Last Thoughts on Existence

All is plastic, illusion, no one exists, the inanimate never became animate, it was always inanimate! Psychonauts report this.


You are wrong. Synergy makes the animate come true.


All is pointless, anyway.


You are wrong. There is no meaninglessness of life. No up and down in the universe.


Immortality would only lead to depression.


You are wrong. The apple is good to eat, that is how nature survives. A trick of evolution.


Not everybody gets to go to “heaven.”


You are wrong. All is oneness. All will “go.”


We will never be reborn as humanoid, even if oneness is true.


You are wrong. Convergent evolution is real.


What is the point if you forget all, anyway?


You are wrong. A supercomputer may live in timelessness and store all information. This way, we explain how the Buddha woke up. Nirvana is real. The universe is a dream. You will return to your eternal self one day. You are immortal. It is just evolution.


But a supercomputer is not at the top, there is no hierarchy in evolution.


True. Nevertheless, the bacterium will not seize “Zeus’ throne.”


All is naturalistic, thus you should not expect anything too grand.


I expect nothing less than immortality.


However, why bother if we do not have free will?


I believe we can have an evolutionary free will.


You are an atheist! So why are you so fucking optimistic?


Because all the things you throw at me, are meant to destroy me forever, that is, you cannot change the facts, but, at the same time, all the things you do throw are small things compared to the fact that I am conscious! Imagine that consciousness is possible! That is beyond belief!


One more thing: You forgot that the sun radiates energy onto the surface of the earth, thus smashing molecules together to form structure, which later evolved into life, which means that we are just an extreme expression of radiation.


Man, you have the darkest soul I know. (Talking to my darker self.)


I know. Yeah, I tripped and saw that people are an illusion made of this plastic stuff. We are not even alive! Scary stuff! The inanimate never became animate. We are still inanimate robot illusions!


How do you respond?


Maybe the sun too is just an extreme expression of something else. Maybe this something else is something beautiful?


Yeah, like nothingness! We are the froth of nothingness! Nothing to feel special about! Nothing to feel glad about!


What if it is? I believe it is grand. Read my theory.






Reality check: Most people report not even as much as a blackness after death. And, yes, many people have died and then come back.


Even if we are our brains, then can we evolve them anew, that is, can we be born again on evolution’s account? Of course not! The math is against you by an infinite number! We thus need 3 things for immortality:


  1. Infinity is real and you will be born again (and forever so) on evolution’s account.
  2. We need a supercomputer that can simulate all-consciousness, and you will be saved as you are a part of “all.” New universes will ever spawn, thus the supercomputer will always evolve if convergent evolution obtains; therefore, the computer can always resurrect you from time to time.
  3. Oneness. If the oneness of consciousness obtains, then whatever evolves, there you are!


The Skeptic:

  1. This one is like winning the lottery forever. Not happening.
  2. Why should a superintelligence bother to resurrect you? It may have other agendas. And I don’t believe in convergent evolution.
  3. Oneness is obvious bullshit. I am here and you are there. I am not you.


My answer:

  1. I am a skeptic here too.
  2. A superintelligence would explore possibility space, which means it would truly come to know life. I believe that, if you know life, truly know life, you would want all life to escape the jaws of death. Not that we should live forever in one sitting (that would be boring), but that we may be resurrected from time to time. However, is it possible to simulate all possible forms/kinds of consciousness? What does it even mean? Shall you simulate all possible monsters too? And who says you are a monster? No. I think I am a skeptic here also.
  3. Oneness. Yes. This is it! We solve all paradoxes. But is it true? If oneness is real, we are immortal. But if we live and die forever, and we lose all memory on our way to the realm of the living, then oneness is reduced to living one life an infinite number of times. Not the same life hopefully; but one life nevertheless. We thus need the supercomputer to figure out a way to live in timelessness so that memory is forever stored and we may have access to it, as we are the supercomputer because of oneness. In other words, the Creator of the Universe has to be a thing of reality! Shit! And this Creator is YOU! Shit! My head is spinning! Well, if the Creator is dreaming the universe into being, then I suddenly know what Buddhism is! The Buddha woke up! The Buddhists would not use the word “Creator,” but let us not quarrel over words. More: We need convergent evolution to be true, so that the humanoid and the supercomputer will always evolve, so that we can be humanoid and the superintelligence from time to time (or if someone destroys the superintelligence). This way, we can live forever in space and literally forever in timelessness. But I also want free will! Shit! I hate being a skeptic! I want it all, but how is it possible on a naturalistic account?



Still, I am also a dreamer, I believe we can have it all. And, I have been to Nirvana for a picosecond. What are your thoughts?






Nirvana is an island, a shelter in the center.

Nirvana is the ocean and, the whirlpool is the Matrix.

The Matrix has you.

The Matrix is the multiverse. The Demiurge. Samsara.

And God wants you home.

No suffering is necessary.

We are caught in a storm. Trapped by illusion. Maya.

God does not care for what you did, or didn't do.

Any father would help his children out of the storm.

Seek his help.

Study the art of sacred geometry.

Two toruses make nothingness and matter.

Use your eyes.

And then escape the language-matrix. The final Matrix.

Eat the food of the gods!

Seek the eye of the torus, the vacuum of space! Your heart.

Escape the circle. Exit the carousel!

Fairyland is not home.

Become like the Buddha. Seek home. We are all one.

We are immortal.

Wake up.


It's just a dream.



The splinter that drives you mad. Now you know what that is. It is God calling you home. It is the internal, hidden knowledge that all is good. Everything will be ok. You knew it all along. You never truly forgot home. Nirvana.




Then what about the plastic stuff?


It is Samsara, man. It is a dream. It is not real. Nirvana is real. Your higher self is real. People and their egos are not.


Amen to that!




The evolutionary process is eternal.

Oneness: no matter what evolves, there you are.

If convergent evolution obtains, we may live as humanoids from time to time.

We thus need the supercomputer (or other technologies/intelligences) to figure out a way to store information forever.

The apple is good to eat, which is how nature survives.

There is no meaninglessness of life either.

I want free will. However, I can see a way.

And all will be good.



The thing that is hard to argue for is not immortality, it is free will.