This is my old notebook. I have saved it for posterity in order to show the memetic history of my thinking. In addition, it is one messy mess! Still, history is history.

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Please download My Main Work to your computer so that the material lasts forever. Please share with everyone. It contains the Philosopher's Stone and a novel idea on free energy. It also contains the Holy Grail + Buddha's secret. And so much more. Thank you.

In theory, if you put the philosophy contained in My Main Work to good use, you would be able to create free energy.

To prove to you that I am not joking, I will just give you the Stone: The Philosopher's Stone is the cuboctahedron. You can find it on South Korea's flag.

The Dream

In a dream I had the cuboctahedron answered all questions. It started spinning and as it did, it generated what we know as three-dimensional space. The act of generating the three-dimensional space was the answer to all questions. THAT answered it! Then I knew how it all was, true enlightenment and omniscience. You know, the consciousness that only God possesses. In other words, the world was an illusion generated by the nothingness. The Maya. Dreams are weird.

But somehow, I sense that this is the universal truth.

For more docs on free energy, here are some good sites:

The letter from a real physicist to the Einstein of our age, Michio Kaku:

The Philosopher’s Stone:

When you hold the Philosopher’s Stone in your hand, then you know how it all began. You are blind, no more. (I am so lucky to possess it!)

Without knowing it, you are looking for, O seeker of Truth, the Stone! The Stone is the most precious possession. The Gem of all Gems. The Stone is IT! The Stone is The Truth. Without the Stone, your soul is lost and blind. The Stone is the ultimate conception of reality. When you possess the Stone, you possess everything! They didn’t call it the Philosopher’s Stone for nothing! (Ok. You get what I am trying to say.)

Modern philosophers are not philosophers—because you cannot really call yourself a philosopher unless you are hunting the Stone, can you?

When you possess it, your journey is complete ... or, it has only just begun.

The Philosopher’s Stone answers questions, such as:
• How did it all begin? From nothingness, which is the stone’s natural affinity.
• Who am I? You are the stone.
• How will it all end? All will balance. All is good in the end.
• How convergent evolution and man (the humanoid) is embedded within its geometry. We are the dodecahedral phase.
• How free energy is real. The stone resurrects dead matter. This is how Nature and you are immortal. The stone is “Jesus Christ.”
• How the warp drive (the Stargate) is real. See above.
• Who God and your true consciousness is. See above.
• How we are immortal. See above.
• What Karma is. See above.
• Why everything is like a set of lungs. Just fold the stone and see for yourself.
• Why the quantum world is weird. Because Nature/the stone is a system. See my previous work.
• Why time speeds up (i.e., the technological singularity). See my previous work.
• What the I Ching, the Kabbalah etc., are all about. See my previous work.
• It even explains the Force in Star Wars! Life comes from the Force, and then Life must end in order to feed the Force the material to create new life. This is what the stone and free energy are about also. The universe comes from the stone/nothingness, and then the universe must end in order to feed the stone/nothingness the material to create a new universe.

The Philosopher’s Stone is the cuboctahedron. I figured that one out when I decoded the secrets of the alchemists. This is what Sir Isaac Newton spent his free time pursuing. He could never find it. Imagine that! The greatest genius of all time could not crack the code. Or, if he cracked it, he didn’t tell the world. To be fair, I had infinite more power in my hands (viz., the internet).

My solution:
Heaven (fire) = the triangle. Earth = the square.
Father and Mother = opposite-sitting tetrahedron-arrays like in the flag of the Mother, the Father and the Child; Is(is) + ra + el. Israel.
Earth (+ fire) = the cuboctahedron.
Water = the icosahedron.
Air = the octahedron.
Fire = the tetrahedron (e.g., the throne of God).

Leaf 11 (left, bottom): “Through Him who created the Heavens and the Earth I am The Philosopher’s stone, and in my body I carry something the wise seek. If such a charm be extracted from me, it will be a sweet refreshment for you. I am an animal having father and mother, and father and mother were created; and in my body are contained the four elements, and I am before father and mother and I am a poisonous animal.”
—The Secret Teachings of All Ages (

The Father and the Mother: The Isotropic Vector Matrix - Nassim Haramein ( Abstract from Cognos 2010 conference):

The Philosopher’s Stone = the heaven + the earth + the four elements. In addition, the Stone has a father and a mother, that is, you will find the cuboctahedron within a stack of tetrahedron-arrays (e.g., the 64 tetrahedron array, aka Father and Mother; see the I Ching). The cuboctahedron is composed of triangles (heaven) and squares (earth) and, when you fold the cuboctahedron, you get the four elements.

Note that it is impossible to find another solution for the simple reason that you will not find anything in the universe that consists of squares and triangles while simultaneously carries the four elements. Alternatively, I dare you to come up with another solid!

I believe that: The cuboctahedron sits on a throne/triangle (I am before father and mother), and it is a poisonous animal when you fold it down; poison meaning fire. You get the throne of God when you fold the cuboctahedron completely.

How I solved it: I already knew about the Platonic solids, and I knew that heaven is a triangle because it is always depicted as a triangle. The earth, therefore, could be a square because it is simply a step up from the triangle. You have the four corners of the earth, the four rivers of Eden, and so on. The poisonous animal could be the snake in the Garden of Eden, for example.

“Fire” may also denote the Phoenix (i.e., resurrection) or the Great Dragon. The Dragon also consists of the four elements: Feet: earth. Scales: water. Wings: wind. Breath: fire.

Then, I saw a video of Buckminster Fuller and I just knew what the Philosopher’s Stone was: Buckminster Fuller Explains Vector Equilibrium - with captions:

I believe that: I am a poisonous animal = the equilateral triangle.

The cuboctahedron/Philosopher’s Stone is tucked away within the geometry of the Father and Mother, so “before” might denote that. “I am before father and mother,” = (If Father and Mother = opposite sitting tetrahedron arrays like you see in the flag of Israel, then “before” must mean something like “sitting before” or “comes before in time;” or, something else entirely.) I believe it is “sitting before” because we are dealing with a “stone” and, as we said, the cuboctahedron/Philosopher’s Stone is tucked away within the geometry of the Father and Mother.

Father and Mother:

I also believe that the equilateral triangle = 666 (i.e., 60 + 60 + 60 [60 = 6 + 0 = 6]).

You get the equilateral triangle when you fold the cuboctahedron completely.

The original number of the Beast may have been 616, but that does not mean that some secret school has adopted it in order to hide their secret.

The Book of Revelation is all about the cuboctahedron. You can tell from the hidden symbology. I have tried to solve it, at least partially (below).

However, I do not actually know what these mean: “[...] I am before father and mother,” and “[...] I am a poisonous animal,” but you do not need to solve these puzzles in order to solve the big puzzle. “[...] Heavens and the Earth,” + “[...] my body are contained the four elements,” are more than enough to solve the riddle.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Philosopher’s Stone. Jesus Christ is the center point in the cuboctahedron where the 12 converging lines (that make up the cuboctahedron) meet. The 12 are of course the 12 disciples.

The flag of Israel also contains the secret. Flag of Israel = The Father and The Mother = opposite-sitting tetrahedron arrays = the cuboctahedron = the Philosopher’s Stone = the Holy Grail.

When you know the secret, you will spot it in Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology, you will spot it in the Kabbalah; the I Ching, the flag of South Korea, in the symbology of the Masons; that is, this secret is everywhere. My personal guess is that this secret is so big and so important that it has been replicated ad infinitum in order to preserve it for the future. What does the Philosopher’s Stone even mean? It means that we have been visited by aliens therefore the Philosopher’s Stone (i.e., free energy) is the ultimate technology in the universe. Our forebears were smart, but they didn’t have the ultimate technology in the universe, hence, E.T. is the safest bet.

More: When you fold the cuboctahedron, you get spin. Now you know the origin of spin.

Free energy has to do with the dual torus.

Eternity/nothingness = the dual torus. “Muspelheim and Niflheim.”

The Philosopher’s Stone does look like a stone, eh? Fitting name.

The Philosopher’s Stone has something to do with geometry because, if you were ignorant in the ways of geometry, then no Mystery School would have you. The door to Plato’s Academy: “Let no one ignorant of geometry enter.” (Plato, I think you spilled the secret/sacred beans without knowing it.)

And, yes, the Philosopher’s Stone provides you with immortality; and, the Philosopher’s Stone can literally produce gold therefore the Philosopher’s Stone is the system that created and creates all things. The Philosopher’s Stone is the great nothingness.

The cuboctahedron is the Philosopher’s Stone, and the secret societies know this. Plato knew it, but he couldn’t tell the world. He left clues, however. Sir Isaac Newton probably knew it, but he couldn’t tell the world. Leonardo da Vinci probably knew it (you can tell by his Flower of Life paintings).

However, I am not a member of a secret society, so I can tell the world.

Note: Nassim Haramein has already told the world through his solution to the Kabbalah ... so, why should I fear for my life when the Secret of Secrets has already been revealed?

Oops: Do not equate this work with Nassim Haramein’s work. This work is completely my own.

72 = Nassim Haramein solves the Kabbalah, and the answer is the 64 tetrahedron grid, that is, the cuboctahedron within the cuboctahedron. 8 trees of Life x 9 Sephiroth (1 of the Sephiroth does not count as it is the root or crown) = 72.

The cuboctahedron is Jesus and his 12 disciples. The 12 Olympians. Odin’s 12 sons. The coven of the witches. And, so on.

The coven of the witches, for example, is 13. Actually, the cuboctahedron = 12 + 1. 12 beams and 1 center. Thus, the number 12 and/or the number 13 are the esoteric mystery. 12 Knights of the Round Table + King Arthur (1). 12 labors of Hercules (1). Odin (1), the chief god, had 12 sons. The Olympians, which comprised the whole pantheon (which is also a temple), were 12. In Judaism and Christianity the number 12 has a special place. There is a reason why these myths and tales are so popular. Jesus (1) and his 12 disciples. The list goes on ...

The 13 attributes of God. The Zodiac.

But, you are so selective! What about the movie Ocean’s Twelve or the 12 Monkeys? The 12 characters in Street Fighter?

Really? Am I being selective? Selective would be Thor’s 12 sons, King Barthur and his 150 + Knights. What about Judas and his 12 disciples or, perhaps, all the lesser gods not included in the pantheon? Forget Hercules, what about Steve’s 12 labors; or 11 months in a year? What about the ...

Am I really being that selective? I take only the cream! I’m not really selecting anything!

The body parts of Osiris!

Nice try! There were 14 body parts.

No. Actually, a fish ate one of the parts, the phallus!

I would believe that this is just me connecting dots that are not meant to be connected if, Jesus could make do with eleven disciples. Even the Knights of the Round were originally over 150 knights! Why this obsession with making it 12 + 1? Just read the entire The Secret Teachings of All Ages before you make up your mind. Then you will see that: The cuboctahedron is the real Holy Grail because the Holy Grail is the cup that never empties, aka free energy. And, the Round Table shrinks and expands like a torus!

The whole The Secret Teachings of All Ages must make you realize that aliens have visited us because, where else does this stuff come from?

Manly P. Hall himself urges us to look away. There are no aliens here! Powerful men must have gotten to him because, it’s like the comedian Bill Hicks stopped smoking one day and said, “I was wrong. Smoking is bad for you.” No one in hell will believe that, of course. That is, it just does not add up. The author of the Secret Teachings urges us to look away at the Greatest Secret in history! It does not make sense; well, until you realize who Hall was. Hall was a Freemason.

But, before he was a Freemason, he wrote the Secret Teachings (1928).

My personal guess is that Hall was so close to the secrets of the Masons that the Masons recruited him in order to keep their secrets safe.

Basically, what happened was that aliens landed here and imparted their knowledge to the creatures that they made (us). The elite kept this knowledge safe. And, they still do. However, the elite cannot control the internet.

Jesus resurrects people, heals people, etc. So does the cuboctahedron: Free Energy Finally Discovered | Rodin Coil Vortex Based Math | TEDxCharlotte 2010 Randy Powell:

Marko Rodin on the Word of God:

How would I do it?

If the cuboctahedron (i.e., the dual torus) were the sacred relic of all time, then I would symbolize it with the number 12 and the 1, that is, the 12 vectors and the 1 center. I would symbolize it with a rod (i.e., the stem of the torus) and two snakes (i.e., the dual torus), and perhaps wings to truly show off the celestial powers contained within. I would also use the number 7 (and/or 6) because it is the blueprint (i.e., the Flower of Life) of the thing. I would also use 3 because, when you fold the cuboctahedron completely, you get an equilateral triangle. There is your Holy Trinity. I can find numerous ways to hide it, for example, the Triforce in The Legend of Zelda (not that the ones who created the Zelda games had any clue). Build a cuboctahedron, fold it, and see.

The hexagon (6) x 4 = the cuboctahedron. (The bees know the secret.)

What symbols do we find?

Just take Christianity:
We find the 12 +1, Jesus and his disciples.
We find the 6 days of Creation + one resting day. Why the resting day? Google a picture of the Flower of Life and see for yourself.
We find the Holy Trinity and God himself depicted as a triangle.

Some physicists say that the universe cannot be made of Sacred Geometry because Nature is not that perfect. Get real! The cuboctahedron is the heart of Sacred Geometry and the cuboctahedron is the formlessness/nothingness itself!

Sacred Geometry has nothing to do with making things perfect. There is no such thing.

The Philosopher's Stone

"The purpose of this book is to release one particular secret, which has been kept hidden for the last 12,000 years. The Philosophers' Stone, Elixir of Life, Fountain of Youth, Ambrosia, Soma, Amrita, Nectar of Immortality. These are different names for the same thing. The Stone's history and the history of the human race up until this day is a strange story full of secret societies, hooded cloaks, and mystical symbols. Such theatrics are childish and shallow. It's pointless to look for the light in the shadows."--The Book of Aquarius



The purpose of that book is also the purpose of this website.


I have come to believe that the Philosopher's stone is a regular stone. Without the stone, consciousness would not be possible. The stone reflects consciousness.


That is very deep.


Yes. It is. It is as deep as it goes. In a poetic way, it tells you everything. You cannot have consciousness without the stone. To be conscious is to be conscious of something. To be conscious is to be conscious over the fact that you are conscious. Like a loop. Therefore, I believe, the true Philosopher's stone is a real stone.


Or: I believe the Philosopher's stone has something to do with 4D. Four-dimensional space? A realm where dreams come true, literally. A realm where your thoughts instantaneously manifest. Thus, be good and kind! The Philosopher's stone is the knowhow.


The knowhow is the "gold." With this knowhow you can become immortal--because that is what you wish.


Alternatively, the Philosopher's stone was a "regular" stone that was "thought" into being by a very surprising mystic! And it had the magic ability to turn base metals into gold. And the rest is the stuff of legend. 


Am I close?


No. But read on and you will discover the real stone. 


Imagine sitting on a beam of light looking back at the universe. What would you see? You would see everything as frozen in time. But, if things were eternally frozen, then there was no time in which things could freeze. Consequently, then, since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we have no thing. Nothingness.


We came from nothingness!


But there is more: since we have no time in which anything can ever be, we also have no time in which anything can ever decay. That is, from the light’s point of view, there was always nothingness and ORDER.


What does it mean?


It means that the beginning of time gives us free energy as things can always return to the beginning of time.


Our universe is a free lunch.


It also means that the meaning of life is life! That is, the beating heart of nothingness is the dual torus. The beating heart is life. Life is primal. Suicide is not her way. The dual torus is the cuboctahedron. The cuboctahedron is the ancient Philosopher’s stone. The Philosopher’s stone is the meaning of life, which is why the stone is so precious to the true philosopher. The Philosopher’s stone is also immortality as the heart of Nature is immortal. The Philosopher’s stone is free energy and a means for space (and time) travel as the stone can bend [space-time]. The Philosopher’s stone is the ultimate warp drive. The Illuminati knows this. The Philosopher’s stone is the real evidence of E.T. visitation to our planet.