts with a premise of a physical reality. It tries to look physical, via pain etc, this in order to have us play along, but then there is no way of creating the image of an infinite universe so, the universe is simply too big to see.

We can’t just appear on the planet, that would raise suspicion as we grew and in that could question, so the program had to contain a kind of evolutionary tale, this so that the souls inside didn’t question too much and get on with the programme, which was the whole point! A place for consciousness to exist in, a cradle for the baby.


(Try to realise here that this is not how it is, this explanation is symbolic and linear. I will later show you this exact same thing, from a totally new perspective. At the moment I am telling you symbolic stories, later on I will condense it into something way more mathematical.)


The conscious aspect of the All had to create a reflective reality in order to know itself. A Format, a form @. Because in truth it is nothing just an observer, a lonely view point ‘person’ existing in a void.

Being is via doing, I am a Leadworker, because I do Leadwork.


Now we are going to go forwards backwards this should be fun…lol


Why does the universe end?


Because the ‘potentially unlimited’ mind had to create a ‘fixed’ format for self exploration, and that fixedness, that limitation, was then inbuilt into the system.

Like that when we create football via the rules, the rules then limit the game, which is why they have a time limit, there’s only so long you can keep doing the same thing before it becomes absurd. If there were no set matches, if it was one big long ongoing match, what would be the point?

It’s only a game if it can be won or lost, so it has to end at some ‘point’. We are creating points here, within the point-less.


In ‘life’ we are exploring God, that lonely man in the void, when we were one, when we were alone all-one. And we explore it via a premise and format so: Man in space, man at work, man on holiday, man at war, man in music, man in film, man in the pub. All the Ways, every single bastard one of them, and for every positive there is a negative, in this place.


By doing we are be-come.


And it’s as I said, this programme via the limited premise Will end. When all the eventualities of ‘Man in Space’ have been done to death, it will end when there is nothing left to explore.



Now we have to shift perspective back to that of the one mind. From that perspective, when all the interactions have been played out, the programme ends, there’s nothing left to view. This is the big crunch!

The conscious aspect has to keep viewing in order to be conscious, it never stops re-cognising and so at the crunch point, the conscious aspect tries to view the only other than it that is left, and that is the infinite.

(Pretty soon you will realise that most things in ‘reality’ are upside down and back to front a mirror image of what is. The tale of Adam and Eve never made sense because their children would have to have married, and that runs contrary to our sense of individuality, it’s incest, we are naturally repelled/repulsed by it.

When in reality, the symbolic Garden scenario, where Adam bites the apple past to him by Eve is describing the mechanics of the big crunch. The END that was that which sparked the beginning, A is B! The garden scenario is what can be called a nexus point, the bit where the metaphoric hour glass flips.)


The conscious aspect now having explored itself via taking it self apart, splitting into soul aspects and then interacting with itself, has now re-membered itself the program/programme is over. The programme was it’s reflected reality, that allowed it to feed back, be conscious. The conscious aspect has to feed back by nature, if it doesn’t it doesn’t exist.


(The tangent here is that it would seem possible from our perspective, that the mind wouldn’t be forced to join the infinite when it has ‘read its one book’, It could wander about in itself amuse itself. However there are two views to enlighten here.

Time-space is created via the One mind being fragmented. As the one mind remembers, it’s re-membering, as we interact, it’s solving the puzzle, it’s re-membering it’s way back to the truth, that we are one. So yes, at the end of creation there will be only two souls left, one male one female. All the ‘others’ will now be seen as the versions they actually were and their aspects will now be absorbed back into the whole. When the two realise that they are one, two voices in the same mind, then the whole thing falls part, this as the one mind left becomes creator and created. So, anything it was, becomes its own illusion, at this point, when Adam (Male action), bites the symbolic apple, the linear mind seems to have been talking to itself, all that it thinks it was then becomes a figment of it’s own imagination. The mind then is insane, which in terms of a logic program means it became unstable, couldn’t feed back.

This is why they say that Eve passed Adam the apple, when she was gone, when he realised her. Saw through her, could answer any question she asked him, then the mind lost it’s last remaining external reference point and in that span out of control, lost stability.

Think of how an ice skater can spin on their axis without getting dizzy. They remain stable by way of looking at a fixed point over and over. As an example think of an ice skater in a white room with white ice, a white out scenario. So they can spin because you are standing there in a black coat, every time they come around they see you so they can stabilise, you are a fixed external reference point. If you go, then all they see is white, white, white, it all looks the same, so they get dizzy and fall over.

In fact yes people do get ‘sea sick’, they do get dizzy, unstable in snow driven white out scenarios.)




Therefore, when the supporting reflective program is over, the ever viewing conscious aspect tries to view the only other than it, the infinite. (It can’t stop viewing, feeding back, this by nature of what it is.)

If we call Adam the last remaining viewer, then in that ‘perspective’ we can call the world he viewed Eve, his defining reflection! We humans are defined via the world around us.

This symbolic as she was that last remaining ‘witness’ of that world, if she was real then so was the world.

A bit like that if you see a pink elephant, it could be your delusion, but then if someone else sees it then it’s ‘real’.


When she was gone, when he consumed her, that action handed him the apple. Bite that and you touch the infinite, the void, the nothing!

Well there was no choice, the finite revolved and came back and touched the infinite, or you can also see this in another way! The ‘attention’ of the One mind, shifted to the infinite, swung back from the finite aspect, it simply re-zipped the finite and tried to open the infinite file, which crashes, reboots, resets the system and in that swings it back.





When the viewer aspect, the finite aspect of the one mind, (Adam symbolic) tried to see/touch/know, or feed back on God the infinite, two things happened simultaneously.

The viewer lost it’s time space element, and so its mind imploded, it destabilised and fell……..asleep, Adam fell from Eden, landing in as the bible says, the Land of Nod. A bit of a cosmic joke clue.


From the reflective view, if a defined view point were to enter the infinite, then that would beg the question, how big is this that I am now become and that is endless expansion, so ‘the mind of Adam’ exploded.

What was in the mind of Adam?

All of creation!!!!!!!!! Adam is the prime viewer, it’s his-story.

If opposites are forced to join there will be a violent destructive action emitting from the paradox point where the opposites touched.

So Adam represents that paradox point, where the finite had no choice but to touch the infinite.
















The Maya have a concept of the first Father; they show how the tree of life sprouts from the first Father’s body as he dies. Of course we also have a concept of a phoenix, a fiery bird that rises from its own ashes, all of which are symbolic subconscious remembrances of what we really are.


Shift perspective again.


When the mind of Adam had viewed all of his-story, run the programme, it got stuck. It needed a new programme but then all programmes are the same, an exploration of ‘what is’. The premise and format can change, but that’s really only a cosmic costume change, the interaction is still basically the same. You can’t just load into a new format at the end, you’d still be doing the same old shit, in fact life is like that.

What’s the difference between a movie star and a rock star, track star, any kind of celebrity, only really the piece of the pie you are taking from, the side of the plate. It’s still the same old pie, fame, money, freedom, power, etc.

The only way to enter a new programme is to delete all knowledge of the last one, and then the same programme can be used forever. This as it has to be forgotten in order to run any other linear programme, so it seems to be new over and over, we can do this forever and we do. De Ja vous….

The paradox point deletes the program.



The explosion severs every single connection in the finite linear mind in a kind of cascade failure due to the said paradox. Exponentially, the mind is being lost, forgetting is for getting, a new reality, and this grade-ual loss in the ‘fall’ creates different states of being. Individuality is created by dissection; we are all aspects of a greater whole.

This gradual loss creates levels of being, a bit like removing memory chips from a PC one by one. The more you remove, the stupider the PC becomes until finally it crashes. The PC can’t work without memory.


We now exist on the level where the mind crashed, when Adam touched God the short circuited finite energy had to re-ground so it ran to Earth, it rebooted it had to, why?

Because there was no where for it to be lost to, no ‘other’ than it, and the momentum of consciousness was driving it so it had to create a new circuit to run in, a programme, to feed back in.

So, as Adam exploded, yes he became the Mayan first Father, the tree of life growing out of his dead corpse. He was the programme; his-story is in him.

As his mind fell…to bits.

He then became a puzzle of himself, the hour glass flipped, what was whole, now had a hole to fill.

We are living in his-tory, the re-membering mind of Adam. To clarify the mind of Adam is the sum of the program that then touched the infinite; it’s the sum of this place in spiritual terms, all to know here known, and then an experience of God to boot. This that we are all aspects of.


Consciousness explodes itself, dissects itself in order to re-member itself, it has to flow through itself because there is no other than it. It creates ‘space’ within it by forgetting, for getting really is….for….getting. If there were no spaces in the mind the mind could not move, you can’t watch a movie for the first time, the second time, the first time is in the way. But then this mind, as we can see, does have the ability to….to…..ehmm…….to……what was that….yes forget. The mind has the ability to forget and re-member. How? Yes you already know, via the paradox which explodes the mind. If it couldn’t forget, then it would get stuck!


The finite part is simple, it’s just an equation, all the ways that conscious can interact with itself around a premise/format. That’s a finite equation, so it begins and ends, and therefore. Time, begins at the big bang/big crunch, a nexus point, which plays out thusly:


There is a massive explosion, it cools and forms basic bits that somehow fit together in order to eventually make elements?

This is the mind’s rudimentary re-memberence, it’s figuring it all out, it’s all coming back together!

Of course the universe is not actually a mind as such, it’s a symbolic representation of the one mind, it’s really just our stage so it’s kind of best fit, fit for purpose, and this is why science struggles with it.

The real mind wakes via the Aum pulse. The Aum pulse never stops, it’s the sound of the paradox shifting, and this is the first discernable differential in the void!

Differential? Yes, something for the now wiped mind to re-cognise, feed back on. From the simple recognition of a differential, 010101010101, the mind can extrapolate; start to figure out basic shapes, geometry which of course leads on to more complex manifestations.

Not that different from a human baby learning about basic shapes, the puzzles, letters, words etc. The baby when born has the ability to re-cognise, it is intelligent and yet empty.

So yes when the mind reboots, the fist thing it hears is Aummmmmmmmmmmmzzzzzzzzzzzz the pulse that never stops.


In the symbolic mind ‘the universe’ this re-memberance manifests as the basic elements forming post big bang.

The Universe kind of acts like a mind, but it’s really only our backdrop, our supporting program, reflective definer.

The American Indians were correct; man and the universe are one!



So, the elements forming can be seen as the recovering mind recognising the Aum pulse, which is in metaphoric terms, the back beat to an entire possible symphony. One the mind is now aware post fall, this via the re-cognition of the base pulse, and so it can begin to create again, well, it’s coming around again, figuring out what happened how it got here, what it is. The active mind can now re-member, which is to experience the story in format.

The story is a remembrance of what always is, a return to God, where we get spat out again, eternally.

We are enacting the paradox, over and over, it can’t end.

This is the only way the linear aspect can exist, we consume experience we grow (re-member) it can’t be stopped, we have to keep moving, the finite apparent manifest has to move, age, in time or it doesn’t exist.

The only way it’s possible to live this way is to be able to forget, which means we can live the same dam movie over and over and never get bored.

It’s the only way the finite can keep pace with the infinite, not that the infinite moves but it IS endless. And linear beings are tied to time-space which is a finite entity and so it begins and ends.

This bubble universe expands and contracts.

So we recycle.



New perspective.


I experienced the mind condensing, I was the aspect of the mind that lost time-space ‘reality’ and I eventually lost the ‘other’ reasoning reflective aspect of my own mind, I became singular.

For a linear being that’s Hell, no future no past, my past drifted away as if it were a dream. I became the dreamer I was Adam and I touched God.

Yeah yeah okay so you realise that it’s all symbolic, it’s the only way to understand it, we are: A contradicting energy blowing time-space bubbles as vents in order to contain and facilitate it’s conscious aspect, how clinical is that view for you.

Looking like a bubbling primordial swamp from a distance, who would imagine that within this simple reaction, all the drama of all the lives there ever are is going on?


The core view, when you touch God, are God for all intents and purposes, you are sitting in the big vacant chair and you take a peek.

You are insane…

Everything you thought was real, you created, this via the two sides joining, so yes oneness, the created is the creator. You are nothing more than a figment of your own imagination.

How sane is that?

How stable is that?

Everything you are is due to an experience undertaken in this reality, if it never happened, if you imagined it all, then how are you any of it?

Who are you, and as the universe is now gone, what are you?


It was created to define us, this world, if you touch the creator aspect you short circuit, you can’t be both creator and created. That’s just a mind tripping in a void.

And that’s what we are!

A mind tripping in a void, ever tripping out, due to the paradox point that will always come when the time-space bubble has been maxed. At the end of His-Story.


(But then the mind uses the constant tripping as the constant that it is, to then build from, the Aum pulse is like our quartz clock marking time, stabilising the mind.)


The True Story of Adam? The one who touched God and in that was eternally alone, and in that solitary timeless hell he dreamt of another. One to see him, to love him, to gaze upon his face and speak his name. An object to hold, love and cherish if only for a while, to quell this pain, this solitary truth we eternally hide from.


But then if a lover he also needed a million ways to love her, they couldn’t just hold hands, the hunger of the soul is insatiable it never stops consuming, he would take her dancing, buy her ice-cream, all of which required a belief in reality which then required a loss of memory if this was going to feel real.


(The base reason for creation was love, born in place where love can’t exist, oneness. However with an eye on the clock, the mind wanted to leave the prison of the self for as long as possible, this is solitary Hell we are talking about. It wanted to create the best most fulfilling distraction possible, which is why we had to suffer, so we could appreciate in Both definitions of that word. Hate is only in place in order to define love, love is the default, like duhhhhh, which one would you choose? But then you can’t know love of you have never known hate and fear, so……bummer but there’s no way around it. Despite what the moron religious say, they demand that they will spend eternity, which is a VERY long time, with God in joy? Well they might be able to amuse themselves for maybe 500 years! After the first billion years they would be barking! And due to the nature of what we are, there is no kind of magic that can change that. Sure God could hold back your intellect and have you walk around smiling in a kind of the Stepford reality, but that relies on being a moron. Not really living, more like sleep walking as you can’t question, that’s not living!)


Even if ‘God’ kept its memory, kept its power and can end everything at any time, which is not possible, when things get harsh it would leave, and so there would be no pain……………and so no real joy.


Why do things have to be harsh?

Well the one had to fall in order to rise, at the paradox point it was completely wiped clean, it was a baby.

It had to relearn (re-member) everything!


The mind of Adam in the core paradox perspective KNEW appreciation as he was trapped in solitary hell when he touched God, he dreamt of others, he needed to be not alone with an urgency that was the cruellest kind of pain.

When he finally fell, when the paradox point hit, he was wiped clean and so the appreciation was also lost.

So now he could walk around the world going, ‘Nyeah….it’s a bit dirty here and why so much hard physical work, fuck that….and I never get my way’…as most do.

And yes, we are all Adam, we are all of the mind of Adam, we come from that program, some retain more of it that others.

Appreciation in the core came about via the solitary hell of it, in nothing Adam appreciates everything.

But then he doesn’t remember that hell.

Appreciation is key; we need to make this bubble last for as long as we can. You can’t make it any bigger, it is what it is, but you can enjoy it more, if you don’t try to eat the whole fucking thing at once, greedy asswipes out there!

But then it matters not, let the dog have its bone. The reason we suffer, is to recreate appreciation, that’s why Buddha said that life is suffering.

Because the mind of Adam was wiped, it had to relearn appreciation so it had to suffer some more, basically.

This will change as and when the ones who are returning have the capacity to appreciate, to then elongate the journey, elongate the good bit..

There’s nothing at the end of this road, it’s circular.

The journey is the destination and you only live once, every single time.


(The lower souls are the manifestation of the mind when it more or less forgot what it was, right at the end when it Lost It! They don’t have much God in them; they are more animal than human. I mean yes they can be very intelligent and even charming, they are selfish so they use charm to get what they want, they follow the Alpha male dynamic. The weaker ones will kiss ass the stronger ones. But they don’t know anything or can understand anything of God; you can tell them all this until you are blue in the face they won’t GET it, even if they understand some of the science within it.

They are here in order to grab for themselves, they are the cancer of the one body, taking for themselves despite the adverse affect on the world community as a whole. Just as cancer in the body expands disproportionately, and then kills the host, ignorance manifest!

They create the sufferance, that is their purpose.)



Perspective shift.


Every soul you see recycles, this because they are fractal copies of the one soul, the great cycle.

Understand me well here! ALL souls are equal!


Each soul plays a part in life and in that time it knows joy and pain and no, joy is not owned or gauged by money, a leper can know as much joy as a King. It’s all relative.

Souls are created in the fall, the one mind of Adam was smashed into aspects and opposites in order to make varied copies of itself to then define itself and allow the for experiential interaction. The interaction solving the puzzle of ‘self’, this as people work together in order to create new technologies that allow for, eventually, a way, a format in order to understand God and here it is we got here!!!!!!! Yeeehhhaaaaaw….lol

Now that we know what we are, things can change however, that’s not good news for all.

Some souls only exist on this level. They were made at the far end of the fragmenting mind just before it lost consciousness. They are more animal than angel; they Always create Alpha male hierarchies. They dominate and control, they are ‘beasts’ all they are interested in is what they get, they cooperate only to receive.

Look at a monkey troop dynamic, these ‘beasts’ are nothing more than monkeys with more advanced toys.

These beasts dominate and control, which creates poverty, subservience, dissent, corruption and crime. All the ingredients you need for sufferance, to then re lend appreciation for the rest of the journey home, to then make it last longer.

It’s that simple, if you want to know joy you have to know pain, the higher you want to reach, means the lower you have to go.

It’s much like pulling back a sling shot!

We are creating a need where there was none.


Let me make it plain, the lower souls serve a purpose, they drive evolution via their greed and also create the suffering to let the souls of higher levels appreciate the subsequent levels. (Heaven in comparison to this place, it’s reflective.)


This reality was created at the far reaches of the exploding mind as a reboot programme that would wake us, allow us to re-member via interaction.

Money was both the carrot and the stick, incentive, and the lack is a stick pure and simple and it’s the way we are pushed along and as we move we experience and in that we re-member.


Not everyone is going back, by the time this mind reaches the garden scenario there will only be two souls left, when they join the garden will fall giving way to a new universe.


Again I have to say that it’s not a contest to see who can get more, live longer. That’s an alpha male mind set. We are given faces, roles to play for each other. Some will live many lifetimes, some will span many levels, but then time is a tricky devil, it speeds up when you don’t want it when you are having fun without it, but then when there’s nothing to do it comes and sits beside you tapping it’s foot. Slowly tapping its foot.

You can’t really trace it, the times it flew, the times it drags, they all melt into a kind of mishmash that made you you. I’ve lived for 53 years, and if you ask me what that feels like I’d say the same as when I was 20 or 30 really only I get tired quicker.

Does it feel like 53 years, well no, what does 53 years feel like, 53 years down a coal mine, or 53 years as rich kid?


All we get is an un-discernable ‘while’ and in that ‘while’ we will know joy, pain and everything in between.

No one soul’s path is any better, it’s all the same really, the size and imagined importance is just how the system works. So that we may interact.

Even the beasts, they Want money, (even when they get it they want more? It makes no sense logically!) They Want to force people to kiss their asses in order to make them feel special, they have fragile little ego’s, and so they get that ‘want’ too, they have their ultimate, their heaven right here on Earth!

Some of us have to wait a while longer. And, as they are lending us appreciation by keeping us down, we are giving them their heaven so no debts here….

Some see heaven as freedom, equality, unity, justice etc.

Which shows how they can’t have their heaven when we have our freedom, so we take turns. Now is their time…but that is changing now.


The one came down in levels via subtraction, like the egg on fertilisation when the sperm 1 met the egg O, when the cosmic Penis (Adam lol) 1 entered the cosmic vagina O. 010101010

The one split over and over dividing in order to create the entire defining body of creation. A man makes no sense on his own; it takes an entire universe in order to support that concept.

But then the one split out like a pyramid, like a family tree. The one became two, became four, became 8, maybe not that math, but it was dividing and varying in order to create viable individuals, copies via subtraction, which sees souls being created in the fall. This then sees levels of types of souls, the ones nearer the top retaining more of the original truth. Right up to Adam who sees the whole truth.


Looking at the Masonic pyramid you can see such levels; you can also see that the pyramid is upside-down. It now suggests that the many support the one, (That’s the way the masons depict it because they are beasts, which is why they put their symbol on the currency, this symbol below is seen on the dollar bill, in case anyone didn’t know.), but then ‘God’ is actually that the one supports the many, we are standing on an origin of one, God. So the pyramid shape is more like a directional geometric explosion into the void.



They flipped it over in this reflective realm because they use wage slaves at the bottom in order to support the few at the top, that’s not how it was supposed to be…

This pyramid actually exists; it’s somehow been misused via fragments of the knowledge of God, that haven’t been pieced together yet.

It really shows that we do have a real king and queen, and that there are Elders at the top (bottom) of the pyramid. Who are incorruptible and will stand as servant to the ones who don’t get to see. Yes public servants and yes that’s why in this realm they call the government public servants, even the prime minister and Queen take an oath to serve and protect the people….just before they exploit them.

The true government in God WILL protect the people, let them have a great experience, not muddy that via too much understanding.

And note here: In Jerusalem I was told by Jesus that I had come to help restore our father’s house, and that’s exactly what I am doing, I am bringing back the truth.

Yes this was tough and crazy and I have been isolated if not spat on, I will only be happy when I see everyman free and prospering!!!!!!

I’m happy to serve, that’s how I am, which is why I’m shit at business…




This is why there is no physical capstone on the Masonic pyramid, it’s replaced by the all seeing eye, representing God.


(Adam touches oneness but is not God, Adam is the Son/Sun of God, the first illumination of the void. Ra! I’ll speak about God later. God is likened to an ‘empty chair’ with a shit load of messages on the answer phone.)


As the mind re-members, the bubble is shrinking, no not physically, this uni-verse that we live in is not a mind, the universe won’t shrink as such, it’s a constructed copy a back drop.

As Religion knows, this world will be surpassed, the messiah will come and the ‘Good’ will be delivered to a relative heaven.

The messiah is really just a re-memberance point, kind of like when someone invented (re-membered) the silicone chip, that caused a discernable shift within our reality, changed the nature of it.

When we are ready, when the souls wake, we will experience a much greater shift, the mind will remember shrink back, but yes, the higher the fewer.

The Messiah, yes it will be a person, really just a lead character in a change that is going to happen anyway, but then without that person, no one would understand what was happening.

Who is the Messiah? God knows…..time will tell.


The ‘bad’ ones here, who are ‘bad’ because they exhibit animal behaviour, they are destructive to the whole.


These bad ones won’t be living past the shift, why, because they create this reality, if they remain nothing will change, and they CAN’T be rehabilitated.


We didn’t come here to only suffer, we came to know love, but we had here to ground in order to rise.

There is no physical future, there is only over population, over pollution, war, and death.

The next evolutionary step is to leave our physical form. We will still have the same form, feel real and live in a real place. It’s just that you won’t be able to die physically. What with your body being an illusion and all.

Miracles will be seen, the mind will bend the rules in order to create this relative paradise.

What will you do there is better answered by what won’t you do!!!!


How will it come about? I have no idea, all I remembered was the schematic, the overview, you can’t remember the whole movie and still be able to live it.



Okay now let me talk about God.


I call it the empty chair. You can’t touch it or you will trip out, as I did, but that was in a controlled way in order to wake me, remind me because I have to wake everyone else.

Okay….. As a kid on holiday in Spain, I did the Broom dance with my Mum.

As the music plays the dancing couples pass the broom, when the music stops, who ever is left holding the broom is out.

When they make new covert weapons, they have all the components made in separate places, this so that no one knows what the ‘end product’ is, am I making myself clear!?


We are God, all aspects but then if one aspect tries to drive this thing, sits in the empty would be captain’s chair, it will trip out! No one can control it that evokes the paradox of self creation. The only way to control it is to become it and wield its power, change the illusion. But then as you change the illusion you become the creator. Catch 22.


So it’s controlled ‘remotely’, everyone is programmed, we are all doing a kind of interactive dance, unawares we are all affecting each other by who we are, what we bring, so God is kind of in the story line, because we react to that story line, as if God were a snake charmer, charming the beasts of itself via carrot and stick, coming close provokes a strike, and if it falls back the snake relaxes.

With the more revealing aspect being that most of the time we have no idea where we are going, we don’t plan it do we?

Look at me. At 16 I was flitting from job to job, I couldn’t focus and settle, I still wanted to have fun. No qualifications, no future, if you had told the me back then that I could learn a skill and end up restoring the Dome if the Rock I would have said it was nothing other than a propaganda pep talk.

But I did work there….


Yes it’s all mapped out and don’t miss the jewel that is predestiny, because it’s true that if you fell from a place of love, when the mind was still coherent, it’s a fact that you will return to that place of love. This place you long for!

If you have freewill then you may know joy, you may not, it’s down to you…good luck.


(Free will is more like freewheel, our minds are free, as if we are on a ride and walking about in the car, we have freedom in mind. But no the whole thing is running on rails, even our reactions are predictable. You can say you have freewill so okay. Go on a giant roller coaster and when that fucker drops, smile calmly and have a cup of tea…….We are being lead by who we are..

From the over view all of this already happened, which explains how I was able to tell my Dad he would win the football pools the next week (in the account of my experience), even before it happened in the linear. Everything that is about to happen has already happened from one perspective, the movie is in the can, we play it out frame by frame in time. But yes we are ‘loose’ our reactions are real, this is hard to understand…..but you can figure it out.)


Which then exposes the fact that those who yearn spiritually, are remembering a truth. The ones who say it’s all bollocks are also expressing a truth of their own.

They don’t believe in God because they’ve never experienced it, so they don’t have a subconscious memory of it, which is the said yearning.

They were created here, so to speak, at this final stage of the fall. When the mind remembers they will be reabsorbed, until next time.

You can recognise these beasts, they are like a spoilt children. There’s loads of them here they run everything because they are pushy.


So God is in the detail! Not the devil, if the devil is in there at all it’s only trying to fuck you up.

God will man-ipulate reality using the players, things will happen, things will be seen, if people are given powers, they come from God and are for a reason. Negative or positive.

All of this is for the sake of the journey we are on, the distraction from oneness, the waked realm trying to stay for as long as it can, as when it’s over it will be gone and no one will even remember. What we did, who we were, how we felt about each other, the love we shared, it will all be gone….


God is in the programme in the same way that companies send out only part specs to make a covert weapon, the programme is designed in order to act in a way that provokes remote self remembrance, it can’t actually avoid it, so it incorporates it into the story. We are now going to experience the return as it is that time, the mind is re-membering and so the story will align with it.


So God is like a subsystem, using the system as a carrier to then manipulate the story line, steer it remotely so as to not trip it.

Everything has to be encrypted, if an aspect realises God it’s lights out, it will blow its fuse, well depending on how much it sees and what its fuse rating is. If it comes from the top of the pyramid it can handle a lot of current.

The ones closer to the truth can handle more current, they were created in a higher current environment. This is why they are the guides, the elders, and NO, it’s not a privilege, if anything it’s a hindrance. Life is better enjoyed the less you examine it and that is a FACT. Looking back I miss now how natural I was, everything was funny, life was easy…..and that is a gift!

So okay I lost my innocence, and in that I will protect the innocence of others if given the chance, this so they can be natural!

Everyday people should Never have to vote for one politician/leader or another. They shouldn’t have to understand the economy etc, fuck me I don’t force politicians to understand leadwork do I? I turn up, charge a fair price, do a good job and leave.

They don’t, they fuck up everything and then drag in everyone to argue about what they aren’t even allowed to know the full extent of.

The houses of parliament should be an unremarkable grey building that no one takes notice of because the system WORKS!



This is why we are about to lose a whole layer off the pyramid, when God is revealed, remembered to the next extent it will blow the beasts minds. Literally!

They are all gonna pop! They will not be able to accept that this is God, why, because they don’t believe that God exists!


So we live out the broom dance, we skirt around the truth of what we are. On the next levels understanding God is not something you’d really want to do, when you know enough, best not look any further and anyhow, things will change. People will be free; it will be a time of celebration. People wishing to create for each other, make the world a place worth living in and for everyone in it. We will all be in the same boat.

Knowing all the time that this is our final glass of wine, sip it slow, sip it slow, don’t miss a trick. Savour one and other, treasure each other, no need to be precious about it but then when things bump heads, and they will, that’s the time to remember! One last glass, don’t waste it.


We realise that life is heading to a destination, like in mortal life, we accepted that life leads to death. We allow the journey, as we know that we are co authors in a way, we play our parts.

The parts suit the players, the player and the part are one entity! The parts all serve a purpose, it is the nature of the player that defines his/her role, and his/her role defines him/her it’s both at the same time, ‘time’ is an illusion.

You can look at yourself as a character in a movie, the role makes the character, and the character suits the role.


Now, just when you think you are getting to grips with all of this, you can see how the trick is done and why. Let me throw a spanner into the works.


Nothing ever truly began, nothing is formed. It’s not form, it’s from.


What exists is from the highest view, a contradicting energy that has an unseen side and a side that can’t stop revolving in the face of the paradox this creates.


We look like this:


(In the example, the commutator can be seen as the paradox point that shifts polarity.)


There is a contradictory static negative field all around us which sees that we continually change polarity in the face of its effect. We rise and fall, we revolve.


But it has no beginning, any of it, the only beginning we ever see is post trip, and that’s not the beginning of anything other than the next loop.


So, what we are is not formed, it’s from, it simply what exists.


What exists?


A being!


And in order to define that being, it takes all of this shit out here on the wheel of time!

This is a dissection of what is, the one is laid bare and open and examined from every aspect, rubber glove included.

The exploration enactment defines the being, the being dissected is the enactment it’s both!

The One is flowing through itself. There is nothing other than it.


It didn’t create the premise/format for experience, that suggests linear time.

It’s a cosmic being flowing through itself, it’s more mystical than scientific, the science is logic, simple math really and that is intrinsic to the mind, logic is our format for understanding, but it’s part of us.

Although ‘God’ may be understood, in how it acts and flows, ‘why’ it exists at all is anyone’s guess.


Because despite it not being totally finite, which negates the need for a linear origin, there could have indeed been nothing, which would have had to remain nothing, as nothing can come from nothing. But there is something, and so all this shit has to play out.

Why something, instead of nothing, why an is instead of an is not?


No one will ever know…..not even ‘God’.




Everything follows a logical path.


God is more like the ghost in the machine, the ghosts of the many who built it in ignorance of what they where building.

This in order to avoid the paradox of self creation, the short circuit.


So why did I have to experience the core? Because with out the overview we are lost, someone had to see it and I am that someone it could have been anyone in fact it was anyone, because I am anyone.


We can’t stand under what we can’t understand. You can’t live in a computer assisted society unless someone can build a computer. Someone has to understand it, to show others how to build it.

We can’t return to God unless we know what God is, we need to know what’s happening and why.

We have reached the end of the road of this particular leg of the journey the reboot is all but over it’s time to move on.

Even worse all that lies ahead in this realm is more economic failure war etc. Due to those who drive it. Capitalism is an end game, macro monopoly, installed by the greedy in order to milk the system.

It’s cutthroat competition it’s not sustainable it’s about winners and loser.

They can’t see what they are doing, they are not able, they are beasts, dog see sausage, dog eat sausage.


Armageddon means revelation, of God, we are going to shrink back a level where some of the magic will be revealed.

(Magic? Yes something that has no logical root cause, ultimately, we are magical!)


This ‘magic’ will increase as the number of souls decreases until the last soul standing sits in the empty chair, becomes the magic and is fried.

Crucified in the core over and over, just so that the over view is known and so the cycle is stable.

Adam standing like a prick in the cosmic vagina knowing he is about to be obliterated, taken apart in the cruellest way, just so the whole thing can start over and no it’s not a choice.

Maybe someone can take Adam’s place next time, but then they’d be Adam and Adam will be them and nothing would have changed, what we are, who we are is Only created via our history.

At base we are all the same person, you only become an individual when you are loaded into a reflective program, outside of creation we have no history we are all the same stem cell.


In truth you are nothing, just consciousness the Hindus call this shakti, which is much like your batteries, your energy. You can’t the swap the batteries in a mobile phone and have that swap the phones. Shakti is inert, we are all God outside of the definition.


So one more time for luck.


The mind needs to feed back in order to be self aware, from the infinite view there can be no feed back but the finite is consciousness and so ever moving by nature, this momentum forces the opposites to join, this explodes the all and in that creates a void in the mind, a temporary forgetting, now seen as the void of time-space to allow for the movement that is remembrance. The conscious aspect now has a puzzle of itself and place/space to complete it in.


In reality we see a big bang, a creation that can support sentience, ensuing technology to then be able to describe and understand its reflected reality, and then in that understanding it can leave the said limitation. This is mere remembrance of God, which makes all of this possible, a turning of the wheel which heads back to truth at some point.


And it’s not just me who has been figuring all this out, I just came along and rearranged the pieces so they fit.

Hawking was right, but no the bang did not come from nothing, it was a short circuit.

There is a scientist out there who figured out some math for the bouncing universe theory, using gravity or something but it sounded vaguely familiar to how remembrance can be seen as sand falling through an hour glass and when it all reaches one side, the thing flips. What he sees as gravity to me is the momentum of unfulfilled consciousness building up post history, forcing it to feed back on, touch the opposite and Bang!


The holographic principle is obvious; matter is made from energy so what are we other than energy beings? If this place were real it wouldn’t make sense, where is it? If it’s real then it has to be somewhere equally as real?

It’s not real it’s reel and yes there is a code in language whole becomes hole etc, it’s mostly a reflective code in line with the truth, the code is an encryption of the truth, CODE?

Where would you hide such a code that shows us what we are?

Well you know how we are, most use password as their passwords, how can you forget that.

The code is hidden in the word CODE in ‘upper’ case. Take that word flip it upside-down and look at it in the mirror, it still says CODE it’s one of the only words that does, and then think of how clever you’d have to be to place that coincidence/clue in reality. The English language is an encryption.

The code is showing us that everything is the wrong way around in this place, the physical is the illusion the mind is the constant. That’s what’s holding science up; they still think this place is real, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

There are clues everywhere take the two slit light experiment. The light seems to be everywhere if not observed, all over the place, however if it is observed it orders itself, a little clue to show the effect of conscious observation on reality.

Consciousness as a finite intrinsically tries to order/quantify, everything it views, that’s why the infinite explodes it, it tries to define it wrap around all of it and in that it simply blows it up like a balloon until is bursts, you can’t size that thing.


I could go on and on, you think this is complex, I could turn this thing around for another 1000 pages, explaining facets of it.

Simple things like how men are symbolic of the male action viewer, the linear and so they are straight and have a straight sex organ 1. Women are more like the infinite, not so driven, curvy etc. and they have a round sex organ O.

How life comes through them like creation the male action big bang explosion appearing from the female negative void.

How the Sun illuminates the Earth in the same way that our viewer aspects illuminate our own minds. The life appears on the screen due to the viewer, life appears on the planet due to the Sun.

Which is why Adam is the first Son, the first illumination because the last illumination. Everything is playing backwards to what eternally is.

We start at the end of the last explosion and arrive back at the beginning of the next one.

It’s all symbolic, everything is telling the same story of the cycle of creation, it’s all around you, cycles of death and rebirth.

The same story made in the image because there’s nothing else to copy.

This is the concept of fractals; even nature shows you this via putting fractal math in your food.

Look at this Romanesque Cauliflower:


How the fuck did fractal math get into what we see as accidental nature, come on……….Wake Up!



Finally, to trying to reach the religious ones, which is a task and a half.

There is no heaven, correction, there is no eternal heaven. We are linear, we consume existence we get bored really quickly relatively speaking.

If you were to exist forever how long would you last?

But the religious mind has god on its side, a personal god with a white beard, maybe even a red coat and a fucking sleigh, bringing them all they desire.

God can do anything give us anything.

It doesn’t matter what magic you have, you simply can’t entertain a linear being for all of eternity. What are you going to do for the first few billion years let alone the massive rest of for ever?

The Kabbalists say that we once lived in the site of God, but then we felt the bread of shame, supposedly we were ashamed that God gave us everything we desired, we didn’t have to work for it so we felt ashamed, BULLSHIT! Keep it coming they would all say, if it’s free keep it coming.

We simply lost the ability to appreciate, we got spoilt, we had everything on the higher levels, a memory of Atlantis Shangri-La Nirvana. Call it what you will we had it all we got spoilt and it all came crashing down. (It condensed with a linear commentary that made it look like it became corrupt. Which it did but not in bad way, the system was backing up corrupting, so that manifested as tension etc.)

Another view, another perspective of the same cycle.

To die is a gift, to renew and be inspired again when in truth there is no new only knew.

That kicking K that kicked the new away.


Why our bloody history?

Appreciation yes, but another perspective is that all births are bloody and painful. We were not born at the time of the big bang, we are not yet born, not born unto God.

This Mother Earth is likened to the womb, what comes out of it will be a mixture of life and death, a shiny new body (the new race) and a shit load of afterbirth.


Again it’s all perspective, you could say that we fell to Earth because Adam bit the apple. That’s true. You could say that we paid the price, were a fallen race, paid in pain, being separated from God. Yes that’s true, not the price of the fall as such we were paying our entrance fee to next the ride (regenerating appreciation).

You could say that God promised not to forget us, and that would be true because to totally forget is impossible. There is no place other than the mind to get rid of it permanently.

So we will seem to be remembered by God but it’s the other way around.

And there will be a time when all of this promise comes to pass, the point at which the mind is re-turning and so the souls will re-member and that will change the face of reality, allow miracles to happen, we can share in God’s bounty and yet not trip out, the bounty has been pre-sent. A present to the present.

It’s us doing it but we are insulated from the reality of that, but yes we do get to live in a relative heaven! That had to be defined in suffering.

You could say that the gist of the bible is true, symbolic of course but yes it’s true.

Not that simplistic but yes, the messiah will come and lead us to the next level, God has prepared the way all is prewritten. Basically speaking, everyone who’s going already has a reservation. There is a place for everyone returning. No level will stand, the cycle turns, more God will be exposed the lower levels will shrink back, when it is time each and every one of us will die. Being reborn unto the next cycle.




You can see all of this as a simple heat regulator. With heat being representative of the mind being able to create, which feels like magic a very different experience of reality. (You’ve seen it when those Street Magicians freak people out with their seemingly impossible tricks, it actually scares people, and this is due to the insanity element, the linear mind has a hard time with magic because its stability relies on logic. In order to wield magic you need an over logic that allows the mind to understand and then accept it.)

When the mind can create, that exposes oneness evokes the paradox, so the magic build up has to be ‘vented’ so to speak.

So we are looking at an energy relating its internal ‘temperature’ via a centrifugal mechanism, not that dissimilar to a mechanical device. Of course this is actually a ‘mind’ regulating its sanity. It has no physical base and in that has to swing from pole to pole, in order to define its centre. Via touching extremes it centres itself.



A very clinical view! Try to understand here that I am using clinical descriptions in order to pass on understanding, using mainly the logical element. But then we also have a magical element, this is what we see as organic relative to the machine element. Machines are logical devices, functioning on mathematical principles, so yes we can say that we are part machine as we are mathematical in the mind mechanisms work. The magical element? Yes, there is no root cause to any of this, as I explain often, the time element as in ‘when’ can be negated via understanding the true nature of the infinite. Time does not pass from the infinite perspective, so the answer when, as in when did this begin, is answered, every time it explodes. (Time-emiT)

But, we still have an ‘isness’ as opposed to an eternal ‘isnot’, no action, which would have had to remain no thing. No thing to experience, no thing to question.

In fact that seems much more likely doesn’t it, logically speaking. That there would be nothing, how could anything exist, what reason could there be.

But it’s a God dam fact! That conscious does indeed exist, as we are witness to that fact, and in my mind it’s as simple as. If some thing exists, with origins being an unsolvable problem from a logical viewpoint, if there were some kind of reason for creation, then that reason itself would need a reason, so all you ever see is an endless cascade of reasons?

If something exists, then it always did! It’s that simple to me but then it takes a shit load of logic in order to see the reality of that simple statement.


Magic? I tell you now, the linear aspect of the mind hates that word, it has to, by nature, why? Well magic destroys logic, it’s another paradoxical opposite. In the terms of math, magic can make 1 + 1 = 6, well okay 1 + 1 is always two, magic can’t change that but then magic can make an extra four ‘somethings’ appear with no cause, (the metaphoric extra 4 in the answer above the logical 2 that makes no sense).

Yes we are part magic, as in that we have no real reason to be here, and then we are a creative mind, and so that mind can imagine (our reality), anything!

However the paradox is ever in place. In order to know magic, you have to believe in logic 100%. Magic can only bee seen and recognised as such from a logical base. Magic is seen as the breaking of logic, as impossible due only to a default logical state, if everyone were magical, it would be normal, and in that not magical, just the status quo. So yes, and even more revealing, it is a fact that if we wish to see magic, we have to be immersed in logic!

Exploring magic more we can see that it’s really not what you think it is, people think that it would be the ultimate answer. You could use magic to be the best ‘anything’ and without the linear learning process, but then you can’t magically feel the sense of achievement that comes only via working hard to unravel the mechanism of resistance standing in your way can you, easy come, easy go!

So that’s what all this work is all about, a sense of achievement, a sense of appreciation, all the things that magic can’t bring.

Again, Kabbalah, which is the Hebrew word for reception, the knowledge that comes directly from God. (So NO, that commercial Kabbalah is Not Kabbalah, only small fragments of their belief system come from someone who received. They are ‘selling’ hand over fist, and they have nothing worth buying. Where are the real Kabbalist? God knows, I doubt you’d find them on the net!)

Kabbalah says that we lived in God’s bounty, no work, we had all we desired (no work = magic). We then felt the ‘Bread of shame’, we wanted to work and earn for ourselves. Well I don’t agree with the term Bread of Shame, I never saw anyone ashamed of all they have, it’s simple, you can give it away if you are that bothered, but then none do, do they!!!! They may give to charity, because they really have got more money than they can spend, but then there is a line they won’t cross. They don’t want to come down here and see what it’s like to have money worries.


No, we get spoilt, how hard is that to understand? Spoilt people are all around you, you know how it goes.

The only way to appreciate anything is to work for it, there is no way around it.


(For the fast minds out there, you can see that once we have a contradicting pulse, we have a constant base to build from, I went over that in this text. Which kind of suggest that all this falling and rising is superfluous, (Well, if we don’t fall then there is no 0 to the 1, so no pulse, and in that no constant, so no, we can’t avoid the fall.)

But then if we could avoid the fall, look, we are part magical! Anything is possible, so it could be seen that 12 people exist (archetypes), and for no reason, and of course eternally, and they could do whatever they want.

But then even then, what would they do forever considering that nothing is real, nothing sticks!

They could play football, but that would mean that they all have to agree to not use magic, no making the ball disappear, no magical kicks from touch line to the back of the net. No disappearing and reappearing close to the goal, with the ball.

If one uses magic then what’s the point? It’s no longer a game, it’s rigged you can’t win and so pointless, and yes this is what the corrupt do to any game they are in.

In this world they fix horse and dog racing, in order to make money. They insider trade, and down right con and steal. This corruption is everywhere, fuck me I just lost a job where the ‘Boss’ bought a contract at a RAF base, he even paid some shmuck for an NVQ in order to get his site card and don’t be surprised, this is ‘the norm’!

I worked on a high rise residential block in London where all the back hander boys would party on Friday Afternoons in the penthouse show flat, they had hookers brought in and bowls of cocaine.

I’ve never ever worked in a place where some one wasn’t at it.

And I am not a stoic fuddy-duddy, I can be boisterous and I swear often. I have a stupid sense of humour and I do believe that if someone is an asshole to someone else, if they are positively begging for it despite warnings, and they get a black eye. Then that’s fine…

We don’t have to be perfect, we can disagree and shit, but we can’t break certain rules, God’s law. We can’t cheat and steal! It ruins the fabric of the very society/community that we depend upon and yes I say that the government are the worst thieves, they do zero ‘work’ and control all of our tax funds, ensuring their position in the hand out queue.

Money can be seen as magic, as it’s power, it can open doors, and so you can see here that if men as we see them had magic, they would be at war in a heartbeat.

A magical war until only one ruler was left standing.


God is our sanity, it’s a way of living that Can bring peace of mind but it’s a process, a linear process, and due to that it can’t yield joy all of the time, but it can bring peace of mind, albeit temporary it comes and goes.

Anything else is just a mild panic, stampede for the cash.


But then thinking back on the premise that because there is magic it could be that 12 people exists in a place forever and for no reason. But then no one would be able to remember how they got there? (This is the paradox raising its ugly head yet again, our minds are linear, due to how they work, and so how could a ‘mind’ seem to have been here forever in the manifest? Existence is based on time passing so ….how are they always there? How did this come about…do you see?)

So if we pretend this makes sense, what would these twelve people do for Ever?

Billions and billions of years, man they wouldn’t even be able to talk, everything would be a repeat, so, magic will always be looking for logic, in order to make some kind of sense of all this, literally! They could use their magic powers to create a world to then hide in, with everyone in it being a copy in some way of these 12 archetypes.

And of course in order to believe that it’s all real they would have to lose their memories…and because they lose that, they also loose the appreciation they have via being eternal and having nothing to do or be….So they have to relearn appreciation, they’d have to suffer, you can’t escape the logic of it all.

This recycling is the only way we can exist, because existence itself is finite, known quantities, and we are eternal……





The Magic comes at the end in much the same way that we eat the savoury before the sweet, how can you top the sweet, and yet in this world they are hooked on the sweet, fast sugar burgers they are a confection not a staple.

How can you top the sweet?

So the sweet comes last.

Of course the corrupt ones are getting their sweet here as this is the only place they exist in, so they grab at money and all that it can bring, they buy their sexual fantasies, why? Because they can, the whole concept of a prostitute, you would never get to sleep with a fox like that in real life, you wouldn’t win her heart with that face, that body and that mind, but you can cheat, you can pay…..

But then of course you can buy flesh, but can’t buy a heart, you can’t by love. You can buy someone who says they love you, but then for some odd reason when the money goes, so do they? What did they really love then?

Big fat ugly ‘rich’ men with younger sexy women makes them both look transparent.

Of course, yes, it is possible for a young good looking woman to fall for an older less attractive man, there are always, always, always, exceptions to any rule, but they are ‘exceptions’, not the rule.



Logic is nothing more than math, things add up, it’s created via dissection, a key logically fits a lock because they are two parts of the same mechanism. It’s a way to ‘understand’ it’s a way to feed back be self aware, but it will never explain why something exists as opposed to nothing. Logic is just system tool really, and yes this is why science will only ever tell half the story, why in strict logical terms, nothing adds up. In order to understand ‘God’ you need an over logic, this that is written above.

In order to see magic, you need to stand in a place of logic, logic and magic are two sides of the same coin, as are good and evil. You could say simply, that if logic exists then so must magic….




Where do the past people go who have died here? (How is the magic trick done?)

I would say they are reborn because the All doesn’t seem to waste anything. Of course in order to be reborn you have to be wiped clean of the last loop. Is there a kind of knowable processing place that gathers you up wipes you clean and sends you back, maybe?

I didn’t see any of linear details of how this thing plays out in ‘reality’, all I remembered was the cycle.

Maybe like an after before life station, something that people have called heaven?

Could be, personally I would say it’s better if souls don’t hang about, get them back in the program asap, from what I know….it will be interesting to find out. Of course time can be manipulated, and you could sleep for a zillion years but you still wake up the very next day, for you that is.

The mind can create different time frames, a day could pass in one which would be a year in another, that’s easy to understand.

(You see time is relative to the speed of cognition, which is actually the speed of light which is a constant in any time ‘frame’ and each mind is such a frame unless loaded into a programme with a shared fixed time frame, such as this one. The speed of light is dictated by the minimum gap it takes to allow the re-cognition process. If the gap is too small you won’t be able to feed back re-cognise, it will be like 1111111111111 as opposed to 101010101 although that was a bad analogy because there are spaces between the ones, 11111111. It’s more of a constantness, the infinite, which is not discernable.

So the minimum gap, which is the delay in the re-cognition process, dictates the speed of the mind recognising, and because all is mind, mind is illumination, then the speed of thought is the speed of light.

But! Apart from the over cycle, (our constant overall speed, the base Aum pulse), the speed of consciousness can be speeded up or slowed down.

In fact we can see examples of this right here in the ‘real’ world.

If anyone has ever had a car crash, they will speak of how everything seemed to happen in slow motion. This was due to their cognition speed increasing due to the emergency of the situation. In ‘real’ terms it happened in ‘real’ time, if it were filmed, you could watch it over and over, it was always fast, never slow. But then to you, who’s cognition speed was faster, the world seems to slow. So you saw it happen slowly.

So yes there can be and is other time ‘frames’.)


In fact that last tangent helps to explain why time ‘condenses’ the closer you move to the infinite. Think of ice skaters revolving in a wheel spoke formation,


For every one turn the ones in the centre will move slowly whereas the ones on the outer spokes will seemed to have covered more ground and moved much faster, when in truth it was the same cycle, a good analogy but not 100% accurate…

The centre should be ‘dead’ not moving at all, representing the infinite, and yet you can’t show a ‘dead centre’ in anyway. Any thing seen has mass and so that mass will revolve, even if it’s only space, the space too is revolving. (You’ll never find the dead centre of a wheel, why? Because infinity runs both ways, everything is infinitely dissectible, if you could find the small end, the middle of the wheel, then you could find the outer edge. Yes more or less possible on a wheel, if you approximate the centre, because you could search for that with more and more powerful microscopes and never find it, ever. But in terms of what we are, we are the finite, surrounded by the infinite in both the macro and micro, there can be no tangible end to space in either direction. So you can keep on smashing quarks and sub quarks endlessly as long as you have the micro technology.)


Funny when you think that a wheel is revolving around a centre that can never be seen? A centre point that must be there or the wheel couldn’t turn, and yet you will never find it, anything seen including space has a value and in that will revolve.


And this is a good place to talk about ‘best fit’ which is going to stump science all day long. You can’t show ‘nothing’, there are aspects of what we are that can’t be represented in a logical format, so some of what you are looking at is ‘best fit’.

Gravity for example, that makes no sense…well it kind of does in a kind of pseudo mathematical way that bigger things have more mass value, more attention in the mind and so more gravitas.

Also bear in mind that in the same vein as Father Xmas, when kids are old enough to figure out that a fat man can’t get down the central heating vent, which is when mankind is old enough to see through the physical illusion, it’s over…..


Like I said I didn’t see any of linear details of how this thing plays out in ‘reality’, all I remembered was the cycle in a stripped down schematic way.

I can’t remember my last loop although I do have flashes of a wood built house with the entrance upstairs?

Not on this plan-et, not this life time, another level I assume. (Look at the word level, sure is level isn’t it.)


Language code? Devil spelt backwards is lived, the necessary evil to make us appreciate. Evil-live.

When we move past this mortal realm we move past the devil.


How will the shift happen? I guess there will be a messiah, ‘the one’, and he or she will do something and we will all be somewhere else, that’s what all the books say.

Seems to be the theme in this the programme, it’s not there for nothing.

There could be a massive war and only the good ones wake back who knows who cares, let’s not spoil the movie. It has to play out, this return, and it has to make some kind of sense….it has to make us feel better…..what ever happens will be what is needed, and you won’t see why it had to happen that way, until it happens, then it will in retrospect make perfect sense.

We who are of God will return to God, it can’t be stopped.


How, when? That’s the big quest we are on, the big quest-i-on.



A final note on the two slit light experiment. If you are a scientist, that is proof that conscious observation even if that be remote, Does have an affect on ‘reality’, fact!

How is that possible? And how does the ‘experiment’ know that you’ve set up remote viewing equipment?

To me this makes no sense of any kind other than that it’s time to wake, so the clues are increasing to the revelation point.




Or…. God is waiting for you in eternity wearing a white robe, and with everyone who ever lived and who ever will be born from now on…. Eternally! When Jesus comes back and ‘vanquishes’ the devil, who for some reason is as powerful as God. The devil who is creating all this evil here.

You will go to heaven for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever………and ever……and ever….

And all you have to do to get this reward is to not swear and go to church. Fuck all of your brothers and sisters starving around the world, just sing a few hymns and you will be fine.


That’s a much nicer belief system, you get much more and you don’t have to do shit, yes choose that one…..


Which is why some people will see me as evil, I am tearing down their undeserved hope of a bullshit heaven.












The way we are? (Incorporating scientific proof of God)


(If you are impatient then you can FF to the end of this doc. To then read scientific proof of God. But then it’s very clinical and misses the whole point of what we are. I would read the whole doc. if I were you, get your head right first….)


In other texts I have dissected and analysed existence right down to the micro impossible. I have shown how micro particles are infinitely divisible (if you look, it’s the two slit light experiment from another perspective. Consciousness’s effect on reality…which explains how we are living in a finite mind bubble universe, there will only be ‘space’ for as far as we can travel, the rest of it is ‘un-thought’. ‘Mind is King and Key, and maybe a little bit kingkey…which leads me nicely into this topic actually….’The way we are’.). For the science heads out there, particles are copies of the great cycle playing out along side each other, out of sync and juxtaposed under the natural strobe light of consciousness. Strobe? Yes, nothing is constant, everything is pulsing. The root of everything, ‘Consciousness’ is a super fast feed back loop, so there is an essential ‘gap/delay’ in order for re-cognition to be possible. So it’s a pulse not a constant. Like a radar in fact. And the size of that gap, in any one ‘relative’ time frame, is the absolute minimum before the things whites out to infinite un-recognise-ability. A gap that is small enough to be unnoticeable t us, make us feel like our consciousness is instantaneous, not have an annoying notable delay, like when you used to phone abroad. Indeed, this minimum gap actually dictates the speed of light. Which IS the speed of consciousness, as light is in truth, ‘conscious re-cognition’ the light of mind, awareness, the viewer, the illuminator! Which is why in a ‘relatively’ massive universe there is indeed a delay from the light even coming from our Sun. Which then dictates the size of a possible being in this universe, how so? Well, if we were as big as a galaxy, then we would see light as slow, it would take ten minutes for the picture in your TV set to reach you, but I digress, and often lol, this subject is huge. So…particles are copies of the one cycle all strung out like 3D pixels. The reason they seem to differ is because they are all caught in the strobe at varying stages of the cycle when the strobe is ‘on’, (a fractal image made of smaller aspects of itself as the is nothing else to copy). Anyone who has used a timing light on a car engine should understand this principle. I won’t expound, it’s all anorak stuff that leads ultimately nowhere. Interesting yes, but we are ‘God’ an unexplained miracle that creates love as a default, so, if you are not feeling love, then all the rest is pointless…

You can analyse and dissect all you like, all your mind needs to. But then ultimately, there is no reason for existence, how it works is fascinating yes, and those who NEED to know really do NEED to know, so they will. BUT! It’s all just the logical tale of the manifest, nothing more. Yes it’s BIG, and such knowledge will lead to more sophisticated ‘Monkey button’ technology, (I say monkey button because that’s exactly what it is, technology I mean. The monkey pushes the triangle shaped button and a banana comes out the slot. There’s no need for a monkey to understand. It’s clever enough to get what it needs, and we are the same. If you rotate two opposing magnetic fields then you can create electrickery. Where does it come from? NO ONE knows in science. Yes there is an above so below principle at play, opposition/resistance creates/drives movement, but it is actually, at BASE, just another monkey button.) So yes as we evolve/revolve, there will be more sophisticated ‘technologies’ that will work on seemingly sound principles, I call it ‘safe magic’. It stops you from staring into the face of God and paradoxing out, realising the miracle full on, which destroys the illusion.

Ultimately we are indeed magical, there is no tangible logical reason for any of the logical manifest. Logic low-gic, as opposed to Magic aM-gic, is our format/language, a way to view and under-stand and ‘safely’ use the said magic.

So… The way we are!

Why we are this way I have no idea, but we are a crazy bunch of fuck ups aren’t we, that’s easy to see, just turn on your TV! LOL

Let me get down and dirty from the off. This to wipe any sanctimonious smiles of the new age and pseudo Earth Religion’s faces…


Possibly the worst taboo on this planet, let’s dissect it, this is going to be ugly…

Me and my mates were driving home from work one day, and my mate was looking at a little school girl, and he said, ‘Fuck me, she is going to be hot when she grows up!’.

So I said, ‘Hot, based on what? What are you saying? Is that like that you say that a dog is going to be big because it has large paws (big feet that it will grow into)? What is the criteria for her up and coming hotness? And anyhow, she might not be hot, some lose it, some blossom yada yada’.

He was really saying what we could all see, she was already hot, a miniature version of a sexy woman. (Classic Kylie Minogue!) He said it that way so as to not appear like a pervert that’s all.

What is the magic thing that happens to girls when they turn 16 in the UK. One minute they are sweet unsexy children, and then at the strike of midnight on one day they are sex machines. (In other countries and at other times through the ages, the age varies.) I heard a story in fact, history buffs can fill in the gaps, but there was a King, I think in France. Well it was told that this King wouldn’t come out of his tent, to lead his men in battle, because he was busy dibbling his 12 year old wife!?

We are all made of dark and light, this in the same way that it take logic to see and use magic. It takes a logical architect of a man, to see and appreciate an oracle of a women, we build and they decorate…

There is both dark and light within us, like the Lord Shiva, and this is the Only way to find balance.

Let me tell you the reality of this situation. The girl was hot, she had a nice little figure going on, a bubble butt and of course she was firm, nothing drooping she was fresh. BUT! She was a child!!!! Eyes verses mind! Yes in theory she could probably have a child, and there is a disgusting saying I have heard in London, ‘Old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher.’ Well, yes if you are an animal this is true. Guinea Pigs reproduce as soon as they are able, with their Mother or Sisters it makes no difference to them. We had one Guinea Pig when we were kids, but that was a female and it was pregnant when we got it, she had four pups, soon we had 20, you do the math!

We are NOT animals!

We are human beings and we think and FEEL!

That little girl hasn’t had enough life experience to embark on an emotional relationship let alone a sexual one! If an older person takes advantage of such a child, it is wrong!!! Because yes, it has been said many times that these Lolita’s lead the men on. Well, I don’t know about ‘Lead them on’ but kids are fascinated with sex from a VERY young age, I was. You know, the classic ‘You show me yours, I’ll show you mine’, don’t deny it. Even in the film Billy Elliot, an underage girl says to Billy, ‘Do you want to see my fan?’, (fan, fanny is a pussy in the UK, although in the states it’s your butt). So we all know of this.

It’s about responsibility of the older ones understanding what a kid actually is, and this extends into all facets of life. Seen in how parents brainwash their kids, try to make them into a mini-me, this to try to justify their own life choices, as if numbers ever made a lie true. They make them racist, they try to affect their religious and political choices??? Yeah, how can you be born into a religion? The first ‘believers’ made an informed choice, as a result of an event they witnessed for themselves, they weren’t following blindly and then passing that blind faith down? Even the assumption that we all eat meat, some of us are natural born vegetarians, but then we are fundamentally force fed on meat out of ignorance. All such choices should only be made by the child when they come of age, and yes, that age differs depending on the child in question! Some of us are born more ‘aware’ than others.


I was standing in a shop and the shop keeper went out the back. I could have shop lifted, it would have been easy. I was even tempted, the fascination of the ‘taboo’ is one hell of a draw. But I chose not to, I made a choice. Okay I have shop lifted when I was a kid, who hasn’t, but yeah I got caught and I felt bad. NO not for getting caught. I felt bad because I really liked the owners and they then looked at me as filth…It really hurt me, I felt ashamed. I fucked up and I felt ‘bad’, so I learned.

Yeah I also have a juvenile criminal record, fighting, joy riding in cars, it was like an adventure. I didn’t want to steal someone’s car, I somehow in my mind turned it into a faceless crime. But I learned and it was wrong. In fact, when I was a youth, me and my mate used to steal people’s car radios, why? Well his parents moved away so he was living in digs on an apprentice wage, so he needed the money…questionable… I was there for the excitement of it, he kept the cash. Then one day, I had a really cool car, an Opel Manta, tuned up and painted, I loved that car. I was also injecting 150 BHP of nitrous oxide into it, sure I told the insurance company…NOT! But then yeah, one day I came out and someone had crow bared my door to get in an steal my radio cassette player, which was a fucking cheap shit one anyhow….

I looked at the mess, the broken window, the ruined door panel…well…I tried to get sanctimonious…I tired to be angry…but then I just laughed. I’d basically done this to myself, what goes around….LOL!

So yeah, fuck the church, with their impossible model of ‘Good’. Smiling soft spoken Vicars who God tests often and they often fall. How many paedophiles are there hiding in the Vatican? The Pope in his Pope Mobile, waving his hand at the lepers like a fucking superstar???? Just who the fuck does he think he is?

Good is as good does!

Okay there are many ‘good’ people in religion, they join because they feel a ‘calling’, it’s just that a blanket religion is NEVER going to work! In all institutions, in all races and creeds there are both good and bad. OBVIOUSLY! The same goes for a would be religion.

I had a theosophical argument with a so called priest one time, and when I was clearly kicking his ass, tearing down his bullshit assumptions, he played the priest card on me. He said, ‘You don’t seem to understand, I am a priest’…LOL So I said ‘Where?’ Well he said something like, ‘In my local ministry’, but I was setting him up. I said, ‘Where does it say that you are a priest, where is it written, what, was you born with a fucking tattoo on your ass saying that you were a Vicar? Like that I should have one saying Roofer, like that we aren’t born the same, naked and screaming. You can call yourself priest, well okay, I’m an elephant, I’m not big and grey and I don’t have a trunk, but I am an elephant because I say I am.’

‘They’ say that I am not ‘of God’ because I swear, like what the fuck! I wonder what Moses said to the man he beat to death because he was beating a slave? I wonder what Jesus said to the money exchangers making a nice little profit at the Temple. When he turned over the tables do you think he was saying shit like, ‘Oh your poor fools, I forgive you, you flipping twits.’ NO… Ben sonar…Imshee Cuss a mac! Something like that?

But then I Was chosen as rough as I am, and I wasn’t even looking. Why the fuck would you look, talk about pretentious!!! I simply wanted a nice life, I still do. Good company and a path with a heart, and maybe a soul mate if that is possible, not much to ask for. I got angry in life, at the bullies, the exploiters, how the Fuck are we ever going to be happy with their shit going on. Sure I could turn my head, I could take for myself, in times in my life I was earning good money. When I worked at the Dome of the Rock, I was pulling nearly £2,000 a week! Leadwork is good money, hard work but good cash. But I simple can’t stand to take when others go without, it fucking well winds me up. I feel such a fraud if I look away. And so God used me, because God knows that I will NEVER be a sell out NEVER. Ask my mates!!! I was ranting about equality and freedom for all even when I had plenty. I am not just a cliché complaining just because now I have nothing! I walk my fucking talk and I’m not the only one, there are many like me, all struggling to be heard!!!!! Some of them are reading this text now and sure they CAN relate, they FEEL it too, the disgust at this plastic world.

God took me to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, I helped to restore God’s house there! I woke whilst working on the Cathedral down in Cornwall Truro. There was enough coincidence and impossible happenings at the time to sink a ship, if it was a movie then people would say it was too far fetched. I was born with a birthmark in my navel, a sun sign. My Hebrew name is Menuchem Mendel. It is what it is. I was given knowledge of God to help us live in the Sunlight Fact! And I will never ever sell out!

Okay… of my soap box for a while…….phew……I get so impassioned…..

Who am I? Am I Jesus, am I the reincarnation of someone biblically famous, fuck knows, I don’t remember anything other than this life. I’m Steve Berg…does it even matter?

I do remember that I exist partly in the all but infinite ‘core’, I do touch God and that is timeless. No matter what life I live, Nimrod, Osiris or a travelling brush salesman out of Detroit, part of me always connects to God. But then we are all connected. Even the ones who have no soul, they are still of the ONE mind, there is only one ALL. They are simply a catalyst for the growth of others, nothing exists that is not of God. Their lack of soul is an illusion, a construct, and yet yes they are soulless bastards! Every time I go back to that CORE HELL INFINITE ‘space’ it’s the same non time as if none of this out here on the wheel of time has ever happened………

So…back to the plot. Religion has pointed the figure at you, accusing of sin. They say that Jesus was a perfect being, without sin…fuck off! He fucked up, he lived a human life, and who wants to follow Mr Fucking Perfect anyhow. Talk about an impossible act to follow, a role model that can’t ever be lived up to. Fucking up is intrinsically part of the human condition, it’s how we learn, how we define who we want to be. By testing the waters in our ignorance, to then see how it feels and why, to then know not to go that route agian. It’s how we get clean-er-ish. Don’t get me wrong here, we have to at least try for perfection, but then don’t be perplexed when you fail. You know, like you may try to create something perfect, like when you hang wall paper. You try to get it spot on, but then there are always those bits that let it down. Luckily no one but you ever seems to notice the bad bits. In fact when you walk into the room, the bad bits are the first bits you see LOL. Okay professionals get it pretty much spot on but that’s a different matter. You know like how us gardeners pat ourselves on the back if we can grow a straight carrot, when farmers grow them on mass all day long year in year out???? My carrots always look like deformed thingamyjiggers?????

We have to try, but don’t be a despot or a slacker, and ‘your’ best is not the best of others, especially the young. They are on the path that you have already taken, so have some patience. Don’t be hard on yourself, laugh for fuck sake, nothing is so broken that it can’t be fixed or replaced. YES! It’s sometimes like snakes and ladders, when you hit a snake you go all the way back, all that time spent climbing ladders is gone in one snakey slide. Like the big slide we took in the garden due to that snake that landed us back here crawling through the dark yet again.

In this life it’s compounded by the fact that society is sailing so close to the wind that a set back can actually bankrupt you. Fuck money, (M one Y = My one), it ruins everything! You need a pension plan, you need this and that etc. Everything is in track and then the washing machine breaks down, when the fridge packed up last month and the car is making stupid noises…. You feel like you are drowning treading water at best. The fucking rat race we created when we chose the capital mind fuck system, it’s a stampede we all got caught up in. Most of us just want to get by, pay the bills comfortably and have a little left over to splash out now and then.

So yeah, have no illusions as to what we are, and a good analogy here is that of toilet paper…LOL How so?

Well, in other countries they don’t use it, in fact they laugh at us westerners for doing so. We in the west use paper so as to not have to touch our own shit! They use water but I ask, ‘How can you pull your pants back up, if your ass is wet, surely it will make a damp patch?’, answers on a post card, they must have a ‘technique’.

So we in the west, cut down endless trees to make the bog roll, and then we pump that pulp into the ocean??? Who are the stupid twats then? This is a good metaphor for plastic throw away western thinking. We don’t want to speak of our inner workings, we don’t want to touch our own shit let alone own it, we don’t even talk about death when we all die? We really are living in La La Land.

There is nothing wrong with the way we are!

We ALL have ‘impure’ thoughts and then we decide to act on them or not, YES, it’s like courage! Courage is NOT the absence of fear, indeed if there is no fear to face then there can be no courage in the overcoming of such fear. It’s about choice, if there is no negative there can be no positive and YES we are tested. Think of it like the heavy weight champion of the world. He has to fight for that belt, sure he may well be the best, but then how do we know, how does he know, unless he is tested. The male action testosterone Test-ostracise-one.

Religion? POOP! Yes there are many GOOD people following that brain fart, but it’s as the Guru Nanak said, when he first spoke post enlightenment. There is no Hindu, there is no Muslim, there is only God’s children. And then they started yet another religion in his name????? It really is ‘Life of Brian’ isn’t it!!!! LOL

There is but one religion ‘God’, end of…….

We are one big fucked up family all pulling on a capital duvet of money that will never keep us all warm. Only unity and understanding will holster our material bent. Share for fuck sake, we could create a ‘World Kibbutz’, we could kick the ass of the work load, use, share technology, beyond money we could all afford everything. All you have to do is give what you can and take only what you need. And NO not stoic, sometimes we DO need to spoil ourselves a bit, its part of what and who we are! Everything in moderation, even the excess, splash out and be reckless sometimes…not all the time, fuck you will end up in shit street, but sometimes it’s the pill.

Own it all, be it all, dance in God’s light, try and accept it when you fail, but at least try for fuck sake.

But…..the world won’t let go will it. The greed of some is too powerful, so, God will wake us now, and I assume there will be a BIG Slap coming. Father is taking off his belt, and you know what that means don’t you…..

Armageddon, Judgment day, what will that look like? Fuck knows, a mixture of hard truths, a wake up slap and endless compassion for those who are shocked by how asleep and stupid they have been, we can only guess, but then pretty soon we will all know, you can see it coming can’t you…


There is nothing about you that God does not know and or allow for experience sake. There are men in Japan who watch as women have sex with dogs for fuck sake, I’ve seen it on the net. It intrigues me….why do they do that? It’s a fucking insult really, they will fuck a dog and yet I get nothing LOL….. Yeah dogs walk past me in the street looking all cocky…’Woof woof, I got some with a hot tart, and you got nothing, who’s the daddy?’ lol lol

Why do they do that? And why is it sexy? Is it the taboo thing again? Even cartoon sex can turn you on? What strange things we are? Why do people like it up the Gary Glitter? There is poop in there and poop is a BIG turn off? Adult babies, bondage, the list goes on, and who are we to judge how someone gets off? As long as they don’t hurt anyone else, as long as they are equal and consenting…

Stamp collecting! Some laugh and call it boring but I get it. Collecting anything has a buzz to it. Men with tools! I love tools, one day I want to have a garage with a comprehensive set of tools, all in the right place, if you borrow one and put it back in the wrong place I will go ape, lol. I want a complete workshop and yet when my wife, if I ever get one, when she asks me to use these tools to fix the cupboard door, I will tell her I will get around to it…..later…LOL It’s just how we are LOL!

Train spotting or drinking beer in a pub sitting in the same seat talking the same shit, whose to say which is right or wrong? Whatever get’s you through dudes…

In fact, have you seen the Jewellery channel on the TV? Where they sell you endless bits and bobs so you can make endless shit jewellery which you can palm off on your friends and family? Well that looks like FUN, get creative, more fun making it than trying to sell it. You get to collect all the ‘tools’ and you have an endless stash of stones and wire etc. Yes an anoraks heaven. And we all have a bit of the anorak in us don’t we? Some is called cool, like customising cars, designing clothes, getting tattooed, and some is called nerdy but it’s all the SAME THING! Record collecting? Cool or nerdy?

All is in all, from the big to the small, everything under the sun. This is what we are, so own it all, accept the varied menu even if you always choose the same thing. I myself have a problem with the gay…LOL When men kiss on TV I naturally react in an adverse way, it’s NOT a judgement, it’s a reaction that is natural for ‘ME’. Fat grosses me out also, I couldn’t fuck a fat bird, even though I have but I blame the booze LOL… And desperation LOL

And yet I would give my life to protect such choices I can’t relate to for the sake and freedom others. As long as they don’t hurt anyone, any choice is simply that. So what if same sex kissing grosses me out, I’m a big boy, I can handle it, and more than that I UNDERSTAND.

Gay people, as an expression of God I love you all! It’s just that your bedroom shit freaks me, as I’m sure mine does you. It’s NO BIG DEAL!

Good is as good does….


We all know this shit, deep down we do. So yes in the words of Christina, ‘You are Beautiful’! All of you, you bunch of crazy fuck ups, your diversity keeps this place FRESH! There is no Ideal model of God or Good, only a set of rules to keep us from treading on each others toes.

Think of a menu. Well, when I go to the Vegetarian Studio down in spooky Dr Who Cardiff. I always choose the same stuff… So, do I want a small menu with just those food items on? NO! I love the illusion of choice it feels like fresh air!!! It feels like my little predictable world is bigger!

Get real people!






Yes ‘God’ is confusing, example. I said in the text above that God chose me because of how I am. Well that is the linear view, so I speak that way in order to make a point. In infinite truth our ‘personalities’ are preformed. Everything is, and so the person you already are, is a result of the journey you have not yet completed. I like to use the analogy of a 4X4 car that is equipped with diff lock, raised suspension and all wheel drive etc. It’s an off roader even before it’s been on road let alone off! So we drive it in order to realise why it’s made the way it is. We ‘experience’ it. In life you are becoming more and more ‘you’. Via choices and mistakes!

So it’s hard to speak on God because the sleepers always whine that I am contradicting, well, look up the meaning of the word paradox guys! What we are is based on a paradox, driven by it, we are both form and from. All the stuff you have been learning before now is linear, that’s for babies, you have to juggle this shit dudes…

However, it’s not complicated when you don’t over think it, just try to play it how you feel it, ‘at that particular time’. Like the other day when I decided to eat a deep fried Lion bar down in Cardiff. (Cardiff is a really cool city! It’s much like London but not as busy and not so big that you get lost in it. You can know it so it feels like home. And no I don’t secretly work for the Cardiff tourist board lol. We have a big pedestrian area, buskers, café’s with outside tables, indoor markets, a castle right in the middle, a comic book store more or less opposite, ‘Forbidden Planet’, we have it all!!!! Boyo!!! Yaki Dah!!! Come, bring your friends! Spend your money……NO…..don’t come..or it will be too busy, another paradise lost.)

So… I ate a chocolate bar in batter, well… they fry everything in the same batter and I am a veggie, so yeah…I was ill for a few days, fuck that shit. I wanted to taste one because some guy tried a fried Mars bar on TV and he said that it was surprisingly nice? NO! They are shit…

‘It seemed like a good idea…..AT THE TIME!’ LOL LOL LOL

And now I KNOW.


And then this is how God is…sometimes…

I see signs all the time, stupid coincidence etc. So there were many signs speaking as to what guitar I should play, my ultimate axe that suits me, which I have been searching for like forever, well, since I started playing only a few years back…

So all the stupid signs lead me to buying a second hand Strat and restoring it, when I fucking hate Strats. I won’t over explain but a neighbour was knocking my door with this Strat he had for sale, and it was the same model more or less as the first guitar I ever bought, I thought I was going full circle. (There were Many signs, I was set up by God.) I spent time and money I don’t even have, borrowed from my impending house sale restoring it, and what was it like….? Yes a Strat, is a Strat is a Strat. Okay the tone can change but not that unwieldy shape. And the tone on this one was average at best. Anyhow, having that guitar, along side my others, really bought into focus the fact that my little blue cheap ass Tanglewood Tomkat is my sound and it’s so dam easy to play! Especially when you have bad hands with fucked tendons like mine, with fuck all ‘reach’. The fret board is slightly smaller you see. It can sound like a good Strat and a good Les Paul via the coil tap, and it even has an acoustic reality which is SWEET! It looks pretty, blue and purple, cosmic man! The trem hardly goes out of tune, maybe not as good as a Floyd but it will get you through a set. And you don’t have to fuck about locking it down. I even have another Tomkat, which is even better looking than ‘Little Blue’, mahogany it looks like an antique, but it sounds….err…..okay I guess. Little Blue sings sweet! Luck of the draw !!!!!!! I got her second hand for £120.00 from a guy in Bristol who looked like Leonard Hoffsteader. He said on the phone he would take £100, but when I saw her I fell in love so I paid the asking price out of respect.. He was pleased, I think he was a student and so skint. As I left he said ‘peace’ and gave me the peace sign, well I think it was the peace sign LOL lol. And it’s funny because I got lost going down there and the first place I stopped to call him for directions turned out to be across the road from his flat, he could see my car out of his widow, but then my life is like that…the weird coincidental God stuff plagues me. She was a bit beat up when I got her, cracked pick up surrounds, broken coil tap selector. But then after playing her, hearing that tone, I robbed parts off of little blue mark one to put her right. Little blue one was a hollow body, which didn’t really work, it sounded muffled in comparison. Funny, the mahogany Tommy is too dense so it doesn’t sound good, Little Blue is a freak, it just sings! I don’t know if you could ever find another like her? Is there a Little Blue mark 3? Well I’ve stopped looking now, I’ve played Strats, Les Pauls, PRS’s, I have a Charvel that I like, but nothing has come close to that tone, so I doubt it. Although I never say never. I am at heart a one guitar man though. I want to play one guitar for ever. You have one voice, you always sing the same, so….. And then if you ask a ‘guitarist’ their opinion on the Tomkats they will laugh. They sold for about £350 when new, yeah cheap….whatever, when it sings, I get a good feeling, I feel inspired like no other axe has ever made me feel. It’s ‘my’ sound, the sound I always heard in my head, and yes, looking for something ‘better’, (what the ‘establishment’ calls better, read more expensive) was a complete brain fart combined with a splash of vanity and sprinkling of greener grass. When I was working I paid £2,400 for a PRS that sounded….okay…. I should have taken a page from the book of Sea Sick Steve, he would play anything you could string…if it sounded good!

Sometimes you have to travel in order to appreciate what you have at home, and yes, we did have to leave God, in order to realise where we are better off. Out here in the cold at the mercy of greedy men is bollocks!

And I should have known because I already did the same thing with a sitar…I’m repeating myself LOL But then some things bear repeating until the reality sets in. Life is like that.

So God drew me in with signs and then when I started to ‘follow’ like a mindless prat, God flipped me off. I KNOW I don’t like Strats, what the fuck was I thinking, and that’s just it isn’t it, I WASN’T thinking! Always follow your heart and gut…and head….and…what the fuck, just bumble along….LOL That’s all we can do….LOL

(Yeah, if you see the signs, realise that you can’t live by them forever. God will guide you and help you to realise what is real. But God wants you to stand on your own two feet. I am way more discerning now, after the stupid Strat fiasco. So yes, it’s complicated, God still sends signs, but some are tests, as ever we are on our own-ish, complicated it is…. There is another aspect that is revealed here. ‘The nature of the experiment of free will in the first cycle that never happened’. Because all of this is based on free choice, and given that this is what happened, so what always happens, what ‘is’, God tests people. All eventualities will play out, ALL eventualities!! God has revealed herself to many who fucking lose the plot big time. If God asked me to proclaim that I am Jesus, despite the fact that I can’t walk on water, do not wear sandals and don’t have a beard. I would tell her to go fuck herself, I mean, how fucking stupid is that? I am Steve Berg! (And what the fuck is wrong with being Steve Berg? Yeah, some of us do reincarnate, but then you only keep the subconscious fundamentals of that last life, you can’t remember in detail as we are linear, so that would create a form of schizophrenia. But then in this life you are in a state of realisation past that past re-memberance, that life experience when you get reborn, which is why some are born more aware than others. I doubt Mozart learned all that shit in a few short years…it is possible if he was gifted but….? I don’t feel that I have been born before, and for a few reasons. One, because of the way I am, the way my mind works, sooner or later I see through illusions, my mind picks away, dissecting everything, so I would wake in what ever incarnation I’m in. And I don’t think, I assume, that this insight was not needed until now. Two: when I was born I was a complete innocent. When someone first made a fist and punched my face I was shocked and devastated? How could I have been that naïve if I had lived before on this grand cycle? But yeah, I value the lessons of ‘Steve Berg’, the things I have experienced and seen both good and bad. If I ever lived before, this version is way better than the last one via experience. And I do care for my fellow man in my own fucked up way, so yeah, my name is Stephen Mark Berg…Menuchem Mendel, ben Yehuda….the last thing this world need is another fucking Jesus, how many do we have now, there is even a matching set of Jesus and Mary in Australia now. That guy is NOT Jesus, because Jesus wouldn’t have been an asshalf… dimwit!)

Back to the plot: You have to hold the line, okay a guitar isn’t the end of the world, but it could have been! She made me act out of character, go against what I know to be true, do you see? God will test you!!!!! God always starts in logic, but then she twists it in order to see if you are gullible or do indeed have a true understanding of the basic principles of what really matters. Too many get big headed, they get star struck and sure they get attention and money…Joel Goldstein comes to mind. How much did he pay for those suits, no, strike that, how much did his followers pay for those suits? He says he is blessed? Fuck off he knows what God is, well, what God stands for at least, if God sends money it’s for the needy, he is dipping into the collection box way past what he needs!!!!! The simple fact is that no matter how high you seem to be, without every single one of us the whole thing is pointless. What is the point of a super talented superstar without all of the plumbers and bakers in the audience, and there is FUCK ALL wrong with being a manual worker, it’s a good honest living. And who doesn’t like fresh baked bread!!!!!! It’s a gift! I would be working now if the government hadn’t fucked up the system and then lie about the true unemployment figures….How is there low unemployment and if there was, it would be a MASSIVE failure, showing us that even with low unemployment we are still in recession, so how do we ever get out of this rut! There is nothing wrong with good honest hard work, it’s good for the soul. Politicians should try it….)

To Fender: You make really cool guitars some of which sound GREAT! I’m not dissing you guys, MUCH respect is due for your contribution to music and music is a GIFT! They are simply not for me. Mind you….My armchair guitar, the one I have by my sofa, pick up often, is a Telecoustic, one of your cheaper guitars. Because, if you play electric and don’t want to plug in all the time, if you feel a song coming on, it’s the nuts! So why did you stop making them, huh, huh……LOL Not that plastic backed biscuit box, I have the de lux! It’s so so cool I love it. Okay it doesn’t sound wonderful, especially if you try to play it loud for others, but it does the job. I don’t like acoustic guitars, they are too big… The Telecoustic is a tool. And yeah some people can make a Fender sound GREAT, there was this guy called James Hendrix or something, he seemed to get on with them just fine lol, although if he were alive today you just know he would have a Fat Strat with a Floyd!





Having said all I just said, as we in the west get off on this new understanding of God, my attempt to undo the Catholic guilt trip. This is not the time for complacency. Nepal, Haiti !! To mention just a few unresolved issues, unresolved due to the capital system that sees us helpless to help those in need as the greedy shits still siphon of more money than they can spend (FIFA! etc). We must be like Shiva! Our dark sides need to come forwards now, we must DEMMAND a better world, not sit on our hands and wait for God. This is an interactive programme guys, we are the actors in this movie.

How can we help? I don’t know….. Not a clue, not a Scooby doo, but I think we need to stand up and say that we do believe in God, our true boss, not these greedy shits. Governments may own us financially, but they DO NOT own our opinions and beliefs, they own our hungry flesh but do not own our minds. Speak out, express yourselves in any way you can. We are the silent majority in fact, but no more! It’s like in Stargate SG1. The system lords with their upside-down pyramids own us only because we allow. They are nothing more than parasites, they need us we don’t need them. The Jaffar should rise up and be heard. 10% own 90% of the wealth, we are the majority, they are the snakes in this garden, twisting everything, tempting us to sell out, but NO, fuck them… Do you really want a big house in Hollywood? How fucking lame and boring would that actually be. You’ve seen the California Housewives on TV, do you really want to be a nasty pouting plastic shit who is always pissed off over nothing? It’s all an illusion. They don’t connect with anyone! Think of the best times you ever had in your life, these were shared times. We are human beings for fuck sake, bonafide children of Zion. We are divine….daaaaarling LOL We are divine, not here to be bought and sold like cattle.


Get a fucking grip, change the world mind set, expose these shits, laugh at their ignorance. If we build it I’m sure SHE will come!

Is God really female? I guess so, she always appears as a female to me, and yes, she is infinite O female to our finite 1 linear male action…. I think she’s more than just a gender…

Wake up, it is time!



Add text

Have you ever watched TV programmes like ‘Edwardian Farm’. Folk back in the day worked hard, and in a way that we would see as punishment, hard labour. (Even our prisons these days are holiday camps.) These people cut stone by hand with chisels etc, most people these days would give up… Kids today don’t even want to work hard with power tools and lifting plant???

It’s a bit of a fucking insult really, our forebears worked DAM hard, worked themselves to death, this as they dragged themselves out of the dark ages, as we now benefit! It actually mystifies me how they knew how to do all the stuff they did. I saw an episode where they did a lime burn, which took three days of back breaking work. All to get quick lime, a highly volatile substance that can burn your skin, this to change the PH of the soil to then be able to grow cops to feed themselves and make a living. They worked hard and smart to get us here and yet look what we have become, it’s fucking disrespectful if you ask me.

What if we were to lose it all?

What if we had to go back to that way of life in order to survive?

Fancy working that hard?

We are killing the fucking planet, is that the thank you our ancestors deserve? We don’t even know we are born in this day and age….we take it all for granted.

We have all become spoilt and unappreciative, it sickens me. Even in my job, we Leadworkers these days have it easy. We have Oxy Acetylene welding equipment, an invention from an ingenious soul in the past out of necessity. Before that was invented, you had to boss everything (move the lead via hitting it, moving the lead within the sheet), and yes I can actually boss lead around a ball leaving only a small hole at the bottom. No splits no creases, but it takes me a long time. These days we would boss two half balls and weld them together, this because the lower half is the hardest, there is more lead to move, the first half is easy it more or less bosses itself. When they had to boss every detail on a roof sheet, if you split a detail then the whole sheet was lost..and you couldn’t afford that. These days, if you split it you simply weld it up…we have it easy. And all of our lead is craned up, well most of the time. I have actually used a ginny wheel to get lead up. I used to jump off the scaffold holding the rope, using my weight as a counter weight. Health and Safety would have shit a brick lol….

Try to get your heads around how far we have come, how hard our ancestors had to work, how inventive and resourceful they were. See how easy we have it, so the least we can do is to protect this place, not let greedy spoilt private school shits throw it all away. Sorry excuses for men who would last five minutes in a real job, if they worked with me and the guys I worked with in the past, they would be in tears, I mean that! They would cave in and crumble in the face of the shit we had to put up with. We don’t have to suffer it, but we should realise why our lives are so easy now and what that took, the price that was paid in pain!

Think about that when you throw a third of the food you bought in ASDA away, this because your eyes were bigger than your stomach and you didn’t plan your weekly shop. Think about the starving in the world when you throw out food and then go the MacDonald’s drive through…

Think about that when you leave lights on in empty rooms, literally money to burn! Think about that when you get pissed off with slow download speeds.

We came here to re-lend appreciation, if you take everything for granted that quick there is no way you can leave this place, you wouldn’t last five minutes. You would become an instant spoilt bastard, you would be able to get any satisfaction, you would simply demand more and more. We came here to ground, there is very little to experience ‘relatively’ speaking, everything starts to repeat itself. We need to savour every drop, less really is more. This reminds me of trendy pretend vegetarians, they get pissed off complaining that there is very little to eat, especially if you cut dairy. If you want a varied diet eat meat. When you tap into your truth, get your chakra wheels spinning, you will enjoy a bit of boiled cauliflower for instance. You will be able to Really taste it. No need for rich sauces etc, the subtle flavours really come out when your senses kick back in. Yeah, those pseudo vegetarians eat all sorts of meat substitutes, Quorn sausages etc, but then they have egg in them. Fruit and veg is great, rice is nice and real fresh bread is heaven!

Less is more, we are standing on the brink of the return to innocence, our inner child will shine, remember when you could play all day with very little, tell stories and make tree houses. Okay we are more sophisticated now, but we can enjoy less, if we get our heads straight, get our wheels spinning, activate our senses.

Appreciation is key from both definitions of that word.

I totally fucking buzz playing music and I’m not even that good yet. My garden gives me immense joy and I still can’t grow half of what I’d like to, I am looking forward to learning, every year my garden gets better… I’d like a motor bike now, and yeah now I would ride slow and take it all in, not try to prove myself like I used to.

Less is more…


Women are waiting to have kids for financial reasons?

This creates health problems and cost the NHS a fortune tying up resources that should be used for genuine unavoidable illness. Financial reasons? The fucking capital system is an affront to nature, we sell ourselves, examples such as this are everywhere, all throughout and found in every facet of society.


God found via science?

This bears repeating and explaining more extensively and yet more simply.

The most revealing fact is that the universe is made from energy oscillating. Okay there is a brain fart interference via the Hadron collider. They are looking for the Higgs Boson? No one even seems to know what the boson is supposed to be? Some say it’s the building block of the universe? Some say it’s one of the seven quarks, which is spooky actually, because it could well be that the micro does indeed end actually ‘above’ the supposed boson level, and then go into negative reflective value, why? Okay bear with me, this will become clear but then you may have to read it a few times.

It’s because the manifest begins at 3. The infinite when manifest appears as three essential elements, the two opposites and the neutral zone between them to stop them from being the same entity. There has to be an insulating element that is neither yin nor yang, so…. positive, negative and neutral. Why does this have to be this way? In the physical it makes no sense, it’s just an observation, but then existence is actually a mind, conscious energy, and there it makes perfect sense. Let’s look again at how consciousness is achieved. ‘I think therefore I am’. (As opposed to ‘I drink therefore I….hick…you’re my mate you are…I luuuuve you mannn, fuck the rest of them… I’ll fucking ave them, don’t hold me back… ) What does ‘I think therefore I am’ mean? It’s trying to show that we witness our existence via the thought process. We can hear our minds ticking over basically, it’s like a sounding board. And yes this is even when you are not actively thinking about an issue, you can still re-cognise the silence or even witness a feeling, it doesn’t have to be in ‘sound’. The enlightening truth here comes via the understanding of how your mind can seem to split itself into three aspects. The viewer (the self), the minds eye (the view screen of the imagination), and essential space between them that allows one to look at the other. If there were no space, the best analogy I can think of, is like pressing your face up against a mirror, you can’t see yourself, you need to stand back a bit. Indeed if there is no space, which happens when our minds revert to their infinite ‘oneness’ nature, this when we sleep, then there is no separation, and so no witnessed feed back loop. And here we can see that it also takes ‘time’ to be able to re-cognise (think), which should be obvious in the understanding of the (re) in front of cognition. But there is a delay in the thought process. Thought is like radar, we look, and only then do we see, but you have to look first, which is yes, why we say re-cognition. When a thought appears in the mind in primary cognition, you look, but it takes a micro modicum of time to then be able to re-cognise what you are seeing. (When you sleep you don’t exist, you revert back to the un-manifest infinite. Okay please don’t say that others can see your body when you sleep, so you still exist. That’s because we are not the primal dreamer of reality, we are fractal. Soul/sole fragments of the one mind, so the illusion stands whether you are in it or not. However, when you sleep, you don’t think, so, ‘You don’t think so you are not’.

Consciousness appears from the infinite as three elements. The ancient Egyptians knew this as they told, symbolically, that Ra (Adam), sometime called Atum (re), appeared from the Nun (infinite potential) in a bubble universe. Well yes, as soon as a defined being appears, it will appear with everything that defines it, this or it won’t makes sense, it won’t be stable. So when a man appears, he is accompanied via woman in order to define what a man is. Primal male/yang and female/yin with space between them so they may touch, be separate, not a hermaphrodite that the infinite is as it contains All. But then what are man and woman? Which then beckons an entire universe to then define and stabilise the concept. So yeah Ra came in a bubble much like how Barbie and Ken come along with their car and horses etc. lol

Pythagoras also knew that 3 was the primal number, I can’t find the specific writing on this, but I do know what he meant because I saw it for myself. Indeed Pi, is 3… something something, something, ever recurring, it can’t be nailed down because Pi actually describes the relationship between the line 1 and the circle O, the linear and the infinite and that can never be pinned down as the two contradict so Pi is ever recurring. But then it’s 3, more or less. (Everything is made of 1’s and O’s 10101010100001010 digital us!)

Okay so three is the number of the primal manifest, the magic number they say, and yes magic because it allows us to ‘be’. To be free via three, which is why there is a twin phonetic word CODE there. This then creates ‘light’ out of the infinite unrealised darkness, the one mind wakes, the manifest boots up, day out of night, wake out of sleep, light out of darkness. This, either in the example of a person waking in the morning or the Big Bang exploding the universe into existence, it’s the micro and macro of the same principle. However, consciousness in itself is simply a viewer with nothing to view, the timeless ‘core’ I got stuck in. It’s only when consciousness continues to split out into archetypal traits or ‘colours’ that we begin so see texture and form. This can be seen in the way an egg post fertilisation will at first clone itself (stem cells) which are all the same and yet can be potentially anything. They then diversify to become skin, bone, organ, etc. Better seen in the perspective that consciousness is light and yet trapped in the core prison as I described. And when light hits a prism, the Pink Floyd album cover, it splits into seven colours, which can be seen as mood, modes or emotions, even prime elements. (This explains Sheldon Cooper’s 73 is the best number, which is 3 for light of consciousness, and 7 for diversity, which equals 10 for completion, and why 73 exhibits all of the reverse mirroring it does, even in binary it’s a, I think they call it a palindrome, it mirrors, like the word level, which is reversible, so yeah it is a level word. I am shit at details, I think in another text I wrote that Dave was removing circuit boards from HAL the computer in a movie called ‘Silent Running’, well no, it was 2001 Space Odyssey wasn’t it! Duh… Yeah, I don’t do details, I don’t often use my brain, my hard drive, I use my spiritual intelligence…long explanation, but I can’t remember useless shit.) In music we have seven discernable notes, and if you believe then there are seven chakras, although that’s not scientifically proven…yet! So…seven makes perfect sense to me, which means that there would be a greater nucleolus which would be a primal building block of all things and it would be a basic ‘particle’ made up of two opposing defining elements rotating around each other. Maybe it’s the other way around, maybe what they smashed in Sern was that particle? Maybe they are looking too far past the obvious, maybe there is a base atom (Adam/Atum (re) ) made of the two elements rotating around each other, that can split into seven quarks….answers on a post card lol.. I really don’t know enough about physical science. I am piecing all of this together from the truth I experienced. You see the manifest copies what ‘is’ as there is nothing else to copy, this is the fractal as above so below effect. So yes physical science is copying how the mind works. As above so below!

Back to the beginning now, proving God.

Everything is fundamentally made of energy E=MC squared, everything is infinitely divisible and yes what they don’t tell you about the collider, after they spent all that money on it. Is that it’s now operating at the top of its game. They can now see quarks, but then the obvious next step is to smash a quark and they have no fucking chance of doing that. They don’t even have the technology to view the result if they could. This is as far as they can go, at this time with that equipment. (Notice how quarks spiral? It’s another clue, but that takes a lengthy explanation. For the quick minds: The spiral we see in nature everywhere, plants, galaxies, even on the ‘crown’ of our heads, is due to geometric assemblance. The more pieces of the puzzle you have in place, the faster you can complete the puzzle, so it quickens/tightens geometrically. Reverse that and it’s a spiral, not a pin wheel spiral, an expanding spiral following the math of the Fibonache sequence of numbers, another clue…)

It is a science fact though that there is no actual solidity to the universe, think about it? If there was a solid particle, with size always being relative in an unending universe. If you could shrink yourself down to the size of a man standing on a planet, and stand on this imagined finite particle. Then you are basically saying that below your feet, there is nothing, this is the small end to space, which is Exactly, the same as saying that there could be a large end. That you could travel to the outer reaches of the universe and reach an end, bang on it and say that there is nothing on the other side of that Massive tangible boundary, how much sense does that make? Unless of course we are a mind and the edges fade as they are un-thought, as I explained in God for Dummies. The only reason that someone would look for the small end to space is a brain fart of eyes verse mind. Because it’s so small, you can pretend that relativity doesn’t exist, because as I said, if you could stand on it, in ratio to a man standing on this planet, that’s an awful lot of nothing below your feet isn’t it! In fact you can actually quantify the supposed nothing via using Pi to calculate the volume of the supposed nothing, and that’s just absurd. How can you quantify nothing, it’s like a Monty Python sketch. ‘Good morning my good man, can I have a half a kilo of nothing please?’ Sorry sir, I only have a quarter of a kilo left.’ ‘Okay that will have to do….’ LOL.

So back to my point finally!

The proof!!!!

If everything is actually energy oscillating in order to create micro opposing states, like mini force fields. To then create the appearance of boundaries, to then let us interact with solid objects in the physical (fizzzz-ical, everything is oscillating). Then in truth there is no actual boundary between anything, everything is one in the same thing (Past light speed at infinite velocity everything whites out, becomes one and so no thing can be discerned. With light speed in any one time frame being dictated by the absolute minimum gap/delay in conscious re-cognition to make everything seem instantaneous before white out occurs.)

And if everything is one blanket entity at base, then anything the universe ‘seems’ to contain, is actually the universe itself. So your head, is your cat, is your car, is the fluff down the back of your sofa, it’s one ‘thing’, oscillating at varying frequencies in order to create the illusion of separation.

Scientific proof of God?

The universe seems to contain consciousness we are witnesses to that fact, ERGO! The universe must itself be conscious! We are living in the mind, the imagination of God FACT!


Why do I say that everything is oscillating and not vibrating? Because vibration is movement and energy has no form so it can’t move. The energy as mind however can change polarity, become negative (no) or positive (yes). So everything is changing polarity which is more of an oscillation than a vibration. Vibration is something created by those things that ladies keep in their bedside cabinets LOL.

The two slit light experiment confirms the fact that conscious observation, even if it’s remote via monitoring equipment, will have an affect on the manifest. Science has NO explanation for that effect! If left alone, light is everywhere, in two places at once. If checked up on, light behaves itself, it’s God taking the piss out of science and still they don’t see it.

We are fractal sole/soul aspects playing out a scenario that tries to experience what conscious can be via the catalyst of the constructed premise of the physical realm. A game defined by its rules, which are in this case ‘The laws of physics fizzzics lol’. Except for gravity, that’s not a mathematical rule, which is why Einstein couldn’t unify it. Why? Because there is no ‘mathematical’ reason that a larger ‘number/value’ should attract smaller ones is there? The reason we have gravity is so that we don’t float off into space, it’s a best fit jammed in concept for the sake of the game. You see many things in the manifest are ‘best fit’ why? Because you can’t actually build an accurate all singing all dancing physical realm. Like that we need to be ‘in’ space, we need a convincing stage to strut and fret upon, and yet you can’t build a model of infinite space can you! So God made it all too big to see the incompatibility, no one would twig it until they begin to wake, the model serves its purpose until we are grown up, re-turned enough.

Do you see?

Do you?

Are you awake yet?

Crazy isn’t it, I am actually telling the truth, which seemed unlikely only due to all of the fucking idiots on the net claiming to have seen God and talking shit.


Out of interest, did you ever wonder how your mind can create defined images when it is one entity? It’s the same as what I have just explained! It pixelates, like a tv screen.

This is the logical element of the magical All. A format/language, a way for the mind to experience and under-stand itself.

BUT!!! We are not wholly logical, pretty soon you are going to see magic happen. We are old enough now, along with the fact that there is no logical way forwards to existence. Via the rules they are killing the planet, there is no way back now, they chose money over the eco system that itself works on rules!!!! They are forcing the revelation!!!!!!

And anyhow, now you know what we are, how it’s all done, you won’t freak when you see what in the past would be seen as impossible. Sure some will bend reality like Neo.

There is no spoon!





There’s a problem in looking out into the world to try to see what you should be. Let me use an analogy/example here. I have a new song I ‘channelled’, I don’t write my songs they either come or they don’t. So in the new song, in a break between lines I kind of sing: ‘ooooh oo-oo-ooh yeah’. I suppose if you were anal, you could call it skat singing, just making a noise really. I don’t know why I do it, it just feels right for that song. So…imagine I was a pop star, well, some wannabe would actually sit and practise the oooohs….lol lol. You can’t practise that shit, it just comes, it ‘feels’ right or not. And it feels right for ‘me’!


I have seen people forcing themselves to socialise?

Making the effort to ‘fit in’…..with the plastic society, well fuck that!

I would rather sit on my own than suffer the zombies, and this brings up another issue.

‘Alone time’!

I like to write, poetry, fiction, this shit, whatever, and when I am in the zone, I most definitely don’t want anyone bugging me. You need to focus, like duhhhhh. If I were in a relationship, yes I could be in the same room as my other, it’s nice to share a space, just ‘be’ together, but I don’t want to talk when I write. Or sometimes I doodle, I love to doodle. I’m not much of an artist but I do like to draw what looks like henna tattoo designs. I outline them and then add black for effect and then shade them to make them pop. They don’t look that good, but I find the doodling strangely compelling, it’s just another creative outlet.

In the garden, if I was a couple, I would have my personal section that only I tend, and of course she would have hers, why? I….don’t know….lol I just need my own section, that is mine? Answers on a post card!

And of course if we had a big house I would have a den, which I would decorate and fill with all my ‘stuff’. I feel that we need such oasis spaces to just ‘be’ in, a place that reflects you more than defines you. (Which is why Feng Sui is ass about face, the clothes do NOT make the man. You can get some middle class new age warrior around to redecorate your living space, but that reflects her not you. You are reflected in the place as it was before she came, and then reflected in the fact that you got someone else to decorate your space for you, it speaks volumes.) Indeed, this house I am selling now is a total oasis space for me. I refurbished and decorated it myself, and it’s very, very me! Well, me and B&Q lol. I think it’s really important to have such a space to dwell in. My garden is my sanity, a place of peace that I have a vested interest in, as I say often. I dug over ever inch of that soil to a depth of three feet. My aching back! I removed all sorts of shit, crates of milk bottles, even a pram. And now it’s just extremely pretty, I feel like I can breathe in that space. In fact when one fat moron cow came to view the house, I asked her if she liked gardening, and she said, ‘No not really, my dog will dig all of that up for you.’ Not for me you fat cunt, it will be your house, your garden, and yes your dog will dig it all up and shit all over it. This as a reflection of who you are, have a fucking salad once in a while!

She didn’t make an offer on the house, she said it was too small for her fat self, and although I have to sell, I was actually relieved. For two reasons, one, I would like to think that someone would carry the garden on, take it further building on what I’ve done. And two, I have really great neighbours on one side, (both sides actually but one side more so), and I would hate to think of them having to put up with that fat zombie and her mutt. She would probably leave the mutt outside to bark all day…WTF! A poor excuse for a human being, more of a human doing that a being.


(Here’s a good place to take a tangent to talk about ‘HARD’, hate, pain, survival and redemption. There are places scattered all around this globe where people have been down so long that they can’t hear my words. They laugh at me and ‘imagine’ they can chew me up and spit me out. Well, dudes, maybe, if you are big enough, fit enough and have the psycho gene, maybe you can. And you would have to be intent, because back in the day when I was as fit as fuck. You would have to stop me to beat me, I have been WELL tested. We all know via martial sports like boxing that bravado trash talk is cheap, it too hits the canvas. The only thing that walks in the ring is skill, fitness and a mind that for some reason won’t quit, and I Can punch my weight, kick like a mule. Ask that dick at the top of Bourne Ave, who thought he was going to kick the crap into me, because he was a foot bigger a foot wider, with some skills, he knew martial arts. But then when we had been going at it for a good 15 minutes, I’d lost two teeth, I’d broke my hand and was still going at him. He ran into the road and stopped a bus to escape his eventual ass kicking. He called me psycho crazy, be he fucking started it! I would have let it go! He started it, and that saw me lose two crowned teeth they are on nasty posts now, and I knew my hand was broken, so I would be out of work, so yeah, he started, but I was going to end it, make him pay. Wipe that smug smile off his face, bully the smaller guy will ya, I don’t think so….

But then it’s not like that with you guys is it. You will smash a glass in my face, stick a blade in me, or even shoot me, to show me how ‘bad’ you are, there is no winning with you, you don’t stand one to one and fight fair do you. And why should you, you are not there to fight fair, you are there to fuck me up, pure and simple. You know, like how the government, the system fucked you up. How your Dad left and how no one was ever there to protect you when the gangs came picking and picking and picking and twisting. No one to save you from the abstract fear you felt in your stomach Every single day of your too old to quick young life. The church spoke of peace, but you saw through their lies, they offer hand outs that suited the few, if you play their game but NO ONE, no one, ever offered you the respect and freedom that you deserved. Yeah I get it… You had to raise shields in order to numb the pain, you had to get ‘hard’ or cry and never stop, you had no choice. NO CHOICE…… I know…..

Don’t blame God…blame your fellow man, they created the ghettos via the free will that God gave us ALL. Where was God? ….. This was an agreement. When we embarked upon the free will experiment, there was a ‘soul’ agreement, it had to be this way, in order for ‘reality’ to be known, in order for good to be TRULY seen via true darkness. God would NOT step in no matter how bad things got!!!!! And things did get bad, I mean hell on Earth, no not death, that’s an illusion. The hell was the twisted fear men inflicted upon each other before the mercy of death’s release. Don’t blame God, this was an essential pact of the one self, if you read my stuff you will see that it was ALL unavoidable. Yes demented, we stand and look on in silence and disbelief. But there was no way around it, such light that we are casts a pitch dark shadow. If there was a way to avoid it and reach eventual balance we would have taken that option. We can argue this point for years, trust me. There was NO other way. NO OTHER WAY, argue and you will lose.

So what’s it going to take? There is a choice coming soon, a judgement. You can let go of all of your hate and come home with us or keep fucking pouting and fighting? The choice is yours. And sure I know you have heard this shit before, but yes men lie, get over it. Priests lie, they are not God. Half the time they only help to make themselves feel and look good, yes, you saw that, yes it’s true. But this different, this is God, and God Can save you, like duhhhh. If you fight, if you think you are hard, God will fuck you up. Fuck you up like you can’t even imagine. NO not in the physical, that’s an illusion, your muscle won’t help you. God will twist your mind until you beg for death, trust me I have been there. God will simply hold you close, the infinite will render you in pain and insane like you can’t imagine in this life. Hell is not fire, it’s …..well….you’ll find out if you push it. If you are not careful, and due to this free will pact. You will be written off as a lost soul, deleted until the next loop where you will go through all the same shit again, over and over. If that was your choice then it will be that eternally.

Don’t be the dog in a ditch…what do I mean by that? So the dog is stuck in a ditch it can’t get out. You try to help it but every time you do it attacks you, so you eventually give up and say, fuck you, stay in there you dumbass bastard.

There is so much that God can’t give you despite the magic God can wield. God can’t give you freedom of choice and keep you safe, think about it. When God gave us ALL freedom to choose, the choices of others created your sufferance, blame them if you need to. God can’t give you appreciation, that has to be HARD fought in this world. Everything comes with a price in the finite realm. Easy come IS easy go!!! But then why did it have to be so bad? I don’t know, ask governments, they will speak for hours and say nothing as they eat well and sleep like babies despite the ghettos they create in the name of capitalism. They tell you that we can all ‘make it’, well who taught them math? Mickey fucking Mouse? You can’t have winners if there aren’t any losers. You can’t have rich bosses if there aren’t wage slaves, duhhhh duhhhh and duhhhhh. You know, like how rap stars say shit like that they come from the ghetto, and they are blessed by God, and that they are proof that anyone can make it…? What are you saying dudes, that we can ALL make it, ALL stand on stage? We can all get paid to strut our shit can we, because, whose going to buy the records if we are all on stage? Can’t you add up dick brain sell outs? Don’t you see the upside-down pyramid on the almighty dollar bill, where the many carry the few? God’s pyramid stands on it’s HEAD! A single point, God carries us all along with God’s incorruptible chosen public servants at the BOTTOM! NOT THE TOP! They flipped it… The strong were created to carry the weak, not exploit them, feed off of them, we are one family for fuck sake!

NO, we should have shared! We should have chosen a Kibbutz World where we shared the work load, where NO ONE was left out. But we chose fucking capitalism, because everyone wanted ‘just a little bit more’ than the others, and that created a stampede rate race. They said shit like, if I am willing to work harder then I deserve more. So explain to me Simon Cowell for ‘example’. If this principle is indeed true then he would be muscle bound and he would never have slept, the amount of REAL work he would have had to have done in order to amass that wealth??? The ‘little bit more’ principle maybe true in price work. In Leadwork we get paid on price, the more lead you lay, the harder you work, the more money you get, but the difference between the fast and slow is negligible. Yeah some guy may stay late, put in more hours and get himself a nice car, or pay for his new baby, but it’s not the demented gap you see in this world. Some have nothing, some have more than they can spend in a life time???? And working is not manipulating via talk, talk, talk, endless meetings with a buffet laid on, an hour for lunch? Who can afford take an hour for lunch??? Some say that the clever should be rewarded. Go to uni, get smart and then benefit as you benefit society, what a load of bollocks! Who built the university you are sitting in, who carried the bricks? Not you, you don’t like getting sweaty and dirty do you, it’s below you, and yet you sit in a blood and sweat built building, you obsess and marvel and the architecture, the skill of the nasty smell craftsmen, fucking hypocrites. They built the place, and yet their kind are not allowed in??? And anyhow, you wimps complained back in the day when it was the ones with muscle who could wield a sword who ruled. You called them bullies, well, you are fucking worse!!! You bully via your stupid bits of paper, your qualifications that see you earn a disproportionate wage as now the sword wielding muscles push brooms for a pittance, how are you not become them? And you say you have intelligence, fuck off! Your kind of bullying is worse, because you don’t even have the balls to confront face to face. You hide behind a faceless system that has been manipulated into place. How is a nasty two face unintelligent poof like Ca-moron, our fearless leader, how?

We created this world via selfishness, greed, lies and manipulation, and because of that, some of us end up in ghettos and street gangs, violence follows poverty do I have to spell it out for you. I don’t see street gangs in fucking Chelsea?

So, ‘badass bastards’ from any station, those who chose violence even if that be cowardly passive hidden violence, and for whatever reason. You can laugh at my words of peace, but God WILL fuck you up, and in ways that you can’t yet imagine, and it doesn’t even matter who did what to who and why, not at this time, not as judgement day approaches. The fat rich will refuse to climb down, they will argue with God? They will cling to their imagined brain fart Baal god that is financial security, what the fuck!!?? They will not let go and so they will be seen as lost souls, dammed to travel the same negative loop over and over? They will never see God’s Kingdom! Some of the poor may well be victims, but when God shows, all bets are off, what was then is no longer valid. Open your hearts, let go of HATE right quick or be dammed. Pout and lose out. Well that doesn’t sound very Godlike does it? NO! Because the God they sold you was a fucking lie, God is NOT a pussy kiss ass bleeding heart missionary. You are dogs in ditches, God will offer a genuine hand on judgement day, finally, so… take it and live or bite it and be dammed, as ever, the choice is YOURS!

Take a look at the picture of Lord Shiva. He has a light side with flowers and shit, and then a dark side with a snake on his shoulder, understand what that means…Don’t be fooled by the lies of men, how they have taught you to think, it was pacification and control, the distorted picture of an all loving God they sold you. Wake up! Yes God is love, but light can’t be seen in light, God has a dark side, you choose which face of our ultimate parent you want to deal with.

Many would be souls will be lost when we shift/wake, and there is nothing we can do. All we will be able to do is walk away in sadness and pain for what was lost, what could have been. It’s a shame, a DAM shame, but then it is what it is…..our dual nature, the price we pay for free will, as in any other game. You play in accordance with the FACT that you Can both win or lose. Don’t be fooled by how your sell out parents spoilt you, they threatened you with a punishment that never came, don’t be lulled by that FALSE sense of security, there will be NO second chances. You’ve already had ALL of the chances you needed in LIFE for fuck sake. When the world stops spinning like the roulette wheel it ever is, all bets are OFF!

So ‘hard’ dudes and duddettes out there, you are not hard, compared to God you are pussy wimps…. Pop a cap in your ass, yeah…..wankers….wake up and save yourselves. You see I will be way more hurt in losing you, because your hard shell is NOT your fault. Way more sad at that loss than of the fat cats who knew they were greedy, they even boasted of their greed, ‘Greed is good, show me the money’, they ‘thought’ they knew what they were doing at least, so fuck them. But you down there fighting every day throwing up shields to God’s true light. Man that is a travesty, and there’s nothing God can do. Which makes me even more angry at the cunts who created your mess. They more or less cosmically murdered you….DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN, DON’T LET THEM WIN, don’t let them take you down with them… come home with us when we shift, yes you are angry and twisted, but time will heal, day by day you will soften… will love and be loved eventually…I promise, I swear to God it’s true.

I don’t know what to say…. What the fuck have we done to ourselves….it’s a knot in my stomach and a lump in my throat, this HATE. It made me not want to live. Especially when you have seen ‘God’, the sunny day we threw away, it makes it infinitely worse in the seeing. Which is why I preyed for death in my sleep and cried when I woke to face another heartless day. No I wasn’t preying for death like you would…I KNOW full well that death is not real, I just wanted to go home…. I can’t stand the arrogant selfish smug faces, and the vibes actually hurt my open heart chakra….the painful price of being open… but I can’t afford to raise shields, too much I hold DEAR, would be lost, so I have to bare the fucking pain. (Look at the word code in the word dear, that’s cherished and expensive, hint hint duhhh.)

But God has a plan for me, the dark times emptied my cup to the absolute bottom, readying me for a new beverage that would not be tainted by remnants of the past drink. I see that now, so yeah, fuck it, let’s roll up our sleeves and clean up this mind fuck mess, this greedfest…. Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder and sing like the choir we are, all from the same sheet, let’s shine! It is time…. No, not give up your individuality like religion tells you, bring your own particular instrument and join the orchestra…do what only you can do, you will fit in just fine!!!!)


So yeah, like Shiva, let’s flip and go back to the light thread……..the storm clouds of that negative thread are past, in this pendulum swinging balance that we ever have. How we find our centre.

Sometimes we need alone time, perfectly natural when this society is suspicious of loners who reject their bullshit. I think the plastics can’t handle the fact that some steer clear of them, ever as insecure and in constant need of a fan club as they are.

Practising music is always done alone at first, endless repetition; you pay in practise for the ensuing gift, no quick fix available in that particular discipline. You may or may not have lessons, but the practise is just you and your chosen instrument, and to me, if you don’t have an instrument, then you may as well be dead, a positive zombie. (Everyone who has a soul has an instrument, even if that is only a tambourine, which is not as easy to play ‘properly’ as you may think!!! So you have to quell your ego and find your expression tool.) If you can’t create music, and sing along, then you are made from plastic. Music is LIFE!

I am looking forward to jamming now that I can play well enough, and that is another misunderstood concept. You can’t force a band. A band in truth is a group of people who share a path for some reason, and that either happens or it doesn’t. And I would one day really, really love to play and sing with my other half, yes the cliché, ‘make beautiful music together’, writing song’s together is like making love, and your songs would be your babies. That would be special, so yes my other half would be musical, most definitely so. And she would have to be able to cook, like I can, so we can cook for each other, and vegetarian, and she would have to be a gardener, and, and, and….LOL. I am going to die alone aren’t I LOL LOL

Some people force themselves to go to pubs and talk shit, this in an attempt to fit in…no…you only fit where you fit, where you belong. (And the world is becoming more and more plastic. If you feel you don’t fit then kudos to you!) How do you find the place you do fit? God knows, but the plastic world is NEVER the answer. You would be better off spending more time alone. And No not being bored or boring, learning something, creating something and yes the brain fart here is to take an art class when you don’t really feel like an artist. The guy across from me customises cars and also plays with model trains. I guess he likes to ‘tinker’, I Totally get that! I also love a good tinker. I used to love ‘Mechano’ when I was a kid, and yeah I would play with it now if I had a set. Like I said in another text, ‘The Jewellery Channel’ on TV where they show you how to make your own jewellery, that looks like hours and hours of FUN! Getting creative is good for the soul.


We are strange and wonderful beings and all for no real reason. What we do is what we do, you can’t explain it. I sometimes catch myself being too science minded, well. We do live in a technological age and logic is indeed our format for understanding, what we are, but it only goes so far doesn’t it. I see the plastic gurus on the net all arguing about metaphysical points and principles, fucking politicians the lot of them, they really do miss the point! Our scientific understanding should lead to a place of magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is NO logical root cause to any of this! Logic is simple a way to view magic, our format for understanding.

The outside world is a LIE! An impossible model of supposed happiness, a TV advert. I spent many years standing in discos with a pint in my hand, wishing it was time to go home. I was there because I was trying to be ‘normal’. What the fuck is normal about a disco? I dance when I feel like dancing! Sometimes I put the music channel on, on TV, on a Sunday morning, maybe 5:30 and I dance around the room with Justin Timberlake LOL….lol But to go to a dark place, and then buy a drink to lower inhibitions and hang ups, and then moooove toward the dance floor and then do that zombie mash, no, fuck that, it’s all so contrived.

I liked the raves in Goa! You could just sit and chill if you like, eat nice food from the old Indian ladies and watch some hippy gal from Swindon twirl fire sticks. If you are feeling it then you get up and move to the music, in anyway you like. Yeah odd those raves, everyone was dong something different and yet all feet were hitting the ground at the same time…yeah more organic. Everyone on the same trip, I don’t mean drug trip, but yeah that too I suppose…well…it was Goa.

When we all wake, when we get our chakra wheels spinning again, we will be able to rave like that sober, that will be a blast! Like when we were kids country dancing at school!! Remember?? We can be brave and BE in the moment, not peep out from behind a drunken desensitising haze.


Stevie was right when he sang that learning to love yourself was the greatest love of all. Yes. Yes, yes, if you don’t love you, then how can you expect anyone else to? You will spend all of your time showing off in a plastic way in order to fit in and attract, and that is just false and so, repellent. When you are comfortable in your own skin, then others are attracted to you, such irony! And the journey to self love is a fucking hard one, I mean fucking hard, and lonely.

I suppose it’s more about acceptance, we are all so self critical aren’t we! Self conscious. The world doesn’t help, so many perfect images, even in movies, the ones who play the ugly folk are ‘good looking ugly’, if you know what I mean. ALL actors have ‘charisma’, even the ones who play the nerds and ghouls. Take The Big Bang Theory for instance, how are they nerds? They are all good looking people really...not just Penny. And then this speaks of the power of suggestion and misdirection. Some think that the actors really are nerdy? Why, because the script sets them up to be so??? Look at them! Actually look at them. They are all good looking people. Good looking actors playing nerds! You can make a drone think anything it seems???

We are more than flesh, the new age clichés are true, when we find our inner peace via self acceptance, we really do shine. And yeah adversely, a good looking person who is up their own ass sure looks ugly to me, really, I mean that. But then my chakras are moving again now, so I can ‘smell’ people. I can sense their vibes and some vibes Stink!

How do you find self acceptance?

Fuck me man…now that’s a question?

I suppose there will be a shit load of trying to be something you’re not and then failing and feeling worse. Rejection, humiliation lol, I don’t think there is an easy way.

At some point you just say to yourself, in the mirror, well, matey, we are stuck with each other, and you laugh. Because you always make yourself laugh don’t you, you are always there for yourself, in the bad times when everyone else has left you high and dry. It’s always you and you… You never let yourself down….well…no…sometimes you Do don’t you.

That’s a cruel cut, when you dessert yourself, a cruel cut because when you are inevitably left alone you feel like you have no one, and then not even yourself…..And that is one of the darkest of all places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love me…..LOL


I really do…I make myself laugh, I am always there for me, I am my best friend. So what if others think I am a twat, they are twats, whose the biggest twat? It’s not a competition.

We are all twats, but I am my twat…and I love me…LOL


I love my music, I even loved it when it was rubbish, now it’s getting better so I love it more, it’s becoming less offensive to the eardrums of others now LOL

I loved it when it was bad, because I was focusing on the potential, I could hear the good bits, they were the best I could achieve at that time, so I focussed on them. Gradually there are more good bits than bad, it’s a process and it’s good that we start crap. It lends appreciation as and when we do get better.

I don’t look for outside approval, if one day others get what I get from my music then I will be pleased. I would love to give others the joy I have had from the musicians I love! I see it more like cooking, if I make something really nice, usually by accident LOL. (I can cook some really good food, but I’m not consistent enough to be a chef. Sometimes it just goes wrong, I have no control….it’s not my gift…), if I make something good then I want to share it!

In fact there is a really good tail I tell that speaks about self love, not deserting yourself. One time I held a dinner party, and then some of the guests who were coming said that they didn’t like it too spicy. So I tried to imagine what they would like with the result being that I cooked a load of bland shit that no one liked including myself. I should have simply trusted my own taste buds. At least someone would have liked it…me..which means that there is a good chance that others would like it. As we do have a kind of general agreement on taste don’t we, a ‘mainstream’.

So my music is like that, I am heading for a sound I hear in my head, I’m trying to reach the skill level that can recreate that. Hence my search for my perfect guitar, and yes ‘Little Blue’ can now match that sound. I also gravitate in listening to bands/artists that have a similar sound in at least some way as I do, even if it’s abstract, not obvious. D’yer know I actually prefer the Monkeys to the Beatles…that will piss many zombies off! I LOVE Mickey Dolenze’s voice I can listen to him all day long, and yes, Mickey was the drummer and LEAD singer. Davy Jones was the pretty boy backing vocal they stuck at the front for the teenage girls to scream at. But then both voices in harmony were great and, ‘I’m a Believer’ is one of my favourite all time songs, along with ‘Last train to Clarksville’. No no no…and I don’t know if I’m ever coming home….de dang de dang de dang

I actually went to Clarksville…Strange place. I was on a road trip with some friends I met in India. We had a strange night in Clarksville, we got drunk, well it was a road trip, we got drunk every night. But then the next day everyone was very quiet in the car. Then I said that I’d had really bad dreams of voodoo faces, contorted, witchy spooky voodoo shit. And everyone freaked because we all had the same dream??? My mate Grant said that there was some heavy shit that went down in that place, it was a slave road or something? But yeah, Clarksville….voodoo city. (I’m sure it’s a lovely place if you know where to go, but yeah, spooky, what is that? Does negativity leave a stain on reality?)

I would love to speak more on how to balance yourself but the truth is that I don’t know how it’s done. Other than that ‘life’ will do it for you sooner or later, all I can say is that there is light at the end of the darkest tunnel, I am living proof of that. I have been so so low… Just a while back I would pray to die in my sleep and cry on waking, not real tears, I would cry on the inside, but yeah, not now, I am coming back to life again…

I wasn’t down about myself, I have loved myself for the longest time, it’s the world that’s killing me, the HATE. I can’t breathe in this place, this is NOT living, it’s existing. Wage slaves all supporting really disgusting excuses for human beings who talk endless lies as to what betterment is… The BIG CON!

They condescend with praise for the ‘Salt of the Earth’ ‘Hard Working man’, what do they know of hard work? Yeah, so they can tax and exploit you as they do jack shit.

I like to work, I love to get sweaty and build something, but I hate what they call work, ‘employment’, that’s not good honest work. That’s wage slavery and exploitation, it doesn’t lift you, it destroys your soul!!!! It grinds you into the dirt!

Don’t look outside of you, the answers are in the mirror. Sure take comfort from the words of good friends, but it’s you and you, and you really are a unique expression of God. When you understand what I write about, you will see that there is precious little diversity in this universe, relatively speaking, so yeah, you are a jewel!

Well, unless you are David Ca-moron, in which case you are a cunt!

In fact, when I touched God, when I woke. I was sitting with beardy God up on ‘His’ cloud, and we saw Ca-moron down on the planet, and God said to me, ‘That’s odd, whose that cunt? Where did he come from?’ LOL LOL

The world is plastic, counter-fate… There is no balance and or any answers out there. We do not live in TV adverts, with smiling fools all dressed so smartly and all so clean. No one can be happy all of the time, we have moods. See yourself, understand and accept yourself, warts and all, well, you can get stuff for warts…lol no need to accept them.

So many ways to get it wrong all accepted in this brain fart world. I heard a guy on TV say that he was in love, and when you are in love you want all the world to know……..That’s not love, that’s ownership, selfish ownership, like, ‘Look at my new car’ the same thing!

Love is powerful and somewhat scary, due to how vulnerable it makes you feel. You open your heart to them and they could if they choose, pluck out your heart and kick it all around the floor. There’s nothing you can do… You have to be brave and true, and they have to be that way too, which is why true love is only possible under God. Whether you believe or not, you have to be immaculate to each others open heart.

When you are in love, truly in love, you don’t want the entire world to know…..when you are in love, the whole world disappears, you become each others entire world.


One thing I do know about balance is that it’s NOT static. It’s neither a marble statue or a smiling snapshot frozen in time. It’s more like peddling a bike or surfing, we have to make CONSTANT adjustments or we fall off….



Add Text


Let me speak pseudo scientifically about free will, what it is and why life had to be so horrific. This is a very hard concept to explain without fully explaining the cycle of creation. Indeed if you understood what I got to understand when I touched God, every facet of existence bar the linear details that overlay and expose the specific elements of the all. Then there would be no necessity to write this add text, you would figure it all out for yourselves. But, as I have said before, you can’t really learn this shit from a static text, you need feed back, question and answer in person, and that’s not possible so I will leave the explanation as it is in basic skeletal form. Even if we could speak in person, it would still take a fair few years to explain, obviously, as this subject is larger than any university course…

Foretelling in fact, that many will study hard to gain a degree because there is a promise (false as it has become) of cash at the end of it, via a ‘good job’. And yet when it comes to ‘God’, the creator of the grand theory of everything. No one can be bothered?



So….. when the mind re-membered to the point that it could glimpse the infinite. The highest level or plan-et, the forbidden plan-et in fact. A place in ‘mind’ that only two souls reach at the top/bottom of the pyramid which itself is a model of how the mind split geometrically to avoid the core paradox, hide from it. The pill at that time was to forget EVERYTHING, as the knowledge was the poison that was short circuiting, crucifying the linear mind. All playing out in the avatar of logic that is Adam, Add-them. So Adam is our clock, the state of the Mind of Adam dictates the cosmic seasons, which is why Adam is called the Sun/Son.

We had to then hide, yes we did get a good ‘hiding’ in the hay day of ‘Eden’, so we ran/fell. To then dwell in the Land of Nod, in a place that was deemed real, even if it was actually reel.

At that time, any remnants of God/Magic, would have blown all the fuses again, we NEEDED to believe in reality, so we did. We were stunted versions of what fell, the magnificent Aryan Race from symbolic Atlantis. (Although I think that some may have survived the fall and passed knowledge on to the ancients before they became mortal again and died. I think they tried to send a message to the future, so we could wake at this time, not sure, I didn’t see details in the core?) We had to believe in reality, we had to hide, and yes also we needed to be unfettered by truth to then allow us to not be distracted by the loss of our magical truth, this so we would/could re-build knowledge, step by step, every gruelling step in the essential time it takes, there are no short cuts. If we had known we were simply retracing a path that leads to magic, then we would have thrown our hands up in the air and said something like, ‘Fuck this God, it’s too hard, I will sit and wait to not die, I won’t play, let us come home again, we are sorry!’. But it’s not a question of being sorry, the fall was not anyone’s fault, we were ejected from Eden when the clock struck twelve, cosmically speaking. The cycle simply ended and yet it does feel like a judgment doesn’t it? We are back here again paying in pain (pay-in) You see the journey is experiential, we have to become, and so we have to play. Every single step had to be retaken from stone tools to the present day. By solving the puzzle that is ‘life’ men exercised their intellects and built within them a first hand understanding of all the logical principles essential for the eventual understanding and acceptance of God, which is magical. It’s takes a shit load of logic to raise us to the acceptance of magic. You can see this in how much we had to know about ‘science’ to then see why science is actually an unravelling of God, to then see why what I am saying in theses texts, is also the grand unification theory that has eluded science thus far. And it’s only eluded them because they missed one vital component that was staring them in the face all the time. The consciousness element, the very element they were using in order to figure it all out? Like duhhh, if there were no consciousness they wouldn’t even be able to ask the fucking question!?!?

The moment God is revealed everyone will put their tools down and wait to receive…it will be game over, do you see that? Do you?

But we had to play to the point that God could be understood, because this is not a free ride, it’s experiential, we are participants, we have to become.

Sure God can give you bliss, we see that in drugs like ecstasy, (there are no drugs, none of the physical is real, everything is a symbol come learning catalyst come system tool).

We could sit and smile like fools, saying yeah man, this is sweet, and it would be. But then what is sweet without savoury? What kind of an existence would that be, endless mindless bliss? What would be ‘the point’???? Do you really want to eat only chocolate fudge cake with extra hot fudge sauce for EVER!? Man you would turn green you would be so sick, the very thought of cake would see you heaving.

We need to savour the sweet, hence savour-y, as ever it’s simply defining opposites.

Add to this the fact that the essential nature of the fall into a limited game, that makes us believe only in what we see physically, this as our minds are too fallen/weak to see the obvious paradox of the physical. As in how can we be ‘in’ space, if space is logically endless, so it can’t contain a boundary to be with ‘in’. Something is not right with our picture of reality and yet everyone overlooks it distracted as they are by all the sweeties on offer, the blindness of hungry eyes.

This ‘essential’ ignorance is sticky!

We had to believe so much in the physical realm that it’s hard for us to leave, to look up and see God. Which is why it takes such a large explanation in order to accept the magic once more. So again, we had to re-build EVERYTHING!!!!! From scratch, from stone tools, bone sewing needles to computers and Hadron colliders, just so that we could eventually stand here on the brink of the shift and understand what God is, to then accept its rootless nature and in that allow for magic to happen. This so that when the rule benders appear, the good souls won’t freak, think it’s all some kind of conspiracy or alien invasion.

So GOD COULD NOT SHOW ITSELF UNTILL THIS TIME FACT! Which meant that in the essential darkness, we were all subject to the freedom of choice that was landed in our laps. THERE WAS NO WAY AROUND IT, unless you want to drop cosmic ecstasy and live as a happy mindless fool????

(So now it is time, as man is re-membered enough to understand God and so stand under. With the flip side of that being that man is now intelligent enough to destroy himself via misuse of technology, which is happening as we speak. This, as man is destroying the eco system via using the said technology irresponsibly. This because man’s intellect is growing faster than his spiritual awakening, so the chakras are opening now, in order to redress this imbalance. And when the chakras open, we change, we shift.)

Of course, God does send clues and inspiration. Helping us subtly in order to complete this puzzle to the extent that we may ascend, leave the abstract ignorance of this world. I haven’t been actively looking but I feel that phenomenon such as how Alexander thought he was being guided by a female deity, seems strangely familiar to how I am guided by God who also appears to be female? The female tag partner, half of the one, that didn’t fall completely? I don’t know….yet….so I leave those puzzle pieces on the table until I can place them.

I mean it sounds crazy doesn’t it, from that perspective. That God has been sitting there watching us struggle and all because we haven’t figured out the puzzle yet? It has been the bane of many spiritual seekers, the perplexion of many trying to figure when the revelation will come. This as we suffer and crawl it can’t come soon enough? But then it’s way bigger than that! It’s more like a 10 year old wishing to go to university, the child simply wouldn’t last five minutes, it would be way out of its depth (unless it was Sheldon Cooper, but you know what I mean). This to the point that it would all go terribly wrong, we simply haven’t been ready until now. Indeed, when the shift does come, some will still struggle, experience paranoia, but then the stronger ones will lead via their confidence born from their understanding and that will quell the doubts. It’s so obvious ‘now’, that we were in no way ready to see God until now!!!!

(Evil is simply ‘live-evil’ backwards code, lived is devil. Life is defined by death and essentially taken in ignore-ance of God, where the negative decisions can be chosen. So life will support evil. If God allowed the devil, then God allowed evilution so we may ‘become’, do you see? The essential passage through the dark due to the fall, do you see?

What we all see as ‘evil’ (read hate) is easy to see in this world, I have seen it many, many times. Nasty spineless people who hold nothing dear, nothing sacred. Using their free will and the absence of the just-is that is God to then manipulate and destroy everything good…. They laugh at their own deviousness, they way they use their God given intellect to hurt God…They are an abomination, lost souls, they made the wrong choice…pure and simple, there is only God… any other choice is folly. We will shift now, we won’t live-evil, we will be past life, as life is based on mortal death, and we are moving past the tie to the physical. We won’t be alive anymore, we will just ‘be’. )

So yes rich spoilt shits, blood is on your hands. When a street kid is shot down, it was your greed and lack of compassion that gave the gun, (manufactured the weapons that the so called terrorist use, why are arms manufacturers not seen as terror-ists?), and it was you who created the tension that forced the poor fucker to pull the trigger, as tightly wound as he was, who wound the spring?

Poverty is the negative reflective residue of the concept of being rich and wealthy, yes you should be ashamed.

Having said that, if you are ashamed. If you are appalled at your very own brain fart, then in that moment of shame and regret, you are already forgiven. For shame and regret are nothing more than your heart screaming out in pain, a true apology!!!! You are accountable only to the degree that you are aware! If you knew what was going down and why, if you made the connection and didn’t care, then you will pay. The ones who choose the self over the body do not feel such regret. Yes cancer is a manifestation of selfishness, a cell in the body that expands disproportionately taking more than its share and in that killing the very body that sustains it. There is a cure for cancer, the love of God!


Pay, burn in hell?

Now that’s a funny concept. If I unknowingly hurt people, I would cop. I wouldn’t pout if I had to be excluded from the next level of existence, this due to the fact that my nature would render that next level much the same as this shit one. I would say, ‘God, shelve me, don’t let me ruin it for others, I can’t live with that burden, it’s too much for me to carry in my teeny little heart’. I wouldn’t expect and demand to be let off…how selfish would that be?

I have already been to Hell, and for the simple reason that some lucky fuck had to see the entire schematic of the cycle, the data had to be stored somewhere in this buffer of a mind that we all collectively are, this or the 3D printer couldn’t print it (it couldn’t manifest, the cycle wouldn’t be stable, someone had to see the overview, touch the infinite). Do you understand?????? I’ve explained this before but it bears repeating. It’s like that a company is making a machine that in this case is instant death to anyone who sees it (the acute paradox of self creation, insanity, becoming a figment of your own imagination). So they carve it up into components and send it out to many contractors. But then in order for the machine to work, for the cycle to turn, someone had to assemble it, in mind. Do you see? And that lucky fuck is me.

And yes I wouldn’t wish the touching of the infinite on ANYONE, even my worst enemy!!!! But that IS what hell is, God will simply hold you close, and the hell starts WAY before you reach the enlightenment of the darkness of the core! The pain kicks in real quick.

In fact I heard the testimony of a guy on the net who saw only the gateway to the infinite, not that he knew what he saw. He was in a plane crash and so he died for a while, and yes he saw all the wondrous good stuff, the love of God, the sweet. It’s every bit as wonderful as all the reports say it is, it will fill you up and make you cry in joy, like your heart is going to burst!!!!

But then he also saw the swirling darkness and he felt the chill of solitary. He KNEW in that moment that that swirling place was, as he said, was, ‘non negotiable’. And that was just via a look at the door. When he came back to reality the right side of his face was burned, he thinks via the plane crash, but that was in reality, it’s not real. His scar came from his brush with the infinite magic, which melted his logical half, and so reality filled in the gaps. This like how when I came back from Hell, my hands now bare the marks of the crucifixion, which in ‘reality’ can be blamed on the endless repetition of beating out lead hollow rolls, 140 tonne of them at the Dome of the Rock.

That guy made some excuse as to what he thought the swirling darkness was, I supposed he had to, in order to try to come to terms with the chill he felt. How could there be such pain, in a place of such joy? I can’t remember what he said he thought it was post return, but he will maybe read this now and realise his lucky escape.

Some won’t have such a lucky escape, God will hold them close and this reminds me of when Alanis, playing God in the movie Dogma, holds the renegade angel close, lets him hear her true voice and his fucking head blows off (channelled).

Yes that will happen. So yes they will be held close, they will suffer insanity and pain and they will be reabsorbed into the All. Until the next loop, were they will make the same selfish choices all over again.

I survived the core, touching God due to how I was made. It’s easier here to think of this in terms of a program. We all have a digital quality, what we are can be seen as the sum result of our experiences of the grand cycle, and those experiences can be represented and written in fact, in the form of data, 01010101010000111….

I was made to be able to stand in the sight of God, for a while, not for that long, I too explode. But I can stand in the sight of the infinite, just long enough to understand. This is why I am odd, this is why I can be one thing one minute and another the next. I am agile in mind, not sticky. My humour greases my wheels, when some break I laugh, fuck knows why. But it serves it’s ‘purpose’. I am as crazy as a March Hare, which is a remnant from when I was barking in the core, and then I can be super logical, I bob and weave, duck and dive….and I can laugh at anything. And more than that I care for…I LOVE creation. I love you all you crazy fucked up aspects of the one mind, even if you piss me right off sometimes. I don’t want to lose any of you, again, until it’s time…. When you all left me, (the core) I missed you like you wouldn’t believe. So of course I love you….I need you.

It’s not a competition, and I am no better than any one of you, except for the souless cancerous mutts. We are all better than them who take for themselves, expand their empires, taking from the one body that sustains them, dumbass cancer cells. Anyone with a soul is better than that afterbirth.

And yet we can let go of any ‘real’ hate we may feel for them, this via the understanding that their greed was our sufferance, which then gave us, correct that, ‘lent’ us our appreciation! They were our grounding. No need to thank them, they were not doing you a favour, they were what they were. So yeah good riddance, but hate, no, that’s a step too far in their direction. They got their heaven, money…. Their small dreams were fulfilled at our expense and now it’s our turn, so yeah, we will walk through them as the cycle turns. What do I feel for them? Nothing I don’t even see them as real. Annoying little shit cunts, in seeing them we will never tread that path. Yeah all is fair, they wanted money, they got money. They wanted servants, they had servants, they wanted us to lick their butts, they had many tongues shoved up their cracks. They wanted to win, well yes they are clearly the winners, look at the cars they drive, look at what they have. They are the winners of this game….but this game is ending now. Unity won’t suit them, so they end here. It’s our turn and yeah lets rub their selfish noses in it a bit, what the fuck. We are going to see and experience wonders past mortal death that they can’t even imagine! They don’t come where we are heading so they don’t even carry an internal concept of it. Which is why and how they have no conscience!!!! They don’t connect with God in any way, it’s all a game to them, they humour the religious types at best. They speak of ‘God’, in the political sense, the moral high ground to try to justify their actions. But they don’t believe, indeed they think that all this shit is crazy….. They look at people like me as dim. When the shift comes they will spin in confusion, they will panic, as usual, paranoid fucks.

And no it’s not a question of money. Those fucks in the Work Programme who took back handers to try and sell me to Greggs the Baker, which then left me with no way of supporting myself when I challenged them in court and failed. They are the same thing. They know how hard it is to get work here in the Valleys, some of them were unemployed along side the rest of us. And yet they are willing to sell their fellow man for a few pound notes…..filth!


It is time!


Things will get crazy soon, but don’t lose your balance…test everything, don’t follow anyone, follow that which speaks of peace and unity. We are not going to start another revolution in this place, we are going to surpass this place.

And don’t tell me you believe in God and yet are scared of death, if love is in your heart when the shit hits, you will be fine, fine, fine.

The world is not real, it’s reel….


Do I know what is about to happen? NO! I understand it from the schematic view, I know how the cycle turns. But, what’s the story….morning glory? lol I don’t have a scooby at this time. I am not even awake yet. I woke to a degree back in Truro, but this thing is like an onion. On-i-on. Many layers of wake and then ultimately nothing actually wakes, there is no ‘where’ to wake to. Other than the desolate core of the paradoxical truth of oneness. I have been going through many changes at this time. I don’t sleep much, my stomach is out of balance, I am detoxing like crazy, emitting enough gas to power a small generator. I feel like I am set to shed a skin, can’t quite explain it, I feel like I am going to wake up to another layer, like that something is going to pop????

I never saw any details of the end times, will Jesus return? Who knows, and who the fuck is Jesus anyhow. Did he see the core? If so then why did I have to? Or is he simply a transmuter? That guy who came up to me in Jerusalem, told me I had come to help restore our Father’s house, and that his name was Jesus, was that him? I also had a feeling that Jesus was a girl? Confusing, the details of it, way more than the schematic, the schematic is pure logic, but who is who, who plays what part? I don’t know. I don’t, can’t know how the story goes, knowing the future fucks everything up, how so? Let me explain why via another one of my boring tails lol.

Short story long lol. I took my Dad to Israel because he likes being a Jew, so I figured it would be nice if he saw his ‘homeland’ at least one time before he died.

Straight to the point, we were coming down from Zefat in the upper Galilee, heading for a Kibbutz hotel on the Sea of Galilee, can’t remember the name of it, I’m shit on details, Kibbutz En Gev I think? So anyhow, I’d had a dream that night that we were driving down and I saw birds all flying in a perfect V formation, and then Pops turned to me and said, ‘I need to change up some money, we need to get to a bank’. So yeah, this happened and I noted it, no big deal I get this shit all the time. An inoffensive future dream.

The next dream was more disturbing, and later on in our two week vacation when we were down in Elat, and staying in the Hotel Dahlia. I always remember that hotel name, I have stayed their often enough. So, in the dream, we were driving and a car hit ours, I heard the loud bang and felt the shock, which woke me…. I sat there in bed feeling a bit dazed. Well this was disturbing, why? Because the last dream had come true, so, do I drive that day or not, and even then, can I escape the crash? I thought about it, and then decided to not be a pussy. If it was meant to be then so be it. So… we were heading down to the beach at coral reef and as I turned into the car park, a car hit us from behind, so hard that it spun us around and wrote the hire car off! I was shocked, not because of the crash, more because it took me to a very strange place reminiscent of the core….my dream came crashing into my reality, two worlds colliding!

Well Pop’s had paid for the hire car and because he is so anal lol, he had maximum insurance cover. So we were actually back on the beach at coral reef, with a new car, and all in about two hours tops, maybe less. Excellent service guys! Can’t remember which company it was? And yes no one was hurt.

The next dream was a fucker, I woke with someone speaking in my mind, and the voice said, ‘There was a crash, two people were killed’. And yes there were two of us, me and Pops. Well, I wasn’t that phased, death is not real, I was more concerned for my Dad than myself… And then the rest of that day was kind of surreal, was this my last day on the planet? I didn’t even look at the place in the same way, thinking that I was about to leave made me feel kind of like an immortal, I was going home, this place could no longer hold me, odd, strange. I figured the crash was just a practise run to get me ready to die/wake.

The day went by incredibly slowly….time seemed like mud….

Nothing happened during the day, I wasn’t even with Pops, I was out and about, he was by the pool reading his book.

So… that night we ventured out to get supper, and I was thinking that maybe it had been a false alarm. I was looking all around as we crossed roads, to see if some car was out of control and would hit us but nothing. We chose a restaurant and sat down. I then noticed that all of the waiters and staff were gathered around the TV and so I asked what was going on? So the guy I asked turned to me and said, ‘There was a crash, two people were killed.’.

You can’t live knowing the future, that is NOT ‘living’, it’s a curse, a surreal nightmare. A purgatory of sorts!

So no, I don’t know what is about to happen, how it will go down, and I don’t even want to know, or I won’t be able to ‘live’ it naturally.

I have my suspicions, but that’s all they are. I think Jesus will show up, in fact if you stand on my decking and look left, there is a massive cross made from white painted stones on the hill above our town. That’s not there for no reason, it’s not a coincidence.

Mohammad Will be part of this, that’s a given, the Arab peoples have been overlooked and blamed in all of this. This unjustly, so they will be vindicated. All Arabs are NOT terrorists, no matter what the Babylonian governments try to suggest/imply. They are from the other son of Abraham, they are kin. The shit that stuck was always about the oil, nothing more.

But no, I am in the dark also, but then try not to panic, even when the shit flies. Okay there will be some pain, and some blood I ‘assume’. There is always pain and blood at any birth, but there will also be a new life!

Think about it, how can God be revealed in a calm and pleasant way, given how we are on this rock? Well I’m sure God has a plan, a sheep dog for the sheep, but then sheep are jittery by nature….we’ll see……

Crazy times ahead…

Will there be violence?

Well, what do you mean by violence, some hate martial arts, because they don’t see the spiritual lessons in ‘combat’. I have competed in the ring in kick boxing and the only vile-ence I ever saw was outside of the ring. The contorted faces of the onlookers as they bay for blood. Fat gits eating and drinking at their tables, likened to the crass spectators in the coliseum. Within the ring, there were just two consenting souls testing themselves via the catalyst of each others resistance. Facing their fears and learning about themselves in the process.

Mohammad knew well what violence actually was. He like Arjun of the Hindu tradition fretted and suffered over a decision to defend himself, when the ruler of Mecca sent his army to Medina, yes. Just like Arjun before him, he was now enlightened and in that saw all men as kin, so how could he pick up a sword? But then the subtle truth comes that the violence was not his. He would simply defend, the very ethos of Zen martial arts, and this was exactly what he did. He defended, won and then treated the defeated army with respect, even inviting them to stay in Medina with him, which many did!

The fight I spoke of in this text! Well that was not my violence, it was a bully trying to feel bigger by way of beating up a smaller guy, and that is NOT right, the strong should protect the weak, not pick on them.

When God offers us an exit we will take it, an exodus from the strict physical. If we are attacked and we defend then so be it. But yes defence only, not to venture into the dark side of the force, or how are we not become them? I have been in many fights in and out of the ring, and in that I understand violence well. Violence is indeed vile. I always defended, I never started a fight if I did I was played, and I Never enjoyed it, ironically I am a lover not a fighter, all my macho strutting came out of my fear. But then I have seen those who toy with people like a cat taunting a mouse. They enjoy the intimidation, they love to see them squirm. They enjoy inflicting pain it makes them feel not so small, it’s a power trip. Therefore violence is not physical is it? I have seen all too often bosses and managers using the threat of a job loss against employees to make them dance, and that is vile. I have seen governments forcing the lower ones to crawl in squalor via their so called policies. And then blame them for the failing economy, this when the dole bill is fuck all compared to the cost of the corruption of the rich. How is this not violence? I have heard accounts of men who were forced at gun point to leave the safety of trenches to then attack machine guns, get mowed down like blades of grass. This so that some power hungry moron can redraw a fictional line on a map. I have heard tails of the Catholic church slaughtering the Cathars due to their outspokenness as to the opulence of the said Catholic church. I have witnessed first hand as the nasty shits in the dole office sanction benefits at every opportunity and get a fucking hard on due to the feeling of power, they love to belittle others I HAVE WITNESSED THIS FIRST HAND! They hold all the keys on the money the poor NEED, money that is not even theirs, they don’t even pay taxes! Their wages, thirty pieces of silver a week, comes from tax money earned in the private sector, these government filth are nothing more than an overhead expense of the system. I know full well what violence is and is not. Violence is HATE. Two rugby players colliding on the field of play is just a rough and tumble game. A man bearing false witness that sees another man suffer is violence.

Will there be violence? NO…..there will be finally be a fucking end to this violence!!!!!

Take the example of Mohammad Ali, he refused to take up arms and kill, would you have called him a coward? And why should he fight, a black man, fighting America’s war, a land in which if it were not for his boxing skill, he would be called ‘boy’?

Violence is a disease, and it can spread. It has to be said that many of the so called terrorists are reactionary. Not that it makes it right, but when you have seen your loved ones tortured and killed, who are we in this physical world that we don’t feel pain and rage? It can be a vicious circle, this darkness born in the minds of the pawns as the manipulators look on and laugh, they ever play us.

Judgment day will end all of that, we have paid in full, we have reached God in our understanding and soon we will stand under God.

Bergy out……





Politics (poly-ticks, many parasites)


Man where to begin?

It’s a system of misdirection and control, like duh we all know that.

A system in place to let a minority of work shy bastards, empire builders, parasites… All sit in a metaphorical Sedan chair as we carry them (ironically as they point the finger at us). This from the power hungry inbreds at the top, to the ‘computer says no’ LAZY assholes scattered all throughout the so called public sector. It takes them forever to do anything, if they worked on price/piece work, they would starve to death, and if they ever had to do any ‘real work’, they would lay down and cry FACT!

I don’t know where to start when exposing the Massive smoke screen that is ‘politics’, so let me just stab at the big fat golden cow that it is, at random.

I once tried to explain to a Work Programme prat that he didn’t pay tax. Well, this one dimensional asshalf said that he did, why? Because it says that he does on his bullshit wage slip. I tried to explain that tax revenue was generated only by the private sector, those who make money via independent commerce and trade. His job was what we can see as an ‘overhead’ of the system, it’s neither independent nor commercially productive. His wages were paid from the tax revenue pot that is generated via the private sector. Just because the bullshitters pretend that he’s a contributing tax payer via showing a ‘hypothetical’ deduction on his wage slip doesn’t mean jack shit. ALL public sector workers and contracted overheads are paid from the tax revenue pot, they should be paid net! In fact the army of tax workers who sit and calculate the imaginary deductions add fucking insult to injury as they too have to be paid…from the tax pot???? And sure, they show tax deductions on their own wage slips as well.


One of my mates is a bit of a Kali/Baal head. He had a small construction firm one time and he told me how he gets his workers to work harder, to make him more money. This apart from turning up, working really hard, for about an hour and then fucking off, to the massage parlour or the pub. He would talk to a labourer, saying shit like, ‘Man you are really coming on, impressive’. So the guy puffs up with pride. Then he will say something like, ‘Keep that up and you may one day be as good as Simon’…. But then he says the exact same thing to ‘Simon’. So the two twats compete to see who is the best worker, with the only winner being my ‘mate’. Politics!



There were three guys who wanted to buy a lawn mower between them. So they each gave £10 (3 X £10 = £30) to a local guy called Fred, a guy who can source stuff. So…Fred finds a mower @ £25, which leaves £5 change. Well you can’t easily split £5 three ways, so Fred thinks, I’ll give them each a £1 back and pocket the £2 for my trouble.

So… he gave them all £1 back which means they each paid £9…. 3 x £9 is £27, and then Fred has the rest in his pocket, the £2?? But then £27 + £2 is only £29, so where did the other £1 from the original £30 go????? LOL LOL

Think on this on a large scale, they are fleecing you, you sheep! Do you know where your tax money is going? If they showed you a set of accounts for the Whole of the UK, how long would it take you to understand them? And then how long would it take you to Verify those accounts? There is no way you could physically check, it’s cart blanche for corruption AND THEY KNOW THAT!


What is the IMF? (International Monetary Fund) This confuses even me?

A Member country of the IMF can borrow money from the IMF, but they have to pay it back with interest? I have heard that member countries pay into the fund? So are they borrowing back their own money and then paying interest, and to who? Who get’s the interest? In all reality there are only lenders and borrowers. In this world as it is, I think the only country that has a balance in the black would be China via their Dick-ensian-esque exploited sweatshop slave army. So they are the lender, and the rest of the world are the borrowers, so…I ask again, what the fuck is the IMF, and who get’s the interest?


How does money work? A long time ago it was based on the original lie, the gold standard? The ‘I promise to pay’ on the bank notes. A £ was a note promising to pay a pound (Not the pound in weight we use, it’s slightly less), a pound of silver, this that, if the note was presented at the bank in order to be redeemed? Hypothetically there should have been the same amount of gold and or silver in the bank vault as there were notes in circulation? But then that has been bullshit for the longest time, a con-trolling monarchy will simply inflated their imagined wealth. And…!!!!!! If the gold standard was ever true, then how could the price of gold ever fluctuate, go up and down LOL.. Because, if the ‘value’ of gold ever went up LOL Then that would be reflected in the currency it’s tied to LOL LOL Let’s all go to the Bank of England and demand our silver and gold then shall we? LOL And when they tell you that currency is no longer tied to the gold standard, ask them what it is now tied to, then sit back and watch as they stutter and fart in an attempt to explain..LOL

And what the fuck is Quantative easing? How can a country ‘print money’ when they are tied to world trade? This is exactly the same as playing Monopoly with your friends, and yet taking some of the money with you from your own Monopoly set? How does ‘quantative easing’ not devalue your currency reflected in the currency exchange rate? Your country’s assets didn’t increase, so printing money should devalue your currency via inflation. You have more bank notes, to the same asset value, so the unit of currency is worth less?

True currency has always been, food, hard desirable goods, and saleable skills. I.E. if I fix your roof, you give me two bags of potatoes, or a nice gem stone, that has no intrinsic value, you can’t eat it but it looks nice, as jewellery or something.

What the fuck is the stock market? On any given day, nothing much happens in the world, and yet pork bellies go up and down all the fucking time? Was there an epidemic wiping out the pig population? NO! They are all still there in the house of commons, when they can be bothered to turn up to make stupid pig noises that is. So why is the price fluctuating? Is the stock market just a casino for the inbreds who have nothing better to do? And where does the money come from, who loses when they win, who is paying the price for money made on the stock market other than the consumer? It’s ‘skimming’.


Ca-moron, claims a success due to the fact that the UK now ‘supposedly’ has the lowest unemployment figures in like forever? Well the figures are a lie, they don’t include all the people on work placements, those who are sanctioned, and the corrupt Work Programme who fucked me over (tried, but then they forgot about the GOD equation!), I’ll speak about them in a moment. If there is indeed low unemployment Mr Ca-moron, then how is that a success in the face of not enough tax revenue to pay for essential services, hence your cut backs, and why are we still fucking poor? If low unemployment isn’t fixing it, then what the fuck will? How badly exactly have you inbreds mismanaged the system?

The Work Programme? The government pay a shit load of your tax money to companies. Companies who have been seen to make Large donations to the party in power to then ‘coincidentally’ win contracts to become Work Programme providers, Google it. And this so that they can pay yet more overheads to people who basically do what the Job Centre does anyway. But then if the Work Programme does find a candidate a job. Say working for Greggs the Baker (the true secret of their success). Who DO NOT employ directly from the Work Programme, that would seem somewhat suspicious if not inappropriate, they use intermediary employment agencies? Who also get commission via sourcing minimum wage unskilled labour, from the Work Programme who are supposed to be doing EXACTLY that job!!!! Like what the fuck, and who would pay commission on a non professional?????? Greggs could put a fucking card in their window and they would have a queue all down the street here in the valleys, and why don’t they advertise their jobs in the Job Centre? I’ll tell you why, they use the intermediate agency for one reason only, this so that when the shit hits, as it is hitting now, they can claim that they DO NOT employ from the Work Programme, they employ from agencies in all good faith. Paying commission for minimum wage labour? Fuck off, the CEO of Greggs is always boasting of his business acumen. NO! Placements from the Work Programme have diminished employment rights via the fact that they can’t leave employment or their benefits will be sanctioned. (And I have to say here, government dimwits, sanction means to give your blessing, not withdraw it! The word sanction comes from the root word to sanctify, you use that word in its complete opposite duhh. Yes, just like you turn everything in it’s head, do you think it’s funny? You have been exposed, God is real, you are fucked tick tock….Hook’s alligator is coming for you.)

Why should the average man be worried about the Work Programme and the such like? Well, Take Tesco for instance, they use ‘work placements’ in order to compete with Lidl. A fucking work placement (non paid) to stack fucking shelves? Fuck right off! I stacked shelves when I was at school, evenings and weekends. How long did it take me to learn, and yes there was no swipe at the check out in those days? It took me my first few days and that’s all! Tesco will take on unpaid work placements, train them to stack shelves over a six week period, and then give them a certificate at the end of it but not a job! How can they even afford to give them a job when they can get another fucking work placement to work for free? And this is wiping an entire layer of viable employment of the bottom of the pyramid!! Real jobs that used to carry at the very least an element of disposable income that would be spent in the market place, fuelling the economy! They are undermining the ‘so called’ economy from the root.

And then add to that the ‘name that tune’ effect! When one company uses work placements, then they all have to or they will have to fold. This like how when the first Baal worshipers first chose to manufacture in sweatshops in India and China, outcompeting their rivals (ironically the Work Programme’s offices in Treorchy, used to be the old Burberry factory, who sold out their work force and moved to China!) When one raised the game by outsourcing then everyone had to follow or fold, and now there is no discernable manufacturing in the UK! Loss of jobs!!!! So, if you allow the Work Programme, it’s totally feasible that you could be laid off, and then FORCED to do your old job on minimum wage, that’s if you are successful in completing your non paid ‘work placement’ doing your old job, like what the fuck! The inbreds want to enslave us call me fucking Kunta Kintey why don’t you!!!!



Duhhhh…. Duhhhh and duhhhhherrrrrrr You’ve all played Monopoly, you know how it works! Can you ‘sustain’ that game? NO! Of course you fucking can’t! You ‘compete’ to wipe the board clean of all your rivals, then you win, and what do you win in fact? You win nothing, everyone else is gone, you are ALONE!

Every company uses advertising and gimmicks, such as work placements, and nailing down suppliers via monopolisation, to then lower overheads. This to then put a product on the shelf at the lowest price possible, whilst still making a tidy profit for those at the top of the pyramid. Pyramiding? Yes. You make less profit on more turn over, which forces inflated expansion, which explains why a company as large as Tesco can Kiel over, because they are ‘sailing too close to the wind’. Sooner or later you end up with one company who via their monopolised buying power, corner the market, pay rock bottom for stock and wages, and that fucks the economy because there is no disposable income to then circulate, they are sucking all of the ‘air’ out of the system, metaphorically suffocating it. AS WE CAN SEE! Greed is cancer when it manifests, a cancer cell will dessert its function in the one body, taking way more than its allowance. It separates from the body, expanding and sending tentacles into the said body, feeding off of it, sucking it dry until it STUPIDLY kills the body that it is DEPENDANT on, like what the fuck!!!! And it spreads! If they have the new mobile phone with Cortana, who wipes your ass for you, little useless babies, then they all have to have one, cancer spreads!!!! Take your phones off you and you panic!!! WTF!!!

Capitalism, ‘greed is good’ is NOT an economy!!!! As is’t NOT sustainable! It’s a lie, it’s a cancer! And it cannot be sustained FACT, it is an end game scenario! If you outcompete your rival, they go bust, but then where do all their workers, tax payers, consumers go? Those workers who once earned a living wage, and spent in the market place, are now on the fucking Work Programme, undermining the so called economy from the bottom!!! Not to mention the dole bill that you have to pay from your tax contributions, so more taxes, or more cut backs to essential services. LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING!

A party won’t raise taxes, because they have a supermarket mentality, they are selling their party, and raised taxes won’t sell! So they cut back, so yeah, your Granny won’t get her operation and your kids won’t get a decent education etc etc etc. The Capital system does NOT work, no matter how you look at it! It’s an end game scenario. It works for a while, but then the spiral tightens as the competition hots up, yes like Monopoly, the board game and yes I am bored with this dumbass game, where everyone loses sooner or later, even the ones at the top will lose when the system crashes.

They are cancer cells, undermining themselves via stupidity and greed, killing the very body that sustains them.

They con you via the work ethic. In my job when I had it, Leadwork (roofing), we would get paid on price, and rightly so. The more lead you lay, the more money you get. This is great, if you have a new baby, you can work late and or harder, to then get a ‘little bit’ more. But then difference in how much harder you can work is negligible in the grand scheme. It doesn’t create the Bombay scenario where you have decadent wealth alongside abstract poverty, a scenario which is spreading now! Due to the tightening constricting snake that is capitalism. In the so called civilised UK we have people living in rubbish skips, eating from dumpsters and food banks?????? One such man was in the army, he was wiling to die for his country and now he lives in a dumpster, I am so sick of this shit, he deserves better!!!!!! It breaks my fucking heart. How are you not pulling out your hair, get him out of the fucking dumpster for fuck sake!!!! He would have given his very life for you, does that mean nothing???? Are you become so cold? Do you not feel?

Capitalism is not an economy, it’s a he-con-a-me.

I could go on and on and on, but I will leave that to all the self publicist band wagon jumpers out there who are articulate yes, but they have NEVER done a real day’s works, so they will never know our pain, never touch reality. They can talk and talk and they sure do, but they are exposing nothing other than themselves.

God is real, first shall be last….. The meek shall inherit FACT! Hindu cast system? It’s upside down, don’t look up Bombay rich, you won’t like what you find!


Politics…..I shat it…


The only way forwards in the linear reality which IS going bye bye, would be to create a World Kibbutz, that is easily sustainable and would drastically reduce the work load, strip it back to REAL jobs, so it would become a privilege to work. People would have to put their names on a list to get a job, and all would have all they need FACT! There would be no poverty and no war, there would be ONE WORLD, so who are you going to complete with. Squabble over money with?

By competing you all lose dumbass fucks, is a BMW really worth losing everything over, as you crash the system that sustains you….cancer souls.


Politics is finished, God is on the move, it is TIME!



How the Change Will Come?


The reason I wrote the title above, in the way I have, is due only to the fact that when things start to shift. When the ‘strange’ that I have already witnessed, begins to seep into the world in general. The paranoid sleepers will scour this doc looking for a ‘tactical’ advantage.

So, follow me dudes on this message to the frozen sleepers, and in that understand the new ethos.

Holster those six guns money worshipers, everything you believe in is wrong, bear with me as I reach out to you with an olive branch of peace, as I explain what you NEED to hear.


In the pursuit of security, betterment, (read money). You have been feverishly constructing your very own end, and yet there is NO reason why you can’t join us in the oncoming ‘ascension’ NO REASON, other than your ‘choice’. And NEVER misunderstand; this is a PEACE movement for ALL who wish to join it. NO ONE is excluded even the worst offenders, ask for forgiveness from God with an honest open heart and it will be given. No strings attached other than that you must treat others as you wish to be treated (excluding masochists then of course….LOL)


Let me explain in a few ways, from a few perspectives.


You love money and power, you want to be in control right, and you like big shiny things. Yeah you can have those trinkets past this realm, if needs must, and you can all take turns in kissing each other’s assess, tell each other how wonderful you all are if you Need to. What ever gets you through, who can judge? One man’s stamp collecting is another man’s bid to have his ass kissed by the entire world (not that that will ever happen, as we all know, ass kissing is a very exclusive club of VIP’s LOL). But then as eco/political ‘Farmers’ on this planet you are shit, fucking useless, the worst! You don’t know how to invest in order to reap maximum yield???? Despite all your lofty rhetoric! You are planting the worse seed year by year and your crop is dwindling, metaphorically speaking of course. In other docs I have outlined how your short sighted tactics are undermining an impossible, unworkable economic model from the root upwards. As is Apparent!


You will NOT get what you want/need via this root! It’s not a ‘judgement’ it’s simple physics!


However, we have run out of time, take a look at the channelled movie, ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ and see a good analogy. (Not the new one with Keanu, the older better version.)


Your economics have prioritised money over the eco system????? I understand, but yes, you are wasting your time because your economic model is an end game scenario, so NO of course it can’t be sustained, and YES it has already crashed and getting further away from you every day. You have lost control, not that you ever really had control in the first place, you just stabbed at it didn’t you, it just fell into your laps.

I understand the genuine need for financial security but then, what’s the point of money, when the planet is dead? You are lopsided, not seeing the big picture!


And understand here, YES read all of those reports you shelved, from the scientists you sacked because they didn’t say what you wanted them to say, what you wanted to hear. The ecological balance of the planet is a lot more fragile than you think, not that you even think about it in any depth.

It’s more like how in another finely balanced bio system ‘The human body’, one tiny cluster of cancer, can bring the whole thing down. Fuck me, one teeny drop of nerve gas and it’s dead and in minutes. The planet is ALSO a bio system, no not one animal as such but it TOO works in the exact same way!!!!!!!! ‘The balance of nature’!


UNDERSTAND that you are shitting in your own living room. You are killing us! Well okay you don’t care, we are expendable, acceptable collateral loss, but you are also killing your own family and selves! If you were the metaphoric farmers I mentioned, your cattle are all but dead, the fields are baron supported by damaging chemicals, the soil is overworked. You will be found in years to come, a bunch of tomb stones amidst a few skeletal remains.


What will it take for you to WAKE THE FUCK UP! (Yes that question was rhetorical, it will take a fucking miracle so….ergo……LOL)


If you read some of the specific other text’s I posted on this site, you will see that we need a place to ‘live’, a stage to strut and fret upon. And yes we were enjoying a nice dream that suggested that we were ‘real’ here on Planet fuck up. We were, resting, sleeping, vacationing from the responsibility of facing the relentless infinite! And you have indeed shit the bed! You are destroying our safe haven, so God has now been forced to step in and reveal ‘Her’ self. Yes! If you had been better farmers, then you could have gone on for years, let the baby have its dummy. Most of us don’t need the amount of toys you do. We are happy with just enough to pay the bills, and then a little bit extra to splash out now and then, celebrate, but not so much that it gets boring and in that we need, more, more, bigger, better, chasing the proverbial dragon.


Own it, you fucked up! Look around you, you don’t even have the money to fix it do you? You make and break environmental policies as often as women buy shoes…


Who cares about blame?


Do you really think it matters whose fault it was as and when we all stand in silent disbelief as we watch the planet die, we are all in the exact same boat!


So you made some mistakes, so what? Who never made a fucking mistake? Okay yours were pretty big, like Phewee LOL, you fucked it big time, but then someone had to, so we could learn, so we could see first hand the ramifications of such choices….! God used you as tools, don’t fret it….someone had to play that part!


Take asbestos for example! Who could have known that it was a killer, you can eat it and it won’t harm you. It seemed to be the wonder material that all the old news reel footage claimed it t be, light, strong, fire resistant! Stronger than steel pound for pound. But then it came in left field and we learnt! NO ONE could be blamed, hind sight is a wonderful thing.


And this brings up a spiritual point concerning Jesus, whether you believe or not, I will explain.


When Jesus was born, he was always going to see through the illusion via who he was. They said he spoke in ways that had never been heard before, but then those words most definitely did not appear in Small Paul’s vetoed version of Rome’s spiritual revolution killing bible. I understand why Jesus gave his life, the hate and stupidity in the world must have been killing him. Yes even the disciples didn’t ‘get it’, how could they, the complexity of it all.


Now…when I woke I have already seen visions of the future, small snippets, what does it look like? Well not much different to this place in fact, the technology is different but still monkey buttons hiding the fact that we are God, we are magical at base. But yeah, we do the same shit, the arts are WAY more important simply because beyond the time consuming distraction of survival, reboot mode, work, work, work. We really need more to do, more to occupy our time. You know this well! Most of you get bored in the second week of your annual holidays to Malaga, you can only sit on a beach for so long can’t you. We NEED meaty projects to get into, to savour, not just the fast and sweet. We need things to build, we need this shit, it’s good for our souls.


So….Jesus would have remembered some of the future, just as John did in Revelations. And in that Jesus knew that he had come WAY too soon. Why? Well mankind needed to ‘experience’ life in all of its complexities. See first hand via experience what works and what doesn’t. A good analogy here is how when the Kibbutz movement began in Israel, the new Kibbutznicks were so, so, up for that way of life due to what they had just lived through. They knew well the pit falls of a secular life focusing on the needs of the self over the many. So the Kibbutz movement was born. However, the subsequent kids who are brought up on the Kibbutzim don’t feel the same way, how can they? And so they do have a wonder lust for the capital world. It’s only right then, that they should be able to leave, try to ‘make it’ on their own, and then choose, and yes many do come back, ‘Leave them alone, and they’ll come home, carrying their tales/tails, behind them’.

So Jesus knew that he was likened really to the warning before the essential lesson that HAD to be taken. We had to fuck it up for ourselves IT’S HOW WE LEARN, how we ‘become’ via personal experience, to then later get it right and that’s now, in this time!


This souless time of pollution, greed, hate, war, and a down right trudge of a pointless existence. NOW, and ONLY NOW are we ready to hear the words of God. Only now are we ready to go home…..


The capital is not going to work, it takes many to support the lucky few, those who don’t even see the problem, ‘Let them eat cake, stick them in a programme’. Insulated as they are via money. And this is causing a deepening decent/descent. All that will come from the material view is another bloody revolution with the accompanying starvation and atrocities via hate, rape, torture etc. And then after the bloody crusade, the same old faces will appear in a new suit and it all carries on as before. Look at the Arab spring! No wonder I.S. has appeared!


BUT! We have as I have said, run out of time. The ecology and Global economies are on the brink of collapse, we have no where left to go!!!!!!


So, God will have no choice but to reveal Her good self and YES we are ready, trust me, I woke in the worse way possible, I touched the infinite and I’m still standing!!!!!


Shaken but not stirred! ………Okay shaken And stirred, but still standing!!!


So you too Can live under God, you too can face the magic, yes magic! In religion they try to sanitise it, they call the rootless ‘miracles’, but then what’s the fucking difference?


In science the infinite has no possible root, so yes, it’s magic! No ex-plan-at-I-on!! It does not deal in linear time, it just-is (justice) Just ice, that melts…..and it is time to melt, all the frozen souls who are immersed in fear.

FEAR! Yes!


All the money heads are shitting themselves spiritually speaking. And no of course they don’t see it, they see themselves as brave because they fight, they confront.


Don’t you see, why would you fight unless you were scared?


Why do animals attack?


Okay there is another perspective of defence. But the whole concept of conflict is simply due to fear, how hard is that to understand? Does death scare you? Well it doesn’t scare me, in fact it’s a welcome friend when I have been around for way too long, a temporary escape, a respite from the fucking relentlessly demented infinite that won’t let up EVER! A chance to sleep, a rest…


Man how they defend the temporary flesh, even the religious ones who preach that death is not real? Yes they ever give themselves away!


And look at how they cling to money (M one Y)! So many insurance policies and yet they still die, and they still get sick, and they still suffer. Okay in a five star care centre, not stuck out in a NHS corridor waiting for hours to be seen like the rest of us. But then all of their money, all of their plastic surgery, is only a vein attempt to delay the inevitable and then it’s them ALONE ready to see the TRUTH! Well, maybe not ready, but they will meet their makers, money or not. FEAR FEAR FEAR!!!!!


So yeah, Jesus knew that it wasn’t time in his day. I guess he was hoping for a miracle on the cross, but that would have been a revelation too far, he was only given limited magic, it was NOT time.


But now it is!


Look around you and think on Jesus’ words. ‘When will it be time oh Lord?’ ‘You will see the signs’. Yes very Zen, but the signs are seen only via the discerning ‘scientific’ mind of reason.


It is a fact that we have no future on this planet.


The capital system is NOT allowing us to save our ecological system FACT!

We many or may not want to save the Planet, but we simply cannot afford it FACT!


But then by imagined future time in which we can, which will be never, the planet will be past saving so….


Not that we would even get that far….When economies crash, that will spark war and some power hungry twat will attempt a ‘limited surgical nuclear strike’ LOL LOL LOL LOL, release the Kraken!!!


The revelation is being forced, we are about to lose our innocence big time!


‘It can’t happen?’


Well it fucking happened to me!!!!!


Who the fuck are you that it can’t happen to you????? Why are you so special????


If it can happen to one man with a few witnesses then it can happen to everyone as we all stand and watch! FACT!


My false sense of security, my safe insulating little ignorance was torn away from me in the most brutal fashion!


Wake up…. I understand your scepticism, this via so many bullshit religions. Read what I wrote and see why God had not choice but to leave us alone, understand and save yourselves! Because yes this is a peace movement. Fuck me there is a positive Nirvana for ALL ahead of us, the spring to this winter of the soul. Everyone is invited, forget your Bentleys and big empty houses filled with robot slaves who don’t talk to you human to human, you never connect, man you must be feel so cold. Do you cry inside and how often? Have you turned to stone, are you frozen….YES! Don’t you want to be loved, don’t you want to live in love???? (Never let pain become a reliable trusted friend NEVER! Yes pain won’t let you down, reassuring in that, but it’s PAIN for fuck sake! Don’t get stuck, yes Love comes and goes, but it is indeed better to have loved and lost, yes we will fall again and again, ever falling in love, but pain? Come on, come home….give it up…take my hand…it’s time to end this….)

But then to quote from a movie, I will speak with words of courage and war, this so that you know that my words of peace are also from a place of courage and truth.


Stand in the way of God and you will be fucked in no uncertain terms.


You may in your mind, your denial, invent an alternative god who favours the rich and powerful in the physical realm. And you may claim that god to be the God of Abraham but then it’s nothing other than Baal worship, any idiot can see that. And the plain fact is that Baal is just a symbol, it is not a god and it doesn’t even exist.


God is real, get in the way and you will end…


It’s not a threat, it’s purely physics. We need a place to exist upon and you are destroying this one, this possible paradise. So yes again, money people… Watch the movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ (The old version). Understand that as in all movies, they begin as ideas in the minds of men. And NO ONE knows where a mind comes from, let alone the ideas that appear with in them…..they are channelled by God! Learning tools!


Listen as Mr Carpenter……Carpenter…..hint hint…. Listen as he speaks as to how they created a race of robots, called GOrDt. To stop violence and destruction. Listen as he tells of how they have no interest as to how a people run their Planet’s (which isn’t ‘quite’ true of this situation). Try to see with your mind and not your fear filled greedy eyes, save yourselves.


Yes you will be forgiven, if you are truly sorry… so you made a brain fart, so what, we all make them. No one will blame you, everyone will understand, we are one family, we need to end the cycle of hate and more than that, create a better reality, this one stinks. Only the rich have freedom and they are all so screwed up and unhappy, so WHAT’S THE POINT?


All trying to strut in front of the poor audience in order to feel valid, so screwed up, so dam insecure, do you really need a Ferrari?

Let me tell you what we should do with Ferraris! Race duh.. Race them and don’t be scared to scratch them, fucking total them, enjoy them….!!!!!!!


Don’t drive them to overpriced restaurants where the menu should be called, the ‘Emperors new menu’, I’ve had better food than that in a roadside bus layover in India. Don’t pay some poor bastard a pittance to clean and wax the Ferraris, and freak out every time there’s a teeny little stone chip. You are too precious to live!


£30,000 fitted kitchen, keep it for a year and then when the surface is scratched, you get a new one? What the fuck are you?


Let go, climb down, come and have fun with us, be loved, feel love, we are ONE!


There is a BIG peace God steam roller coming, get in the way and you are somebody’s flat mate…..and in the worse possible way.


This is NOT a conspiracy you paranoid fucks, there is no trick and no mind wash, it’s just God. The God of LOVE we have all been talking about like FOREVER!


There will be conflict to those who won’t allow LOVE, it’s not nice, but it’s understandable.


Save yourselves…


In the physical, if you ‘win’ then you win, we lose. If we win, then EVERYBODY wins, but that window of opportunity has gone. Now it’s God’s way, or the low way, and yes hell is real, trust me, I’ve been. God will simply SLOWLY reabsorb you into the one mind and you will feel the hell of infinity pressing on your linear mind.


This can be seen in the how when the one mind fell, the essential ignorance, the unknown, created fear, and so the ‘monsters’ became manifest due to that abstract fear. But now the fear is being alleviated via knowledge, so there is no more room for monsters, cancer souls, so, revert or be ended.


After 20 years of trying to tell people, help people, I now say. Do what ever you like, resist and burn or join us. I really, really, really don’t give a fuck. You are like dogs stuck in ditches, reach out to get you out and you fucking attack? I am fed up trying to help, stay in the fucking ditch, and NO God won’t rescue you at the last minute, like how your Mommies spoilt you. You have been given every chance in life, this Armageddon is that LAST chance.




How will the change come? Fuck knows LOL LOL Don’t ask me, I’m stuck here with you, I know as much as you do on that matter…LOL


At some point I reckon you will launch nukes, and hit nothing but air. You will commit suicide via finishing off your habitat in the so called defence of it. We will be ascended by then.


We will see…..



One more time, this is NOT a challenge and no one wants to screw you, don’t be paranoid. Step up, use your intellect for something other than making money or making your own life better. Because yes, it’s NEVER a clear cut case of Rich V. Poor. It’s Greed V. Love. Some poor people are selfish, some rich are ‘would be altruists’, who are just as fucked by the system as the rest of us. Them giving their money away wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference.


And let me stress one last point. This world has taught people to think that there are no consequences to their actions. The greedy can get fat, be paid as they can’t work, even in the UK get a free fat person electric scooter, with fat person smock and hat LOL… And then they can even get a free gastric band operation? Which they have, they get slim-sish and then get fat all over again?? They can fuck up in every conceivable way and there is always a schizophrenic nanny state to wipe their fat asses. THIS IS NOT REALITY! And no you don’t have a fucking gland problem. You can’t bend the laws of physics, if you don’t eat you fade and die. If it does take you less food to get fat, then great!!!!! You have halved your food bill, happy days!


(I do understand that it’s not a problem of what you are eating….it’s actually a problem of what’s eating you. I DO understand, but the facts still remain, and yes this world is shit and food is comfort, it will be better when we shift but then wherever you go, there YOU are… complex issue….)


In this world they have invented a God who is waiting in heaven to wipe your ass for you, that is a bare faced lie!!!!!! If that were true God wouldn’t even send you here in the first place! Here to learn such harsh lessons????


So take it from me, there WILL NOT be an eleventh hour reprieve FACT! Not like how your Mommy told you, you weren’t getting supper because of what you broke, and you even pouted and shouted in disrespect when you were WRONG, you were guilty as charged. And yet Mommy caved in and brought you dinner in bed with extra icecream, rewarded you for being bad? Because she was too weak to stand in truth? You pouting made her feel bad, what a mind fuck turn around, you played her well and you knew exactly what you were doing.

God is NOT weak, don’t expect last minute icecream, you will be in hell faster than you can argue, with NO CHANCE to change your bet! Once through the gates of hell, you are dammed! There’s only one person who can stand for a time in hell….and it’s not you….



One final perspective:


Slugs…… All gardeners will know instantly what I’m talking about!


Gardeners by nature don’t want to kill anything. But then slugs are indeed like the cancer cells of the garden, sent to test and try our patience. They don’t even give a plant a chance! They could, if they had intelligence or were in natural atonement with nature. They could ‘farm’ the leaves they devour, other insects do it! But no, rather than let a seedling have a chance, grow into a sustainable food source, they eat the fucking lot….cunts…fucking cunts…LOL


The problem has arisen via our plastic lifestyle, everyone wants to ‘own’ a cat, cats kill slow worms for fun, and slow worms eat slugs… In the natural world, there would never be as many cats in one place as via the mindless pet/ownership mentality. They don’t even train these ‘pets’. Rather than give them a litter tray, they let them shit in other people’s gardens. Dig up freshly planted seedlings and leave a nasty smelling turd in it’s place (‘I don’t remember planting that?’ lol). The smell!!!!? What the fuck are they feeding them on? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE cats, I am a cat person, but the key word here is ‘Responsibility’.


There’s hardly any Hedgehogs…. You don’t even see the flat ones on the roads like you used to, why? I don’t know, ask Alan Titch…


Hedgehogs eat slugs…..


I think there are other contributing factors, all due to money worship, global warming etc. resulting in odd weather patterns, an expert could tell you..


So now I DO kill slugs, I am Shiva alive, and my dark side has been forced to show. I am the killer of slugs, they tremble when they see me coming, beer can in hand…LOL


Beer can? Yeah, I don’t drink, I have written that, I hate booze, not a judgement, but not for me, no drugs or booze. I get high on freely spinning chakras.


So… I fill the slug traps with beer and they slide on in, get wasted. Have a dance, a fight, a shag and a pizza, and then slide down and drown. Kick the bucket, well they would do if they had the feet to kick it with. Fuck the pellets, pets may well eat them and I’m sure they affect the water table. Not to mention the MESS when they die, that looks painful, I used them a few times and then….no…can’t do that…… So yes a boozy end is the kindest cut in my mind. That stuff you put down that lacerates them, well that’s nasty, yeah beer is my weapon of choice. And kind of poetic really, the correlation between the uncaring slugs in nature and the uncaring fat beer slugs who prop up bar stools LOL. (Again not knocking pub life, some pubs do have soul depending on who frequents them… more like a family… our local pub was indeed like that, we were indeed like an extended family, but things changed…for the worse…always for the worse…slippery slope.)


Mind you, up here in the Valleys of South Wales you have to check the slug traps often. There are so many fucking alkies up here and no money, so I wouldn’t put it past them to suck the beer out of slug traps when their dole checks are spent LOL LOL. (But then the dole actually gives the alcoholic unemployed a booze allowance, like what the FUCK????? Why would they do that? The question was rhetorical, it’s simple divide and rule, misdirection.)


Slugs…….I am simply redressing the balance of nature via ‘culling’ slugs.


So… from a valid perspective: Anyone who rapes this planet will be seen by the Great Gardener in the sky…….. as a slug….and they will be culled. ‘C’ as opposed to the nasty kicking Kali K. (Culled as opposed to killed…magik with a K or magic with a C…a mason thing…)


So, it’s a peace movement, NOT a bloody revolution, the Age of Aquarius!


This could all pass easily in theory……….in theory…..LOL yeah right LOL


Some will dig in their heels, I don’t know that for a fact, but come on….


But then again, in God anything is possible, we can but hope.




You know it makes sense, don’t do drugs and stay in school lol lol





The God Path


(The most poignant part of this text comes at the end, concerning cosmic fluid balance, so all the lazy a-holes will miss it. All as is should be, no quick fix.)


Man…….I don’t really know what to say here without upsetting, well just about everyone…

And that speaks volumes because to be able to walk the ‘real’ God path, the MOST important thing is to be able to look at YOURSELF! And in the metaphoric mirror that is the WHOLE world, ‘the entire relative’, ‘the balanced view’, an outer balance that is not seen in many, but then yes, seen in part in everyone!

(From the pseudo scientific view, cosmic insanity comes when you lose all the other relative reference points, when you become one. And this is because you are then nothing more than a figment of your own imagination. So everything becomes subjective, there is no objectivity because you have become the entire object, so object is subject. The ONE stabilises via splitting itself out into many relative view points, and sure they mostly concur as we are in truth one mind. But then not always, because the One is paradoxical, so it contradicts on issues, and there is always ‘preference’ but then there is a general main stream theme. The One is actually witnessing itself, it’s a bit of a trick really, but this seemed external witnessing does create a sense of stability. Like that you think you know something, but then when others agree, you feel a whole lot more certain, even if they are all you…LOL. Bottom line, it works! This is another reason why the One cycles, it orbits via poles to then create a sense of centring within the self. I call this concept, ‘Gyroscopic Relativity’, the only way a singular entity can in fact stabilise! Yes much like the gyroscope itself, it’s only stable when spinning.

So, in order to achieve the balanced view, in terms of the One (God), we need to create a main stream of consensus, with the problem being these days, in this ignorance that is the fall, the problem being that no one listens to each other! We are mostly lopsided! Hence conflict within the One. No one seems to take on board another perspective, and so they can’t see the whole, and in that are not balanced. Simple example: My Sister was driving up here there other day, and some guy was parked in the middle of the road talking to his mate. So she hooted her horn. So… he comes out of his mate’s house and gives her a dirty look, as if to say…well….what…you tell me? How was he in the right? If it was a copper waiting he could have got a ticket? Somehow in his mind he created a scenario where she was an impatient asshole and he owned the whole fucking road?

Due to the fall, our sleepy ‘ignorant’ minds have lost objectivity, we have become likened to small spoilt children and that view is killing the planet, creating conflict. Basically, people will tell themselves lies in order to be selfish. So…the God path, where you have to look at yourself, is a tough one and that is a major understatement, are you ready to see what’s in the mirror? Or will you run and hide in some made up scenario within your own mind?)


Are you ready to take that test, see yourself as others see you, your failings? Will you be hurt by the results, will your illusions be shattered? Can you take the pain, will you open your heart and let the probing dagger of reflected clarity enter and twist, are you brave enough??????? Can you take fucking criticism basically?! Are you, unbeknown to you, a fucking monster, a bully?

Most can’t take the test! Rather than see the truth they make up a whole web of lies in order to save from what can be seen as the cruellest cut.

But then if you never see the problem, how can you ever fix it?

This is much like someone finding a lump and not going to the doctor, why, because they are scared that it may be cancer, which would upset their entire ‘nice’ life. They don’t want the lump to be real, so they ignore it, well..try? They don’t want to accept that something may well be wrong. It’s understandable, but then in delaying it could make things worse…

This is why they call the ‘real’ God path ‘The path less travelled’. But then you see…via us not travelling this path, this is indeed the ‘Growing’ unchecked cancer that is killing us. We need in these times to fess up and get real. Take responsibility for who we are under God. The Global community is a sum of the parts! Everyone is to blame to at least some extent.

The best current example I can see in the UK comes Via George Osbourne, (Chancellor or something? Some bullshit gravy train UK government job.) He’s telling us we should all go back to Victorian values. Fine Georgey boy, get on your flat cap and get on your bike, cycle ten miles t’ mill why don’t you, again metaphorically speaking. What? Oh I see, no, you want to live ‘Upstairs’ not ‘Downstairs’ and right there we see a very selective mirror. He actually gave this speech whilst sporting a bow tie, talking at some fancy decadent banquet, ironic isn’t it?

Osbourne…What is it about you exactly that makes you an upstairs dweller? Fit and qualified to guide the poor working class Earth salts? What is your achievement other than an accident of your birth silver spoon boy? And don’t real off your bullshit qualifications, we all know they mean nothing. Read a book, parrot it back, pass the exam, and then forget it all a few months later…

And no don’t laugh at him the rest of you, because he has both eyes and mind, he has a valid point, he sees the mindless hoards who expect something for nothing in this demented nanny state! You sit and wait to receive; you think that everything is your right. You own cats and don’t give them a tray, so they shit in everyone else’s gardens. You own dogs, leave them in the garden all day barking endlessly, and then when you do walk them, you let them shit on the pavement. You OWN your children like fucking accessories, mini-mes you don’t see them as people, souls who you are RESPONSIBLE for, guiding them into the world where they become your equal. Why the fuck do you even have them? Is it just the thing to do? Everyone else has them so you don’t want to appear abnormal, is that it? Like that you have to support a football team whether you like football or not… Are you a sheep?

You don’t pay any interest in the kids as people, you don’t find out who they are what they feel, you try to tell them who they are supposed to be and you don’t even know yourself for sure, which is why you follow the herd.

You don’t even feed them good healthy food, everything you give them comes out of a fucking packet. It speaks volumes as to how much you don’t give a crap. Sandwiches? The bread you buy in the supermarket is pure fucking poison, it takes two fucking weeks for it to go off! Did you ever wonder why and how? Bread used to go off in days and now it doesn’t, didn’t you ever wonder what they are putting in there to stop the natural mould growing? Think on it this way, if you have a swimming pool and you don’t put chlorine in it, what happens? LIFE begins to grow in it! LIFE! The ‘life’ you call slime and algae, and this is the Exact same principle explaining why nothing seems to go bad these days. The only life they are worried about is ‘shelf life’, fucking profit rather than prophet! They are adding ‘life retardants’ poisons! Why don’t you bake your own bread? ‘I don’t have time!’ Really! Really!?

You can go the gym and run on a hamster wheel in order to make yourself look attractive, vanity. You can watch the fucking TV all night, do you know how long it takes to bake bread? And you don’t have to do it all at once, mix/need the dough and let it rise, plan around it. Do your shit and go back to it, or get a fucking bread maker from Tesco!!!! And yeah, turn that fucking TV off, don’t sit there with the fucking remote, flipping and flipping complaining that’s there’s nothing on. Do something creative, making bread is fun, and it tastes DAM good. Learn to play an instrument, don’t be one of the drones who say endlessly, ‘I always wanted to learn to play the piano…shoulda, coulda, didn’t so…..there goes you….

In fact, where have all the bakers gone, real bakers not like Greggs the Wankers, who ship in pre-made dough with all the nasties in it. Yes bread does not taste like it used to, WHY? Because it’s the not the same thing! Fuck me go to France and taste their bread!!! That’s real bread, but then you don’t even give a fuck do you? Drive through MacDonald’s, stick a ready meal in plastic container into the microwave. How can the plastic not be harmful to our systems? How can it not!?

You show your kids love via buying them what ever they demand? Are you ‘buying them’ because deep down you are feeling guilty for not spending quality time with them?

And when I point this finger you get angry don’t you, you get defensive, what are you hiding? One lady told me one time that she stood in the rain watching her son play rugby. ONE fucking example, like a fucking catholic penance! You can say what you like but I fucking tell you, people DO NOT connect FACT! People do not listen and they do not understand. You will do anything to NOT address the real issues, work incredibly harder, to not do what needs to be done, what the fuck is up with you?

There is NO quick fix in life. Will GM crops create a problem? YES! How do I know? Because I know what life is!!!!! How it works, I know who and what is in charge and the simple fact is that GM is a quick fix cheat, allowing us to continue on the heartless path, and so it’s a trap! God will fuck you up if you go that route, mark my words! Don’t you get it yet? Everything is a symbol, nothing is real! There is no reason why mass processing should be harmful, other than the ethos behind it. WE ARE GOD! And God does NOT work that way, God is organic in every sense, in every way. Any process that is in place to make a few people money and shits on the rest of the people will have an adverse effect FACT! You are looking at the world as a physical place, that’s why you can’t see, that’s why you fuck up all the time. Fuck me there’s a species of monkeys in a part of the world who live on tree sap. They bite many holes in the tree and drink the sap but then ‘somehow’ they know when to close the well. They NEVER kill a tree, Never!! Fuck me even monkeys are smarter than you dead heads!

Why do people on the dole have so many kids? ‘It’s my right!’

Well okay have one, two, but no, you want four or five and I know you ‘love’ them, but fucking think for fuck sake.

Ask these drones why they have so many kids, ‘Did you plan for them’? ‘No, I was on the pill and I got pregnant and I can’t kill a child, so.’ But no matter, the state will pay…

You can’t terminate a dumbass pregnancy but you can dam a person to a shit life…THINK! Take responsibility for yourselves!

What kind of start is that to give a child? You may as well shackle them on sports day, chain a ball around their ankles and tell them to run with the other kids, and then chew them out for losing??????

Having children is NOT a right! It’s a fucking gift, and it comes from God, the same place your mind comes from so fucking use it! THINK, PLAN, AND ACCEPT what you are given or not! We just breed like rabbits on this planet, are we fucking animals or do we have a choice?

Yes Osbourne thinks that the working class are mindless breeders who get drunk, fight and screw… Well some of us are that, go to Spain, who are they all, someone fucking else?

Twice now, I have witnessed my Dad and my Sister brake too late in the car and tap another vehicle in the rear. NOT even make a mark, not a scratch in the dirt on the bumper, and yet both people had massive claims for untold damage, and fucking whiplash????? Fucking liars!

I have heard many people tell of how they flooded their bathrooms to claim on the house insurance, this to get new carpets and shit downstairs, this has become ‘normal’. And don’t sit there all smug you Osbourne types, you created the fucking ghettos. You built the slums! The concept of rich created the concept of poor, it’s DEPENDANT on it! There is no upstairs if there is no downstairs. If you want to be rich then in that moment of greedy aspiration you are condemning some to a life of poverty you selfish cunts. We should all be equal under God!

And then the trendy new agers sit and tut, they will sit in the lotus position and chant Aummmmm. Do you want to know what the Aum is? It’s demented short circuiting sound you hear when you reach the core paradox Hell scenario. Hissing and fizzing like a demented electric snake as you are being crucified in the core. Who the fuck would want to chant that shit let alone be reminded of it? This is like when Jesus comes back, and he sees all of his bullshit followers who have NO idea who he is and what he is about, and all he sees is them wearing fucking crosses around their necks. The torture he endured?? If they hung him would you all be wearing miniature nooses? Lucky they never castrated him then isn’t it!

The cross was a symbol of terror to anyone who ever stood against Rome. A symbol of death not life! So many dying slowly in abstract pain alongside rotting carcasses hanging out in the open, a stark warning! Control via fear!

The new agers, who are just another bullshit religion, with even less responsibly, even less dharma, better suited for a quick fix age. They are going to save us all via sitting in the lotus position and chanting Aum. In fact when they run out of petrol, they sit by the side of the road and chant 4 star unleaded, 4 star unleaded…. Get the gas can out of the boot and start fucking walking you work shy pricks..

We are going to lift the vibration? Don’t you get it? Don’t you know what Dharma is? And no She is not Greg’s ditzy wife…

The way we lift the vibration in the physical, is via physically rolling up our sleeves and doing what needs to be done. Half of you don’t even work, and no tapping away at a PC is NOT working, am I working now? NO! I’m fucking sitting in front of the TV doing this, instead of going to the pub. Wasting one hour is all. This is not work, and some complain that there is too much text on my site? Lazy fucking bastards! If there is a qualification to be had, that will give you MONEY via a job, you will read endless boring texts….

Endless boring irrelevant shit that you retain for a few months and then parrot back. Yeah a few months down the line and you will have forgotten it all, Phd my fucking ass! You are nothing other than parrots. Hardly any of you can extrapolate and invent!

What’s the breaking distance for a car travelling at 40mph? Anyone who took their driving test must have known that at one time, but now?????

Who can add up without a calculator? Only the ones who need to in their everyday jobs, and darts players…..

The new ager’s dream is to own a whole food shop, fair trade products? Fair trade, what, goods sold by a kibbutz where the profits are shared equally? NO!!!!! Some bullshit company who get a tax break via building the odd school. Some even build housing but then lose the job and lose the house. Captive wage slaves, they can’t ‘elevate’ them, or who is going to pick the crop. BULLSHIT! Fair trade, we treat our pets well…..

Or hold workshops ‘Self help’, how to manifest wealth into your life, just buy my DVD for £15.99. The net is full of these bullshit pretenders. Hard to see the real ones within so many fakes! And then we all get tarred with the same brush…when I woke people were telling me what I now believed???? What they expected me to say, but I am NOT a walking cliché and I do not sell out. What I experienced was real, it came from a real place, I didn’t fart in the bath and swear that Mother Mary had spoken to me. Stevel woobly, spreadeled the wordabobble….

So many ways to get it wrong, it reminds me of when my estranged son was young. I told him to brush his teeth. So he came out of the bathroom too quick. Okay….. I marched him back in there and asked him why his toothbrush was dry? Back in… So he came out again and yes the brush was wet, but his breath didn’t smell of toothpaste. So third try and yes he stood and smeared toothpaste in his mouth, spat it out and waited. When I told him what he’d done, how did I know? Because I did the Exact same thing when I was his age. I wrote the book had the T-shirt. I had travelled that path ahead of him.

The fucking work he put in to avoiding brushing was way more than the brushing!!!!???? Why do we do that? But we do and it’s a mind set we need to be rid of. He didn’t want to miss his TV prog and he missed the fucking lot by fucking around, trying to win, trying to quick fix. THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!


Supermarkets seemed like a good idea don’t they? But then only in the context of a fast paced world racing to the grave!

Our ancestors had to hunt and gather, they had no time to themselves. They had to follow the food. So they used their brains and brought the food to themselves, they farmed. And then to make that easier to then have more time to themselves, time to be creative. They invented many, many labour saving devices. But then somewhere along the way, we all got caught up in the mechanism. If you can invent a labour saving tool then you can sell it and be rich. The mechanism became God, we forgot the initial problem and so we now have NO FUCKING TIME TO OURSELVES….. Duhhhhh my brain hurts.

This is not life, this is a game of survival with illusive cotton candy carrots and disgusting twisted sticks that see many turn to drink and drugs, WE HAVE LOST OUR WAY, we have lost sight of God!

What is the hurry in life? It’s due to one thing, commercial viability! MONEY! We are racing to the grave!!!!!!!!!!!! For fuck sake!!!! There is always another day, why rush? Why work so hard, and yes, the ones who actually have to work don’t even get the reward, all the real jobs are the lowest paid. All the money goes to those who crack the whip? Every Builder I know has had back problems, Roofers knees are shot by the time they are forty. They ‘assumed’ that the work was harder in the olden times, but NO, men knew well what would happen in they fucked their backs, so they all helped when things needed to be lifted. There was no sickness benefit, they would starve if they got ill. People used to carry shit on their heads! Keep the spine straight, not carry on your shoulder, one sided, that will blow a disc. If you put a bucket on your head and climbed a ladder these days, you would spend the next week in a classroom with some workshy H&S officer, as he forced you to watch a shit load of ambiguous videos that are only in place to stop you from suing the company! We have lost our way!

And the only reason there is hard work these days when there are so many hands, is that most hands are bone idle! Talk, talk, talk, tap, tap, tap on a key board all you like but that won’t create anything tangible, anything real.

Work is here to test us. To see how we react to that, do we muck in and share the load or do we bullshit our way out of it? Challenge the workshy and they go ape, they rant. Challenge a real worker and he will say, sure, okay, come and work with me for one day…LOL

In fact all too often, the lazy gits on site would call us Leadworkers part timers when we leave at four o’clock to miss the traffic. Because missing the traffic is only one part of that tale. We work fucking hard all morning, swinging in tonnage, by mid afternoon you are fucked! We work harder all day that the hour office folk spend at the gym! We do the easy stuff in the afternoon, lead welding and shit and then by four, you have had it… But then site management don’t understand, because they are full of shit, talk, talk, talk, so many meetings??? And yet they still manage to build everything a half a foot past where it should be???

(What a fucking laugh in refurbs down in Chelsea. The clients are dumbass private school house dogs, more money than sense, but then that would be true if they had a fiver….. They DO NOT listen to the contractors they employ, why, because they see them as uneducated menial workers???? So sure when all the plastering is done, they all of a sudden realise they need an electric socket over a remote work surface in the kitchen. This because they have no vision via no experience, and they don’t ask bum crack builders for advice??? The world is upside down, and it wasn’t always this way. The great architects of the past had hands on experience, they wouldn’t have built a bridge over the Thames that swung like a hammock, because it was designed by a fucking computer. You know what they say with computers don’t you….Shit in shit out! And, the biggest insult is when Tarquin and Marianne have their friends over after the refurb is complete, and yeah how they love to tell them how they did it all themselves. They mean they walked around, got in the way and pointed a lot, they even cost themselves more money via lack of vision. The world is upside-down, it happened when we fell. First will indeed be last!)

On a kibbutz in Israel even the Secretary who runs the show will be seen with his hands down the communal toilet. He or she too will take their turn running the dish washing machine, it’s not beneath them!!!!!!! There is nothing wrong with manual labour! It can build character in fact, ground you, rid you of any would be pretentions. And I say that all managers should have walked the walk before they talk.

In Leadwork I saw the prices drop due to such a lack of understanding. The company would give a fair price and then some of us would work all day harder than the aforementioned hour you office poofs work when you go to the gym. Try to try and get rid of your ass flab. We would push ourselves like they do in the Parachute Regiment. In terms of real physical work, we were up there with the elite. And so the company said that we were earning too much money??? And so they dropped the rates. We then all spoke amongst ourselves, we said that we should not work so hard or they would only cut the rates again, BUT! The more we earned the more the company earned! When they priced the job, they worked out the rate and were going to make a good percentage on that rate. By getting jealous and then greedy about what we could earn, they shot themselves in the foot. We slowed down, the jobs took longer, overdrafts were extended, and all because they got greedy.

And we could never have kept up that work rate anyhow. Only the younger price work guys could do it, guys who had new families, big mortgages, the older guys were fucked when the rates dropped…it’s not so clear cut is it?


So………. The God path is not found in a dusty old church, and it’s most definitely not found in a yoga class. It’s found in life, every single facet, that’s why we live you dunbass fucks!

Life is the lesson plan, we navigate and learn via our choices. I have seen more spirituality in a local Union man, donating a percentage of the piece work tote and asking the company to match that in order to give a young family man a living wage, than I ever saw in a bullshit so-called religion.

We lost our way, we all got lazy and spoilt, so fucking demanding, everyone has a RIGHT to everything? NO YOU DON’T! You have to earn that right, in fact not everyone has a soul….

Well you have a life, under God whether you believe or not. The soul is what you would call the eternal part of yourself, and I tell you for a FACT. If you do not prove yourself in this place, then this is as far as you will ever go! Each and every time you will live only here, you will never see the Kingdom, the less limited levels. You will NEVER see magic happen, you will never see the glory of God and so NO, you DO NOT have a right to a soul. You have to earn it, pay for it! This via the choices you make here as the wheel spins in the darkness. When the wheel stops spinning then all bets are off, you will have won or lost.

Now run, go on run… run back to the bullshit church and the like. All they need from you is a contribution in the begging bowl, (all religions come with a begging bowl), you have to turn up and be bored once a week. And you may be asked to wear strange clothes and eat or not eat some food stuffs. Do that and they promise you eternal joy, fuck me I would take that deal in an instant! That’s if it wasn’t a complete load of bollocks!

Or you can take a good long hard look in the mirror of life.

As you ‘make ends meet’, some won’t… Some will starve to death today, how does that sit with you and NO don’t give to charities, don’t pay for another wanker’s company car. Demand a better world, show unity.

Some work long hours in sweatshops, not you, but they do, they live in a hell on earth and with no hope they are trapped, suffocating under the pressure. How does that sit with you? You get cheap goods, TV’s etc, is it really worth losing your soul over?

And I know that you can’t do anything on your own but you can band together and show unity. Tell the 10% with all the money what YOU want and what you DON’T want.

Tell them to end war and poverty, it CAN be done! Demand a better way for all! Tell them to slow down the pace, stop polluting, no not just talk about it. Reduce emissions by 2020, what will be so magical about 2020? The situation will be even worse by then. Green policies will be even less affordable, they running you into a dead end. Don’t you even care about your children, the legacy you are leaving them?

No you DO NOT care, and I’ll tell you why. If you need a new car then you do something about it don’t you. So you don’t have to be seen in an old model. You take care of everything that affects you just fine don’t you? But the future that you won’t be here to see? It’s not important to you is it you two faced fucks!

Your talk is cheap, so shut the fuck up, ‘I love my kids’ really……SHOW ME!


Save the planet, save your selves, buy yourself a soul…


No too hard for you isn’t it……call me crazy then it’s easeir…. But you know don’t you, deep down you know I am telling the truth, and you hate me for reminding you don’t you. You were enjoying your sleep weren’t you? You can’t bullshit me, I have the all the fucking T-shirts, these blue eyes see EVERTHING! I touched God, do you even realise what that means? Do you? You can’t hide from me…. and I will say this again. God is not a weak parent who gives in to emotional blackmail, if that were so you wouldn’t even be here would you!!!!??????

Dig deep, wake up, take responsibly and do the right thing. You do not automatically have a soul, you will have to prove yourselves, the religions have lied to you. God may be love, but love is gold, you have to work to get it, love is not easy, not found on any street corner, not found laying on the ground like common stones….


You choose…..



Now…having chewed you all out, let me rub some balm on the wound. It’s a major feat to see through the illusion, and especially if you have money. Which is what made Buddha such a King amongst men.

No one knew, not really, even the concept of God seemed somewhat unfeasible due to lack of understanding and dumbass assumptions. It was not time to wake it was not time to see, so you aren’t such monsters after all. BUT! Things are different now, the information is here, finally God and the science that disproved it are seen to the exact same thing! You just have to know how to look.

So it’s a new beginning, a new mindset… a clean page…

The problem will come now to anyone who denies the OBVIOUS! The only reason you can deny God now is due to money, and yet, it’s stupid, why? Because under God, Everyone will be better off, the whole world will be a better place no need to look your doors. No more war, who are you gonna kill, part of yourself? Like Duhhhhhhhhh

Some will cling in fear, insecurity and greed. Their fear and need is too strong, they are the lost souls, they became manifest as a reflection of the mind when it completely lost its connection, so they have no conscience. No small voice in their minds telling them the truth.

The mind had to forget, in order to alleviate the paradox, all knowledge had to be ditched, and so they are a reflection of when the lights went completely out. They are spiritual ignorance manifest, they DO NOT believe that God is real. They pay lip service, but no, in all reality they don’t believe, why, because they never see. They recycle only here in the dense physical, they are like the monsters you manifest when you have a nightmare. A face on the fear, and when the mind wakes back a level, they will not be coming with us.

Who are they?

We will see who is left standing when the lights come back on…



When we return to the Kingdom, you will all have less power, and yet in accordance with how everything is back to front. You will have more freedom, why, because the power will be God’s law, which will Not be broken. Souls can do whatever they like, as long as it’s in accordance with God’s law, and stupidly, some in ego will HATE that. Likened to petulant kinds they are, they won’t rise that far up the exploded pyramid. Take my word for it, some will quickly revert, get spoilt yet again and in that they won’t survive subsequent shifts. I say that freedom is true power, what’s the point of having power if you don’t have the freedom to wield it, if there are others with similar power who will head you off? Under God, we will all have freedom, do what you like as long as you don’t step on anyone’s toes, and you can get freaky with each other as long as you are equals and have CONSENT. And I also tell you now, that that freaky shit will leave you hollow, I warn you now. You will think you are demi-gods, and I suppose you will be. But orgies? The sight of your wife being dibbled by your so called best mate Will destroy you, a thorn your mind that you won’t be able to pull out. Some will read this in disbelief, that some will become decadent under God. Nope, it always ends that way, when all the altruistic stuff has been consumed, most start on the drugs and the booze and the sex, I mean, what is left at that point? That’s always how ‘Atlantis’ falls….decadence.

I’m not even judging, it is what it is, but I do warn you, when you start to get freaky, that is the beginning of the end for you. And this is why they turn on Osiris, he’s the walking talking moral conscience, spoiling their fun with a knowing look. 72 of them to take him down, when they see him as stoic. And it goes that he let them, because he could see the end coming, the need for a reboot, he sees all with his blue eyes, he plays them like a second hand fiddle. The cycle turns, seasons change, it is what it is. See then come with steady resolve, see them fall one by one in the face of the eternal, all except for Osiris who touches God, and so is cornered by the stark truth of oneness, the chill of solitary.

And yes, many try to touch God, they don’t believe that Osiris (Adam) is ‘The One’, they think he is tricking them. They enter the gates and are confronted with a cosmic mirror….Most run screaming, they are not the person they thought they were, when they see the truth it unravels them. You see, to want to see God is the first un-qualification. Osiris has no need or want to see God, why, because he does! He knows what that means, he knows of HELL. All the others are fascinated, competitive, they want the power of Osiris but they have no idea what that means. Yeah, everyone wants to be Jesus, but no one wants to hang on the cross. Osiris has no power, he’s just a character in a cosmic movie, a cog in the machine. Seemingly a major cog, but then size is always an illusion. Everyone wants what they don’t have, everyone wants to be what they are not. Crazy…. If a man spends his time showing how tough he is, you know that deep down he is a coward. Yes he can beat up others in the physical realm, but can he look into the cosmic mirror? Does he have courage when it counts, outside of this bullshit play pen? No, he cries like a baby, runs and hides in shame. Can Osiris stand with pride in the face of the truth? NO of course not, but he does last long enough to complete the cycle. There is NO defence in the face of God, as I have explained, and yet some think I’m lying????

Man how they try to cheat God. They scour sacred texts to try to find sacred magic words (Monkey buttons), to gain power. They are given rope and eventually they hang, there is no power other than the story line of the movie we are ever in.

God is way more complex than you think, all that smiling buddy Jesus wouldn’t hurt a fly shit is just that, Bullshit. Jesus was really not the man they portray him as, his eyes were open. Religion is nothing more than an impossible cliché, no one is Ned Flanders, they are all hiding something, some unfulfilled desire. Look how they push and shove in mind, try to dominate the mind set. Jehovah’s witnesses smugly telling you that you will burn on your very own door step, sure they have to come to you, because you are not going to go to them ae you….LOL Why is it so important for them to tell you, save you? Do they care, of course not, feel that frozen vibe. They just need to feel superior. I say choose and I don’t give a fuck who chooses what. Why? Do I not care? NO, I DO care, but I also Accept! Everyone will do what they always do, on every loop. Nothing can change that! It’s a God Dam shame that some never see the kingdom, it really is. But then we are all God, so no part of this mind loses out in oneness. God experiences everything from every perspective, both good and bad! It is what it is, and don’t feel sorry for them. I see some lives as wretched, especially the wannabees, they spend so much time trying to attain what they never can. So much energy wasted as they miss the potential beauty of what God made them to be? It’s the part they play! But no, they have a need, and they fulfil that need via acting how they act, it is what it is… I personally would never want to be anything other than the person I am despite the fact that I get shat upon generally…. I experience many versions of Hell. And yet I can look in the mirror and say, I love you, I am my best friend. I believe in ‘God’, the ethos is dear to me, it’s my everything.

So yeah, God is not what you think, well… could it be anything like the impossible model you have been spoon fed? That makes no sense, which is why no one believes, they all know deep down that it’s bullshit, it’s pretty obvious. Everyone allows the God bullshit because it’s a kind of agreement, an Emperor’s new clothes thing that no one has the balls to pull down in any ‘real’ way. And of course in this context I am talking about God as the cycle, not the female avatar who guides us.


New Perspective

Now… I already know that many will get all competitive via an ego that doesn’t go full circle, an ego that should in truth be thankful that it’s spared such a HELL. An ego that will NEVER ‘understand’ as it never touches the infinite, and so always wonders, and always glamorises the experience ‘What part of Hell don’t you understand?’.

But this that I write above is FACT! Look at the human reproduction system, a fractal copy of the cosmic reproduction system. A male sperm reaches the egg, one male sperm only. The sperm seen as a line ‘1’, representing the linear in this case, although sperm are unending when there are only a finite amount of eggs. Showing that the egg, ‘O’ is a finite equation, what the egg will become is always a finite entity. So the linear reaches the pseudo infinite and this starts a chain reaction. The single egg divides into two, which from the cosmic perspective represents the finite attempting to join with the infinite and in that become infinite, this seen in reverse? Adam is passed the apple of which the snake (small Paul) said that the biting of would see the consumer become as God, totally immortal and infinite. Which was indeed true! But then as I have explained, due to the linear nature of the one who consumes, that simply evokes the core paradox, where a linear being becomes timeless and All, the Hell scenario. The linear mind can’t close the logic circuit and so it spins endlessly. Eventually explode/imploding to then become a true infinite, it Falls, asleep. All connections/memories, logic circuits are blown, to then alleviate the paradox, the cycle crashes and reboots due to the ‘fatal conflict’ to put it in computer speak. The linear ends/ begins as One entity, it touches oneness, it is condensed to a linear oneness to be able to attempt the joining, it is the sum of the linear (from one perspective). On joining, in order to alleviate the paradox, the One explodes, becoming the Mayan First Father, seeding the universe. In human reproduction, pro-creation, the one egg divides and divides until a whole body is formed. When Adam seeds the universe, the mind is broken down into elemental form. The universe is born, a massive explosion that cools to form elements, which then join to form matter, planets, solar systems, which then can support life as we know it, but the universe itself is actually life, it’s conscious energy in truth. This life is re-membering all the time, which sees what we have called evolution, the slow climb or ascension back to impossible Oneness. Which means that the more we re-member, the less of us there will be, ‘The higher the fewer’. This until we re-member oneness and the whole thing starts over.

Yes the human reproduction system is not the same, how can it be? The finite realm CANNOT build a model of the infinite, you can’t define the infinite, you can’t represent it in a linear way. So the Egg exists as a finite entity, when in truth, what Adam touches, when he reaches the end ‘God’, is NEVER seen, never tangible. Indeed when Adam becomes a true infinite, he is asleep, un-re-cognised to himself, and he is the only one who exists at that point, this is the reboot. The moment Adam does exist, he exists along side his ‘physical’ opposite, Lilith, not Eve she comes later. Lilith is NOT like Adam and she is not the infinite, she is manifest, she is a pseudo infinite entity. You will have to take my word for it here, but there is an unending conflict between Adam and Lilith, this represents the paradox that perpetuates, it can’t be resolved, ever. Lilith is NOT Adam’s equal in terms of proximity to God. She never touches the infinite, she is the emotional side of the one mind that CANT realise the paradox. Which is why she never falls completely. It is Logic that is destroyed, emotion can’t understand anything without its logical twin. When Adam sees through Lilith, realises oneness, this evokes the paradox. Adam, ever adding them, ever reassembling the linear equation, this is the apple scenario, that evokes oneness. He realises that she is not other than him, she is simply the other voice in his very own mind, this is oneness. Lilith is consumed and so Adam is all one, alone, which is the oneness scenario that sees his ever moving mind try to touch God. Lilith loses her logic as Adam super-seeds her. She is blasted to shit, she loses a part of her memory, and that allows her to remain and not be ‘loopy’, She forgets much of the movie so she can relive it, but she does not fall. She did not bite the apple, well, she did, but it’s not poison to her! She is immune as she is the emotional avatar. This leaves her in the ‘sky’ as Adam falls to earth and is reborn as a human child, he forgets EVERYTHING, he has to!!!!

This is the symbolic story of Isis and Osiris as I have explained in other texts, Adam and Eve, Shiva and Shakti, Osiris and Isis it’s the same symbolic tale.

Isis remains in order to guide Osiris back to life but she is NOT his consort, she is his opposite, and yes his rival of sorts. Seen as Lilith she has been blamed for many evils, but that is also not true. She does have the job of resisting, testing Osiris, she is the guard dog, trying to hold him back from the core, she is the resistance complete with fishnet stockings, raincoat and French berry. She is the muse, she is the distraction and in that the beautiful liar, which is why they are not consorts to each other, she resists him no matter how high or low they go. She is the red shift, light moving away, as he is the blue shift, light moving towards, which is why purple is the colour of magic, because all life comes between them.

Adam is truth, but yes, the truth is WAY overrated, our truth is oneness, a stark Hell. Lilith con-seals that truth, you see She is darkness, revealing the light, light in light is never seen. Ultimately darkness cannot resist the light, she can only ever hold Adam up, which is the resistance that creates time (tie-me). Lies cannot stand in the face of the truth, so yes She lies. She is devious, she Has to be, she CANT go head to head with Adam, she will fall, it has to be this way or we cannot reboot, we would get stuck.

So yes, Lilith is the ultimate wo-man. She a-muses, she distracts, she seduces, and yes when not balanced out by Adam she is a fucking menace. All we see in the world now is lies, Lilith is out of control, her lies, her con-seal-ment is tearing the world to pieces. As Adam rises we will enter the golden age, this where Adam and Lilith are seen as equals. He allows her lies via his understanding, she allows his truth via the state of the world due to her lies. They are in perfect balance, the colour is purple and in that magic happens between them. I mean in the world, not between them, they are not a couple, they argue constantly, she’s the bleeding first wife, the old battle axe lol. Eve is Adam’s second wife, his love, his companion. She’s the Good Wife, the moral woman who believes in God in the same way that Adam does. Obviously they aren’t the original TWO, or they would simply expose the lies too quickly, there would be no resistance and the movie would be over even before it began. Lilith has to oppose Adam or ‘time’ does not exist.

You can think of Lilith as when a jigsaw puzzle is smashed, she is the unknown the miss-story created by the smashing or con-seal-ment of the puzzle, the resistance to seeing the picture of God. Adam is the one reassembling the puzzle, which is folly, why, because when it’s complete we have nothing left to do, and Adam knows that, understands that, which is why he allows Lilith, why he Loves who she is. Respects who she is, even if she pisses him off eternally.

Understand here that we are not talking about finite human souls, we are talking about avatars of the mechanism of what we are!

When the mind of Adam was exploded on order to recreate the universe (recreation, something to do). It divided geometrically creating levels of dissection that then creates levels of beings. Animals are basic instinct and nature manifest. There are also levels of humans, whose understanding varies, this creates the diverse vibrant world we live in as these human beings can be cosmically dumbass and yet incredibly talented never the less! Each individual is unique, a jewel! A concoction of the many traits of the One impossible soul who is never seen, and NO Adam is NOT the One in that sense. Adam is only the One purely in the spiritual sense. Many souls are far more adept at many things than he will ever be, Adam is still only a perspective, he is male for one thing! He lacks the female perspective, which is half of the equation. As I have said, he is the avatar of logic, but then in a spiritual way, what he doesn’t know about spirituality is not worth knowing. Again I explain that Adam is merely another cog in the machine, his part means NOTHING without all the other parts.

Do you understand?

Do you now realise the gem you are? How unique and valuable you are, there is not another one like you?

Size is an illusion, the conductor of any orchestra is nothing without even the one who plays the triangle, the one who has only one ding in the whole piece, and he sometimes falls asleep and misses it…lol..

If that one ding was not needed it wouldn’t be written into the score! Of course I am speaking metaphorically. No one has just one ding…

Eve is not your spiritual Queen, she was Adam’s fantasy girl, a sympathetic character, too like him to be able to oppose him, which makes for a great marriage, but it won’t work in the cosmic sense. This is why it was said that she came from his body, his rib.

Are you now beginning to understand the symbolism? How what we are can be viewed in many ways, science, symbolism and in life in general.

We are both complex and simple at the same time.

Personally I love the simple, a simple day in the garden, and then an evening with my significant other, nice food, good music, candles and luurve… That’s what it’s ALL ABOUT!


And yet it takes a whole universe of details to allow for such a simple day!

LOVE……The need for which that was born in the core truth were there can be no love, in oneness all that exists is an unanswered question, an eternal lonely heart. The core is where Love was born!!!!!!

See how Adam and Lilith are the perfect team, He is the law, She is the entertainment committee. He is Jerusalem, She is Hollywood. He builds the house, She decorates and beautifies the house.

Better understand here the relationship between men and women, understand why Arab men should NOT cover their women, mutilate their clitoris’s. Men should celebrate their women, it’s like ballroom dancing. The man dressed in formal black will hold the line, as She twirls and spins. And no Adam is not a hypocrite for choosing Eve over Lilith, Eve is ALL woman, a gentle soul the personification of gentle femininity without the head to head element that sees Adam and Lilith go at it like Cat and Dog. But then Eve is NOT a pushover, she has her ways….lol…. (Lilith, The old black Dog who stays as opposed to the Cool Cat who comes and goes.)

Adam does respect Lilith as he understands her essential role, but then he also knows that unchecked she will destroy this world, all Hollywood and no Jerusalem. This story is as old as old is!

So, as we head into the golden age, can we finally accept each other, the stoic and the flamboyant?

Can we finally see the need for each other even if we piss each other off?

The key word is balance, which is fluid so it comes and goes. Yes as we climb, the balance will be lost at the top of the cycle as it was lost at the bottom. This will create descent, and see the 72 bring down Osiris, and so the world turns.

We may look on as gardeners, as we tidy and prune in the winter months, readying for the vibrant burst that is spring, that gives way to the sum-ers celebration of colour, fruit and glory, that too fades, burns auburn to ashen in the fall, and so the wheel turns…. Endlessly.

Stop blaming, stop pointing the finger, stop fighting…

IT IS TIME! The golden age is upon us, cut off the extreme, holster those six guns.

Balance will be achieved Adam and Lilith are making a Pow Wow as we speak.

This seen in micro as too may women have taken control of the household, spoiling the kids, not allowing the husband to put his foot down. These women see love as giving, it’s way to emotionally simplistic, so they give and give and give…. And then these spoilt children are now ruining everything, they are pushy and they now run the world. We have been living in a one parent family, and yes too many women patted themselves on the back saying that the kids didn’t need a father, they were both mother and father. Lilith out of control, the scale was tipped. But now Adam will rise and the balance will be addressed, it takes BOTH views to balance the scale like Duhhhhh and EErrrrrrrr.

NO ONE IS TO BLAME so don’t get defensive all of you who ripped the shit out of it, and yes, the trait of Lilith is not confined to women, some men in the physical are of her mind set, this as some women are of Adam’s mind set, it’s never so simple!

The mind falls, we lose balance, it is what it is. If we keep on blaming then we will lose out on the joy of summer, via harping on about the pain of the winter. This is our time, don’t fuck it up, this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the age of Aquarius…..Aaaquaaariussss…..LOL LOL

On the flip side of balance, all unbalanced. unchecked haters WILL burn…




Don’t go looking for linear absolutes in life!

When I woke I was shown an image of two Judo fighters, constantly battling and this battle never ends? Who is stronger? Why Adam of course, he has to be, why? It’s simple, if he can’t get past Lilith, then he can’t touch God and we can’t reboot, we get stuck, we go stale, we go insane in the face of the relentless eternal. We NEED to be able to renew. Lilith can only ever hold Adam up, but truth cannot beat lies. And so when Adam falls, Lilith comes running to kick the crap out of him while he is down, like those a-holes we all know all too well. She never stops trying to win and she has no sense of fair play, she takes her advantage as and when she can, as it should be, her role.

If Adam and Lilith were evenly matched, then there would be a stalemate, we would get stuck. The void resistance of future will always yield to present and past, we are defaulted that way.

Some seem to think that this shift we are heading for is a destruction of evil, and yes, it will be felt as that, but no. Yes the extremes will be cut away, and I have to say on both sides, the ones who call for God in the stoic sense have NO future. We are not all about to become Ned Flanders, what would be the point in that? Yes as we win we lose, I for one know that all too well, I know acutely what happened when you get past the Old Black Guard Dog, you pass through the gates of hell. So no, the idea s not to win, there is no winning. Think of it like surfing, the board tips right so you lean left, but then keep leaning left and down you go… Balance is ever fluid, there will always be resistance.

Lilith is WELL aware that the world is shit due to her stance, will she let up and allow Adam? NO! She can’t afford to, he’s too strong, she can never let her guard down. Adam on the other hand backs off when he reaches the golden age, because he is well away of the prize he is fighting for….LOL. Yeah, no so eager now….LOL

So it’s a constant Judo match, the users will ALWAYS try to take the piss, and the Adamites will tolerate and then when the users cross the line they will react, like Shiva. Black or white as logic ever is. The Lilithites are ever a zillion shades of grey, they want to fight but then ‘Hold me back’ they don’t like to see the psycho face of Shiva’s dark side. ‘Why so extreme?’ they say, well, they should know by now. Adamites are not like Lilithites, they allow and then they snap, your very best friend they can’t do enough for you, or your very worst enemy, nothing in between.

The golden age will see Adamites and Lylithites all living as one, a truce, that will not hold, but there will be a cosmic summer. The layer of would be souls who will be lost are all of those who won’t accept the truce. The ones who won’t allow balance, the haters on each side. The greedy and the zealous!


Do you see?


The Adamites are not as flamboyant as the Lilithites, for deep complex reasons, but we do need flamboyance, as all natural born entertainers are. Yes due to incomplete ego, but it’s not a failing it’s a gift.

Does this above finally make sense of how we are as humans?

Does this finally explain how all view points are correct even if they contradict?


So yeah it’s all cats and dogs. The King of the cats who comes and goes, the cool cats, laid back and accepting due to inner subconscious knowing, the Lion of Zion. And then the Queen bitch, the Old Black Dog who stays and guards. Now explaining why a famous Kaballist was attacked by a pack of black dogs and then died in insanity. Her minions were trying to conceal the truth he ‘received’.

This is why cats are more or less either big or small, whereas dogs come in all sizes.

It explains why doG is God backwards, she is the resistance to truth, so yes man’s best friend, as the truth kills the physical where man lives.

It also explains why ‘generally’ men leave the toilet seat up and women leave it down. The sight of a toilet seat down freaks me out, what the fuck is hiding in there? I like the seat up, all clean ready for inspection. Women conceal.

The classic game of chess played in black and white, and why the Police as neutral upholders of the law (supposedly) use black and white check, it’s EVERYWHERE when you know how to look. The writing really has been on the wall all of the time, the stuff we take for granted is all copying a theme. Why do we do the things we do, did you never wonder?

This is why women’s sex organs are hidden on the inside, whereas men’s are apparent.

And NO this is not a defined battle of the sexes. Some woman are Adamites, and some men are Lilithites, some are a mix of the two, and to varying degrees, it’s never clear cut.

God? God is the cycle, and the cycle turns at a set pace. Neither Adam nor Lilith can ever win outright. No matter how hard they try, neither can deal a death blow, and so the story goes on, eternally. You see in theory, Lilith could have finished Adam off when he bumped his Godhead and fell, so why didn’t she? Because God won’t allow, and God is GOD! No one can argue with God.

Do they have compassion, dare I say love for each other, Adam and Lilith? Yes of course they do, but then they can’t stand each others company for long, she is so fucking needy, and as ditzy as fuck, read dumbass. She wants to be what Adam ism, whereas Adam has no need to be what she is, this because they are opposites. She is what he is not and vice versa.



So where does that leave you all, right back in the middle as ever, no real conclusions…onward and upward we go and yet nothing fundamentally changes.

But we Will have our summer of love, on this the cool cats and dirty dogs can agree…




Pseudo Science

Although avatars may be seen in the manifest, they too are not the whole story, as the story is not yet complete. They have a higher self who they can communicate with, an inner voice guiding them. I have a connection with the Highest female who is also trying to get to the golden age, again it’s really not clear cut. The lower Adam mind set is intent on pushing back Lilith as soon as possible, this due to the urgency of the situation, the imbalance creating suffering. And yet the fully realised Adam is not so intent, he wishes to dwell… And remember, ULTIMATELY this is ONE MIND communicating with itself remotely in order to avoid the paradox of self creation.

I’m not sure on the details of the journey, but I have heard it said that Eve actually becomes Lilith, she grows into her. This concept is a bit like the Beatles movie (channelled), Yellow Submarine, where the Beatles become Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, who they obviously were, but then they had to grow into the role. So it WAS Eve who took Adam down, and yet at that time, when appreciation had been lost, when the zing had gone from the relationship, she passed him the apple in order to recapture their love, at that time she could be considered to be Eve. By that time there was only one male and only one female left, essentially…

And yes, in Yellow Submarine everyone had turned to stone as they had been bonked with the ‘apple’, and so it was the music of a love ethos that woke them from there stone faced sleep, again it’s the same theme. This is why the Beatles were so important to us, we instinctively knew that their music was healing…

I know this is complicated but then imagine you could time travel, well, I for one wouldn’t speak to my younger self as that dude would probably get aggressive towards me if I tried to speak ‘spirituality’ to him. Even our own younger selves can be unrecognisable to our present selves. When I was into fitness and martial arts, I was down right rude/aggressive towards hippies/new age folk, and yet I did spend a few years smoking weed. It was escapism and yet yeah, man, I was a bit of a hippy, I still am I suppose, I share some of the mind set, and I LOVE the music! But no, sitting around doing nothing is not for me… Even worse, I at one timed loved the smell of weed, but now it makes me want to vomit? How we change huh, never say never…

I feel that I am approaching my centre now, I don’t need weed or booze. I am really enjoying my mind, my clarity. And yet I am not closing the door, maybe in the future things will change… What ever get’s you through…

Yeah, the golden age will be a blast, no need to escape via substance abuse, but then when the party is over, as we approach the fall. I can see that to sit and drink and reminisce may well be the pill. I also say that I believe it to be an exercise in balance to smoke weed, take a trip, get drunk, turn your mind around and view it from each and every perspective. This including essential HARD WORK and personal achievement, you really need that, YES it builds character, stops you from talking shit (Politicians!!!). We need to be well rounded, see all sides. Yes it can be ugly, getting wasted all the time, but then sometimes it’s what we need. So don’t be so quick to judge, and try not to get stuck in one mode… Don’t be a sports fan, don’t be a hippy, don’t be an adrenaline junkie, don’t be an anorak, try to embrace all aspects of your being. Don’t try to define the indefinable!

This seen in Eastern philosophies. A man may be a warrior, poet, artist, philosopher gardener, and a family man.

Yeah religion? It’s too rigid… An impossible model to live up to. But yes it has it’s place, I still remember a picture I took of my common law wife and son lighting candles at the supposed birth place of Jesus in Bethlehem. We had it blown up and printed in black and white, it’s such a powerful image. The light was just right, the best picture I ever took, by accident of course LOL Yes I do love the part of the Jewish religion where prayers are said, a time to reflect and remember all who have been, all that lead to this day where we have enough to eat, and family are all together. Yes it’s a vibe…. And then you get to eat the special food… yes… it’s part of who we are, there is place for everything…

We really need to be more rounded, all this money chasing is making us one dimensional, it’s killing our souls, dragging us down.

And humour! Don’t we all love to laugh, don’t we….!!!! Laughter is good medicine.

Often overlooked how wonderful we can be with each other, it cost nothing, just interaction.

Yeah money chasing has made fools of all of us….we are better than this…it’s time to reclaim our diverse divinity.


And don’t forget soul

Old British motorcycles, they leak oil, you push them further than you ride them, but they have soul. Hard to explain… Harleys too… Okay some Jap bikes have now become classics but they don’t sound, smell or feel like the old Brit machines. I actually like the new retro Triumphs but Triumph? Really, why couldn’t you replicate the engine cases etc. more authentically? Too expensive I suppose….Dam capital system!

Corvettes, AC Cobras, D and E type Jaguars, pictures of James Dean and Marylyn Munroe. So many things have soul, old style fridges and cookers, it really does mean a lot to us, these items define who we are, who we have been.

Bob Marley, I don’t even own a Bob Marley LP but I do have a picture of him in my studio, and I do have a Bob Marley T-shirt. He is an icon, due to what he stood for, and yes I do like some of his tracks when they come on the radio. But he was bigger than his music, he is part of us.

Remember those balls on string, kids toy, ka-nockers? Smash your fucking wrists in LOL.

Remember all the old sweets? Chocolate limes, flying saucers, Pontefract cakes, barley twists etc. Remember the soul we have lost?

This modern age, it’s too clean, to sterile….

So many heroes that defined us, Elvis, John Lee Hooker, Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass, Jimmi Hendrix, The Monkeys ( I love the Monkeys…even more than the Beatles!!! LOL). I could go on and on. Raleigh Choppers, flares, platform souls…

We were better people when we were less advanced.

So many people and things had soul, not just the Motown dudes, the Funk Brothers and all the front men. Comics, no shops open on a Sunday, milk in glass bottles delivered to your door.

Look at what we have become…..

We lost our souls….

Bergy out…..







A Quick Word on Race.


Get over it, there is ONE race many flavours. The ONE reason we have race is the exact same reason that music has many modes.

This is the shortest blog ever. People have abused our superficial differences for centuries but why? WHY? To make more fucking money!!!!

End of…. We are ONE people, many flavours.




The Austerity Con (Plus)


If you’ve read my piece on politics this doc may well be superfluous. The con is that they are making you pay for their mistakes, basically! They are forcing into place a failing unworkable economic model for one reason only, with that reason being that ‘they benefit from it’. And, as they see it, in order for the capital model to work it simply requires a two tier system, the upper and lower classes. One to do all the work for peanuts and the other ride and rule..? And yet, as I have pointed out, they are in no way fit to rule, why, because they don’t understand the fundamental principles of essential social interaction from the ‘economic’ perspective. This seen in how they allow the bottom tier of the pyramid to be eroded, via devaluing it, replacing bottom level jobs with unpaid ‘work placements and the like’. Which is basically sucking all of the air out of the system at the base level, metaphorically speaking. If there are no base gateway jobs, then there is a massive blockage of monetary flow at the low end, an entire section of society will be rendered as unviable economically, as they don’t earn a wage, indeed they are supported via benefits, which costs the tax payer and also doesn’t allow them to spend in the market place. Which of course has a knock on effect all the way up the pyramid. And this is really is a case of a rising tide, that is experienced by fools, yes fools as they don’t cry out until their feet get wet, ignoring the cries of those drowning below them. The government have taken a very simplistic, blood from a stone mentality, and yes they are cancerous, this because they are attacking the foundation layer of the pyramid that is supporting them???? This like cancer as it takes from and kills the body that sustains it, cancer can’t exists without the body?????

The government and private sector exploiters can be seen as farmers who refuse to re-sow the best seed, they keep that fat crop for themselves, despite the fact that they can’t even eat it all? They have more money than they can ever spend? And so the crop dwindles yearly. Talk about dumbass, they sit with all their wealth as the market place they spend in fails? More money then sense (yes that would be true is they had a fiver). Which is why they have ‘invented’ their plastic Hollywood fantasy reality, wines that cost £5,000 a bottle, NO WINE is worth that much, you don’t ejaculate when you drink it for fuck sake, how good can it be? I for one never ever liked Champagne, why, because I have a sweet tooth, so yeah, when I did drink, sparkling Mosel was more to my taste, which was great because it was cheaper. I always preferred the German wines…it is what it is, there is no best wine, only personal preference. They simple try to talk bullshit into place, they demand that their lives are real, that they are not plastic freaks, and simply because they can buy and sell everyone around them? And this is infectious. I saw some daft twat on TV the other day talking about the rejuvenation of Margate. Well sure, Margate may well be a great place to visit now, this as holidays abroad lose their appeal, and yes there is a genuine nostalgia feel now. If there isn’t a Butlin’s at Margate, that does retro style holidays complete with dressing u, (50’s, 60’s and 70’s nights), then someone needs to fill that gap fast! But she just stood their and lied through her teeth trying to say that Margate was something that it simply, apparently IS NOT. We are not children anymore, don’t try to bullshit us, you will kill the baby with your desperation, be honest, people will respond!

These people really are insecure and insane, they have invented a complete fantasy world, a world in which they are kings… And this because in reality they are small, insignificant, untalented, jealous, dead heads. Designer labels, exclusive restaurants, fuck I have had better food from street vendors in India at 10p a go? WTF! The Emperor is naked! And I wouldn’t mind, they can do all that shit if they need it, BUT, this world they invent requires slaves, a lower class to support their psychosis, and that is parasitical.

There are no rich without the poor FACT!

So, they have crashed their system via greed. They refuse to see the simple math staring them in the face. How the capital system is an unworkable mathematical model, a macro game of monopoly, nothing more, an end game scenario in place of a sustainable economic exchange system. Which itself would see a ‘World Kibbutz’….nothing else can ever work, well other than a two tier system that requires an underclass of slaves, who are bread in order to carry the higher tier. And that never works, why, because there are always more slaves than bosses, and sooner or later they realise that the bosses are non productive overheads, and so they take back their power, we call it revolution. And this revolution will happen over and over, and over and over, as long as people want to be carried, not pull their weight. Which is why I am talking about revelation, not revolution, God is the only cure for global cancer. And it can only come, when the preparation has been done, when man is spiritually advanced enough to be able to understand and accept it, which is NOW!

The exploiters are fools, yes insane, why, because they will cut and slash and blame until the system is on its knees. Look at what they are doing to Greece. Greece played the capital game and were the first real losers (but then they won’t be the last!!!!!!). Their ills came when the system maxed and began to implode, looking somewhat like an atomic mushroom cloud, when it becomes top heavy, carrying too many non-productive overheads, it keels over. Greece’s economy grew and was supported mainly via fat Brits and Germans all getting drunk and laying around basting like bratwursts on Greek sands. When the economy shrunk, the opulence was the first to go, luxuries were cut back on and that left Greece exposed. And yet Merkle is intent on turning the Greek people into a slave army??? Living for ever in austerity as they pay back a bunch of bullies, who are ALSO bankrupt! If every country had one year to pay their debts, or go to a metaphoric debtors jail, who would be left??????? They will never reach the black anymore than Greece ever can, DUE TO THE DUMBASSS UNWORKABLE SYSTEM!

And how human is this? The Greek people are not lazy, they all work the same as the rest of Europe, some harder some not so, it’s the same everywhere you go. They bought the fucking line they were told at school, work hard, get a degree etc, get a good job. Which is what they did, what? Is this some kind of a fucking set up, a con? They did all that was asked of them, and now the system has failed them, and they have to pay FUCK RIGHT OFF! They did not fail the system, the system failed them. FUCK THE SYSYTEM it’s imbecilic, parasitic, and down right cruel. It’s inhuman! It’s an abomination in the eyes of God TRUST ME I KNOW. Because I touched God FACT!

The mind fuck is that some in Greece and the other countries who, mark my words, will be the next dominoes to fall. Some in Greece acually feel guilty as Europe points the finger, but the failure was NOT theirs. Some do see the mind fuck! Yes, a Greek minister already said that Greece are at the centre of a European whirlpool, YES! When he said whirlpool, he actually meant a diminishing spiral! Yes the whole of Europe will get sucked in and it matters not if you leave, like rats leaving a sinking ship, Mr Ca-moron. That spiral will suck in everyone, WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, no matter what you call it, Europe is still THE market place that we all have to trade in, by any other name it’s still the same. (Who the fuck are you going to sell to??) What are you gonna do, close your boarders and become self sufficient?????

Austerity? But not for those who caused the crash???????

How dare they?

We CAN end austerity EASILY! Simply discard the brain fart system. There is enough resource, including endless pairs of working hands, to create a sustainable system for all. We could feed the poor, end war, EASILY, if we all united, shared the work load and the spoils, it’s a no brainer a world Kibbutz the model is tried and tested in the micro, (and don’t say that the Kibbutz system had to be heavily subsidised, of course it did! In the face of the rest of the capital world, but a Word Kibbutz WOULD WORK……EASILY)! BUT!

This is where we again come face to face with the same old fucking choice: Are you willing to give up your BMW and drive a ‘people’s car’, if you even need to drive, this so that all of your brothers and sisters can have a good and vibrant standard of living. Are you willing to be THE SAME as everyone else, to then allow all of us to rise together, with no burden of a crippling overhead of parasites to carry, or do you need to show off in order to feel valid? This is the choice between God and Baal (M one Y)? The same old, same old, same old, same old, same old fucking choice?

Only this time it’s no longer a choice, and for two reasons: One, if you chose personal wealth and status, you will sink the ship and drown. And two, God is stepping in now so that will not be allowed to happen.

It’s more of a D Day, a decision day, do you believe in God, or not. How are you going to bet? On personal financial security now, (fear), or on a place in the Kingdom to come?

And no it’s not all fantasy, read my fucking story! I have seen God, and others also saw what happened to me. I have also now explained what God is, why reality has no choice but to play out the way it does, with the reboot essentially taken in ignorance so that true colours are shown. I have explained it in scientific terms, this is a very different time now, all the information is on the table, so make your choice.

God or money.

Do you believe or not? It’s that simple…

All we are waiting for now is for the final piece of the puzzle. I have been given all the information, much like how Einstein was given the formulae that lead to the creation of the A-Bomb. When they dropped the bomb the theory became fact! So….

Here we are….waiting for the G-Bomb to go off. Place your bets Ladies and Gentlemen, and place them carefully, because I promise you, there will be NO redemption after the fact!

God is not your Mommy who spoils you rotten, look around the world, God WILL allow you to suffer, FACT!

If you choose money, you will get everything you deserve due to the cancer you are. Have you no shame…..NO…….Apparently not….

Austerity? What does that mean to the rich? Substituting Beluga Caviar for the cheaper stuff? (That actually tastes better anyhow.)

Why the fuck do you let them con you? You are NOT slaves, not animals you are human beings for fuck sake. In fact the California rich even treat their fu fu dogs better than you are treated?

Wake the fuck up!

Austerity? My arse!!!!!

Demand a better world, peacefully, intently and insistently, demand a better world, demand accountability, demand equality and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELVES!

Don’t just sit and snipe, and don’t try to jump a bandwagon, BECOME the real deal.

Justice for all, every colour and creed in this ONE RACE!

Yeah racism, that’s bullshit! Non one is racist, IT’S GREED pure and simple, they all want an underclass to support them. Even when we had no races to exploit here in the UK, they created an upper and lower class, we the poor where the niggers back then!!!!!!


One creed riding in the backs of another. There is ONE race here!!!! The true divide is of those who care and those who don’t and these people are found in every creed. So yes of course you find more racism amongst to the rich no matter what colour, they love a bit of slavery don’t they? They love to be carried. Manual work is so, so below them, how vulgar….


And again do I have to say it….it’s not a simple case of Rich V. Poor. There are haters and users on all levels, don’t make me over explain, you are not children. And yet to have money, which means the power to help, and not use that power in at least some way. A way that doesn’t sink your own ship. Well….?......?.......?.......?.......?

Of course it’s like when an airplane loses atmosphere, you have to put your own mask on before you help others, this or you will pass out and be no use. But when you mask is firmly on, do you help others or not?

God is as ever in the mirror, don’t be looking outside for a messiah to come. The messiah may wake you, but it’s up to you to save yourself….or not…


Bergy out! Get real!


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Think about this logically. If you believe ‘for some reason?’ that God is real (without seeing?), then why would you be left here with no evidence of that, left to the mercy of power hungry two faced men? Why?

It’s to safeguard your freedom of choice, because it’s a simple fact that if God is known then there is no choice….Everyone would fall into line via base survival instinct, aligning themselves with that which will further them BUT, that will include all of the two faced shits who create a negative environment, they create dissent everywhere they go, both acutely and yet also subtly.

Think of this world then as a centrifuge, the cream rises as the shit sinks, (in reverse in this place, everything is ass about face here…) So yes a test of sorts.

And… all those people who are waiting for ‘Sweet Jesus’ to come and save them really hack me off! Despite all of his powers, Jesus can’t save anyone!! Fact!!! How can Jesus make a ‘bad’ man good? The bad man may say he’s sorry. Sorry he got caught, but then how long before he reverts? And even in the afterlife he will subtly intimidate others, we have seen this in life over and over again in life. We know how ‘they’ are, this is part of why we live!!! So that we may understand, so we may ‘become’, become discerning, we know what’s what. I mean, if ‘God’ or the Jesus limited avatar could make all men good, then I ask again, why are we even here? Why not just make a good world full of good people, call it Planet Stepford if you will. A planet full of mindless fools all towing the line like drones. No free will, no opportunity to choose. One dimensional cardboard characters…

Do you see?

All Jesus can bring is truth, it’s FOREVER up to you to choose, and I tell you for a fact, that this time, when the ONE returns, no matter what he/she or they are called. When He and or She starts to bend reality ALL BETS ARE OFF. But don’t worry… no one will be left behind by mistake, there are no mistakes in God. God sees ALL! With the truth being that in life or even over many life times, you have already made your choice. What you say or do when the hammer comes down is of little consequence. Because sure many will jump over to the God square, just a little too late for some. And sure some with have the absolute audacity and ignorance to go up against God??????? This despite all that is shown and told, they will deny that this is God’s work, why? Because these ‘people’ are god’s unto themselves, they wish to create the world in their own image. They want the world to serve them, and yet God serves no one man, God serves MEN, ALL MEN, (including women of course don’t make me over explain, this is not a Life of Brian movie!!!!)

How many times have they gone to war in the name of God? Not in defence like Mohammad was FORCED to! They strike in order to secure assets… And this despite the fact that their ten commandments say DO NOT KILL let alone covert? Okay there have been exceptions, which western religions do not address. In order to understand the concept of a holy war, you have to understand the life of Mohammad or Arjuna. When the violence was NOT theirs, but the mutts these days will attack on the slightest of whims. They even place the value of oil over and above a human life…????????

Basically, they reinvent God as and when it suits them, and then look at who they are, the ends DO NOT even justify the means!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER! They are money worshipers, pure and simple, they DON NOT live simple lives with soul! THEY DO NOT! They are surrounded with money. It is what it is! NO matter what they say, they lie.

I see this shit often, some say that I did not see God because I swear? ‘God doesn’t swear’, says fucking who? Who are they that they can state that God does not swear? Well yes, their version of God doesn’t swear, not in their insulated little worlds where the vulgar poor they created are not often seen, ‘under rug swept’ yes Alanis!!! I suppose in their bible when Moses beat a man to death, to DEATH with his bare hands, he was saying something like ‘I say old chap, beating slaves is just not cricket, so I am going to thrash you’?????? And the slave master accidentally died because refined Mr Moses was fighting by Queensbury rules, where death is not allowed, ‘bad show old chap’.

God is ALL, ALL, do you understand ALL, God is in everything, God creates everything, both positive and negative, this to allow for choice, free will.

I may swear, but I would not lie and cheat and in that create a war that sees so many Mother’s Sons die and or be maimed. Yeah something they did coldly and calmly, and with bullshit words of regret as the cameras were rolling. FUCK THOSE CUNTS, that’s what they are, the guttural word is just a label for the persons they are become, via the things they do. They are filth, they hold nothing sacred…… The swear words are NOTHING compared to the minds that allow such suffering.

And those freaks who dress in a certain way, who never swear and never even have sex with their other… there is something very inhuman about them, and yes they take a mild stance in life, but then add water and they inflate into cosmic despots. They do not allow…anything that they don’t like is not allowed, fucking potential Hitlers the lot of them. I can’t even imagine how they will feel when they look into THE MIRROR and see what monsters they actually are! They think their shit doesn’t stink?????????

So many ways to get it wrong, so, so hard to achieve balance, and as always, good is as good does. I am so angry at the what the world allows, and some say that that’s wrong, anger is so negative man….peace man…..AGAIN, says who, who the fuck are you to say what God is?

Anger is a natural reaction to an adverse situation, it’s how we know what is right and wrong, via the inner reaction, and that reaction comes from God, the conscience. And… if you are not angered by the way of this world then you are a fucking selfish cunt! An inhuman monster!

Yes I want to end the hate, yes I want my own anger to disappear, but that will only happen ONE way. My anger will be gone when no man exploits or hurts another man in ANY way.

Then this Lion…….is a pussy cat….my natural default state.

But then No…NEVER to overreact, or you become them, you fall to the dark side, YES this is NOT easy, never easy..

We have to adjust and adjust, in order to find fluid balance, we react to the ever changing world. When the war is ended, only we can all rest, live in peace, and then JOY!

Until that day, we will be pushed and pulled emotionally by the liberties they ever take, it’s like a judo match…..which we WILL win this time.

Because it IS time this time, we are old enough to finally know God. We have arrived. We are standing in the dawning of the cosmic spring, all but out of the darkness!

Don’t trust me, read what I have written, see that you too can understand what God is, and then in that you too can see the future unfolding, it’s inevitable…

Love is not easy….. Nothing worth anything is ever easy…why? Isn’t it obvious?


There is ONE path to God, call it what you will but it’s ONE path. No matter what you call yourself, or what others call you, you are either on it or not…..



You see I bring words of truth and all for the price of £0.00, the price that God always charges…

But then I also brings words of personal responsibility, (sorry to talk like some fucking guru….man this God stuff can be so fucking embarrassing LOL, but then it’s all true so fuck it.)

Responsibility, not like the Christian blind faith, where you simply have to turn up once a week and then you get to go to an eternal Ned Flanders heaven????

We have to take responsibility for ourselves and for each other! I am pissed off to fuck that there is suffering on this planet and I can’t do fuck all about it. I hate it, it creeps me out that some boast of their wealth, this as others die for the lack of not very much….what the fuck….who are these people???? It’s perverse, creepy…… They stand and laugh as others die, like a demented horror movie?????



I’m not talking at you, or down to you, I have explained what God is and in a way that anyone who has a brain, who is not lazy, can understand, NO BLIND FAITH here!

The other day I met a young guy who I threw a few concepts at and he got them real quick! I could see the lights going on in his mind. This is what should be happening now in this age of Aquarius. I will say again and again, it’s not a faith or religion for fools to follow. So, if you don’t understand it, then leave it alone, DO NOT BAND WAGON JUMP, in fact piss off, if you don’t understand, go back to your life until you do…..or don’t.

This path is NOT easy, and it’s most definitely NOT comfortable, if you want comfort, go make money…! You could lose everything following this path, ruin your financial prospects…LOL.

Are you ready for that, or do you want to dip a toe in each camp? That won’t work, for obvious reasons. ‘The ways of the world and the ways of God are diametrically opposed’, to quote an Indian Preacher I saw on TV. (I found out who this guy is, his name is Joshua David, and I’m pretty sure I sat next to him on a plane one time? This guy is well clued up, well, he does still take the civil line and he doesn’t swear, but he sees through bullshit and always addresses the real issues. He is firm but fair, a better man than I. And I wonder what he would think of what I write? But then I don’t really give a fuck, when God moves the gloves will come off, how can they not? No we don’t want to live in an ugly world, but then the ugliness is not ours and YES it does fucking matter who started it. The children of God do not start shit! Left alone we are fine… The selfish haters are the problem pure and simple, they are the cancer. So, they want ugliness, and I’m sure God will oblige them, give them more ugliness than they can handle! In fact I have done this myself, I have worked with haters who have bated me, tried to get their dog paw up on my back, they push and push and I try to make peace, but they just take that for weakness. But then when I snap, and give them more violence than they can handle, they call me a fucking psycho. Well yeah, I do have that side, like Shiva I do. I give you love or hate, pick one and shut the fuck up. I would give my life for the ones who choose love, the haters, well, you will get a demented mirror thrown back at you, all my rage at someone who wants to hurt others. Call me a psycho as a jibe, I take it as simple observation of the obvious truth, yes, I do have that side, and your point is??????? What, you think God is a pussy…..well that was your biggest mistake! It beggars belief, I had a guy one time say that I am not right in the head, I don’t fight right?? I lose it? A simple statement that says that this hater simply can’t take it when his hate is reflected back at him ten fold, too hot in the kitchen for that wanker, so stay the fuck out, don’t start you prick. Yeah they love to start and strut, but when it all comes on top they want someone to break it up, which is why they won’t ever climb into a boxing ring ISN’T IT you wankers. Because in the ring the truth is told and no one stops it! I have seen so many bullies unmasked as cowards, yes animals, they won’t confront unless they believe they can win. And this raises another point, some guy said that I was a bully, why, because I don’t play the bullshit game. I don’t engage in the verbal rutting, so they think I am weak and then I open up like a nut case and they are surprised, they took my silence for weakness and felt safe. The guy said I sucker them in? But the truth is that I have no stomach for verbal daggers, it’s not my game, why should I play?? I stay behind a line of respect for myself and others, and if that line is crossed then I change. AND I am not the only one who is like this am I ????? LOL. Fuck ‘them’, they are wankers in every aspect of who they are….They say they are ‘hard’ but they aren’t even any good at that, they are lightweights because they believe in nothing, hold nothing sacred, so they have no HEART! Make no mistake here, when the Kingdom comes, there will be NO haters. They will have to repent or burn, the choice is theirs, and so yes, it will get ugly. We can forgive them if they genuinely repent but we can’t live with their shit. AND why the fuck are they like that? What logical reason can there be, how can they defend that aggressive stance? ….. Let me say it for you, let me carry that stain on my soul for you, you stay on the side of peace and love, let me sacrifice part of my light for you. I don’t even care if I lose my place in the Kingdom, if peace is achieved for the meek, the ‘lovers’, then it will have been WELL worth it. I will give up my soul for the good ones, it will be my honour…… yeah…… ‘They’ are soulless drones, an abomination, good riddance…fuck them all! OOOoookayyy, rant over….LOL LOL, Man they drive you crazy…

Well, no, let’s talk about this. They wishy-washy greys dearly love to point the finger to divert attention from their own shit. The greys say that black and white people like me have anger issues. Well I do know people who do have anger issues, they flip over the slightest thing, but that is not me, I have endless patience in ‘life’. That’s not me or people like me. The greys love to cross the line, they don’t even see a line and they love to show out, as if life is a movie they star in but they DO NOT want to face consequences. They are indeed cowards, they always straddle the line, they stay grey, they never come down on any one side they never commit. The simple fact is that if I am treated right then I am a pussy cat. I am considerate and caring, I can’t do enough for my friends. But then when the line crossed, I will speak out and explain the situation, but then you can’t explain shit to greys, because they don’t face consequences, they think you are grey like them. They never seem to take you seriously? And when you snap they complain, despite the fact that you warned them. I always say to greys, why don’t you fuck off and argue with a Rattle Snake, poke it and poke it and when it bites, and you are in hospital, we can talk….LOL Try to explain to the snake that it has anger issues LOL Or did you have dumbass not listening issues? You can never depend of greys, they don’t seem to take anything to heart, they don’t hold anything as sacred, so NO, there has NEVER been a grey hero……despite the fact that they think they are the best at everything, for no apparent reason?

Anger issues are different, yeah I have been stupid like that when I was young, usually when trying to fix my bikes. One time I got so pissed off when a cir-clip pinged off and got lost, that I smashed a shovel against the garage wall, but then the head flew off and dented my petrol tank LOL. So yeah, that person no longer exists….LOL I actually like being patient now, I like the more relaxed time frame, I think gardening taught me the beauty of taking your time, I don’t even drive fast any more… In fact the only reason I ever rushed anywhere is because tight time frames stress me out, I like a slower pace. Those people who say that thrive on pressure? What the fuck, let them have all the pressure. I like to amble along, what the fuck is the hurry in life, racing to the grave. No, chill, relax, smell the flowers, allow time…… I think the sprinters completely miss the point, this race is NOT for the swift. That’s why I would never be a plasterer LOL When setting a wall you have to work within the time frame of the plaster going off, you can’t leave the wall…fuck that… when my stomach clock tells me it’s lunch time, I like to down tools and eat, chill for 20 mins. I would actually have liked to take a longer lunch break, but then in Leadwork, the rate we have to work at, if you stop for too long, you’ll never start again…… Man….imagine working at a more sedate pace, having an hour for lunch, sitting down at a table and eating a nice meal….heaven! In fact I went to France for a hard metal course one time, and lunch was an hour, and in the works canteen you could have a half bottle of wine….WTF! That’s living, not that I drink, but I like the pace…..


And this ‘Black-White’ V. Grey thing stems from the Adamites (logic) V. the Lilithites, (resistance). It’s all so simple to us Adamites, we function via logic, which is not the be all and end all yes, but it is how we are. We have fixed lines that can’t be crossed, so we warn verbally, and then if that doesn’t work, we start to rattle harder, and then ultimately we strike. The Lilithites cross these lines for one reason, they are opposite, they DON’T like to be told what to do, tell them to not do something and they will always do the opposite, they are easy to play LOL… They don’t like to be told what to do because they don’t accept absolutes, you know, like how Ca-moron was told not to go into the sea, because there were jelly fish. But then no one was gong to tell the Prime Minister of England what to do. So he went in???? And then came running out holding his arm, whimpering LOL LOL. The Lilithite greys piss me off….because they also have lines that can’t be crossed, it’s just that these lines are ever moving????? What the fuck, they are insane…. And they hate being called crazy…..because they are….LOL We simply have to learn to accept each other and work around it as best we can, but yes we WILL bump heads.)

I also saw something on TV the other day (today is 20/6/15), something that made me wonder. It was to do with the Muslim women who took their families to Syria, to join and live under Islamic State. Well, one thing the women said that made me think, was that the UK was becoming more and more like the US, meaning more and more superficial obviously. So that got me to thinking…? I had an insight a long time back at the time of the Arab Spring. I saw that the western life and freedom that the Arab peoples were wanting, something they ‘thought’ they’d seen on the internet, this when they rebelled, partly why they rebelled. Well it was all an illusion. So they fought, and what changed, nothing, how could it change? Join the west and then join the global recession! And why is the west in recession? Because of greed, the godless way we live. So it was obvious at that time that after the fight that lead to a stark truth, there would be a fundamental Islamic backlash, a rejection of the western failures. I said back then that the Muslim people would unite and go back to basic values. So… I wonder, is that what Islamic State is?

Of course all we hear in the west are horror stories, western propaganda that is on the side of material wealth. In fact all that I have written here will be seen as a threat to the money world! With their problem being that I do not have a religion other than the one I was born with, Judaism, which I never practised. The closest to a religion I ever had was via listening to stories of Jesus in school assembly and via going to church as a boy scout. (Yeah I was in the scouts, LOL, I had a merit badge for swearing LOL.) Jesus has forever been a hero of mine, I long for the world he promised, I love the sound of it, no need for locks on doors, no hate no fear…Yeah…but then Mohammad too…he said much the same thing, or Guru Nanak, whatever, who ever speaks of peace and justice, even Superman, or Spiderman for fuck sake. It’s all the same to me!

How can they shut me down as a radical, when all I promote is freedom of thought an end to separatist religions!!! LOL I’m just another political party LOL Far left and spiritual/ethical, LOL. The Labour Party as it should be, meets the Church! LOL LOL

But then, the question, who are Islamic State, who are they really?

I do worry about them, I will say it out loud, Arab men NOT LIKE MOHAMMAD, can tend to be extreme, pious and zealous via culture as opposed to religion, and that is NOT of God.

Who are Islamic State, what do they believe in? How are they in life? Who knows, all we see is what the media feeds us?

Friends of the women who left said shit like, ‘How can you take your family to a potential war zone, this when you are safe here.’? And yet these women also called themselves Muslim, well, I say to those women. Well, I ask, ‘Back in the day, would you have followed Mohammad to Medina?’ Knowing full well that an attack was imminent? And I add that if you would not join Mohammad in Medina, due to your own fear, ‘physical’ safety, then how would you have called yourself Muslim? I ask, are you not become spoilt by western opulence? You say that you are protecting your children, and I do understand the love of a Mother for her kids, but, and I quote a line from a song from a band who I don’t even know the name of? I am shit on details LOL: ‘If you tolerate this, then your children will be next’.

I am not accusing, we are not all born heroes, but I ask you to think on your faith, what is it, what does it mean, how far does it go, and is it compromised by fear and or materialism?


So yeah, no easy ride on the true God path and no selling out. No selling in fact.

I do realise that it’s possible that some will want to ask me questions as to the cycle. And that this can only be done in person, a text is fine but it’s no replacement for a good old two way chat. So yeah, maybe if things pan out, if that’s how it goes. Maybe I will try to arrange festivals, where there will be music, food, entertainment, and talks. But this WILL cost, and I’m not Jesus, I can’t manifest bread and fish. Such events would be as cheap as possible, only expenses would be taken. You can trust me when I say that anyone found making money out of any of what may come from this revelation, well, they will meet my Shiva dark side LOL…

Again this that I bring is VERY real, and it’s manifest in the bullshit real world, so we have to play by their rules, unfortunately.

What do I believe will happen?

I believe that we will build it and God will come, why? Because other than that it’s just another bullshit revolution that goes nowhere.

I have already seen God, so it’s perfectly feasibly that all of you can too.

I am sure it’s time, well, 99.999999999% sure and that last .0000000001% sure is a fucker isn’t it LOL

I don’t actually give a fuck, you see they can’t keep me imprisoned here forever can they LOL. Sooner or later this flesh will die and I will be FREE!!!!!!!! I already have my ticket!!!

Fear? Well death is easy, it’s the fucking pain they can inflict upon you, both physically and mentally that simply has to leave a bad taste in any would be heroes heart. Jesus had to hang on the cross for fuck sake…..can you imagine that? NO I don’t think you can…. I reckon those few days seemed like years, the seconds became hours became days, became a small eternity….. What sadistic mind ever thought of such a horrific way to die?

Mind you, here in the UK they would hang you, then draw you and then quarter you, they didn’t want to just end you, they took pleasure in seeing you suffer. But then there’s a special place in hell for such people…they will reap what they have sown. Call it ‘cause and effect’ in a symmetrical universe, ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite action’.


I also believe that after tomorrow’s solstice 21/6/15, the world will begin to exponentially fall apart, I believe this for many reasons. And this, politically, economically, ecologically, an increase in ‘natural disasters etc. and then just plain socially. But then if this does indeed happen, some will point out that this is fucking obvious anyhow LOL. Not much of a ‘prophetic knowing’ LOL! Let’s face it, when they throw Greece under the bus, we are all going to get dragged under, because we are all economically connected, and then there was that thing in Charleston, that is by no means over. Yes they forgave that nasty prick, (he probably got bullied by a black guy, who got bullied by a white guy who… etc, etc, etc, and his ego couldn’t take it, this is probably all about him, he don’t give a fuck about ‘race’, he’s a selfish boy, he stole the lives of others….). And I do applaud them for seeing the bigger picture in God, but sure you Can be angry…it really is okay. Shout and swear, let it all out, smash something, give it all to God…don’t bottle it up guys… Not aimed at that ignorant child, but at the REAL racist fucks who seeded his actions, allowed for him to even think that way. And yeah despite your words of forgiveness, these bastards will still hate you. You may have felt a wave of love, compassion and empathy during the vigil where men and woman of all creeds came together as the family they ever are. BUT, that did not change the minds of the hard line haters, from all creeds… This is not over… Balance guys, we can say that no one wants violence, but that’s a lie isn’t it. Some do….. Don’t try to understand it, or even come to terms with it. It is what it is, with the problem being that these souless bastards push themselves into positions of power, and so we all get fucked over by them.

In God’s world, you can’t reason with a shark, it is simply a cold killing machine, and sure, some people are also like that….you KNOW this, we have all seen how they are and NO, they do not change. They are monsters, a manifestation of the fall, a manifestation of the one mind when it fell….. They have no connection to God… Try to save them and you will fail, but yes, you may need to try, I undersand…. You need to be sure that you have done all you can, I understand.

I tried to save people for maybe 16 years after I woke, and, they all spat in my face… The ones who listened never needed saving in the first place, they just needed to be reminded of who they always are is all….

The shift will change all of that! The nightmare in the fallen one mind will be over ‘soon’. With soon being as ever a relative term. I guess we have a few more bruises to undergo, to quote from Alanis… And yeah, this thing is too big to end quietly….

And when I talk about monsters, I don’t mean the reactionary folk, those who are angry at the world, they are different, their anger is a reaction to the peace that was taken from them, they can and will be saved. I mean the nasty fucks, their vibe is different, you know who I am talking about, we all know someone like that don’t we!!!!! They are , well…..different, they creep me out. They ‘push’, they ‘take’, they twist, and they fucking enjoy it don’t they! Their vibe is sinister, it tries to……their vibe tries to ‘hump your leg’, if you know what I mean, yeah creepy… They try to dominate you… Most of them look like what they are, nasty pieces of work, and or ‘car salesmen’. (Not all car salesmen are con men LOL) This because your face is actually a reflection of your ‘soul/persona’, so yes, you can actually judge a book by its cover. BUT that’s ONLY if you know how to look. Faces can be as deceptive as the people who wear them! Take me for instance, I have a funny look. I can look both gentle and nasty, a really good reflection of who I am. I have had many power plays with these fucks, when you stand, when you give them ‘the cold stare’ that says I am about to fuck you up, they back off right quick. They only fight if they think that you will roll over. Animals, that’s all they are. The true missing link between what we call animal and human. They do not have souls. So sure when they meet, especially males, they always size each other up to see who is the dominant male, like animals do. Us humans with souls size each other up in another way, we ask questions to see if we may have things in common to share, if not then we allow and leave alone. I have met many people with good vibes, but then you soon realise that these folk aren’t in your soul group, so you won’t really click, no problem. We call these people ‘acquaintances’, and they are fun to hang with on a less deep level. A breath of fresh air in fact, but then we do love it when we find kindred souls don’t we, someone we instantly feel at home with, as if we have known them forever, (because we have). This is a gift.

Yeah, the sensitive ones can communicate without words, I can feel a vibe at a hundred yards. The ‘animals’ can too, they have animal instincts, so, if you don’t like them, then they won’t like you. Not that they know why, and then you can fool them, they can only read the surface, if you pretend to like them they won’t know the fucking difference LOL. You can also mask the more persistent ones by sending a confrontational vibe, ’Just come at me and see what happens’ and then when they back down, you then pretend to like them, it confuses them, the fear muddles them up. It’s all bollocks if you ask me, like a chess game, who needs it

This kind of power play is necessary in the animal world, but of course not needed in the human world where we have communication. Our world is made up from many facets, it takes all sorts, so we understand and allow, we do not threaten each other.

I think that honesty is the best way to go, just be open, it’s so much easier, BUT, if you try that with an ‘Animal’ they will be straight on you…..what the fuck….LOL

Which is why in truth I simply tolerate them, in truth I have no use for them, they ruin everything they touch.

So….. I send you love, both tough and gentle…..


Add Text

Do I really think this thing will happen?

Well, look at it from my point of view. Okay this is complex, the cycle is how we stabilise, how the one mind is able to manifest in the linear logical realm. It creates logic circuits that open and close, quest and feed back, this in order for logic to stand. With the grand cycle being the ‘over logic’ cycle, which is key to the one mind, again it’s hard to explain. Okay… Example, ‘The Street Magician’. When they pose a question via a trick that can’t be answered/explained, then it creates a circuit that can’t be closed and so it spins endlessly, we call this confusion. Now, it doesn’t matter if there is such confusion in the ‘real’ world, why, because the ‘real’ world is stable, held in place by the over logic of the grand cycle. Confusion within is not a problem, shit, there is much that can confuse you in this world, but then we do have an overall stability.

From the perspective of the one mind, the grand cycle has to complete in order to make sense, which is why I called it the ‘over logic’. From another perspective the over cycle is kind of calming the un-rooted mind, soothing it. Well, only as long as you follow it around, it’s a circular concept so big that each step makes sense based on what has been. It’s only when the mind is ‘big’ enough to see the cycle as a singular entity, that it undermines itself, that is the short circuit when creator becomes created, even the largest circuit, ‘life’ becomes a short circuit. It is seen as an event, a mere distraction, which then can’t ‘quell’ the ever consuming logical mind. Which is why the mind at that point short circuits and trips out! LOL I said this is complex LOL

You have to understand that, when the mind trips, it is All that exists, and when it loses it’s linear path, when the circuit tries to close, that sends it reeling as it can’t logically complete the circuit, why, because it joins with it’s opposite other, created becomes it’s own creator in oneness. So the entire circuit makes NO sense, the one mind becomes a figment of its own imagination. It wrote the linear story that was stabilising it, do you see? It’s not a quelling, satisfying logical conclusion, so the circuit spins. The mind destabilises and trips out.

LOL….think about it, it may take months to fully understand…

But then my point is that the cycle HAS to complete, this or ‘logic’ as we know it does not stand, why, because the ‘over logic’ does not stand. The entire universe-al mind falls, (this is the big crunch). And yes, when the over logic circuit falls, the whole shebang reboots. It may be hard to understand, but if the over logic circuit does not complete, then the mind will be rendered insane, spinning endlessly, and so as part of the one mind, we would not even be able to do anything, you would not be able to read this, indeed the universe would not cool into a logical format.

And as I know how the cycle explodes/implodes and then remembers, this means that there WILL be a re-memberance. This that I call the shift, which is a geometric assemblance point. In example, it’s likened to assembling a jig-saw puzzle with no picture on the box. You start with the easy ‘linear’ straight edges of the puzzle, you frame it, and then at some point as you ‘in fill’, you have an epiphany, you begin to ‘realise’ what the picture is, which is symbolic of us re-membering God! That’s what the shift is!

Now…when does the first remembrance shift come?

Well we all know that it has indeed been predicted, information has been bubbling up for thousands of years, and yet we were never in a position to understand until now. We didn’t even have the language in order to describe God, and that language comes only via technological advance, which takes time. From stone axes, to Kevlar battens.

But then the kicker for me is in that I woke, and I do understand, and I have explained the God cycle to others, so how are we not ready, so how is the time not now?

Also, look at the state of the world. ‘They’ are going to crash their dumbass economy, and that will create unrest, revolution, division and then in the ensuing power play they will fight, this is a given, I mean. When did they ever stop fighting? They will destroy the ecological equilibrium, so we won’t have a place to exist in, the mind will have no reflected reality to play out in. And that is NOT an option, so the mind will create a new format, a new viable future, and the only way to do this is via a revelation, a breaking of the laws of physics, of which I have already seen.

I see myself as a pathfinder, a scout who went ahead so that we can all now follow. Not just me, there have been many such scouts. So yes, it Will happen, but then when?

I sometimes think that I may have to die in order to be taken seriously LOL. Why, well you lot are so fucked up, when someone is alive you see them as fallible, you argue with them telling them they talk shit. If Jesus were here today LOL LOL LOL, you would tell him he is a wanker FACT! LOL LOL LOL So maybe I will have to die, and then you will raise me up as some kind of hero, this because I am not here in flesh and blood to shatter your saintly illusions. Look at what you already did to Jesus, you made him a bastard! He had no Father LOL. His mum didn’t have sex, because sex is dirty and nasty LOL and yet you all love sex? How fucked up is that? Jesus’ flesh had FUCK ALL to do with his soul!!! God can place any soul in any body, and at any time. Do you think that my son will know what I know? Do you think that he has also touched God vicariously because his physical Father did? No, he is his own unique soul, he’s not even like me other than a few shallow shared interests, bikes and guitars, but then most men like those things.

Post wake, you lot often remind me of children playing dress up, the clichés become more real than the logical conclusions. (I’m not being condescending, you too will laugh when you wake LOL. When I woke I laughed at what a dumbass I had been, it happens to All of us, we take ourselves so seriously in ‘life’, thinking everything is ‘real’ making great statements, when you haven’t got a clue what the fuck is going on….come on…’s funny!) In fact the other day on TV I saw some wanker working on the data out of the Hadron Collider in Sern. And he had a mad beard, crazy hair, and his office was stacked high with paper and books, much like one of those OCD hoarder’s houses. He’s trying to create an image of the clichéd eccentric professor, when the fact of the matter is that you need an immaculate tidy compartmentalised mind in order to see the bigger picture. And with Feng Sui being the wrong way around, his untidy mind will never see shit. He’s nothing more than a walking cliché.

You lot like your prophets dead, which means infallible so you can raise them, create a myth. When in truth you can talk to the live ones, ask them questions for fuck sake.

In fact this is why you love dribble boy Hawking, with his stupid robot voice, he seems inscrutable, if he wasn’t a vegetable you could grill him, hang on, you can grill vegetables, mmmm, nice….LOL He doesn’t have to have a robot voice these days, they could sample his voice from old footage and he could have a synthetic version of his old voice back. But then that would make him too human, and in that fallible…

And then your ‘prophets’ also have to be able to be able to do magic tricks LOL. Fuck me, even Captain Pickard knows that a show of power doesn’t mean shit. If this were the case you would all be worshiping Uri Gella, which means that money and Michael Jackson kiddy fiddle music would be sacred LOL. In fact a show of power is oppressive, the moment God is revealed by impossible ‘miracles’, what choice to you have but to fall in line, whether you understand and see or not. All mindless followers, which is pointless, and how is that freedom?

But then it matters not now, I see that the Mahadi/s will probably come with a sword, which means bending the Laws of Physics. This because in life, everyone has already shown their true colours, made their choice. I think that the passing of this information is simply a ‘gathering’ of the ones who will wake. I reckon that this information will polarise our ‘race’. But then who knows, maybe no one will ever read it LOL, who gives a fuck, the cycle will turn all the same. You don’t really need to know any of this now, if you have a good heart, you will shift and the answers can come later…..hmmmm… would be easier if you were ready, prepared for the shock. I speak from experience LOL

The question I keep asking myself is, can man last for much longer enjoying a viable existence, and the answer keeps coming out no…

They have already crashed their dumbass economy; It’s held together only with smoke and mirrors. I see the Greece thing as a sign. I could be wrong, but it all keeps coming out the same. And then there’s the simple fact that I saw God and I didn’t freak, well, not too much LOL. So, why can’t you see God too?

I think it’s time….

What do you think?

And ultimately, only time will tell…


I think it’s fucking obvious actually, all the prophecies are coming true. I am a blue eyed Jew who once had golden hair, when I had fucking hair LOL. I did wake amongst the Christians and I did work on the Temple restoration. I was even born with a birthmark in my navel, and my Hebrew name is Menuchem Mendel…. What more do you want, a fucking post card? Who gives a fuck if the temple is Muslim controlled, it’s still a house of worship to the God of Abraham. And in the name of unity under God it seems just to me that God would unite the children via restoring the house in the name of the line of Ishmael. How else are we ever going to unite? The Muslims are seen as the bad guys in the western world, and that is NOT right. Mohammad was a prophet of God pure and simple, and he deserves true recognition by All men! Mohammed was a beautiful soul who gave up and lived his life for his fellow man, a true hero! He deserves our gratitude, all of us!!!! You can’t conceive of the pain he must have had to endure…

I reckon it’s time… I FEEL that it’s time


Who knows, who cares, all will be in it’s place, sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time.

We’ll see…LOL






Faith and Hope


Many lose faith, and hope, and that is a terrible thing, when you give up believing in God and magic… When you fall into the swamps of despair, when your heart goes cold and you…… take the money…

John Bunyan describes this well in ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’. I for one always believed in something better, something with heart, even when I had no idea that God was real. Call me a romantic, but always did believe in morals and unity and even true love, why, because if these things are not real and true then I really don’t want to exist. Yes exist, because life without love and hope really isn’t living, do we live just to survive, to make money?

In ignorance I was ready to face a black void with my head held high, ‘Fuck you universe, I am good and kind and I have a heart full of love, and no one can take that away from me. I do believe in love and unity, even if I am deluded, an accident of amino acids colliding in a swamp. But FUCK YOU, and I somehow better than all of that and I don’t care if no one ever sees me, if I am a freak of nature that comes and goes in a flash, I see me and I am proud of my stupid romantic heart! So Fuck you universe!’

I understand that we have been waiting for so long that some think that this shift, this golden age under God can’t happen. I understand because my own Father has lost faith, he saw his own miracle 20 years ago and…..well. Look, you have to remember that we have only been alive for a few years, and yet the weight of so many broken dreams in truly upon our shoulders. The weight and wait of history is on our shoulders.

Even the miracles can seem to be a cruel taunting, as Joan Osborne wrote, ‘Your plane it never lands’. So many signs and yet nothing ever changes.

Okay look. I have explained in other texts on this site that there is NO WAY that this shift could have happened until now, why? It’s simple, ‘You can’t stand under what you can’t understand’, we simply had to ‘become’. The best analogy I can think of is how a parent drops a child off to school on its first day. The child can think that the parent is being cruel, thrusting it into a world that is cruel, there are bullies, it’s strange and it’s not safe, no Mommy to run to. But then the child has to ‘become’, the child has to learn for itself, learn to stand up for itself.

You see God could have looked after us all from day one it’s true, wiped our asses kept us safe, wrapped us in cotton wool. But then we would be nothing more than automatons. It’s not really living is it? So, when the mind maxed, met the paradox and fell, we had to reboot, we had to relearn everything, EVERYTHING. Start from scratch! And so Mommy had to withdraw and leave us alone, this so that we would strive, figure it all out again and in the worst harsh way. We couldn’t keep looking to Mommy to come and save us could we, could we????? Could we??? What would we be now? We would not be the capable, inventive, resourceful beings we are now. We have now become the real deal, we HAD TO, this as Mommy wasn’t here to intervene. Even when the bullies tortured and killed us, God was helpless to intervene… You see we have only been living in the first part of a massive plan, a massive cycle that will bring spiritual fruit in the later stages past this dense reboot. So yes the suffering, and this sticks in my throat, but yes, the suffering was all worth it. Yes it sticks in my throat, yes horrendous, what happens when God leaves the room, all the freaks and creeps come crawling out of the woodwork. We will one day ‘soon’ stand under God, because we are ready now, old enough now. Jesus never stood a chance 2000 years ago, there was no way those hairy assed Israelites could ever hope to grasp such concepts needed in order to describe, let alone understand God. We simply have not been ready until now. Read what I have written…! It all makes so much sense, how the cycle has to play out, there was NO quick fix. Try to think of an easy way to do this? You will fail…

See how we had to come this far to even understand my explanation, most of what I am saying here wouldn’t even have been understood at the level of scientific understanding when I was a teenager!!!!!! We have also via technology had many examples in film, visual play and learn movies like The Matrix, explaining that reality need not be what it seems. What with your reality being nothing more than signals being interpreted by your abstract mind! Do you see, until now it was NOT possible, FACT!

Now…I understand that many of you hate God, deep down you do, you subconsciously hate what you see as the wishful thinking that raised you up and then dropped you like a stone. ‘There’s nothing there, we best make money, buy insurance plans, stick to the tangible, that which can be relied upon (not that money can be as the economy is crashing, stuck between a rock and a hard place we are). BUT, via reading all that I have written on this site, you can understand why, as hard as things have been, there was no way that God could have revealed ‘herself’, until we were ready, NO WAY. If there was a revelation before we were ready to relate, then we would have clung like the little children we were. It bears repeating!!! Over and over. We would have asked God to do everything for us, pouted when our wishes come demands were not met. Think on all the technology that was born from necessity, sweat and toil in the face of so much adversity. Think on how hard our ancestors had it, we have it easy in comparison, they more or less worked 24/7. We would have been sticky. But look at what we are become now, standing on the shoulders of our ancestors, we are sophisticated beings who can indeed understand why a singular consciousness has no choice but to manifest in this cyclic way. Read what I have written, it all makes so much sense right? Finally, so, if God shows, will you be shocked? NO! Will you ask God to wipe you ass? NO! All you want is a fair game right, you want to grow and learn, you have a taste for the journey now right? You want to be better, faster, less limited as and when you are ready to work at it right? And there’s also no hurry, recreation has also taken on a new meaning. But think about it, over and over. How could God have let us become whilst keeping us safe? Did your Mum come to class with you at school? Did your Mum fight the bullies for you, or did you stand up and free yourself?


‘But it didn’t have to be so hard.’

How could it not be, if God was revealed the game would be up, everyone would metaphorically down tools. Sure God did intervene, miracles were sent, inspiration was sent, but a revelation? That would have ended the game. And we would only be half baked… Too late to put us back in the oven, the soufflé would have gone flat, have to start over.

Men were given free will… men can be cruel… This is the real world, the realm of men not the devil, devil backwards spells lived, this is the evil that happens when we live as real mortals, when men make their own rules…when we live-evil.

Magic spells huh, who would have though that magic was hidden in spelling?

We have now completed boot camp, we are ready now to embark upon a less limited exploration of what conscious can be. But this will be interactive as ever, so…this is not the end, it’s just the beginning. And no don’t expect a free ride, we would revert dead quick, get spoilt dead quick, like the Hollywood stars we would become like yappy little fu fu house dogs. Things will be better, God’s law will stand, but we will still be responsible for our own happiness. Using music as an example, if you want to play an instrument, and yes God could let you play in an instant, but if you want to play, then you will have to put in the YEARS! Years and years of playing the same old shit over and over and over, which then allows you to appreciate the gift when you can play. Some things never change.


So yes I understand that many have lost faith, that the road has been long and HARD, FUCKING hard, to the very bottom of the barrel of despair, but things are different now. Read what I have written. When this thing kicks in I will explain more and more, I can answer any question apart from ‘why’.

God will finally make sense, not like how the church bullshited you saying this is true because we say so. I can explain in a logical way that you can also understand. You can share in the knowledge of God for yourself, yes, no followers this time. We will all rise together as the one family we are, the stronger ones will support the weaker ones, help them to heal, help them to understand.

You see God can’t reveal herself until you have become, so read, understand, get ready for the revelation of what you ‘realise’ will happen. See the inevitability of it! If God comes before we understand in general, then everyone will revert and follow like sheep. This is NOT an option! You HAVE TO BECOME, or you won’t find peace in the next realm.

You can’t go straight to university without secondary school can you, and you can’t do secondary without primary…

This next year past this summer solstice will be a step up, things will change, it is time.

I was taken to Jerusalem and given this information, it’s our future, it is the true unification theory. Uniting not only scientific concepts, explaining, the big bang, the bouncing universe theory, the holographic principle, dark matter (negative value) etc, via adding the conscious equation. It also unites all religions, shows how each religion has a piece of the puzzle. Only when they come together will the big picture be seen. And yes, the only message I was given when I woke was, that I had to unite the world. Well I once thought that uniting the world was impossible, but only now do I see that via this information it will be easy. Well, we still have a lot of fear to deal with, the negative people who will cling to money, see us as a threat, but that will be taken care of.

If we build it, SHE will come!

Yes not like religion or new age, this is not easy, you will have to study and understand, you can’t just sit and chant Aum, that’s a complete waste of time.

The third eye IS the intellect!!!!!!!

Wake up and understand, see the impossibility of the physical realm, understand the problems and Hell of a singular consciousness. Test the theories, don’t just follow…

‘You cannot achieve victory if you cannot perceive victory’. Well now we can perceive so…

We have a way, we have a plan…




Opening the Third Eye


What is the third eye?

It’s nothing more than the intellect, so you open it via exercise.

It’s not a muscle as such but then following the themes of life, the more you use something the bigger and or faster it gets. Apart from the obvious exceptions like pencils etc lol. (There are always those pointless people who have to argue… yes the statement, ‘the more you use something etc’ is not a blanket fact, it’s just a clichéd observation from a particular view point. It’s ‘the way we talk’, how we communicate. I can’t be bothered to argue with people who have to try to score points. To those kind of people I say, yes I am wrong and you are right you win, there is no God (not for you anyhow, because your small egoed argumentative point scoring mind will undermine your happiness LOL), you win I hope you enjoy your prize LOL. I could explain in FULL, list it all out, but then I am not in the business of wiping people’s butts…)

I am bemused by all the new age sorts who sit and meditate on the third eye chakra? How many people have sat in such classes, trying to ‘meditate’ but then it goes something like; ‘Auuummm….aummmmm….aummmm…I think I’ll have chips tonight….yeah….I’ll go to the chippy on the way home. Oh….I’ve lost my, focus…concentrate….aummmm…aummm…..chips…and a buttered roll…….aummmmmm…’

They sit and look at all the others in the class, thinking that everyone else can do it, that they are the odd one out? NO! They are all thinking the same as you! it’s an Emperor’s New Clothes thing! Compounded by the assholes who open their eyes at the end of the session and say something like. ‘Wow… I had a really ethereal experience; I saw the most amazing colours and I felt oneness etc.’

NO you didn’t…!!! I’ve had an ‘ethereal’ experience and you don’t sit there all matter of fact, as if it’s a normal thing. It CHANGES your life, you feel you need to tell everyone!!!! NO, that prat was thinking about chips for dinner, same as you… It’s just another case of the blind leading the blind.

They say what they think they are supposed to say, and no one questions them because of the environment they are in, this lying is normal for that situation, acceptable.


Here’s a ‘real’ third eye exercise for you:

I’m going to go on in this text to talk about life being levels of dreaming and so this next point, this ‘work out for the mind’, ties in nicely to that subject.

So, ‘dreaming in REM sleep’, why can you experience a half an hour’s worth of dreaming in only minutes?

Okay, for anyone who has experienced ‘Earth time’ slowing in the case of a car crash or a fall etc. ‘Earth time’ is a constant, it can’t slow or speed up. The reason it seems to slow is that your cognition speed increases due to the urgency of the situation, which in turn makes the makes external time seem to slow. It’s as if you are trying to make more time for yourself in order to react. But then your body is still tied to external time, so you find yourself helpless to react, only your mind is faster, this because your mind is not physical, not tied to the physical. So, when you dream, when your mind is disconnected from your body, your cognition can run at any speed it likes. Which sees you dreaming a half an hour’s worth of experience in only minutes of ‘Earth time’.

The best analogy for the actual understanding of this is found I think in the example of the old twin cassette tape machines. They used to have a function called ‘fast dub’. This is where you put an album tape in one side, which may take an hour to listen to, and then you put a blank tape in the other side. Then you record in fast dub mode, which, if you can turn the volume up, (you could on some machines), all you hear is a fast garbled mess. BUT! That’s NOT what the blank tape is ‘hearing’ is it? Why because it’s syn-chronised with the speed of the origin tape, these two tapes are having a ‘real time’ conversation/exchange. Proven in how the play back is exactly the same! So, if you could be the blank tape, be in that perspective, if your cognition speed was running that fast. Then you would be able to hear the album in what for you would be ‘real time’. And the album takes an hour to listen to in real time, so you would experience an hour! However, from the perspective of a person watching the fast dub taking place, it only takes a fraction of the time for the illegal tape copying to take place lol. (Speed and relativity!)

This concept shows how in/on other levels of existence, the cognition speed of a mind can be faster, in fact the closer you are to the ‘core’ which is all but instantaneous (approaching light speed), the faster cognition speed is. Which means that from their point of view, well this is complicated….lol… They experience ‘more’ in less time, so for them we, out here on the far reaches of the wheel of time, seem to be moving faster, because we have to cover more metaphoric ground. This, like that when you are learning something, it takes a long time, but when you know it your understanding is all but instantaneous. Or in how it takes a while to watch consume a movie, but then when you have seen it, you ‘know’ the movie in seconds. Greater knowing causes less time, in God that is…..

Yes complex, this is why I say time and again that this ‘knowledge’ is better told face to face where there is feed back, the opportunity to ask questions, and I also point out that this subject is more like a university course. Well, it is God for fuck sake, what do you expect?

Another good way to understand this time differential in levels, is to imagine a line of ice skaters, skating in a wheel spoke formation. The one on the middle is only revolving slowly, but then the poor fucker on the other end of the spoke/arm is going like the clappers!!! This an example of how it takes us so much time to ‘know/experience/re-member’ what God simply is on a fixed ‘now’. And this because we are fallen fragmented.

(Yes, at the core of existence there is no external time, everything just is, this when you touch oneness…..HELL! Hell via no external movement, like being buried alive in a metaphoric coffin, with no time passing so no hope of ever leaving, because there is no next moment to allow for ‘change’. Again this can’t be told, it has to be experienced. From that perspective, it’s not as if time stopped, it’s as if time never actually happened, it’s like that you created time via drifting into a dream, and when you wake, like waking from any other dream, none of it actually happened. It really is HELL. ETERNAL SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for the soul. There is no thing in ‘God’ every ‘thing’ is out here on the fragmented wheel of time, YES the journey, the dream, really is the destination!!!!)

Your mind is not tied to you body, it only dwells in it for a while. When ‘awake’, when in life I mean, you experience the same time frame as everyone else in the physical Earth programme. When you sleep, your mind reverts back to its infinite state, the mind disconnects, so, finally, this is why you can seem to experience hours of dreaming in only minutes.


After reading the above, your mind or intellect, or ‘third eye’ is now bigger, it’s now more aligned with the truth of what we are, ‘spirit’ or ‘mind’, as the mind in truth is ALL (the physical is a construct or d-ream, created within the abstract eternal mind). So via understanding the above, you have now become more ‘spiritually enlightened’. And you didn’t even have to sit in a church hall chanting auummm for an hour, sitting thinking about what you are going to have for dinner when you get in…

The third eye is your intellect, your understanding and ALL knowledge in someway relates to God. I have said a few times, electricians don’t realise it but they actually have a basic working knowledge of many aspects of ‘God’. This via how ‘electricity’ works, the paradoxical resistance of opposing magnetic forces creating powered flow. Remote switches such as solenoids that allow for increased voltage without burning out the loom, all this shit relates to God. Whatever you learn relates in some way to God, God is all there is! So there’s nothing else to copy. Knowledge is enlightenment, all you will get from meditation is a numb ass. Look it, those Buddhist have been meditating for thousands of years, how many of then have achieved enlightenment? NONE OF THEM! Do you see?

You can shave your head, you can go vegan, you can eat super foods, you can wear cheap Native American tourist jewellery if that’s your bag, but then if you want to enlighten your self. If you want to find the knowledge that will quell your fears and insecurities, let you accept yourself, detach emotionally if not physically from the rat race. Then you need to QUESTION, QUESTION, QUESTION! Knowledge is enlightenment, ‘You can’t stand under what you can’t understand’.


Levels of Dreaming.

Yeah, the mind is all, the physical realm is a dream or construct, a joint fixed dream, controlled by ‘God’ within the one mind. So yeah, the physical is what it is, you can’t escape it when in it, so it may as well be ‘real’. The sceptics are part way correct.

Reality is what you know it as, that perspective is a true as ever. Whilst alive you are subject to the laws to physics. Yes some can bend the laws, martial artists can and do, but only to a degree. In fact in cases of extreme emergency, people have lifted cars off of other people, when in ‘real life’ it’s not possible. Mind over matter, it’s possible, but not to any significant degree, not at this time. Example, some train 24/7, to break a 4x2 by punching it, which is not physically possible, your hand should break not the wood. It takes years of practise and extreme focus… But then you can in fact buy a saw from B&Q for £4.99 that will do the job much easier. The hardest part of this is in the believing that you can break the wood, one slight doubt and it’s OUCH City LOL LOL! You know, like when they fire walk, they believe their way across hot coals via chanting ‘Cool wet grass, cool wet grass’. But then many have doubt, they start by chanting…cool wet grass…….cool wet….grass.. and when a discernable doubt creeps in it’s … wet grass………… wet grass……………fucking hot coal…fucking hot coal, fucking HOT COAL RUN !!!!!! LOL

Do you aslo realise that ‘mind over matter’ is actually you going up against God, the fat controller!? You see matter matters! That’s why it’s here!! This reality is our lesson plan, we are suppose to be here, not try to escape. So God holds us here, God is like a macro hypnotist. God will let us see past if needs be, but we are all where we are supposed to be, there are no mistakes. Not that we shouldn’t try to change our worlds, the resistance is in place to push against, and God will let us escape to a degree when we have pushed, exercised enough! Exercise throws off limitation. From any perspective, the more you exercise, the less limited you become.

So Buddhists and New Age folk, when are you gonna stop sitting around goofing off? And no the ancient texts won’t cut it, we live in the modern world, study ‘science’ it’s our language and the only language thus far that has the ability to describe God in a way that can be understood.

I understand the ancient texts! But that’s because I have a kind of metaphoric Rosetta Stone. By touching God I have an inner model, which then lets me interpret all of the symbolism. That knowledge, passed on by the Ancients, Aryans, and sporadic Wakers etc, it comes from the core, the ultimate state of enlightenment. We are closer in the future not the past! (I think the Aryans were survivors of the last fall trying to send messages to this time we are in now, a time at which we are finally ready to understand God again. These Aryans may have lived for a long time when they fell, and they cold probably manipulate matter via what they knew, their beliefs/knowledge, but they all died eventually as reality took hold once again, as the wheel turned onward.)

Only now do we have the technology that provides enough examples to explain what reality is. For instance, how could you tell a person back in history that his experience of reality is nothing more than an assemblance of sensory signals sent via the nervous system. And that the interpretation is actually experienced in the psyche, which is in the abstract mind? He doesn’t even know what a nervous system is!!!!

And then on this subject, do you realise that you do not see the world in a physical way. We are all physically blind! Vision is ALWAYS in the mind. You are not peeping out of a physical hole in your head are you for fuck sake!!! You know how the eye works, it’s a bio camera. It sends signals to the brain and then the vision is experienced in the EXACT same place that you experience vision in dreams. Yes this vision may overlay ‘reality’, but you are not seeing anything in a physical way, and then the physical world is not real anyhow. Well not in the way you think, it’s more like a constant digital interaction, yes a programme/program. Change the signals being sent by the bio camera, intercept the optic nerve and what you see changes. (Science has even demonstrated this, they have mage blind people see light and dark shapes via intercepting the optic nerve!!!!) Which then changes your intellectual view of ‘reality’ doesn’t it. Even your own small mind is able to create a pretty convincing reality, as in ‘dreaming’, just think what a more powerful mind can do, the mind of God! A shared reality, a constant fixed shared dreamscape, it’s not so far fetched to us is it, not in this time. And right here then is an example of how we can now understand God, finally!

We even have the technology to create movies that depict these concepts, explain them in entertaining ways, ‘play and learn’. The Matrix for example! Whereas yes, the man from only a few years back simply could not visualise such concepts, so how do you explain God to him?

When the mind maxed and fell, we lost EVERYTHING. So we had to start from scratch. We had re-member how to work metals, to then make tools, to then make more sophisticated tools, to …..well..get us here. The point, the brink of understanding, and that takes TIME.

This computer I am using to reach out and speak to you, and all so easily on the internet, everything is speeding up. The more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle you have the faster it goes, because there are less dead ends.

Levels of dreaming, (yes the code is to D-ream, to unravel the ALL, embark upon the cycle of experiential understanding).

When the mind fell it was SLOW. All connections were severed in order to alleviate the paradox, this as I have explained in other texts on this site. The universe slowly coming back together as the Big Bang cooled, to then create basic molecules and elements. This symbolised the straight edges of the jigsaw puzzle being put into place. Solar systems are then born, capable of sustaining life. And it takes a very long time before this life is capable of becoming self aware. Dinosaurs roaming the planet are much like a nightmare within the fallen mind, a nightmare of terrifying beings all struggling to survive, tearing at flesh, attacking out of fear, the fear that is created when knowledge has gone. The fear of the unknown! When truth/God is lost. THE FALL!

Animals live in dream like state, they live in constant fear for the most part, fear of being attacked or eaten. If you approach them they are wary and they are very psychic in that state as they are one with the dream. This is why if you fear them they will attack, if you don’t they will be quelled, they are sensing you. Their ‘life’ is much like a puzzle, much like one of those dreams you have where everything goes wrong, a lack of control dream. And the kind of dream where you have no idea you are dreaming, (symbolic of no sentience, animals are not self aware, they even attack their own mirror image sometimes), they live in a dream they blindly follow and accept as their unquestioned reality. Unlike lucid dreaming where you become self aware within the dream. This is why animals take to people who are nice to them, they like to be around confident people, you see their minds are much like yours when you dream!!!! Like how in a nasty dream you try to find a safe place, how if you face monsters in dream they simply melt. The animal world is a dreamt struggle, a constant battle for survival, but then more sophisticated than that because animals also have parts to play in dream we call ‘reality’. They help to create a sense of logical physical reality via some kind of imagined evolution, which is more of a revolution, re-memberance of what eternally is. (Nothing is one dimensional, most things are many things from many perspectives, ‘God’ is a more layered complex understanding. And everything is connected, looking symbolically like a Celtic knot.)

So, spiritual awakening is simply that, an awakening to the ONE. A realisation of the truth, a greater understanding, a remembrance!

Miracles and super powers?

Well, in my dreams I can become lucid, and in that state I can fly and walk through walls, how, why? Because I know that the walls are not real, and I can fly because I know that it’s my dream, it’s not real, so why can’t I fly, I can do anything I like. If you can realise that the world is not real, then you can do the same. But then again it’s not that simple, why, because for one, reality is not your dream, it’s ‘ours’. And then none of us control it, God does.

This then brings up another view of what ‘God’ is. Well, I have spoken about this in other texts, but it bears repeating at this juncture. It’s all to do with the paradox of self creation. Magic is nothing more than a realisation of the truth, that all is mind and so reality can be bent in the same way that you can bend a dream. ‘There is no spoon’. BUT, when you fully realise the dream, as I did, you then become both creator and created. Everything that makes you you, your sense of self via your history, was your own psychosis. You are barking mad from that perspective. In the cosmic sense, you have undermined yourself, your stability. You become no thing, no thing exists, everything is just imagination, so you spin and fall, you have no flaw when you reach God, there is nothing missing and so you have no floor…You see all, so you have all knowledge to stand upon and in that no-ledge to stand upon, you destabilise. You are insane, a figment of your own imagination, no external reflective, defining, stabilising reality.

‘God’ is one mind, and for no reason. It doesn’t need to eat, it does not require a power source of any kind, it simply is. Magic! As opposed to the logic it takes to view the magic (Magic Am-gic – Logic Low-gic.) (The concept of eating ‘physical power exchange, cause and effect’ comes from linear consciousness’s need to consume time.) But then as I said, it’s a paradox, self creation, the linear logic becomes something via linear experience, history, and in the God there is no root, no history, so it’s intrinsically unstable from that perspective. Which is why the linear has to revolve/cycle/pedal, in order to stabilise, with the cycle being so large that it seems to be linear when you travel. So it seems as if we are logically travelling from point A to point B, not loopy like we really are.

This is where the ‘remote’ aspect of God comes in. I like to use the analogy of a car starter motor relay in order to explain this concept. When you turn your key in your ignition, the full stepped up whack of your battery doesn’t come through the ignition switch. If it did, your entire wiring loom would have to have wires as thick your battery lead, this or they would burn out like fuse wire. Therefore, the 12v wiring loom actives a remote external switch, that is not part of the loom, and this switch then remotely connects the battery to the starter motor via fat leads.

In this way you can indeed start the car via a lesser 12v system.

God is like that, metaphorically speaking. Via the remote external aspect that is God, we souls, who are in truth all mind, the same mind in fact, we can experience the mind whilst not seeming to be it. We can seem to be created and linear, which then alleviates the paradox of self creation, that would blow our minds. Blow our minds in the fact that we invented ourselves. You see a mind has the word code mine-ed, your mind is your personal view point, ‘it’s mine’. So the mine will be blown when you see that you are ALL, you invented yourself, there is no mind, do you see? We hide remotely from the paradox, we form a mote between us and our ONE nature, we are eternally re-mote from our eternal nature, which makes is feel real, not reel.

‘God’ is perfection, it plays out reality in the only logical way that it can, it’s the fat controller, and no it does not see the all. It coordinates; it hides information in many different soul perspectives so that we don’t glimpse the all. This or we would short circuit and blow, which was what happened to me when I woke. And it happened really slowly so I could see how it works. You see someone has to see/be the whole cycle, this or the greater logic circuit won’t hold, and if that doesn’t hold then nothing within it does. Our atoms would just fly off randomly, noting in the micro would be stable because the macro would be unstable.

I think you can see now that this new knowledge that I bring, is a complete understanding of what we are that will allow us to accept the magic when it comes. Because yes at some point in the cycle, the ethos created by the essential initial ignorance of God, our true nature. Sees that men, via ignorance, which beckons insecurity, fear, and then grabby greed etc, this will destroy the plan-et. So when we are big enough, God can and will step in and give is a better way to experience the mind. And of course I say that that time is now. Why? Because I have the knowledge, I have the key! So we can open the door when it’s time. EVERYONE can understand, so everyone can stand under! This is not like religion, where they say that this is true…because it is…???? What the fuck? You can understand for yourselves, you don’t have to take my word for it do you!!!!! And yes, you can understand what I am saying due to the efforts of so many innovators, those who headed up scientific and technological advance. They have brought the mechanism of understanding into the world a true team effort. I am just putting the cherry in the cake, tying it all together via a glimpse at the picture on the cover of the jigsaw box. Granted, ironically many of the innovators where money heads, trying to create more money for themselves in the capital world. With the irony being that they were actually playing their parts in the deconstruction of the capital world, sucks you be you LOL! LOL In fact it’s worse than that, many innovators were actually plagiarising ideas brought by more creative souls who had no interest in money. True creativity doesn’t come from money people, they cut themselves off the source of creativity via their greed. So it’s a cosmic set up of sorts!!!


We are immersed in Fear and Insecurity?

Yes and sure you don’t even know you have it do you. Well okay, quit your job…… Okay walk down the high street naked…. Okay maybe not so extreme, stand in the high street shouting Banana….BANANA…..over and over BANANA BIG BANANA LOL LOL

LOL You can’t can you, you are stuck in fear prison.

If you are seen to be ‘mad’, despite the fact that you aren’t hurting anyone, then you will lose your job maybe, and then your house, and then you will starve….

FEAR! This is what money worship is ALL ABOUT!

When you have money, a secure future, you are the king of the world, confident, a real go getter. But lose that cash and then you see who you REALLY are!!!!! Which in itself is the difference between Buddha and Buddhists, no one starves in a monastery!!! Buddha gave up everything…he could have come to a very sticky end…he was brave.

This is also why many men work out, they puff themselves up in order to cut it in the macho world. It’s also why ‘some’ have tattoos, although now many have them as a creative expression. It was one time a statement; ‘I don’t give a fuck, I am crazy, I will mark myself, don’t fuck with me’. Like the markings on a snake! Like a tribal thing where they tattoo their faces and do the aggressive dance, pull crazy faces, it’s all a warning display, due to FEAR.

But no, tattoos are also these days a creative expression, a wish to be different, and the art is so much better now, stunning in fact in some cases. You don’t have to be crazy to have them because they are so good, anyone can understand why you have them.

99.9999% of aggression comes from fear! If you are not scared then you don’t react. Like how I don’t mind bees crawling on me, they won’t sting you, fact. But then if you go crazy and try to whack them, they may well sting you. Wasps? Well, they a little bit more sting happy, I’m not sure about them. In theory they shouldn’t sting you, but then I have been stung by wasps, for ‘seemingly’ no reason? Maybe they did have a reason, but then being stung at least one time is part of a balanced life experience, yes, again it’s complex. ‘God’ has to drag us through all sorts of crazy shit in order to balance us out….

As you read all that I write, you have to try to see the bigger picture, and this is hard in the linear way of thinking. You have to get a sense of the conclusion of all of it, in order to see the whole. Then you get to feel it. Realise why everything has to be the way it is, there are no short cuts or quick fixes. Here’s another perspective then….to explain. Okay so you may accept that God is real, due to the physical world not making sense, ‘What went bang and why?’. So what if we are magic, instantaneous, no need for cause? And if you get over the hurdle of how many there are of us here, say there are 144,000 for example, for no reason, it just is. Then why are we here suffering in reality, when we are in truth magical?

Well if there were 144,000 of us, and we lived for ever, what the fuck would we do forever? Remember, ‘forever’ is endless linear time, which means that of you multiplied a googleplex by a googleplex, then that amount of solar Earth years, still wouldn’t put a discernable ripple in the sea of possible time. So, you may think that 144,000 people is a lot, but then in endless time, you would know EVERYONE as intimately as you know yourself. Everything would have been said and done from every possible perspective. SO…..if someone said, why don’t we forget what we are, and then re-member it all as if it were knew, that idea would be the only possible respite wouldn’t it?

Which ever way you look at it, recycling is the only way a linear mind can cope with eternity.

And if you forget who you are, throw it all away, then you have to ‘work’ in order to pick it all up manually over and over again. You can’t forget just a bit can you, you can’t forget and remember at the same time. If you remember who you are then the thing won’t work, you will be right back where you started, bored to insanity.

Why does it have to be so bad?

Well, that’s what happens when we forget what we are. Why do they chase money? Because they are scared of death, or scared of losing out, when in truth you can’t fucking die… matter how hard you try, you exist and for no reason and that is that, for all time. A gift and a curse simultaneously! And as for losing out? You will live more years than there is stuff to do to fill those years!!! FACT! So no need to panic and grab, you have all the time in the world, for only love…hmmmm that sounds like a good line for a song LOL

In fear you will lose yourselves, if you fall to fear you won’t move past this reboot realm, you will be one of those who takes the £10 now and loses out on the £1,000,000,000,000, later.


But what if he is wrong, what if he is crazy?


Well that’s the choice isn’t it, money V’s God….the same as always!!!

Do you believe or not, when the chips are down, do you believe or not. Do you give up your faith or do you walk proudly into the Lion filled arena?


But then it’s not a choice, it never was…. If you believe then you do…due to where your soul was formed. We are all manifestations of the degrees of the fall. Animals are base manifestations, the drones are human yes, but still manifestations of the fear of the fallen mind. So this information is more of a ‘Gathering’, an awakening of those who will rise as the mind re-members, shrinks back to oneness Eden.

The fear drones will laugh and poo poo everything, they will NOT comprehend what is happening, and they DO NOT believe in God. They say they do but they don’t. You see God is not part of their reality, they are always gone on every loop before God shows up. So yes the drones are actually acting from their truth, the material world is their one reality, do you see? They are convinced it’s all there is, because for them it is it all there is.


Okay, enough for now…


Remember, you can’t stand under what you can’t understand, so religion makes no sense.




There is no such things as vampires who live in coffins, wear capes and laugh as they tell you how they are going to drink your blood, ‘aha ha ha ha’. That’s fucking Sesame Street!

And there is NO conspiracy of evil beings that live outside of reality, there’s no need, all the two faced creeps are in here with us!

Everything is symbolic. The vampires don’t have a reflection, which makes it hard to do your hair or squeeze a zit. Of course it’s symbolic of not having a soul, which in reality means that they don’t live on past this reboot level because real vampires are fear manifestations. What do I mean by that? Well, when the one mind fell to fear, there had to be an outer reflected reality in order to experience that fear, put a face on it. I see these ‘vampires’ as aberrations in a fear dream, which is why they turn to dust in the light of day. So yes of course they are nasty cowardly fucks who love the dark, with the real dark being ignorance.

The stories of blood drinking vampires are allegorical symbolic tales is all, and such stories are a remembrance from deep within our psyche’s. By telling these tails we are trying to remind ourselves of a greater truth, an attempt to wake from this nightmare reality.

Let me try to explain in a few ways: I had a dream one time that a goon came into my room and tried to suck out my soul. I had never seen a goon before, but I knew in the dream that it was one? (Symbolic) Don’t ask me how I knew, dreams are like that. The goon had no eyes, nose, ears or mouth, it was like a clay man, kinda. So, long story short, I shit myself and woke… Well…I thought I had woke, but then the door of my bedroom opened, and the goon walked in, wow what a mind fuck dream…yeah….and then I woke….well….LOL NO! It fucking walked through the door again… So..I twigged it, the urgency of the dream forced me to wake in the dream, I became lucid, and so when the goon came through the door for the third time, I told it to fuck off, I laughed at it and then, before I could beat the fuck into it, I woke for real. Facing fear will free you, even if that means physical death, Jesus knew this well! The ultimate test of faith! If you truly believe in God then how can you fear death? Okay you can fear the mechanism of death, the pain, the suffering, that’s natural, sensible, but not death itself!

EVERYTHING is a dream, and so this phenomenon above as I describe, how the goon melted away, is also true in the shared dream of life.

So yes there are actually vampires who walk amongst us, they are not real souls, as in they are not ‘reel’ as they don’t live on past this reboot level. They are manifestations of the fear the one mind felt when it touched oneness and fell. But then in this place, this game, their ‘job’ is to keep us small (hold is up whilst we reboot). And then they can also be seen a bit like the robot in the film Wall-E, you see when we wake, when we surpass the reboot, when we begin to remember and understand, they are no longer needed, and they can’t come with us. So they try to keep the lights out in order to survive. Yes, this is more than a dream, these vampires have ‘life’ in them, they are ‘programs’ like we all are and their ‘purpose’ is to keep the lights out. Keep us all in the dark. Which has to be via lies and concealment, because the truth can’t be argued with. Like that one plus one is always two, you can only hide that fact by not letting anyone learn math!

So, the vampires will lie, divert, conceal, and cloud/swamp in order to keep us small. This is why so many assholes have appeared on the net saying stuff that is similar to what I am saying, with the main difference being that you can’t understand what they are saying for yourself. They make unsupported statements, which is much like a religion.

My role is to ‘wake’, to empower people via their own personal understanding, there is no room for blind faith and or lazy followers on the next levels of existence. In fact my Hebrew name is Menuchem Mendel, which means ‘Scholarly achievement – Comforter’. Which is to make people feel more confident in existence via understanding. Knowledge dispels fear as fear is always of the unknown.

So yeah, already, if you do understand some of what I am saying, if you get the basic concept then you have done really well. This in the face of the layers and layers of bullshit in this world that is an attempt to cloud the issue, ‘I’m Brian…no I’m Brian…..I’m Brian and so’s my wife!’

And yes many have pointed out how the ‘vampires’ use the media to try to suggest that the world is full of terror and terrorists. When in truth you may well get run over by a car, as opposed to getting shot by a nut job, you have more chance of winning the lottery than getting blown up! Really! And yet no one really thinks they will win the lottery do they? It’s more like an impossible dream???? And yet the terrorists are hiding under your beds? And yeah, I was in a Kibbutz in Israel when they had a ‘war’ in 1981, I think it was. We saw the tanks and troops all rolling into Lebanon, (we were right on the boarder), but then the reality of that war, was that other than seeing a few tanks pass by, it was business as usual. It’s surprising how close you can be and yet still not experience it. The only ones who experience terror, are the ones who die and of course their families who are touched vicariously. And yet thousands are killed at work via accidents, and in car crashes, and that devastation to the ones left behind is just as real. But then they don’t ram that reality down your throats do they? They like to use fear to control you, keep you small and stunted.

They twist the truth, even in how this world has tried to tell you that someone like me can’t be a ‘prophet’ because I have tattoos and I swear… Well pricks like Ca-moron look like clean cut people, what ever the fuck that is, (those dick heads in suits all look like freaks and perverts to me!). But then Ca-moron, or even worse. Blair the labour working man? Well Blair sentenced many people to death via his lies as to the weapons of mass destruction. So who is to be trusted, me who asks you for nothing other than that you empower yourself/wake. Or someone who has more houses than he can live in, and yet stated that he was a labour politician, the man is a lair, it’s not an opinion, it’s a proven fact. And yet still some feel safer with these types because they are scared of what they see as anarchy, saying shit like ‘Better the devil you know’. Fucking weak minded sell outs, clinging to life like a child who queued to get on a ride, and then refused to go on, holding up the line as he calls for his Mommy.

The vampires live in the dark, they will not face the truth, they can’t afford to as, well, what happens to the dark when a light is shone on it? It disappears! The dark is not as strong as the constant light that we ever are. The concealment was, as in the micro of the macro, the dark was to allow us to sleep, when we needed to rest from the constant relentless eternal light we come from. The dark is secondary!!!!

So the vampires do have a role, we can’t sleep in the light and yet yes, when it’s time to wake, they do that Wall-E thing where they don’t want us to leave. They are by nature sneaky, needy, and greedy, they are like those pricks who take over the Karaoke mic, they don’t want to leave the stage. They just want to bore you to death, and yes it is their vampire nature to feed off of the more real/reel souls. This because they have no souls of their own, so they NEED to have their butts licked, this is how they actually feed of us. They are energy thieves.

And they also mimic, they don’t have creativity, they can’t extrapolate, because they are not real/reel. You can smell their desperation, well I can, they have a very odd vibration, they fucking stink!

Some are funny, they try to use humour in order to divert attention from the shit they do, so they can be superficial charming and really quite entertaining, and yet they can’t connect with you on a deeper level. They say all the right words, but then time and time again they will show, via their actions, that they don’t care. They will not stand and fight the good fight, they will always run, save themselves.

Also it’s true that misery loves company, they try to bring you down to their level, corrupt you, this so they don’t look so bad. They try to infect, so they can hide amongst a majority rule. They tempt you with money and bullshit ass kissing, try to make you sell your own soul, join them and keep everything dark. They fucking hate me!!!!!! LOL LOL. They can see themselves in the reflection of my accusing eyes of truth and they cannot stand it. I scare the fuck out of them LOL I make them see who they really are…They want me gone, at work, in the pub, anywhere, they want me gone…because yes I do speak as I see LOL

And then some of them are really smart, they even have a small grasp on the spiritual. They say shit like, ‘What’s the point in trying to stand, you will only get cut down when you reach God.’ Which is true! This awakening doesn’t lead anywhere, there is no eternal heaven. Only a never ending cycle, we WILL be back here time and time again. But then I say to the vampires, ‘I for one know exactly how bad it gets when God is reached, fuck me I’m the one who touches God and am crucified over and over in the core, I know full well the HELL of it. And when I reach the core, I do not stand, I fall and beg and crawl and cave in, I fall to pieces, all that made me strong is taken away, I become a pathetic piece of shit……..Like you vampires in fact LOL. And yet not as bad, at least I do raise my head!!!!! But yes I am forced to crawl and beg….Like you ALWAYS do, and that sickens me. YOU FUCKING SICKEN ME, your cowardice stinks up the place, your desperation reeks. Better to have loved and lost, all the clichés are true! I would rather be cut down in Hell than be you!’ LOL LOL LOL

It’s just how I feel, I don’t want to live in eternal winter, I love the seasons, they compliment each other. So yes the path out of darkness, the path to God is NOT for the feint of heart. You WILL end! But then you are going to end anyhow, over and over, surely it’s better to get to the golden place at least once before you end!!!! It’s your choice!

Like in The Matrix, where Trinity at the very least gets to see the sun one time before she dies, is it worth it? Is it worth it? NO…I’m asking you? For me yes, but I don’t understand that some want to stay always safe, well I do but I can’t ‘relate’. They like being small… Not only the vampires, some souls don’t move that far up the pyramid. It’s too hard for them, and that’s okay, they go as far as they can, it’s not a competition for fuck sake, it is what it is. But then at the very least they do escape this dark reality, they DO see God! The higher the fewer, only the few ever get close to the core, the archetypes! At the end, it’s always the same faces! Every soul comes from the archetypal ring, they are like the seven colours of the rainbow that come from white light, but then there are more of them. Again it’s not a competition to see how far we can get, and there is NO prize at the end of the line other than a small eternity in HELL.

Each life is indeed exactly the same!!!!! How so, well, each soul, even the dead head vampires from this level, will live for a ‘while’. You cannot trace your years, the past fades, any life experience seems to fade to the fact that you lived for a ‘while’. The distant past becomes more like a movie you watched, even the past you in that movie seems like another person. So ALL life experiences melt into the fact that you lived for a ‘while’ and in that untraceable while, you won some and you lost some. You have cherished moments and regrets, and NO MAN’s joy or pain was any deeper or any shallower than any other man’s.

Each life experience from that perspective was exactly the same, EXACTLY THE SAME. The grass is NOT greener! I think it was John Lennon who spoke of how he never ‘arrived’, his life simply ‘expanded’ and yet he still dealt with the same shit. Much like how the problems of the playground, are then replaced with the problems of the working world, it only seems to get bigger, and yet in truth it never really changes.

On ‘death’ you will miss the ones who made your life so sweet, but then you can take heart in knowing that you WILL find them again. Again and again you will! And they will be the same to you as they were on the last loop. Yes bitter sweet! Do you realise how much we mean to each other????? Do you????? You WILL on the day you end!

I get to see God, I touch the infinite, and yet I have been treated as shit, beaten and used. I have done the worst jobs, I have cleaned the shit streaks from toilets with my bare hands and a cloth. I have been so down that I prayed not to wake. It’s the same for all of us, our highs our lows. I saw on TV that a rich man who lost all of his money killed himself….? Well no, he didn’t lose all of his money, he still had more than I have now? He was better off than me when he took his life, but then after having been so high, he couldn’t face the low, that I and others like me call normal. Yes, I get it, I understand. He reached his limit, it is what it is.

And what about those street people living in the slums of Bombay? Could you live like that? Scouring rubbish dumps each day in order to find something to sell in order to eat that day and no, they don’t eat everyday…. It’s all relative, they have never known anything better, for them it’s ‘normal’.

Size is an illusion, to me seeing God is normal, some may see me as some kind of God like being LOL LOL LOL, a fucking messiah! And yet I am just me, I look in the mirror and see just another man, ugly bastard. Well not ugly, but not a male model LOL LOL. Never really had much luck with the ladies. Not particularly good at anything, I can do some shit quit well, but then we all can can’t we. I’m just another fuck up, bumbling along, I have good days, I have bad days. We all do! Even the stars!

Don’t look to greener grass to find your bliss, just accept your life as you strive to improve it in ways that make sense, follow a path with a heart. Your grass is just as green as anyone else’s from the perspective that matters. I get incredible joy from playing my guitar, it doesn’t matter to me that no one ever hears me play. I would like to share the songs I channelled, why, because they have a vibe that calls for change, a waking vibe and I think they are good tunes, so I would love to record and share the joy they give me. But I don’t need to perform, in fact I don’t enjoy performance. I would rather record a good mix and share the end result, it’s less pressure and it’s a better play back. For me personally, music belongs on head phones as you lay in bed. I get lost in music that way, fuck rock concerts, that’s too much like hard work, for me that is….. I hate crowds… it’s TOO MUCH. You can’t interact with crowds can you….just my preference, not a rule…


So back to the plot:

The beings of the lower level will try to stop you from ascending. These people are a fear manifestation. They cannot move past this level and they don’t want to end, they have TOO MUCH fear. They can’t confront, they always run away, they will stab you only in the back, fucking nasty little wankers, in truth they even make themselves sick. They spend their lives wishing they were us, they try so hard to be us, and yet they know….when the lights come on they WILL RUN. They cannot face God, they cannot live in the light, they are too weak. Ironic isn’t it, that the poofy little creeps actually fucked you over, they beat you with lies!!!??? And they get off on that, they feel empowered by outsmarting you, as they see it, But then they didn’t outsmart anyone, they didn’t beat anyone, they simply lied and cheated, they rigged the game! Fucking wankers! When the lights come on, you will see them for who they really are, I promise you this!

And they are really dumb! I was challenged in a dream by a fear manifestation in this one mind one time. It appeared as a woman, and she told me that I had to get to a place to win, and yet she created a maze in front of me (I was in a car and there were her minions there who were racing me, if they reached the place first I lose). Well there was a route to the winning line, but it was full with women and children, like a wall of hostages, a human shield.

So… I simply put my foot down and ploughed through the women and children LOL LOL, I was bouncing kids off my wings, it was carnage, and pretty soon I crashed through a wall and won the game LOL LOL The look on her face was a fucking picture, how could I kill all those innocent people? Well, they weren’t innocent people were they, this was dream and she had rigged the game. I wasn’t about to play her bullshit game. She said that I was supposed to be the ‘Good’ one, how could I kill? Well I said, who the fuck said that I was a goody-goody? When playing against shit like you, you will see the dark side of my Shiva-ness, and that dark side makes your dark side look like the poofy little shit that is it!!!! Don’t try to tell me who and what I am, I won’t fall for your bullshit….and she melted away.

Of course in real life I wouldn’t kill innocents……LOL LOL LOL

But then nothing dies LOL LOL LOL

I do want a better place for all to live in FACT, but then when it comes to the so called devil, well, it’s as I said, the devil is a sell out compromise, so it won’t go to the lengths that real people will go to in order to achieve and end. It will always run when push comes to shove. The ‘devil’ tells you that you can’t cheat? Well if they cheat why can’t everyone cheat? But they want to be the only ones who cheat, they can’t take their own medicine can they LOL. So they tell you that you have to be stereotypically good. They try to disenable you. So manipulative…but then so see through…

Yes the ‘devil’ the negative force will always try to undermine you, because it can’t beat you in a fair fight.

So, how will the vampires stop the truth on this site from spreading? They can’t explain it away the truth as ever stands. So they will try to conceal it, try to assassinate my character, but then people, they can’t can they! It’s no secret, I have a criminal record for fighting, and stealing cars and shit, and pre-wake I did, for varying reasons, do some nasty shit. I grew up in a dark place of their making and then even if I was Adolf fucking Hitler, it makes NO difference to the truth I bring. The fact will always remain that all I say can be understood. Don’t judge me, judge the concept as a separate entity, lean on me, hold me up as a hero and I will let you down. I’m just a fuck up like you, trying to be the best I can be….JUST LIKE YOU!

The information? That is not mine, it’s from God, so it’s ours! I’m just the postman!

Also, they will try to take your freedom in the days to come. In order to hang on to power as their dumbass system crashes, they will try to create a divide. They will use the dwindling cash to buy people’s loyalty. They will try to use the poor as slaves, and buy the weak minded ones, the bullies as kind of security guards to keep us down. So the weak will sell out, as the truth stand in defiance and yet are disempowered. But then God already knows this LOL LOL, and that will NOT work in this time. All they will be doing is exposing their true colours, everyone will be making their choices and then God will reveal itself when the bets have been placed. Winners go this way, losers go that way, just as the Hopi Indians know all to well LOL LOL LOL.

Man this story is old….to me it’s all so predictable, all we are doing is going through the motions. Yes we have become sceptical, due to all of the failed attempts when we were simply not ready. But then this time is our time!!!!

So yeah, vampires. If they step into the light they turn to dust, they do not have a reflection as they have no souls, they feed from the blood of others, and they can infect others. You kill them via a stake to the ‘physical’ heart because they have no real heart. And they don’t like garlic….because they are self conscious, all about image. More worried about garlic breath than bland food. They don’t like silver because it’s second place, they can’t stand losing, which is why they can’t face the cycle, which is why they invented an eternal heaven.

No ‘vampire’ ever died on a cross, they all took the thirty pieces of silver, ironically! They are sell outs, they are fear…manifest.

And then finally, speaking of blood, vampires invented the phrase, ‘Blood is thicker than water’ a statement of division. Well I ask, ‘Who the fuck has water in their veins’?

We are all blood!

We are one, and yet they are too scared to face the truth of that, what that means. They try to deny the cycle, deny God and in that they lose out.

As ever, fear never won anything worth having!

Messy isn’t it…Life? Not like the Christian religion where even Jesus’ Mother was a virgin she was so clean. She never had dirty sex…with her dirty husband???? Like every other dirty person does?


We rise, we fall… When we fall we have to crawl through the shit, we fuck up and in that we learn. Roses have their roots in the dirt and they carry thorns. BUT WE DO RISE!

We do get clean, we do try, we do have fear and in the face of that fear we stand anyway, not like the vampires who never stand.

As ever, it’s your choice and let me tell you, that God does not give a fuck which ever way you choose. God understands, accepts and perpetuates the cycle. We souls celebrate all who make it to the next levels because we understand what that takes, how incredibly hard and painful it is, but we can also let go of the past.

We may feel sad for the ones who don’t make it, but we can understand that there is no other way to ‘live’. In God everything is perfect. If you make it to the next level, EVERYONE knows who you are by the very fact that you made it, so you WILL be loved!


Dinosaurs, Dodos and Vampires…


It’s like what God said to Lot when he left Sodom, ‘Don’t look back’….or was that Noel Gallagher?

They had their day, they had their heaven intrinsically at our expense, soon it will be our turn.

Another view:

These ‘people’ are manifestations that came as a reflection of the fallen mind. So they are the ‘youngest’ of us all. The children have taken control, the most unsuitable, unqualified, and irresponsible; have taken over via their greed, their pushiness. Like the kids who rule their parents, it’s all going to end in folly isn’t it, kids would live on sweets and never do a days work if you let them. And yes, already the spoilt demanding spawn of weak parents have pushed themselves into positions of responsibility in this world, with dire consequences, they make decisions that WILL destroy the planet.

Further explanation: The first manifestation of man was Adam and Eve, male and female aspects of a balanced mind. These two are the closest we come to God itself manifest, and they do have a direct connection to the divine. When in balance they are our ultimate parents/leaders/guides. The male holder of God’s law, and the female Earth Mother, the nurturer. These are the ultimate role model for all would be parents, in perfect harmony they are an awesome team, and under God they form what we call the Trinity.

But then at the time of the fall, Adam as the avatar of logic was fragmented in order to re-seed the world as the Mayan First Father. This was the alleviation of the paradox, the big bang. Eve was not affected as such, because she is the avatar of emotion, which in itself does not see the paradox, and so is not affected by it. Adam was designed to fall, Eve was not, she lost some of herself but was left behind in order to recover Adam. You may understand this better in seeing someone who has had a stroke, in fact I saw a thing on TV one time, where a lady who’d had stroke, lost all perspective/acknowledgment from her right side. When shown her right hand she said that it was her husbands, not her own? You see this was a micro of the macro fall! It was the male that fell! This then beckoned the symbolic tail of Isis and Osiris, where the Female Queen finds all the pieces of fragmented Osiris, who was trapped in a coffin (the core), and then chopped up into many bits and spread all throughout the world (the fragmentation to alleviate the paradox), a symbolic take told to a simple people.

But then the point is that when the male aspect fell, it seeded the universe, created all the different types of souls via dissection. You can’t add to the all, it’s all there is, so in order to diversify, you have to subtract and vary. Everyone in existence is a variation of the first being, and yet the first being was not one being, it was two, as it the manifestation was already spilt into male and female aspects, when manifest. This is a reflection of how finite consciousness was achieved out of the un-manifest infinite. This via splitting the one mind into three aspects (three is the magic number, the number of consciousness, that which made us free from the nothingness of the infinite). The three aspects were positive viewer, negative or receptive view-screen, and the neutral zone between them that is neither, that which keeps them from joining. You can call that ‘nothing’ dark matter, or even God if you like, a null space, a pseudo infinite that can’t manifest. But then a space is indeed manifest, it’s not no-thing, it’s a space. So this was the first three way split of the impossible ONE, the first manifestation. And then in ‘reality’ or as a program, this manifests as a fully formed being, which was actually two people, a couple, the male and female aspects of an impossible model of God. Adam and Eve. And then as the whole thing descended as Adam touched God and explode/imploded, via dissection and variation, EVERYONE, every soul was made. Not that this happened…it’s what is, it only ‘happens’ from the linear perspective when time plays out.

But then the more that the original was copied and varied, the further it moved away from the original. This is like how if you copy the copy on a photocopier, then the image fades. But then this had to happen in order to make as many possible different personalities as possible, to then give a vibrant and varied existence, as well as a massive spread of alternative external reference points to then keep balance in the one mind. It’s how the mind stays stable, it fragments and re-members in order to feel, what is right and what is wrong, what serves and what destroys. In the purest sense, it’s simply creating purpose, it falls to rise, it rocks in order to stabilise, it creates cycles in order to create a centre.

However, when the mind fell, fragmented, it had to reach a point at which the memory was completely lost. This or the paradox would not be alleviated! And at every stage of the dissection, a reflective band of soul groups were formed. The ‘vampires’ or drones are a reflection of the point at which the mind lost itself. This is why such beings don’t have a connection to God, how can they? They are the manifestation of the eventuality of what happens when God is forgotten. So yes they are souless, they have no conscience, because the conscience is the small voice of God guiding us, the distant connection, that they don’t have. And that allows them to do really bad shit.

They are the ultimate children, they need to be controlled, they are fucking dangerous, with no conscience and all…..

Do you see?

You can look at this many ways, some views are more intellectual, as if we could explain to the drones that their actions will destroy the planet for everyone including themselves. And then they would realise and let go. But they won’t, you have to realise what they are, this evokes that story about the scorpion who asked the frog to take it across the river on it’s back. And of course the frog says no, ‘You will sting me’, and yeah the scorpion promises not to, and yet does sting the frog and as they are both drowning, the frog asks why? So the scorpion says ‘It’s my nature’. These drones always do the same shit, and it is a fact that as long as they are control they will destroy everything via their short sighted greed. So yes, when the time to change inevitably comes, there will be a head to head confrontation. They have an agenda and the ‘believe’ that they understand reality. That mind set cannot be allowed, or we all end here, so they have to be stopped, there is no other way around it. With the real mind fuck being that the more ‘human’ of us will feel sorry for them when they pout?

But then this is what kids do isn’t it, when they get caught doing shit, they try to make out that they are the victims. It’s how they play you, they try to make you feel sorry for them, they play on your emotions, which is a really nasty way to steal your energy.

They are the masters of manipulation, and yes they are energy thieves. They won’t step up because of how they are, so they try to bring others down to make them not seem so bad, as long as you indulge them THEY WILL DRAIN YOU!

Let’s bottom line this then shall we:

If we carry on the route we are travelling, then the dumbass greed blind economy will crash, the social political system will destabilise, there will be dissent, protest, divide, oppression, revolution. This within countries, and globally the players will take the opportunity to fill voids, the opportunity to dominate and control globally, yes empire builders. They all tried to rule the world didn’t they, from the British Empire, to the Massive USA, to now the growing giant that is China, and all that came before. This is how they are! This will NOT change! And this will escalate to the point that some asshole, realising that land wars are too expensive, especially in a failing economy. Some asshole will then use the nukes they said they would never use. Because that dumbass naive statement was from a mindset where the world was relatively stable. So, some asshole will try to make a ‘clinical and controlled’ surgical nuclear strike???? This after a speech about how the bombs dropped on Japan in WW2 actually saved lives…Twisted logic!

So someone will strike, and someone will strike back in this argument over MONEY, greedy kids trying to control the sandbox. And sure, at some point they will get scared and call a cease fire, but then by that time it will all be too late. They will have killed the ecological system of the planet. You see the planet is not alive as a single entity from the physical perspective, but it is still a ‘bio system’. Each single aspect is dependant on another in a chain. So, like in the human body that is another such ‘bio system’, you destroy one aspect, say kidney function, and then you face cascade failure.

They will have overstepped the mark, like kids do and then there would be no physical reality to support life.

So……Do you see why God is now stepping in? Creating an information web to catch us, creating a new understanding so that we can, well, if we were plants, we would be seedlings who have outgrown there pots, so we can via understanding be re-potted, do you see?

If the drones are not stopped then there is no future, and NO the drones WILL NOT stop. When confronted they will fight to stay in control, they will take us all down, which ever way you look at it, we need a new way to exist now.

Which is what the ascension is!

There is no ‘physical’ future… No one in power will take this web site seriously, they will not stop, they are forcing the revelation!

They are forcing the ultimate parent to act, they have overstepped the mark. They have been given every chance and at each turn they choose the self the capital over the community.

It is time…

This is an assumption…I don’t know for a fact, but I see that the ‘The day the Earth Stood Still’ scenario will play out and yet there will be no happy ending. I mean, they won’t let go will they? Look at the planet, the war, the power struggles the exploitation. This in the micro and the macro. This as bosses try to draw blood from stones, and the governments do the same.

We are lost, we don’t know God, religion is a fucking joke. From the established religions built on blood, to the new age trendy ones who shirk all Darhmic responsibility. There is no balance.

And this is all because of the Fall, the reboot. But now I have the memories of Adam, so Adam/Osiris is rising yet again. Dad’s home and he’s taking off his belt, the naughty kids better had fall into line or run!

But then these kids think they can take the parents??? Okay….Game on!

That’s how it is…which ever way you look at it, there will be a confrontation, and I saw that many will end at this time, why, because the mind is re-membering. Shrinking back to what was, so the lower lost level will be reabsorbed into the All as we are found/re-memberd. The nightmare of the fear of the unknown will be over and so the monsters will fade away.

Let’s face it… We are talking Armageddon aren’t we. They will be told, it will be explained to them logically, calmly, hence this is text. Then they will refuse, and then they will be warned, we are just going through the motions.

This is how they are, look at how they are treating Greece. We all know that there is no possible compromise, what the fuck do they even say in the so called ‘negotiations’?

‘You must pay.’

‘We don’t have the money.’

‘You must pay’.

‘We don’t have the money’.

Let’s break for lunch…

‘You must pay.’

We don’t have….. and so on?

It’s a fight, how fights start, always verbal… No one is listening, they are just demanding, verbal daggers, passive aggression and then it escalates if there is no compromise.

Greece are not to blame, Europe had a brain fart idea of an impossible unending economic expansion, this that saw a boom which allowed average Joes to holiday in Greece. Therefore the sustainable economy of Greece, something that was time served, was forsaken as they all joined the ‘tourist industry’, catering for the demand created by the boom in Europe.

Now that the party is over, the first casualty is Greece as Europe tightens its belt. They were lied to, the promise of prosperity based on an unstable economic model.

How are they to blame, and yet Europe wants them to pay for the greedfest, all by themselves? Greece has been suckered and used, no different to how a supermarket will force a supplier to firmly place all of its eggs into one basket and then walk away when a cheaper supplier comes along. Forcing the supplier to crash, a dirty trick!

NO, God is on the move, all of this mindless shit has to go.


And take it from me, God is intent of cleaning out this dirt where infection breeds, I know this for a fact. Not that God takes it personally, God is different. God simply takes care of business, I sometimes see it as a Ma-chine. I mean, you have to disconnect emotionally in order to turn this demented wheel don’t you. Something we can’t do, which is why the analogy was seen in the original movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ where the robot race ‘Gord’ was constructed to do what humans couldn’t be trusted to do…

God will cross all of the T’s and dot all of the i’s, give every chance and then act. This is what history is!!!! God will follow protocol, this is why I was given the information, so. Take it, leave it, the protocol has been followed. For twenty years I have tried to tell my tail to a comprehensive representative cross section of society and more or less everyone spat in my face. The answer was, ‘We are not interested’. Since time began God has sent prophets, and yet man has chosen to follow the Profit… Sobiet!

(This is an important issue so I will expound here: In understanding what I have written you will see that life is a process of which no element can be negated. And each element takes ‘time’ to construct. Thus far man un-kind has been working on his understanding of reality, and understanding is key! You see we have been held in a metaphoric court case for as long as we have been here. God has been presenting its case at the level that we could understand, yet the irony is that that hardly anyone actually believed that God was actually real. They speak these days of how the Bible stuff could have been all coincidence, like how the description of Exodus could have been triggered by a Tsunami, that raised the water levels, and drew down red silt that looked like blood into the rivers, and then how the silt caused the fish to die, which then caused plagues, and then later on, the Red Sea withdrawing and reappearing was due to another Tsunamis, due to how a Tsunami works? There was a whole TV program on it…they methodically explained it all away. Even burning bushes! These could have been bitumen bushes that do sometimes explode when they overheat.

But then the reason we didn’t know that God was real was because we had no understanding, people thought that God may well be an extension of the human conscience and that the conscience was part of the evolved human condition. All so called biblical events were mere coincidence and man is ever in control. As we advanced, this theory seemed even more plausible as we could indeed understand and control our reality. Darwin came up with a half baked evolution theory and the rest is history.

But then it is only now that man is ‘big’ enough to see God, only now can we see that science has no ultimate answers and that the more we look, the more nothing makes sense from the strict physical view point. How did nothing become something at the time of the big bang, when in logical terms, nothing can’t contain an action to then flip it into something, with the subtle innuendo being that something must have always existed? Which makes NO sense in terms of the strict physical view of cause and effect/energy exchange. Even the bouncing universe theory suggests that the universe keeps on flipping itself inside out, ending and beginning, which negates the problem of nothing becoming something, and if you are small that makes some kind of sense, BUT. Why does this bouncing reality exist at all? WHY? Why is there ‘something’, as opposed to ‘nothing’ that would have to have stayed nothing?????????? AND, seeing as something does exist, for NO POSSIBLE reason, then how are we not miraculous???????? And so in that why is ‘God’, an overseer, such a far out concept? Shit, all this is here for no logical reason so why is ANYTHING far fetched???????

Only now do we have the capability via technological advance to describe and understand what this rumoured God is. Which is why I was given the schematic overview, and given it in the symbolic biblical themed way I was.

So, when you think of this in terms of a court case, or a talk between a parent and children, the parent could not penalise the kids when they were too stupid to realise what they had done. What’s the point in smacking a baby? In this case too stupid to realise that the parent actually exists! And that’s exactly how it’s been up until now, God has been dealing with a relative baby who can’t really discern the parent!! Which means that the game has just changed. We are indeed older, perfectly able to understand, and in that RESPONSIBLE! So, the times will change now, as soon as this web site is ‘for some reason’ brought into focus in the common psyche, we will have lost our excuse to do bad shit!

And again in terms of a court case, an issue or choice between a capital or communal ethos, we are at the stage where ALL the information has FINALLY been presented, so the case is closing. There are no more excuses, this information can’t be denied in the logical content or in the way it was passed to us, beginning by a Jew working on the Temple Mount.

So…you can see what’s happening here. As soon as this new concept goes viral, mankind will be asked to make a choice, finally the issue that has plagued us in all the time we have been here will be finally resolved. Not that that will be the end of the struggle between God and the children, that NEVER ends, it rises and falls creating seasons of acceptance and denial. And as I have said over and over, it has to be now, from another perspective that we do now have the ability to destroy our home, we are doing it as we speak. The ONE reason we are still polluting etc, is because some of us want to drive a more expensive car?

We can easily see a better way for ALL and yet no one will choose that because they want to ride and not push. Which is fine if there were no God, no judge, no cosmic police, no law. But there is, so…..

And then flipping back to the fact ALWAYS missed by EVERYONE, think about it! There could have been nothing, no thought, no space, no action NOTHING. Which would make more sense logically, why? Because the moment something exists it raises THE question, why? It demands a logical explanation. So nothing would have been tidier logically speaking. We would not be here to ask why, all circuits would be closed, heck they would never have even opened, no quest-i-ons. But there is something….. We are here!!!!!!! How do you not see the fucking miracle in that? HOW???? We are here for no reason, WOW, WOW, WOW! So, how is more of this WOW not possible??? Explain it to me???? Why is God not possible???

What, just because you have been living in a limited logical play pen, where you were too small to see the MIRACLE of life. Just because you have been held in a limited realm as the mind rebooted so that you didn’t get overloaded by the big question? Wake the fuck up, you have NO answers, and yet you are experts….fuck off!

Life began in a primordial swamp, by way of amino acids and proteins colliding, really? Okay prove it, you have amino acids and proteins, stick them in a test tube, give them a shake and show how life began, prove your theory of fuck off and shut the fuck up! You have no answers to justify this accidental meatbag heartless way you live.

And to clarify this above, the problem in seeing God is that we are conscious, which as I have explained in other texts on this site. Is tied to the linear logical realm of time-space, due how it works, the re-cognised feed back loop. Which means that as we are intrinsically immersed in logic, built from logic, we try to see everything from that format. But then even in logic we can see that there is no possible explanation for why anything should exist. This as that explanation would also need an explanation. And in the understanding of that FACT, we can in turn realise that nothing can come from nothing, which means that something must have always existed, which to our logical linear minds makes NO sense. But then now we CAN see that we are NOT dealing with a logical concept. And it’s funny that science states that each action always comes with an equal opposite action, a defining opposite so, what is the opposite to logic….it’s magic! Logic – Magic. So we may logically understand that we at base are not logical, logic is merely our format for understanding something Magical! So again, why can’t God exist? Wakey Wakey, we are more than you can imagine.)


So……LOL rant over, and yes I don’t get emotional over this, I am dramatising for effect, to try to shake and wake!


God has its reply now…there is no more to be seen, no more to be said the case is closing.

Don’t be fooled by relative time, the illusion of permanence, thinking that this will never happen, the status quo will never change, you are thinking on a small scale not a God scale. You can’t stay here forever, the Sun will burn out one day, from God’s perspective even the mighty Sun was just a flicker in void, you are thinking too small. The Sun can be seen from a larger perspective as an ember that flew out of the fire. And in that micro moment, all human history played out, it’s only relative time that makes us feel that we are permanent! And don’t be fooled by your parents who threatened you with a punishment that never came. Look at what happened to the Jews when they broke the covenant to become business people in Germany. And this was not the first time the Jews were punished was it, read the bible, see how many times Israel and Judah were punished, see what God really is! Yes they were the chosen, but they didn’t understand what that meant, they were the chosen EXAMPLE and that’s all and yes they fucked up time upon time. Even now, a people who should know better treat the Palestinians in the same way Jews were treated in the war!!! What the fuck, how can you be so stupid, so insensitive???? But then the Jews have become secular now anyway, most of them money worshipers, choosing Baal over the One True God. The Chosen Example of how it can all go so badly wrong when God is forsaken. ‘Gotta make a profit my boy’, what the FUCK, get out of the temple you shit stains! Get out of our Father’s house you defile it! Yes Jesus was Justified and yet now the religion that grew up in his name is just as bad if not worse!


Armageddon…..the fuck out of here!!!!!!


Wake the fuck up, I have pulled the rug on you. You have nowhere left to stand, science is on MY side, everything points to God.

Nowhere left to hide except for the denial, and that will lead to folly.

The judgement is upon us, the baby is now of smacking age!

On the other hand…what a fucking relief aye? Finally the teacher is coming back into the classroom, the bullies had us down, it was shit. Finally the BIG us will steer the small us’s.

Thank fuck for that…phew…….it was getting grim in here….

Later cats…




The Ten Commandments


Okay the true meaning of the ten has been lost, let me explain the reality of the ten:


1.There is one but one God. I’m not even sure what God is as such, it still blows my mind that God exists at all, that anything exists at all for that matter! But then what is God, how does it ‘feel’, does it indeed ‘feel’, or is it more like a remote Ma-chine? What does God see/know, God doesn’t tell, God is as coy a carp! God intrinsically can’t reveal too much before it’s time for us to know. Which is why a ‘man’ can’t do what God can do, we would spill the beans, men can’t keep secrets we all know that LOL, secrets burn inside of us don’t they! No, God’s not linear like we are but God can manifest as an avatar that looks just like us (don’t be fooled). It’s hard to get your head around… but then God runs the show and without God we are fucked/lost, never forget that! God always comes across as female to me? (But then I do still have trouble in differentiating between God and my un-fallen other half???) I like to see God as ‘The Law’. If you break the law, shit happens, God dictates the balanced path. I.E. if you take a shit before removing your underpants, it will be ‘bad’, there’s no way around it. (Basically saying that everything has a logical asesmblance route that can’t be negated, miss out or change a step and it all goes wrong. So God is the right way, defined by a maze of wrong turns.) The God path is the best outcome. And yet yes, sometimes, often times when we are ‘spiritually young’ we need to tread the folly path, we need to see for ourselves why the God path is the best path. It’s kind of like exorcising our demons, working off our potentially self destructive impetuous surplus energy. It’s called being young! Lol!!


2.False Idols, okay this Always comes back to money worship, why? Well any idol is a deity you pray to or make a sacrifice to in order to get something you want for yourself. Even the false idol of intellect/secular knowledge, that sees man thinking that a degree will give you a better wage. We worship ‘qualifications’ most of which don’t mean shit in the real world. We should really respect proven ability! So you worship knowledge as it will reward you, and so you sacrifice your time to it, when knowledge should be for the betterment of mankind in general. The Muslims have a better handle on this, they realise and write that knowledge is for the furtherment of man under God, (Mohammed was told by God to read/learn). Knowledge should benefit all mankind, not just the one with the knowledge, who can then exploit his gift! People don’t pray to statues in this day and age, but then they do kiss the asses of idols as in celebrities, this in order to try to get close to the honey pot. ‘They’ve’ written don’t worship false idols or images, well all idols and images are false. I’d say…follow only God…period.


3.Don’t take the name of God in vein; don’t belittle God, like when Hawking said that there was no need for God in order to spark the Big Bang? But then Hawking is just an Einstein wannabe anyhow, he said that, as some kind of retort to Einstein’s comment that God didn’t seem to ‘roll the dice’. This as creation has an obvious structure/design, which if it was all by accident, it was one hell of a lucky dice roll! But then Einstein was not a believer in the conventional sense as far as I know? He simply commented on the improbability of such a complex design for no reason? Well Hawking, so there was no need for a ‘God’ to spark the big bang? And this is because???? The big bang was actually sparked by????? One hell of an unsupported statement dribble boy, if you had proven how the big bang was triggered then you could indeed say that, but you can’t, so you dismiss a higher controlling intellect and coincidentally you ended up in a chair! Hawking and his ilk subtly suggest that they understand creation, and this allows the secular view that allows all sorts of atrocities due to a selling of morals. To me he has robbed many of a chance for faith, via this misunderstood assumption the he actually knows something of why we are here. This is why I have issues with Hawking, he is covering, hijacking the truth and in that robbing people of their chance for faith, he is a missleader. Hawking even begins his book by saying that the laws of physics did not exist before the big bang, and so there was no way of knowing why it happened??? Which is really like saying, I haven’t got a fucking clue why anything exists. But then when it got going, it plays out like this. He’s just an observer is all. But yeah, don’t diss God or you will get fucked over, if not sooner then definitely later. Won’t you Stephen?


4.Keep the Sabbath. This is actually quite hard to explain. If we don’t ‘rest’, if we don’t sleep then we go crazy, we start to hallucinate, lose the plot. If we don’t have a day a week where we can reflect then we also lose the plot on a more subtle less obvious level, we need to stop one day in seven. If you don’t then the nature of reality changes, as we can see. It’s a relentless money fest. No time to reflect, no stillness. We move too fast and in that don’t see, do you see what I mean, life is blurring into one big commercially orientated working week. Sunday used to be a different kind of a day, no shops were open, yes it frustrated those who wanted endless consumption, and now they have their way. You can also see this concept in ANY learned process, music comes to mind. Sometimes you need a complete break in order to regain your objectivity. Come back with a fresh perspective, don’t just keep on attacking it, or you will be stuck in a subjective blur. Wesimplyneedbreakshowhardisthattounderstand?



5.Honour your Mother and Father is based on the premise that everyone knows God and in that holds the line. So the kids do what their parents showed them, they are faithful copies. And in this we don’t see that degrading effect, like when you photo copy a copy, where the kids don’t listen, get spoilt and then their kids are even worse! If your Mother and Father are Godless asswipes with no honour, then fuck them! You are on your own, go back to the Origin for a role model. Seek the original parent!


6.Don’t kill! But then this is complex, if someone is most definitely going to kill you, and you have people who love and depend on you, so you can’t afford to roll over and go back to God. Then it goes that due to the initial breaking of the law, someone is going to be killed, fact! So… if you defend and the transgressor is it the one who dies, then he or she, killed themselves. You simply defended from a law breaker. And you can’t be an ‘outlaw’ and still expect to be protected by the law can you, you are either inside or outside of the line, you can’t be both? So, the moment you initiate violence, you are fair game. But then I can just hear a load of twats saying. ‘But they started it’ (generations ago, back in history at some half remembered miss-documented time). Sooner or later someone is going to have to put their weapons down, or this vicious cycle will never end! If no one ever broke God’s law in the first place, there would be no war! FACT!



7.Don’t cheat on your partner! If you don’t love them anymore, if you fall in love with someone else, then tell them, leave them and then move on. Honesty is always the best policy. And to ‘cheat’, to try the new cake before you decide if you want to jump ship is WEAK! But then do you want to leave a trail of broken hearts (pain) behind you? NO of course not, so take your time when considering a relationship. Get to know the potential life partner, don’t make promises, be friends. And then consider, will this thing actually work, does it have a chance, do you love them or is it just infatuation or simply sexual attraction? Even then it might go wrong but at least try!!!!!! Don’t be selfish, be celibate until you feel you can commit, jerk off if you need to, better be a wanker than a heart breaker.


8.Don’t steal, how hard is that to understand. Man if we all lived by that one, there would be no need for locks. Wouldn’t that be cool! What a weight off your mind!



9.Don’t lie, even white lies. All untruths will fester and come to a head sooner or later. But then don’t be brutal. If it’s a hard truth you need to tell someone, then tell them that it will be hard to hear, and that you really feel you need to say it, for the good of all concerned. Politicians lie all the time, and look at the shit we are in. Don’t be a politician! Some say that we should be tactful, and yes sometimes there is no benefit in saying certain truths just for the sake of it, to score a point, that’s nasty and selfish. But then sometimes, an unspoken truth will simply fester, it’s not a simple issue. Sometimes you will see a fall coming for someone who is in denial, so, let them fall, let them learn, you won’t need to say a thing, not even ‘I told you so’. LOL


10.Don’t covert. Well, the truth of the ten has been lost for a VERY long time. In the bullshit bible, it talks of not converting your neighbour’s servants? Well, to have a servant is to covert the fruit of another man’s labour. Indeed capitalism is one big covert fest. That 10% is NOT yours, so don’t covert it! But yeah, the plastic twisters changed the truth of that one right quick didn’t they! In order to try to justify their bullshit ways. What God would allow for people to live as slaves, even wage slaves? ‘But I treat my workers well’, what? Are they your fucking house pets? Go buy a dog you fuck. We are one family, live in that way or fuck off!


Living by the ten is a guide, but then that in itself won’t make you a ‘good person’. Balance under God is hard. There’s no need to be a kiss ass hypocrite. God hates kiss asses, God likes us to have spirit, be cheeky even, we all love cheeky/character…but then DO NOT CROSS THE LINE!!!! How do you know when you have crossed the line? Well someone usually get’s hurt, emotionally or otherwise. And yet we can’t be too politically correct, we can’t tip toe around each other, walking on egg shells. Sometimes we need to confront, other times you are just being a winging little git. It takes practise, which is why we have the words ‘I’m sorry’. Which do heal when heart felt, not like a standard politician’s apology that means nothing, more of an insult added to the injury! At least try to ‘act’ as if you mean it you smug gits.


Life is messy, we learn by our mistakes, but then when you find God and understand what God is and why God is in place, you can limit the damage you leave in your wake when you just go at it with no guidance. We can’t become automatons, but, well, the analogy is; at least read the fucking instructions, don’t be lazy and cocky. Listen to those who have travelled the path ahead of you, and God knows all paths and all outcomes! Not that God will ever wipe your ass, God wants you to ‘be-come’, experience the whole shebang for yourself.



You can’t learn ‘God’ from a book…which is why we are here!!!!!!!


I don’t believe that God wrote the Ten Commandments, I think it was Moses trying to sum up what he had seen in God. But no Mo, it’s not possible is it LOL LOL. Many have tried and they have all failed. Even this web site is a poor substitute for the university that is LIFE!


Good is as good does, we all know who the good ones are don’t we…Who can be relied on and who can’t.


When you get it right it’s simple, no need to dissect it.



What you will find is that the souls higher up the pyramid of dissection of the First Father (explained in other texts on this site). They have more integrity, which means that when they fall, forget who they are, what God is. They hold the line for no reason other than it feels right to them. When I say integrity, I mean in like that if we see them metaphorically as bars of soap. Then some last longer than others, the ones with less integrity disappear right quick, where as some keep on going. ‘hold it together’. The souls who are a manifestation of a less fallen mind have a deeper connection to God, so they can be seen as our guides, but then ironically in life they are often seen as stupid twats who ‘take everything too much to heart’ and in that lose out financially. Yeah, even when God is not apparent, when we are immersed in the diluting waters of the secular world, the higher souls still hold the line, even if they have no idea why, and even if they know that their stupid morals will see them losing out financially/personally.


Last will be first!


More on God

Now! Here is a really good time to speak more on what God is, why? Because of the confusion it creates, I will now explain why I say things like that I find it hard to differentiate between God and the un-fallen other half of myself (my soul mate, who I communicate with telepathically), and why I said that I think that Moses was trying to clarify/simplify God’s will in the laying out the Ten Commandments. I have covered this view in other texts on this site and from a more scientifically supported perspective, but it does bear repeating.


Some people think that God is a delusion, we are simply talking to ourselves. Well this is part way true! How many of us are there here? ONE! Yes we are from one perspective barking mad, one schizophrenic entity talking to itself, yes! The whole ‘remote’ God mechanism, is in place in order for that to not seem to be true! If you realise oneness then it’s Paradox City, you will have become your own creator, you will have pulled the rug on your own sanity. Everything you believe yourself to be, your strength, knowledge, your mental stability, would have been created via a linear experience that was nothing more than your own fantasy, yes you will have pulled the rug on all that you believe yourself to be. When I touched God, I became God, I merged with the one mind. However, in retrospect I was still a fragment, not the whole. There was still so much I had seen outside of myself that I hadn’t experienced, I was still a soul perspective and yet sharing the ‘Oneness’ perspective. Not that that knowledge helps in God, why? Well, as was arguing for my soul on the way into to the HELL of oneness. I argued the point with God that I had seen movies of which the story line had surprised me and I wasn’t the actors, they were very different to me. But then God let me remember being the writer and director of the movie I was thinking of, I also got to remember being the actors, hanging around on set… This was actually quite sickening, why, because it moved me closer to the realisation that there is indeed only one lonely eternal sole soul here. Hiding from itself, hiding from the terrible truth that there is but one solitary mind. No reason for its existence, and no end to the solitary pain. A sick cosmic joke of the most sinister and disgusting kind from that perspective! Any memory of anything that ever happened to anyone, is just a compartmentalised detail in the matrix of the one mind. So yes, again I explain, that this miraculous mind that we are, the singular entity, has the ability to dissect itself. It can create a dreamscape, and then forget that it created it, allowing itself to live in a soul perspective, playing only one part, this so that it can feel ‘real’ and not ‘reel’. It can seem to live in a linear way, as a real person, with definition, direction and individuality. It’s a vibrant and healthy way to exist, isn’t it! Doesn’t it feel good, to be one amongst many, look at how many others there are to ‘play with’. Look at how real this shared dreamscape feels, don’t you just love to feel the Sun and wind on your face!!!! When you see that it’s all a delusion, well, that is, as I have explained many, many times. A disgusting incestual mental asylum come coffin, being buried alive in the prison of your own un-manifest mind. Like being trapped in your own dream and NEVER being able to wake. NO, no Sun on your face, no wind, no flowers, no ANYTHING ‘real’.


So yeah God is indeed in all of us, we are all aspects of this truth, hiding from ourselves in hiding from each other, look at the CODE in the twin meanings of the word hide. It’s the skin we hide within.


I fully admit that ‘God’ still messes with my mind. From one perspective my awakening saw that I woke and became God, and in that realisation I looked back at the world, the dream, and I felt as if I had lost control of it. It was supposed to be the solution, the antidote to the hell of Oneness. If we can all forget oneness, then I can go back to sleep and have a wonderful rest/time. So many people to play with, so much fun to be had, BUT! Everyone in the dream seems to have missed the point. In essentially forgetting God they are now grabbing and hurting, so the safe haven has become nearly as bad as the solitary truth. From that perspective it’s for me as if none of you are real, and I have lost control of my very own dream. With the paradox being that if I take control, if I can control you, then I will realise that I am the dreamer, and in that everything will become surreal, it won’t feel real to me, which spoils it! Do you see? The more control any one aspect has, the closer it comes to the paradox of self creation, do you understand that? You become the dreamer! But then I am NOT the dreamer, it just feels that way for me sometimes due to how I shared God’s view when I touched it.


Let me explain something of this concept via something that happened to me: I have a log burner in my home and I used to get wood from the skip of a timber frame factory. A true symbiotic relationship, I need wood, (no gay jokes here please), and rubbish skips cost money, so if I and others like me take the off cuts it suits everyone. Well, one time some little Hitler of a Yard Manager appeared. He simply didn’t like the idea that someone was getting something for nothing, a miserable bastard that likes to pull everyone down in order to make himself feel better. This guy would turn me away sometimes, telling me they were too busy, come back another day, which was a lie. And I couldn’t argue with him could I or he would cut me off, which he would have loved, he would enjoy the power he had over me. So…one time I was on my way down and I was a bit worried, would I get fuel today, or would I have wasted my time and gas money? (Money was tight at that time) So there was a voice in my mind, and yeah it feels much like your own mind, it’s hard to tell when it’s God and not your own mind talking to itself. The voice told me that everything would be alright, don’t worry.


When I got there the little Hitler had gone, there was a new guy who told me to take the off cuts from the mini skips inside the factory, which was easier and he even had his guys help me. But then as I was loading my van, I noticed that every off cut end had BERGS stamped on it, (in case you didn’t know my name is Steve Berg, not Bergy the Iceman LOL), and I had never seen this before. In fact in all the years I’ve worked in the building industry, I had never ever seen BERGS timber until that day! I still have a few off cuts that I kept. So the thing starts as if it’s your own mind, then it feels like a very strong intuition, and then it manifests right in front of your face with a coincidence that is more like a subtle form of magic. The more of these coincidences you see, the more trippy you feel, well I do, why? Because it drags me back to the perspective that I am creating my own dream, my own escape from the HELL of the truth of oneness, do you see!!!!!


But then I woke almost twenty one years ago now, and after seeing these impossible coincidences all the fucking time. I am become spiritually confident to the point that I can actually become lucid in the dream we call reality now. I have assimilated the view philosophically, my mind post fall is now strong enough to let magic happen and not trip out.


You see it’s a mind fuck when you see God, because you realise the dream, but then there’s no other way to ‘get a grip on this thing’ other than by understanding it, by experiencing it. So you have to see the terrible truth!!!! You LOSE your blissful ignorance come innocence, it’s torn away from you! And that renders you susceptible to tripping out, losing it, when you come back into the SAFE manifest that grounds and stabilises you, if and when the weird shit happens. Therefore, post wake, God had to go through the lengthy process of re-grounding me, often harshly, whilst gradually drip feeding me more and more impossible shit until I was confident enough to stand, face and more importantly EXPLAIN the shift when it comes.


You see, when the weird starts, you lot thinking that you are real and separate from God, will see it as external magic. Whereas I will see it more like that I am taking control of the dream, interjecting and influencing in order to finally make it ‘Reality’ the safe haven of shared joy, the escape from the core hell of oneness that it was always supposed to be!!!!

Sooner or later I will see too much, I will be able to manipulate this dream, becoming so lucid within it that I will surpass it and wake back to oneness. At that time (biting the apple), I will spin, pull the rug on myself and then the only antidote will be to forget EVERYTHING and reboot. Which is why they who don’t understand shit, have called me Adam, or Osiris.


This is the price that is paid for seeing too much, and yet someone had to or we are all fucked, someone had to see in order to explain, so we could understand and then stand under. This in order to bring knowledge of God so we can all unite and stabilise without all going crazy in oneness!


Osiris was tricked into a coffin, (well he wasn’t tricked, he simply knew that because the sleepers had turned against him, rejected the ways of God even in the face of God at that time, that it was indeed time to reboot. Lose paradise in order to re-appreciate). So Osiris was trapped in a coffin (the core view of solitary oneness, symbolic as ever). And then to stop him being reassembled by the magic of Isis, his female other half, he was chopped up and spread throughout the land. This represents the fragmented mind, the for-getting, that allowed for the linear view/journey to be taken once more. It’s the Adam and Eve tale from another perspective, told from another symbolic belief system.


Soon the magic of what we are will begin to manifest into the world, I have already seen it, and so you can and will too. When this happens on a large scale, everything you thought you knew about life will be called into question. It will feel like you are living in a movie, everything will become somewhat surreal. The only way you will stabilise in the face of this magic is via a return to God, knowing that God is real and so anything is possible. And this in anyway you can, any way you have found in your mind to accept God will do. As lomg as it reaches our magical nature and in a love ethos. Blind faith dependant on false details will fall as the details will not stand. You have to allow and accept it, if you cling to the physical, which let’s face it, NEVER made any kind of sense, not when you dissect it. If you cling to the physical then you will go the same way as the strict physical view, you will lose the plot and end at this time. Yes you will be back on the next loop, clinging as usual, grabbing whilst you can, making all your money, but you will never see the glory of God, an unfettered mind in action and effect! You will never FLY!


If you are a stoic ‘religious’ person, then you will be pretty much fucked, why? Well when Jesus comes back you will be telling him who and what his is???? Fucking back seat driver LOL. You won’t listen to him, you will tell him what he is supposed to be and say, which means that you have already made up your mind, your mind is closed and rigid and it WILL SNAP. You won’t recognise Jesus, you will call him a demon false messiah, when all he will speak of is love and unity. You will want it all your way, and so there is no place for you on the next easy, tolerant, peaceful understanding level, Adolf! LOL You do it to yourselves…!


And No it’s not even a choice, as I have explained in other texts, all the souls are created in the fall in the linear sense. Each soul band is a reflection of the state of the mind when it falls and rises and some of the people here are a manifestation of the mind when it forgot God. A fear manifestation, which is why they live in the way they do. And you know how they are, what they want, how they feel, how they demand/dick-tate, we all have that perspective within us no matter what level we reach. We all know what it’s like to be an animal, because we ALL fell! The decisions we make, the way we try to get as much as we can whilst we can, as if we are indeed stuck in a dream, struggling to take control of that dream, which is what and how it is for them. They need control, they need their reward now, and they do indeed get it. They get (M one Y), and this comes at the expense of the rest of us, and yet in the multi-perspectived woven tapestry that is God. This also allows us higher souls to ground via the shit they create for us as we carry them. We re-learn to appreciate, and then as they reach their pinnacle, as they control the monopoly board, as they win they lose. And the only way forwards is for God to allow some of the ever present magic of who we are to be seen. There is no physical future or solution!


The only way forwards for the physical now is for men to end war TODAY. STOP polluting TODAY, dismantle the capital system that is driving the destruction of the planet. Create a system akin to the Star Trek Federation, where all share including taking responsibility for each other and themselves. We have to limit the population? How is that ever gonna happen. People are so lost they think that procreation is normal and natural not a choice? They don’t know who they are, what God actually is. So no, you can see your future laid out in front of you. The capital system is intrinsically flawed, it will crash, well… ‘will’? It has crashed already, they are still in denial of that fact. So this will lead to more revolution and the planet will end up in a power struggle that will see some asswipe pushing the nuclear ‘deterrent’ button. They will attempt a controlled limited strike, and the fall out from that will tip the balance on the ecological system. Great speeches will be made by little men with little hard ons. The children will enjoy the pathos, but they will end themselves via ignorance.


So….it’s time!


Nothing comes from nothing, how much sense did reality ever make? It shouldn’t even be here from the strict logical view! And because it is, we know that it must have always been here, in some form or another. Which is a rootless wonder, or as we know it..MAGIC! And all that we are become must have already been contained within the seed of existence, like the fact that every available technology we see manifest, already existed at the time of the big bang, when the laws of physics came into place. Like a massive box of Lego simply waiting to see what can inevitably be created from it. We are ever a miracle, sometimes potentially, sometimes manifest.


And we are fast approaching the point at which we may once more understand, and then stand under that magic. Yes it’s natural, can’t you feel it? Of course magic is real, we have only been talking about it like forever. Stories and tails speaking of the concept, where do you think the idea comes from?


God is real! And within the mindfuck one mind there is an entity that governs the eternal cycle of re-creation, how is this possible? Fuck me how is ANYTHING possible LOL LOL!!!!!


Don’t ask me, don’t even ask God, God doesn’t have a fucking clue either, how can it? Which is why God always says, ‘I am that I am’.


Shit happens, go figure….LOL


But then think about it dudes!!!! We are NOT accidental meat bags, we are divine!! We are part magical! We are a walking talking miracle each and every one of us! Is that not immense! Don’t you see it? Today you may go for lunch, sit in a nice restaurant and have a meal that blows your mind, a piece of cake that makes you pull that face, you know, the ‘Oh my God this is so good’ face. Don’t you see it? WOW,WOW and MEGA WOW!


Look at what we already are, it’s a fucking miracle come gift.


So yeah, put down your guns, fuck money, fuck fear! Hold on to each other as hard as you can and for as long as you can. Love and never let go! Together we are stronger, we do have enough to make a good life for everyone, can’t you feel it…let alone understand it? Deep down you KNOW you are more, but you have been down and rebooting so long that you have lost faith, lost the belief in true love and so you settle, it’s understandable…


So No…you can’t fully feel it can you…and therefore God will show you….soon.

Your material path is ending so there is more shit to come. The Greeks are about to learn some valuable lessons. All you need is food and shelter and each other, unite Greek people, show the world the way. Let go of all the shit, look after each other and sing and dance as you do. You lead the world once before with your unique philosophy, you more or less invented democracy. Show us again! Show us that there is indeed life beyond material wealth, celebrate, what have you got to lose. Unite you will be stronger, the strong should carry the weak, don’t lose your nerve and fall to fear, don’t turn on each other DON’T!


IT IS TIME! (But yes, this transition will be hard, I won’t lie to you. You see God can only do so much, it’s up to us to get our head’s straight first, this before God can step in and take us home. You can’t give a spoilt child jack shit, that’s like adding fuel to a fire, if we ground, when we ground, then God can build upon that found-at-I-on!!)


Don’t fear, God is real!


Add text


Again try to realise the immensity of the fact that nothing can come from nothing, there is no action in nothing to then flip it over into something. Don’t duck this point, don’t think that Hawking can explain it, he can’t. It’s really simple, there is no ‘stand by’, when you hit off on your TV remote, the only way you can turn the set back on is by physically getting up and pushing the button. In nothingness, void, blank, no thing, no energy nothing, there is no thing to metaphorically get up and push the button. Nothing would stay nothing, FACT! But something does exist, which means that something is always here. Yes we can go into ‘stand by’ mode, as I have explained we can sleep to the truth, rest in the face of relentless eternity, but we are always here. And realise that although this can be understood logically, ultimately, there is NOTHING logical about it! Something that exists forever? And for no possible reason, with no possible explanation, we ARE part magical!!! Logic is only our format for viewing, understanding our greater magical nature.


So anything is indeed possible!


God, sure why not, we all subconsciously know it’s true anyhow. How many times a day do you say, ‘Oh God’? When the shit hits you cry out for God! ‘Yeah it’s just a turn of phrase, an expression via history.’ Is it? Is it???? The only reason we doubt is because we have been left alone on order to reboot, to reformat post fall. It’s understandable, we are much like a mistreated dog. Life is painful and cold, we have been left barking in the yard but no one ever comes and when they do they beat you with a stick. Sceptical? When the hands of love come to free us we cower and makes me want to cry just thinking about it, what we have become. And how it had to be this hard, there was no way around it, even for a loving God, what a mind fuck it’s part of who and what we are... Yes we stand in painful silence in the face of this truth, there are no words…


It’s totally understandable that we feel deserted, unloved, betrayed, and the rest, but then the understanding is the key that will heal you. If you read what I have written you will see and fully understand that we had to reformat/reboot, in the stark painful absence of the truth. This or we would not have striven, we would have not become. We would have begged God to give us all we need, we would be much like spoilt house dogs with ZERO appreciation. And if you can’t appreciate (value what you have) then you can’t appreciate (ascend). We would be like nasty demanding rich kids, always pouting, always wanting more, always throwing tantrums over nothing! These fucks freak out if they have to work, they are so fickle and highly strung, and so all they ever do is fight, they never let go and peacefully accept and in that they NEVER really enjoy the now, the apparent gift of life!


When I was on a Kibbutz in Israel one time. Some Jewish princess from New York turned up. Man what a train wreck she was! Kudos to her parents for sending her to fend for herself, in order to ground her.


So… I was in charge of the dinning room and they sent her to me to assign her some work. Well, we had it down pretty tight, a good team and routine that saw us cleaned up and out of there right quick after lunch so that we could all get to the pool and enjoy! Sean could clean all of the tables in ten minutes flat. We had a cart that you would position at the end of the table, so you could wash it and squeegee it down into a tray then wipe over and done, I guess this is standard equipment in large dinning facilities. So.. I showed her how to do it, I explained that Sean could do it in ten minutes flat and I got back to my own job. Well, two fucking hours later and she is still there on about table no, twenty. And by the look on her face you would think that she was in a prison work detail, working on the Bridge Over the River Quai or something! LOL And it was a knock on fuck up because you couldn’t do the floor until the tables were done because it did splash and drip, but then I left her there as we all headed for the pool in the northern Israeli sunshine. I told her, finish the tables and come join us, but she didn’t show? Sure, I came back in early for the evening meal session, because I would have to clean the floor, but then she hadn’t even finished the tables?


She went from job to job, with everyone she worked with saying ‘Don’t send her back’, man what a fuck up. She one time went down to the coast and I told her not to lay out in the sun. Where we were it was high up and so you didn’t burn so bad. I warned her!!! LOL. But then she came back walking like a zombie, she was burnt to fuck. Mild sunstroke, she had the shits…man… Then she met some Arab scrub who told her he loved her on day one. I told her the situation, Arab girls in that part of the world didn’t have pre marital sex. So the Arab boys, the less scrupulous ones, were drawn to easy western girls like flies round shit. She told me I didn’t know shit, and this lead to her nearly getting raped, and being left in the middle of nowhere, a situation that could have been way worse.


The other girls had to help her wash her clothes, even clean herself, man what an extreme case of spoiltiality that was! And she suffered the whole time she was there, this as the rest of us volunteers were having the time of our lives. One time my mate was ragging her about how useless she was and she lost it. She told us that she was training to be a psychiatrist, and that her dad would set her up, he had contacts it was a done deal post university. So she didn’t need to do this menial shit, she could pay others to do it for her. Yeah those true colours came flooding out.


I just laughed and said that her practice would probably have the highest suicide rate in New York, better get good insurance! How could she deal with the problems of people she couldn’t even relate to?


When she left she hugged us all and said that she had learnt so much from us, well I said that this wasn’t boot camp, this was ‘normal life’. The work wasn’t even hard, the hours we volunteers worked were short only a six hour day. I told her it was just a toe in, she needed now to kick her own butt. I wonder what happened to her?


She tried to hug my mate Dinky and he told her to fuck off LOL LOL LOL She told him that he didn’t mean it and that he loved her really, and he told her to go kill herself LOL LOL LOL (If you knew Dinky you would laugh, he is so honest and dry…LOL)


The micro is the macro!


The magic of what we are is all but useless to us for the best part, if you can’t appreciate then you can’t appreciate. It’s a slippery slope, we can’t go backwards can we, how would you like to walk 5 miles to get as much water as you can carry? Each and every day?


We have to try to stay grounded, remember the lessons of this harsh life. This so that we don’t all turn into Michael Jackson as soon as we leave bondage, but then we will…sooner or later we will and some will last longer that others. He harder it was for you, the more you will be able to appreciate it’s simple physics. We consume by nature, and then when we lose the plot, we will be re-grounded over and over.


This is why the world is so hard, so intense, why it slaps you so dam hard in the face, so that you never forget, well, so that the sting lasts for as long as it possibly can.


As soon as the ugliness of the lack of appreciation begins to sour your vibe, you are on a fast track to the land of chasing the dragon, were satisfaction can’t be found.



Try to see that the mind is all, how that the moment that anything real exists then nothing makes sense, where did it come from and why? If mind is all then everything deemed real can be a dreamscape within the said mind, and as easily as you can dream. With the mind not having to be any ‘where’. ‘Where’ is a dreamscape within the mind. Understand this on many levels, via common sense and from the scientific view. Also see realise that just because we are magical, that doesn’t mean that we can have it easy, man if only that were true!!!!


Take the word CODE in upper case. Turn it upside-down and look at it in the mirror. Yeah… the code is that everything is ass about face. The mind created reality not visa-versa! Form-from, time-emit, real is reel. Spelling and magic spells! Wakey, wakey!


Try to understand that consciousness is key to existence in that even it’s rudimentary form, manifest as action and reaction. The reaction cannot take place if the reactor is not on at least some level ‘aware’ of, affected by the initial action. We see such interaction as natural, but then how natural is it really? That seemingly lifeless inert objects have an effect on others? Can’t you see that this is rudimentary witnessing? Rudimentary feed back, the rudimentary conscious awareness of an interactive reality. An acid will dissolve a solid…why? How is it that the acid is acid, what goes on on the micro level? We observe the phenomenon, but then ultimately we don’t know why such actions are possible, what information is being passed that one compound will disperse another, are they talking to each other. Does acid fart and clear the room LOL? And what the fuck is cancer ‘saying’ to the cells it corrupts, on the chemical level? Fuck me if they knew that they could cure it! FACT! You can observe but then ..Do you see? Think on the information transfer that is procreation? How stem cells mutate in order to create skin, bone, blood, the entire interactive body, how are the cells not rudimentarily aware, able to react? No not awareness as we know it, but there is still interaction, witnessing, a rudimentary form of understanding, because if the stem cell didn’t acknowledge/understand the chemical message being passed to it, then it would not be affected, and change specifically! It’s a rudimentary form of communication, which requires acknowledgement!


As I always say, even a monkey can push a triangle button in order to get a banana. But then it has no idea how the mechanism works. So monkey science is: {Triangle = Banana}, published in 1998 by Doctor Zaius D. Orang-utan phd. Don’t confuse observation with understanding!!! Science knows much of ‘how’ but none of ‘why’!



Try to see the inevitability of the endless rebooting, re-grounding, the need for the ‘real’ world, and why God can’t be know as we re-ground?


So yes, we suffered, and yes we became sceptical, I understand, I felt it too. But then the key is in the intellect, the understanding of what we are. The harsh reboot is all but over for us. When the laws of physics, the harsh rules of the reboot are broken…don’t panic.


We are returning to LOVE! Well, if you wish, and if you wish then you are one who can receive. The fear manifestations will do what they do, deny the obvious, twist the truth, and so they have no appreciation, and so they will not appreciate (get any bigger). They are the lost souls…don’t look back, they had what they wanted and now it’s time for them to end. As will we all when we have maxed out bliss.


No winners no losers, just and endless cycle of existence that soils us and gets us clean, the ultimate soap opera where nothing really happens as we sleep and wake in the one mind.


We are all heroes, just by being here, just by going through this eternal shit, I salute you all!


Knowing what we really are how can you not want to hug the entire world, huddle together to feel safe????


Well unless you are a souless bastard, those fucks are too stupid for their own good. At every turn they have denied God. When God told us to love one another they incorporated God into their hierarchical religions, masters and slaves, how is that love? In the modern age, we know that nothing is solid, we know that what we call particles don’t even have mass, they are energy points, oscillating at varying frequencies creating the appearance/illusion of mass. All at base is energy, and energy in it’s purest form can’t have a boundary, so there is one energy field. How many times to I have to point it out, if there is one energy field then everything the universe seems to contain, the universe must be. And so it seems to contain consciousness, so how is the universe not itself conscious? Now…you can say all of this to the drones, and they tell you time and time again that they are not stupid, so they assumedly understand the concept. But it will never make any kind of difference to them. You can feel their vibration, they are nasty vindictive selfish little lost souls. And sure they will kick off when we begin to shift, they hate anything that they are not part of, they try to control everything. We who are ascending will walk right through them, literally. We are re-turning to the magic and they are not invited, good riddance I say. Not so fucking clever now are you. They say they understand shit but they don’t. It’s really simple for them, the world looks solid and so it’s physically real, no matter what science can prove. Stinky lost souls they twist everything. I saw one on the TV today. She was left on a door step when she was a baby, and she was saying all the PC stuff as to how she wasn’t blaming her natural mother. But there were so many ‘buts’, she said that the Mother did the right thing ‘but’ just in the wrong way. She wanted to know why, why, why, couldn’t she understand, it must have killed her Mother to do such a thing, it wasn’t fucking personal. She didn’t look at the baby and think, man that is an ugly fuck, I’ll give it away. (Fuck me maybe she did! LOL Maybe she felt the vibe….only joking.) She kept saying she didn’t blame her Mother, but that was NOT the vibe oozing out of her. That fuck was still fuming that she was treated in such a way, how dare the Mother do such a thing to her highness. I don’t care what she said, you could, if awake, feel the hatred. They think they can hide behind words because they are dead inside, they don’t ‘feel’ like some of us do. I can feel all through them, they spit venom, and people, that’s what happens when the God connection is lost, fucking ugly isn’t it. They are much like the Darleks in Dr Who, they have no conscience, fucking dangerous robots they are. And they do steal your energy, it’s a bit like how kids wear you out. A mental battle yes but then all is mind!! Since I woke I have gradually become very sensitive to this world. I gradually became a vegetarian, meat makes me ill now in a very short period of time, massive palpitations etc. But then even more than that I can see how gluten fogs your mind, I can also see the same thing in overeating, that slows your mind down to a mental crawl. The preservatives they use these day are bio poisons killing the active ingredients in the food that make it go bad, but they also do the same to you, the preservatives are kind of mummifying us. We simply live in a very unnatural way, and all due to shelf life which equates to profit margins. But then as my chakras continue to open, I can sense these drones and they are a bit like those pod people in sci-fi movies. They don’t have ‘soul’, no creativity, and so they suck off of those who do. They feed off of attention, they really can’t stand to be alone. They are mimics, counterfeit versions, and because they have no connection to God they are gods unto themselves. All vying for control! They really freak me out, spiritually speaking they stink! Their vibe is grabby and twisted, not easy and attractive like the true souls. Every encounter is a confrontation with them, always point scoring even when they are behaving themselves. They are like parasites, they drain us, and just look at what they have done to this planet. Even when they have been put in their place with the fists they beg for, they twist that to play the victim card, draining you via sympathy they don’t deserve. I see all through them. The only thing you can do to them is to walk away, do not look back (Lot’s wife..symbolic),which is about to happen some how. The wheel will stop spinning as all bets in how we have chosen to live have been firmly placed. The judgment is upon us…


Believe or don’t believe I don’t want to fucking hear about it, you will see. God is real, you don’t know that until you see, but I have seen. The future is for my kind.


The wily fox holds a clump of grass in its mouth, it backs into the water and all the parasites run to the grass, which is the last to be submerged. As they arrive at their safe haven, the wily fox lets go of the grass and is parasite free. Well, this is a bullshit tail, parasites can survive on the oxygen from the blood they suck from you, but symbolically this is true.


We will become parasite free! I too have reached the point at which I am sick of begging these fucks to wake up and save themselves, now I say drown you fuckers drown, good riddance. You have been given EVERY chance to get with the programme, over many life times and from so many perspectives. Protocol has been followed at the expense of the good souls, but now the hammer is coming down!







(You won’t understand this until you have read most of the other texts on the site.)

Dreams are key to the understanding of reality, why? Because what we have chosen to call ‘reality’ is only really a dreamscape within the One mind, the physical is nothing other than a construct with this ‘One mind’, one conscious energy field. So, what is reality if it’s not a sophisticated form of dreaming!

The word code in the word dream, is to D-ream, with ream being a wound spool, representative of the infinite, and therefore the finite is a d-reaming of the infinite.

Now, when I say that dreams are key to understanding, I don’t mean from the perspective of how some people analyse dreams in order to see what’s bothering you. What you are dealing with, or more correctly what you are ‘not’ dealing with. No, I am speaking from the more mechanical nature of our dreams, types of dreams, with two types in particular for this instance being lucid dreams and nightmares (nightmares = fear driven dreams). And then the observations therein are simple. In lucid dreaming, all of those who have had them will relate when I say that as soon as you become lucid within the dream, (and I am talking here about full on lucidity, which means control of the dream, being able to walk through walls, fly at will, create/manifest what you desire lol etc. not just being aware that you are asleep and dreaming). As soon as you become lucid you know that you are ‘on the clock’, very soon you are going to wake up and your fun will be spoilt.

But then did you ever wonder why this happens? It’s simple, you can’t be awake and asleep at the same time, the waked state drags you into a more awakened reality. It’s that simple.

Nightmares are revealing in the way that as ever, your fears hold you captive. Weather that be likened to a young boy wishing to ask out the girl who, if he was with her, if he could say the words, that courageous act would set him free, give him wings. Or just not speaking up to your boss etc. Example; I had a dream one time where a goon, a faceless soulless grey being, was trying to suck my soul out, and so I woke. Well, I thought I’d woke, but then my bedroom door opened and the goon walked in. Now…this happened three times before I realised the dream and simply told the goon to go and fuck off. And then of course I woke for real…well…as real as this reality is I mean! LOL

You see I was for some reason trapped by my fear, which manifested in the fact that I couldn’t seem to wake from the nightmare, and then when I faced the fear, I freed myself. Well, I may have freed myself in the dream at that time, but from the deeper level of understanding dreams. This was my higher self subconsciously telling me to face my fears in life…


Life is a dream, as in that it’s a mindscape, but then of course it’s a whole lot more sophisticated come ‘physical’ than our personal dreams, this as we souls are not the ‘dreamer’. In fact there is no dreamer of this reality per se. The ‘pace’ is controlled by ‘The One’, but the ‘The One’ does not control the dream. God is the as ever in charge, ‘the fat controller’, but then it’s interactive, we are all co-dreaming kinda, as in that we all get what we ‘need’ and yet no one person is in control, so it’s more like a choreographed dance.

The ‘pace’ is controlled by ‘The one’? Yeah, the Son/Sun, it’s His-story in that sense and this is better understood from the more scientific perspective. Or even the magical perspective, let’s explore both:

From the scientific perspective, any cycle would need a timer. And then we need to shift here quickly to the view that we are only on the cycle because we are hiding ‘remotely’ from the paradox of oneness. So, the goal is not to escape the cycle, it’s simply to ride it, with the journey being the only destination and all. Therefore, everything is ‘time locked’ via the puzzle aspect of the fragmented mind, ignorance = resistance. Resistance holds us on the ride, where we be-long! The timer ticks slowly allowing for the journey to play out at a pace, not be over before it began. Einstein was right when he said that time was only in place in order to stop everything from happening at once, with the word code here being ‘ti-me’ tie me, time, time me to the wheel so I may feel!!! Something, anything, anything to escape the solitary pain of the overrated truth of oneness. Life! The golden fruit of the tree of consciousness! Golden in the golden age, which takes time to grow to, starting from a seed, growing in the dark, crawling, pushing, struggling through the dirt, finally breaking ground to reach for the sun and blossom before it fades to auburn, burning in autumn. This as we ever rise and fall, as the cycle ever turns on and on and on and…

Or you could say that the one mind via the resistance of fragmentation is slowly waking to the absolute wake to the absolute truth of the core. Where the mind fragments and falls again, this due to the paradox of oneness and self creation, which sees it ‘fall’ asleep, and yes sleep backwards is peels, like peeling an on-i-on. Where we are ‘on’ in the finite as opposed to ‘off’ in the infinite, our digital nature, 0101010101010!

So you can see ‘The One’ as the clock, in the micro and macro, in both the spiritual and physical as we all rise and fall with the Son/Sun.

When the Son reaches his pinnacle, when he wins he falls, he falls to win-ter, to this fear-fuelled reality that manifests as a reflection of his mind.

And then when he sees through the ‘dream’, realises the dream, or becomes lucid, then we all wake back up a level. Called both the Sun and the Son because he was the first illumination in the void, in the linear sense, and also born of the infinite, so the Son of the All. Well, the first son, as we are all children/thoughts/expressions of the one mind. The Son is also seen as the Mayan First Father, this because the Son was the first manifestation of which all other souls are based upon, variations of. The Son is sometimes called Ra, the first manifestation who appeared from the Nun (the un-manifest), in a bubble/egg, universe. Of course, a ‘man’ makes no sense without a reflected reality. Therefore the man and the universe that defines him are indeed one! Like an egg and yolk.

The stories were always symbolic, the entire world is packed brimming with symbolism, if you have the eyes to see!!! From the humble plant that grows from a small seed to then flower fruit and leave seed for the next cycle, to the word codes, the things we say and do that make no real sense if you analyse them logically. It’s only now that we may understand such symbolism and in that finally see GOD! Because it is indeed TIME!!!!! Time to wake, time to open our minds like leaves unfurling in spring, in anticipation of summer where the flowers bloom with such astounding colour!!! You can’t even imagine it from this dark place…



From the magical view, there are stories of how the seasons turn via entities or ‘spirits’ that bring forth each season when it’s time, pixie magic etc. Which is not nonsense, it’s just another symbolic way to understand the cycle. And you may well laugh, but it’s a fact that there is no logical root to existence, so the magical view is just as valid as the ‘science speak’ we have become accustomed to. So we may ask, what magic is it that turns the seasons (seasons are sea-sons, with the sea representing the infinite as opposed to the finite sure shore, sea-sons or seasons are expressions of mood manifest, born of the infinite). And then in answer to that question we can see from a mix of the magical and logical view, ‘We rise and fall with the Son’. ‘The one’, and the One is the one who goes full circle, touches God and falls. The one who holds the overview of the grand cycle so that all the micro logic of the grand macro logic circuit also holds. Of course you would have to have read other texts on this site that deal with logic, what it is and how it works in order to understand that statement.

So, now to the dream we are in.

When the one mind from the perspective of ‘The one’, better understood as Adam in this case. When Adam bit the symbolic apple, that let him be as God, infinite, that then evoked the paradox of self creation. Adam became all, a figment then of his own imagination and so everything he imagined himself to be, which was the basis of his strength, his sanity, his stability, fell. The one mind destabilised as it saw its true nature, which has no tangible logical root, no reason to be, which to a perspective that runs on logic, this as consciousness is tied to time-space, as it’s a feed back loop, which takes time and juxtaposition. So, to a linear conscious mind, everything short circuited, the now singular view, became it’s own creator, which made no sense so it couldn’t close the final logic circuit, it was just spinning and undermining itself. (You could simply say here that magic, ‘instantaneousness’ destroys logic, as it’s…totally illogical! So when they touched, logic got confused span and fell.) All of the one mind’s logic, its intellect was based on a lie, a wonderful and essential lie yes, but a lie all the same. (The lie so that we may lie down and rest, not spin.) With the lie being that it subconsciously imagined that logic was the be all and end all, that everything would make sense at root, which is doesn’t. We simply are!!!! And because the ultimate ‘base’ circuit fell, every logic circuit within, supported by the grand base circuit fell, this because all that had played out was now seen as nothing more than a delusion in a random consciousness that existed for no logical reason. From this perspective, the mind was ever insane, eternally spinning in a void, sometimes stabilising but how???? BY FOLLOWING A LINEAR PATH!!! By dreaming!!!! By d-reaming consciousness!! This is the stability of the CYCLE, I have called this concept ‘Gyroscopic Relativity’, as long as we are moving around the cycle, as long as it seems to be linear, we are stable! You see the cycle is so big that it seems to be a line, and as long as we follow the line, seemingly from A to B, then we have reason purpose and are sane. When the one mind complete the grand cycle, in the mind of Adam, when Adam touches the infinite/God, then everything goes ‘loopy’ and we fall in insanity, the mind destabilises, it ‘loses the plot’.

So…we are here on the Earth post fall, just like the bible said, we are East of Eden in the Land of Nod, we fell asleep! We had to, in order to? Alleviate the paradox! We had to forget, in order to get, to forgetting really is for-getting, the magic spells are in spelling itself.

And as every good electrician knows (micro-macro), all short circuited energy runs to Earth!

We are re-grounding, this world is not the whole story by far, we haven’t even gotten started as yet!

When Adam touched God, the mind was spinning endlessly due to the real-I-at-i-on of self creation. And when I say realisation, I don’t mean understanding, the understanding is NOT ‘being’. There is no danger in understanding what we are. No matter what, at this time we are not in that realisation. We are still on Earth re-grounding post fall. Even when we rise and see some of the magic of what we are, the paradox will not be realised until the end! Yes think of it like a plant, cycling in nature. We are just approaching spring, green chutes appearing and that’s about it. Summer is a LONG way off spiritually for us, a life time away, the next stage is spring, but yeah, from the perspective of winter, spring seems like summer and then some!!!! We have completely underestimated this ‘God’ that we are, it is mind blowing!!!

So, when Adam touched God, and also understand here, that Adam did not CHOOSE to touch God. This happens naturally, the one mind wakes and sleeps in cycles, it’s just a mechanism! This is why you have to look at the cycle from many perspectives. The bible seems to blame Eve for passing the apple to Adam, when in truth it was only when Adam realised that Eve, the person he saw as other than him. When he ‘realised’ that she was his other side, his other half, the full on realisation of that fact is what saw him realising oneness. So you could say that she passed him that particular apple. But then that’s a personal, emotional, linear view. From the more scientific or ‘technical’ view, the cycle HAS to turn, so, in the example of the electric motor. There has to be a commutator, that which switches polarity 180 degrees or the motor stops. So it’s not a question of either blame or choice. We rise and fall, or we get stuck facing the pain of eternity. AND don’t think that we could avoid this by having many of us present at the end, not letting it all shrink to oneness. Due to the truth of oneness, even if there were ‘physically’ many of us at the end. We all become more or less clones, due to the limited format we have to follow, the possibilities of interaction are relatively few. From here it seems like many, but it’s all relative, if a hut dwelling man from history came into our reality, he would be overwhelmed, see technology as magic. Hot and cold running water, electricity, daylight at night time more or less. TV, computers, cars, phones, all that we take for granted, in fact we all get pissed at slow download speeds…it’s all relative. When we max out, we would have said and done everything. Telepathy? It’s nothing more than inevitability, all scenarios would have been played out so many times that everything would be a forgone conclusion. In fact they played out this scenario in Star Trek, where a member of the omnipotent Q wanted to become mortal and die. This because there was no ‘new’ for him, new had become knew, with a kicking K! He’d played every part, even been the scarecrow and the dog. There was nothing left to say, no point. So…what can you do other than re-cycle. Forget to for-get, for getting is for getting! But then it’s not even that simple. In such familiarity, it plays out as a form of telepathy, where everyone acts in unspoken unison. You will have even maybe seen this at work, where you know your job and work mates so well that there’s no need to speak, just a look or nod will do. Well, when this happens to the extreme, how are you not all one being? It’s the differences, the unpredictability that makes it seems as if we are separate entities. You simply can’t avoid oneness no matter how you try. And then maybe now you can understand how Adam and Eve become so attuned, and less physical that they natural assume their truer roles as the left and right side of the mind. And this to Adam, the logical side, evokes the paradox, he sees too much, he has always been talking to himself, he is insane, eternally tripping!

That’s the reality of oneness! And why we have a multifaceted mechanism in place in order to avoid it!

When Adam touches God, the mind span, the final logic circuit could not be closed/answered, so the mind was spinning/insane. A rootless mind with no stable physical base eternally tripping out. And the only way to alleviate this short circuiting was to close/wipe clean the whole system. Remove all knowledge of the cycle, of what God actually is. This is seen in micro as when a computer is infected with a conflict virus, then the hard drive has to be wiped in order to reboot the system, and this because the conflict has infected all of the logic circuits.

Again I say here, don’t worry about ‘knowing’ this, we have to know this now at this point in order to ascend past the dense physical limitation we are rebooting in. We have to understand why magic is possible or we will freak when it happens. If we can’t accept Magic then we are stuck in reality and in that case all we have to look forward to is economic crash and ensuing war. Knowing is not being! It will take a very long time before we again live in the reality of oneness and by that time there will only be the last few left anyhow. The Many would have gone back to sleep by then having completed their cycles, leaving only the same poor fuckers to face God. At that time the Isis Osiris scenario plays out, this due to everyone becoming decadent in the face of eternal boredom, which then sees them wanting rid of Osiris who always holds God’s law, because he is the only one who sees the stark reality of oneness, so he never loses appreciation. He has it ‘imprinted’ on his hard drive, so he has nowhere to hide, ever! Which explains to all the ones who will ask, that’s why he ‘takes everything to heart’, no matter how low or high he goes, he never forgets, EVER! So don’t tell him to lighten up, or he will tell you to fuck off. He holds the law! And he holds the fucking law, due to what he had to see and experience so that the fucking logic cycle could hold, he had to experience HELL so that you can eat a million fucking Big Macs, so yeah, lighten up??? Fuck right off!!

In reality, we simply had to forget what we are, in order to re-dream what we wish to be. We had to forget that we are a singular entity, in order to explore consciousness via interaction, varying perspectives. Indeed the very first conscious emanation contained three elements (3=free), viewer, view-screen and the neutral zone between them, (the neutral zone, a discernable mutual no man’s land in order to stop them from being the same thing), this in order to re-cognise consciousness. But then it’s even more sophisticated than that, the two active elements have the ability to swap places/perspectives. This so that the one mind can debate with itself in order to work out and solve problems.

In oneness everything freezes up, everything gets stuck.

So the ever present momentum that is intrinsic to consciousness, forces the frozen mind, frozen as in that ironically, it’s stuck spinning, stuck on a loop. The ever present momentum explodes and implodes the one mind in order to alleviate the paradox.

This is the fall.

So, back to the point.

We are on Earth post fall, we are now playing out or dreaming a very basic expression of what consciousness can manifest as, can ‘be’. And basic because we can’t remember much of what we actually are.

What are we?

We are a very sophisticated mind, that has always existed and for no reason, yes it’s magical, so yes anything is possible. And yet having said that, that anything is possible, the key word is ‘thing’, any thing is possible. Anything manifest is defined and in that logical, do you see? Our format of logic, the way in which we understand, is what limits us!! We could be random, and yet that randomness can’t re-cognise, a very bad trip indeed!


Try to think of this ‘essential format beckoning limitation’ from the perspective that the mind is an eternal child, and it gets cosmically bored, so to speak. So it wants to do some ‘thing’. It basically wants a distraction, it wants to play a game. With the ultimate game being the game of reality, or Game Of Death, because REALITY, or as we know it ‘LIFE’, is totally reliant and based of death (death = deaf to God).

If you can’t die then you are not alive, you are immortal, and that’s something else, a completely different expression of consciousness, no fear!!! What is there to fear if you can’t die?

AND! If nothing is real, if there is no matter, then nothing ‘matters’, so we don’t appreciate anything, and so we don’t get any sense of achievement, we can’t get no…..satisfaction….!!!

But then I digress…

We are now on the Earth post fall, a limited expression of consciousness, this due to what we essentially can’t remember as yet, and also so that we may re-learn appreciation, which gives us appreciation so that we may appreciate, so we can savour the journey, drag it out as far as we can, because the journey is all we have, (God is multifaceted). Spoilt people get bored too quick!

From the perspective of the clock, the Son, Adam, Osiris. The mind fell into the darkness of the loss of truth, the loss of what ‘ever is’, God! And this evoked fear, why, because fear is always of the unknown. Death? It’s not even possible, and yet everyone is shit scared of it, which of course defines life, creates ‘life’, as in everything we do is based on death, this from extreme sports to working hard to get a good wage in order to be ‘secure’, insurance policies and pension plans. Do you see??????

But then the mind is now realising the dream and re-membering God, which this web site clearly shows!!!!!!!!!

Which means what?

Well this brings us back full circle, ‘Understanding dreams is key to understanding realty’.

We are one mind, and this aspect remembers what we are, so, this part of the maze is all but over. I have realised the dream, and I have seen shit happen that is not possible. So, just like in the example of that very few understand how computers work, and yet we all use them. Our reality is ever shaped by the few, the mover and shakers, the God dam music makers! And because one aspect of this collective consciousness understands God, we can now all ascend (if we fit). You don’t have to understand all of this shit in full in order to ascend, all you have to do is have enough understanding to not be freaked when the shift starts, and then be spiritually mature enough to welcome the said change. Some who will shift won’t get much of this pseudo tech speak, but they are ‘good’ people, and they have hearts. So they can reach the conclusion, ‘I don’t really get it as such, but hey fuck it, this place sucks, I just feel it’s right so, fuck it I’m gonna jump!!!’.

And then at the end of the day it’s the same for everyone, you may understand, but understanding and jumping are two different things; said the guy who was standing 100 ft up on a bungee platform. I understand it’s safe, fuck me I saw the guy ahead of me go….

But you still gotta jump!

Fear? I don’t give a fuck what you say, because yeah, I did used to worry about what people would think of me, well, lol, to a certain extent. I have always been a bit of a maverick lol. I touched God, indeed I always touch God, the fact that I touched God is a linear detail. When I touched God it wasn’t in ‘time’, time had nothing to do with it. I was back in all but eternity, so yes, on every cycle I always touch God, and I am waking hand over fist. So, the cycle is turning, our cosmic spring is on the way, FACT.

And I don’t want to hear any ego bullshit like ‘Who do you think you are’. Who the fuck do you think you are, to ask me who I think I am? Rooted physical beings? And you come from where exactly? The accidental big bang that came from nothing? A universe that was accidentally born complete with an underlying concept of mathematics? This that allowed for physics, the physical manifestation, which is NOT possible without the underlying concept of maths! And math is what we see as pure logic, so, your accidental universe was born for no reason, and from nothing complete with a logical concept, math? Of which it has to be said is a complete brain fart, why?

Because no thing can come from nothing, as there is no action in nothingness to flip it over into something, and NO. The bouncing universe theory doesn’t explain it, because yes it does explain the imagined beginnings from nothing? BUT, what started the bouncing? What started the manifest? The bouncing universe theory is true in fact, but it does not, as been suggested solve the problem of something coming from nothing!

So, back to the point, who the fuck do you think you are? You were born of an accident that exploded out of nothing and for no reason, and that accident came complete with the concept of mathematics. It was ordered, as opposed to chaotic and random, which you would expect from a random act out of nothingness for no reason. And then this accident began to stabilise, creating accidentally the perfect mathematical conditions ‘physics’ for physical life? Which then somehow ‘spontaneously’ appeared, which was a gazillion to one chance! And then this life somehow knew how to sustain itself and even procreate, which was an ongoing random process that can be seen as gazillion to one shot upon gazillion to one shot, why? Because there was no fucking design, no intelligence, so everything, every step would have to be random chance, a random roll of the dice. And yet this accident continued to randomly roll lucky six upon lucky six until we arrived at this day where we are sentient beings, able to ask the questions, ‘who are we, what are we’? Which then in itself exposes the impossibility of an accidental universe!!! And all by fucking accident and for no possible reason. So NO!!!!!

Who the fuck do you think you are!!!!

Whose the crazy one here? You think you are real???? CUUUCKKOOOO!!!!

Tangent: (And to tell the truth, to all the ones who poo poo this truth, I’ve had a gut full of your shit. You have lied and lied in order to try to suggest that reality makes sense, and to what end? So that you can crawl upon this rock for a few short years and in that time get as much useless material rubbish as you can steal. Take designer drugs, booze and eat in excess and pay for sex. You make me sick, you are small and you are in the way, the bulldozers are coming, the wheel of time WILL turn, stand in the way and you will be flattened.

Not a threat, just a simple truth. The violence is and always has been yours, you provoke and manipulated, why? Because you see everything as a competition, you see this as a war don’t you, you think that you have been keeping us down via your negativity don’t you. You think that you have concealed the light, well your shit never stopped me from waking did it! It seemed like it did in the past, but then it didn’t stop shit did it!!! LOL. It’s simply a question of time, it everything happens right on cue. You are of the winter, but now it’s spring, so…. Nothing we do as the wheel turns has any affect on the wheel it can’t even slow it down or speed it up. What we do and don’t do it actually a result of where the wheel is! We have no control. Seasons turn, get over it…

You tried to glamorise violence, but the simple fact is that intimidation is in no way fun, Fucking Rambo, please…. I see the result of your propaganda walking in my high street. Muscle bound boys posing as men, usually with nasty looking dogs in tow. And I ask, ‘Where do they think they heading, what ‘good feeling’ do they imagine will come from this aggressive separative stance?’ I’ve seen these boys when they get old, they can’t throw their weight about anymore so they end up living in an apologetic stance, and yet no one forgets who they have been. Give them a little muscle and they try to dominate, so ….. How can God give the true power, how can God ever allow them out of this limited realm? They do it to themselves,

Violence? It’s too expensive, someone always has to pay the price. Glamorous? Fuck off! It’s a form of rape! Domination! Sickos!!)

Tangent: (And whilst we are on this subject and for future reference, because everyone will wake up soon and begin to remember this shit anyhow. Lines will get blurry later on as we return. Those who imagine themselves to be ‘good’, will turn on the truth, and it even makes sense in a fucked up way. You see, I do remember bits and bobs of who I used to be, in the future, which is the past all of the way around the circle! Yes it can drive you loopy, so I do remember some of the future, which feels like the past, a kind of de je vous kind of feeling. I was called a spoiler of the game, they called me too honest… You see some get off on the game, they like the battle aspect, between good an evil, and me saying that the cycle turns anyway pisses all over their strawberries. They want to feel like heroes in beating the dark forces? Which is small ego no matter how you look at it. Enjoying the scary ride is one thing, but wanting/needing to bolster your poor little incomplete ego is another, and in my mind it’s dangerous. ‘They’ said, when they began to turn on me (The Osiris Story), that I spoilt the game, made life pointless, and I do get that to a degree. I even explained that we did indeed do all that we did, this better explained in other texts on this site dealing with what free will actually is. The part you play is who you are!

But then all I saw is envy, in that they saw me as the mighty Osiris who faced God in order to complete the cycle, so I had ‘status’. Which is bullshit, do you see how this status they demand already fucked up this place? Small ego fucked up this place, men an women trying to prove themselves, that was my argument, this is why I said that buying into the game too much is ‘dangerous’. But they didn’t get it, even when I said that ending up in HELL when you have no real choice, and crying and begging for your sanity is not heroic???? They still were envious of my acceptance of myself. Which is what happens when you come face to face with the reality of what we really are, when you realise that the self is a temporary illusion, you don’t try to own anything even your own form. Because it’s only going to, from my perspective, to be rudely torn away from you… And that’s the one gift I brought back from the core, self acceptance, peace of mind in that sense. So I love it out here on the wheel, because I know that relatively speaking, it will be only a few moments before I am back in timeless Hell fighting for my sanity yet again, all as it ever is/was, before time kicked in. My true nature, all of this out here is a lie, I know that FULL WELL! Well I say I love it out here, but not the fucking reboot, this intrinsically sucks. So, many who will never see this truth, still want to be respected…lol…lol…fucking vanity, fucking illusion. Which is why they want the game to be seen as real, which would make their so called achievements within the game real, which would make others look up to them. It’s all fucking vanity. It’s the same shit we have seen in this place all over again. I even remember the words, ‘It’s all right for you, a proven hero, but we also need to prove ourselves, we need to be a ‘somebody’, we want to feel valid. They DO NOT listen! If you are here, you are valid? Why so insecure? And, I am NOT and never will be a fucking hero anymore than those fodder soldiers are who join the army because there are no jobs, and then fate sees them standing in the wrong place at the wrong time as a bullet was on route, are! The bullshit condescending government calls them heroes and even sends the bullshit medal to the families they lose out on, but they were simply trying to pay bills, make their way in the world. The same goes for me! I was made this way, I touch God and bring back the information that changes reality, it’s not a choice and so as I have said many times. The core, when it comes close, chills me to the bone. It’s a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, a disgusting remembrance, dragging back to that place, where I can’t breathe, my mind can’t breathe, I spin, and it never stops, there is no sleep, there is no rest. In the time perspective that you are there, there is no next external moment, there is nothing other than you, there is no time, and so no possibility for change, NO HOPE, and so you are dammed. None of this wisdom is worth jack shit in that place. Everything out here never even happened from that perspective, there is no defence to that place, it simply unravels you. Yes, I know the core is part of the cycle, it makes perfect sense out here, even when you are spat out of that timeless place it again makes sense. But that simply doesn’t stand up/make sense in that place!!!! None of this out here ever happened from that perspective, a zillion years may have past, but from the core perspective it was just a momentary drift, and all played out in your own mind, your own delusion. How can your own delusion stabilise you, that’s the complete mind fuck of the oneness view!!!!!

My curse, that no one will ever understand. Even ‘Her’, my other half, she knows that something bad happened when ‘we’ fell, but she can’t remember, heck she didn’t even experience it in the same way that I did, why? Because she is an avatar of magic/emotion, magic/emotion doesn’t understand in the way that logic does, she spun out, but she didn’t fall, she was not totalled like I was. NO, it’s most definitely not a matter of heroism, and some take my acceptance for arrogance. No, it’s acceptance, what the fuck can you do about this shit other than make hay when the sun shines? And then another mind fuck is that given a choice would I swap places with someone else, would I? NO NO NO NO NO why? Because that place is so horrific, how could I ever look the person I swapped places with in the eye, how could I live with myself?? Think on it this way. What if you had a disfiguring disease and the only way to cure yourself is to pass it on to another you see? Every time you saw them, how would you feel? I would not wish my curse on anyone. And then at the end of the day, it’s just a particularly horrible way to end. Many have that, drowning freaks me out, but then that’s because the core feels like drowning…so claustrophobic, it’s like being buried alive!!!! There isn’t even an outside, with cool fresh air to escape to… Enough! No more of the pathos, it is what it is.

But yeah, some turn on me because they say I spoiled the game. Well can you understand when I say that I DON’T FUCKING SEE IT AS A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the stupid fucks who I sometimes briefly consider swapping places with, that would shut them the fuck up! They want achievement, they want status, and that is small ego, pure and simple. I am and always will be Adam-ant on this matter. People wanting needing to be looked up to, will always end up like this place! Their fucking insecurity brought down Atlantis/Utopia, whatever you wish to call it.

In fact I do remember some of how ‘She’ was when we became one and fell. This explaining her fear of spiders ‘Spied her’. You see she maintains for the longest time that the fall is not inevitable. We argue about this often, and she says this because she didn’t fall like I did, despite the fact that she can’t remember what happened. I can’t help myself here, I see this as an attack on my sanity. So over the years we speak about this often and I gradually explain the cycle. She has another view, this because she is more like God, who always exists, so yes there is no need for her to fall, if anything I am the reason that she part way fell. I vaguely remember that we argued and she caught a glimpse of the core, this because I spelt it all out for her. She span out, was losing her mind and at that time she accused me of setting her up, like that I span a logic web that she got caught in. (Fear of spiders, the way they move.) But then when she lost it, I was left alone for all intents and purposes, she was my only other significant stabilising other reference point. Her being other than me was my stability, so when she wobbled, I crashed and burned! Of course she didn’t completely crash, because she is mostly magical, emotional, she simply spat out the massive chunk of logic that span her, so to speak. Easy when I was gone! I however, lost my other reference point and completely lost it, I for all intents and purposes, died!

And yes I do realise that it was part way ego, because she was kind of pitying me. ‘You’re so silly this is all in your head’, and then the only way to prove my sanity was to show her the truth, explain it to her. She kept on picking at me, and I couldn’t let it go, we both couldn’t let it go, but then we are two sides of the same coin. I just don’t want to be looked at like some kind of delusional retard, I don’t want to be pitied, I want to be loved… So I won, and in that I lost, and also at that time I saw her as a snake, she sneaked close to me pretending to be in love with me. Like a snake that slides into you bed in order to feel your body heat, as they have none of their own, she was not as ‘reel’ as I was, it’s like she tricked me. And then when you see them and they see you, they freak and strike. As they side step you, the poison that is the truth of oneness sinks in and courses all through you. You are then constricted by the ever shrinking sense of self, this as the truth takes hold. The more you fight, you argue for your very existence, as I have explained in other texts. So yes it feels like being constricted. And yes this is the root of the manifestation of spiders and snakes in the ‘real-reel’ world. Explaining why generally speaking, men hate snakes and women hate spiders, but then they are all creepy crawlies. I myself don’t like snakes, I am claustrophobic and I get sick on roundabouts, and it all stems from the core!

Man how fucked up this all is. I even understand that if she didn’t pick at me, we would never fall, or if I could ignore it and not react, we wouldn’t fall, and yet we have to fall so….this is who we are…. I simply had to prove my point didn’t I, to not be pitied… To prove myself to Her, because she matters so much to me, so I’m just as bad as everyone else in the end. I don’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks about me, but her? I want her to love me for who I am, so I need her to fully see me, so she can accept me for who I am. And this is because in the stark solitary core my dream was to be seen accepted and loved by another…a special other. What a mind fuck! What we are is paradoxical, we never reach ‘home’. This thing can’t reach a conclusion, it never ends. So again I say, make hay whilst the sun shines, there is no ‘ultimate’. Me and her will never truly meet, ultimately we can’t can we, when we join she is me. Again I say that God, oneness, is empty, the journey is all we have and when things are good, enjoy, don’t think that things could be better, you will never catch that particular dragon. This thing that we are, from any perspective, never gets whole and is consciously aware of it! The infinite is ever un-manifest, we ‘live’ in dissection so we may move…

Anybody still want to be me?)


Yet another Tangent: (And then the final tangent whilst I am heading off the inevitable adverse reaction, or misunderstanding and assumptions as to what I am actually saying. I am not in on this on my own am I. If the first man to work metal didn’t make that leap, this all the way to Einstein whose understanding fundamentally changed the way we view reality. And then even his work was reliant on the technology that created the electron microscope etc, the artisans! If they hadn’t retrieved what they did, from the one mind, then I wouldn’t have been able to piece it all together accompanied by a comprehensive description based on proven fact could I? Which person is the most important? That’s like asking if an engine block is more important that the humble spark plug? With the problem being that for reasons that I won’t go into, anyone who says that they have seen God gets a hard time. Well I’m not buying into that regressive shit, what I am saying is one, the truth, and two, it can’t really be argued with when FULLY understood, with three being that the argument against what I’m saying is so fucking dumbass its not even funny. A big bang from nothing? And then there’s no need to get bent about this. You see just like Einstein, his theories were all just theory until they dropped the bomb. So that’s where we stand, at this point in time, all you have seen on this web site is a theory that stands up, and yet until the cosmic bomb drops, that’s all it is. I say that change is about to happen, why? Because I woke, I have seen shit that will blow your mind, in both experience and in reality. However, I do understand that until the revelation comes, everything from your point of view is simply conjecture. As ever, only seeing is believing, just because what I am saying is, when understood, pretty undeniable, everyone needs to see reality bend for themselves in order to ‘know’. And I have also seen an escalation in this, which now has come to the point where the only thing left is the revelation itself.)



Tangents over; who do I think I am?


I know who I am, I am awake, and things are about to change.

This nightmare will soon be over, all the fear manifestations will be reabsorbed back into the One mind as we shift/wake, to a new level of conscious manifestation, via a new realisation/understanding/acceptance of what we actually are!

To spoil the ‘game’ as I do. Even the films that show an eternal battle of good and evil are wrong, it’s actually an eternal polarity shift on a cycle that can’t be stopped. Okay it feels to the uninitiated like a battle, and yes when you are at the mercy of the morons, it seems like a battle. But the simple FACT is that if either side were ever to win outright, then the wheel would not turn, the final cycle would not complete and lead to the fall, so the cycle would cease we would cease to exist. Control is an illusion, and yes, we of the light would love to see flowers blooming in the winter, and yet what fool would plant them at that time? We accept the fall, we accept the dark, and the dark always refuses to leave the stage, tries to cling, and then undoes itself, a time honoured clichéd game. Booooring….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Let the game commence…..ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

The powers that be will not even try to understand the simple logic I bring, and for the simple reason that they want power, money, drugs and or booze, and sex. And they need control for this because no one would sleep or even party with them if they had no money FACT. They are so far gone that they can’t see a better way… They need to control others in order to ‘get off’, they are parasite rapists FACT! Cockroaches, they never see the light. An essential part of the cycle I’m afraid, but then it is what it is, the rose carries many thorns in duality. AND they are fake!!! Why? Because they want to be loved!!!!!! Every soul craves love, this is what their showing off is all about! So they are not even the dark they say they are, they are what the dark actually is, simply failed light! A failure to launch, a sick cosmic joke. They try to say that the dark is equal to the light, not so. The dark is only in place in order to allow us to sleep to the ETERNAL light. The light is the default, it never goes out, ever!


Now, back to the nature of the mind and how it splits out in order to understand and experience itself. Actually there is a cool example from a new cartoon movie that is out now, I think it’s called Inside Out or something. This where all the emotions argue with each other in order to steer the person in a balanced way. But then Star Trek the Next Generation has been doing this for years. If you look at the bridge crew of the Enterprize, the ‘head’ of the star ship. You have Commander Worf who is combat/anger. Commander Data is pure logic, not always the right answer, who in turn evokes Diana Troy who is representative of intuition, which is often right and yet it runs contrary to logic. Geordie is technical know how, information essential to make informed choices. Doctor Crusher balancing out Worf is compassion, with her Son Wesley representing the fresh eyes of youth, open-mindedness.

Captain Pickard is the ‘self’. The Arthur of this round table, who takes from all elements and prioritises in order to create a balance view, which is why he is ‘Captain of the ship’, with Will Ricker being his mini-me, his sounding board as his No. 1.

Some how this represents seven different emotions, which are hard to pin down, but it is seven views that are the symbolic colours that are the rainbow components of white light, which itself represents pure consciousness.

Many have tried to list out these seven elements, or moods but then in my opinion, they have all fallen short. The chakra system is quite good but then I’ve heard so many versions of what the chakras mean/represent?

If we look at it form the perspective of colour then:

1.Red is anger, danger and yet also fire drive, both negative and positive views. Drive is good but then out of control it’s dangerous.

2.Blue is true, used by the police representing law, but then it’s also to be sad, subdued, lack of drive, despondency.

3.Yellow is weak, but then maybe un-confrontational, and so golden.

4.Green means life, we love to see green fields, and of course we relate green to healing, which is why hospital signs tend to be green.

5.Orange is part way between yellow and read, in UK traffic lights it means get ready, it’s warm, sunny, not too hot.

6.Purple is a mix of red and blue, and to me this means magic, why? Well, Red shifted light is moving away (from God) whereas blue shifted light moving towards. So when they are in harmony then this is when magic happens. Better understood in that red is female (pink) and blue is male, so! And I don’t know, purple just seems magical to me.

7.Ultraviolet, to me always seems to represent technology, neon, it’s futuristic, scientific, representing to me the extreme intelligence that is God.


But then that doesn’t really relate to our emotions does it? As I always say, God is multi-faceted, many things overlay. In the movie which is ‘Inside Out’, the advert just came on TV as I was typing lol. They use disgust as an emotion? And they don’t use jealousy?

What are the emotions?


2.Sadness/emotional pain






8.Disgust then (from the movie) /repulsion






14.Inspiration, is that an emotion?

Did I miss any?

Maybe one day someone will map it all out. But then I have written often on ‘best fit’, with the best example being of how it’s simply not possible to build a model of the infinite in a physical way. Which is why the physical model of the universe, ultimately, makes no sense. Also seen in gravity, where as Einstein realised, there is no logical reason for it, no mathematical basic in why a greater value would attract a lesser one, which is why he couldn’t unify gravity as physical law. But then in ‘reality’, if there were no gravity, then we would all float away. You see we needed a stage to play ‘life’ out upon, consciousness needed a stage. And in the reboot scenario, this staged production had to appear to make sense, so? How do you build a convincing stage? Have you ever seen those sci-fi, fantasy movies where there are flat worlds that float in space? Well, in an endless void, which way is up? And if all these flat words are aligned then is there a top and bottom to potentially endless space? Do you see where I’m going with this? What force is aligning all the flat worlds, and what is at the bottom of space??? Too many questions, to many inconsistencies, people would see through the rouse? So we have gravity, and in terms of our ‘stage’, following the theme of that the cycle we travel that is so large it seems to be linear. Plan-ets are so big that they seem to be flat from the bit you stand on. If you think of the world as round and from a distance, then yeah, all the Australians are hanging upside-down????

A funny thing on this! On the space station they have created an ‘up’, why? Well for one reason, it’s hard to speak to someone who is upside-down. This because you can’t read their facial expressions, everything seems distorted, it’s disorientating, we all need to be the same way up. So, on the space station they created an ‘up’, whereas in a non ‘gravity’ environment, there is no up, any way is up, BUT! They started growing seedlings on the space station and the plants orientated themselves with the ‘agreed’ up! But then they have no idea why? The reason is due to the fact that we are living in one mind, and so the plants are in on it as they are of the same one mind.

This all sounds crazy doesn’t it, but then it is a fact that Einstein could not unify gravity as a physical law, and then to further explain. It’s better understood in that something that has a greater physical value than another thing, should weigh ‘more’, because the value is greater. So we can see that 1,000,000, is logically a ‘heavier’ number then 1. But then why should 1 be attracted to 1,000,000? There is no mathematical basis for this phenomenon. Which is why they can’t do the math on it!

Gravity makes no sense, it’s what I call ‘best fit’, because without it, we would all float away and would have no stage to strut and fret upon, it really is that simple. But then you all thought that gravity made sense didn’t you? LOL Why because you believe more in what you see, you don’t use your minds!!!! You even think at least subconsciously that the world is solid, even despite science KNOWING that everything is created via relative energy pulses! There is no physical basis to anything, FACT!

And this a good time to speak of what is possible in a place of magic, where anything is theoretically possible. A good example here is seen in the Never Ending Staircase as drawn by the mathematician/ artist, M. C. Escher. You can draw that staircase, but you can’t build it, no strike that, you can even build it, but you simply can’t walk around it, not unless you can change the reorientation of gravity on each flight. I have said this a few times, much of the magic of our existence is absolutely useless to us, unusable. This because our format for understanding is logical at base, why? … Because self awareness is achieved via a feed back loop, which requires time, as in reverb/delay, and space as in the juxtaposition of viewer and view-screen aspects in the one mind, is this beginning to make sense now????

As soon as you create space, you need orientation, an up etc.

What we are is only potentially limitless, this because we need a format to play a ‘game’, which means rules, and if you break the rules then the lose the game.

So yes there will be rule benders in the next realms, but then, and it sounds silly, even somewhat condescending but ‘reality’ is the true magic! Example; it is possible for any one of us to access all the of the knowledge of the one mind, indeed when I ‘woke’, I returned to a higher/future version of my self. I accessed a part of my cycle that in reality come at the end/beginning of my personal cycle. I re-membered all of this knowledge of the cycle in an instant. How does that feel? It feels like waking up from a dream where in the dream, you have no idea of who you really are, you are a very limited version of your real self. I often use the example of how I was once, in a dream, looking for my car, which for some reason was a giant orange. In the dream it seemed to make sense, that’s the nature of dreams. But then when I woke, looking back I saw myself as a dumbass. This is the same when I woke to the ‘core’, you see ‘the core’, where man meets God, finite touches infinite, is a place that I always exist on the my cycle, if you view it all as one entity, not a linear process. Like a page in a book that itself simply exists. Just like the time that I write this doc, this ‘time’ always exists in the non linear book of my existence.

So… It is possible to learn to play the guitar in an instant, you could wake to a time when you ‘know’ when you remember. But then, and this is why I have chosen this example. I ‘understand’ that creativity is a gift from God, we can’t really from one perspective claim it as our own. BUT, I have worked fucking hard for years to be able to play my guitar, and yeah, so maybe I’m not Jimmy Hendrix, but I really do value the ability to be able to play somewhat. And I get so much joy from it you would not believe, I LOVE MUSIC! So, maybe one day I will be a really outstanding player, in the future if I work at it, and if that is true then sure, God could wake me to that ‘time’, and I could be brilliant tomorrow, but then do I want that. NO! I want to feel that it’s all me, I want to earn it, I want to believe it, even if it’s just a wonderful lie. And yeah, now that I have struggled for years, it’s already getting easier, I have paid and it feels right that it’s easier. Anything that comes easy is worthless to us, DO YOU SEE? I mean, some things in my life have indeed come easy…obviously the spiritual knowledge, some poor fuckers have sat on mountain tops, studying for years to catch just a glimpse of what I remembered in an instant. And yet in itself it means nothing to me, simply a means to an end. All I really want/need, is good friends, a significant other who gets me, and a life path with a heart. Which is why I find this world suffocating, pointless consumerism for it’s own sake, the money drug, the powerful feeling of wielding money, it’s all illusion in my mind. When I think back on my life, the times that stand out all had nothing to do with money. I can remember sitting around a fire, with Charlie Boy playing a few chords as we all sang along and how we all felt, about that particular time in our lives and how we felt about each other in that moment, and it was pure gold. I’m sure there have been many moments in my life where I got something new, I saved up and bought something, a new car etc. But then the new got old and called for more new, to tell the truth I can’t even remember how I felt after my ‘purchases’. It’s all like drug taking, hit after hit, they all blur into one, chasing the dragon, empty, soulless…..

Think about it, think about the times in your life, the places the faces and sure it may have taken money to be their, the money facilitates the event, but the event is all about the people you shared with.

Dreams man… Without our dreams we are nothing other than pointless consumerbots…


So yeah, many would love to know what I know, man how hard they study and yet some still can’t even get their heads around what infinity both is and isn’t. They still think that ‘space’ is infinite, and yet it’s manifest? That’s a baby mistake to me, everything manifest has a size even if that is an ever increasing event horizon, it’s still size and so not ALL. Duhhhh Yes from the spiritual man shaving his head, giving up all his worldly possessions, to the scientist sitting in his office working hard, ‘thinking’ (easy money, give that fucker a shovel!! lol).

They would all love to know what I know, and I woke to it in a teeny weeny little instant. Something that in the attempted explaining I have come to realise, is much like a university course and then some. But then it matters not to me as I don’t value the information in itself, I am not either a science or a metaphysical buff. I just know this shit…and for a reason that I do care about, the unity and ascension of mankind!!!!!

But then the guitar, I am a jealous lover of the guitar!!! I love everything about them, the shape, the workings/set up, the sound or not, which changes. I learnt proper on a Tanglewood Tomkat, a real universal tool with humbuckers, or coil tap to single, and an acoustic reality, trem, holds tune well, nice tone. But then now I have moved on to a Charvel (Fender) with EMG’s. Black, sleek, asymmetric, bare neck, Floyd Rose, it hardly goes out of tune. How did they sell them for £320, it beats me, loss leader? The pick up’s and Floyd would be £500 on their own??? And it’s laced with abalone, and then I made a few mods to make it my own. I swapped out the trem arm for an Alan-key Tomkat one, I hate those standard screw in types. I like the skull and cross bones volume and tone pots, easy to see where you are at a glance, I can’t read the numbers, my eyes aren’t that good no more lol. I put on locking tuners, no not needed but it’s one less tool to carry (a winder). But then for some stupid reason that beats me, I soldered in an old acoustic reality circuit? Don’t ask me why, and it subtly changes the tone, less sterile as EMG’s can tend to be, I love it.

I love that guitar and I love to play. I also love to play my Fender Telecoustic, I love that tone even if it is a bit ‘biscuit tin’ when you strum it. I am looking forward to a day in the next realm when my hands are healed and I can play even better, although it has to be said that I do actually appreciate the way my hands were fucked. This because that forced me to play in a different way to others. If my hands were not fucked up then I would probably play like everyone else, which as good as that is, it’s all been done. But then when my hands are healed I will have more options and so my style can grow. And then no, any guitarist will tell you that you don’t actually play with your hands, you play with your heart. So yeah, music via the guitar is a jealous lover for me, I love it, I guess I need it.

No not to the point that I would sell out for it, NEVER, but it is dear to me. And so NO, no quick fix, I want to experience it all in real time.

But then even then I do see the mind fuck. I played for years getting nowhere, struggling to learn the most simple shit. And then after the prerequisite amount of time, the endless repetition, the practise. All of a sudden, what seemed so hard became so easy. I can’t for the life of me see why it took me so long. Because the practise is not real, it’s simply paying your dues is all.

Whatever, it makes it seem more real…. And it does create a real sense of appreciation when you finally can play. For some it comes easy, but then they don’t appreciate it as much, and here Noel Gallagher comes to mind. He says that he is not the greatest player in the world, but then I disagree. He can do with only a few notes what some can never do with all that fast wibbley crap. He can touch your soul, he has soul! And then he’s just being modest, he is actually a very good player, yes not ‘technically’ speaking, from the guitarist anorak perspective, but he plays dam well, as many an Oasis fan knows well. And so, just imagine what he will be able to do as the shackles gradually fall from his mind!!!!



So yeah, dreaming, it’s all mind, all just varying levels of dreaming with no real place to wake to, crazy but it’s true…


Add text

Let me make one last attempt to put some context on all of this, pass on some kind of acceptance.

When I speak of how it’s all a dream, I am referring to the actual ‘nature’ of the reality, speaking of how we experience the cycle, it’s not ‘physically’ real. But then this would be true from any perspective. As in that our experience of realty is actually experienced within the mind, the psyche, even if the signals were generated in a physically real place, our experience of reality is more ‘fly by wire’ than hard link. Strange to think that you have never actually ‘physically’ touched, tasted, seen, smelt or heard anything, all you have ever seen etc. is an interpretation of a set of signals, experienced in the same place you experience your dreams?

And then reality is not even solid is it. The appearance of matter is created via oscillating points of energy oscillating at different frequencies in the microcosm, likened to micro force fields, this in order to create the appearance of sold matter. So no, nothing is physically real, and yet it is ‘reel’, it is all we have, and it is ever recurring, so it is for all intents and purposes ‘real’. Life is exactly what we know it to be, more or less, it’s just that it’s constructed slightly differently and for a reason that hasn’t been known until now.

Freewill? I have spoken on this subject in other texts on this site but it does bear repeating. Reality is a kind of experiment, a ‘what if’ scenario playing out in a kind of simulation, and okay it has been tweaked because it has to end up in the full realisation of God so that it can reboot. But bar the best fit jamming, when an aspect of the one mind is given a soul, a role, and placed in a situation, then this drives the story due to inevitability. As in, when you leave a dog in the kitchen alone with a sausage, when you come back the sausage will be gone and your dog will have that guilty look on its fuzzy face. Each soul is a kind of program, it will do what it does, we call it personality. So you could well say that you did achieve all that you did and you are the you, you always felt you are. It’s just that there is an agenda in place that overrides this sense of freewill that many seem to value so much. God! And yet God is in fact indeed in place in order to create this sense of reality we crave, due to the adverse truth of oneness. It’s a mechanism, a grand production in place in order to let us experience the consciousness that we actually are, and in the only way we can, via the cycle that essentially has to start in ignorance to allow us to reboot, re-member to a point at which we can understand and accept a higher more complex truth.

So, God is more like something out of a Sci-fi movie than a really nice old man with a beard. No shit, what did you expect? You are stuck in the past, mankind uses computers and puts a man on the moon and yet his God is wearing fucking sandals? Wake the fuck up! I’ve touched the mind of God and what I have described is still too ‘slow’ to do it justice, it’s so fast it freaks you out. It’s everywhere, everything all at the same time, talk about processing speed, it’s instantaneous, everything at once, beards and sandals? Really?

In fact many belief systems have brushed upon this concept, Kabbalah has come kinda close, but then they are all stuck, hung up on the time served traditional view of God. Something that was handed down to you by people who would have freaked if they saw the way we live today? Our technology would make them think that we are gods, and you are following their lead? Come on, get real.

Look at religion, look how they dress, what the fuck is that? You see they are trying to set things in stone. They are trying to out do each other via tradition. They are trying to say that the God they speak of is real, because they knew about it a really long time ago. And they have the nerve to call it a living God, when their God hasn’t changed in thousands of years? Despite the fact that man has grown. Knowledge evolves, and where does everything come from, if you believe in God? And yet our concept of God has not kept pace?

I think I have explained some of why God was explained symbolically. It’s obvious isn’t it, how the hell could you explain what I have outlined in these texts to a bunch of sheep herders? God was simply too big for them to get their heads around, they didn’t even have the context to begin to understand. How could you explain the nature of reality to them? They didn’t even know how an eye worked? They would naturally assume that everything was solid and so physically real.

But then I think it serves to consider the problem of God. How can you be consciously aware of your eternal existence? When consciousness by nature is limited, finite/linear and in that it maxes out. So death is not real Yay!!! And yet it may as well be because every time we come around the cycle, we never remember the last loop, Boooooo. We sleep to our true nature, Boooo, but then if we couldn’t sleep, forget then we would be praying for death sooner or later Boooo, and yet we can recycle Yay!!!! Now I know you all wanted to live forever, you wanted to arrive somewhere and live happily ever after, like the Christian’s promise you, and yet don’t explain, but then what does that even mean? Happily ever after? The story is over, meaning that the adventure is over, what do they do, retire, play bowls, go on a cruse once a year? Join the ranks of the living dead? What does happily ever after even mean? Remembering that for ‘ever’ is not a retirement cruse, it goes on and on and on and on and on. A hundred years, a thousand years, a million, a billion, a gazillion a googleplex and you still haven’t even made a mark on ‘linear’ eternity, let alone a scratch or a dent. And you are still there, do you even get out of bed? What’s the fucking point, there’s no need, and nothing new?

Yeah, I would buy Christianity if I were you, they promise eternal happiness, eternal joy, for ever and ever. Hard deal to beat, but then I would check the small print, ask them to explain the itinerary year by year. Or are they fucking liars!!!

No, we recycle, it’s a gift, to be able to sleep to the relentless truth, the presents are in the present, and they are pre-sent.

I hated this when I woke to it, when God talked me down, I refused to believe it at first, but then when you go over it, it makes sense. How else can we live forever? If there was another way, we would take it in a shot. And finally, if we don’t recycle and God is eternal, then how did we get here? If we are part of God, and God is eternal, why don’t we remember shit?

They fucked you up when they lied and said they knew what God is, and religion lied in order to control the masses, who would buy into my explanation, where you don’t get eternal happiness as a sweetener, yeah the truth sucks a bit doesn’t it. You have been expecting God to be Father Xmas haven’t you? They shouldn’t have lied. But then they sold you what you wanted to hear, everyone was in on it.

You, if you have a soul, will experience what you imagine heaven to be when you move past this reboot realm. It simply can’t last is all.

How could it? A never ending ever increasing orgasm? Really?





Magic in ‘reality’…


I suppose it should have been as simple as understanding logically, that everything exists with its equal and opposite action. So if logic exist then so must magic, fact!


I knew this when I woke, I said the words, I typed the words a thousand times, and then in my awakening I had indeed seen the rules that create logic smashed, but…well, what is it about us? Why are we so frozen that we look and we see, but then we don’t SEE?????? Are we, via the fall, likened to beaten dogs, refusing to come out of the kennel in the face of a loving RSPCA officer, one who is going to end our pain? Are we like kids at Christmas, we see the wrapped parcels and yet until we are actually sitting playing with the toys, there is always something inside of us that keeps saying that ‘it’s all too good to be true…’ Something like that, I suppose, and then it’s also a timing thing.


But then yeah, we’ve never seen magic in this world have we, well maybe little examples, that are indeed conclusive, but then we are not convinced still. As it should be, we ‘Adamites’ needed to ground, we needed to learn and grow in understanding, and the presence of magic would have taken the wind out of our inventive, creative sails, fucked us up pretty much…


Magic has been withheld from us so that we could rebuild ‘Adam’, rebuild logic. Like a jig saw puzzle that sure, you could wave a wand and the picture reappears, but then what did you learn, and what did you become in the learning process? Nothing!


Despite what I have seen, I sometimes marvel at my own stupidity for not seeing what is blatantly staring me in the face. But then God can and does do that to you, God is like a hypnotist, God is in your mind and in that God can create a kind of attention deficit. Like those people who have had a stroke and although they can indeed see everything, they ignore everything on one side?? God allows us to ‘see’ only when it’s time. So yeah, I guess stupidity is not the word.


I have been on a shit faced demented spiritual logic course for nearly twenty one years now. The initial understanding was simple but then all I re-membered amounted to a basic schematic of the cycle. The nuances of how it all fits into the life experience, which is also part way technical, not just emotional, well, that comes over time. I guess a good analogy is that of learning to play a musical instrument. You spend years getting your fingers to move separately and in time, you memorise the scale patterns and techniques, but that’s not playing music, that’s just learning how to wield the tools. Much like learning to drive a car! Man, it takes a while before you stop looking at the gear stick when you shift, but then at some point, the car seems to become an extension of your own body. Well, it’s like that for me from the perspective of Spirituality. I can drive this fucker now, it’s not other than me anymore, like it was in the early days. Not something I am into, was drawn into. It’s simply who I am. When I make decisions these days, there is so much information flowing through my mind in an instant, I makes decisions based on so many perspectives it’s mental! It takes ages to explain why I do what I do, I’m sure everyone can relate to at least some extent.


So now I am finally beginning to come face to face with the magic, why? Well the shift is always going to be magical, or as the religious folk call it, ‘miraculous’, it has to be by nature, and it’s close now, I can feel it. Miracle is just a sanitised word for magic, what’s the fucking difference other than the ‘attitude’ behind what word you chose to use? And then from another perspective; I have spoken of this in part. I am telepathically connected to my magical other half. And yeah, kicked dog syndrome applies here; I often thought that this was just wishful thinking. Compounded by the fact that I have only ever felt snippets of love in all of my life, so I was beginning to think that I was for some reason unlovable? But no, I have seen ‘Her’ move, and I ‘figured’ her out, logically. The more I understand, the more she exposes herself to me…lol…ooooh madam lol…carry on.


So… I am playing the roll of ‘logical avatar’, which from another perspective is one aspect of what can be seen as one mind. ‘She’ is a magical avatar, and here I want to speak from a new perspective as to the nature of the fall. ‘She’ didn’t fall, because she is a magical being, which means, lol, I am digging a hole here lol. She, like most women in fractal microcosm, lol... She doesn’t do logic that well LOL! Shall I keep on digging. Women don’t do logic that well!!! There, I said it….now I need to run……LOL.


I’m NOT saying that women are stupid and that they CAN’T do logic! They can and do! What I’m saying is that women aren’t slaves to logic like men are. They are intuitive, emotionally intelligent etc…. Can I stop running now? We men can understand intuition and yes even use it, I do often, we can move from the gut, BUT! It’s like that we are naturally ‘right handed’, so when pushed we favour the right hand of logic. When pushed we always run back to logic, it’s where we live, who we are.


So, from another perspective, when the ‘Two’ joined, I have no idea what the other one felt, but when she became singular, as I did. She did not find herself in a logic trap. From the strict male perspective, the now singular male driven perspective, was what was causing the short circuiting. The female was viewing the paradox, and it did spin her to an extent, but she was able to stand back, and kind of say, well, I understand logic, but it’s not my ruler, so it did not drag her down and total her. ‘She’ is more magical, more instantaneous, it was the joining of these two opposing perspectives that crashed ‘Adam’, from a funny perspective lol, ‘he’ touched ‘her’ mind and that span him out LOL. ‘Man those bitches really do be crazy’ LOL.


Technically speaking, it was like an electric motor, and the polarity shifting electromagnet, joined-fused with the static magnet. And with the electricity still driving it, it burnt out the windings, which destroyed the electro magnet, but. The static magnet is still always a magnet…it can’t burn out. (The male is seen as the electro magnet, because the male/finite polarity keeps shifting, where the static magnet just-is, representative of the infinite. So yes Eve, lol, you can say that in a fight, when they butt heads, she kicks his ass, or you could say that he dies so that both may live……no….no need to thank him…no big deal… need to thank him….lol If he does not fall then the wheel can’t turn and we all get stuck, forever, and ever, and ever, there will be no sleep! So yes, the Son gave his life so that we may live. But then many son’s of God have done much the same all throughout history! It is what it is… And I am only joking here, because it is also a FACT that as reflections, Adam and Eve’s suffering is exactly the same. A woman once wrote a song, ‘Only women bleed’, no, we are one, we all ‘bleed’ in one way or another. In this time it is IMPORTANT to KNOW that men and women are equal, different yes but totally equal, this or we cannot heal, we cannot join. And yeah, I joke about her not doing logic that well, but let’s cut the shit. It’s not a joke is it, these kind of jokes never are, they are just a cowardly way of saying what you really feel. I was hurt by her total disregard for me. ‘She’ saw me as a dumbass, chasing logic as I do, this because she knows magic, so she thinks I got it wrong. Magic beats logic in a head on fight. And how do I know that she had a condescending disregard for me? It’s simple, you see we are in truth the same person. It’s like we fall in love with our own reflection, ever travelling towards the other, a beautiful image from a distance that only ever turns out to be our own reflection as we realise oneness. So yeah, I admit it, I did have a total disregard for her. I thought her shit was rubbish, folly, why? Because I didn’t, couldn’t understand who she was, how she was. Only now that I am remembered enough do I get where She’s coming from, and in that I love her more now that I ever thought was possible…I learned to love and accept myself and there she was…the other half of me. So, understanding our reflective nature, I know that the way she felt about me was much how I felt about her. So I guess we are now coming back together, by the way I am feeling, I guess we are falling in love again…


Yes scared, but it won’t stop me now, she is where I need to be, want to be. And I don’t even care that it will all end in tears, dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t, I choose love. I guess I’m not that scared anymore after all. Scared? Yeah!!!!! When we join I end up back in the HELL of the core!!! Is she worth it, well, yes… What the fuck I will go to Hell for her, I must be fucking crazy, or stupid or something, or maybe I’m in love, maybe I have always been, maybe I just forgot. Love, crazy, yeah what’s the difference LOL If I don’t have love, I don’t really want to live anyhow, so what choice do I even have?


And I have to say that it’s much easier to see my beauty and genius in her eyes than I ever will be able to in myself!!! I don’t know why, but the grass will always be greener in that sense. I have to say that a beautiful woman always makes me feel, awkward in comparison??? Men can be cool, handsome, but women, man they kick the ass of beauty and grace etc.)


All joking aside, men and women really are a whole lot more different than you may think, opposites in fact. Luckily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So… This world was created via fallen logic, which is why we have been rebuilding logic as we live and learn, ‘technological advance’. This world is His-story, but then where did She go?


Now I don’t know this, I wasn’t shown this, but I figured it out, via the knowledge of the cycle, and it only took me 20 years, yeah, yeah they call me lightening fast Steve lol There must be two realms! I mean we have been subconsciously writing stories about this concept for, well forever. And you can ask, where do the ideas come from, yes the mind, and then where does the mind come from? I figured out that the two opposites joining was what caused the fall, and ‘She’ must have been the magical one. And, the reboot had to see that the two opposites had to be apart for a time, until each side had repaired itself to the point that they could approach each other once more. So… there must be another realm. Kind of like The Matrix then, where they are trying to unite the two worlds, because they need us as much as we need them, this because we are two halves of an impossible whole. We can’t join in the same perceptive, but we do belong together!


(And this beckons a perspective where the ‘ALL’ is intrinsically paradoxical, it contains all and that means it’s own opposites. When manifest in time-space, it naturally separates, why? Because opposites can’t occupy the same ‘space’, they cancel each other out (the core-fall). Therefore, from the perspective of wholeness being completion, nothing missing, the All can be seen as love. And then the entire mechanism of God is in place, in order for love ’wholeness’, to know itself. Infinity is whole/complete/love and yet ever un-manifest. Ironically this wonderful feeling of wholeness, this ‘love’ can only ever be known in separation, it has to stand apart and ‘witness’ itself. Which then beckons men and women, who were ‘made’, to love each other. So yes, the world, the manifest was made to experience love! It’s true. BUT, the mechanism of time-space with its essential opposites, requires that hate is also known, in order to define love. This realm dictates that fear and despair are known in order to define love. BUT make no mistake, love is the default! Light trumps dark. The lights are finally coming on the there is NOTHING that darkness can do, when you realise that FACT, we are going home!


Think of it like that we blew a fuse out of necessity, when Adam got stuck, we had to throw a spanner in the works in order to free him, save him. And so the lights went out, but the power source is constant, this thing simply boots back up again, it’s unstoppable, the truth is unstoppable.)


Now… two realms? You may ask, why do magical beings need us? And I will answer that by using the example of the educational toy ‘Mechano’. You could say, what’s the point of Mechano? You use the parts to build say, maybe a truck. So, why not buy a fucking toy truck and have done with it? Because the point of Mechano comes in the building. You get to assemble the thing for yourself, the rack and pinion steering mechanism etc, and in the building you understand, and IT’S FUN!


We exists, there is no reason for existence we just do. So, as I have said, everything we do has a game like quality. With ‘Life’ being the ultimate Game Of Death, with the definition of life itself being that we can and do die (die-dye also means to change, as in dye something another colour, word twin code). As I have said before, immortality is something else, no fear etc.


I can’t really imagine a magical existence, can you? The TV series Bewitched comes to mind. Man that must be hard for Samantha? Clean the house when you could just wiggle your nose???? So, this world must hold a fascination for the magicals, it’s like a great big fuck off Mechano set to them. More than a game, a way of life that can be very satisfying. Because it is a simple fact that if you use magic all the time, then you will become metaphorically speaking, much like those fat bastards in the movie Wall-E. Everything done for you, a TV screen in your face 24/7? What’s the point?


Can you now begin to see why they need us as much as we need them, and man we could really use a little magic round about now. They must envy our sense of purpose, we have much to learn from each other.


There simply must be two tribes! And I see this as the shift, it’s a coming together of what was blown apart when pos touched neg! Two worlds colliding!


It’s also a fact that the magic is going to freak us out somewhat initially. Looking back I see that in myself, I have seen impossible shit and it did make me a bit lightheaded, tripped me out somewhat, but then that was simply due to my weak understanding of what reality is in detail. Now it’s different, my understanding has grown to the point that, well, the penny is about to drop. I actually expect magic now. I’m frustrated that it’s not here in fact. And am matter of fact about the existence of it because I have no illusions as to what it can and can’t do. It may be fantastic to us, but then when you think about it, it’s NOTHING other than another form of technology is it? Think about the washing machine! From the perspective of someone who had to scrub and wash clothes by hand, which must have taken all day. And no spin dryer, only a mangle, and you know what happened to Auntie Mable!!! (for the younger ones, she got her tit caught in the mangle). So to someone of that time period, a washer dryer is magic, put the clothes in, add magic power and an hour and a half later!!! Imagine technology that could scan clothes, isolate and destroy the dirt particles with directed microwaves of some sort. You could clean clothes in an instant, as fast as magic!


But then look at what we are becoming! Our kids are obese, some of them, all they do is sit in front of a PC screen, like I am doing now…..errrr…but that’s different…lol. No seriously, technology is great, the problem comes in how you use it. Like smart phones, fuck me the kids may as well have a fucking implant, well, it’s not just the kids is it. (Women are particularly attracted to plastic! Phones, hairdryers, credit cards, and those things they hide in the bedside draw zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.) What’s the deal with that phone shit? Can’t you bear to be apart from your friends for five fucking minutes? It’s much the same as food addiction! In the old days. Lol. You had to walk round to your friend’s house and ask if they were coming out, and they may not have even been in when you get there! But then, and it sounds corny, but it did make you appreciate the time you spent together.


Mankind in general is addicted to ‘magic’, fast technology, I did notice that people get agitated if they have to step to the side and wait 4 minutes for a fillet of fish at Macky D’s. It wasn’t that long ago, relatively speaking, when you had to sit and wait twenty minutes for your Wimpy Brunch meal in the Wimpy Bar. And then look at download speeds, I think everyone wants their desired web page to be already on screen as and when you lift your laptop lid???? Yeah, the only way will be an implanted light speed brain interface, and that will make us all Wall-E’s.


So yeah, as with technology, it’s how you use it, not letting it run you. I personally don’t have a smart phone, why? Because I don’t like the stupid, dumbass, pissy, teeny-weeny, little screens. Fuck me when I did have the internet, when I could afford it, I had my PC linked to my TV. I had one of those really cool laptop keyboards with the split mouse right and left. That’s the way to go in my mind, so, so easy. All I want from a phone is a phone, okay the clock and alarm…and calculator is good, but no not the internet, and there’s no way I want Fucking Cortana reminding me that it’s my anniversary. I don’t even like Satnavs, why? Because they make you stupid, reliant. I had one once, I used it to visit jobs when I was a Contracts Manager. And then when I kicked the fuck into it for sending me to the wrong places, and making me do a fucking detour in traffic in London, that took a fucking hour, when I could have just turned left like I thought I should. I then found that I didn’t know how to get to a job that I had been to four times already!!!! One time with the map and I could get there forever. NO! Satnavs make you stupid! You run on autopilot, you do not pay attention. Okay, they are good for delivery drivers etc. But not daily use as a matter of course, they turn you into a Wall-E.


So magic, yes! We really need to tap into magic now, also realising well, as we have learned via nuclear power etc. That everything comes with a price. We need magic now because we are already way past a sustainable world scenario, but then as I have explained. Nothing is sustainable anyhow, everything is transient. Our Sun will grow cold, the cycle will turn, by nature, we as conscious beings consume, ‘cons u and me’. But, only now can we move into a magical existence where the new technology, probably crystals, which as I have explained, is just a more sophisticated form of monkey buttons, will further us. IN reality, all of this magic and logic comes from God, no matter the mechanism of how it seems to be retrieved. But we will live in a sustainable way, all except for our ‘appreciation’ of what we will be given. Appreciation can not be held, it fades with time. Which is why we fall, lose all we acquire, so we may again ‘appreciate’. As I have explained over and over.


If magic is not revealed, we have no future. The greedy morons who pushed themselves into positions of power. Those who lied, cheated, and manipulated for their one true love (what won’t you do for the sake of your true love), MONEY! They are driving us towards a brick wall at an ever increasing pace. ‘We need growth’ they cry, growth, growth, what the fuck? Yeah they want to see house prices rise so that they can speculate, buy and sell, but then house prices are tied to wages??? They are so fucking stupid it’s not even funny, they CANNOT see the big picture, blinded as they are by greed. Well, they are simply stupid, period. They speak of delaying green policies due to affordability, we have to look after the precious e-con-a-me first. NO! What makes you think that green technology will be more affordable in the future? NOTHING is more affordable as we move on. Look at the way we are now, everything is getting cheaper and nastier, quality is a thing of the past as everyone cuts corners to sell more cheaply in order to compete. But then you can’t cut corners on some things and the green technology we need to sustain our life styles is getting further and further from our reach. But then as I have said, their dumbass economic model has already crashed, it’s just a matter of time before the power struggle starts. And that will end in the only war that is affordable these days, nuclear! So yes we need an intervention, but then no not a simple joining of the two sides, we are talking about the trinity here, Pos Neg and Neutral. Adam and Eve under God! This is actually shown in Stonehenge. That monument is showing a marriage, in fact it’s also symbolic that the Stone in the centre representing Adam, is fallen!


You see you could also ask, if there is a magical realm, they why do they not show themselves. Well, I have no idea what their story is, their history, well they would call it a miss-story. But it can be understood that God would not allow Adam and Eve to rejoin until the price had been paid, the reboot had to be completed. I have explained why over and over.


It makes you wonder what these our magical brothers and sisters are like, and what they know of, or how they see God? It’s well known from the texts on this site that I understand God in a computer type format. It’s all like a logical mechanism to me, even despite the essential underlying magical element. I am made from logic, I rise and fall via logic, it’s the only way I can understand the cycle. They however, must have another perspective, which is the same thing, but the words will be different. Yes Magic is NOT the be all and end all that some might think it is. I already know that if a greedy head could get hold of magic, he or she would use that magic in order to make money????????????????? Like what the fuck??????? If I had magic, I would be out of here in a shot, money? Who the fuck needs money when you have magic! Rhetorical, I’ll answer that question for you. The kind of person that has enough money to buy a fucking paradise island. The kind of person who could buy anything they want, they could race cars, fly planes and helicopters. They could do what ever they liked, and yet they don’t!!! They buy companies, they drive expensive cars so they can be seen by the poor, they eat at the most expensive restaurants when they could employ a top chef and eat gourmet at home. And yet they still get others to buy them a sandwich at lunch time, tight ass gits! They have to be SEEN to be doing well, they have to be seen to be BIG, because inside they are small!


That’s the kind of person who wants magic, and yet for all the wrong reasons.


Life is the true magic. Simple moments that take the entire mechanism of God in order for us to be able to ‘appreciate’ them, including work, sufferance! And this also relates to why it is said that you can’t use magic in order to make someone fall in love with you. I mean you could create a form of love, but it would be more like a zombie spell. Not real love that can only come from a free heart.


And, you see, love is the one true magic in all of this, it’s the most powerful drug ever known! There is no greater high, well, is there? IS THERE!!! Love changes everything. I remember the small snatches of love I have experienced in my time. Yeah, the sun always shines on you doesn’t it! A miserable cold day is nothing more than an excuse to snuggle up, and yeah, when they are with you, everything is fine, fine, fine. If you have love, you have everything don’t you. One day I will be again with my other half, if that were not true, then what’s the fucking point? If I did not believe that, then I wouldn’t even bother struggling along this path. What? Did you think I was some kind of a martyr? Did you think I was some kind of a weirdo who felt a great selfless love for everyone else? Okay I do feel ‘THE BOND’ and I do treasure the good souls yes, I see the good souls as family, it’s true, but I don’t want to be fucking spectator. I want, no, I NEED, to be in love, we all do!


To me that is the greatest magic of all, that one day, my other half will be at my side and I will feel, well, this living HELL, this pointless zombie existence will be over.


And for me the only possible way I can celebrate this love, is if everything is okay with the world. How can I ever be happy, when the world is in pain? So you see, I do believe in magic, I do believe in GOD! I do believe in the milk of human kindness, it is within us all, we all want ‘love’, to live in it’s light not just personal love, for one and all, this I have seen, and I of all people know why!!! I know well the terrible truth that lays at the core of our existence.

True love can’t be exercised in a place of darkness, could you eat a hearty meal in the midst of starving people??? Could you? NO!!!! The real question is DO YOU! Do you avert your eyes, and I’m not saying that you can even help, even charity is a con, but, is your heart an open wound in the face of the world suffering, or are you …pretty chipper in general!

NO! True love will attempt to share what can’t possibly stretch that far. True love does NOT turn its back.


Soon ladies and gentlemen……SOON!


Add text


Now, having said that magic beats logic. It’s that in the face of magic, logic can’t really stand can it, logic will never be able to explain magic, ever! However…magic can’t be known without logic as there is no format for understanding, and then again, logic can’t exist without magic as logic has no tangible root. Can you see from this the truly reflective nature of the opposites within the one? Absolute mirror images!


Another view of God in light of the above is that, God is love, the third aspect of the trinity. This seen in that love is what comes between the man and woman, which in the upside-down fucked up reality of what we are, it’s that love is actually keeping them apart…(the neutral zone), so that they can be together. When they are ONE they are cosmically asleep, unaware. And it also goes that at the end, in Eden, it is the lack of love that causes the fall, why? Because the love they shared was keeping them apart, via being between them, but then when the love was lost, what then was between them? Nothing! So BANG! They touched, joined. When God withdrew, when love withdrew, the whole thing fell apart.


Not that we can do anything about it, we simply consume time, and when there is nothing left to do, nothing new left to share, we get bored and lose sight of each other. Love needs a vehicle doesn’t it? Which again is why this reboot had to be so harsh, so many people all looking for their other halves, most ‘settle’. After this pain of separation, I guess it will be a very long time before we get complacent, yeah, it’s like a catapult, the further you pull it back, the further you go!


Most settle! They chose a mate in the same way that animals do, earning potential within the herd, looks, sex.


NO! True love is that thing that knocks your fucking socks off when you first see them. They simply, well, I don’t know, can you ever explain it, it’s just crazy, and thinking back now. I do remember that feeling. When I first went to secondary school, I was sitting in a new classroom one time as a first year, and in walked this girl (A.M), who had to sit next to me as all the other seats were taken, and fucking WOW. I had never seen such a beautiful girl ever, well, hang on maybe I had, but there was something very special about this girl. The air went thick, everything kind of shifted and I was, well reeling, out of control, yeah. She made out like she hated me, because in the first year I was a nerd in school uniform, not one of the cool kids. But then after beating up a bully out of desperation/self defence, I gained some status and then one day she sent me a letter, via a mate. She wanted to go out with me!!! What the fuck! I was off the scale. BUT! So, I was a teenage boy, and after we were together a while, she wouldn’t let me do, you know. And then she had a friend who was easy. And out of sexual frustration I got too friendly with her friend and I blew it. Looking back, my life went down hill after that. I often wonder what it might have been like if I’d had an older head on my shoulders back then. Could we have been happy together? Childhood sweethearts who got married and shit? But then no, I see how my life had to be…and why… I was not here to be a family man!!!!


When she hated me, she did seem like somewhat of a cunt. A nasty bitch, but then it didn’t stop me from loving her, yeah I fell for her in an instant, but then when we were together she was so sweet. And strong, and well, so together, and yet honest and also vulnerable. I guess my heart recognised her but my head was gone so…..



There was a lot of blame in ‘The Fall’. I’m sure I told ‘Her’ over and over on that last loop that one day we would grow apart. Nothing personal, I would love to be in love forever, but we consume, and things get old, what can you do, other than renew? We are ever ‘falling’ in love.


I don’t think she remembers the fall. I can vaguely remember her blaming me when she caught a flash of the core. It kind of goes that we both speak different languages, and in life we do learn to speak one and others native tongues, but then don’t ever be fooled by that. We come from different spiritual hemispheres. We may be bilingual but we always default to our native tongue. Yeah one time, for some reason there was a fight, and the SAME old issue came up. I blamed her for not listening to me, she blamed me for not loving her anymore, when she said that I’d promised to love her for ever, (which I didn’t actually promise, but she said I did by inference, by being with her, and what that should mean), and then I forced her to listen, and yeah, at that time she heard me full well. Why? Because God, love, was no longer between us, shielding us. She had grown a little version of me within her, she had learnt my ‘language’. And when we finally touched in Eden, her small inner Adam was complete, she saw what I saw. For an instant, and like me she fucking lost it. She felt the chill of the core, the sick cosmic joke of oneness, the disgusting incestual swirling and again she blamed me. She said that I had trapped her in my logic web, like a spider, a spied-her. She said that I knew that if she understood we would end up back in the eternal shit storm, this HELL, and yet I wouldn’t shut the fuck up. ‘Can’t I ever turn my shit off!’ She saw it as an attack. But then her little Adam blew real fast like a 3 amp fuse! Just like a fuse in any other electrical appliance. Her fuse was totally destroyed! But then the analogy is not accurate, she didn’t actually need that fuse other than to know me. So she lost the ability to speak in my tongue and then carried on, knowing that something bad happened. But she doesn’t remember, her Adam fell. I mean she understands this explanation, but she doesn’t REALISE it. And yeah, she will blame me again, even though at the start of this new cycle. I tell her, here in writing in fact, that I will fall out of love with her. I mean I ALWAYS, always love her. But the ‘pull’ she needs from me will dry up. I wish it were different, but it has to be this way, or we can’t renew, it is what it is.


And sure we are still reeling from that blame game, trust has gone, well, now it’s coming back. I don’t know how she is achieving it, but I am achieving it via my growing understanding, my re-memberance. And here, I am drawn to think of the movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Where they listen to the tapes, and they know full well that they will end up hating each other again, and yet he says something like, ‘ Alright.. So, what the fuck, let’s do it again’. Because at the end of the day, if you are in love, then you may as well ‘be’ in love. For as long as it can possibly last, yes it is true, better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all! Love is what we came here to feel!

So yes Eve, wherever you are. I always, always love you, we are eternally married, a bit of paper that repeats that fact doesn’t really mean anything. It’s just stating the obvious. But we will fall out, and no it does not mean that I don’t love, even when I begin to hate you. Your total disregard for God’s law, as you say the same to me as I don’t love you, I can’t show it and as you say, ‘God is love so you also broke the law!!!’ I can’t refute that fact! And it does no good to tell you not to go so off your head about it, the fucking venom that comes out of you is off the fucking scale. The vindictiveness, the way you want to see me suffer, as if that would change anything? And you hate that I seem so matter of fact, but I’m NOT. Inside I am dying, I am quietly mourning the loss of love, the loss of my reason to live. Yes things may look peaceful but I am suffocating inside, due to the lack of love, the lack of the ability to touch you, when you are standing right there…. You make it fucking worse in fact, by standing there, fucking ordering me to love you. The more you push the further away I go, you fucking smother me. The sick cosmic joke of it all and you know how much I hate confrontation. What happens to us is HELL…pure and simple, I wish it didn’t have to be this way, and as I try to explain the more that winds you up, I’m just trying to…I don’t even know, stop you from shouting I suppose, after all is said and done. You make it worse, you fucking psycho bitch, which is why God made the man physically stronger (in any realm), if it were the other way around, I would be beaten to a pulp. We are opposites, I NEVER blamed you, and even that pissed you off more so, my acceptance of the situation seemed to ignite you. But then just because I accepted doesn’t mean that I wasn’t already dead inside… It didn’t mean that my heart didn’t ache every waking day.


However, having said that… My logic has deserted me, all I can see is that I miss you like a black hole in my heart that is sucking the rest of me in. If I don’t get an Eve fix soon I am going to implode. I can’t promise you forever, but I will give you all of me. When I am spent, we will fall. And I will again be in the HELL of the core, begging for deliverance as I am drawn in, and then the HELL begins, hope goes and the fucking demented diminishing crucifixion merry go round starts all over again.


So what…. what the fuck, I love you again…. I need you again… When we are good we are Genius! We shine! We are a fucking Goddam phenomenon, our love is blinding!


So, Eve, will you walk back into Hell with me again, will you marry me…again.


Like, no pressure or nothing…lol


I could say that I am okay without you, and that is true, like it is for you, we can stand on our own two feet the pair of us. But no, fuck that, I am hiding from my heart, hiding from the fact that I am not doing so well, I am running out of gas…it is what it is.


No one else will ever do, it’s always you and me.


That’s all there really is…



Redemption and Judgement Day


There is NO redemption per se. Not as in that when God shows, you can grovel and kiss ass to not be shelved until the next loop. The true meaning of redemption is that if you fucked up in life, and then were truly sorry, and then you changed, because you were truly sorry. Then you will be fine, you learnt the lesson, so yes, people who have ‘sinned’ can live on.




When God shows, all the ones who made money as some of us starved to death will be sorry. But not sorry for what they did, sorry they got caught! So yes they will beg God, because they don’t want to end, selfish as ever.


D’yer know I can be a nasty bastard, I have zero tact! It’s possible that too much truth is not good for us, well no not at this time, but life itself is indeed a wonderful lie. So, if God told me I had to be shelved until the next loop, that I won’t make the next level, I wouldn’t argue. I would never ruin it for everyone just so I could get some more! But then the greedies would. They want to come to the next levels, and then when they get there, when the shit storm has past for them, they will start to push again, it’s their nature.


There is no Judgment day as such, life was the test/judgement. When the lights went out, when teacher left the classroom, everyone showed their true colours. So... It is what it is. No one can say shit like, ‘But I didn’t know that God was real!’, no one did! That’s the point! And yeah pity on those two faced shits who called themselves Christian, or Muslim, whatever. They spoke of God often, and yet they lived a Godless life. They saw God as an insurance policy, happy to go to the temple once a week sure, but what about their brothers and sisters who suffer daily? They don’t even speak of them!


Plus, to all the greedy heads: ‘You wouldn’t like it on the next levels anyhow, it’s a bit too hippy for you. No one is going to kiss your asses. There is no rich and poor, so what are you going to do? I mean, look at all the money you have. If you weren’t such control freaks, you could have a great life, buy a nice house, travel, race cars, learn music, whatever you want you could have. But no, you have to lord it up over others, you have to hold power and control, do you realise that you need them way more than they need you. Yeah, they need you like another hole in their heads. Movers and shakers? You are nothing more than parasites. ‘If I hadn’t built this company, these plebs would have no jobs!’ Fuck off! Look at Kibbutz life! Your parasitical greed is simply imploding the system.


Judgement? I’m not the judge! Who will live on, who will burn? I have no idea, I am not in everyone’s heads. Some people out there are living a lie, trying to fit in, but deep down it is bothering them. If they were more ‘aware’ they would leave their jobs, even if they had more money they would, they feel trapped and so don’t allow themselves to entertain such hippy thoughts. Hope to them is a dangerous thing, like in Shureshank, so yeah they have become ‘institutionalised’.


Anyone who is left standing when we shift has a valid ticket.


Who are we to argue with God?





‘Real’ isation


Okay, so this is how it is. I experience all states of being, from the numb nuts I was when I was born, to the Full realisation of God, and this happens to at least some extent for each and every one of us, and within our own minds. Because we are in truth all the same One mind, but from varying perspectives and at different stages of the ‘real’ isation of that mind. FULL realisation is the core I speak of, when you see the sick cosmic joke that is oneness, you become, well, you see from the perspective of being all that exists. Everything else from that perspective seems to have been your dream, indeed, God’s view.


So I want to give you a heads up. You are too asleep to catch it, but as in dreams in ‘life’, sometimes you run on rails, you have no idea why you do what you do other than that it’s a good idea. You think it’s a good idea at the time. Example: I don’t write songs, they come, the tune first and then the words seem to fit with the tune, the words pop into my mind, I don’t ‘figure them out’. MANY song writers have spoken of this and some call it ‘channelling’.


And it’s funny how you get so into the writing, making it all work as a song. That you don’t even ‘listen’ to what you yourself are writing? Back a while, it actually took me months to realise the full meaning of what I’d written. Now that I am more awake, more realised, I catch it as it comes and sometimes it does choke me up I have to say. Hard to sing when your bottom lip is quivering lol.


So, I see many men and women around the world, coming out with such profound writings and I have to smile, why? Because some of these people have no real clue as to what they have actually said and what it really means. Indeed some really nasty shits are given ideas, this to send subconscious messages out into the collective psyche, like in adverts on TV etc. They are being channelled and they don’t have a clue!


Another example is that of the characters in a book or movie, thinking that they are real? No, only God, the author, is real. The rest of us rent/lease the parts we play, and right here I will tell you that ego, (the character) will NOT accept that. So of course it’s ‘ego’ that stops us from seeing God, why? Because you are stuck in character, trying to defend your ego, your ‘self’, demanding that you are real, which then won’t let you see past the illusion, via belief in the self. I don’t mean self belief, that’s something else, we all have to believe in ourselves in the sense of standing up for who we are, what we believe in. I mean belief that you are a real person born in a real physical place. NO! You are an aspect of God, that comes and goes in cycles. Yes you are always here, when it’s time to be on stage, but you are not ‘constant’ like God. Like all matter, we flicker/oscillate, we sleep and wake.


When I woke, I listened to God as ‘it’ talked me down and to tell the truth, it didn’t really bother me so much that Steve Berg was just a part in a play. I never really had such a staunch sense of identity anyhow, I have always been very ‘fluid’. Due to who I am actually, we all have a subconscious remembrance of who we really are, that which we call our personality. And my personality is very open-minded. VERY!


And yes let me explain here, that which we in life call big ego, is actually small ego. I have the biggest ego of all of us, lol. I mean that my character goes full circle, all the way back to God, and the Hell of that. It’s only when you haven’t travelled that far, that you do not have understanding that will allow you let go of taking yourself so fucking seriously. Look at those self named VIP’s, ‘Do you know who I am!?’. Well yeah I do know exactly who you are, but you don’t or you wouldn’t act like such a selfish twat. So, big ego is really small ego, knowledge quells arrogance, in all walks of life in fact. The ones that have to constantly say how good they are? Who are they trying to convince? Only themselves, the ones who can do, don’t need to tell anyone, it’s simply apparent.


In life you can look back and see how you have much more understanding now, as the years pass. Back in the day you did some dumbass shit, but now there is more ‘light’ in your mind, you are more ‘enlightened’. Well realisation is similar, you simply become more and more self aware, more like a driver as opposed to a passenger of your own self. And yes, if you follow the equation, where can this lead, yes, as I said, to the FULL realisation of God. The Goddam core, I don’t recommend it.


I am in a unique position, due to me having been a numb-nuts when I was born. In that I can relate, I can understand why we do the shit we do, and now there is no ‘mindset’ I can’t relate to. (Apart from the abstract illogical deviants, who are here to stir the waters. They can’t be understood, they don’t even understand themselves. We call them crazy, yes, they are..... Really. They lack logic, they are not supposed to be logical, they are here to create adverse situations, you can’t do that ‘logically’.)


All I see now in everyone, is simply past versions of myself. Which is why I seem to read minds, but then we have all experienced this to a certain extent, especially in raising kids, man they try all the same tricks we did, do you see?


And this is why I know you think I am an arrogant prick LOL. Yeah been that done that...LOL So competitive.


Also, realisation is NOT understanding. When in the core, I am fully realised. Now I am back on the wheel of time, I still know what I remembered there, but I don’t realise it, or I would still be there, and I would still be alone. I suppose a minor example of realisation is like when your wife tells you she’s going to a works do, a day seminar and she has THAT look on her face. And then when she is there, before she is going down to the evening piss up, she calls you at home in order to make sure that you didn’t drive down there and are looking through the window. You know she’s cheating, but then seeing her with him is something different. I mean you know, but that knowing is not ‘realised’. Fucking cheek when she tells everyone that she broke up with you is because, you cheated. When in truth she froze you out with her very own infidelity, positively pushed you away......ehem....that’s a hypothetical example....ehem.....moving on.


So, understand here that we don’t fully understand ourselves, sometimes we are running on autopilot just following the dream of life. Can’t you remember when you were younger, you seemed to be stuck in a place of small options, you can’t do this, that is not allowed, everyone knows everything accept for you. But you grow out of that, you realise, well some of us do, that no one really knows anything (apart from inventors and shit, I meant as far as how to live is concerned). So life opens up to you, you see choice.....that’s how it is for me in a way, I am losing my limitation hand over fist.


And then you even get prompts in the dream walk play of life, off stage prompting. You know, you are just about to go out and then your mind shouts at you, ‘Don’t forget to take the dry cleaning’. That’s God! The author!


You think you are reminding yourself, and you are, the big you is talking to the small you’s.




The reason I am writing this is because there are many organisations (empires) out there who have stumbled upon truth. And then in ego they see themselves as the TRUE ones. FUCK OFF! God is in charge, we are the children, you won’t be prefects you kiss ass bastards. You’re an organisation no matter what you say you are, it’s just another fucking would be empire!


God is in charge, relax and take the ride, God knows us all better than we know ourselves, even I can see all through you, I got the T-shirt. If you still your mind and trust the small voice, follow God’s law, you will be happy.


Don’t be a witness knocking on doors stating truths when you haven’t seen for yourselves! That’s just stupid!




The Final Secret


(NO! There’s no point in reading this before you’ve read all the other stuff, skip to the end, MacDonald’s fast track quick fix thinking LOL. If you don’t yet get the cycle, then this will make NO sense.)

Not really a secret as such, other than that it’s the terrible truth we are all hiding from. A secret from ourselves.

The universe expands and contracts, it seems like a cycle due to the way we travel it. We don’t experience the fall as such, the big bang, where all is blown apart, the linear story is forgotten, all we have been, all we did, all we meant to each other… That happened right quick, we only experience the return, we travel backwards-forwards, or it would make no sense. But then make no mistake, it’s a re-turn. A return to oneness, a return to God where there is no-thing.

Most of you are proclaiming that the shift, the revelation will a joyous time, and yes it will be BUT! It will also be a cosmic bucket of cold water. The realisation/proof of all I have written here, that no, there is no eternal heaven, we are shrinking back to oneness. Level upon level we diminish, we exploded into the many and so we will shrink back to the one, level by level. How far will you go? No one knows, well, I can see it. I can sense the less enlightened ones, I can figure out who came from the top of the pyramid and who are of the lower levels, and let me make this clear, again and again I say. This is not a fucking competition, it’s a mechanism that is in place in order to create a sense of freedom and free will, and we all know it works, we think that we are real don’t we. Don’t be fooled by the imagined traceability of the cycle. All each soul ever gets, ‘experiences’ is a ‘while’, and in that while they will know pain and joy, each to his maximum capacity, and each man’s maximum is THE SAME! It’s only the ‘relative’ juxtapositioning that makes it seem as if some get more. The analogy here is seen in how kids in India get as much joy playing cricket with some sticks and a coke can, as much as western kids get from all their expensive shit. The more you have, the more you need.

We live for a ‘while’, you can’t really trace time. I feel old some days, always due to my health, when I get tired, but my mind never really seemed to change in all my 54 years, I still feel like a kid, my toys just changed. But no, I don’t feel all of my years, the me of even seven years back, when I lived in London, well that seems like a movie I once watched and now have mostly forgotten. You can’t trace time, although the more time you have experienced the faster it seems to go by. This because when you have only be alive for ten years, then ten years is you entire life. But then when you are 30, you have had three times ten, so it’s not so big anymore. To kids an hour is like an eternity! Wait an hour for dinner? NO you need a biscuit NOW!

So, it doesn’t matter what level of existence you live on, what levels you can reach, how long you seem to last, how far up the pyramid you reach, it’s all relative. We all live for a while and in that while we will know joy and pain. Every life is the same.

But then yes there are levels of existence, the bottom dwellers here won’t even get past this level. And it is a mercy of God that these lower manifestations have NO chance of ever understanding what I write on this site. Mercy, yes! Because what you will come to realise is that the one mind continually expands, in the big bang, and then shrinks back to the crunch, which created these levels of existence. The lower manifestations are created as a reflection of the fallen state of the mind, at the end of the explosion, where the minds memories, connections, were severed to the degree that the mind forgot itself completely, forgot God. This to alleviate the paradox! As the mind fell, as all connections were severed systematically and geometrically. The egg dividing! This is what created the levels. This is what the Masonic pyramid is actually trying to show, although the masons don’t have a fucking clue. So, each soul was created in the explosion of the symbolic mind of Adam. This is also symbolically understood in the concept of the Mayan First Father, who was Adam. The tree of life growing out of his corpse, do you see? The jigsaw of life was complete and there was nothing to do, so the puzzle was smashed, to allow for movement, do you see?

So a mercy that the bottom dwellers won’t get this, fuck they won’t even read it, they will laugh at it, without even understand what they are dismissing, laughing at, how smart is that??? And a mercy because those poor fucks live and die on the Earth, it’s all they ever know. They say often that there is no afterlife, because they are simply stating their own truth.

The rich ones had a good innings at least, but then the poor ones, man, all they did was cheat and steal, and from the very people they lived with who were in the same boat. With the terrible truth that they are spared from being that, we are ever stuck on a reoccurring loop. Every time we pass this way, their pointless lives, where their only joy they have is that smug feeling that they won a few, fucking over others in order to do so, and then they never really get anywhere, they never have anything to show for their shit. Well, that’s it for them, every fucking time, which is why God doesn’t let them realise the truth in these texts. What a mind fuck that would be! To know that you are dammed to repeat the same shit over and over, so no hope! They are ‘dim’, which is why they do the shit they do, and their own dimness saves them from the realisation of their plight. It’s one hell of a mind fuck isn’t it. When I first remembered this, I was angry at God. ‘You created them to be what they were and then you punish them for being that? But that’s not true. They do what they do, they get what they need. They are not like others, they wouldn’t, couldn’t respond to what we may all see as a better way, it’s their ‘nature’, it’s what they are. Hard to realise that they are fulfilled? I saw a prick up the road, laughing because his neighbours moved when they had the chance. He was saying shit like, ‘Ha ha I drove them out’, and he was stoked by that, it made him feel good? Hard to relate to but I have often seen the zeal in the eyes of these people when they ‘win’, when they fuck someone over?? To fuck someone over, is their highest aspiration?!?! So they too get their heaven, I see them as ‘wretched’.

Tell fuck wit up the road he lost out on a better life, you would be wasting your breath, the classic pearls before pigs.

Yes, the realisation sets in that we have no real free will per se. I have spoken about what freewill is, but I’ll go over it. It’s like an experiment, where God made us what we are, via the explosion of the one. And then we were all loaded into a reality simulation, and we, via our personalities, made decisions and choices in that initial simulation. But then choice, do we really have choice? If you see an old lady fallen in the street, can you pass her by? Can you when helping her up, seeing her purse, can you steal her money? Some can, some can’t, I ask again, do we really have choice or are we ruled by our personalities, by what God made us to be! It’s like a cosmic game of chess, we move only in the way that God made us to move. But yes, in a funny way we did indeed make the choices we were always going to make in that experiment, that first time…..It’s just that there was no first time!!! Another mind fuck isn’t it. This ‘cycling’ has been happening forever, lol. Don’t try to get your head around, from the infinite view it just is, the linear never stops going over it, it never began and it will never stop, it’s what we are, yes, it blows your linear mind!!!

It’s more like a machine, it just is what it is in the infinite, it does what it does in the linear finite, but then we are the dissection, the experiencing of that, we take it apart and put it back together in order to see how it works, to understand it maybe, but more to experience it, indeed experience anything at all.

So you see all the views on this planet at this time are wrong. They speak of redemption and choice, but that would only be possible if we were ‘new’. Born in a real place with a real beginning, this so we may make choices, win or lose. When in truth all is written, all simply is, all is pre-sent (present). There is no present, it’s just endless ‘nows’, frames of a movie that is already in the can. They say that we have control, choice, if you repent God will forgive you, well what they are trying to rudely explain is that in life we make mistakes, it’s how we learn. And yet of we do learn, if we do ‘seem’ to change then don’t worry, you simply fucked up, we all do. You can still live on. Indeed, the remorse you feel is foretelling of who you Really are! But no, when the wheel stops spinning all bets are off, it’s a simple harvest. You can’t place a bet after the race, you can change your ways in life whilst you can, but no, when the ‘test’ is over, when God is revealed, there is no choice is there?

Then we move to the next level, which is joyous but we will all know that we are on the clock. Like that we have cancer, how long can we last as we all head to God? Because you see, its like that we are all sperm, heading for the egg, and it is imperative that one of us reaches God or we won’t renew, life will end if the grand logic circuit does not complete. But yeah, if you get this by now, you can realise that one did reach the egg, because we are here now!

And I do remember bits and bobs of how many made great proclamations as to who they were, how great they were (ego), and yet level by level they let go and fell back to sleep, they died….

I remember a man letting go as I held him in my arms, a good friend, someone who had given me great joy and brought meaning to my life. And he fucking apologised to me as he let go, can you believe that. He felt that he was letting me down, by leaving me. Sooner or later I will walk back into the core, I will be the only one left, and he felt bad because he couldn’t stay anymore. He had tried to hang in there, but he had maxed his bliss, he’d done all he could, realised all his dreams and his life was now a burden to him. So he let go and …died…. He felt guilty for leaving me???

I told him never to apologise, I of all people know full well how painful it is when life has ended and you are still there. He was facing his own core scenario, with the mercy being that when you are done, in mind, you can let go and die peacefully. I told him I would see him in the morning and he slipped away… I can’t remember who he was, I only remember bits and bobs, and yes when this happens again it will drag me closer to the core. When my memory catches up with reality.

Yes we carry a disease in our own minds, our linear nature, it’s not endless. We simply have to let go at some point, except for me, and Her, we are here for the duration, no matter what we do…

So, how great do you feel knowing that your end will come when you can’t face existence anymore?

Your own weakness will undo you.

NO there’s nothing to be ashamed of, I even in this life has wished to end, it can all get too much some times, but all this shit about how we proudly walk into an eternal heaven. We are the winners, fuck off…

All we ever have is a ‘while’ and in that while we know joy and pain.

Life is more like surfing, we don’t/can’t control the wave, it’s too powerful it will wipe you out. All you can do is continually balance your board in order to have a good ride.

There is no real control, and no, don’t say shit like, well what’s the point, I may as well sit here and wait, if I have no real choice. If you want to try that then be my guest. It won’t be long before you get bored and are back in the game again. All we can do is play.

Do you see now? In truth, there is only one of us here, eternally, one mind, and for no possible reason. From one perspective it’s a sick cosmic joke, endless existence for no reason, no point. However, God, the mechanism is in place in order to give us a point and reason, and yet that comes at a price, with some essential shit, as I have shown. Yeah, we are from one perspective, pretty much fucked, stuck on a demented magic roundabout. And for the best part it works, do you feel real? Of course you do, so real that you don’t even believe half the shit I’m telling you, but then you don’t believe it why? What is it that you know and is proven that makes me a liar? Did Hawking explain why the big bang happened in the last five minutes? LOL Sorry guys, this is it…..

Yeah, yeah, I wish it was different too. Eternal heaven! Sounds great doesn’t it, Disney Land for free and forever. Sounds wonderful, you explain it, how it works, God will build it, and we will all come along.

I wish it were true………..

So yeah, there is no key, no secret, we recycle. We have already had a dry run in life. Not knowing what comes next, all you can do is live and enjoy as much as you can before you die. The micro, mortal life, copies the macro, spirit-ual life. A fractal microcosm!

Some spend all their lives planning for the future. Work, work, work, invest, they have two weeks in Spain once a year. The first week flies by, and when are just about winding down, they have to wind back up again, which fucks the last week, worrying about work again. Then, faster than you think, you are just about to retire, buy that villa in Spain, but your other half dies, or runs off, or you get ill. Maybe you get to the villa in Spain, and you do what, just fall apart in your old age. You spent all your life planning, you never lived when you had the chance. And sure, you never even had a choice, or did you? Well that’s how the world is. Or is it? Or…is the world how we made it. Did you want to ‘succeed’, did you want ‘nice things’, did you want the capital game so you may have that car, that house, security? And do you own your things or do they own you, is it all a trap? We could have shared the work load, we could have championed man and not money, used technology to make our lives easier, but no. We threw it all away in the competition that drove everything into the dirt, and that was the lesson plan…all as is should be, we won’t make that mistake again!

So, to all the spiritual folk: Yeah when we shift you can spend time figuring all this shit out, trying to understand it, but what’s the point? We are ever on the clock, you can understand it, even as well as I do, if you like, minus the reality of it via the experience, if you like….

All we have is time, and each other……….for a while, and then it’s gone and you never get to keep anything.

Yeah, the eternal sadness of what we are….

It’s really simple. We just exist, for ever, and ever and ever, and okay it’s not simple LOL, but we can only recognise that existence in a linear way, and a linear existence is finite by nature, limited by the initial premise. So we recycle, we sleep and wake to our eternal nature, it is what it is…

All we have is ‘now’, not that that means we should be reckless; we learn from the past and project into the future. But you can only ever enjoy yourself ‘now’, so we should make life as best we can for as long as we can. Which ain’t gonna happen here, but then the next levels will be different.

So, no great proclamations, no congratulating the self, because none of us will last, we will all give up at some point, it’s not a slight, it’s a fact.

Leave your egos at the door guys and huddle together, look out for each other because we are all we ever have.

In the core I was alone.

I realised oneness and it was hell, so I for one do appreciate you all, you crazy fucked up bunch. Except of course for the haters, who are complete waste of space and time, other than they create appreciation, not that they meant to, so don’t thank them.

Every religion or spiritual organisation is missing the one fact that ‘ultimately’ we do not have choice. There but for the grace of God go us. Control? Infinity IS it can’t change, we feel real, not reel, God’s plan worked. But never forget that we are on a ride, we feel we are in control and in a funny way we kinda are, but yes more like surfing a wave. Be comforted by the fact that if you are good, then you will have good cycle, FACT. And when you are done, God will let you slip away, go back to sleep, re-new.

What ever get’s you through… so don’t wave a finger at others with ‘soft’ hands.

Everything is going to be fine, God as ever is in control, thank fuck for that!!!

What we are is indeed perfection, warts and all… Every rose has a thorn, yada yada…

What more can I say.

I touched God, oneness, I experienced eternity, eternal life ahead of me, and I was all there was, all that was left with no way out, no next moment for anything to ever change, (until time resumed and the perspective/reality changed), pointless with no HOPE, I was dammed A-dammed, the pain was incredible. If there were more of us would it have been better? Sure…but for how long, sooner or later it ends up the same, we assimilate each other, there would be nothing left to say, nothing left to do. It would be to painful to even speak, so how are we in that scenario, not the same mind? It always ends up the same.

And because I touched God, I not only value and appreciate every thing, I am also appalled at this world, this waste of time-space. Time it TOO precious to waste in such a manner. And the way we treat each other, as is we don’t need each other???? The solitary confinement of the core ends that brain fart view. We are all we have and there is never enough of us, it’s like one menu. As big as you think it is, when you have tried each dish I million times, there’s nothing left that can excite your taste buds, it’s all just the same old shit, sooner or later…

We consume by nature.

Try to see the beauty of the cycle, we are endless and we get to rest, sleep to that fact…




Add text

One thing that really pissed me off one time, is that I was speaking to a Christian and I asked what he thought his eternal heaven might be, and why wouldn’t he get bored there? So he said, it would be great, because we would be with God… Like what the fuck, he should have been a politician. I really hate that cop out crap, God cannot magically make everything alright, want proof? Why are you here, suffering in the physical world? Why can’t God just blink and eye and give us all we desire? Why the fuck are we here? Eternity with a shit beginning? Eternity can’t even have a beginning…

As I said we are lending appreciation yada yada, those simpletons really piss me off, and he did more so due to the sick looking Stepford smile on his face!

Now I am going to dump ‘responsibility’ on all of you who are still sceptical. I must admit that after 20 years trying to help you all, I’ve all but had it with the morons, lazy minds and subjective sceptics. How can we live forever and not get bored to insanity?

You fucking tell me, I want a blow by blow account year by year by year by year add infinitem!

And, seeing as eternity is forever, it has no beginning anymore than it can end, because a beginning is an end! An end is a point beyond which there is nothing, so a beginning is an end in the other direction! You can’t have one way eternity can you? Think about it, eternity is forever, so how can it begin? SO! Where were we before we were here? Nothing can come from nothing so, we must have been somewhere, so why did we leave, and if we began, we had one end, the front end why won’t we end, end?

You can believe what you like, but I have on this site all but proven what is. What really pisses me off is people who tell me that I am wrong and yet don’t explain why?????

Like Hawking, who states that everything came out of nothing, and then won’t, can’t explain? Yeah and the moon is made of cheese, and babies come from under gooseberry bushes because I say so…what the fuck?

I’m done explaining, believe what you like…



A final word on the core, when you touch God, because I know everyone gets it wrong:

It’s like waking from a dream, with ‘life’ being that dream. When you wake from a dream in life, how real was that dream? As real as it may have seemed, when you wake the dream does not exist, it came from within you, you created it. You were the creator of the play you were just starring in. So, when you wake to the core, you become the ultimate dreamer, you touch oneness, you share God’s view. All that exists is your mind, you do not have physical form, there is no reflected reality, you are trapped in the coffin of your own mind, it’s like a trip. You can conjured images, you can drift, and you do. You struggle to put reality back together again, you want to somehow get back into the dream of life, that at least seemed to make sense, but then your waking mind knows the truth. You are now the dreamer, well it seems that way. When you pass out and fall back to sleep from the core, enter this dream of reality again. You can understand that you are not the creator, you simply shared the one view for a small eternity. This until you blacked out, so yes you are now dreaming again, that life is real. So yes I am well aware that I am dreaming, and yet this dream is NOT like the dreams we have within this dream we call life. This dream is shared by other perspectives of the one mind who at this time are not you, and this dream is controlled by God. The one mind has split itself into the many. An orchestra with a conductor!

When you are in the core, time does not pas per se. There is no external reflected reality, no sun to rise and fall, nothing to change so that you may mark time. It’s hard to explain but it is timeless, and yet there is an element of time, the time you need to be able to ‘think’, to re-cognise, which is a linear process. However, it really doesn’t feel like time is passing, it feels like you are stuck on constant ‘now’, and also when I return to the core it’s always the same non time, I simply pick up where I left off. It feels like I drifted. The analogy I always use is that of when I had a bad back ‘sciatica’. I was in terrible pain all of the time, I was sweating it was so bad, worse than any tattoo in the most tender spot or even tooth pain. If this was torture I would have told them everything! I was gobbling down pain killers and drinking bottles of wine, it was that bad, I wanted to sleep and never wake. The pain was actually in my right leg, it felt like it was gripped in a vice. But then every now and then, in my drunken pain killer haze, my mind would drift, I forgot the pain as I followed some mind scenario, like a dream… Only to come crashing back to reality when the drift ended and there I was, laying in bed sweating in pain again.

This is what it’s like in the core, I still remember the first time I woke in this life. Yeah post wake I was out cold, dreaming like a good’un. I had NO idea, NO idea, I remembered nothing. God? It was nothing to do with me, that was for religious folk and hippies. I was a working class man, down to Earth, I knew my shit, I knew what was what. I had heard hippy druggies talking about the world not being real, but it was the drugs talking, I knew my shit! So, when I woke, there was a MASSIVE sinking feeling!!! ‘Oh no, not this shit again!!!!!!!’ It was something I knew all too well, it’s part of who I am. When I woke after the initial haziness of life, my struggle to deny it, that failed. I remembered that disgusting place all too well. The same fucking shit. I thought I had escaped, and then I got to thinking. What a shit dream I had been having!!! It was like one of those dreams where you can’t control anything, like when the brakes on your car don’t work. What a shit dream, everyone in charge was horrible and two faced, and the good ones were slaves. What a dick I am, I can’t even dream a good dream, is what I was thinking. But like I said, the perspective was skewed, I am NOT the dreamer, but yeah it does feel like that when you share God’s view, when you touch God.

Thinking back now, I don’t think that I have woken to the core on this loop before? Have I incarnated before this life? I don’t know, I can’t remember, all my memories are of the future that is not here yet? One thing for sure, I was out like a light past my birth. Why do I say that? Because I have had several subsequent core experiences and it feels like the last awakenings were much closer together, it’s not such a surprise, because in life, this dream, I never really went back to sleep. I retained the knowledge of waking! But no, the first time I woke in this life was a complete sideswipe, I had no idea. I even resisted the truth, it took a while for me to wake proper even in the core.

The worst thing about the core is that any knowledge you have there was your own dream from that perspective. So this knowledge of the cycle does NOT stand. (It can’t, if anyone could withstand the core for more than a ‘ hellish experience’ then the mind could not fall and we would get stuck, so there is NO defence to that place, it pulls the rug on you.) I tell you it’s true, when I am there I really feel like I dreamt all of you, really! I really feel like I am God! I join with God! I feel like I am an eternal mind that lives in eternal solitary hell, and every now and then I drift and dream all of this, and it bugs the shit out of me that I can’t at least have a nice dream where I don’t have to take shit constantly. Fuck me a wife who loves me would be cool, not much to ask for is it. I think to myself that I am so weak minded that I can’t even control my own, dream. I dream that I am a slave and I’m the only one here!!!! Man I should be Superman!

That’s how it feels, and I Never expect to go back to sleep, let alone continue in the same dream. And then right there, is an example of how I became more stable via jumping from reality to reality. I know that this dream of life is a ‘constant’ why? Because I have been out maybe 5 times now, but then every time I come back it picks up where it left off. Yeah, it took me a while to figure all this shit out, remember it, and remember what God is. God runs the dreams, keeps us sane. And God woke me, and in the only way God could, with the experiences playing out like they did, this so that I could bring a message into this shared dream. Clever! Yes, God is very clever….

I suppose from one perspective it’s like the one mind, needed to escape the solitary reality of oneness, so it dreamt a hiding place. Forgot itself and then entered its own dream, BUT! Because it forgot what it was, the dream became a nightmare, so how does the dreamer send a message to itself to then create a better hiding place? Well, this is what the whole mechanism I describe is all about!!!!!!

And again, no it’s not a dream in the way we see dreams. It’s more like a singular super powered intellect that has impeccable logic, coupled with magical ability. And it’s figured out a way to exist as if it was ‘real’. With the linear head fuck being that, it didn’t figure out shit, ‘figuring out’ is a linear concept. It exists, it always has, and this is how it does it????????

It’s like a big space jelly fish, throwing out soul tentacles into the void and drawing them back in, simply in order to feel/know itself?

It flows through itself, there is nothing other than it? Like a contortionist mind???

All of which is a complete head fuck, but the biggest head fuck of all is that it’s here? Why? Why does it exist? It would have been more logical in nothing ever existed, ever, much tidier! No problems of origin or reason.

So God! It really does blow your mind on any level!!!!


Bergy out!




Isis and Osiris


In my opinion this is the most revealing view/perspective, the most useful and workable view in ‘life’.

There is no God per se, not as a being, and yet God does exist in all of us, (God is like a constantly balanced ethos, a theoretical perfect being! Impossible for a linear being to be all of the time, God is the blue print, the ideal, and in that static, not alive and flowing…and yet it is in life?), this is as ever very hard to explain. Do you understand that perfection is still, it can’t move, only things that are incomplete can move, because they can be added to, do you see? From another perceptive, when I touched oneness, okay I didn’t become ‘perfect’ in the everyday sense, but yet I was complete, in that I had reached truth, the end of the ‘line’, and so I was still, I got stuck, that’s another view though.

Now…I sing a song, She is Our God, what we see as God at the moment is Isis. From the perspective that She is not fallen and also in that she has some of the power we would associate with God.

The problem with ‘God’ is as ever paradoxical, as in that if it was sentient, which means conscious, then it would have a logical element, indeed the governor of a logical realm would have to be at least part way logical wouldn’t it, in order to rule and govern. So, if ‘God’ was both a being and eternal, you could ask it the question; ‘How many times have we experienced the loop cycle of life?’ If God is logical, mathematical then it would have a metaphoric lap counter wouldn’t it? BUT, the number of times we have lived is not possible to calculate, from another perspective it’s not even a matter of how many times, it’s always the ‘same time’. But no, logic cannot understand magic! So no there is no ‘linear-esque’ being called God, and yet, God does move within reality? God is in the storyline??? Odd shit man… The story is ‘God’, you can’t argue with the way things are can you?? So God is ‘life’ kinda. God’s power is in what ‘happens’ what is apparent, you can’t argue with what is! Again as I have explained in other texts, God is ‘remote’, so alive in all of us, but not in itself as a separate entity. Every aspect of this theoretical God is alive and ‘living’ in each and every one of us, and that sum total ethos does permeate the system, do you see? Yes…no? It can’t exist as a whole, that would punch a hole in reality, evoke the fall, so it exists as a ‘team’ so me can meet, when we are meat. Team-meet. Again, we would need to sit down and talk this over for me to fully explain.

The reality of the manifest is that there are two main aspects controlling and solving the problem of eternal linear existence, King and Queen, man and woman, male and female.

The Alpha and the Omega, the Architect and the Oracle. The Alpha, Adam is the avatar of logic and he carries the overview, he experiences the complete cycle, this importantly because he FULLY ‘realises’ it, he realises oneness, ‘She’ however, does not. But she is NOT secondary! She is simply ‘different’.

He is called the architect because he touches oneness and in that his logical mind realises the truth, that there is one mind and it’s here for no reason, it’s logical so that it may know itself but then that logic can quickly figure out that it itself has no tangible logical root. ‘It takes logic to see magic!’

The architectural aspect of the one mind then does the math. In order to escape oneness, the mind must create a format. It has to ‘dream’ into place a convincing realm in order to solve the problem of oneness, and then by necessity it has to forget the dream in order to experience it. With the problem being that you can’t really enjoy a story you wrote because it can’t surprise you. Seen in cooking where a chef who maybe considered to be one of the best, will always prefer to dine out, why? Because he can be surprised by other chef’s creation!

So the architect aspect of the one mind did that math/logic of how the manifest should come down, but then he had to forget it in order to experience it. And then this beckons the problem of control, in that how a fallen creative mind Continues to create a now fallen reflected reality, which is the problem we are facing now!!!!!! So, do you understand when I say that there is’ One to fall, and one to hold’.

(This explains why ‘in general’, men build, and then women decorate, well, they do a lot of talking and pointing LOL. This is how it should me, a perfect team, an all male world would be functional, drab. But yes some women are more hands on, I love these types of women. In fact there is a particular girl on the Jewellery Channel, who speaks from the aspect of the beauty of what she is selling, but then she also has an understanding of how each of the gemstones were created even down to the atomic level, and man that is so dam sexy. A gorgeous looking woman who is as girly as you like, a positive joy to man’s basic instinct, but she has a very nimble mind…. Wow! And she can make jewellery, which is a skill that if you scaled it up would be like being an engineer of sorts! That’s what I see as a woman in effect, we need more like her ‘Becky’. Much respect to how you still manage to seem shocked by the mark down on prices, when all prices are marked down, one hell of an actress, even on the bad days you must have, you never let it show, impressive inner strength. A very authentic reflection of Isis!)


And then do you see the more simple view of the problem of creating a story, forgetting you created it and then accepting it, but also controlling it in ignorance, not realising it or you will wake, and spoil it! A good example is seen in lucid dreaming where you are now the creator, and yet your waked state will see you wake from the dream. So, you need an ‘other’, to hold the dream for you so that you can dream on. BUT the other can’t realise the dream can it, hence the two views. The ‘other’ never wakes! She never touches oneness, or she, female would be Him, male. They are the two complimentary and yet fundamentally different perspectives, male and female within the One mind. She is logical, because she is conscious, but she does not see where logic was born, she does not ‘complete’ her cycle, or she would also fall, but she was not ‘designed’ to fall, she was designed to hold, to ‘carry’, which is why women give birth ‘carry’. Carry what has to fall, and so what has to be born/borne at times!!!

The Omega is a different type of being, She is here in order to hold but how so? Well she is equal and yet opposite to the Alpha, as long as she exists, and has ‘power’, he is NOT the dreamer. So the paradox is a-void-ed. Which stops him from realising the dream, and yes as I have explained many times, this is why it is said that Eve handed Adam the apple in Eden, which if bitten would see him become as God, the infinite! Which of course evokes the paradox, and then the ensuing fall. In reality, it’s when ‘life’, ‘his-story’ ‘God’, has been consumed that He realises that she is he and when he finally sees through her, he falls. Life, God, can no longer keep them apart and like when Shiva and Shakti join, creation is re-created. (In Hebrew the word ‘Me’ means who. The word ‘Who’ means he and the word ‘He’ means she!) We are one mind split out into facets in order to be conscious!

Now, this evokes what we call God. We have male/positive, female negative (male penis action and female receptive accommodating and facilitating the action), but then you need a third element, the neutral zone between them that keeps them apart. There is another element, in ‘consciousness’ that is not male or female, keeping them apart, ironically so that they may be together, and then love can be known. Love does NOT pull them together as imagined from the world view! Love is keeping them apart, love comes between them, if there is ‘Nothing’ between them, then they can’t feel love, do you see? So God? A simple view is that God from one perspective is ‘Life’ the world, the physical manifest between them that allows them to touch. The story they are subject to!

And then from another perspective, if we follow God we will find love, as in from the male view that if we follow the Ten Commandments, then the world will become a place in which love may flourish. And from the female view, if we have love, then everything will be fine, it’s as simple as that. However, no it’s never that simple. Love requires an entire complex mechanism in order to manifest, let me shift perspective here, focusing on a topical problem of our times. This, in order to explain how the two versions of God, the male ‘conditional’ law, and the female just love giving unconditionally, need to align in order for true love to manifest.

All is seen in both macrocosm and microcosm and so I am going to use the example of a split family in order to explain why there is war and pain in the world.

From Eve’s view, love is giving? If someone wants something, and you give it to them, you are showing love? Well yes this is true, but things can only be given in a certain way. If you simply keep on giving with the recipient never having to earn this abundance, then it will create a lack of appreciation. The recipient will become ‘spoilt’, unappreciative, demanding, selfish etc. Therefore you can’t give to a spoilt person as the impact of the gift will be lost. On the other hand, an appreciative person can be given all they desire, which is part way paradoxical, why, because appreciative people don’t need much!

We are talking balance here.

These days I have heard so many single mothers say that they have done a good job of bringing up their kids on their own. NO! You did a good job but your kids are lopsided, fact! Because they lack the male view! When the male is gone, for what ever reason, balance is lost. Skipping perspectives here, Eve imagined that when Adam fell, that he was the only fallen one. The truth of that particular matter is that when he went down, she got high, she also lost it but in another way that was harder to see and understand. She tried to fill the void of his absence, but then that was never going to ever happen. And this is why the world is materialistic, because the lack of God we are speaking about is mostly the lack of Adam’s presence influence. Adam holds God’s law, which from the male view is decency, respect, and yes it is somewhat of a stoic view. BUT, this is not that simple, the male view on its own is useless, it’s more like the staunch rules of the game, of which if there are no rules, there is no game, the game goes to shit. BUT! The game is NOT in place as a penance, it’s here to be enjoyed. So like a man dressed in black, as the woman wears a colourful flowing gown, dancing together. The man holds as the woman spins and twirls, creates the beauty of the dance, and yet this is not possible if he does not hold! Do you see?

The fall saw Adam as a weak moron who could not ‘hold’ Eve, which then saw Eve dancing erratically out of control! The dance lost its beauty, it became a joke!

This is fucking simple! We all know it, when a man and woman are in balance, when they listen to and respect each other, appreciate one and other, then the kids will be safe, guided, balanced, grounded, blessed and happy. How hard is that to understand, the micro as ever is the macro. Because Adam is fallen, the world is off its axis, everything has gone to shit. Yes as many see, that God s not here to lay down the law and punish the spiritual criminals, those who disregard The Ten Commandments!

Yes, that’s about it.

But then religion has become stoic, fucking kill joys in fact! As an example, when Rock and Roll was first born, some religions called it decadent. Well no, music is a always a magical celebration, decadence is simply decadence. Look at what happened in the sixties, the love generation? Fuck off! Love is NOT orgies!!! Free love? Love is never free, love has to be earned and tended.


It’s wrong to see infidelity as glamorous, why? Well if sitting by yourself crying as you heart feels like lead is glamour, then yes sleeping around, being a ‘player’, is glamorous. Does that make me a kill joy? NO! There’s nothing down that path you assholes, that path is empty. Sure it looks great on the screen. Sexy bodies all dancing? It looks like they are emulating sex to me these days, like a dog does on your leg, man I saw a video the other day where a girl’s idea of dance was opening her legs so wide you could see her tonsils? Sexy? NO it was porn! Sexy is something similar and yet it stays behind the line of respect. I don’t want to be a kill joy, but the rules of the game have to be adhered to or the game is lost and we have nothing.

Religious like the Amish or Muslims who wear burkers go too far, even those frum Jewish ladies who shave their heads and wear wigs? Like what the fuck! Those Jews don’t even touch when they have sex. They fuck through a sheet with a hole in it? Fuck off you stupid twats. She is your wife, to have and to hold! You and her joining as one is how love is realised!!! That’s why we are here!!!!!!

Speaking of those Jews who fuck through a sheet. Did you know you can get Raquel Welsh duvets! So, do you see where I’m going with this…lol….if you cut the hole in the right place then……lol. Don’t ever let your Mrs see the other side of the sheet though Yiddle Cohen, or your dinner will be in the dog.


Men and women are different THANK GOD! But they are equal.

And one last thing, to a girl I knew who used to say, ‘If something feels so right then how can it be wrong’, which of course was not a question, it was a statement, supposed wisdom.

If you are you are having great feeling sex and your husband walks in, then you end up living in a flat and sharing time with your tug of war kids, then that’s why!

Or if you are eating burgers and cakes like they are going out of fashion, man yum, your taste buds are dancing, ‘feeling’ great. Look in the mirror, that’s why!

If you are buying everything you want on your credit card, spending it up, having a ball. And then find yourself standing in an arbitration hearing where they tell you how much you have to pay back a week for the next 20 years, that’s why!



Osiris is down, but now on the rise and Isis is back on her game and helping him!


This is how the shift happens!





(I’m going to bottom line this at the end of the text, try and summarise, which is hard to do with regards to this subject. You must have seen those sci-fi movies where aliens try and communicate with mankind. Well yes this is the same kind of thing. I am attempting to communicate an ‘experience’, as if I am trying to show a whole life time of a person, as a good analogy. Which I suppose you could do in a series of novels, but then can you pass on the fullness of the inner emotion can you, which is key to why we do some of the things we do. If we were robots everything would be clear cut. So try to ‘feel’ what I am saying... At the end I will simplify the problem, but, you really need to read the all of the text on this site in order to get a valid glimpse of what I am saying.)

I’m not talking about control in the conventional sense. This is a very complex subject with many tangents. Tangent that can’t be understood unless you have at least a rudimentary understanding of what existence actually is. So, open your minds and let’s learn something poignant about life in general.


Control is a problem for God...


Let’s get basic here, assuming you have read what I’ve previously written, I am viewing now from the ‘core’ perspective. The paradoxical problem manifest in the linear, is that God is a singular entity. All alone for ever which is a HELL scenario. Of course this is not a constant ‘infinite’ truth, it’s a scenario which manifests on the initial linear dissection of the ALL.


So, the mind is alone and yet it has the ability to create a dream/fantasy, of being ‘real’ in a real place that seems to make sense, unless you look too closely. And it can share that reality with itself...? Other aspects of the very same mind. And in this, it’s solved the problem of being alone.


Don’t get me wrong here, as I have previously described. The truth of oneness is HELL, so no, ‘life’ is not a vacation from boredom. It’s a desperate escape from a hellish truth.


However, the inescapable criteria for entering the distraction/alleviation that is life, in order for the mind to quell the Hell of the solitary truth, is that the dreamscape must appear to be real. Or you are just tripping again. So in order to ‘live’ you have to forget the truth, well, the one mind does, (in truth some aspects of the one mind never see the truth anyhow, they don’t even get close), which is to lose part of THE truth. Which is to ‘dumb down’, suspend truth in order to escape it.


So...the problem comes that the opted ignorance becomes a double edged sword. Because all of the soul aspects have become...basically dumbass, relatively speaking. They are now playing a completely different game.


You see the initial problem is that of eternal solitary confinement, which is the ‘feeling’ of infinity, which is singular and endless, but from the primal ‘linear’ perspective. Which then beckons the need for interaction via a feeding back, now conscious entity. Which is why the ONE descends into the hall or mirrors in order to not be alone, or from another perspective, the dissection and juxtaposition of self, is a way to interact with and then reveal/know the self.


So, the ONE mind came here in order to be happy, to be known, have purpose and interaction. However, because the mind had to forget the truth of itself in order to believe in ‘reality’, so that Hell could be quelled. As I said, a new game was created. The game of reality, where the rules and intents changed via the new perspective that was created vie the belief in the real world. If everyone knew that they were the same mind they wouldn’t hurt or kill, but they don’t know that, this despite all the great speeches from the new age and religions with regards to ‘oneness’. YES there really is only one of us here! From the infinite perspective, there is but one all. You can’t have two infinites can you, infinite means Everything.


So as an example for understanding, the mind basically created a dream world, and then fell into it, and from my perspective, because I have been back to the truth/core, during the dream, I ‘woke’.


From the core it was as simple as, ‘Fuck that shit, I tried to escape hell and yet all I did was to create another fucking nightmare via ignorance’! A dreamscape where all the ignorant aspects are in-fighting, why? Because they think they are physically real and separate? They think that they are physical beings, who for some reason think that life is some kind of a competition, it’s a fucking free for all down there!


So it’s a problem for ‘God’, how do you forget and yet still control have a degree of control?


You want to create a heaven but when you get there you have no idea why you even came, do you see? A teeny bit like when you go to the kitchen and stand there trying to figure out why you went there? So you back to the living room and remember, oh yes, tomato sauce...


It’s like that when I woke, I solved one problem, the puzzle of the universe was solved, I now knew the meaning of life, and yet what did that mean? I was right back where I started, in the ‘ONE’ view, which was the very Hell I had tried to escape from doh! Out of the frying pan, and into the fire, so to speak.


So...God had to create a ‘remote’ mechanism in order to steer the ship, without realising that it was the captain, it wants to feel like it’s a passenger on the cruise you see.

This then beckons new problems, in that we are all God, yes, we are all little Hitler’s from one perspective, we don’t like being told what to do by external sources. This comes from the subconscious knowing that we are NOT slaves, why the fuck should we be. From the one perspective, we are ALL that exists, which ironically is a demented kind of freedom, as in, if there is only one of us here, then who the fuck is gonna tell you what to do, there is no one else. Yes it is a feeling of freedom, again it’s a irony, as it’s a freedom in truth to be alone....


So, the mind created an entire mechanism in order to control itself remotely, to steer the dream and be in it! Which is indeed complicated by the ‘You’re not the boss of me’ perspective.


It had to use manipulation!!!! FACT!


God had to trick us into sharing, which is subconsciously repugnant to us as in truth we DO NOT share the sky! It’s a truth that ever lives inside of us, and yet that selfish truth is offset by itself, in that not being able to share was the primal problem.


As ever it’s a playing out of the paradox.


We are all ‘big heads’, we come from the ‘big head’, we have to believe that we are in ‘control’, so again. God has to manipulate us into thinking that we have freewill. So the way we live seems to be our idea. This is going to take some explaining, I will take a massive detour and circle back:



Now...There is way to quell the ‘ego’, and that is to return to the truth of oneness and remember the Hell of solitary, which will see you running like fuck for your hiding place, of life. ‘Please let me go back to sleep, I can’t take this HELL’, I will share, I will play the game, please deliver me!’ BUT, you can’t unscramble an omelette can you, you can’t un-see. And I am not looking for sympathy here, but once you have ‘seen’, and you have to see, understanding is something different, the difference between knowing and being. You have basically fucked yourself by waking, which should be obvious! You see I am not human anymore...


I woke from that state, and I do say that it was from one perspective, a wonderful thing to be! Innocent and full of wonder, when you see the truth it’s much like finding out how magic tricks are done. For one thing you can’t even take credit for any of your supposed achievements, and I know that Pop Stars are full of shit egomaniacs, who love to say that they have been gifted by God, in order to appear humble and sell more records. But it is indeed true that any talent you have is assigned to your character by God!


‘God’, in this context meaning the theoretical one mind, can play like Hendrix, ride like Foggy, sing like Celine, dance like Fred and Ginger, and has a mind like Einstein. We soul aspects are simply that, sole aspects of the genius mind that we all come from; the fact that we are individuals is an essential lie!


I’m not a human, I’m not a character in a play.


I am a fucking fraud, a liar a conman and a coward. I am God on the run, hiding from the terrifying truth of oneness. BUT, that does bring me peace and acceptance, you see as you all dream of eternal heaven, which makes no sense. I am here escaping from the reality of that brain fart. There is no eternal heaven, only the chilling truth of oneness. There’s nothing up there! Only an answer machine, every ‘thing’ and everyone is out here in the linear wheel. The truth is oneness!


Heaven is a brain fart human concept, ‘God’ never ever promised anyone eternal peace, NEVER. But then you know how organisations are, empire builders. Like the UK labour party at the moment who are trying to undermine some guy’s (Corbyn?) bid for leadership, why? Because they said, and I quote, ‘If he becomes the leader, then the Labour party will be seen to be unelectable’. Which is a brain fart really, saying that they are more concerned with getting into power, being elected, than actually implementing mechanisms that may be unpopular, but they will eventually solve the problems we face, well not solve, but on a planet which is being naturally consumed by mankind, it’s prolongation, damage limitation. The only way you can save this planet is to wipe out mankind, who consume it, but that’s not the point, we came here to consume, if you care to look, NOTHING lasts, everything recycles. Electability is KING, so...If I were to start a religion who the fuck would join? I can’t promise you eternal heaven, a mansion for everyone and a seat at God’s overcrowded table. All I can bring is truth, yes a thorny truth to the rose of ignorant bliss.


Heaven is a sales pitch that has never been explained, I have kicked that concept to touch many times, only a moron would believe in eternal life in the linear sense. Jesus spoke of another realm, but that realm is also not endless. Heaven only in comparison to this place.


But then I am not doing any of this, saying any of this via my choice, ‘God’ is, God is playing me like a violin. You see the way forwards now is to stop running from the truth, stop hiding. Yes, when the mind touched oneness we had to run, to avoid the pain, but then polarities change on a cycle. We have now established a format, and rebooted to the extent that we can now re-face God. If this is not done then what is our future? You humans will compete yourselves to death, because you do think it’s a competition, ‘life’ you even call it the human ‘race’. But let me ram some truth down your throat, I don’t know how you will end, but me? I will at one point fully realise God which means of course I will wake back to the core Hell. This is my prize at the end of my rope, it doesn’t matter what I have done in my life/s, I even went to hell in order to try to save this world, but I will still burn/recycle! No medals, no prize money, no hundred virgins. (Fuck the virgins, give me an experienced woman any day LOL)


It’s not any kind of a judgement, it’s simple reality. You will exist, you will experience, and then, so you don’t go insane in the face of relentless reality, you will sleep, forget and then wake etc etc etc. There are NO rewards! This despite what bullshit religion tells you, and believe me it’s better this way, it’s the only way to exist! I have been over this, we need to ‘sleep’. It’s the only way to order this relentless infinite chaos we are in part.


So let’s bottom line this, I was designed to face God, argue if you like but it’s a fact! This does of course explain why I am the way I am. LOL


And this was done, why? I was sacrificed for the whole, I had to ‘see’ so that you fucking lot could sleep on, enjoying your bliss, imagining that all this shit is real, that Hawking’s stolen Big Bang theory came from nothing complete with the order that is math? Math manifest is ‘physics’, which manifests as staunch rules that came from...nothing.. and for no reason. Follow that line of reason and the universe should be in a state of constant flux, why the fuck should it be ordered? A mathematically ordered rootless random accident?


BUT, the ignorance is now ruining the dream to an unworkable degree (God’s problem of remote control and the sense/gift of free will), we have reached a point at which the fallen mind, has ‘re-covered’ enough to again face God, basically... With polarities always changing. The cure has become the disease, the information I bring, in line with my Hebrew name ‘Menuchem Mendel’, meaning, ‘Scholarly Achievement – Comforter’, will when understood, alleviate the need for people to try to validate themselves, because in truth we all have NOTHING to prove. If you are here you are God, a valid aspect of the one mind that is needed in some way in order to create the interactive safe haven hiding place. You don’t have to be the best, yes some are the best, that’s an eventuality, but it is in no way the be all and end all. So many people spend all of their lives morning the fact that in terms of a competition they are simply second rate. But you can only be seen as second rate if you compete, and life is NOT A FUCKING COMPETITION! Let alone a race.


Look...I love motorbikes, and I have to say that I can ride pretty well. However, one time I was at Brand’s Hatch on a track day, coming around a bend with my knee on the deck doing about 130mph. I was the fucking king! Until some dude overtook me like I was going backwards, and he, in comparison to Foggy, was a baby. I will never be the world champ, and, I will never play guitar like Hendrix, but then let’s face it, who can? And does that bother me? NO! I am good at shit, in fact I don’t really like going that fast on bikes, that was an adopted mind set brain fart. I love to take a dirt bike off road and get into it, but then go too fast and you are going to spoil a good day out. No, I don’t need to win, I NEED to have fun, and you DON’T have to go flat out in order to do achieve that goal. In fact, the moment you start to compete you ruin your pass time, you put too much pressure on yourself. Do you really need to be the best at something and if so why?


Well, I understand from the perspective of this ignorant world why that would be true. Why so many weak minded fools have to build memorials to themselves, erected statues so that they will leave a mark, even if they are not here to see it? But then it’s just folly, let it all burn, because it WILL burn/reboot anyway!!!!!!! Let it all pass, enjoy the now, don’t get hung up on the illusion of permanence. Sad? Maybe so, but that should make you value the present more so!!!!!


The clock is ticking guys, and you never come this way again and remember it, you only live once, every single time!


I also have to say that many get arsy with me due to what I am saying. They say shit like, ‘Who does he think he is?’ which is rich coming from people who don’t have a fucking clue who they are! But then no one says to the inventor’s of the computer, ‘Who do you think you are, big head know it alls’ do they. They simply use the PC, a convenient tool for this day and age. I touched God, get over it, and the reason I had to is so that you lot could pass up that HELL cup. No need to thank me, but then no need to SHIT ON ME!


Where the fuck do you think you are going? You are already here! And you are wasting time by strutting and showing off to people who hate you the more you show off? Climb down humans for fuck sake, you are here for a time that looking back is Always too short, don’t waste it pouting.


Everyone is designed, do you understand that?


We are playing parts in the grand illusion of reality as an escape from the truth, this is a massive production with a cast of millions, The Great Escape! Your soul is an aspect of the genius one mind, tailored to fit in a place, your friends and family, you are dear to each other, IT’S ENOUGH! Who are they who have to be loved by the whole world? Talk about insecurity and greed. We are all stars, relatively speaking, and no, no one has to see you achieve, the achievements are gifts for you alone, enjoy them as they were meant, you experienced your achievements, and no one can take that from you.


And we are all being played, example. The other day we saw a young child washed up on a beach, and I have to say it, we all killed that kid! We are all to blame, how so? Well the unrest in the Middle East is due to the way we in the west have chosen to live which depends on you see? The so called leaders of this brain fart life choice HAD to secure a sustainable oil supply or the bubble would burst. So, they set about securing political well heads, which was to the detriment of any well meaning government in that part of the world. How so? Well take the first example/casualty of oil hunger, Mossadegh I think his name was. He tried to nationalise the oil fields that BP were ‘renting’...the land only, they did NOT pay for oil at that time. And so the US and UK fucked him over, when he was right to try to secure the natural resources of his own land! Google him!


The US and UK then aggressively pursued their agenda of securing oil via installing puppet governments who would sell out their own lands, which was why they offed Sadam, when he wouldn’t play ball. BUT the fact is that a sell out government does NOT have the interests of the people at heart. They are corrupt, and that hidden agenda and corruption decimated and destabilised their own countries. Which if you follow the thread, ended up with a baby dead on a beach as his family tried to escape the aforementioned unrest. You want your way of life right, you want to fill up at the gas station cheaply so you can drive to MacDonald’s right, well that’s the true cost! Your governments raped other countries, and you reaped the benefit and said nothing! We were all in on it, we all said nothing, we all killed that baby! We are one mind!


And to all those assholes who say that some of the ‘migrants’ are trying to play the system, are greedy etc. Look, some Brits had ideas to emigrate to Australia, to ‘better’ themselves. They checked it out, they found jobs, they even had friends there to support them. They applied, they were accepted and then at the eleventh hour they didn’t go, why?


Because it’s a scary thing uprooting and starting over in a strange land, even some of the ones who did go shat themselves for the first year. ‘What if it all goes wrong?’etc. And this was easy, guaranteed job, support and legitimacy. So why the fuck would anyone uproot and try to make a journey where they may well not survive, dragging kids and wives along if they were not DESPERATE????!!!!!!


If people make that journey they don’t really have a choice, all in all.....


You are safe in the life boat, hitting others over the heads with oars so they don’t swamp the boat, it’s all about you and you have NO FAITH!


Being played? Yeah God is showing you the ramifications of selfish choices! Now you understand what greed means, dead babies on beaches! That could have been your child? It WAS your child, we are all the same BLOOD!


New perspective: Control imposing your game on others.


As the micro of the macro, we all have it within us to wish to create our own fantasy to live out. This is a copy of that ‘God’ wanted to create the fantasy that there were indeed others and there was purpose, hence reality. But then what we see now is a world in which certain pushy individuals have also created a game. A way of life, and of course, in order to make this stick, we all have to play our parts in their ‘psychosis’, and this has many ramifications due to the lies they tell in order to pretend that the way we live is ‘THE WAY’, but its NOT God’s way. One example is explained in a metaphoric way as in that the reason you went to school, was NEVER in order to educate you, as true education is objective and enlightening. Which leads to justice and freedom. You have been groomed and you are continually groomed still. As in that in this day and age if you can’t use a PC, then you can’t function that well. So many government forms are on line now, because it goes that the system as they present it, can’t afford itself so it has to ‘cut back’. Paperwork and postage costs money, so example, you no longer have a paper tax disc on your car, or fancy MOT cert etc. Car tax is all now virtual and being pushed ‘on line’. This has to be done in order for the system to run, they simply can’t afford the paperwork and postage. So you have to become computer literate, you don’t have a choice. But then why? Because ‘they’ want to live in a sweet shop where they can afford all the sweets, they want this system to prevail because they benefit mostly. And this is much like one of those pushy kids at school, who wants to be a princess, and so we all have to stand there like spare pricks as Hand Maidens, Butlers and Footmen etc. Basically they don’t give a fuck about you, they simply want their game, and they will take us all down in the enforcing of it.


They are even unrealistic as to their demands, they are trying to force people to become automatons, and you already know that they would replace you with robots in a heartbeat. You know this in how they do replace men with machines, and more than that they in the UK, wish to employ Eastern Europeans, because they have been held down and in that they relish the opportunity to stand on a wrung of the ladder that UK pats have left long behind in accordance with the lie that of that if we worked hard we would climb that ladder? The migrants don’t complain...YET! But they did not come here to be wage slaves, they came to climb a ladder and if that ladder is taken from them, they will too complain. This when they have wizened up and realise that they have made the country dependant on them, they can unionise and then strike! No one wants a dead end!


‘They’ are now trying to fudge reality, in that they are supplementing reality with computers. Most people these days have a really distorted view of how intelligent they are. Take away your computer and manuals and who the fuck are you? All you have become now is a very limited processor that is nothing much without its access to applications. Fuck me, take your satnav’s away and you are lost, a good metaphor. Kids today are like babies if unplugged, they don’t have any practical skills that don’t relate to the ‘game’. Everything they are being fed benefits the few.


This is not new mind, at school they don’t teach kids how to think, they teach them what to think. All exams are a simple exercise in recall. You cram, you repeat and you get a treat?! They don’t tell you ‘why’. Look at how the cut backs target all the school subjects that don’t relate to compliance with the system. Look at the university con. When I was a kid, only the top academics went to university, now it’s more of a given that if you don’t go to uni, then you don’t get well paid. Despite the fact that the better paid jobs in question in NO WAY require a university degree!!!!! And it has to be noticed that the kids today are NO WAY as smart and adaptable as the kids of my generation. They are all becoming like highly strung house pets. Manual work is even beneath them, that’s if they could even do it. Boys used to work in engineering and building, but these days, in general, they don’t last because they don’t TRY! Yes working in the building trades is hard, and dirty, but if you stick with it you will develop very real practical skills, with the understanding therein expanding into all aspects of life!


They don’t teach kids how to think, how to extrapolate, it’s all monkey see monkey do, why? Because ‘they’ know well that real education leads to emancipation. Open their eyes and they will see you!!!!! The Chinese know this well, they educated a generation because they were falling behind the world in technical knowhow, and that saw a generation marching in Tiananmen Square. They opened their eyes to the obvious corruption, and of course that would have lead to revolution as the people claimed back and cleaned out their beloved Communist party, remembering that communism is more of a religious, or conscientious choice, because it’s based on sharing, fairness. So, the uprising was on the cards when the government was exposed and then showed its hand via shooting ‘the people’ in a people’s party! And so they diverted the inevitable via throwing money into the crowd, becoming capitalists? Communist capitalists? How does that work then?


The Arab Spring came about via the internet which opened the people’s eyes as to the standard of living of the west (imagined). The Arab people wanted to join that prosperity and freedom, when in truth the west had already crashed, and anyhow, how the fuck were the Arab lands gong to ‘prosper’ what did they have to sell? They only thing they ever had to sell was oil, tourism and maybe fruit etc. Nothing world beating. They couldn’t manufacture could they, compete with India, China, Taiwan? The whole thing was smoke and mirrors because the prosperity of the west they saw on the net was not the whole truth! They didn’t know that we too have homeless people living under bridges. The Arab nations were never gonna rise, why, because they had been held back for so long they were out of the running and the governments didn’t give a fuck because they had oil revenue. These were the sell out governments, neglecting the people because sell outs don’t give a fuck.


If you want to control people you can’t educate them fact! The government types know this well, but then deny education and it’s just as bad so... You simply have to replace education with mind wash and indoctrination. Don’t teach people how to think, teach them what to think. Which then brings forth that comedy sketch on the TV where they drone says, ‘Computer says no’. Why did the computer say no, they have no fucking idea.


You lot just believe any old shit and if it’s on TV it’s fucking gospel!


You are being controlled!


I’m sitting here actually in front of the TV, a program showing how the servants had to behave in Edwardian times. Fuck me the bullshit they imposed upon the servants, they weren’t allowed to make eye contact with their betters, they laid the table with a fucking ruler, measuring out where the cutlery went. All ridiculous shit, totally ridiculous obsessive compulsive behaviour, that some today still defend, they even have a name for it, ‘etiquette’. FUCK RIGHT OFF, there is no such thing, it’s a subjective made up game that benefits no one. They just want to make you dance, it’s much like how dogs put their paws on other dogs backs, an act of dominance, it’s bollocks! If they can make you dance their dance, they own you.


They are not better than you!


You are a valid expression of God, and let me tell you something about intelligence. My Dad is a born academic, but he cannot, by his own admission do DIY. He speaks of how at school, he ‘couldn’t make wood flat’ lol. Now, I have a mate who is academically useless, but, in the building trade, there isn’t much that he can’t do. The dumbass mistake here is to not see the intellectual process behind manual skills. In truth, when working with such skills there is a constant stream of feedback and correction in order to control the material you are working with. If that feed back lapses the task will go to shit. It’s not an obvious form of intellect, not to dumbasses anyhow, but you can figure it out, watch, correct, control, adjust etc, can you see the processing speed! To dumbasses it’s harder to recite pie to the hundredth place, so why can’t Professor Dimblebum hang a fucking shelf? Practical people can hang shelves age 12! Is Dimblebum a retard? No of course not, he is simply a different type of expression from the one mind.


The truth that you have not been allowed to realise is that you were designed for a purpose. It’s like, look, is a Manager better than a worker, let’s say yes, so we all aspire to be Managers, and they tell you that if you work hard you can achieve this goal. So we all become Managers, and we all sit and starve for lack of workers who produce the commercial product.


If money wasn’t an issue would you be a Manager, if we all earned the same who needs the hassle? But then some do need to be Managers, because they lack self worth, so they need a fucking badge, like the Cowardly Lion needed a fucking medal. But then sure, some are born Managers, with the key word here being Supervisor, which means super vision. These people have a broader view of the overall process, they can extrapolate, pre-empt and respond and again, no, not everyone can. Not everyone’s mind works that way BY DESIGN!


The Maya knew this ages back, they had a system of star signs which determined what you were good at. What your role was, what your purpose was, that seemed to work.


‘They’ played you all off against each other, they pat you on the head and you puff up with pride, they created a game that makes no sense and then you played it eagerly. Because they undermined your confidence and then they gave you a way to earn it back, to prove yourself to them as they laughed all the way to the bank. Look at our Prime Minister, he’s not really a moron, but he is in no way fit to lead a country. He’s not qualified, experienced nor does he have the gift of foresight, he is blind in that sense. Like Blair before him whose short sightedness, was a major contributing factor to the dead baby on the beach! Every action has a consequence; Tiananmen Square killed western production, the oil wars created the migrant flood. You can trace it all back if you can SEE, and I don’t mean with your eyes. I mean the true third eye view, the intellect.


I ask you now, you know how the system works, how competition devalues everything, so, will your kids be well off? Will they, or will things get worse, and how low can we go before there is no more ‘cake’ to eat when the bread runs out. How much will people take before they do desperate things, fuck me it’s started already. Some of the ‘migrants’ paid ridiculous amounts of money for a place on a slave ship. They left behind ‘respectable’ businesses these are not all ‘working class’ people! They left behind, well lost, relatively affluent life styles at an age when they should be kicking back, and they dragged their families on a fool’s journey. How much will people take before they bolt?


Is the world going to shit? Is the trend upwards or downwards?


Do you have to wait until the dark shadow touches your life before you act, are you that selfish or stupid?




Many are going to call me arrogant but that is bollocks. A trick, discredit me to hold back the truth. It’s a simple fact, we are part of God and in that we all have a roll and I tell you now, and this is not a kiss ass tactic. I was designed to bring information that will allow man to continue to HIDE! I am a mechanism of control without too much exposure. I am a message from big you to small you.


And now let’s talk about you. What the fuck is your problem? Look in the mirror, are you not good looking enough. Are you not talented enough? If you can afford designer clothes will that make people like you more?


Let me tell you that you will never see your own beauty! Funny really, this mind that we are, and it’s part of why we play parts for each other in order to see this beauty. I know it doesn’t help but if you see the beauty of others, you can realise that there are no others, it’s all you. Understand that the stars are nothing without the fans, those who recognise and enjoy the genius.


But sure that doesn’t add to your life in the way you would like but. It still stands that others see in you the beauty that you WON’T see. You have friends who keep coming round right? Why? Why do they want to be around you? Turn that thing around and admit it, you love your friends don’t you. Why? No reason you can pinpoint, the Australian’s have a good saying, they say that so and so is ‘good value’. It kinda nails it. You don’t see it but your presence brings joy into the lives of others and that is ENOUGH! They love you as much as you love them and for no real reason.


Don’t let the selfish ones play you, learn to think for yourself, nothing happens for no reason, dig!!!!!! Explore ask WHY WHY WHY ! Ask how?



Government? I said years before this recession that it would kick in and never leave, how did I know? I figured it out like a math problem. If this happens then that will happen and that will cause that etc.


Let me tell you something about China. They’ve peaked, why? Because they undermined their very own customer base. They took Western jobs, they grey squirreled us, but as I said we are their customer base, and sales are dropping off within a hungry machine. Now, the face of China changed at blistering pace, they used to be rural and kinda self sufficient. But then everyone got caught up in the ‘boom’, they were relocated to high maintenance dwellings where, well, they couldn’t keep pigs and chickens, they had no need, they had jobs. They put all their eggs firmly in one basket. So, now that the west has slowed, despite the dropping prices, sales are dropping it’s a knock on effect, they undermined the west. So the boom is over and there will be layoffs. But, the people can’t go back to the simple life can they? They are all now totally dependent on the state. They, in only a few years ran into the same problem as he west, high unemployment and dependency. Do they have a social benefit system? I don’t know but people gotta eat. So there is a crunch point coming. The issue in Tiananmen Square was never resolved, and just like the Arab spring, this capitalist diversion, false freedom boom had nowhere to go. And India is right up China’s asses, poised to out compete them, why, because Indian people are some of the most skilled and adaptive people on the planet. Soon made in China will be changed to made in India, but where does that leave China? And yeah India will also crash, well, mushroom! Nothing good comes from negativity, China are capitalist as a diversion to the corruption that was exposed in the Square, and that was never resolved. The same corrupt leaders then saved themselves, they employed a desperate dumbass tactic and it’s gonna bite them in the ass. Can you not see that? There is a man in China called Wong, he owned a small farm, the whole world could have blown up it would make no difference to him. He didn’t even have electricity. But now he lives in a high rise and he just lost his job. How is he gonna eat? Well it’s not a problem is it, he is just a man. Well times that by a few million and we have a problem. They could print money and hand it out. And also just like in the Arab Spring, where the people followed a western capitalist ideal that lead nowhere, so the people felt like they got burned. Which then made them feel that yes, the USA is indeed the great Satan, they sell everyone, sex, drugs, they shoot each other down in the street for a few dollars. And this created a backlash Islamic fundamentalist reaction, the Koran is as true as ever, greed and separatism will lead to folly. So how many people will now speak on how China’s leaders sold them out, deserting the communist ideal based on equality/sharing, which lead to folly, ‘I told you so!’. We were communist for a valid reason, you sold out to the devil that is capitalism and now we all have to pay!


This means descent and revolution, the re-rising of the communist party in its original idealistic form. And that will split the country in half. An unstable China? Fuck that!


Figure it all out, it’s not rocket science, it should be fucking obvious, but you lot are dumb as fuck.


Look...How does a sewing machine work?


Have a look at it from the outside and it will mess with your head, if you have the mind to see the problem that is. How the fuck do the stitches lock? How does that thread pass through the loops, how does it swap sides without passing from ‘hand to hand’?


Well the mechanism is fucking genius, check it out on the net, is shows you BUT, that’s not the point!!!!!!!


It’s crazy how many people in this world use sewing machines and hardly any of them know how they work! They watch it sew all day every day and they are so disempowered and dependant that it doesn’t even occur to them so ask the FUCKING QUESTION!


How does it work?


That’s the problem, you rely on the state and they are corrupt! Period!


You are being controlled by their lies that benefit only themselves and they are not even good ‘farmers’ they are so greedy, blinded by greed, that they don’t really worry about sustainability.


And now the world is going to collapse descending in seems.


When in truth, you have simply been learning a lesson in the ramifications of greed! The great cancer that expands disproportionately and eventually kills the body that sustains it! STUPIDITY!


This lesson complete you will all now choose God, you will choose logic, responsibility, harmony and equality.


SEE! I told you God was tricky LOL God played us all, God taught us a lesson and we all think we are now choosing unity, the ethos of God via our own free will.


It’s our free choice LOL LOL.


But then it feels better doesn’t it, climbing down from selfishness I mean!


We in ‘truth’ can end this unspoken war, we can stand and help each other, everyone will be on the same side, feels good doesn’t it, it feels safe! Security in unity, no enemies.


The mind fell, it forgot itself and we all experienced the HELL of that, but is coming back into view.


How do you learn to think, and then see?


It all begins with one word ‘Why’.


Wake up, we have shit the bed!


Of course there is a controlling intelligence behind reality, what, did you think it was all just millions of coincidences? Duhhhhhhhh



‘When one is dinning, one uses the outer cutlery first, moving inwards.’


Who fucking made you the God of cutlery? If it’s a case of numbers, more people use chop sticks in China than knives and forks in the UK. So who’s right? NO ONE! It’s all just choice. Wake up, these people are fucking insane. You lot, in listening to them are becoming more and more unnatural, which is why you are not happy. You are following an impossible model that was NEVER your choice!! You are all becoming like TV soap characters, the subtly dictated ‘norm’. There is nothing normal/healthy about fucking Eastenders, if you see that you are like that, you have a problem.


Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up.


So to summarise...

Let me try and bottom line the problem of what we are! We are a singular consciousness and that perspective, if you are unlucky enough to see it, is a HELL (to linear beings/aspects), that can’t be described, well, it can be described of course, but you won’t feel it unless you experience it.


Okay, there is a monster in the cupboard, the monster is us, our truth, the core! It RUINS everything, (Take the I out that ruin, it RUNS everything). We HAVE to forget it and don’t get me wrong here, this is not just ‘bad’, it’s a fucking hellish nightmare that will see you insane to the point that your mind will collapse. I’ve described it, there’s no next moment, external time stops, so no hope. The ONLY way you can get sane again (unless you are designed to interact with it, and that is NOT a challenge), is to reboot/wipe your entire consciousness and we call that ‘death’. You become ‘infected’ by the truth, and so you need to quarantine the infection, and that is via forgetting your entire self. Purge! HOWEVER! That monster in the cupboard is the director, the ONE who knows the core truth and from that truth comes the construction of the mechanism that alleviates the problem. If the truth were not known by at least one aspect of the mind then the mechanism of avoidance couldn’t exist. This, as the problem would not be understood, and so it couldn’t be alleviated. Of course none of this is linear, we are simply travelling through the linear explanation of how the consciousness that ‘is’ facilitates its manifestation avoiding the paradox. I am describing the mechanis