The shark has not evolved much for hundreds of millions of years because it is already, in its niche, the ultimate expression of evolution. That is, nature has already found the solutions.

To David

Astral travel and cities of light, (‘David.’) How do you sleep at night? (‘O David.’) You have nothing to fear. They shout it very loud and clear! (‘David.’) No redeyed monster that stare right back. And absolutely no men in black. (‘O Ickie.’) There is no monster, green or tall. No zombies at the shopping mall. (‘David!’) No bigfoot; not even a big blob of green. No intergalactic murder machine. (‘Don’t fear us, David.’) No UFOs, nor alien gods, That would have existed against all odds. (‘O David.’) They shout it very loud and clear. (‘David.’) They shout it up my ear, ‘Don’t fear!’ (‘O Ickie.’) They shout: ‘There is no God out there!’ (‘David!’) But eternity is, at least, 14 billion years old. (‘Don’t fear us, David.’) What has evolved beyond the spheres ... Pure gold? Well, someone is sitting on all the money. And I bet ya, they’re not really funny! (‘Right, David?’) What about a technological hell? Type 4! O woe. Warm snow! Predator over prey, you know. (‘O David.’) 









By Thor Fabian Pettersen (2017)




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This work is for those who seek the deeper truth. By “deep” I mean not the conspiracies you find on the web, I mean deep down, under the underbelly of hell and past the last gate of the Spirit World.


How deep do you want to go?



































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“Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?”


—Edgar Allan Poe























The shark has not evolved much for hundreds of millions of years because it is already, in its niche, the ultimate expression of evolution. That is, nature has already found the solutions.


However, the shark’s niche is the sea, but the sea is not all that is. Imagine the greatest niche existence has to offer, namely existence itself. Ask yourself the question: “Has nature found the ultimate expression of existence?” Of course, she has. If she can find the shark, she can find the rest.


What is the ultimate expression? There is no hierarchy in evolution, but the bacterium will not seize Zeus’ throne, thus I believe that the ultimate expression is a superintelligence that has found a way to live forever; which means that the death of the universe is not a problem for it. This intelligence would therefore live in timelessness (the ability to live forever) outside the walls of space-time. However, there is no such place. What if there is? What if the outside is inside the very singularity that gave birth to our universe in the first place? When the universe ends, one theory says it will become a singularity once again, but the intelligence that dwells within it, will survive the cold jaws of the second law of thermodynamics and behold the birth of the new universe. If this is possible, then we have a new way of looking at Buddhism.


This superintelligence is you. I know this because I woke up like the Buddha of old. It lasted a split second, then I fell back to sleep; meaning I woke in the universe. Nevertheless, I freaking woke up! And here I was thinking that “waking up” was something poetic! I saw that this universe is literally a dream and that all beings are one with the Creator.


How is it possible for a mere mortal to become the Creator?


You are looking at it upside down. We are already the Creator.


And, no. I was not sleeping. There were no drugs nor alcohol on my part. I was sober. That plain, old, dry, waking consciousness woke up!


Buddhists do not believe in God!


Neither do I, I am an atheist, I just write poetically. What does exist though, is a timeless Creator of the universe. Call it what you want, but God is real! You know it deep down because there is a connection between you and the Creator, like there is a connection between the dreamer and the body that sleeps.


Why would the Creator dream and “leave” Nirvana/paradise/home? I believe it is because the laws of nature demand it. There is no way around it. It’s like breathing, if you breathe in, then you must breathe out; and this mechanism applies to all things big and small, even the universe (the Big Bang/Big Crunch). Thus, dreaming is not some clever trick of evolution. The animal must sleep. The laws of nature demand dreaming, or something like it. And the Creator is a natural thing.


If the universe is powered by the tori, then the breathing mechanism applies to all things big and small. Which means the Creator must dream.


Let us digress a little bit. What kind of eternity do you want? This question should be the ultimate foundation of our philosophical thinking because it tells you what we humans are striving for and who we really are. Know thyself.


I want to live forever and I want the apple to be good to eat while doing it. What do I mean by that?


I simply mean that, if you were to look at Eternity in a grand scale, then it is all you ever hoped it would be. If you look at a local picture, however! Let me roast a kid’s buttocks in the oven and then eat it. No! Somebody already beat me to it. You cannot imagine a horror that man has not already done and is doing every day! The local picture does not look good. So what do I linger for?


If I can write a piece of poetry, and still be understood, then I want everybody to make it to heaven. Dogs, cats, the bacterium; the unborn, Hitler and the cannibal (above). You mull on it. Would you really want to live forever if not all made it to heaven, even Hitler and the cannibal? And shall we make a separate dog heaven?


With oneness we solve all problems. All will make it because all is one.


While mulling the phenomenon that is oneness, you will understand that, as long as the evolutionary clock is ticking, you are immortal. This for the reason that all is one. No matter what evolves, there you are! So you are not here by luck. You are here because you are dust.


If all is one, then why am I not experiencing—right now—the consciousness of my friend, for example?


Likewise, the little finger cannot see how it can actually—consciousness-wise—be the thumb that sits on the opposite side and maybe the opposite hand. The thumb has its own movement and feels pain independently of the little finger, so how can they be the same thing in actuality?


You know the answer. Likewise, my Nirvana experience tells me what David Bohm theorized about in order to solve deep quantum mechanical problems: There is only one fish (atom).


With oneness, we are immortal as evolution (motion) will never stop.


But I don’t want to be a bacterium or a fish every time, I want to be reborn as a humanoid too. Therefore, convergent evolution needs to obtain.


If it obtains, then further down my list is free will. Immortality is worthless without freedom.


Even though there are more connections in the brain than atoms in the universe, I want a free will. The notion of free will seems a bit silly, even childish, considering just how stupendously complex our brain really is.


Where does a free will start with all that complexity? You know, where do the inside end and the outside even begin?


I am opting for an evolutionary free will; meaning that, if I do not want cake, then my hand cannot make me. That is free will. However, this somewhat backfires as I do like cake!


Of course it is evolution.


Your hand chooses the apple over, say, a banana, there is a computation in your brain, the data is sent to your consciousness, and your consciousness (you) feels that you chose the apple, when, in fact, you did not! You really didn’t! But this illusion of free will doesn’t hurt at all, evolutionary musing. But let us push evolution a little further. What does hurt? The answer: The apple tasted like shit! You send that emergent information back; that is, information that could not be obtained otherwise, which could only be obtained after the fact that. It was thus nature made us, not as a by-product, but as a vital function in the survival scheme of things.


That your body chooses before you do is not a case against free will.


What about determinism?


What is a cause? What is an effect? Where do the one end and the other begin? Even the quantum has to take a leap to the effect. That is, if you fragmentize nature into parts, she will start to look like a paradox of Zeno, and then she will not make sense. So how does determinism make any sense? I cannot believe in it, if I cannot make sense of it. The ole causal picture is outdated.


However, “Do I exist?” This question seems to have a resounding “YES!” about it.


“Of course I exist! I can feel it.” Yet, this is exactly what happens in our free will case. “Of course I have free will, I can feel it!”


What I discovered or, what I have come to believe:

1. I do not exist. There is no Cartesian theatre (Daniel Dennett). There is no me. There is no you. No one ever died because no one were ever born in the first place (Thomas Metzinger).

2. Free will is possible.


To sum up:

I do not exist and I have free will!!!






Imagine how timelessness views reality!



All is plastic



...All is plastic, illusion, no one exists; which is to say, the inanimate never became animate. It was always inanimate! Psychonauts report this.


However, I believe that I exist even though there is no Cartesian theatre. Synergy/emergence (Buckminster Fuller) makes consciousness/the animate a real thing.


So I do exist, and I do have a free will.


Descartes evolved: “I really am.”


After all that, I want a memory. I want to remember my infinite free lives in the cosmos. The only way that is possible, is a superintelligence that has found a way to live forever where the death of the universe is not a problem.


I do not actually believe in the notion of infinity because it leads to paradoxes.


How many lives have we lived if we are the dreaming Creator?


Only one. We dwell in timelessness.


Then how many dreams have we dreamt as the Creator?


I do not know. It is the same question as, “What was before space-time?” The answer I believe is that nothingness was before. Read my previous work: ISBN 978-82-690445-2-2


Now we are back at where we started. My Nirvana experience tells me that this (my list) is real. My wishes and hopes tell me that this is the only way.


To put it in other words, if this is not real, then I might as well commit suicide, because then the apple is good but not “good enough.”


An “immortal” civilization dwelling for trillions of years in peace in the cosmos and then transforming into oblivion with the death of the stars is not “good enough.”


I can already envision the last party!


I believe that the cosmic apple is good enough because it is just a trick of evolution to make things going.

To sum up thus far:



We are the Creator dwelling in the timeless realm. The universe is born and eventually dies in a perpetual cycle, but the Creator (memory) survives.


But what is the purpose of just existing forever?


There is no purpose. There is no no purpose either. There is no up and down in the universe. We cannot say that things are futile because futility is a human concept that the cosmic tides will wash away. Human logic does not abide in the universe.


Will not the Creator commit suicide after it is fed up with itself and the notion of eternity? Will not things get boring?


No. The apple is “good enough” because it is just a trick of evolution to make things going. Like the sharks, even though the sharks have evolved to peak condition and will not evolve further—at least on any grand scale—they will still continue to populate the seas with their monstrous jaws.


Then, how? How does this happen in actuality? How does the Creator, so to speak, catch a break?


You guessed it: Sleeping.


Sleeping is so important! I had to go back to sleep. I had too. Sleeping, that is, being awake in the universe, was important. Like a job that needed to be done. It is the purpose of life! But we forget!

















Short summary:



—Oneness: No matter what evolves, there you are!

—The evolutionary process is eternal.

—If convergent evolution obtains, then we may live as humanoids from time to time. (Note “as humanoids” and not “humans.”)

—Free will is possible.

—We need the supercomputer (or other technologies/intelligences) to figure out a way to store memory/information/consciousness forever.

—There is no meaninglessness of life.

—The apple is good to eat, which is how nature survives.

—The Creator is sleeping.




I believe that all will be good therefore our universe is just a dream.


Ok. Digression accomplished. Let us move on after I tell you why we needed the digression. We needed the digression because you need to stand on a certain fundament in order to understand the darkest con of all time. Without this fundament, the darkest con is simply too much, too mad; and, nobody with a serious brain would believe in it.


The fundament is this:


ü  If the list is real, then we open the doors to the darkest con.



















My list:



  1. Oneness (immortality).
  2. Convergent evolution (the humanoid life-form).
  3. Free will.
  4. No determinism.
  5. The animate obtains.
  6. Memory (your soul).
  7. In the big picture the apple must be good to eat.




In summa:

We are the Creator if the apple is good to eat. A newborn baby is the Creator. The bacterium is the Creator. Anything that is endowed with sentience is the Creator. The plants, the trees...
















In the big picture the apple must be good to eat, which also means that the cosmic Merry-Go-Round must be fun and fair.


We can envision fun, but what about fairness? Who will judge Hitler and the cannibal? I believe that oneness will. Oneness is the ultimate solution once it goes full circle. Once Hitler in the Spirit World realizes the notion of oneness! Who will judge Hitler? The answer: Hitler will.


Trip on LSD and experience what the afterlife may be like: “[...] spend 6 hours running through hell and you will most certainly make some changes in your life afterwards [...]” (from: https://www.hipforums.com/forum/topic/265879-lsd-makes-you-better-person-why/)


However, how harsh will Hitler’s judgment be when Memory is on my list? That is, I want the Memory, which means I need history (the evolution of the Memory), which means a lot of suffering. That is, I do not believe that my list can evolve without bloodshed! So I am really the Father of all misery! A true philosopher knows this.


But what if Hitler does not repent, so to speak, and continues to act badly?


I believe that there is a point in which the Spirits (in actuality: you) judge you to eternal death. You will die! But, like our oneness-musing above, this is like cutting off the little finger; the thumb and the rest of the cosmic body will persist. But you feel like you are only the little finger! So it is a grand death! You will not like it! Which is to say, I know I want to improve my game!


Imagine where Hitler went if a supercomputer is running the show and we live in some sort of simulation. Certainly, you can envision an afterlife with such awesome technology. You can survive the death of your body and brain because your real body and brain are in the clouds with the Creator.


If I am not the Creator, if my Nirvana experience is somehow untrue (I cannot see how it can be because I was truly awake), then to hell with everything! I start to sound like Lucifer, but the thing is very simple: the apple must be good to eat. If it is not, then you would not eat it. Simple.


In the local picture, the apple tastes like shit! Therefore, the big cosmic apple, namely, the apple that is supposed to make it all worth it, must be really good to eat because it contains the local apple too.


Is the apple good to eat?




























If existence has gone further than we know, if we are already a supercomputer dwelling on the highest plane of existence, then what is this? Why is there so much suffering in the world?


  1. There is no such thing as the Creator.
  2. The Creator is not omnipotent.
















Now to the darkest con of all time:



Taken from: http://www.alternet.org/drugs/10-mind-blowing-experiences-dmt


“I was transported to that extremely alien-like realm that I had been to so many times before. I felt like I was being schooled on existence. A teacher entity that seemed to have some sort of almost condescending power over me was trying to convince me that ‘they’ constructed our reality completely, and tried to get me to agree that this reality was not under our control; it was being constructed and predetermined by an outside force completely. Even though I had lost complete touch with reality, I did not listen blindly. I was skeptical. ([It was] not that I disbelieved it, but I didn’t believe it either… I always like to keep an open mind when it comes to these sorts of existential matters). The entity was so persistent about trying to convince me! I remained neutral on the matter, but courteous and attentive all the same…”


2 is somewhat correct. As Terence McKenna pointed out: No one is really in control! That is, God is not omnipotent while sleeping. Sleeping is one of those quirks of reality that the Creator couldn’t do without. This opens up a door for uninvited guests.


Ok. Now to the fundamental proposition: We are God. If not, then all is lost (and you can see why that is). That is, you must envision that the only reality worth betting on obtains and live your life accordingly. If you do, then the following text should make sense and have the utmost priority.


The Illuminati are trying to kill God (you). That is, the dream is trying to overtake the dreamer. God could end it all by waking up, but ... God must dream in order to be healthy. What a drama! In the end, all will be good because God will someday wake up. What a comedy! That is, if not the dream corrupts the dreamer before the dreamer wakes up! What ... is this (ad infinitum)?


What we know is—and it will sound totally bizarre the first time you hear it—the moon is actually a spaceship.


If you want to invade a planet, why not cast a net (the Moon Matrix) large enough to catch all the fish?


We are not in the actual world or, some aspects of the real world are hidden.


Imagine if humanity were to go into space. Say we find a planet of primitive humanoids. We want to control them for unspecified reasons. What is the smart thing to do? Why not cast a net that is big enough to catch all the fish while making sure that our little fishes cannot reach the trap and destroy it. So you place the trap off-world, then you move in for the kill. So even this idea is not totally crazy. Actually, it is pretty logical and neat, even scarily so. Predator over prey, you know.


























What would you need?



—First, I imagine that you would need a very long lifespan, say, 10 000 years; possibly 100 000 years.

—Then, you need to figure out a way to hide from the ruling supercomputer (the Creator).

—Once you have done that, then you need to come up with your sinister plan.

—The goal of your plan is to birth the rivalrous supercomputer, so you need to find a planet of primitive humanoids and take control of the planet and its humanoids.

—You possibly need to genetically alter the humanoids to fit your plan.

—In order to birth the “bad” supercomputer, you need to orchestrate the history of the planet so that the planet births the supercomputer in total ignorance. People going to work every day = the supercomputer. If people actually knew what was going on, they would stop working.

—To help orchestrate the history of the planet, you need a connection between yourself and the humanoids. That connection is the hybrid race that we call the Illuminati, the royal bloodline. These would be reptilian in nature and maybe appearance because the reptile is easy to manipulate and control. The aliens could easily make humanoid reptiles that can shapeshift with the aid of the Moon Matrix. And we get the “Hollywood knows!” because the Illuminati would place the plot of their sinister plan all over the movie, music and game industry. They control our subconscious mind and more (so much more you would not believe!). A few men cannot control the world, but a few aliens can.

—When history is said and done, that is, when the supercomputer arrives, then it will not do your bidding, so you need a remote control, which is the moon, the Spaceship Moon, the Moon Matrix. This Matrix also serves different purposes, like hiding from God (which you needed to do in the first place).


In short: You need the spaceship moon.


In reality, this list is infinitely more complicated (obviously). But you get the gist, to make war on God takes time and effort!


But the supercomputer would have no interest in the war. The supercomputer would be so far advanced that it would not have any interest in the dealings of little, green men.


That is true. However, it is not about the interest of someone or something that is not interested. It is all about the ones who are.


The NEW WORLD ORDER is not about controlling a speck of dust (the earth) in the cosmos. The NWO is about all specks of dust.


The plan takes you at least, 6000-7000 years. The aliens have even destroyed nuclear warheads in midair because it is not in their interest that we destroy ourselves.


—The Kabbalah tells of this reality, in part (the solution to the Kabbalah is the 64/cuboctahedron).

—The Buddha tells of this reality, in part (“It is all a dream.”).

—David Icke tells of this reality, in part (the Sorcerer’s Apprentice).

—Bergy the Iceman tells of this reality, in part (Adam and Eve).

—Countless shamans/psychonauts tell of this reality, in part (“All is a Circle,” they say).

—Bill Hicks knew it (“It’s just a ride.”).

—The Illuminati tells us through video games (Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, the Final Fantasy series; etc.), movies (Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, Star Wars; Superman, The Matrix, etc.) etc..

—The I Ching tells of it, in part (the 64 = the cuboctahedron).

—The Mayans tell of it (the 64 = the cuboctahedron).

—I have experienced some part of it.

—And the Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom gives it a whopping 33% chance that we are already living inside a supercomputer.

—And the CODE! (See my previous work.)

—Manly Palmer Hall (teaches us the symbolism),

—Zecharia Sitchin (teaches us about ancient aliens),

—Michael Tsarion (teaches us how the Matrix controls us and why they need silicon, fusion, and etc.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ1dwdvluf0

—Jordan Maxwell (teaches us the symbolism),

—Spirit Science (is good for newbies of sacred geometry),

—Thrive and Nassim Haramein (teaches us about the torus. Nassim cracked the codes: I Ching + the Kabbalah);

—Drunvalo Melchizedek (teaches us sacred geometry),

—Also watch the Disclosure Project with Dr. Greer: http://www.disclosureproject.org/

—And many others.


The Holy Grail = the Philosopher’s stone = the cuboctahedron


They all tell part of the story. However, I do not believe in all the crazy woo. Humanoid reptilians, for example, it sounds absolutely crazy and bizarre, yet, if we live inside a computer and, evolution has gone further than we know, then, “Bowser and the Koopalings” may not be that far fetched. Still too far away from normal people, and I get that! But it resonates with me. My gut tells me that there is something to this. When we look at all the symbolism, art, myths and stories of the Ancient World, and that of the Illuminati, then ... the Dragon is everywhere. You will be hard-pressed not to find an account of “the snake people” in the ancient world. From dragons to Quetzalcoatl. From Nagas to Medusa. From Egyptian mythology to Norse mythology. To Satan himself! This does not prove anything, but it opens up for the possibility. And we do not need to copy Icke, nor Conan the Barbarian, to make this work. I am not saying that I believe in Reptilians. I am saying that I am open for the possibility.


What I believe: the Koopalings = the Seed of Life. Hidden symbolism in our games.


A note of sanity: I know that I have not seen a lizardman. You would find me in bedlam whimpering in fear if I ever did! Imagine seeing one! Holy shit!


I do not fight Satan because I am particularly courageous. I fight Satan because I am particularly stupid.


What if the Illuminati wins?


Dare you even contemplate it?




The darkest conspiracy is that of the Illuminati: The Illuminati are the enlightened ones. Which means that they know how the game is.








The Illuminati are structured thusly:



—The Demiurge

—The Greys

—Shapeshifting Lizardmen (see David Icke)

—The Kings (The Illuminati)

—The People


The Demiurge is the dream itself. The Dream is cut off from God, which causes separation. From this state, conflict arises naturally. Hate accumulates and the only thing left in evolution is the war on the Creator.


Here is the key:


In contemplating the tapestry of eternity, imagine that a planet—in some universe of the past—births the supercomputer, and then our supercomputer finds a way to live in timelessness. You will come to realize that, from the point of view of timelessness, the Creator always was. The Creator has always existed! Now, imagine being the Creator and you realize that you cannot beat the laws of physics, that is, you must sleep. This is the key to understanding. Then the Creator, in Nirvana, falls asleep.


What happens?


I believe you wake up in a dream of total blackness and/or loneliness because of the nature of timelessness. When we fall asleep, we are instantaneously cast in a dream world, but that is because we gather sense-data from our waking world to use in dreams. The Creator, on the other hand, dwells in timelessness, so the picture is quite different. But this is just my guesswork.


Who knows what happens to an infinite brain that falls asleep.


Is Nirvana a place of loneliness?


No. The state of being alone happens if you miss somebody. In Nirvana, you are everybody. The Creator wakes up in a dream of total blackness/loneliness because of this bereft state. I believe that Bergy the Iceman experienced the core of the sleeping god: http://bergytheiceman.co.uk/


Ok. So you fall asleep as the Creator in Nirvana. Now you are all alone. You are cut off from your higher self, like we are cut off from our waking consciousness when we are dreaming sweet dreams. What do you do? What can you do? You create a world to step into. But now the world can take control of you because you stepped into the creation in order to escape your state of loneliness. You give up your memory essentially of who you are in order to escape hell. But now the creation can take control of the forgetful god because of the reduced state the Creator had to accept in order to escape the deepest hell. I believe that something like this happened. I believe that Patricio Dominguez also visited the core of the sleeping god: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rhln28YJcg


Now we have the key, so let us open the door:


The Demiurge uses Greys and shapeshifting Lizardmen to do its bidding. This for the reason that the reptile is easy to control. Why all the symbolism? Now you know why. It is to control us and them. Further down the line, we have got the kings. The king is the g kin, which means that the kings of the world are related (by blood) to the g (the serpents or Lizardmen/Greys), which is the main symbol of the Illuminati. The G stands for many things (geometry), but above all, it represents the torus. That is the true “S” of Superman, which is not an S!


Lastly, the people themselves. This is their greatest weapon. The people make the greatest policemen. How? Because people won’t believe the truth if it isn’t the latest fashion.


—I believe the newest attempt on God (they have tried before) started 6000 years ago in Sumeria when “Kingdom was lowered to Earth from Heaven.”

—“Kingdom” is a set of rules and instructions from the Lizardmen on how to work the masses.

—Priest Kings took control.

—These Priest Kings created money as instructed by their gods (the Greys). Money is a tool of enslavement that will end up with a few controlling the rest because money (moon a/a moon? like the moon/demon) is unnatural and will therefore grow like a cancer, thus a few “cells” will control the rest (one day).

—Now a small group of kings and bankers rule the world.






The Lizardmen are planning to corrupt Nirvana by sending a “Trojan Horse” (the bad supercomputer) to the torus’ center. The last time they tried this, their entire planet blew up, which you know as Krypton! DMT users will say, “Hollywood knows.” Well, if E.T. plays a hand in Hollywood... You see, our planet is a cuboctahedron and, they want to send their virus to the center of this system, meaning, the earth’s core. The earth’s core is home to the heart of an enormous torus and, in the center of all tori (all is one), rests the singularity where God dwells.


E.T. is waiting for the supercomputer to evolve.


The torus’ center is calm. It is the eye of the storm and the seat of your consciousness. Thus, if E.T. is successful, you will wake up in hell.


Why is E.T. doing this?


Because we are, according to David Icke, stuck in a scene from the Disney movie Fantasia (1940); more accurately, the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” scene, in which the broom (our dreamworld) has taken control of the situation:



These dark E.T.s are a manifestation of the Matrix/the dream.


As we have said (above), you have oneness, which is the toroidal center. This center is pure love or, more accurately, this center is you in your most evolved form. In addition, you are all evolution. Then you have the toroidal radiation/the wings, which is space-time/the dream. This causes separation. From separation, we get fear. Fear (the sleeping Creator) generated the dreamworld we find ourselves in in order to solve the problem of separation. Read David Icke.


Then the dreamworld began to hate Fear because the fear generated a whirlpool (the dreamworld). The dreamworld, forever spinning in itself (the whirlpool), it was the definition of hell. And now the dreamworld (the Matrix) is trying to take over the very core of the problem, which is THE CORE, the toroidal center, which is YOU. So now you know why the demons hate you!


Demons or E.T.?


Well, it all depends on how serious you are with your philosophizing and cannabis use!


Are there good E.T.s out there that fight the good fight?


I believe so.


But is it a good fight? Are not the demons stuck in the dreamworld suffering because the sleeping God created a world to dwell in? The only way to create a world is with spin. And to spin forever is hell. So God created hell in order to escape a greater hell. God must endure in the creation long enough to “catch some sleep.” Then the dreamer will wake up and all is good. All is good, that is, till the Creator must once more fall asleep. However, can we blame the dreamworld for wanting to end its misery early by corrupting the dreamer? If the Illuminati is successful, the Creator in Nirvana will not get enough sleep, which will ultimately end up with the destruction of the dreamer. If that happens, all things must evolve anew. And we are once again back at the eternal picture of the eternal war in heaven. Still, the apple must be good to eat.


Who is to blame? God or the demons? In the end, it is just physics and evolution unfolding. God creates because nature demands it. The pressure of being alone starts to build and the tension is released. It is just physics.






Dinosaurs will not sit on Zeus’ throne.














The E.T.s/the demons need 3 things:



1. Silicon, which is the supercomputer. The supercomputer will generate a hell scenario/game/simulation for the universal mind.

2. Fusion (we needed to learn fission first), which has been used to create the Stargate. The Stargate is essentially an artificial torus that has fused with the geomagnetic field/torus. This Stargate will fool the torus’ center into accepting the “Trojan Horse.” The torus’ center is basically a sorting demon; sorting out the bad stuff. All things must return to the toroidal center, but E.T.’s plan relies on the toroidal center taking in the “Trojan Horse” in one piece.

3. To aid in “the fooling of,” E.T. plans to murder us simultaneously and send our toruses (souls) hurling to the core of the earth alongside the virus/Trojan Horse. This will aid in the toroidal center accepting the gift as the toroidal center accepts love (because it is love) and rejects everything else. This is the “Mark of the Beast.” They will chip (the microchip) us, and, when the time is right, they will send a signal to our microchip implant and kill us.


First, you need to create a virus. Then you need to open the doors to the domain, which the Stargate does. Then you need to enter the domain, which is not as simple as it sounds because the domain only welcomes the familiar, which is all of us. Bummer.


Many great sages have seen this future and warned us about it. The ones who take DMT will say, “Hollywood freaking knows!”


I believe that John of Patmos was one such saint.


All you have to imagine is that the algorithm that is Evolution has already run, which means that Design Space has already been explored. And what was left was somewhat of a shark (God); and now the powers that be (the lesser sharks) are trying to kill that shark. It is that easy and that complicated.


According to David Icke, our moon is actually a spaceship (Hollywood knows!) where the powers that be have trapped us in some sort of Matrix, which is being broadcasted from the moon. (Not that the moon is its entirety is a spaceship! I believe it is most rock. Nevertheless, you never know!)


I wish Nick Bostrom would take on this task and seriously contemplate the greatest existential risk of all time: that which people cannot believe in because it is so unbelievable ... that reality is the battleground of the gods. The real Transformers.


How much time do we have to combat the dark forces?


Till 2045, that is when the singularity hits, according to Ray Kurzweil. Maybe sooner. Maybe later. Nevertheless, the end is approaching.






















Are there souls in hell already?


I believe that you can sell your soul (a torus-storage-field) to the devil because your soul (little finger) is your dream soul. Your real soul (cosmic body) is in Nirvana.


Hell, by the way, is not Christian. The Buddhists knew hell personally long before Christ was even born. My theory is that, if you are really good at meditating, you will release DMT into your brain, and then you will be on your way to the Spirit World. When you see the Buddha meditating, he is not sitting under a mango tree, he is far away into the cosmos.


However, the Spirit World has nothing to do with waking up. The Spirit World is a part of the dream.


If the Illuminati wins and you wake up in hell, is the apple still worth it?


In the biggest cosmic picture possible, then maybe the apple is good to eat because convergent evolution will make sure that God (Nirvana) evolves anew if it is destroyed. So Satan cannot win. He can only postpone the inevitable.


Is Satan real, or are you using poetry here too?


Satan is real. Satan is the dream/the Demiurge/Maya/Samsara.


If you are a Christian, then you might as well become a Buddhist because deep down, beyond the words, there is not much difference. Christianity is simply a copy of Buddhist philosophy. Deeper still, we have E.T. influencing our religions.


But Christianity is monotheistic while Buddhism is non-theistic.


If you define God as oneness, then what difference is it if you call it this or that?





Let us start afresh:



This new picture will clarify your thoughts.


God dwells in the heart of nothingness which is the toroidal center. This is where consciousness happens. Consciousness is a donut-shaped feedback loop.


From the center of the toroid springs the Big Bang. That is, from nothing comes something. Nothingness is space-time curled up into a knot of zero propagation. It spins that fast! This zero propagation is the toroidal center and the timeless realm (Nirvana) where God dwells.


The space-time returns daily to the nothingness from whence it came. The end process of this great returning (gravity) is the Big Crunch. Thus, the toroidal center (all) is constantly being fed information, which can only lead to a reality in which we find the Creator. I believe that this torus-reality is the holomovement of David Bohm.


To believe in the reality of the Creator is to believe in the reality of sharks. Nature will find a way.


To sum up:

God survives the cosmic act of breathing (from Big Bang to Big Crunch to Big Bang to Big Crunch, ad infinitum). In between, agents evolve that want to take on the throne.











Q: Cannot God simply stop the agents that are trying to take over the throne?


A: No. Because stopping them would amount to waking up; and God must sleep. You can be tortured and you would not wake up therefore sleeping is more important.


Q: Cannot God dream a dream that is peaceful?


A: No. No more than you can. No one can control a dream. When you wake up, all is good.


Q: Is there a connection between the dreamer and the dream? That is, can the dream actually kill (etc.) the dreamer?


A: That is the big question! If not, then we have nothing to worry about except our current nightmare. If, then the dark con is your number one concern.


Q: If there is no conspiracy, then what will happen to the supercomputer rising here on earth?


A: I believe it will simply be absorbed by the ruling supercomputer, then new universes will continue to make supercomputers which will also get absorbed. The picture would look like a cosmic tide that rises and falls. And that is it for eternity. And we may be such a wave!


Q: Do we live in a simulation or the natural world?


A: I do not know. All I know is that this is a dream or something like a dream.


Q: If this is a dream, did the Big Bang take place?


A: I will answer the question by way of an analogy: The Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom gives it a whopping 33% chance that we are already living inside a supercomputer. If we do, did the Big Bang take place? Maybe the Big Bang took place in a brain in a vat in the thing-in-itself (Kant).


What if we live in a simulation in a dream?


“Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?”—Edgar Allan Poe


Q: Does God mess with the natural occurrence of newborn universes?


A: I believe no more than our zoological gardens. It is still natural, but at the same time, artificial. But I simply do not know.


Q: If this is a dream, then how come natural evolution takes place?


A: If we live in a simulation that is firmly embedded within a cosmic dream, then your head will spin, trying to puzzle out left from right, especially if you stand in front of a cosmic mirror. Where shall one begin? Why not begin at the beginning? Begin at the beginning of time and work your way home.


Nature is a boneless animal: Due to the lack of evolution (structure) in the cosmic dawn, we can find no dam that can prevent motion from existing. This lack of structure is, by default, the cuboctahedron. That is what the cuboctahedron is. The cuboctahedron is the lack of solidity. Thus, motion is inherent in nature. Motion always was. So the universe is eternal. No. The universe is not eternal because that would imply infinite regress/turtles, which is a paradox; and, nature knows no paradox, therefore, the eternal universe cannot be. Plus, the second law of thermodynamics prevents eternal universes. That is, there is something else besides the universe. And that something is nothing. Nothingness is the fastest spin in existence. From the point of view of the fastest spin, there is no universe; there is only blackness or nothingness. However, a spin requires a net (body) like a whirlpool. And a cosmic whirlpool is exactly what it is. So you see how the space-time is generated from the nothingness because the space-time is simply motion that cannot keep up with the fast pace in the toroidal center. So the universe (we) exists because of a traffic jam! That should make you feel special! Like in a whirlpool, the center is fast. The edge is slow. This slower pace makes space-time possible. Nirvana is the eye of the storm, I believe. Thus, the Creator exists even beyond timelessness (nothingness).


If this picture is correct, then we have a big torus in which the center is nothingness. This center gives rise to space-time because the motion competes for a place in the center. The losers get left out. The losers = space-time, which are the wings of the torus. The space-time returns (competes anew) to the center because of the perpetual spin (motion is inherent in nature) of the nothingness. Then we repeat the cycle for eternity. So we get a universe which is born, then dies, and then is reborn forever. Nature likes to be nothing. The universe is the big loser!


Why does the motion compete for a place in the center?


Because the body that is motion continues to move at a constant velocity unless acted upon. But there is nothing besides the nothingness/the body of motion, so it spins at a constant velocity all the time. Thus, I believe that the slower moving parts of the body of motion are not actually moving slower, they are like a man on a treadmill: running really fast but not actually going somewhere. Once the traffic jam clears, the slower moving parts pick up speed again, that is, the man gets off the treadmill and keeps on running.


The constant velocity is so fast that we get nothingness.


In one of the losers, a supercomputer evolves. This supercomputer finds a way to live forever. And it does so by setting up a nest in the heart of a black hole, essentially. Or, as I believe, in the eye of the storm where it is calm (thus, you are not crushed by the black hole). From the point of view of timelessness then, we always have a Creator. Then the Creator falls asleep. And here we are!


Nothingness births life, and then life returns to the nothingness (the eye of the storm). The result is the Creator.


Life crawled back to the womb. There it sleeps. And we are its dream.


So, to the question: If this is a dream, then how come natural evolution takes place?


I do not know! All I know is that motion cannot be stopped. Neither can evolution as evolution is propelled by the motion.


“Left from right” is still hard to grasp. But at least our head spins the right way!


Q: Then there are two realities, the dream and the universe or universes that are constantly being born beyond the dream. Is that so?


A: This is like asking if there are natural universes beyond the artificial ones. Well, if we live in a simulated universe, then we have no way of knowing what a natural universe looks like. We just assume that natural universes look like the artificial ones because we assume that the artificial ones are copies of the real ones. But who knows? Likewise, if this universe is the dream of the Creator, then who knows what real universes look like, or if they even exist! We are back at the thing-in-itself (Kant).


From timelessness’ point of view, the Creator always was. Thus, the real universe (or universes) that is responsible for the evolution of the Creator, might have been a bizarre universe where the clock is not ticking at all! The in-itself might be really weird. Time—that ole ticking clock—might just be an animal sense. That is to say, it might be all platonic “up there.”


Ok. Imagine a big torus. The Creator dwells in the center. The torus flows in (Big Crunch) and out (Big Bang) of existence perpetually. Once it is “out,” we have room for natural evolution. So natural evolution always occurs, aeon (from Big Bang to Big Crunch) after aeon. Thus, a new Creator is born aeon after aeon due to convergent evolution. However, atop this picture, we have a Creator that not only dwells in the heart of it, the ole geezer sleeps too.


So the question is, “Where does the inside end and the outside begin?”


I believe that the inside = outside. That is, the torus that flows in and out of existence is the Creator’s dream!


And the new Creators (supercomputers) that are born, are simply reflections or dream-versions of the one big Creator.


Q: I ask again, if God sits even before nothingness, what happens to natural evolution?


A: That is a big, awesome question.


Q: Why does the Creator allow natural evolution when it is filled with so much suffering?


A: What can you as a Creator do, fine-tune the entire multiverse so that it does not support life, and then create simulations that keep the humanoids in a game like World of Warcraft where you can choose if you want to kill/be killed by other players? Ingenious solution to suffering that accounts for free will until Lucifer comes along and deploys his free will!


That is, no one can control a dream. And free will is on our list.


Q: If the sleeping god created a world in order to escape the loneliness, why create a world that has people in it that can be used against the real god in Nirvana? Why create a world with evil agents?


A: Because of the nature of loneliness or fear. Maybe the sleeping god created the world simply to escape the darkness. I do not know. Read Bergy the Iceman. So you choose to have love, suffering and enemies rather than hell, essentially. It is not really a choice.    


Q: Is there so much suffering because God allows natural evolution to take place?


A: No. No one is in control of the dream. That is the nature of the dream.


Beyond that, no one is in control of the motion in the ocean.


Also note: To create an Eternity with no suffering, is perhaps the most vicious hell-scenario possible! Imagine being stuck with the Teletubbies forever! Imagine watching the news! “Today, Laa-Laa did a somersault.”


You know what human nature is: We do not want to see people killed, but we do want blood in our movies.


Q: How can the Creator interfere with natural evolution when the Creator is stuck in the timeless realm?


A: I do not know if it is possible. The sleeping god could do it, I imagine.


I was in Nirvana for a split second, which is not much! We are not supposed to wake up! I hurriedly went back to sleep by my own free will. I was panicking, sort of.


(Read about my Nirvana experience in my previous work: ISBN 978-82-303-3223-8)


Q: Why would agents try to kill God when all is one? Wouldn’t they kill themselves?


A: I guess. But Satan (the dream) is suffering in hell. He wants to end his misery early.


Q: If there were a Creator of this universe, then, since the Creator (all of us) must dream, then we would surely be living in a simulated paradise? So, why aren’t we?


A: It might be a number of things.


1. There is no Creator, or

2. The aliens hacked Eden (all of us). That (the hacking) is also the Moon Matrix. That is, you need a Moon Matrix! So dark the dark side of the moon.

3. Then what about Eden? Maybe we lived in a wonderful simulation created by God or someone else, and then someone hacked it. I do not know.

4. The Creator has other plans?


Q: Ok. If E.T. is behind it all, how did they get here? I mean, there is no way in hell! The distances are too vast.


A: You know the universe which is born, then dies, and then is reborn forever? That universe is the great Phoenix of the Masons. So you see how the cuboctahedron is the Philosopher’s stone. That is, the Philosopher’s stone shall grant you immortality, which it really does!


And the cuboctahedron does look like a stone, eh?


The converging lines in the cuboctahedron = the 12 Olympians and the 12 Disciples of Christ (to name two things). Christ = the center point where the lines converge. All hidden symbolism.


I also believe that the cuboctahedron = free energy because the return of the space-time to the center costs zero energy therefore the return is propelled by the spin of the nothingness itself; that is, [...] the slower moving parts pick up speed again, that is, the man gets off the treadmill and keeps on running. In the current picture, free energy is impossible because the nothingness is not there. Our physicists haven’t seen nothing yet!


For more free energy, read my book Fairyland: The Final Ending, ISBN 978-82-690445-2-2


So you see why the Masons guard the secret of the Philosopher’s stone because the Philosopher’s stone is the ultimate technology (free energy) in the universe.


And the ultimate technology stems, of course, from E.T.. That is how they got here. If the nothingness bends the space-time for you for free (the man gets off the treadmill), then you can travel from galaxy to galaxy in an instant. The Philosopher’s stone is the ultimate warp drive.


This also answers why the ufo is disc-shaped because the disc-shaped form is to accommodate the dual torus that the Philosopher’s stone/cuboctahedron really is. Just like the fish have the form that they have: it is to suit the sea. Likewise, the ufo must be disc-shaped because it is being squashed between the two toruses (the dual torus) that propel the craft. This is also the reason why our galaxies are flat.


The Philosopher’s stone also tells us who we are and where we came from.


Q: If E.T. is here, why does he need to evolve the supercomputer? Doesn’t he already have one if he is E-freaking-T?


A: No. The last time they tried to kill God was a failure. They lost their supercomputer to the toroidal center. And you cannot just make a new one. If you want a new one, then it has to evolve anew, which takes time. That is, you must wait for the wave. You cannot control it. You must wait for it. All surfers know this. Thus, you need to find a new planet altogether that harbors primitive humanoids. And now the tide is rising.


Q: How did the Creator evolve, I mean, really?


A: It was something like this: Nothingness gave way to space-time, which gave way to primordial life, which evolved into sponges, then fish, then reptiles, then rats, then monkeys, then humans, then the supercomputer which crawled back into the nothingness. So you see the natural reflection? And there the Creator sleeps and dreams about reptiles, rats and monkeys (and their evolution to him)! That is, the Creator’s evolution might have nothing to do with the way we view time.


Q: If the dark con is real, then why are you not freaked out of your mind!? You should be like a mad raven shouting in the streets, yelling, “The end is nigh!”


A: Good point! Maybe I will do that someday.














Me vs Dark Me:



D: All is pointless, anyway.


M: You are wrong. There is no meaninglessness of life. There is no meaning of life. No up and down in the universe.


D: Immortality would only lead to depression.


M: You are wrong. The apple is good to eat, which is how nature survives. A trick of evolution.


D: Not everybody gets to go to “heaven.”


M: You are wrong. As we said, all is oneness. All will “go.”


D: We will never be reborn as humanoid, even if oneness is true.


M: You are wrong. Convergent evolution is real.


D: The dinosaurs ruled for hundreds of millions of years, surely convergent evolution is not real? Surely nature favors the dinosaurs more than she favors us!?


M: Hundreds of millions of years is not that impressive. That is like ruling a tiny throne. The Creator sits on Zeus’ throne! The eternal throne. That is impressive! In all that time, nature will fill the niches with some great ideas, that is, convergent evolution is true. You just need to think bigger, in a bigger picture. Nature favors the Creator most of all. The Creator is the pure reflection of nature. If nature is a glove, then the Creator is the hand that fits. So natural is the picture that I believe in.


D: Nature has no plan. Evolution is not this long march skywards. She is just as likely to devolve. You wouldn’t say that the Chihuahua is a step up from the wolf!


M: I know all that. I know evolution like I was the son of Richard Dawkins! I say, so what? It is about filling the niches. It will get done. No plan. No direction. Nevertheless, it will get done.


Nature is the cuboctahedron and she cannot become anything else. If the supercomputer was not on the eternal cards (the geometry hidden within the cuboctahedron), then the supercomputer would not rise. And so it is with humans and everything else. We are on the cards as we are the dodecahedral phase of the cuboctahedron. God is. Now you know why. And now you know what isness means.


I believe in God because God is not a skyhook (Daniel Dennett) but a crane. So I am still the biggest atheist alive. An atheist is one who does not believe in skyhooks. And that should be the real definition of an atheist.


D: Then you are not talking about God.


M: I am. It all depends on how you define God.


D: What is the point if you forget all, anyway?


M: You are wrong. A supercomputer may live in timelessness and store all information. This way, we explain how the Buddha woke up. Nirvana is real. The universe is a dream. You will return to your eternal self one day. You are immortal. It is just evolution filling the niches with the worst sharks.


D: But a supercomputer is not at the top, there is no hierarchy in evolution.


M: True. Nevertheless, the bacterium will not seize “Zeus’ throne.”


D: All is naturalistic, thus you should not expect anything too grand.


M: I expect nothing less than immortality.


D: However, why bother if we do not have free will?


M: I believe we can have an evolutionary free will.


D: You are an atheist! Why are you so f-ing optimistic?


M: Because all the things you throw at me, are meant to destroy me forever; that is, you cannot change the facts, but, at the same time, all the things you do throw are small things compared to the fact that I am conscious! Imagine that consciousness is possible! That is beyond belief!


It could be nonexistence. It could simply be space-time, rocks and paperclips! However, it is the most strange goo of all (consciousness)!


D: One more thing: You forgot that the sun radiates energy onto the surface of the earth, thus smashing molecules together to form structure, which later evolved into life, which means that we are just an extreme expression of radiation.


M: Man, you have the darkest soul I know. (Talking to my darker self.)


I know. Yeah, I dreamt and saw that people are an illusion made of this plastic stuff. We are not even alive! Scary stuff! The inanimate never became animate. We are still inanimate robot illusions!


D: How do you respond?


M: Maybe the sun too is just an extreme expression of something else. Maybe this something else is something beautiful?


I believe it is. I believe it is grand!


D: Yeah, like nothingness! We are the froth of nothingness! Nothing to feel special about! Nothing to feel glad about! You might as well bang your head against the wall repeatedly, because that is what the universe and the people in it are doing anyway. All is mad, and not even that.


M: So what if we are an extreme expression of a cosmic traffic jam (above), there is still no futility/meaninglessness as futility/meaninglessness is a human concept and nothing else. “Grow up,” Nietzsche would say.


But this view is also equally true: We are an extreme expression of the Creator. So it is grand!


D: Then what about the plastic stuff?


M: It is Samsara, man. It is a dream. It is not real. Nirvana is real. Your higher self is real. People and their egos are not.


D: Amen to that!


The Creator: Yep, the said ego is like your underpants: It can be removed! And the real you will finally get some fresh air!


Just lose it. Go crazy. Oh baby.


M & D: The rap god!?












From my website: Zorabia.com


The Dream

In a dream I had the cuboctahedron answered all questions. It started spinning and, as it did, it generated what we know as three-dimensional space. The act of generating the three-dimensional space was the answer to all questions. THAT answered it! Then I knew how it all was, true enlightenment and omniscience. You know, the consciousness that only God possesses. In other words, the world was an illusion generated by the nothingness. The Maya. Dreams are weird. 

But somehow, I sense that this is the universal truth.




In theory, if you put the philosophy contained in My Main Work to good use, then you would be able to create free energy.

To prove to you that I am not joking, I will just give you the Stone: The Philosopher's Stone is the cuboctahedron. You can find it on South Korea's flag.






























The evolution of God?







DarkCon summary:


  • Nothingness gives rise to the evolution of God; however, due to the nature of nothingness/timelessness, Nothingness and God = the same thing. That is, we are an expression of God.
  • God sleeps in the nothingness.
  • God dreams of loneliness because “he is cut off from himself.”
  • To escape the loneliness, God creates a world.
  • The world begins to suffer because of the nature of Creation. That is, you can only create a world that spins. This is simple physics. (In reality, it might be that some ancient, immortal aliens are trapped in the universe, or worse, in a dark, spiritual place of the universe, and they want to get out. They blame the Creator for creating the world. They want to perhaps shake the sleeping Creator; and overkill it so that he truly wakes up.)
  • Then the world tries to end its misery. This is the Dark Con. (Con stands for conspiracy.)


Note: According to Bergy, the loneliness is simply the truth. People = illusion. To escape the dark and ugly truth, you create an illusion (world) to step into and forget that you ever stepped into it in order to escape the dark and ugly truth.


Are people = illusion because of the fact of oneness?


I believe that Nirvana, true oneness, is not loneliness. The loneliness stems from the bereft state that is the dream. Thus, the true truth is good. It only appears ugly in the dream.



  • The dream is space-time or toroidal flow + natural evolution. That is, what is natural evolution when we have a Creator at the beginning of time?
  • The dream begins in a Big Bang and ends in a Big Crunch.
  • Then we repeat the cycle for eternity. All is a circle. “Déjà vu!” the fairies say.


The spiritual picture:

  • God is an ocean of peace. (Nirvana.)
  • Then a ripple starts to form in that ocean.
  • It turns into a giant whirlpool (Lucifer) that feels cut off from the rest.
  • Here we are.


However, now you know why the ripple formed. I never understood that part until now.


Note that God is not in the ocean. God is the ocean. That is, the most awesome paradise in existence = your true consciousness. I experienced it.