Dear Reader,

In the beginning was ORDER, and then the universe expands and the second law of thermodynamics takes over, making energy run down. This will happen till the end of the universe. What does this mean? It means that science is right: There is no such thing as “free energy.” Our universe is running down, you cannot fire it up again!


But what if you could?


No. You can’t. If science says so, then you can’t.


This is the whole of the argument I get from naysayers (“I say nay!”). But they are wrong. Some man of science says you can. And his name is Roger Penrose. See below.


I was like you. To me, the notion of free energy was equal to the belief in the supernatural. It’s just bullshit. I was interested in another thing, “How did the universe begin?” When I had answered this question to myself, which took me many years of contemplation, I saw how my answer made possible the reality of free energy.


My answer: We all came from a great nothingness. This nothingness is the way the light views reality: the light views this great nothingness with speed! This speed is the cuboctahedron, and the cuboctahedron’s natural affinity is a zero-dimensional world (google Richard Buckminster Fuller). And it is this zero-dimensional world that opened my eyes to the reality of free energy. The great nothingness, then, is a high-speed world.


How did the zero-dimensional world open my eyes to the reality of free energy? Because, in the beginning was ORDER. (I joke that God stands for the “g”eometry of the 0D world.)


Imagine you have a box with “ordered gas,” and then you open the box, then the gas will spread out into the environment and become disordered. However, if the environment shrunk to the size of the box, then the disordered gas would have no choice but to go back into the box. However, the disordered gas would still be disordered in the box because the box has dimensions, and therefore the probability that the atoms in the gas would rearrange themselves just the way they were in the beginning before we opened the box is close to zero. However, if the box had zero extension, then the disordered gas would become totally ordered again because all the atoms would have no choice but to go back into the same slot, which is the zero-dimensional point/world. Nature can accomplish this 0D point/world with fast spin.


Yes, you say. Free energy is possible IF we could shrink space-time in this way, then we could revive stuff, but, it would take stupefying amounts of energy shrinking space-time this way.


My idea is that, if we came from a great nothingness, then that nothingness is not detached from the universe; that nothingness is still there. The zeroth-dimension is still there, meaning that we don’t have to shrink space-time because it is already shrunk. If there are these holes or pockets in space that lead to the zeroth-dimension, then dead matter can fall into these pockets and thus be revived as shown above.


If the Big Bang is like this mass that exploded, then every point in that explosion is the source (it follows). If the source is spread out, then every point in space will contain the zeroth dimension (i.e., the source). “Dead matter” that falls into one of these pockets leading to the zeroth dimension, will be revived by the zeroth dimension because all the atoms would have no choice but to go back into the same slot. The zeroth dimension spins really fast, and the revived matter can thus be ejected/released (again).


Thus is free energy accomplished.


Roger Penrose ( suggested a resurrection mechanism for the universe as a whole, therefore, the universe as a whole is free; but, if we live in the fractal universe, which the cuboctahedron suggests, then one can imagine the whole holistic reanimation process working with individual atoms; which means, we do not break any symmetry laws; and then we are dealing with real free energy that is waiting for some intelligent species to come along and exploit it.


Nevertheless, why should the universe as a whole resurrect and not its individual parts like atoms? No. The universe is not special in any way, which suggests that the individual parts can resurrect also.


Roger Penrose made free energy (resurrection) a reality for the universe as a whole. Finally, we get a physicist who is also a philosopher. However, since we are a part of the whole, Penrose’s “free energy” is of no practical value. What we need is to install the resurrection-machine that is the universe in our cars. But, we cannot fit the whole universe! in our car, can we? Yes, we can, if the universe itself is a bbb (basic building block), then the resurrection-machine is a bbb, and then we just use a smaller bbb that will fit in our car or spacecraft.


That bbb is the cuboctahedron.


“But how would free energy work in practice?”


My idea simplified, is this: If we came from the beginning of time (i.e., the nothingness) and, if the beginning of time is always ordered and, if there are pockets or holes in the universe directly leading to the beginning of time, say, as remnants of the Big Bang, then old material in the universe can find these pockets and merge with the beginning of time once more, and then the beginning of time will revive the old stuff because the beginning of time is always ordered. Then the revived stuff can find its way out of the beginning of time as it once did. If the beginning of time is, say, the heart of any cuboctahedron (i.e., the dual torus) and, if you can find a cuboctahedron that can fit into your car (we can because the cuboctahedron can be scaled), then the beginning of time can feed your car recycled stuff that stems ultimately from the universe itself.


If the beginning of time can never die, then it is with us, even today. And so we can manipulate it. Basically, my idea is the bold idea of placing a miniature model of Immortal Nature in our car. We need to replace old bits of the car as it falls apart, but needless to say, you could drive this car until your will wears out! Now, imagine going into space with this free energy device. We would not need to tank up and the warp drive will be a thing of reality because that is what the cuboctahedron really is: Nature (i.e., the cuboctahedron) is a warp drive!


The cuboctahedron is our future. With it, we shall travel to distant galaxies, and we never have to tank up.


Last curiosity:

How does the great nothingness (i.e., the cuboctahedron) birth space?


What I believe: The great nothingness is a high-speed world that spins so fast that time itself becomes curled up into this zero-dimensional knot. Time itself loses meaning. But, in order to accomplish such high velocity, that is, in order to accomplish the great nothingness, you need the cuboctahedron. The cuboctahedron, in turn, generates enough speed so that the great nothingness stays a great nothingness forever, but, the way that the cuboctahedron does this, is by generating a dual torus, which is essentially a cosmic whirlpool. Thus, space-time (i.e., the cosmic whirlpool) is a byproduct of nothingness-generation. What we see as space-time are the slower moving parts of the cosmic whirlpool that cannot keep up with the fast pace (i.e., the nothingness) in the center. We are the froth that the nothingness generates.


“But how did the Motion get here?”


If Motion is really zero-dimensional (i.e., the nothingness) in nature, then it has always existed and it does not require a cause because it is so simple, it is zero-dimensional! It exists even if you removed everything. Even a nonexistence would contain zero-extension/motion. If a reality of zero-extension can birth space-time, then existence is inherent and nonexistence is impossible. But, I agree, we are still scratching our heads at this point! But this is as far as my imagination takes me.


I will say it out loud: I am passionately interested in free energy because it can solve all of our problems and, with 20 000 children dying each day on our planet, the need for free energy is so great that it boggles the mind that the scientific world claims its impossibility and that the political world does not spend a dollar pursuing free energy, especially in this day and age with Global Warming descending upon us. When I think about all the children we can help with a change in attitude, tears clog my mind! And when I talk to people about it, nobody seems to care. I get very upset. It is not a good place to be in. If I strap a bomb to a child, then the whole wide world would watch! If I say I can save 20 000 children from dying from starvation each and every day, nobody raises as much as a few eyebrows. The child strapped to a bomb we label “ingroup,” while the other 20 000, we label “outgroup.” We did not evolve to care for the latter group. Similarly, the label “free energy” is in the world's “outgroup.” This must change! A paradigm shift must occur.


Free energy has NOTHING to do with a perpetual motion machine. The perpetual motion machine is bullshit.


Free energy does not violate any laws. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.


And free energy has absolutely nothing to do with the infinite (aka infinite energy!). Infinity is hogwash! Scientists say that free energy is impossible because they, for whatever reason, believe that free energy = infinite energy. Energy is always finite. It comes in finite packets. Free energy is resurrected energy--and that is a very different paradigm, indeed!


Why the world does not spend any money pursuing free energy boggles the mind when the man who gave us electricity and the modern world in the first place said it was possible! That man is Nikola Tesla. I get angry. I get frustrated. But then the calm voice inside my head tells me it's ok; it says, “The reason why the world is not in pursuit of free energy is simple: It is just evolution. The world is an animal that is dependent on the phenomenon of money in order to survive. Free energy would effectively kill that money-animal. Thus the money-animal, who controls the voice of politics, science and etc., will ridicule and cull the meme “free energy” at any cost in order to survive.” It is all simple.


“But won’t the free energy device itself require energy to function?”


Probably. But you see, and this is the key: The mechanism that drives the dual torus (aka our free energy device) is the nothingness itself. However, the nothingness knows no environment because it is zero-dimensional. Therefore, the nothingness will keep on going and nothing can slow it down or stop it because there is nothing that can act on it or influence it. The zeroth dimension does not require fuel!


Free energy (viz., resurrection) is real because otherwise Nature would die and stay dead forever. But if Nature could die, she would have done so long before our universe came into existence. The fact that Nature cannot die, testifies to the reality of free energy. In simple terms, Nature is dying, so why hasn’t she died? The answer is: She has. But she resurrects! That is how Nature is immortal. Nikola Tesla believed in the reality of free energy. For him, there was no question.


Professors like Robert W. Koontz says free energy is possible, so it is not that scientists do not believe at all in its possibility. It is more like the money-animal is at work. 


You can find my free energy book (for free, of course!) at this website ( or look up the ISBN number (978-82-303-3223-8).


Please share my free energy idea with everyone and store it for the future so that it does not perish (because it can so easily perish in this modern world of infinite information).


Thank you,


Thor Fabian Pettersen