Imagine that you got to the highest level attainable and you found out that, "It is all a joke." No. Really! Imagine if you saw that existence is a joke! A joke! And once you heard the joke you could, but laugh! A friend, who is a Psychonaut, told me this. It was the freakiest shit I ever heard! Once you smoke a little bit of hasheesh, you can sort of see how it can be a joke. You can get a snapshot.


Psychonaut: "It is all a joke."

Stoner: "What is?"

Psychonaut: "This is."

Stoner: "This is a joke?"

Psychonaut: "And you can but laugh!"

Stoner: "You can't be serious!"

Psychonaut: "No. But you can laugh."

Stoner: "You must be joking!"

Psychonaut: "!"

Stoner: "You mean, "reality" is a joke?"

Psychonaut: "Existence is a joke."

Stoner: "No way! No. I, er, don't believe you."

Psychonaut: "I have seen it."

Stoner: "Holy Jesus, Mother of fucking Christ!"

Psychonaut: "But you must never, ever, NEVER! tell people this. Not a soul. Do you understand?"

Stoner: "But you can tell me!?"

Psychonaut: "I had to tell someone."

Stoner: "Makes sense. So that is what the gods are laughing at. The laughter of the Immortals! I can already hear Mozart. He is laughing the loudest!"

Psychonaut: "Shit. I knew this would happen if I traversed way in there--further than no psychonaut has ever psyched before. I traveled past God and all that. And I saw it, face to face. And it told me the joke."

Stoner: "What is the joke?"

Psychonaut: "Existence."

Stoner: "Existence is a joke?"

Psychonaut: "What is the greatest joke of all time if not time itself? How can it be otherwise? It cannot!"

Stoner: "Existence is a joke?"

Psychonaut: "!"

Stoner: "No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No."




The Joke: My own personal take.


While high I wrote "joke" on a piece of paper such that I wouldn't forget the next day. While high, I had to turn the piece of paper over though, because, er, that's how frightening it was! I couldn't look at it! It was not a pleasant experience!


And imagine that, in the end, we will all just be laughing at the joke or with the joke; in any case, we be laughing. And that is some scary shit!


In the end, we will evolve into gods. And the gods, they have a secret hierarchy. And once you climb atop that, then you will be bestowed the ultimate secret of the universe: The Joke. And then you will ring on the doorbell of almighty Zeus, and you will be laughing so hard together! You will never look at the ole geezer quite the same way again!






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In order to create or produce itself, consciousness would need to have already existed.


Consciousness is nothingness. Nothingness has always existed. Nothingness is the dual torus. Consciousness is the dual torus.


Consciousness must be conscious of something to be considered conscious.  If there is no content to be conscious of, how could consciousness be considered conscious?  Conscious of what? 


Conscious of itself.


Furthermore, for consciousness to be conscious of itself, would require it to have an interior, making the customary claim that consciousness is an indivisible timeless and spaceless unity impossible. 


You can have an interior in the timeless realm. Timelessness is not this absence of time/motion. Timelessness is time/motion in its fullest sense! Something which you must experience for yourself. That is, timelessness contains all. Timelessness = the fastest spin in existence. Here you can truly be conscious. 


But you are frozen in timelessness, so you cannot be conscious.


False. In timelessness you move so fast you would not believe.


Like a mirage, phenomenal objects and processes falsely appear as if they have their own solid core of being.


Consciousness does not have a solid core. Consciousness is not a structure but a system. But so what? Why do you need a solid core in order to be real?


And because consciousness does not exist solely as itself, it functions interrelatedly with is called a world.  If consciousness was purely subjective it could not recognize anything else, let alone refute its existence.


Consciousness is subjective and so is the world! See Robert Lanza on Biocentrism.


Consciousness is an interrelated, essenceless movement, but is treated as if it is altogether privileged, which leads to subject-object duality with its inferred separate self.


There is no duality if consciousness is all there is.


Fire, which is seen to fundamentally exist, depends upon oxygen, fuel, heat, friction, and other innumerable conditions to appear, and does not exist intrinsically, as a thing in itself.  


Consciousness does exist as a thing in itself, viz., the nothingness. See my work Fairyland – The Final Ending.